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tv   Rep. Schiff Reaction to Jan. 6 Hearing  CSPAN  June 21, 2022 11:36pm-11:46pm EDT

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>> i will leave it to the committee to discuss the schedule ahead. i thought the testimony today was powerful. good illustrations of the public servants who stood up to the
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president of the united states. from republican speakers, to secretary state of georgia, to other workers who faced gruesome threats. the american people got to see the greatest public servants. i am glad they got to see the danger that the president's lies put elected officials and all around the country. >> can you speak to the phone call between rob emanuel and the committee -- does the committee have any other evidence showing donald trump looking for fake electors. >> people need to understand that this selector plot was
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illegitimate from the start. it was based on a big lie. the big lie was that there was massive fraud. they were never presented with any evidence of this. raffensperger testified that all of the claims that donald trump was making in georgia were false. the idea that you could convene, state legislatures to operate in the absence of state legislatures. it was fraudulent and illegitimate from the start. >> can you give us another example of the former congressman's involvement, you had detail in an earlier hearing about trying to secure a pardon from the white house. at what point are we going to
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see the committee do more enforcement toward the subpoenas ? >> at the end of the day, we are dependent on the justice department. if we move down the route with any witness of terminal and -- criminal intent. we continue to consider remedies that we have. including those with representatives. i don't have any plans to preview today. i want to bring it back to what we just heard. what we just heard was that the president was told over and over again, that what he was telling the country was simply false. you saw him go out time after time, being told way after way, that what he was saying was just a lie. leading up to where he continues
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to whip up a crowd with this lie. that someone would get killed came into fruition, people inside this building did get killed because of that big lie. because of that statement the dates early -- that davis sterling warned against. that is part of the danger. that's what these witnesses so probably communicated. the president of the united states, the most powerful person in the world can come down like a ton of bricks on people like ruby freeman, or andrea maas, then he can come down on anything. >> i am not going to comment on
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potential future witnesses at this point. i want to keep the focus on what we have heard today. >> are you laying out potential criminal charges against president trump? it seems that that's the way the evidence is leading towards right now, is that correct? >> our responsibility at the end of the day, that is for the justice department for decide. -- justice permit to decide. donald trump and his associates, i believe, engaged in a plot to violate multiple criminal laws. i leave there is ample evidence to open an investigation.
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whether or not they conclude that there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, that is up to the justice department. as we saw today, one of the things that is necessary for us to think about, is to put this big lie to rest. to restore people's confidence in our elections. the pushback on the idea that if an election is lost that it is rig or illegitimate -- that it is rigged or illegitimate. that puts our democracy at stake. thank you. [indiscernible] >> to stay up-to-date with the january 6 committee, go to 6. there you will find all of the
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hearings to watch on-demand. the january 6 committee meets again on thursday, live on c-span3. you can also watch it on the go on our app, or our website, all of art programming comes -- all of our programming comes to you as a public service. ♪ >> coming up wednesday morning on washington journal, democratic congressman disc -- discusses -- air cross but -- the state of maine cannot exclude religious schools from
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-- pediatric infectious diseases care at university of alabama, birmingham. wash -- watch washington journal live, or on our c-span app. we will explore landmark legislation that shaped today's america, including the highway act of 1976. the social security amendment of 1955. the immigration control act of 1956. and the americans with disabilities act of 1990. and the no child left behind act of 2001. >> here's a look at what is coming up on the c-span network. live at 10:00 e


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