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tv   Campaign 2024 Fmr. VP Pence Speaks at New Hampshire GOP Womens Luncheon  CSPAN  May 29, 2022 10:07pm-10:37pm EDT

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buckeye broadband supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> next, remarks from former vice president mike pence on the recent mass shootings in uvalde, texas, and buffalo, new york to an luncheon in new hampshire.
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i want to thank remarkable young president elizabeth gerard. i'm going to make a note, never follow elizabeth gerard at the podium ever again. would you join me in thanking this remarkable young woman for the love of her country? [applause] she is a standout rising star only in new hampshire in the republican party all over the country she knows that the introduction i prefer is a little bit shorter. i am a christian, a conservative, and a republican in that order. it is my honor to welcome you back to the lilac luncheon 2022. [applause] luncheon 2022.
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good to be with you all. before i begin, allow me to speak to you today, first and foremost not as a former vice president, but as a father, a grandfather, and the husband of a 30-year elementary school teacher. e who mourn and grieve with those who grieve. our hearts are broken by the unspeakable tragedy in uvalde, texas. we are saddened by the loss of life of little ones, two heroic teachers. the entire community is on our hearts and in our prayers.
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what happened this week was an act of pure evil, a deranged perpetrator. in new hampshire, we also grieve the loss of life that took place just a short time ago at the supermarket in buffalo, new york, and express our deepest condolences to the families of that community as well. not surprisingly, president biden and the democrats have already sought to politicize this national tragedy. predictable calls for gun control. guns are not responsible for these heinous crimes, the gunmen consider these acts are responsible for these heinous crimes. the truth is the most violent and lawless cities in america have the most stringent gun
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controls. eroding the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens is not the answer. i believe there are answers. during the trump-pentz administration in the wake of the tragedy at parkland high school, we forged a bipartisan solution the received almost unanimous support in the congress. it was called the stop school violence act. it was door spy gun control advocates and the nra. it vetted funding to institute -- safety measures in schools and help identify individuals prior to violence. my fellow republicans in new hampshire, i say from my heart, while the left returns to their usual argument in the wake of such tragic moments, we should
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come together. we should make our schools safer, we should address this gorge of mental illness, we should strengthen families, support law enforcement, and end this gorge of mass shootings at our schools and our churches. [applause] with the crime wave setting many major cities, i hope we can finally put the nonsense of defining the police to the end and support our law enforcement and -- law enforcement in the way they deserve. finally, even though many democrats demean it and say they don't want to hear about thoughts and prayers. i want to encourage each of you that are inclined to pray to pray for these grieving families
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. pray for all of these citizens in uvalde and buffalo who are suffering loss. pray for students and teachers and all of the people of this country. whether it is fashionable to say it or not, those ancient words are true today. if these people will humble themselves and pray, you will hear from heaven and he will heal this land as he has ever done before. let's pray for all of the american people. thank you for that. it is great to be back in new hampshire at this 75th annual lilac luncheon which was actually a lilac brunch until we reached noon. then it became the lilac luncheon. i want to thank elizabeth gerard
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at all the curate republican women who have contributed to this. to jane and janine, to augusta who has made such a difference. republican women in new hampshire are setting the pace for republican women in america. speaking of republican women and leaders i hire, it is my privilege to be here today with one of the great champions of the conservative cause enter time and service in statewide office enter service in the u.s. senate. would you all mind getting on your feet and -- and thinking senator kay out -- and thanking the senator for her service to new hampshire and america? [applause] i can on is this a i was for chris sununu before it was cool.
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new hampshire has a great governor. i know republican men and women are going to reelect governor chris sununu come this fall here in the granite state. also on the people of a very important day in the life of our nation. there is a day in november where we remember those who served and came home. but there is a day in the spring when we remember those who served and did not come home. it will soon be memorial day in america again. center a odd -- the senator mentioned that i am the son of a combat veteran served in korea. and i'm a proud father of a captain in the u.s. marine
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corps. one of my unworthy son-in-law's is a lieutenant in the u.s. navy. we honor them. at a time my dad talked about the korean war and the metal he came home with on his chest, he said the heroes were the ones who did not come. -- did not come home. i want to express my gratitude to those generations who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. i went to think -- to thank a gold star who is with us today and her extra ordinary service to the nation. her and all of the goldstar families in america. thank you for your service and sacrifice for our freedom. [applause]
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it is good to be with you all. my life has changed a lot since we were last together. it really has. karen and i moved back to indiana, we bought five acres and a pond. i got a john deere mower. i know the guys are in the -- and of the guys in the room are jealous -- i know the guys in the room are jealous. 25 horsepower. i have not hurt anybody yet. the good thing about being no longer vice president is you get to drive your own car. one of the bad things is you get to pay for your own gas. i became a grandfather in the last year which has been one of the greatest joys of my life. karen and i learned a great and sublime truth. you can be a congressman from your home state for 12 years, you can be the governor of your
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home state for four, you can even be vice president of the united states of america. you are still going to a 25 minutes for a table at olive garden on saturday night at 7:00. it is true. it happened. when i told my daughter, she texted me back and said that is america debt. -- america, dad. boy, is she right. i'm here for this tradition of the federation of republican women. thank you for doing your part to rescue america from the downward slide the democrats have put us on. the republican has never been stronger. i know we are on the road to victory in 2022 and we are going to win back america in 2024.
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[applause] all across this country, republicans are on a roll. the last election in 2020, despite our disappointment, we gained 15 seats in congress. nationwide we gained 10 million additional votes, the highest vote total of any republican ticket in the nation's history. the highest proportion of hispanic voters in 60 years -- hispanic and african-american voters in 60 years. just in the last year, republicans elected an attorney general, lieutenant governor, and governor in the blue state of virginia. [applause] and in new jersey, my personal favorite,, republicans had the biggest gains in two decades including a
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truck driver ran against the senate majority leader. he raised $150, have of his budget he spent at dunkin' donuts, and he defeated the democratic majority leader of the new jersey state senate. [applause] i was in san francisco, the week i was speaking at stanford university, and almost everybody stayed. i was speaking at stanford the very same week that the most liberal city in america voted out three school board members that were spending all their time trying to rename schools instead of reopening them for their families in the bay area. i'm telling you. common sense is making a comeback. the american people are stepping up and reclaiming our future and the republican party is leading the way.
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i have seen these incredible results all over the country and i believe we are on the verge of great things. i think we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a governing coalition that can last for generations. i want to speak to you about what it will take to do that in short-term and in the long term. the truth is every indicator out there proves the american people want their lives back, their freedom back, they want to see our nation back on a path of security and prosperity, that we forged during our season of service. democrats are getting the message, too. so far, 30 incumbent democrat house members in congress have already announced they will be seeking reelection. that is called getting while the getting is good. [laughter] let's be clear eyed about the opportunity we have. i think we are looking at a tidal wave.
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on a scale we have not seen since 2010. maybe since 1994. but it will take all of us to do it. we have a fight on our hands. our 40th president ronald reagan said freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. we didn't pass it onto to our children in the bloodstream. it is to be fought for, protect it, handed down to do the same. i am proud to say that is exactly what we did every day of the trump-pentz administration. we fought for and protected freedom and security of every american, every day, and we have to tell the story of that record to the american people between now and election day. think about it. in 48 months, with your support, the trump-pentz administration achieved the most energy production, the most
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pro-american trade deals, the most secure borders, the strongest military world has ever known. we did that. we revived our economy with tax cuts, rolling back regulations. we became a net exporter of energy for the first time in 70 years. we finally held china accountable for decades of trade abuses. we reduced illegal immigration at our southern border by 90%. and confirmed 300 conservative judges to our federal courts at every level including justice neil gorsuch, brett kavanaugh, and indiana's, justice coney barrett. [applause] i could not be more proud to have been vice president in the most pro-life administration in american history.
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we may stand on the verge of a new era in american life, an era where every life born and unborn is cherished and protected. including those three justices that our administration saw confirmed, with the help of kelly ayotte, i might add. we all know about the draft opinion. my hope and prayer is that the draft opinion of the supreme court soon becomes the majority published opinion of the supreme court and we send roe v. wade to the ash heap of history where it belongs. [applause] there are those who will say, before and after the decision is published by the court,
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overturning roe v. wade is somehow banning abortion. i am pro-life, i don't apologize for it. but let's be clear, overturning roe v. wade is righting an historical wrong. when it happens, will simply be returning the question of abortion to the states and the american people, where it belongs. so we stood for our values at home, fought for american jobs and security. abroad we stood with our allies and stood up to our enemies like never before. under our administration, we crush the isis caliphate, took out the most dangerous terrorists, and it was our administration after four previous administration said they would do it, our administration moved the embassy to jerusalem. promises made, promises kept.
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how times have changed. in one year, the biden-harris administration has unleashed a tidal wave of left-wing policies that has weakened america at home and abroad. frankly, democrats have moved so fast sometimes i think the left-hand does not know what the far left hand is doing. [laughter] all kidding aside, we now have the worst border crisis in history. inflation is at a 40-year high. gasoline prices are up 75%. new mothers cannot find baby formula. crime is skyrocketing in many of our major cities. and the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan has emboldened our adversaries and likely created the conditions that unleashed war in eastern europe.
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the truth is weakness arouses people -- evil. i believe, whether it is reentering the iran nuclear deal, negotiations underway, the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan, this administration has sent a message of weakness to the world. we need to return this country to american strength for the sake of the american people and the free world. closer to home, you heard elizabeth talk about it. we are living in a time of cancel culture, aren't we? i am working on my autobiography now, it will be out before christmas, and almost everyone is excited about it. i ran into a little cancel culture myself there. we are getting it done. patriotic education has been replaced by political indoctrination.
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our 1776 commission has been -- the teaching of critical race theory in our schools. critical race theory teaches our kids as young as kindergarten to be ashamed of their skin color. let me be clear on this point. critical race theory is nothing more than state-sponsored racism, and it should be rejected in every school in every city in every state in america. [applause] we have to tell our story and what we did. what we used to call the loyal opposition. i also think we need to do one other thing. there is an old saying that you cannot beat a program without a program. i truly believe it is absolutely essential that republicans offer
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a positive governing agenda that will fire the imagination of the american people. i assembled about 50 of the brightest stars in the conservative movement in this country at a foundation i set up in washington called american freedom. we put together a freedom agenda. if you want to get started on thinking about the agenda that has marshaled the enthusiasm of this party from back in the day when new hampshire got behind a california governor named ronald reagan, all the way to when you got behind a new york billionaire named donald trump. the ideas that have animated this movement, we put them in one place. you can read them at advancing american i have a goal is to raise the banner of freedom hi. ours is a movement of ideas. it has always been driven by the notion that ideas have consequences. i think it's imperative that our
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party be a party of ideas, the party of the future. if we do all those things, we tell our story, we hold them accountable, and we offer a positive governing vision grounded in freedom and our highest ideals, i believe we will not just win in 2022. we will change the direction of our country for generations to come, as the american people rally to the cause of freedom. [applause] i am confident. i have seen this movie before. you may not remember it, but 2009, let me describe it for you. i was a member of congress, the house republican conference chair, which meant i was the third most powerful irrelevant person in the united states congress. nancy pelosi was speaker of the house. we were in the minority.
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we had a brand-new democrat in the white house in 2009. sound familiar? but republicans came together and did all the things i just described. we told our story, we held them accountable, we offered a positive accounting vision. we won 63 seats in the house of representatives. two years later, we won the senate. two years after that, we won the white house. and we are going to do that all again starting in the fall of 2022. [applause] truth of the matter is, you are here today at this great luncheon, this great tradition, 75 years in the making, because you know this is not just about choosing candidates or choices between political parties. you know, as elizabeth said so eloquently, the american people
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will decide between two visions for the american future. the benefit we have today is they saw our vision in the policies of the truck ivan penson nist ration. saw the extraordinary results of home and abroad. now, if there is one silver lining of united democrat government in washington, d.c., we get to see what they are really all about. and the truth is, starting this fall, the american people will decide whether our children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to stand tall in the freest and most prosperous nation the world has ever known, or whether they will be forced to live in the economic and moral and spiritual decline of socialism. it is time for us to have courage. courage of our convictions. carry the message all across the granite state and all across
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this country. tell our neighbors and friends whether they ever took a republican ballot in the past or not, it is time. it is time to take our country back. it is time to win a republican majority in the house. it is time to retire maggie hassan and have a republican majority in the senate. it is time to reelect governor chris sununu. it is time to win back america. [applause] as i close in these divided times, i would encourage you to do one more thing. above all else, have faith. as we speak to our neighbors and friends across the country, just have faith in the american people. traveling across this country as you're vice president, i came away with two fixed conclusions. learn to cross road lines in
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diners, visiting military bases, speaking to groups large and small. this is a freedom loving nation. and this is a nation of faith. if we hold the banner of freedom hi, the american people will rally to our cause. if we will, each of us, claim the promises that the founders of this great state claimed, in those early days, our nations history, we reclaim the promise that has been over the mantle in our home for 20 years. i know the plans i have for you, plans to prosper you, not harm you. plans to give you a hope and a future, if we will but renew our faith in him on whom our forbearers placed their faith in this one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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i know the best days for the greatest nation on earth are yet to come. let's go get it done. thank you all very much. god bless you and god bless america. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern monday morning on c-span or c-span now, our free video mobile app. join the conversation with your phone calls, facebook comments, text's, and tweets.
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>> up next, ukraine's prosecutor general talks about holding russian soldiers responsible for committing war crimes against ukraine. she says her office is investigating nearly 13,000 cases of suspected war crimes. this is 25 minutes. >> welcome to washington post live. i am david ignatius. our guest today is the prosecutor general of ukraine. she is going to discuss the war in ukraine and her work investigating suspected war crimes committed by the russian military and government in the invasion of ukraine. welcome. >> good afternoon. thank you very much for having me on your platform. >> before we start, we want to hear from you and our audience.


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