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tv   House Speaker Pelosi Holds Briefing  CSPAN  June 26, 2022 1:39pm-2:03pm EDT

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now, what would you want to tell the surgeon general? mr. mccarthy: i would tell him in less than 140 days things will change here and he will have a congress that will call him up. he will have the ability of congress to have oversight. he will now have a congress that will hold him accountable. thank you all and most importantly, to america. i continue to pray, one for the safety of everyone, but more importantly we now have a voice for all life. thank you and god bless. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade which protected women'srights and abortion . thisis just over 20 minutes . >> ... [inaudible] there's no point in saying good morning because it most certainly is not one . morning the radical supreme
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court raining and americans rightsand endangering their safety . congress will continue to act to overcome this extremism and protect the american people . today the republican-controlled supreme court has achieved their dark, extreme goals of ripping away a woman's right to make their own reproductive health decisions. because of donald trump, mitch mcconnell and the republican party their super majority in the supreme court, american women today have less freedom than their mothers. with roe and their attempt to destroy it, radical republicans arecharging ahead with their crusade to criminalize healthfreedom . in the congress , be aware of this. the republicans are plotting a nationwide abortion ban.
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they cannot be allowed to have a majority in the congress to do that. but that's their goal. and if you read and again, we are studying all this but if you've read what is very clear under the justices own statement is about contraception, in vitro fertilization. family-planning. this will all spring from their decision they made today . such a contradiction. yesterday the states could not make laws governing the constitutional right to bear arms and today they're saying the exact reverse. that the states can overturn
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our constitutional right for 50 years a constitutional right . a woman having the right to choose. the democracy is raging. but the harm is endless. this means the women is such an insult. it's a slap in the face to women about using their own judgment to make their own decisions about their reproductive freedoms and again, it goes i always have said determination of a pregnancy is just their opening act. it's just their front gate but behind it and for years i have seen in this congress opposition to any family-planning domestic or global. when we have had those discussions and those debates and those folks on the floor of the house . this isdeadly serious . we are not going to let this
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pass. all woman's right to choose, reproductive freedom is on the ballot in november. we cannot allow them to take charge so that they can institute their goal. which is to criminalize reproductive freedom. to criminalize. right now they're saying in states that they can arrest doctors and all the rest. what is happening here? all woman's fundamental decisions are her own to make in consultation with her doctor. faith, herfamily . not some right-wing politicians that donald trump and mitch mcconnell packed the court with. while republicans seek to punish and control women democrats will keep fighting ferociously to enshrine roe
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versus wade into the law of the land. this ruling is outrageous and heart-wrenching but make no mistake again, it's all on the ballot in november. the supreme courthas ended a constitutional right . this is 50 years proclaimed a constitutional right. what happened today was historic in many respects. historic in that it had not granted recognized the constitutional right and then reversed it. this is a first. and again, just before it imposed a constitutional right to offer concealed weapons. how dare they justices come before the senate and say they respected stare decisis,
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the presidentof the court. that they respected the right of privacy in the constitution of the united states . did you hear that? were they nottelling the truth then ? again, just getting to the gun issue cause really in preparation for this morning i'm really in an exhausted state about what happened in the united states senate yesterday. counterpoint to the dangerous decisions of this supreme court that they made yesterday but a way to take us as acommunity built called community safety . the bipartisan safer communities act. right now and i'm going to have to leave momentarily they just finished voting on the rule we will be debating the bill on the floor and we expect a good bipartisan vote
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on it in the house. we congratulate the senate on the work they have done and the timeliness of it to be passed in the senate and strong bipartisan way on a day when the court made such a dangerous, dangerous decision. we will many house democrats proposals that are included in this package that keep deadly weapons out of dangerous hands by encouraging states to establish extreme risk protection order loss otherwise known as red flag loss. help put into straw purchases, close the boyfriend loophole. so many good things and it's not everything that we want but we must keep moving towards background checks but universal background checks which will save most lives but this will save lives and to listen to lucy mcgrath and
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other family members of those who have lost their loved ones, this is a giant step forward. maybe not so much a giant but a small step forward and it's good enough for them then we rejoice in passing it. as i say to members all the time in this legislation do not judge us for what isn't in it but respect it for what is. and there's much to be respected in this legislation . on a happier note yesterday we celebrated 50 years of title ix which has transformed equality and opportunity in our country. are you familiar with the words of title ix? yesterday we had billie jean king here once again celebrating title ix unveiling a portrait of patsy mack who is the author in the house working to make this law of the land and this is what it says.
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no person in the united states shout on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. again, in honor of its anniversary we unveiled a portrait which will hang on the wall. she's actually the first woman of color to serve in the congress so she's honored for her first but also for what sheaccomplished . we already have a painting of shirley chisholm, the first african-american woman and for her many accomplishments here and of course jeannette rankin, the first woman ever to serve in the congress. that's the first in this series. so again, we're working on the compete act and lowering cost and thecompete act is part of that .it will
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energize manufacturing and strengthen america's competitiveness now and in the future. we seem to be able to find our areas of agreement. where we have some negotiating to do and some things we may have to save for another day . the real question is to republicans in the senate want america to be independent? do they want to bring back jobs, to make it in america and reallocate resources to make sure that happens especially with tips which are so important to our manufacturing in our own country. that is very important. it competes as a pillar of our work to lower cost but we are proud of other steps we have taken. lowering gas prices by cracking down on big oil's price gouging and the consumer fuel scouting prevention act. lowering food costs and taking further action to lower gas costs with the
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lower food and fertilizer costs for farmers, reduces meat and poultry prices for families increasing competition there and lowers cost of the pump with cheaper cleaner american unleaded aba. i'm proud of the work our members who are responsible for this and lowering the cost of everyday goods by passing open shipping reform act and every one of these categories where we have taken action. corporate america and i don't pick them all with the same brush corporate america some have been there to exploit the consumer. their business claims is to increase profits at the expense of the consumer. that is part ofwhat is contributing to inflation . it's global now but some of it is exacerbated by this and if you see the profitsfrom the shipping industry . and again, supply chain issues are related to shipping issues.
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so again, we are very proud of the work we've done. we believe some of it as a prospect in the senate. i want to close by talking about what the president talked about in his state of the union address and i was so proud of the president. he's been a champion on gun violence prevention for such a long time. instrumental in the original brady bill in 1994 which i'm happy to support . i was a wit for that. took a whileto do . we didn't win even on the first rule for it but on any eventhe has been a champion in that regard . in the state of the union address he talked about a unity agenda and had four parts to it. it was about veterans. it was about mental health. it was about cancer and it
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was about opioids. soon we will send the president and veterans a packed act to the president's desk. it's historic. it's something to be proud of. it has bipartisan agreement in the house and senate. it provides access to 3 to 5 million exposed veterans exposed to the burn pits. exposed to poisonous water at camp lejeune. it grants exemptions for veterans with rare cancers and other debilitating diseases and includes as i said that camp lejeune. it's addressed in the legislation pact act of the veterans affairs committee. it comes out of the energy commerce committee at this particular legislation issued
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and that is accelerates the fight against cancer, supercharges the cancer moonshot and again, a number of mental health bills this week and more to come that address mental health concerns that we have for our veterans, for our children, for our entire community and again some of that legislation relates to people viewing challenges that we face. so he passed decision keeping the president's promise and hopefully we can get some of this through the senate. i am personally overwhelmed by this decision. from time to time i quote this:. he's an israeli public and i met his wife when i was in israel. he said i had no other country even though my land
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is burning and he broke penetrates my veins with an aching body and with a hungry heart. there is my home. i will not be silenced for my country has changedher face . her country has changed her face. i cannot give up on her, i shall remind her sing into her ears until she opens her eyes. clearly we hope that the supreme court would open its eyes. but to see the chief justice side with its radical agenda, it's just stunning. again as a woman, as a mother, as a grandmother to see young girls now have fewer rights than their moms or even their grandmothers is somethingvery sad for our country . i only have time for one more you talk about the pesticides and the garland nomination.
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we have a member of your caucuses. [inaudible] even though you don't like the process that resulted in this decision do you respect the process or do you vehemently disagree? >> i'm about truth and honesty. mitch mcconnell said when justice scalia passed away at the beginning of february, and of january that we didn't have enough time in an electionyear to confirm a justice . merrick garland was not even given a hearing with 11 months ago and yet when ruth bader ginsburg died before the word was out that she had died he had already said we're setting up hearings and it was only weeks until the
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election. the inconsistency, the hypocrisy. i don't respect that process. be, that some of these justices who came before the senate said they respected precedent and privacy. they must have a different view than what their vote was today on roe versus wade. now i don't respect the process that criminalizes a woman's right to her reproductive freedom. jake. >>. [inaudible] >> yes's. [inaudible] >> we had passed that legislation to make it the law of the land and it's clear we just had to win majority in november. everything is at stake. a woman, if you care about women, if you respect women
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you should know this is a disgraceful judgment thatthey made . needless to say and i quote lincoln all the time. public sentiment is everything and with it you can accomplish almost everything, without it practically nothing but in order for public sentiments to prevail people have to know and people do know. >> there are probably millions of americans out there who are saddened by this decision who feel very helpless. what's your advice to them? >> i think again it's always about outside mobilization is the most important part of any success that we can have on an issue. i see this all the time. every week i have a big mobilization zoom and i say you are vips. our volunteers in policy, our
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volunteers in politics. inside maneuveringcan only take you so far . outside mobilization makes all the difference in the world so i do think that women have to know and those who care about women have to know their power. to know the power of mobilization. to make their voices heard to their elected officials. nothing is more eloquent to a member of congress then the voice of his or her own constituents so they have to make their voices heard but there is a plan and that plan is to win the election, hopefully get 2 more senators so we can change the obstacles to passing laws. and for the good of our country and one of the most encouraging things for me that happened right after the inauguration of the former occupant occasionally of the
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white house was the day after that inauguration, that horrible speech. that horrible speech. the day after the inauguration, women around the country marched. they marched and it wasn't politically planned. it was organic. people just came forth in large numbers all over the country and women marched. women ran for office. women voted and we took back the house. we have to have something commensurate with that but again the organic nature of it. that it was spontaneous. it sprang from community. we have a plan. you have a plan and now that we have a goal and a plan to achieve it. so they should take advantage of that opportunity cause
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otherwise they're talking about trying doctors for murder. who terminated the pregnancy and might be something that is great, incest or anything like that as well. this is extremism to the end to agree and i think it's the power of women will be felt very strongly. i'm going to have to go to the floor because this is the start . we don't judge it for what it doesn't do respected for what it does and what it does are good things that can save people's lives. >> thank you all.
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