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tv   Israel Awards President Biden with Medal of Honor  CSPAN  July 14, 2022 9:17pm-9:46pm EDT

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that is why we are providing lower income students access to affordable internet, so homework can just be homework. cox connect to compete. >> cox, along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> during his trip to the middle east, president biden the medal of honor from the israeli president. after spending three days in the region, president biden travels to saudi arabia for the next leg of his trip. this runs when he five minutes. -- this runs 25 minutes. please ride bryce for the state the president of israel and the president of the united states of america the honorable joseph
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r biden. moco ♪ moco moco moco moco
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moco moco moco. that's the honorable joseph r biden junior, president of the six avenue america his excellency yair lapid the state of >> excellencies, distinguished delegations, honored guests, mr. president, you are the 15th consecutive american president, with whom my family has had the privilege of engaging for over 80 years, fdr was the first one.
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i'm so delighted to host you here. in the heart of jerusalem. as i said yesterday mr. president this is a visit amongst family and old friends. friends. you have been a faithful lifelong friend of the state of israel and the jewish people. your tireless advocacy of enduring the u.s. israel partnership in word and indeed has truly withstood the test of time. your journey of peace, here in the middle east, comes at the pivotal hour of a challenge world order aftershocks of the pandemic are colliding with the tragedy in ukraine, while extremism replaces dialogue as our planet runs out of time. i believe that is strong and vibrant u.s./israel partnership hustled on big more critical to our countries, to the middle
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east and global stability and sustainability, peace and prosperity, democracy. since its establishment state israel has been a vibrant democracy sometimes too much mr. encompassing jews and muslims, christians of all denominations and beliefs, some of their distinguished representatives. ambassadors from all arab countries that have signed a peace with israel are here today. mr. president. [applause] face strong and secure nation of the jewish people and the land of israel is critical to the safety and future of the jewish people. and now, we have the opportunity
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to thanks in large part to the support of your administration and the abram accords to envision one step further to gather we can create not only a new middle east but a renewable middle east. the echo system of sustainable, under your leadership with will continue transforming our region from a source of global tension to a source of global stability, progress. we middle east could grow into a meeting point and combine medical research, clean energy, food security, peaceful exchange among faint in vivo. this is the blessing will bring in the coming days your meeting. just as we are united in promoting peace and cooperation in the middle east, where also united in our opposition to our wrongs and that of its proxies
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and driver nuclear weapons capability. which is one of the greatest threats to this region and perhaps the world at large. we know the united states is committed to security as you have reiterated throughout this visit. this was underscored in the important jerusalem joint declaration, which you prime minister lapid agreed and signed today. echo your own ironclad unshakable commitment to israel's security and well-being. i commend your administration clear moral stance on all forms of anti-semitism of israel around the world. thank you, and invite us. and now mr. president, our private meeting moments ago handed to a document found international archives. that minutes of your meeting with prime minister nearly 50 years ago, which you opted in
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fondness. what is interesting is the reflection of these ready diplomats adding following conclusion remark. the center, that means mr. you mr. president was full of respect and admiration for the prime minister and repeated repeatedly said he has come to learn. found the other other hand was carried away by his enthusiasm. president biden, your great enthusiasm remains with us and we have seen it here. [applause] i thank you for honoring us with this important visit. which means a great deal for the people of israel. and in a few moments i would honor you in gratitude and appreciation on their behalf. we wish you great success in your regional visit and your trip tomorrow from israel to saudi arabia.
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may bring peace and hope for all of the region. and finally, mr. president, you say god bless america. we say was quoted today by families in our prayers, meaning the lord will give strength unto his people. the lord will bless his people with peace. and i say to you, my dear friend, the lord will give strength of our people for the lord will bless our peoples with peace. [applause] >> thank you. i honored to be with so many familiar faces in this garden. anyone should understand my inclination and enthusiasm, you should be.
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with a grandfather who thought was the future you should understand that. [laughter] you all think i'm getting i am not. i have known many of you for a long time. you know my love for israel is deep-rooted. when i say and you say a righteous christian, my dad. i've had the honor -- it's hard to say that they were, over 50 years it cannot be that long. over 50 years the federal government to help building the relationship. fifty years ago we never had this audience before. we do not have this audience out here. but so many representing so many nations and faces as well. it is important. now you know, sink israel thrive, seeing the wildest
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dreams of israel's founding fathers and mothers grow into reality israel children enjoy the day as close to miraculous. in the catholic church a hammock based on one of the songs. and it says may he raise you up on eagles wing and bury you on the breath of john until we meet again god hold you in the palm of his hand. well, every time i come over these years thank god, god seems to be cool thing is the palm of his hand. we get stronger not weaker. and to me it's pretty miraculous. the torah tells a story of the prophet to describe the ancient israel as the people that dwell alone. in the portion that will be read in services across the united states this week, i know your
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uncle also wrote a book but that title. but, as i look at on the proud strong israelis in the audience at the nation made the desert bloom and built the iron dome, i see people who are growing more secure, more integrated, more confident and have greater relations with their neighbors. a nation that just porch peace before and it never dwell alone. as long for the united states you will never ever be alone. [applause] now as you know, there's still so much more work to be done. that is why america's commitment to israel's security remains ironclad. today and in the future that commitment is not about me or any other american president. it springs in the deep affinity enduring connection between our people.
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and it is our responsibility as leaders to nurture that bonds. to ensure it go stronger, deeper, broader as we navigate the challenges ahead. and that will continue to be profound. they will change as a leader i can say without hesitation today is among the greatest honors of my career. and i mean that from the bottom of my heart. thank you, mr. president. since i know you and i share connections as i said in ireland, i hope you forgive me for ending by quoting an irish poet seamus haney. he wrote and said history says don't hope on the side of the grave. but then, once in a lifetime that long tidal wave of justice rises up in the hope and history rhyme. i truly believe we are at one of those moments if we get lucky and work hard.
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we can make hope and history rhyme. in the united states are both built on hope. grit and determination. i believe together will stay true to our founding values. and that we can help make hope and history rhyme once more. but this time, this time in with most dysfunctional past regions of the world where you again will be fully integrated and be one of the leaders. so mr. president, it's an incredible honor. and as some of you heard me save my mother or he or she was a jailbait hush up and let the man get on with his job. thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you, mr. president. president of the state of israel transects will bestow the presidential medal of honor on the president of the united states of america, joe biden very. >> the honorable joseph r biden
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junior in recognition of a strong support of israel have consistently demonstrated the depth of the french in our nation share, i wish to present to the highest honor bestowed by the israeli president, the presidential medal of honor. this tradition was instituted by the late president and your good friend. the accompanying certificate reads and i begin with quoting the bible. with him our wisdom and strength he has counsel and understanding. the presidential is honorable joseph r biden junior of the united states of america for his true friendship with the state of israel, the people of israel, and the jewish people. his uncompromising decades long commitment to israel's security, his contributions to deepening,
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strengthening and enhancing the strong and unwavering alliance between israel and the united states of america. at struggle since anti- israel and anti-semitic hatred around the world. [applause] >> it is a great honor. thank you very, very much. >> thank you president transects and president biden. honored guests, marco marco moco
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moco moco moco moco moco moco ♪
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>> very good, great. >> honored guest placement in your places until late president's exit the garden. in the american delegation plays. please be advised exiting will not be permitted until the presidential motorcade departs.
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>> friday on c-span house meets at 9:00 a.m. eastern to take up to abortion bills one protecting a woman's right to an abortion under u.s. law and another that guarantees the right to travel for abortion services across state lines. on c-span2, president biden's trip to the middle east continues, with a visit to saudi arabia. live coverage of his arrival at 10:30 a.m. eastern everything, streamed live on the free c-span now video app, or
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online as c-span's washington journal, every day we take your calls live, on the news of the day and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, vermont democratic congressman peter welch on the economy, energy prices, abortion access and president biden's middle east trip. carrie sabrina, on issues related to the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. wash washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern, friday morning on c-span or c-span now our free mobile app. join the conversation with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these
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television companies and more including comcast. >> you think this is just a community center, no it is way more than that. comcast is partnering with a thousand centers so students from low income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. >> comcast support c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers, giving a front row seat to democracy. >> now, members of congress attend the ceremony, honoring world war ii veteran herschel woodrow what he williams as he lay in honor of the u.s. capitol rotunda. chief officer williams was the last living medal of honor recipient from the second world war. how speaker pelosi, and senate minority leader pay tribute to the late veteran, who died on june 29, 2022 at age 98. this runs just over 45 minutes.


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