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tv   U.S. House of Representatives House Debate on Domestic Terrorism Prevention...  CSPAN  May 19, 2022 1:50am-2:52am EDT

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russia's invasion of ukraine. here's the latest from the president and other white house officials, the pentagon and a stage were -- state department. all on the c-span networks, be c-span now for a mobile app, and c-span now/ukraine, -- announcer: the house passed a bill that establishes three new offices within the homeland security and justice department's and the fbi to combat domestic terrorism. the bill would also create a task force to analyze and combat white supremacist and neo-nazi infiltration of the u.s. military and federal law enforcement agencies. in
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2018, a gunman shot and killed 11 worshippers attending that bat services at the -- shabat services at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. in 2019, another gunman shot and killed 22 shoppers at an el paso walmart. over the weekend, yet, another assailant allegedly shot and killed 10 people at a supermarket in buffalo, new york. these are tragedies. i can cite many others. i can spend my time here today talking about the scourge of gun violence or the dramatic rise in the number of hate crimes or the obvious consequences of the hate-filled rhetoric that fills our air waves and have sadly been adopted by some of our colleagues. instead, i want to use my time to point out what these three cases have in common. the gunman in each case was a white man, each angry about so-called replacement theory, each traveling some distance to target a minority community, each hoping to terrorize that community through mass murder. this is not right.
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this is not normal. this is not consistent with who we are as a country. we must act, and h.r. 350, the domestic terrorism prevention act, which sits before us today, is the least we can do to signal our opposition to white nationalism and this rising menace of organizing intolerance. h.r. 350 creates three offices. one each within the department of homeland security, the department of justice, and the f.b.i. to monitor and investigate and prosecute cases of domestic terrorism. these newly created offices would issue joint biannual reports to congress, assessing the state of domestic terrorism threats with a specific focus on white supremacists and would be required to focus their resources based on the data collected and the most significant threats. recent white supremacist attacks have reminded minority communities across the country of a dark history we have not yet escaped. these include the murder of six
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people of asian dissent at spas in atlanta last summer, five jewish americans being held hostage in a texas synagogue, numerous bomb threats phoned into historically black colleges and universities last february. and last, the violence in buffalo a few days ago. because we deserve a well trained response to this kind of violence, h.r. 350 also requires d.o.j. and d.h.s. to provide training and resources to assist state and local law enforcement agencies in understanding, detecting, and deterring acts of domestic terrorism and violent white supremacy. because there should be no confusion that we are targeting criminal activity, as opposed to the legitimate religious or political activity of most citizens, the bill also includes an explicit protection for first amendment rights and other constitutionally protected activity. this legislation is a bipartisan solution to a serious and
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documented problem facing our country. i want to thank representative brad schneider for all of his work in introducing it. the house stood together last congress to pass this legislation in a bipartisan fashion. i urge my colleagues to do so once again, and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. jordan montgomery thank you, mr. speaker -- mr. jordan: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield myself such time as i may consume. i just want to read from the title of the bill. h.r. 350, 117th congress, second session, to authorize dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the department of homeland security, the department of justice, and the federal bureau of investigation to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity and require the federal government to take steps to prevent terrorism. we already know what this looks like. we've already seen this happen. the department of justice went after parents who showed up at
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school board meetings to voice concerns about what was happening in their child's school. never forget what they did. they put in -- they put in place this apparatus to report, to snitch on parents. timeline i think here is so important. september 29, last fall, september 29, left-wing political organization national school board association writes a letter to the biden administration asking exactly what this bill does. it says, use domestic terrorism, counterterrorism measures against parents. and guess what, five days later, the attorney general of the united states writes a memorandum that does just that. again, what this bill would codify and put into practice. he sends out a memo to every single u.s. attorney around the country. in that memo he says, set up a dedicated line for threat reporting. a snitch line on parents. and guess what happens after that, 16 days after that, the
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f.b.i. sends out an email to agents all across the country saying, when you investigate these parents, when you're doing this, parents who are reported on the snitch line the attorney general established, put this threat tag label on their name. we know it happened because whistleblowers came forward and told us about two dozen cases where this took place. this bill's going to codify exactly what they've been doing. that's why this bill is so harmful. one of the situations, one of the cases, a mom was reported, a mom who showed up at a school board meeting was report. the person that filed the complaint said, well, they were in the group moms for liberty and she owned a firearm. imagine that. a mom who cares about freedom and actually exercises her second amendment liberties. now, what happened in buffalo we know is as wrong as wrong can be, but this legislation wouldn't prevent the terrible crime that took place there.
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this bill is the same bad bill that democrats pulled two weeks ago because a few of them had actually concerns about first amendment protected activity and what this legislation could do. again, specifically, it says it wants to create new offices to investigate folks in our armed services, in our military, and in our law enforcement for the possibility of infiltration by white nationalism. but, of course, it says nothing about threats from the left, threats like antifa. we know what happened in the summer of 2020. it says nothing about that. this bill is dangerous because we've already seen the weaponization of government. we saw it in the i.r.s. a few years ago. we've seen it in the f.b.i., as i just pointed out, most recently, the d.o.j. working with the f.b.i. to go after parents. this bill formalizes what we've already seen. that is why it's so dangerous. .
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i urge a no vote on the legislation and reserve the balance of our time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york is recognized. >> mr. speaker, me anti-defamation league reported after a study last year that 80% of racist violence was from white supremacist. 80%. mr. jordan should take heed of that. i now yield five minutes to the sponsor of this bill, the gentleman from illinois, mr. schneider. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. schneider: thank you, mr. speaker. thank you, chairman. i'm proud to rise in support of h.r. 350, the domestic terrorism prevention act, i want to thank the speaker of the house, house leadership in their support in taking on the very real threat of terrorism and racially motivated violent extremism. i'm grateful for the leadership
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of my colleague and friend, chairman jerry nadler, and my fellow illinoisan, senator dick durbin, who has been my partner in shepherding this legislation since 2017. our nation is reeling. just this weekend in california, a true hero as well as being a father, husband and physician, a true hero saved countless lives by sacrificing himself to wrestle down a hate-driven gunman inside a church. in buffalo, 10 people were murdered by a deranged white supremacist whose hate was fueled by the racist anti-semitic great replacement conspiracy theory. i can't go back in time and stop past events. there will be more buffaloes. there will be more el pasos and there'll be more tree of life synagogue type shootings. the she the shooters act a-- though the shooters act alone, these are a harbinger of what to
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physical low. each attack inspires the next one. whether it is a live streamed assault or screed posted on the dark web, the goal is not just to kill fellow americans, but to inspire like-minded haters to act in kind. we cannot sit idly by while domestic violence extremism spreads across our country. we must give federal law enforcement the resources and the tools they need to actively identify threats and to preemptively act to stop violence before it happens. to my colleagues considering voting against this bill, especially those that supported this very same legislation the last congress, i ask them, if not this bill, then what? if not now, then when? their inaction only gives cover to the next domestic terrorist planning an attack.
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let me be clear. this legislation does not create any new statute or establish any new penalties. it doesn't threaten civil liberties. in fact, it further protects first amendment rights. and it helps the f.b.i., d.o.j. and d.h.s. do their job. in testimony this february before the house judiciary committee on crime, terrorism and homeland security, seth jones of c.i.s. noted there were 73 terrorist plots and attacks in the u.s. just last year spanning 18 states and the district of columbia. he stated, government, military and police locations and personnel were the most frequently targeted by domestic terror attacks regardless of perpetrator orientation. he continued, these perpetrators identified with a range of ideologies including the qanon conspiracy, anarchism, anti-fascism, environmental. i and other anti-government and
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anti-authority philosophies. he continued. in addition, white supremacists and other like-minded extremists have targeted individuals because of their racial, ethnic, religious or political makeup. such as african-americans, immigrants, muslims and jews. f.b.i. director christopher wray in testimony before the senate last year stated that, quote, the top athlete threatt we face from d.v.e.'s -- domestic violence extremists -- continues to be those who identify as racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists. specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race and are the primary source of lethal incidents and violence in 2018 and 2019, end quote. mr. speaker, the domestic terrorism prevention act we are preventing -- we are voting on today is the right bill nor specific moment. the threat is real, it is growing, and if we don't act more people, people praying in
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their house of worship, children playing in their schoolyards, police officers serving in our communities, will die. we must pass this bill because the american people deserve to feel secure in their schools, in their supermarket, in chair churches, synagogue, simple temples and mosques. i urge my colleagues to support this bill. i yield back the remainder of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. jordan: mr. speaker, we don't give cover to anything. white nationalism is wrong, we've always said so, everyone knows that. but i tell you who does give cover, with the r when the chairman of the judiciary committee says antifa is a myth that is giving cover. that's a statement made by the chairman of the house judiciary committee. after we had testimony from f.b.i. director wray talking about the dangers of antifa, after the attorney general barr told us that antifa was involved in instigating and participating
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in violent activity, talk about giving cover. give me a break. i yield fur minutes to the gentleman, my friend and colleague from the state of florida, mr. gaetz. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. gaetz: this bill is ostensibly to fight extremism which wouldn't be so objectionable if the people it empowered weren't so damn extreme. they're so extreme they would chill speech at school board meetings by targeting parents as domestic terrorists. obey. accept the mandates. accept the requirements. the c.r.t. or you'll be punished at the hands of your own government. they're so extreme they would leak a supreme court draft opinion so they could gaslight violence and intimidation against the court. also the law would abandon those unborn lives and beating hearts. they're so extreme they would weaponize the department of justice against a sitting president over an election that
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hillary clinton lost. it was the russians, they told us, and we were extreme if we said it was them all along. now we know it was. the last press secretary thought that covid discussions on facebook rooted in science were so extreme that mark zuckerberg had to deplatform these people, take them away from the digital world. this press secretary wrongly tweeted that fox news is racist. i wonder if she thinks all of fox's viewers are dangers to the american people? are you a domestic extremist? this bill is about whether or not you want the department of homeland security looking over your shoulder at the shows you watch, the websites you visit, some politically incorrect meme you liked, some joke you forwarded. any bad association you might have had. if you're not a racist, maybe your neighbor is. and you weren't anti-racist enough to disallow it. these things aren't criminal, of course.
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they're bad politics at worst in most cases. which is exactly the point of this bill. they're trying to deploy criminal, even anti-terrorism authorities, against what they deem as bad politics. how long until mainstream christianity is deemed domestic extremism? you know all the domestic extremisms, all the domestic extremists declare their pro nouns. if you don't declare your pronouns, maybe you're a domestic extremist too. under this bill how long until facebook yale means a government file on you, a higher interest rate on your home loan, your spouse fired from their job? at first i was a critic of the disinformation board but it might go down as one of the most efficient government entities in all of history. it took only one action and actually shut down disinformation by pausing its own activities. the worst part of this bill is how it puts a target on the back of every one of our military service members. this bill will sic the f.b.i. on
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our military, not to prevent or investigate crimes but to prosecute thought crimes. the problem with our military is wokeness at the pentagon, not white supremacy in our ranks. even the much maligned lloyd austin admitted that 99% are doing the right thing. a recent d.o.d. report showed that less than 100 people in the force of two million were problematic in any way. we seem so intent on a neonazi witch hunt in our own battalions while we freely send $40 billion, much of which will end up in the hands of the azog battalion without much inquiry. i'm sincerely worried about domestic extremism but from my vantage point it's coming from america's political left and you should really think about that. how domestic extremism is truly in the eye of the beholder. perhaps the beholder of power.
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and power is about to change hands. who will be the domestic extremists then? i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: mr. speaker, i don't understand how you can look at the devastation in buffalo and the manifesto left behind by the terrorist and not take this issue seriously. i now yield three minutes to the distinguished gentleman from south carolina, the whip, mr. clyburn. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from south carolina is recognized. mr. clyburn: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman from new york for yielding me this time. mr. speaker, i rise today in strong support of the domestic terrorism prevention act. it is heart breaking to stand here today, just days after 10 innocent lives were taken in a buffalo, new york, grocery store by a gunman espousing white
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supremacist views and hatred toward african-americans. this devastated -- devastating massacre took me back to june 17, 2015. when another white supremacist gunned down nine parishioners at charleston's historic emanuel a.m.e. church. in the intervening year, we have witnessed far too many other acts of domestic terrorism. from a counterprotest in charlottesville, virginia, a synagogue in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, to a wal-mart in el paso, texas, a zeke temple ik creek, wisconsin, and an asian-owned nail salon in atlanta, georgia. all told, over 200 mass shootings this year. to be sure, all of these
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shootings have not been racially motivated. or mote valeted by hate. but all of them share one thing in common. they have been committed in a country too tolerant of irresponsible regulations of weapons of war and in proliferation of firearms of mass destruction. this legislation is long overdue. it would enable the justice department, the department of homeland security, and the f.b.i. to prevent, investigate, and prosecute cases of domestic terrorism more effectively. i and many others in this body know what it is to experience acts of racial hatred and witness events of domestic terrorism. we cannot continue to turn a
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blind eye to white supremacist vigilantes. it impacts all of us. while the gunman in buffalo was aiming for people who looked like me, others who did not look like me fell victim to this evil act. so at my first meeting with dr. martin luther king jr. back in 1960, i met with one of my professors, ms. rosa harris, to share the saul to paul transformation i was experiencing. two days later, ms. harris handed me a copy of dr. king's 1958 book, "stride toward freedom." mr. nadler: i yield the gentleman 30 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized.
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mr. clyburn: to share one passage from that book, i quote. true peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice. mr. speaker, this legislation will provide federal agencies with necessary tools to ensure that peace and justice prevail. i urge a yes vote from all members of this august body and yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. johnson: i yield one minute and a half to the gentlelady from georgia, ms. greene. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. mrs. greene: i rise in opposition to this bill. i find it shocking to hear language coming from my colleagues across the aisle accusing republicans of the horrific shooting in buffalo when in fact the shooter's manifesto himself he acted as a lone wolf, no republican has
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anything to do with that. i also find it shocking to hear these accusations coming from the party that supported b.l.m. riots that caused over $2 billion in damage in cities and communities across the country. now when we're talking about identity politic, when we talk about identity politics, we should remember that there were 62 people injured by a black american who drove his car through a christmas parade in waukesha. and there was a black man who shot and injured 23 people on a new york subway. i am not hearing these examples as domestic terrorism from my colleagues across the aisle. and i don't understand why. i think these acts should be blamed on the people that are doing them, not on people's identity and their skin color. another thing that is wrong with this bill is this provides unlimited money to profile americans that the department of
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justice says are white supremacists. that's unlimited money -- that's why democrats want to pursue every single conservative in america simply because they want to choose who is a white supremacist and not. the speaker herself has called republicans enemies of the state. mr. jordan: i yield the gentlelady an addition ol 30 seconds. mrs. greene: if the speaker doesn't like our politics, we know what domestic terrorists will mean to democrats. that will mean anyone who stands in their way in their lustful quest for power. this would be parents that are trying to hold people accountable with their tax dollars for how their children are taught or anyone else that they want to blame for something they want to use for politics. thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman reserves. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: madam speaker, i now
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yield three minutes to the gentleman from rhode island, a member of the judiciary committee, mr. cicilline. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from rhode island is recognized. mr. cicilline: mr. speaker, i rise in strong support of the domestic terrorism prevention act of 2021. we are at an important crossroads in this country. wheem supremacy is -- white supremacy is on the rise and fueling bigotry and hate, we're seeing an alarming increase in domestic terrorism fueled by this hatred. a recent analysis fshowed that n 2020, domestic terrorism in america was at its highest level since information started being collected nearly 30 years ago. in 2019, the assistant director for the counterterrorism division of the f.b.i. stated, and i quote, racially motivated violent extremists are responsible for the majority of lethal attacks and fatalities perpetrated by domestic terrorists since 2000, end
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quote. we're talking about the safety and security of every american and the targeting of already marginalized groups. we also just witnessed days ago in buffalo when a self-proclaimed white supremacist, fascist, targeted a black community, murdered 10 victims in a supermarket. we saw this last year in atlanta when a gunman attacked an asian spa. and we keep seeing it over and over again. congress needs to act, and we can start today by passing the bipartisan domestic terrorism prevention act. this legislation will create offices at the d.o.j., f.b.i., and d.h.s. to monitor, investigate, and prosecute cases of domestic terrorism. a long overdue update to not only prevent these horrific crimes but also bring perpetrators to justice. it would streamline information sharing and training systems
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between different law enforcement agencies including at the local and state level to better our understanding of and response to incidents of domestic terrorism and white supremacy. and finally, it would establish an interagency task force to combat white supremacists infill take of our military and -- infiltration of our military and law enforcement, a terrifying trend that we need to combat now before it gets worse. i want to thank representative schneider for introducing this desperately needed legislation. thank you to chairman nadler for his leadership. i urge all my colleagues to support this important bill. it should be a strong bipartisan vote to say no to white supremacy and domestic terrorism in america. and with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. jordan: thank you. i yield four minutes to the gentleman from texas, mr. roy. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. roy: i thank the speaker. i thank the gentleman from ohio. here we sit on the floor of the house of representatives and we're talking about allegedly crime but we're not talking
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about of the 17,000 homicides last year, the 800 homicides in chicago, the 562 homicides in philadelphia, the 89 homicides in austin, texas, blowing away the former record of 59 homicides, and the 12 major cities that broke their homicide records in 2021 all have democratic mayors. we're seeing it across the country. we're seeing the absolute destr destruction of law enforcement and croixs the united states of -- law enforcement in the united states, undermining the ability to prosecute bad guys. nobody in this chamber would say we shouldn't prosecute bad guys. as a former federal prosecutor, sign me up. let's prosecute bad guys. i'm all for it. but we understand what this is actually about. we understand what propping up a domestic terrorism unit in this
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f.b.i., in this administration's federal government, what it's all about. because we saw it in naked display last fall. and we see through all of the information we're getting from whistleblowers. we see it in the information we're getting on tags targeting parents. we see on the empowerment of the f.b.i. to focus and target parents in collusion with the national association of school boards, in active coordination of the national association of school boards, we're seeing the targeting of parents. this isn't made up. scott smith is an actual father. he's an actual man in loudoun county, virginia, who had his face put up as the poster child for an extremist activity by the
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f.b.i. to target parents in coordination with that national association of school boards. you go back and look at the video and you hear scott smith's wife crying that her husband was being targeted, her husband was being targeted in the school board meeting because he dared to question the school when his daughter was sexually assaulted in a bathroom and then they had the audacity to make him the poster child. we know this happened. we got the information from the national school board association. we got the whistleblower accounts of the tags being used to do it. so as my colleague from florida pointed out as what this is about. this is about the empowerment of the federal bureaucracy to target americans. that's what it's about.
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it's questioning you don't think right. it's the extension of thought crimes that is pervasive in this body that will allow the target us for what we believe. inherently undermining our fundamental rights as americans to free speech, to freedom of association, to be able to engage, to be able to talk with each other without having our government target us. if a bad actor carries out bad acts, prosecute him. prosecute her. but you have to do that with police that are funded. you have to do it with district attorneys that will prosecute the crimes. you have to be honest of saying we have to prosecute criminals for criminal acts and not thought crimes. this is nothing more than empowering the federal government to police thought and speech in the united states of america. and we should oppose it roundly. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: my colleagues across the aisle seem to want to talk about everything than the
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subject of this bill, domestic terrorism. to now talk about domestic terrorism, i yield two minutes to the distinguished gentlelady from north carolina, ms. manning. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from north carolina is recognized. ms. manning: thank you. mr. speaker, i rise today in support of the domestic terrorism prevention act. over the weekend, we witnessed one of the deadliest racist attacks in recent memory. a man consumed by hateful conspiracy theories targeted the black community in buffalo, killing 10 innocent people in a grocery store. he posted the manifesto that was filled with hateful conspiracies and anti-semitic propaganda, including the racist great replacement conspiracy theory promoted by white supremacists. white supremacy and anti-semitism are poison to other society. today, with these forces on the rise, they are turbocharged by
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social media, which spreads these dangerous ideologies to more people around the world, creating a toxic blend of misinformation and hate. we can't afford to look the other way when individuals are inspired by hateful ideologies to attack our fellow americans. that is why we must immediately pass the domestic terrorism prevention act, to empower our government to confront the threat of domestic violent extremism head-on. i want to thank my friend, representative schneider, for his tenacity in pursuing this important bill, which i am proud to co-sponsor. mr. speaker, i urge my colleagues to join me in supporting this critical legislation to combat anti-semitism, white supremacy, and all forms of hateful violence, which threaten all of our communities. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the
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gentlelady reserves. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. jordan: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield two minutes to the gentleman from georgia, mr. clyde. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia is recognized. mr. clyde: thank you, mr. speaker. the democrats' so-called domestic terrorism prevention act opens the door for the biden administration to continue its assault on americans' protected political speech. since president biden stepped foot into the white house, he's blatantly targeted conservatives for exercising their first amendment rights. whether it's labeling parents protesting covid-19 mandates and raci racialist curriculum in schools as domestic terrorists, holding nonviolent january 6 protesters in pretrial detention for over a year or creating a radical ministry of truth to monitor supposed disinformation, the biden administration has repeatedly taken aim at political dissent from the right. while the disinformation governance board is reportedly pause, what a hallelujah moment for the constitution, just the idea alone that the biden
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administration would inincity tuitt such a board -- institute such a board, and keep in mind in administration has ignored antifa on the left. just this week, biden's department of homeland security claimed that they're investigating violent threats by pro-abortion extremist, threatening to murder supreme court justices or burn down the supreme court building but added, and i quote, generalized embrace of philosophic tactics does not suggest illegal activity. really? d.h.s., why don't you apply the same standard to january 6 protesters? the glaring hypocrisy is blinding. this is a blatant attempt to further transform the department of justice and department of homeland security into political
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weapons, greenlighting additional abuse of the biden administration against the american people. i ask my colleagues to vote against h.r. 350 and thereby protect americans' first amendment rights and block the biden administration from targeting, monitoring, and labeling americans they fundamentally disagree with as domestic terrorists. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: mr. speaker, i now yield one minute to the distinguished majority leader of the house, mr. hoyer. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland is recognized. mr. hoyer: thank you very much, mr. speaker. and thank you, mr. chairman, for yielding. mr. speaker, let me, before i start making my remarks -- the gentleman who just spoke is a member of the republican party. the republican national committee passed a resolution telling the american people that
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what they saw on january 6 was legitimate political discourse. couple of law enforcement officers lost their lives. people were injured. people in the hallways yelling to hang the vice president of the united states and to kill the speaker of the house. legitimate political discourse. mr. jordan: if the gentleman will yield? mr. hoyer: i'll yield? mr. jordan: is it i will jet mate mrit cans -- political discourse what happened 100 days straight where antifa attacked a courthouse, was that legitimate political discourse? mr. hoyer: no. mr. jordan: what about justices' homes? mr. hoyer: you ought to visit
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the mr. hoyer: you ought to visit the speaker's home. she has protesters in front of her home all the time. all the time, mr. speaker. legitimate political discourse is demonstration. it is speaking out. and as a matter of fact as the gentleman knows, we had this bill, there was questions raised by those very concerned, meaning all of us, about the legitimate exercising of first amendment rights by all americans. left, right, and in between. the fact of the matter is that we worked hard to make sure that what the gentleman who previously spoke asserted is not true. secondly, mr. speaker, i will guarantee you that our side of the aisle does not condone violence by either the left or
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the right. violence is -- violence of itself should be rejected. mr. speaker, on january 6, we saw what happens when extremist ideology, disseminated online, in the media and even by elected officials, is allowed to fester into violent action. whether that happens from the right or the left, is irrelevant. what is relevant is the violence and the danger that it presents to individuals as well as to property, i would tell my friend if ohio. we see far too much these days of ideology being transformed into violence which is never acceptable and must not be met with silence or acquiescence or i would tell the gentleman from ohio, mr. speaker, rationalization. legitimate political discourse
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on january 6. absurd. in recent days, mr. speaker, we have watched families mourn these killed in horrific acts of hatred in buffalo, new york, where someone who espoused white supremacy committed a mass shooting targeting african-americans. we've also seen this terror in places like atlanta. laguna woods, california, where members of the asian american community were targeted with deadly violence. we saw it in el paso in 2019 against the latino community and in pittsburgh in 2018 against jewish americans. this resolution does not condemn extremism on the right or the left. it condemns extremism. which leads to violence. against people on the right or people on the left. or people who are neither right nor left and are not politically
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identified as such. indeed, in the aftermath of these events, and particularly this week, americans have been learning more about the kind of violence-promoting and twisted ideologies of hate that pose a clear and present danger to our democracy, to the safety of our communities and to the social fabric of our country. i condemn violence from the left, from the middle and from the right. and i would hope my colleagues on the other side of the aisle would condemn as vigorously violence from whichever quarter it is proposed. one of the worst of these, which is known as the great replacement theory is no more than a centuries old form of prejudice, bigotry, which holds that minorities are conspiring to replace white people. this vile and false narrative is, sadly, not restricted to the
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dark and distant corners of the internet where extremists lurk. it is found -- it has found a foothold in mass media and shockingly even among elected officials and representatives in this house. many in this house who have had the opportunity to condemn this theory and those who espouse it have chosen silence. that kind of silence, mr. speaker. many in this house condemn violence from whichever source as i just said. it is from that same kind of silence that the seeds of dehumanization, persecution and horrific violence were planted in germany in the 19 30's. we know where that kind of rhetoric leads and we must not allow our nation to go down that path. this is one of the most pernicious forms of hatred that
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fuels domestic terrorism in our day. it is incumbent upon us, the representatives of the american people and guardians of our democracy, to ensure that those who espouse violence, extremist views, have no place in our government. our military. our any position of public tr trust. we have seen published by members of this house, images of violence. of threats. of killings. of one of our members. hopefully this bipartisan legislation, bipartisan legislation, will do that and will also equip law enforcement
2:34 am
with the tools needed to identify and stop domestic terrorists. the head of the f.b.i. says that our greatest danger in america today is domestic terrorism. the head of the f.b.i. including white supremacists, neonazis and other racially motivated extremists, and to do so proactively. so everyone on this floor know i condemn unequivocally of whatever ideological bent there is people using violence to promote their ideas, left or right. this legislation also commissions numerous reports on the rising threat to domestic extremism that will help guide future policymaking on h issue. mr. speaker, to stop these purveyors of evil from tiering country apart, we must act decisively and we must act now.
2:35 am
i want to thank representative brad schneider and chairman jerry nadler for their leadership on this very important issue. i know, as i believe every member of this house knows, that extremist violence can reach anyone, any time, anywhere. whether it be a place of worship, a grocery store, or as we learned last year, this very hall. that's why, mr. speaker, i urge all of my colleagues, of whatever political persuasion, this does not adopt a political persuasion. but it adopts the premise that the use of violence and hate and bigotry should be shunned by all of us. our constitution provides
2:36 am
protection for almost any speech that one can pursue. almost. not all. we place others in danger, not all. but almost any speech you can give. we are unique in the world in that regard. and we protect that and we call it the first amendment. one of our most important amendments. it makes our country what it has been a free and open nation for discussion and debate. but it must not devolve into the use of violence, the result of death, antetearing apart of our nation. i urge each member to support that premise and support this resolution. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from ohio is
2:37 am
recognized. mr. jordan: mr. speaker, the majority leader of the house just said we don't condone violence by anyone. that statement is just not accurate. the entire summer of 2020, folks in the democrat party said rioters and looters were peaceful protesters. republicans have condemned violence every time it happened. when it happened on january 6 we said it was wrong. when it happened in the summer of 2020 we said it was wrong. but they didn't. the democrat chair of the financial services committee said to the rioters and looters, get more confrontational. the vice president of the united states supported efforts to raise money to bail those rioters and looters out of jail. we should condemn all violence and we should prosecute people who commit crimes. we shouldn't be raising bail money to get them out of jail and we shouldn't be encouraging with the comments people make as happened all that summer from
2:38 am
the democrats and from the left. we reserve the balance of our time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to submit a statement by the chairwoman of the subcommittee on crime, terrorism, and homeland security, sheila jackson lee of texas, into the record. the speaker pro tempore: that request will be covered under general leave. mr. nadler: i yield two minutes to the gentlelady from texas, ms. escobar. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. escobar: i rise today in strong support of h.r. 350, the domestic terrorism prevention act. here we are again, reeling from another horrific domestic terrorist attack. this week, a racially motivated shooting in buffalo, new york, perpetrated by an avowed white supremacist. in 2018, it was the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. in april of 2019 it was a synagogue in california.
2:39 am
and on august 3, 2019, it was my community of el paso, texas. after every attack on minority communities, by radicalized and heavily armed young men who have embraced white supremacy, our media and even some of our colleagues, leaders in this country, refused to call this violence what it is. domestic terrorism. h.r. 350 calls on the department of justice and the department of homeland security to dedicate resources specifically to track and combat the growing threat of white supremacy and neonazism in the united states. h.r. 350 will give communities like mine a fighting chance the next time an angry racist shares a deranged screed online and decides to drive hours to attack vulnerable and innocent people at our grocery stores, or our houses of worship. the anti-defamation league has
2:40 am
tracked 450 murders over the last decade committed by these terrorists. right wing extremists are responsible for over 75% of these horrific attacks. and 50% of these horrific attacks are by white supremacists. mr. speaker, america has a racism problem. america has a hate problem. and america has a domestic terrorism problem. we must address it. the domestic terrorism prevention act is a crucial step in the right direction. on behalf of my community i thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman reserves. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. jordan: thank you, mr. speaker. i would -- i'd ask unanimous consent that the gentleman from north carolina, representative bishop, be able to control the remainder of our time. the speaker pro tempore: without
2:41 am
objection, the gentleman from north carolina is recognized. mr. wish p shop: -- mr. bishop: thank you, mr. speaker. you know this bill, or a bill substantially like it has come up before. and it enjoyed substantial bipartisan support. and now that has changed. why is that? it is because it has become evident that the majority seeks for political reasons to conflate the extraordinarily serious issue of domestic terrorism with half of the country, with their political opposition. it is evident that the administration has pursued a concocted attack on the credibility on the first amendment activity of parents
2:42 am
who were engaging in first amendment protected activism in school boards. the administration has engaged in a deceitful refusal to account for that activity and whistleblower accounts have now revealed that indeed f.b.i. agents went to interrogate parents over their activism. when members of the majority recite events in every one of their comments today they are selective. and mischaracterized. they do not mention the brooklyn subway shooter. they do not mention the wisconsin fire bombing. they do not mention waukesha, wisconsin. they do not mention boulder, colorado. why do they not? why is it so consistent that those are not mentioned?
2:43 am
it is it is exactly the same issue in which there's always a focus on a particular type of hate, white supremacy. let me tell you something. i have no hesitancy to say that the twisted butcher in buffalo, new york, was a white supremacist. more than that, it's evident that he was mentally ill. that does not mean that republicans writ large are domestic terrorists or white supremacists. it is a smear. and it is deliberate. worst of all, this preoccupation to the exclusion of all else that smears the right, smears people center-right as racists, white supremacists, is a device,
2:44 am
a demagoguic device to distract from abysmal policy disasters led and created by advocacy and policy of democrats. the defund police debacle that led to 30% increases in homicides, not as tragic as they are 10 and 20 killings of people by domestic terrorists on occasions, but 5,000 additional homicides a year and do you know what? 65% of those were suffered by black americans. 3,250 additional killings in 2021 -- 2020, excuse me. more in 2021. an abandonment of the southern border that has resulted in a flood of fentanyl into the
2:45 am
country so that you see mass killings by exposure, by laced -- drugs laced with fentanyl. poison coming in and killing -- they note the figure of 100,000. they tell me is not current. it's not even getting at the essence of the problem. and under those circumstances, and having committed that sort of policy malpractice upon the american people with those abysmal results, democrats would bring a partisan bill to the floor and conflate the egregious evil of domestic terrorism with some kind of a political smear of your political opposition. what would it take to do that? this bill should be bipartisan because it is promoted, it is
2:46 am
brought, it is worked out with the political opposition. this problem is too significant to be cheapened as a political stunt. and with that, madam speaker, i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from north carolina reserves. the gentleman from new york. mr. nadler: madam speaker, i'm prepared to close. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york reserves. the gentleman from north carolina is recognized. mr. nadler: i'm prepared to close, i said. mr. bishop: we're prepared to close. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from north carolina is recognized. mr. bishop: it is hard to overstate how concerning the problem is that has so invaded our politics. we've seen in so many ways institutional norms be trampled underfood in this congress --
2:47 am
underfoot in this congress. the metal detectors at the door are one example. but they go on and on and on. the hearing in the judiciary committee today, aimed at intimidating the united states supreme court while it's in the midst of a particular decision is another one. concepts about packing the court, ideas by democrats to pack the court, by the chairman of the judiciary committee. they go on and on and on. this one might be the worst. you wonder what in the world the majority may be thinking to turn the issue of terrorism, any form of terrorism, into a partisan comingle. cudgel. it is beyond belief if this issue returned to a nonpart posture, you would find that -- nonpartisan posture, would you find that republicans
2:48 am
would be pleased to join it. but it has been gross ladieser to thed and turned -- grossly distorted and turned into a political weapon that should never happen, should never happen in this country. should never happen in this congress. this bill should be defeated. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: madam speaker, the problem is not that the republican party is racist. it's that the republican party won't call out the racists in its midst. they won't call the insurrection on january 6 of last year what it is, an insurrection. they call it legitimate public discourse. it is not legitimate public discourse when police officers are attacked when the members of this house are attacked, when the members of the senate are
2:49 am
attacked. that's domestic terrorism. madam speaker, too many americans have felt the pain and horror of domestic terrorism striking in their communities. many of these attacks are fueled by white supremacy and hatred targeted at racial and ethnic minorities. we cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend this problem does not exist. we must confront this challenge head-on. that is why i strongly support the domestic terrorism prevention act, which would identify the greatest domestic terror threats and would concentrate law enforcement resources to addressing those threats. i appreciated the republicans supporting this last year. why they won't support this, because they've decided that terrorism doesn't have to be addressed, i don't know. it's terrible. but i urge all my colleagues to support this important
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