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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  May 18, 2022 11:50am-12:00pm EDT

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affordable internet through the connect to compete program. bridging the digital divide one connected and engaged student at a time. cox, bringing us closer. >> cox supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers. giving you a front row seat to democracy. good wednesday mornin. you can start calling in now. last night, the biggest headlines coming from pennsylvania. we take you there first to that undecided race, the republican senate primary. the latest from the associated press, dr. oz at 31.3%. his challenger, dave mccormick at 31.3%.
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95 percent of votes counted in that primary. it is pat toomey's see that they are competing for. you see kathy barnett gaining some momentum toward the end of the race, 24.8%.but the race between awes and mccormick likely to go to a recount. we wait for the final 5% of votes to be counted. whoever wins, will face the democratic nominee who won with 59% of the vote yesterday. conor lamb, democratic congressman from pennsylvania took 26.4%. malcolm piñata taking 10% in that race, but it is john federman, the democratic nominee
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who had a health scare toward the end of that campaign and spent primary day in the hospital recovering from a heart condition. we take you to the other big race from pennsylvania, the governor's race. deck mastery and -- doug mastriano winning the republican nomination. his biggest competition is our letter -- is lou barletta. doug mastriano will take on josh schapiro, pennsylvania's's attorney general, in the general election. heat was running unopposed and will be the democratic nominee. last night, this is doug mastriano at his victory party, talking about the race and the general election. >> they like to call people who
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stand on the constitution far right end extreme. that is not true. their party, which the media advocates for, they have gone extreme. they are the ones that set back policies and killed so many. that is extreme forcing kids to mask up, forcing health-care workers to lose their job without getting a jab. it is extreme when you shut down half the small businesses in our state. our view for pennsylvania is one of hope and freedom that people come here and walk as they see fit, not as some media hack sees fit. we are going to restore the dream to pennsylvania, a place you want to live. we will be the most prosperous state in the nation, open up our
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energy sector like never before. we will go from number three in the nation energy producer to number one that will bring jobs and be a marvel to watch. josh shapiro is backed by dark money, unions, corruption. they think they can win this by throwing $20 million or $30 million around, but the people of pennsylvania, we do not consent. host: doug mastriano last night at his victory party. the republican nominee for governor in pennsylvania in november. taking your calls this morning after primary day in five different states. pennsylvania probably got the most attention but more to talk about. democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001.
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independents, (202) 748-8002. we start pittsburgh. this is james, and independent. what did you think last night? caller: we do not vote in primaries. [inaudible] they president lincoln on april 14, 1865 and put the confederacy back together. we are dealing with reality. we are not dealing with, i do not want you to disconnect me, but do not think 9/11 was not an inside job. host: we stick to the primaries and campaign 2022. we want to get thoughts from viewers around the country on those races.
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we starting primary season. several more primaries coming up within the next week. may 24, alabama, arkansas, texas, georgia having runoffs. some races in north carolina getting a lot of attention yesterday. i want to take you to north carolina's jp senate primary. ted budd beating pat mccrory and mark walker. ted budd winning handily. he is also a trump-endorsed candidate. the other election in north carolina that got a lot of attention -- madison cawthorn, antiestablishment, youngest member of congress, he is now the second incumbent to lose his
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reelection bid in 2022, following david mckinley. madison cawthorn loses to check edwards. 33.4% for check edwards to madison cawthorn's 31.9%. in north carolina, you win with 30% plus one. so that is enough for check edwards to carry the seat -- ch uck edwards to carry the seat. that is getting a lot of attention. a lot of scandals in recent weeks being reported in that race. madison cawthorn saying he is going to overcome it all and when. -- win.
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i want to get the process of campaign 20 primaries after the key races. mitchell in new jersey, line four democrats, what did you think? caller: a couple of thoughts. one, it is disturbing to see such a lack of issues and policies and positions by candidates on both sides. i understand that primary races are not going to have the substance of a general, but it is alarming. what i am seeing on the republican side is who can out trump. in order to get trumpet support, the lit must test seems to be that you have to believe in what
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is an objective life that the election was stolen. that to me is a dangerous position, because you have an entire portion of the country buying into this. it is completely toxic to our democracy and our survival as a nation. i am not saying that republicans have to agree with democrats. i know we are going to disagree on taxes, abortion, gun rights, but to have the fundamental issue the --


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