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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Cardin on School Shooting in Uvalde Texas  CSPAN  May 26, 2022 9:20pm-9:31pm EDT

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debate about reforms we can make and i look forward to participating in those discussions. for now the focus should remain on supporting the people of this little community who suffered an immeasurable loss this approvale majority leader and minority leaders. the presiding officer: duly noted. mr. cardin: madam president, another mass shooting. another elementary school. 19 children, ages 7 through 10, gunned down. two adults killed. they were in our schools, an elementary school, a place that parents send their children expecting it to be a safe zone where they can learn and interact with other children and be safe from things like being
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attacked and shot. an elementary school we're talking about. the anguish of the families that have lost their children or lost their loved ones. children that witnessed this will be traumatized for life. scarred by what happened in texas. and then last week, we saw in buffalo ten people gunned down while shopping in a grocery store. very much racially motivated by a white supremacist. this is happening throughout our country. we've had gun violence in baltimore. a few years ago we had a gun violence at great oaks school in maryland. we're seeing this happen over and over and over again. i and all marylanders and americans are sad, we're angry, we're fearful, and we're
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frustrated. yes, we have to deal with the mental health issues here. there's no question about that in my mind. and let me just point out for my colleagues that i joined with senator wyden and senator crapo and senator thune in releasing of a draft on the telehealth recommendations as part of the mental health work that's being done by the senate finance committee and the presiding officer is one of the leaders on this issue. we have to do more for mental health. we released draft discussion documents dealing with telehealth. we learned through covid-19 how important telehealth is for access to care. people who weren't able to get to health care providers were able to do that through telehealth services and we realize how important it is with regards to mental health and behavioral health. it is important to move forward
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on these recommendations and we're looking at ways to remove obstacles in a way for people in our community to get telehealth services, we're removing some restrictions in the law prior to covid-19. to make it easier for public and private service programs to provide for telehealth. we have other task force that are working in regards to children's mental health needs. all of that is important. we need move forward on extending the resources and access to mental health services so we can identify people in need, give them the services they need and protect our communities. but we need to do much more than mental health services in regards to protecting americans from gun violence. let me quote from the baltimore sun's editorial this morning.
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it's titled, real insanity is doing nothing about assault weapons again. the terrible tragedy raises all kinds of questions from the mental health of the killer, the inadequacies of community-based psychiatric care and the bullying by classmates that might have contributed to his instability, to the future of those around him to recognize this potential threat. but one element stands out above so many others, easy access to assault weapons. this editor qal was -- editorial was dealing with the texas tragedy that occurred this week. the united states is an outlier among the nations in the world. we stand alone on the number of guns we have per capita and amount of gun violence. madam president, that's not a
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category that we want to lead the world in, and we do. we've got to take action. in 2021 alone 45,000 americans lost their lives through gun violence. of that number, over 20,000 were killed as a result of murder or homicide -- 20,000. over 300 children lost their lives through gun violence in 2021. as "the washington post" editorial noted in yesterday's editorial about the elementary school shooting in texas was one of the least -- at least 24 acts of gun violence of k-12 campuses so far this year in which at least 28 people have been killed. this came a day after the f.b.i.
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report showed a sharp increase in shooter attacks nationwide. in 2020, for the first time firearms became the leading cause of death for children and teenagers, supplanting car accidents. we lost our way. we need to do much more. how many children have to die before we act? when is enough enough? congress needs to take up and pass commonsense begun safety legislation -- gun safety legislation. madam president, i want to give a few examples of legislation i hope that we can take up and consider. first, an assault weapon ban. ban the sale -- we have legislation, 736, that bans the sale, manufacture, transfer, implementation of assault
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weapons, including military-style weapons. the baltimore sun also talked about this. this is the paper's editorial. these are not components that one needs for self-defense, not used for target practice or a local shooting range, not an asset the average deer hunter uses. it is estimated that one-quarter of such instances have involved individuals armed with assault weapons. the public does not need assault weapons for self-defense. they don't need it for recreational use. they don't need it. these are military-style weapons. it should have no place in private ownership. we should take action in order to make our communities safer and our children safer. we should pass the bipartisan background check expansion act,
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which would require checks for all gun sales, including those from unlicensed sellers. by the way, the house has already passed this action and we should enhance background check completion act, that's an act that would eliminate the so-called charleston loophole that allows for gun sales to go forward if a check is not realized in three days. these are commonsense gun safety bills that could be passed. we should pass the keep america safe act, s. 1108, which would prohibit the transfer, possession of magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition? why does anyone for a lawful purpose need ammunition magazine that holds more than ten rounds? the mass killers use it. we shouldn't make it easier for them to carry out these atrocities. well, let me just mention the
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one option that should not be on the table, and that option is to do nothing. how many children have to die before enough is enough? doing nothing about the epidemic of guns across this country is killing our children. we must work together to translate our grief into collective action. madam president, enough is enough. let us act. i yield the floor. >> c-span now is a free mobile app filtering your -- featuring your unfiltered view of what is happening in washington live and on-demand, keep up on the days biggest events with live streams of the floor proceedings and hearings, white house events, the court, campaigns and more. all tripping or tips -- all at your fingertips.
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also stay current for washington journal. plus a variety of compelling contests, c-span now is available on the apple store, google play, download for free today. c-span now, your friends wrote sea to anytime anywhere -- your front row seat to washington anytime anywhere. >> there are a lot of places to get little information. only had c-span do get it straight from the source. no matter where you are from or where you stand on the issues, c-span is a net -- americas network, unfiltered, unbiased, word for word, happens here or here or here or anywhere that matters, america is watching on c-span. powered by cable. >> next a hearing on the nomination


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