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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  June 14, 2022 11:49am-12:00pm EDT

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television companies and more. including mediacom. >> the world's changed in an instant, mediacom was ready. we never slowed down. schools and businesses went virtual. and we powered a new reality. because at media com we are built to keep you ahead >> media com supports c-span as a public service. along with these other television providers. giving you a front row seed to democracy -- seat to democracy . you can go ahead and start calling and now. yesterday's hearing clocked in at two hours and five minutes, about 30 minutes longer than the thursday primetime hearing. it got off to a late start after a key witness bill stepien, former president trump's former campaign manager, skipped the hearing because his wife had gone into labor.
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another witness turned out to be the star witness of the day here here's the headline from the washington post. william barr says trump was obsessed with fraud notions. this is some of the testimony from the former attorney general of the united states. >> i felt it was time for me to say something, so i set up a lunch with the ap reporter. i told him at lunch -- i made the statement that to date we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election. i had a later meeting scheduled at the white house at 3:00 with meadows. this was previously scheduled, so i knew this was going to come up. i went over and pull my secretary that i thought i would probably be fired and told to go
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home -- not to go back to my office. i said you might have to pack up for me. i met with the chief of staff. he said the president was angry. he did not really get into the issue of the fraud and then i went up to pat cipollone's office and we were talking with each other. word came down that he wanted us both to go to the oval and the president was as mad as i have ever seen him in trying to control himself. he said this is killing me. you do not have to say this. you must have said this because you hate trump. you hate trump. then he raised the big vote dump, as he called it, and detroit. he said people saw boxes coming into the counting station at all hours of the morning and so forth. i explained to him -- at that point i knew the exact number of precincts in detroit.
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i think it was 630 something. i said, there are 630 precincts in detroit and unlike elsewhere in the state they centralize the counting process so they are not counted in each precinct. they are moved to counting stations, so the normal process would involve boxes coming in at all different hours. did anyone point out to you that the people -- did the people complaining point out to you you did better in detroit than you did last time? there is no indication of fraud in detroit. and i told him the stuff is people were shoveling out to the public was bullshit. he was indignant about that. i reiterated that they wasted a month on these claims on the dominion voting machines and they were idiotic claims.
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i specifically raised the dominion voting machines, which i found to be among the most disturbing allegations, disturbing in the sense that i saw absolutely zero basis for the allegations, but they were made in such a sensational way that they obviously were influencing people, members of the public, that there was this systemic corruption in the system and that their votes did not count and these machines controlled by somebody else or determining it, which was nonsense. it was being laid out and i told him it was crazy stuff and they were wasting their time. it was doing grave disservice to the country. host: the former attorney general during part of his taped testimony that was played at the hearing yesterday. we mostly want to hear from you. this is the second in a series of hearings this month.
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the third will take place wednesday of this week, but getting your reaction today two. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. democrats, it is (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. did you watch? what did you think? joe is up first, california, line for republicans. caller: the elite liberal media certainly showed their tail here. they are on record for heating trump 24/7 and they do want the democrats to win -- hating trump 24/7 and they do want the democrats to win. trump did not lose the election. he was up 800,000 between pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan collectively at midnight and there is no way that vote would turn around unless it was corruption involved.
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the elite liberal media now, the same media that is so unfair that they would not even cover the hunter biden store the last month of the election, they would not even cover it, would not touch it as a collective force, but they want america not to believe there was no malfeasance. host: you are talking about democrats and the liberal media. what did you think of the former attorney general's statement? that was about 2.5 minutes of his statement in which he called those claims of election fraud b s. caller: 800,000 votes at midnight. you tell me. then these same people that hate trump want to turn around and say they did not cover the hunter biden store but want to say, by the way, trust us. we are not biased. trust us because we are not
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anti-trump. he will -- was not ripped off in the election. host: another republican voice, the former acting chief of staff for president trump, a former republican congressman from south carolina, this was his series of tweets yesterday. i am not sure how today's hearing will establish that he knew that he lost. the evidence shows he never accepted that. i wish every person who thinks trump really did when watch what we just saw. i'm not sure democrats -- what democrats accomplished today. they had nothing to show that trump believed that he lost. in fact, they showed the opposite. they made the case he probably should have known, but that is different. caller: i am a teacher. there is no way anybody can tell me -- i have a degree in plug
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will science from ucla -- nobody is going to tell me he lost the election when he was up a hundred thousand votes at midnight the night of the election. host: this is rob out of new york city, democrat. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. you do a great job. the caller just talked about how democrats hate trump. i cannot talk about the rest of my fellow democrats, but i can tell you i hate when people lie to my face or lie to me on television. i hate when people distort the truth. if you have ever gone out with a girlfriend or spouse who you know is lying to you, you are unsettled and you do not like it. you do not like people who give you wrong information. it is a shame that we have to
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even go through all of this. it is important they go through all of this investigation and talk to all these individuals who were involved, the legal teams for trump. barr finally is talking truth. it is a shame we are spending this money and time. it reminds me of a hearing about trump's failures over the years, the bankruptcies in atlantic city and how closing a few major hotels really injured atlantic city and all the shenanigans and the costs and the expenses this man has caused this country.
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he had notions that any idiot, myself included, could tell you we should have gone to iraq and all these simpleton ideas. i feel strongly about the myself -- them >> we'll leave this now to meet our 40-year commitment to congressional coverage. you can continue watching online at or on our free mobile video app, c-span now. the u.s. house is about to gavel in. today, lawmakers will take up a senate-passed bill which provides enhanced security to supreme court justices families and supreme court officers. if passed by the house, the measure would go to the president's desk. members will also debate and vote on a funding bill to support wildlife conservation and protect endangered species. you are watching live coverage of the house here on c-span.


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