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tv   Campaign 2022 Rep. Mc Carthy Speaks at South Carolina GOP Fundraiser  CSPAN  August 1, 2022 10:35am-11:24am EDT

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lot like me, and one more about his turbulent relationship with his father. join in the conversation with your phone calls, facebook comments, text and tweets. in with larry elder, live at noon eastern on book tv on c-span2. >> ♪ >> minority leader kevin mccarthy spoke at the silver elephant gala fundraiser, held by the south carolina gop as the keynote speaker he urged participants to elect republicans during the 20 22 midterm elections and talked about china's possible invasion of taiwan. he was introduced by south carolina senator, tim scott. >> hello, south carolina. >> [applause] >> good to be home. thank god for south carolina. thank you all so much. let me say to every single
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grassroots volunteer who makes our nation read to the roots. thank you. it is not the elected officials that makes south carolina great. it is the people. every single day, who fight. i like that lady over there. god bless you, hallelujah. who fight every single day to make sure that this entire state has the conservative insulation around it, that there is a citadel around this state of conservatism that spreads every single day to the rest of the nation. i am thankful to be a part of the great gop, the great opportunity party. that is who we are. i remember back when henry was the chairman of the party, i was trying to get my start. i was still in my 20's, i had an afro and i pulled it all out. god bless washington.
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without any question, this state gave me a second chance. one of the beauties of the deep south is the great evolution that we have seen happen in this state. we are a state where you get a second chance. we are a state with the message of redemption, it is alive and it is well. we are that state. >> [applause] >> you know my story, so i will not tell you my story. as a guy growing up in this state, who was in a single-parent household, mired in poverty, delusional. angry. did not think there was a future for a kid like me in a state like this. it was this state, and people like all across this auditorium that gave me a second chance.
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think about it. i am the kid that merely failed out of high school. i failed spanish and english. >> [laughter] >> when you fail spanish and english, no one calls you bilingual. kevin, they called me --i could not speak any link which. it was this state that gave me a second chance to rise to a higher potential. one of the reasons why we believe ephesians 320, god is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we ask or imagine. that is the state of south carolina. >> [applause] >> and, that is the crowd you are privileged to speak in front of. to all of us. i have known kevin from my first election to congress. i will tell you, it was a tough election.
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there was only one person in washington, d.c., only one member of congress at that time that supported me. that was kevin mccarthy. >> [applause] >> thank you. we have, and continue to elect from this state, amazing congressman was. i noticed in the audience yesterday that arrived with kevin was jeff duncan, can you stand up? god bless jeff duncan, and ralph flew in with him, too. is ralph there? god bless you, ralph. those two members of congress, along with the rest of our republican delegation, the day is coming in november of this year when we will have a republican speaker of the house. >> [applause] >> i look forward to kevin
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mccarthy being that speaker. wouldn't it be a wonderful thing when the president of the united states says that afghanistan was a great withdrawal? wouldn't it be wonderful to have the republican speaker of the house stand up and say, when we lose 13 american soldiers and thousands of americans stranded behind, that is not a good thing? >> [applause] >> won't it be a wonderful thing when you hear someone from the biden administration say that the southern border is closed? >> [applause] >> wouldn't it be wonderful to have the speaker of the house, the republican speaker of the house say, we know the southern border is not closed and frankly, 2 million crossings are 2 million to many? i want that kind of a speaker.
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>> [applause] >> when the administration says inflation is somehow good for the poor, someone said it. wouldn't it be wonderful to have the speaker of the house, along with the republican majority, say that nine .1% inflation -- 9.1% inflation is devastating everyday south carolinians, and it is tragic and unnecessary? and that government spending is the problem, not the answer? get out of our way? >> [applause] >> well, if you want a speaker who, on the first day he becomes speaker and we have the majority of the senate starts legislation that allows for energy to be produced here at home, you want kevin mccarthy. if so, ladies and gentlemen, i
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present to you the next speaker of the united states house of representatives and a man who understands common sense. my friend, kevin mccarthy. >> [applause] >> thank you, very much. 55 years ago, you trusted somebody from california to come out here. a guy named ronald reagan. you might not think the same of california today, but when i get done, i hope you do. i have got to admit, tim scott has been one of my best friends for my whole time in congress. it is true, i maxed out to him, that is the best investment i ever made. you are doing a tablets job.
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while we were in congress, -- and this guy named john radcliffe, we would go to dinner every month. we would talk about our families, what is happening. we would argue, who is more conservative? what did you vote for? i thought i would win based upon my votes, but you know what i found out at the end of the day? i thought tim was the most conservative, but i'm going to give it to trey. when i look back, i bought every single dinner we have gone. >> [laughter] >> that is pretty good. that is pretty good. to the governor, i think you talk more about american history then california allows in their schools today. so, thank you. >> [applause] >> i came to see what a real governor looks like. >> [applause] >> i also wanted to come to the
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state to see who is stealing all of our jobs. >> [laughter] >> you know, i knew the silver elephant was important, powerful. it is more powerful than i ever could have imagined. this is the first time i have ever seen lindsey graham at 9:27 p.m. and not on the hannity show. >> [laughter] >> seriously. i will tell you, to joe wilson, the dean of this delegation, you were really here 55 years ago? i know it wouldn't be in this room, it would probably be one or two tables. he tells the story when he was in the state house, there was not very many republicans. you were a republican before it was cool. you believed in the philosophy, believed in the principal, and
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you have done a tremendous job. i am honored to be your colleague. >> [applause] >> i think nancy pelosi knew this dinner would take place, because the dnc attacked me for coming here. jeff duncan, ralph norman, we got on our own plane and came down. we are a little late, but we made it. i have seen jeff duncan, this guy has been a leader in energy. when we become energy independent when we take the majority, a lot of the reason wise because of the work jeff duncan is going to do on energy in congress. >> [applause] >> ralph norman, i do not know if you know about ralph. this guy has been investing and building. he has a brilliant mind. we put him on financial services. he knows what a recession is, he knows what creates it. if that is not enough, he is
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probably one of the smartest guys i know. he married elaine, thank you very much. russell fry, what a great addition you are going to be. from the very beginning. >> [applause] >> going to be of the majority makers, take your rest now because we are going to work you the day you get there. good. but, i have got to thank your chairman. drew, what an amazing job to have this many. i didn't know they had this many tuxedos in south carolina. that was impressive. --walker, she is probably the best executive director in all of the parties we have. >> [applause] >> now, i am serious about your governor. you have a $2 billion surplus, you cannot send that back --you can send that back, if you want. >> [laughter] >> to your lieutenant governor,
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pamela allen wilson, to attorney general, your father taught you well. you are doing a great job. proud of you. 55 years ago, i bet the ticket was a little cheaper. the speaker may have been more enthusiastic, but i'm going to tell you about what ronald reagan said and why you should believe in this country. i'm going to tell you what we are going to do. the price was different, but admission was the same. to unite a republican party around the bold conservative vision for america. you know, it is only 102 days to go. in those 102 days, i am not going to rest. in the month of august, i'm going to go to 25 states and visit more than 100 candidates and members in that process. you see, i am from the same state of nancy pelosi. i know how bad she is, i want to in her day -- end her day. >> [applause] >> before i tell you about that,
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i want to tell you about myself so you understand where i come from. i know a few of you are nervous because i'm california --i am from california. i'm not from the california the sink -- you think about. i am from bakersfield, california. all right? this is where we produce oil, farm, and care for our land. you see, i was born into a family of irish and italian, we had the best fights in the neighborhood. i was the youngest in my family, i didn't apply myself very well. my folks --when i got out of high school, i couldn't go to college, so they sent me to junior college. i always had a job. i was working, i remember i found this one guy who owned this store. he had a car dealer's license, it was a liquor store. he had a car dealer's license, and i said, i will pay you 100
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dollars if you take me to the car auction. the only car auctions where the big trades and the car dealers bring the trade-ins, they have this option but you have got to be a dealer. i would go there, buy cars and bring them back and flip them to pay through college. i found out later, it was illegal, but i didn't know it while i was doing it. you go to community college on the weekends, you go visit your buddies who are away at college. my best friend was at stanford, the other was at usc and san diego state. i thought, i would go to san diego state. i goad the grocery store, i cash a check so i have money for the week. before the day started in the lottery, i bought a lottery ticket. i won the lottery. i was one of the first winners in california. it wasn't the billion dollar lottery you know today. the most you could win on a scratch off was five thousand dollars. i want you to put yourself in my
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place. this is 1985. picture yourself, 20 five years old. you won five thousand dollars before inflation. it is friday night. you are going to spend the weekend 10 minutes from tijuana. >> [laughter] >> i come back home, i get my brother and sister each one hundred dollars. i take my family out to dinner. my brother orders dessert to make the price higher. i think the majority of the rest of the money, i put it into one stop. i, risk taker. i made 30% of my money because i was ready to take a risk. at the end of the semester, i decided i was going to take a break from school and open a business. that is about america. i go and try to buy a franchise, but everyone turns me down because i am only 20 years old. i never give up. i open my own business, i built a counter in my dad's garage.
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there is three lessons i learned as a small business owner. first to work, last to leave and last to be paid. it was the most rewarding. i was doing pretty well at this. at the end of two years, i could pay my whole way through school and i would not even have to work. no one in my family had finished a four year degree at this time. i opened up the paper and it said, be a summer intern in washington, d.c. i do not know this congressman, but i think he would be lucky to have me, right? i apply and you know what he does, he turns me down. you want to know the end of the story, i am now elected to congressional. i could not get an internship for. only in america could that happen. >> [applause] >> you know what else, only in america could it happen, but only in south carolina could it
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happen where a young man could struggle, could grow up with one parent, live with his grandparents for a while. not of a family of democrats would yearn for the idea of a philosophy of being conservatives. might not look like everyone else who joined the republican party, but that did not deter him. god had a plan for him. do you know what your state has done? there is only one black american elected to congress and senate, that is that man right there, tim scott. >> [applause] >> this is going to be your infomercial. i want you to do something for me. i want you to take your phone out, i want you to put it on qr code. let's make tim scott the best selling book in the first week,
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and drive the democrats crazy. i promise you, you will love the stories. a redemption story. look, in my office, tim was there. i have a portrait of joseph rainey. you know what else south carolina is famous for? you elected the first black american to congress in 1870. joseph rainey's portrait hangs in my office. he was a republican. you know how long it took the democrats to finally elect a black american? 60 years later. don't let anybody tell you this party is not the party to be diverse and represent all of america. >> [applause] >> i am going to tell you about a few other paintings i have in my office. i have a portrait behind my desk
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with the person who stood at that speech 50 five years ago, ronald reagan. i was not born into a republican party, i was --republican family, i was born into a democrat family. if anybody wants to challenge you on my believes, i am much more conservative than you, because i chose something different. that happens to be the same as ronald reagan. ronald reagan's portrait is all in color, he is smiling. there is something else ronald reagan knew that tim scott knows. if you truly believe in your philosophy, if you truly believe like your governor, your principles would bring people more freedom, there is no reason to be in angry conservative. be happy. people will wonder what you are drinking, and want to associate with you. >> [applause] >> i work late at night. at times, i will talk to my
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paintings. i have gotten to meet ronald reagan a few times. i would love to see him again. i would ask him, if you were here tonight, what speech would you give? he would tell you to believe in exceptionalism of this nation. that america is worth preserving , that is why we are here tonight. why do i believe that ronald reagan would say that? i say, he would say this. in just 30 five words, the declaration of independence describes that america is more than a country, america is more than idea. it does it in 35 words beautifully. we hold in these words to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, they are endowed by their creator with certain, unalienable rights. among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
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it is an idea that everyone is equal under god, born or unborn, as well. >> [applause] >> reagan would also tell you this, that piece without freedom is meaningless. it is human nature that we crave peace, but you can never attain it by having freedom. he didn't just understand it, he would breathe it. reagan had a big dilemma in his second term. he would negotiate with gorbachev. people would think, reagan is not smart. let's get the best of him, let's tell him if he wants to have this negotiation, you cannot bring staff. bring an interpreter. reagan is sitting there, directly across from gorbachev, and he is negotiating the nuclear reduction. he is hitting almost everything
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he wants -- getting almost every thing he wants. gorbachev asks them this, he asks reagan to in the spi program. remember at this time, it was not proven, it was made fun of. it was called star wars. today, it is what shoots the missiles out of the sky and protects us. it is the yarn dorm that sits in israel. reagan says, no, i will do this. i will share it with you so the world will be safe. gorbachev declines. reagan almost has everything he wants, but when he looks at the paper, he realizes that this does nothing for the shipyard workers in poland. it does nothing for those at the gulags. he took his raincoat and walked away. the new york times, the l.a. tams -- times, all the elite media criticized him. had reagan not walked away, the
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berlin wall and soviet union would have never collapsed. in modern history, two presidents in america have been given the nobel peace prize. jimmy carter and barack obama. i think they got it wrong. they got the number right, two presidents did earn it. ronald reagan and donald trump. >> [applause] >> you know, if you study history like your governor, i believe we are living through two times of past history that we have not lived through before. today, july 29th, 101 years ago, adolf hitler was introduced as the fuhrer for the national
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socialist party. we are living in this time period of two different times, one on the world stage in europe and one in america. i want you to think about the uncanny similarities to these moments, and i want to challenge you to change the course of history. while i believe we are living through 19 30 six and 1939 on a world stage in europe, i want you to think about the actions of hilary and put --hitler and putin. germany lost the treaty of versailles, they had to pay redemptions. hitler's was angry with his leaders. what did hitler do? he changes democracy. what does he do, he starts building in military, but it goes against the treaty of versailles?
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they think, it will keep the communists in check did what does he do, he takes austria. the world power says, why did you do that? they want to be part of germany again. he sends parts of his troops to czechoslovakia. this part wants to be part of germany. they speak german over there. he builds an axis with italy and japan. the 3.2 cart up the entire world. he then tells the world on a certain day he is going to take czechoslovakia the world powers say, we must confront him. exactly what hilton wanted. elevate him on the same stage as the world power. incomes no chamberlain. neville chamberlain appeases
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hitler and gives him a country. he close the rest of the world peace for our time -- tells the rest of the world is for our time. what did hitler's see? weakness. one year later, he invades poland. putin is in the kgb. he watches the soviet union collapsed. he despises the leadership for doing it. he watches his country shrink, much like germany. he rams in a democracy, wins the presidency, respects the constitution and then comes back and changes it. he rebuilds his military. as he rebuild his military, he realizes a military makes you strong but dependency makes you
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greek -- weak. he rebuilds his economy. he is not like biden. he does not shut down pipelines. he filled pipelines he sends money into your and says, you should stop everything you are doing, you should" factories. you should not -- you should close coal he has a pipeline through ukraine. he builds another one and germany signs right up. as he builds his military back, he seeks weakness in europe. what does he do? he takes crimea. what does the leader of the world power do, obama? he says, why did you take crimea? she says they speak russian. they used two da part of russia.
11:03 am
he creates an axis with china, north korea, iran. a new president comes in, donald trump, and he sits back. in those four years, that was the only time putin did not invade another country. i wonder why, huh? but he sees a new president, biden. he sees biden on the first day ends the pipeline and what does he do? takes 100,000 trips and them right next to ukraine. he watches item not listen -- biden not listen to the american military and adds gold star families into afghanistan. he watches biden side with the taliban against our allies.
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when england and france asked him to delay the withdrawal so they can get their own out and they are there because they did not attacked on 9/11, they are defending because we were attacked, but he size with the taliban. he sees disgruntlement in europe. and biden says, i am going to meet with him. in comes neville chamberlain ii. he sits with putin. putin cannot build that second pipeline because of american sanctions. they leave that meeting not withdrawing one troop but biden was drying the sanctions. putin thought the same thing hitler, saw, weakness. what did he do? the same thing. he invaded ukraine, but the
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ukrainian people understand the true america. we are more than an idea. they believe in freedom. there is a reason why kern has to win, because that same axis they created is a part of china and china wants to take taiwan. if there is one thing we should learn it is that we do not have to go to war. why don't we supply the weapons ahead of time so they can defend themselves? >> [applause] >> the second time in history is what we are living right now. it is 1979-1980 all over again. think of the similarities. when was the last time we had americans held hostage in the middle east, iran and still afghanistan?
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when was the last time we had an american military that was strong get a commander in chief that looked week? jimmy carter could not land the helicopters to get the hostages out. joe biden would not listen to his military. for the last 16 months, not one american died, but he killed 13 more american troops. when it was the last time we had a president who created an energy crisis look to opec to solve it. ? jimmy carter was the first president to put solar panels are in the white house. i lived in bakersfield, my grandmother was in l.a. my father said we cannot go visit grandma. we cannot get gas. our license and in an even number and today is in on day.
11:07 am
that was america. today, you cannot get baby formula. my mom is 81 years old, one year younger than pelosi. >> [laughter] >> i should not say that. i do not want to say that the democrats ideas are older than their leadership, but if you look at the three top democrats in congress and out of their age, they are two years older than america. >> [laughter] >> some people say 245 years is not that old, but i do not know. my mom every week goes to cosco to get her guests. she takes a picture of the line and the price, much like in 1979.
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what did joe biden do on the very first day? he ended the pipeline that gave one to putin. he ties to saudi arabia and asks them to produce instead of america. god has blessed this country to the energy independent. it creates american jobs, but if you are like me and care about the environment, american natural gas is 41% cleaner and russian gas. we should leave the world. -- lead the world. >> >> [applause] >> when was the last time we had inflation like this? it has been more than 40 years, but democrats do not believe if you have two down quarters it is inflation, that is only during a republican presidency. it is interesting to me that the democrats in congress redefine
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recession instead of restoring a healthy economy. it was not just republicans like tim scott and i who warned them that if they passed the american rescue plan that inflation would rise. even larry summers. but i love steve ratner, a democrat under obama, who the original sin of inflation is the democrats passing the american rescue plan -- $2 trillion wasted. what if i asked you could you afford to give one month's salary up? could anyone in the room say that? you could not, but you know what biden and the democrats just did? they did not ask. they took it. if you get paid, one month's salary is 8/3% -- 8.3% of what
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you will get that year. inflation is above that. i do not need to know that we are two orders down to the recession. just trying to your pump. walmart, they have a place where they look to see if we are in an economic downturn. they look at the sale of white bread. they compare it between hotdog buns, hamburger buns, whole-wheat. if that all drops and white bread sales go up, it is because people do not have enough to buy hamburger buns. that is the country we are living in under joe biden. when was the last time -- you can apply, but do not apply that we are living -- a plot, but do not applaud that we are living in that type of country. when was the last time we had a president that had an active
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going over like billy carter? maybe hunter biden is an artist, but i have not seen it. i tell you that to inspire you. what happened in 1980? we elected ronald ragan. ronald reagan believed the country was exceptional. it country that believed in the common sense your governor talked about cap wheat saved the world. ronald reagan, margaret thatcher, and the pope changed the direction of where he would go. we cannot have the presidential election this time, but we have examples of states to rise up. i have one more portrait in my office. it is of washington crossing the delaware. you have all seen that famous portrait. you know when that place?
11:12 am
if i asked the governor, he would tell you. christmas 1776. there is no iphone, no camera, no place to recorded except the history of the storytellers. who painted that painting? he was latin american but an immigrant -- he was not an american but an immigrant who went back home to germany. he painted it in 1850 and 1851 because he wanted to inspire germany to have a revolution based upon the values of america. he understood that america is more than a country, it is an idea. he wanted to inspire so he painted this picture. he gets things historically incorrect, but we do not blame him. the delaware it looks like the crime, but he is german. he give him a break --looks
11:13 am
like th rhine he put 13 people in a rowboat. why 13? 13 colonies. washington did not cross in a rowboat. historians will say he crossed any durham boat, but he puts washington standing up in a ceremonial uniform with his hand on his chest. he looks stoic. look at the portrait and say, i would follow that man anywhere. i bet he has never lost a battle. do you know what history told us at that moment? he had only lost. that was our first victory. we had lost every battle up until that moment. i do not want you to study washington. what i want you to see is who is in the boat. when i get that portrait, that
11:14 am
is what i see in this room. the second person growing as a beret on. he is scottish. the person directly across from him is an american. you come down the boat right in the middle the person looks the strongest in the red jacket. there is a woman. in the very back is a native american. i cannot tell you if they were in the boat that night, but i can it tell you that day a young immigrant who has lived in america for 10 years, that is who he believed was in the boat. the second to last person has his hand across his face. this is the face nobody sees. what emmanuel was saying is here we are, not a country but an idea. unbelievable battles with the world power with the idea of a
11:15 am
government of the people, by the people, for the people. having lost every fight before us but we would make the challenge and again on our holiest of nights. here is a hand, would you get in and join us? that is as true today as it was then. if we get in the boat together and wrote in a cadence -- ro win a -- row in a cadence, there is nothing we cannot overcome. 102 days from now. the polls are saying it is going to be easy, but majorities are not given. journeys are earned. we are winning it to change the country and put us in a new direction. >> [applause] >> we are fighting to make an economy that is strong and so
11:16 am
that america is energy independent again. a nation that is safe and that does not defend their police but rewards them like in south carolina. >> [applause] >> a future that is free and we value citizenship. we welcome and open our doors, but we protect our borders. we stop sat know coming from china into howard nation -- we stopped the fentanly coming from china into our nation. just as important is a government that is accountable. teddy roosevelt taught us. ronald reagan taught us the value of freedom and donald trump is to put america first. -- taught us to put america
11:17 am
first. you have been here a long time. i want to end with this i am going to go on the road in 25 states. there is not one place they're not going to play. i am going to rhode island, connecticut, florida, nevada. just as i told you about that boat, if i said i need you to invest with us and you said, ok, can we win the race? i would say, let me tell you about the race. the district is 84% hispanic. it is the second most hispanic seat in the country. we would ask me how did it perform in the presidential? biden won it by 13, obama by 22.
11:18 am
when was the last time you held it? some would say 100 years, but i have not known as to ever hold it. you say, i bet you've got a date. has the candidate been elected before? no. she was born in mexico. this district is on the border and her husband is a border agent, but she knows about freedom, no why she came to america and she loves it. you are not right purple big hf come up that is ok, -- you would not write too big a chck, but that is ok. you know what we did a month ago? we swore in the first woman born in mexico elected as a republican.
11:19 am
>> [applause] >> then i have got a guy in arizona. he immigrated to america at age 10. his father came. his father still drives the bus for the city of tucson. his father or cousins puts the tree up. you know what is on the boats? -- on the bulbs? american flags. his father told the story when i first came here, we worked hard to my son was just 11. i had a job but on the weekends we would go wash cars. he is an economic advisor today, married with children, looks like george clooney. this guy is going far. >> [applause] >> we are going to win in california, oregon, washington, as long as we are all in the boat together.
11:20 am
times in this party i find that we are better at fighting another, let's just not aim within the boat. if you promise to work this next hundred two -- next 102 days, i will make this promise. january 3, you have an hour fight to get to the seat -- d.d.c i want you all there so you can see nancy pelosi hand me that gavel. thank you and god bless. >> [applause] >> head on c-span, at noon eastern, legal scholars talk about speech on college campuses.
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the event hosted by the heritage foundation. 1:45, karine jean-pierre will brief reporters. she will be joined by john kirby. later, rob portman and chris murphy take part in the debate from the bipartisan policy center. live coverage starts at 7:30 p.m. eastern. you can watch these events on c-span, on the video app or online. >> c-span has unfiltered coverage of the house january 6 committee hearings investigating the attack on the capitol. go to to watch the latest on the attack and investigation, we will also have reaction from members of congress and the white house, as well as journalists and authors.
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go to >> this week on the c-span networks, wednesday morning, with the upcoming midterms, the senate judiciary committee hears from the department of justice and a cyber security officials on threats to election repairs. then susan collins and joe manchin testify about their bill on residential election reform. thursday morning, the fbi director goes before the senate judiciary committee. the house is out this week the senate remains in session one more week to address this to debate a bill addressing energy, health care and taxes. had to -- head to
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