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tv   President Biden Participates in Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony  CSPAN  May 30, 2022 3:52pm-4:03pm EDT

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hail to the chief, applause, and boos and jeers and people yelling draft dodger. that is a member in this memorial day themed episode of c-span's "the weekly." >> find it now in the c-span mobile app or wherever you get your podcast. c-span now is a free mobile app featuring your unfiltered view of what's happening in washington live hand on demand, keep up with the biggest events with hearings from congress, white house events, campaigns and more from the worlds of politics, all at your fingertips. you can say current with the latest episodes of "washington journal," get scheduling cremation proceeds and network on speed -- c-span radio. available at the apple store in
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google way. download it today. your front row seat to washington, anytime, anywhere. >> president biden and first lady jill biden traveled arlington national ceremony -- cemetery for the wreath-laying ceremony of the tomb of the unknown soldier in the president offered remarks at and observance secretary -- ceremony. also speaking, lloyd austin and mark milley. this was about 45 minutes. james perrin
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>> attention. >> colors. >> right shoulder, arm.
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>> present arms. >> present arms. ♪
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♪ >> right shoulder. >> present arms.
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[drumroll] ♪ ♪ [taps] ♪
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>> right shoulder, arms.
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>> please stand for the arrival of the party and -- the official party and remain standing for the national anthem.


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