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tv   Sen. Rick Scott at Faith Freedom Conference in Nashville  CSPAN  June 17, 2022 10:14pm-10:32pm EDT

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[applause] we understand that the economic crisis we are seeing around the station impart is brought to you by a president who on the first day said no to the keystone xl pipeline. he said no to drilling here at home. no to excavating energy at home. he runs over to foreign land to dictators and bullies and says, can we have the energy that we can produce ourselves? we will do better and we can do better. it starts this year with you. god bless you and god bless america. [cheering] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022]
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ sen. rick scott: great to be here. great to have so much energy. on to thank each of you for being here. thanks to lindsey graham. great nations do not automatically last forever. the great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. great civilizations have collapsed or been conquered when they were first hollowed out from the inside. we americans have been given a great heritage. we are taking it for granted.
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the founding fathers of our country like george washington, thomas jefferson, james madison . men who are now considered racists.
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we survived wars. but now, we face the greatest danger, the left wing in our country has become the enemy within. that sounds dramatic. -- are you worried for your family, your freedom? the left now controls the -- party, government, news media, big tech, hollywood, corporate board rooms and now some of our top military leaders. they are working hard to be defined america, silencer opponent, and that means each view. they're destroying just about everything they touch and they have their hands on everything. think about what they are trying to destroy. it is a long list. american history, patriotism, border security, gender, traditional morality,
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capitalism, fiscal responsibility, opportunity, individualism, judeo-christian values, free-speech, law enforcement, religious decree, parental -- in schools and private ownership of firearms. the 'woke" left wants that gone. -- the "woke" left wants that gone. they want complete control of our lives. "woke" government at schools. "woke" government run media, "woke" run everything. -- woke -- "woke" government
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running everything. if you do not agree, you will be canceled. he will be taken off spotify, youtube, facebook, twitter. they are the modern version of book burners. canceling, silencing, book burners. narrowminded, intolerant people. there are a current of world history and american history. socialism leads to two things, poverty and oppression. socialism is not a new idea. it is one of the oldest and dumbest ideas of the 21st century and resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths. these democrats have no idea how the real world works and are acting like they invented socialism. they have never read george orwell. they don't know that they're making his predictions come true. but they are proposing is not
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just wrong, its people and the results are people. -- art -- it's evil and the results are evil. biden administration has figured out how to combine -- with incompetence. [applause] inflation, abdi shelves. in america we have babies without formula? in bashan at the border, drugs and criminals marching in every day. inept withdrawal from afghanistan. murders all across this country.
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-- here is the good news. backlash is coming. the opposition is building. americans have had enough of this woke elite nonsense. [applause] we want our freedom back. it is time to rescue america. [applause] as the old saying goes, don't wait for instructions, ride over at the country. it is time to take the country back. [cheering] [applause] i'm here to tell you, the
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american people will give a but kicking to the democrats this november. [applause] after we win, then what? that is what i came to talk to you about. if the republicans returned to washington, business as usual, if we have no bigger plan than being a speedbump to america's collapse, we don't deserve the government. in washington, we have to have new majorities in the house in the senate and we have to have a new plan. i released an 11 point plan to rescue this country. 120 policy ideas. i am a business kite business is my life. i believe we have to have a plan to rescue country.
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if you make a plan, you make changes, he can do it today. let me give you a couple points. the plan calls for every child in every school to say the pledge of allegiance. [applause] stand for the national anthem learned that this is the greatest country in the history of the world heard -- of the world. [applause] the plan calls for an end to racial politics. stop the government from asking everybody to erase their skin color on every government form. each of us is made in the image of god and we should judge a person not by the color of their skin but by their character. [applause]
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we're going to treat socialism as an adversary. we are going to stop it from destroying this great country. [applause] who can estop our economic relationship with communist china. -- we are going to stop our economic relationship with communist china. we are going to stop buying their products, they want to destroy us. we cannot rely on them for anything. not any of their crop. [applause] the next one will make me less popular in washington. i think we ought to have turbulence. [cheering] but not just for politicians, for government bureaucrats. [applause]
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stop this elitist working class -- ruling class. part of government thinks that our government belongs to them. next one is really controversial. men are men and women are women. there are two genders. signs -- science confirms that unborn babies are human beings. [cheering] the plan calls for a complete and a voter fraud and protecting the integrity of our elections.
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democrats know they cannot win with their crazy ideas so they want to rake elections and institutionalized voter fraud we are not going to allow it. [applause] we will stop all these soft on crime ideas that are destroying our cities and killing innocent americans. erase prosecutors that do not want to prosecute, they will be fired. [applause] teach our kids to respect the police because they are the good guys. criminals are the bad guys. [applause] finally, secure borders, build the wall. when we do we will name it after president donald j. trump. [cheering] [applause]
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there are other ideas. the critics of washington said -- because that is what they say about anything they disagree with. they all roll their eyes. when anyone reminds them that america is a great country full of great people and we will not be stopped. [applause] ndc they tell us -- in d.c., they tell us that nothing we do will change anything. we are going to get rid of that. [applause] some complain about our plan.
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the most important part of this plan it is driving joe biden nuts. he is upset we have the nerve to call them out what he is. i think it is a badge of honor. job item is incapacitated, incompetent, and will lead us into a recession. [applause] i'm not going to be intimidated by biden, republicans, anyone who does not believe in our plan. we have no fear for saying that what we believe in is right for this country. right now we don't control anything, white house, house, senate. we have to get serious, have a plan. we are going to win this fight. freedom is worth fighting for,
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you and your family are worth fighting for, america is worth fighting for. read the plan. there will be things you will not agree with, that is ok. -- something about taxation. we need to fight. this is not the time to be timid, this is the time to be bold. god favors those that are bold. [applause] our nations future can be bright but we have to have a plan to take country back. it is not for the faint of heart. it will >> the january 6 committee enters day for public hearings as they continue disclosing evidence gathered in their investigation. watch the hearing live tuesday
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at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span three, c-span now, our free mobile video app, or anytime online at you can visit our website, two watch previous hearings and other videos related to that day. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. >> in the united states' expansion west and the civil war and other events, firearms played an important role. sunday night, a former baltimore sun reporter talks about firearms and vendors, cold, smith and the role -- and their role in modern gun culture. >> once again we are seeing the slaughter of innocents. once again, there is talk of the
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second amendment and individual rights in the united states. my book doesn't mention the second amendment, but the notion of individual freedom and the devotion of the early colonists and early revolutionaries to individual firearms ownership comes through in the book. and whatever steps this country takes in its effort to control firearms, knowledge of the past, knowledge of the early history of the country and its relationship with firearms is important. >> john bainbridge and his book "gun baron" sunday night on q and a. listen to this and all our podcasts on the free c-span now app. >> next, president biden talks to reporters about his


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