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tv   Republican Senate Leaders on Legislative Agenda  CSPAN  June 14, 2022 9:13pm-9:32pm EDT

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>> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more, including comcast. >> are you thinking this is just a community center? no, it is way more than that. >> comcast is partnering with a thousand community centers so students can get what they need to be ready for anything. comcast supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat democracy. >> next, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell breathed reporters on the bipartisan gun
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violence legislation being worked on in the senate. he said he supports the framework and if the wording in the bill reflects what the framework indicates, he will support the measure. leader mcconnell also talked about the january 6 committee hearings, gas and energy prices, and inflation. >> well, good afternoon, everyone. senator cornyn, who as you know i asked to be the point person on our side, to see if we could come to an outcome after these horrible school shootings, and his team indicated and you have reported a coming together of a kind of framework which hopefully can be turned into legislative language and past --
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passed. for myself, i'm comfortable with the framework, and if the legislation ends up reflecting what the framework indicates, i will be supportive. >> washington democrats have been wrong about inflation from the very beginning. you know, notwithstanding our efforts to try to convince them that pushing $2 trillion out into the economy was going to be inflationary and create lots of havoc in our economy, they went ahead and did it anyway, so what we are witnessing now are the effects of that, and the numbers last week were pretty sobering. 8.6 percent inflation, highest in 40 years. food increased by 11.9%, the biggest, largest increase year
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over year since 1979, and gas prices for the first time ever now exceed five dollars a gallon. that is what the democrat stewardship and management of this economy have given to the american people. they seem to think that the best way to address this is to double down. spend more federal dollars in a so-called build back better plan, which hopefully cooler heads on their side will eventually prevail and they will dispense with that idea, but we have a very different vision about how to get the economy growing, expanding, get inflation under control, and it consists not of more big government, but of allowing american people to keep more of what they earn, allowing for free markets to earn, a light regulatory touch, and providing incentives for oil and gas production in this country to get energy back online. we want to communicate that to
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the american people, and one of the challenges we are facing is that there are some of these platforms -- i will use google as an example -- that have been discriminating against some of the content that has been put out. there was an independent study done recently that suggested 70% of republican emails went to span in the 2020 election compared to about 8% of democrat females. i'm filing a bill that would have all the republican leadership and a lot of our colleagues on board that would go after and prohibit these big platforms from censoring or discriminating against political emails. i'm hopeful we will get support for this, obviously. this is a big problem. we need more transparency out of these social media platforms, more accountability, and we want to make sure they have to disclose their practices and that they are not discriminating against any political party or political candidate or any
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political emails that are out there, and that is certainly what we have seen in the past. we hope to change that, and this legislation is a start. >> there was more bad news this past week for american families who are struggling to get by in the joe biden economy. gas prices highest ever in the history of the united states, today over five dollars a gallon on average across the country. the inflation numbers that came out last week were actually even worse than the experts anticipated. while the inflation numbers are high, it is even higher than that for people going to the grocery store. you go by things that normal people buy, go to the grocery store in wyoming, by hamburger, eggs, milk, all those things are up much higher than the average rate of inflation. people really are struggling. they are having a hard time just keeping up with where they were last year.
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they feel really crushed now in this biden economy, and what do the democrats have to say about it? they have two different responses. one is surprise, and the other is smug superiority. the surprise came from the secretary of treasury last week when she was in the finance committee. she said she was surprised at how negative people feel about the economy and amazed about the pessimism that was out there. you're talking about people in the democrat party, tone deaf on all of this stuff, failing to see the suffering that the american people are living with right now. and reports are out that gasoline could be approaching six dollars a gallon this summer, so what does the senator from the democrat party who is the chair of the democrats' policy and communications committee had to say, which to me, makes them the spokesman for the party?
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last week in the finance committee, she said it did not matter to her how high gas prices went because she had an electric car. that is the spokesman for the senate democrat, the chair of the policy committee saying, you don't like the high cost? tough, by yourself an electric car. the fact that the senator is paid three times the average income of an american and an electric car costs more than what most americans make in a year, that's lost on the democrats completely. we have sky high gas prices, and the democrats still want to keep american energy in the ground and are blocking energy for the american people. the american people cannot afford to pay the price for food hour for gas, and the democrats need to be made to pay the price come november.
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>> we had a good discussion today of these mental health and violence and gun issues led by senator cornyn, who has worked to try to put a package together that might help address these concerns. obviously, the mental health component would be a big part of that. i think everybody in our conference, and i believe every member of the senate, at some point has said these problems at some fundamental level are the failure of a mental health delivery system, for that system to work, but we also talked about school safety. we talked about the importance of having access to juvenile records for young gun buyers, like the person in uvalde who on his 18th birthday went to have a background check to buy a gun, and since you have no earlier record available, it is like that person was born that day on his 18th birthday, and of course, he passed a background
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check because he has no background legally and officially, no matter what his juvenile records might have suggested. that's part of putting this package together, but we are working hard to see where we can get a package that will move these issues forward, that the senate can have a significant vote on, and i think that work continues, and hopefully, we will begin to see language by the end of this week or early next week. >> well, we hit a few new records this last week. of course, inflation is at another 40-year high, and we have another record with gas prices hitting five dollars a gallon in most areas across the united states. islands, americans -- ioan's -- iowans, americans, are facing a difficult time. at a roundtable in iowa, we
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talked about the input prices that are affecting our farmers, and one of the farmers shared that fertilizer, the topic of the conversation, had gone up 300%. while commodity prices are good, input prices are not, and it is killing our farmers, our ranchers, and as we are talking across the 99-county tour, inflation still is the number one issue. this was referenced earlier by senator barrasso, but janet yellen came in front of the americans, and i will give you the full quote -- here is part of it right here -- the treasury, janet yellen, said it is amazing how pessimistic americans are about the economy, given that we have the strongest labor market we've had in the
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entire postwar period. while, janet yellen, yes, americans may have received a pay increase recently, but you know what happens when you have inflation? that means the increase in your pay is going towards things like the higher cost of gasoline and other goods that are costing more this year than they were last year. janet yellen, treasury secretary, ma'am, i would love to invite you to iowa. come spend a day in the lives of everyday iowans and see what they are experiencing at the grocery store and the gas pump, and i guarantee you won't be so flippant with the american people. again, it is this elitist attitude that's coming from the left when americans and iowans , who are some of the hardest
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hit by inflation, are facing really tough times. come on, folks, let's dart putting in place some good policy. that means this president and his administration may need to unleash american energy to bring those costs at the pump down. they should get big regulators off the backs of small businesses, and of course, they should be shipping -- i heard again that the build back better plan has popped up again with some of the democrats. we need to stop that. let's get back to good commonsense policy, and let's not be so flippant about the hardships americans are facing. >> as we know last week, we saw the cpi at 8.6%. how does that apply? we have people that have never gone to a food bank before that are going to food banks.
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we have people that retired. a lot of people come to florida to retire and are going back to looking for jobs because they cannot afford their costs. we see wages not staying open inflation. we see people postponing vacations. this is having a devastating impact to normal families all across my state. the biden administration is just tone deaf. this is something i held up last october. gas prices hit their highest -- highest level since 2014. when will we get a break? gas is up now over a buck and a quarter, and the biden administration has done nothing to make sure we have more oil and gas drilling in this country. they have done nothing to get food prices lower. matter of fact, they have done nothing to salty baby formula shortage. this is an administration that does not understand the needs of american families. joe biden has no clue what to do. he has never struggled financially in his life. he came into this world with a
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wealthy family and has been taken care of by the earl government for 50 years. he has never struggled. >> good afternoon. you say you support this framework. how important is it to signal to other republicans if you support this framework that maybe they should come along? we have heard from some who just do not want to touch any sort of built. how important is it to you to say i'm for this framework, but if they are resistant? >> i think this is an issue each member is thoroughly familiar with and can make an evaluation of what their position ought to be based on the views of their state. i would add that senator cornyn unfolded a pole today in his presentation of gun owners only, just people who own guns, and
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support for the provisions of the framework is off the charts. overwhelming. i think if this framework becomes the actual piece of legislation, it is a step forward. a step forward on a bipartisan basis and further demonstrates to the american people that we can come together, which we have done from time to time on things like infrastructure and postal reform, to make progress for the country. >> back in december, you were interested in what the january 6 committee was doing. i'm curious if you have been watching and what you make of what the committee has found so far. >> i don't remember saying i would be watching. >> focusing on it, rather. >> i'm focusing on what we are doing here in the senate and the most important thing at the
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moment is the veterans bill and the issue on these violent crimes we have witnessed. >> [indiscernible] why should americans who are 18 years old not be allowed to buy cigarettes but should be allowed to buy semiotic weapons? >> good try. i have already told you my view of the framework. it it leads to a piece of legislation, i intend to support it. i think it is progress for the country, and i think that the bipartisan group has done the best they can to get total support, and the background check enhancement for that age group i think is a step in the
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right direction. >> it has come up that a number of people opposed to what the former president has signed [indiscernible] should they have come out and speak more forcefully against it , and should you have done so? >> as i said, i'm focusing on what we are doing here in the senate. you all have plenty of news to cover over on the house side. thank you. >> the january 6 committee's public hearings continue as they
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release evidence gathered in their investigation. tune in thursday as the committee examines how then president trump may have pressured vice president pence to not certified vice president -- do not certify president biden's election. watch any time online at you can also visit our website, 6, to watch previous hearings and other videos related to that day. c-span -- your unfiltered view of government. >> up next on c-span, we hear from fema administrator and criswell -- dan criswell. later, a hearing on efforts to detect fraud in covid-19 relief programs.


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