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tv   President Biden Participates in Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony  CSPAN  May 30, 2022 5:41pm-5:54pm EDT

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podcasts. quick c-span's the weekly podcast brings you over 40 years of audio recordings from our video library, comparing the events of the past to today. on this episode: [booing] >> that is how bill clinton was greeted when he arrived at the vietnam veterans memorial in washington dc on may 31 of 1993. hail to the chief, applause and boos and jeers and people yelling draft dodger. clerks find the weekly on c-span
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now, our free mobile app or wherever you get your podcasts. president biden and first lady jill biden attended ceremonies at arlington national ceremony -- arlington national cemetery. they were joined by vice president, harris, lloyd austin and general mark milley. this is about 10 minutes. james perrin
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>> attention.
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>> present arms. ♪
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[playing "the star spangled banner"]
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>> present arms.
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[drumroll] ♪ [playing "taps"]
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click tuesday, the secretary of the army discusses u.s. defense strategy including defending against threats to the u.s. and our allies. watch live at 1:30 p.m. eastern on c-span, c-span now, our free mobile video app or anytime online at >> c-span has unfiltered
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coverage of the u.s. response to russia's invasion of ukraine, bringing you the latest from the president and other white house officials. we also have international perspective from united nations and statements from foreign leaders. and c-span that are/ukraine. you can watch the latest videos on demand and follow tweets from journalists on the ground. quick is c-span's online store. browse the collection of c-span partners, apparel, books and is x --. there was something for every c-span fan and every purchase of to support our nonprofit at
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>> c-span now is a free mobile app featuring the unfiltered view of washington live and on-demand, keep up with today's biggest events with live streams of floor proceedings from hearings on the u.s. congress, the court, campaigns and more for the world of politics, all at your fingertips. you can also stay current with the latest episodes of washington general -- washington journal and a variety of compelling podcast. c-span now, your front row seat to washington anytime, anywhere. >> now, students, educators and others testify on free speech in the classroom, academic censorship and parental rights. this has oversight and the subcommittee


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