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tv   Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Speaks at NH Democratic Convention  CSPAN  June 20, 2022 9:17pm-9:37pm EDT

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because we fight for the things that we love. so new hampshire, i have to ask you one bank question. are you ready for the fight? [applause] gov. pritzker: are you ready for the fight, new hampshire? [applause] gov. pritzker: are you ready to fight for tom sherman and maggie hassan? [applause] gov. pritzker: are you ready to fight for this great state and this wonderful country? then let's get out there and fight for our country with the courage and the kindness to save it. thank you. may god bless you and may god bless this great nation of ours. ♪
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>> hello, new hampshire. thank you very much. senator, thank you very much for that introduction. you are the best. it is good to be here today. i am a starstruck a little bit because i have been to new hampshire about every two years, knocking doors. i have done it for a long time. when i was asked to come up and say a few words, i was like, this is big time. there is a young woman who asked
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me, are you running for president? no, i am not running for president. i am coming to speak to the delegates. i am very excited to be here. so i wanted to say thank you. [applause] sec. walsh: i will be honest. it is usually freezing here. and i am nothing doors with gloves and boots on. -- nothing doors with gloves and boots on. to all of you here today thank you for all that you do. to the delegates, thank you very much for all you have done. it is an honor to be here today. kevin talked a little bit about my story. my story, my father came to this
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country from ireland in 1956. my mother came from ireland in 1959. they met in boston, massachusetts. my father was able to join a union in 1956. the benefits that union members have today were not the same in 1956, but that you need to give my family a pathway into the middle class. it allowed us the opportunity to buy a home. it put food on the table for my family. it allowed to have us to have health benefits. at the age of seven i was diagnosed with lymphoma and thinking it was able to help my family. they rallied around my family to support my family during difficult financial times. fast-forward, i drink the same union my father was part of. i needed that union health
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benefit to be able to help pay for my treatment for the tux for alcoholism. -- detox for alcoholism. my uncle and my father would talk about it. we talked about the importance of being active in the political process. i used you hold signs at a very young age. i did not know what i was holding signs for, but i got the bug. as i got older, i got involved in politics myself. in 1997, my ran for state representative. i got elected to the house of representatives in massachusetts, where i spent 16
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years as a state representative. 16 years fighting for working people. 16 years fighting for homelessness. 16 years defending marriage equality. in 2013, i had the great honor to run for mayor of the city of boston. i was able to get elected. for seven years as mayor, we were able to bring universal prekindergarten to the city of boston. we were able to do a lot of things. my entire career has been fighting for good jobs, access to health care, mental and physical health, making sure we continue to open up a strong middle class for workers and union rights. i say that to you in this room because a lot of you know who i
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am, because that is what we are fighting for in november. when you think about where we are, this is the most important election in our lifetime. we hear that every two or four years. why? because every two years or four years it is the most important election of our lifetime. that is why we do it. i want to take you to washington for a minute. because you see the news and there is a lot of mixed messages. when president biden took office, i want to take us back to you and. there was no plan for vaccinations. there was no plan on how we were going to do with covid-19. there was no plan and those of
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you in this room, we did not have a plan to deal with covid in the beginning. we were on our own. there was no plan to reopen schools. there was no plan to reopen colleges. there was no plan to reopen work. there was no plan to reopen our economy. there was no real plan to get people back to work. companies were like, how are we going to get people back to work? there was no plan. the president and his administration and the democrats in congress had to start from scratch. just one year and a half ago. together, they brought the country back from one of the worst crisis that our country has ever experienced. the american rescue plan. i was sitting as mayor bus and when the american rescue plan past. it allowed the president and the
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administration to get 200 20 million people fully vaccinated in our country. the american rescue plan has a .7 million americans back to work. it is the most under any president. eight point 7 million americans are back to work. our unemployment rate is 3.6%. nobody thought that would be possible by now. the experts pursing we will not get there for a long time. in new hampshire, your unemployment rate is 2.3%. more businesses started in new hampshire and in the country last year than any other year in the history of america.
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when you talk about democrats are not pro-business, then why did so many people start new businesses? the bipartisan infrastructure law the president past, the president said we are going to work on both sides of the aisle and he sat down and we got the largest bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in the history of our country. it will bring broadband access and fix our roads and bridges, clean drinking water, electric charge and stenches -- stations. bringing manufacturing back to america. the reason i bring this up is that we in this room are fighting for middle-class jobs all day long.
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president biden talks about the economy. he talks about the trickle-down economy. it did not trickle anywhere. they never came down. the president was talking about how do we create an opportunity. i told you that story about my parents because we were not rich and we were not poor, but we were in the middle class. the way we rebuild this economy is from the middle class out and the bottom up to allow families to get into the middle class. our policies show us. -- our policies show it. we have to make sure to continue to fight to give people an opportunity to get into the middle class because that is the american dream whether you were
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born here or not. that is what we need to do. i want to say a couple of more words because when i think about that, as mayor of boston org union member, i am proud to be a member of organized labor. everything i have is because of having an opportunity. i meant something to me to create a pathway into the middle class. i do not want to get too political here today. but i understand there is a couple of organizations, one organization, are pumping a lot of money into attack ad's in new
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hampshire. to be honest with you, i come home on the weekend and i turn on the tv and i see these commercials and i left because they are not true. -- laugh because they are not true. i love your senator, maggie hassan. i was in boston when she won the race. i was pretty excited about that. i have had the chance to watch her take on big oil and big pharma. watch her bring prices down for people in new hampshire, whether it is seniors or people at the hampshire
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every single day working everyday. front row seat watching. delivering on access to high-speed internet. the innovation act or the bipartisan infrastructure bill i should say is going to bring high-speed internet to every community of new hampshire. immunities that don't have it today -- communities that don't have it today were. when kids were sent home for covid-19, they had to drive to a parking lot of a fast food restaurant to get wi-fi access. that will not be the case anymore in our country. ending making sure -- maggie talks about surprise billing. senator hassan is a leader in the united states senator p -- unit state senate. -- united states senate. congressman pappas peered i met congressman pappas before he was a congressman knocking doors at
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one of the campaigns we were doing. i talked about the small businesses. the 4.7 million people that went out and created small businesses in our country making sure we have support to create our small businesses. supporting men and women in uniform. your congressman is a leader talking about these issues that are important in passing legislation that impacts everyday people from all the different cities and towns in new hampshire, in the country. working to make sure that works. annie custer, defending reproductive rights. combating climate change. investing in our infrastructure. when you think about -- i watched the news last night. i was watching the weather. they were talking about the number of states and cities and our town that is going to have triple digits -- over 100 degree weather. that has never happened before. i know we are in new hampshire. i know we have a lot of coastline here. we need to take it seriously.
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[applause] senator shaheen who has fought to deliver for new hampshire year after year is a national leader on health care, environment and common sense gun legislation. we saw what is happening around the country. i bring this up to you today, brothers and sisters, because i want to thank this party, the new hampshire party, democratic party, for your federal delegation. because your federal delegation is a snapshot, a microcosm of what we need to continue to keep in the united states senate and united states congress. we need to continue to make sure we -- we need to make sure we continue to send great people there. we might not all agree on every issue we support but at the end of the day, the democratic party, the fundamental of our party is to make sure we continue to fight for our
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communities. the difference is we as democrats -- we fight for everybody. it does not matter if you have a d or an r or an i. getting people into good paying jobs. we are a party that make sure we protect women's reproductive rights. we are party that make sure people have access to health care. we are a party that fights to make sure people have opportunity when they retire. that they do not have to go on public assistance. they have worked 50 years and they don't have a pension. we are a party that works to create opportunity to make sure the future of america is strong. i don't mean to put it on you but you have an opportunity over the next five months.
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we have to continue to stay united. we need to continue to move forward. we need to do everything we can. not just here in new hampshire. to send your delegation. we need to make sure around the country we send delegations around the country to the united states house and senate. there are some important pieces of legislation and there is so much work to do. this country has gone through a lot in the last six years. from the pandemic of a global pandemic to a pandemic of a person sitting in the white house. some people got that. [laughter] all right, so, i was supposed to rounded up really excitedly. i was sent here with a task. let me read this task. i jumped around. i'm asking everyone in this room
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today, sign up for volunteer ships with organized hampshire and the new hampshire democratic party. i'm asking you to get three of your friends to sign up with you. have three friends sign up as well. so we can do that. i truly believe -- i don't care what the poll numbers say. we are democrats. we are not going to be outworked. we are not going to be out organized. we are not going to be out passion. we are going to do everything we can to make sure we win in november. we need you in this room to reach out and to do that so brothers and sisters, let's make sure we continue to fight because we are the party that believes in supporting working people. we are the party that believes in a middle-class, that everyone has that opportunity to get into the middle class. thank you for the opportunity to be here. god bless you. god bless new hampshire. god bless the united states of america. [applause]
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