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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Time  CSPAN  June 13, 2022 12:00am-12:44am EDT

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before we come to questions i would like to point out the interpretation of the proceedings is available to watch. >> for minister. >> i'm sure the whole house would join me in wanting to thank those across the uk for all they do. we all owe a debt of gratitude. i had meetings with others in addition to further such
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meetings later today. >> may i associate myself with all the remarks about the importance of terrorists. to demonstrate how low this prime minister is -- this is only in his own party. [laughter] they are too distracted. if they don't trust him. >> i think the honorable gentle lady for the question and i
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have. [inaudible. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the whole house will unite behind the pre- minister on his determination to hold war criminals to account. those in the uk that have been doing so for 16 years and are known to be extradited or put
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before the british court under the existing law. are we prepared to go down. he takes these extremely seriously and what has so far been massively delayed will not be protected or denied. >> i think my right honorable friend for his questions. he raises an issue alternately which the uk has campaigned for a long time and no one is more committed for and we are to bringing war criminals to justice. as my right honorable friend has raised. i would certainly take it up. this is the subject of an ongoing investigation. it wouldn't be appropriate -- i
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don't know whether it is directed at me or him. [laughter] [inaudible.
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when the pandemic hit, it was an entirely normal virus which the whole world was unprepared for. nobody at the stage knew what the right quarantine goals should be, but it happened. the uk and the amazing nhs produced not only the first vaccine anywhere in the world but we were the first to get it in anybody's arms and we had the fastest rollout, none of which would have been possible -- i didn't deny it. perhaps she said that because
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that is true. it starts with people who were unhappy with the service they were getting before the pandemic. not enough. it's too hard to get in and deployment. that's why he promised 6,000 new but the sector admits he won't keep that process and promise. people can see them in person and. mr. speaker, i'm afraid he's simply wrong about what we are doing and of course we have to clear the covid [inaudible. everyone understands the
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pressure. we now have 4,300 and record numbers and training. we have 11,800 who are nurses this year from last year and 72,000. the only way that we were able to make that is with a strong, robust economy. >> [inaudible. mr. speaker, of course he talks big, but i have a lesson. he said under you, the government seems to lack the mission. he has a large majority but no long-term plan.
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mr. speaker, this act is so tired isn't just waiting for the gp but to take cancer, for over a decade waiting times for cancer care have been going up. his solution, it's been in a victory lap this week. but here is since they were open last year, 135,000 extra people are now. can he think of a better way to -- >> it is entirely right for the pandemic and the people coming forward to get their cancer ther
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tests. we've actively encouraged -- we are able to cut the times for the diagnosis, help people to get their scans faster and above all, we can do that. hiring more nurses and professionals -- >> the problem is the rate has been going up for ten years. and they are even higher now. so blaming the pandemic just won't work. perhaps, the secretary was talking about the state of the nhs buildings. be for the pandemic, they said
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they paid pretending it's the same is building new hospitals. in the office apparently they don't think that the research is even going to be delivered. take the university hospitals. ceiling is falling in and [inaudible. to stop them from freezing over. they are putting their patients at risk? >> this line of criticism is satirical coming from a neighbor government. they were the authors of the psi. >> what we are doing instead is
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building 40 gates new hospitals. [inaudible. we spent another 92 for 39 billion. they opposed that funding. they don't have a leg to stand on. we are building the foundation. >> can i say to both of you.
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[inaudible. >> the chances are attending no laws were broken didn't work. pretending the economy is moving didn't work. and pretending to build 40 new hospitals won't work either as always with the pre- minister, when he's falling short, he just changes the rules and lowers the demand. in march, he proposed changing the nhs contract. he wants to double the length of time patients can be made to wait from surgery from one years to two years. on top of that, he scratched the zero-tolerance [inaudible]
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it used to be a program and now it is policy. [inaudible] >> i am sure you don't want to be part of it. >> the problem is. >> [inaudible] >> he's saying to greenlight --
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>> mr. speaker, i think the line of attack isn't working. it's not working because they refuse. >> once again, i think the two if you need to calm down. [inaudible] we would reduce the waiting time. what we are doing more fundamentally is what the people of the country can see is a simple common sense and that is using our economic strength to invest in [inaudible] we are on target, mr. speaker. so i would ask to recruit.
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thanks to the investment, i have two repeat this, thanks to the investments. hispanic raising taxes because you failed to grow the economy isn't a plan. he's been in power for three years. things are getting worse, not better. more tests and it is a human pain as a result. today, i spoke [inaudible]
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because of the two year wait for surgery, he had to fund for the operation. last year, a mother woke up unable to breathe. called six times the end and the last call said i rang an hour for an ambulance as she had difficulty breathing. and now she's gone. even he must admit that. it is unable to improve our nhs. >> i think everybody in the house has those that he
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mentions, mr. speaker. and i share that. if you look at what the government is doing, and i must say, we are making lawful investments. we are cutting waiting times and raising. [inaudible] it completely turned out to be untrue. he still hasn't reflected. what we are doing, mr. speaker, because of the strength of the uk economy and the fiscal power that we had to deploy, we have a strong -- it is to unite and level across our whole country.
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the biggest programs in history. 65% adequacy to 90%. expanding homeownership for millions of people as my honorable friend and i produced [inaudible] i'm going to get on with hours and i hope he gets on with his. [inaudible] >> changing the subject
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completely, we are very concerned about overflow. [laughter] and also to restrict the use, so with the measures i welcome the fact the government has consulted on the production plans for the storm overflows but when can we expect to see some meaningful improvement in the reduction of what's going into the rivers? >> i think you very much. [inaudible] we must do more, mr. speaker, and we already are seeing improvements. but the regulator is ensuring that do more coming and we will
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not take action unless needed. [inaudible] >> thank you, mr. speaker. the remarks -- week after week i've been met with a wall of noise. i thought they were trying [inaudible] 41%, mr. speaker. let's be clear, at least the numbers don't lie. 41% have no confidence in them. 97% want the minister for the
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union to be shown the door. how does the prime ministers are expected to continue that even as the leaders in scotland [inaudible] >> i want to thank my right honorable -- >> the biggest advocate over the last has been that man right there. for the last -- [inaudible]
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i can say to the pre- minister i will be standing shoulder to shoulder as we take our country to defend it. >> mr. speaker, the pre- minister, no amount of delusion and denial will save the pre- minister from the truth. this story won't go away until he goes away. for once in his life, he needs to wake up to reality. scotland has the choice of an independent future. it's not just the prime minister that we have zero confidence in. it's the broken.
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a conservative party that we do not support [inaudible] >> prime minister, we had a referendum as i talked about before. in 2014 i think you should respect the mandates of the people, and you keep saying. our country [inaudible] the only way that independence would ever be reversed as if we had the disaster. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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earlier this week, the prime minister said you cannot spend your way out of inflation. can i suggest a strong start that he -- saving the government of tens of billions of pounds from a budget that is spiraling out of control. >> prime minister, i think my honorable friend. we are cutting taxes, mr. speaker. anybody has an average of 330 pounds, mr. speaker. and also, as for the hs two, but it will do is develop for the whole of the country to deliver
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more revenues and -- >> we hear reports of the prime minister refused to consult the first treasury consult. i know the question might be that it might not be around much longer but given the prime minister's casual breaking, will keep give a commitment that he will not break into the law anytime soon. >> i can tell him that the reports that he's seen this morning are not correct, and i can also tell him that the most important commitment that i think everybody in this house -- that is the highest priority and what we must deliver.
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>> north wales railway has seen little investment for over a century. does this mean -- a similar journey would be just 45 minutes. so, what my right honorable friend and ensure that the north wales line with the updated network enhancements pipeline have a decision to develop stage. >> we are looking at it and i can tell him -- there will be no more effective advocate. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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despite, the center of my local hospital is temporarily shut due to staff shortages and lack of resources. the reality on the ground is after 12 years of conservative mismanagement, it is broken. can -- for the long-term workplace plans proposed by his right honorable friend. >> thank you very much and i will certainly look into what is happening at the center that you mentioned. but i can tell her is that in the diagnostic centers, and i'm afraid that we can't criticize
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it is absurd but against the health and care levy that is putting billions. they need to sort out their position [inaudible] >> i believe that my right honorable friend is the best person to lead and to that end, [inaudible] >> i think my honorable friend
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and i've been following the campaign a long time, mr. speaker. i'm told the department is currently reviewing the case. unlike anything the party opposite ever delivered. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the pay minister secured the support of just to [inaudible] he is an intelligent man and must know that position is unattainable.
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>> i think you very much. as i said to my friend, the leader the breaking up of the united kingdom. >> thank you, mr. speaker. supporting adults with a variety of challenges, learning disabilities and conditions of suchas dementia, last week the center in my constituency celebrated ten years as an independent care provider. my recent visit is quite clear what a happy, welcoming and supportive -- will my right honorable frank the pre- minister join me in thanking and congratulating the manager, her whole team and staff, volunteers
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for delivering this first class service and will you deliver those in person? >> i think my right honorable friend. and i also join him in thanking the whole team for everything they do. >> mr. speaker, i have more sympathy for the work to get on with the job if it actually started in the first place. two weeks ago the pre- minister told the house to the best of my knowledge everybody is getting
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there passport however they are currently quoting ten weeks time. many of my constituents [inaudible] does the prime minister accept that the backlog is placing additional pressure on families already struggling with the cost of living? >> actually, mr. speaker, what we are doing is 91% are getting there passport within six weeks. and we are putting hundreds and hundreds more staff.
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[inaudible] >> thank you, mr. speaker and my right honorable friend knows we are facing unrealistic party is putting pressure on the council to bring forth a plan. can my right honorable friend is sure my constituents that you are facing this level there will be greater flexibility on the housing numbers so that the council can produce what delivers the appropriate housing but protect us important
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insights. we want to make sure that the councils were able to build in the right places sensibly and that is what we insist on. but i just want to make -- part of the merit, part of the genius of leveling up is to take some of the pressure, some of the heat that has been overburdened for decades and we can do it. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my constituent is trying to sponsor two sisters from ukraine to come to the uk. these two sisters were housed in dangerous accommodations for several weeks while the uk home office refused to process the application of the younger sister because she's 13. and without her parents even though she had her 18-year-old sister with her. this sister is now in london and the 13-year-old sister has been sent back to her hometown in
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ukraine, which is under siege. can i ask the prime minister, do you think this is the right policy? >> of course i understand about the case that she mentioned, and i know that we will be looking into it. but i have to say i do think the record of the country and processing 120,000 visas, so i think all of the stuff that have been involved in that effort. >> my friend will remember that in march i asked about the interest research funding. well the prime minister update me on the progress with this and
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will he also recognize the value [inaudible] to help those going through this awful condition for the first time. >> prime minister, i think my honorable friend for her fantastic work on this. i know. i can tell her we are looking at what more we can do to support. i know she's meeting with of the health secretary shortly. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the ukrainian freedom orchestra is visiting this summer. while other countries are --
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18,010,000 respectively. we should be doing all we can to support the ukrainians. will the president [inaudible] >> i think she needs to bring the particular case to my right honorable friend. many honorable members by the way have had ukrainians stay in their homes. we should be very proud of what we are doing. >> mr. speaker, the pay minister knows [inaudible] we have seen thousands washed to
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shore. an investigation into this that led it is no fault of their own. well the prime minister look at how he can help get them back on their feet? >> my right honorable friend and i were working together on this. when somebody raised this point with us and i can tell him we have ruled out chemical pollution but we are looking at and making another 100 million pounds of investments including cases such as his and working with the fishing industry to help them recover from this problem.
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>> [inaudible] the social tariff and this self disconnection [inaudible] is it not time that we provide and aim the injustice? >> i think him, mr. speaker and i can tell him that what we are doing in the immediate right now is helping 8 million families, households across the country with 1200 pounds of support and 400 pounds [inaudible] that is the support that we are getting right now to help with the cost of energy.
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and because of the brave [inaudible]
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