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tv   Washington Journal Adam Goodman  CSPAN  August 1, 2022 1:03pm-1:55pm EDT

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political correctness to, the left, and racial politics in the united states. he is the author of several books including "10 things you can't say in america," and a lot like me, about his turbulent relationship with his father. in-depth with larry elder, live it at noon eastern on the tv on c-span two. >> we are going to talk about ron desantis and the future of the republican party. th us is adam good men, a republican strategist, veteran republican media and policy strategist very familiar with what goes on politically in florida. i'll come to the program. we sought -- welcome to the program. donald trump ron desantis jockey
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for position at of potential 2024 showdown. you have the two potential leading candidates both in florida. what are the strengths and weaknesses of both as presidential contenders. guest: you start with the former president, the strength is he has been there, done the job. the party base is still very firmly behind and excited about the former president. he now calls florida home. he used to brag that all roads to the white house lead to florida. it may actually be literally that in 24. in terms of the governor, governor desantis i think has the greatest story going, florida story. a sea of calm and positivity in the -- in covid. he's on his job of managing the state, the recent budget had
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record amounts for not just education and the environment encoding 500 million dollars for the everglades but also tax relief and $20 billion for the rainy day reserve. his record is really good, but beyond that he is sending a message that the republican base is really liking. a message that shows that the party itself has moved from being a party of big business to america's working class. and you see that in microcosm for the viewers, take a look at miami-dade. in miami-dade, where president biden one by seven points back in 2020, it's been decidedly moving in miami-dade towards their publican party. registration in the state for the first time ever is majority republican their predictions miami-dade could go for the
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republican party nominee in 24 and the reason that is significant is that the rule of thumb in florida politics for democrats to win statewide is they have to get big margins in certain places prayed miami-dade is one of them. right now it may be they would be lucky to actually carry that area at all. host: give us a snapshot of his rise, not meteor it may be, he was a backbencher in the u.s. house. what brought him to the governor's chair. host: certainly the -- guest: certainly the courage of his conviction. for some viewers got a taste of that was probably on fox news where he was a frequent cast. but they found that he didn't just talk the game, he walked to the game. and ran the game. look what happened in terms of
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you might say the square off between the governor and disney. disney is an american icon, admired around the world for entertainment and when they decided to step into politics, the don't say gay bill which technically allowed for the teaching of sex ed to kindergartners, he took on disney. to show what happened in that confrontation in december of 21, disney's ratings in florida were at 76 percent positive. 76 present floridian set a positive view of disney. six weeks after the engagement was down to 54%. there's something about with the governor is doing which doesn't come out of up a tent -- intentional playbook. host: in that instance in disney's case, was there every fear on the governor's side the taking on disney like that could result in a drop in tourism in the state. guest: i think there are
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concerns for people looking on from the outside but the governor takes his own counsel. it's another sign of courage. i can tell you why maybe he's politically viable but should be counted all the way to the end. he does not consult polls to figure out which way he wants to fly. he's very intellectual, harvard educated, veteran, has really good character and class but he is not taking counsel for the normal political advisors. he's going straight forward. and so far, people around america seem to be cheering. host: headline from politicos 22 for intrigue. it seems a most at every turn, a policy wise, politically he is trying to separate himself from the former president in his own -- with his own stances on
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things. guest: what the governor is doing, he's kind of retelling the florida story and letting the story itself speaks for itself. and then beyond that what he's done in florida especially with parents of school-age children and how excited and energized they become for the governor. he starting to develop support basis because of what he's done from tallahassee to miami as opposed to the rhetoric of a person seeking office. and i think he's being very careful and should be in focusing first and foremost on his reelection which is this fall and then after that we will see what the world looks like as we will his prospects. host: as applicable strategist, where are his weaknesses? guest: the weakness for the governor is kind of hard to find other than those who don't like
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the fact he is straight out tells it like it is and -- like it or not. i think he's ok and taking criticism which is rare for a public leader prayed he's ok to say i don't really buy that. what were finding across florida is floridians are. there's never been a more optimistic point of view i think among most floridians about their economics, their jobs, about the state itself. the governor came into office not talking like you might expect florida governor to talk. the first thing was the environment. very different than you might've expected from someone from that party. host: our guest is adam, republican strategist talking about ron desantis, the future of the republican party. we welcome your calls and comments. 202-748-8001, republican line. democrats 202-748-8000.
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others, 202-748-8002. you mentioned this is the reelection year, who is he facing on the democratic side. guest: former governor charlie crist to a lot of floridians are still very fond of from his days when he was not just governor. he's kind of run the gambit there. very skilled and very experienced. but he was a former republican who became a democrat. i think the democrat party is still not maybe 100% sold on charlie in this incarnation as they were in previous runs. and then nikki freed who's the commissioner on the cabinet, done a very good job on the candidate her big push is on abortion and on legalization of marijuana. that tends to be something that could generate in normal years to build some voter enthusiasm but that is the issue. what they call the enthusiasm
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gap in florida between republicans and democrats it's become not a gap, but a chasm. host: what's the governor said about the supreme court ruling on abortion and is there likely to be abortion legislation in the florida legislature. guest: abortion legislation is being discussed in states across the country. how far they go i'm not sure. i do know florida still is a center, a right of center state ideologically. i think anything that moves forward on that front and other contentious issues, other than guns. i think that will be done with great discussion. host: you mentioned the florida story. talking about ron desantis in the future of their publican party, however the presidential winner in 2024, what does the future of the party look like with ron desantis either is the standard bearer, certainly one
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of the key figures in the republican party. guest: it's a different party. part of this you have to look at how people are voting. there are now 22 million floridians. that's a big gain from 2.5 years ago. people kind of like this brand of government and i think that's what republicans are trying to line up behind more than anything. what should government do or not do. i think they kind of like where the governor is going. friendly they've liked where president trump went, a lot of different. host: we will first go to our florida caller on a democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. i just have a couple of things, i hope i don't get cut off. i first thing was i'm torn between governor desantis and
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former governor crist. i like both of them and i'm an undecided voter. my second thing is i received my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday and on the back of it where you put the stamp on it and mail it, my name is actually written on the back of my ballot which i thought was my civic duty but i thought was also private. i didn't think my name was going to go to the post office and all that. i've never seen a ballot like that. those were my two concerns. i appreciate you talking about this today, thank you. guest: first of all, i really appreciate the attitude. which is rare when you said you
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like both governor desantis and charlie crist. thank you for remaining open-minded which i hope most voters across florida and the country will be. in terms of your name being on the ballot, call your election supervisor or call the election supervisor's office and make sure that was not something that was inadvertent or wrong. i'm not really clear on that part of balloting. but in terms of what florida is looking at moving forward, if you have governor desantis and charlie crist who were the last two standing in the governor's race, both of them have experience right now as i said before on the show, the florida story is just awesome. and if nothing else cheer for continued gains of movement in that direction that florida more and more becomes a laboratory of what works in america. host: independent line. caller: hello?
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host: you are on the air. go ahead. caller: yes. we have several issues. sadly to say -- for a couple of decades before you get negative feedback. starting with the military. my daughter is a major and i don't want her -- why are veterans starving. i want to know about that computer chip submitted into congress and legislative.
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stopping these professor and students from hacking into our computers. host: i think she's talking about some legislation that's been stalled in congress on computer chips. we've been asking our viewers about the top issues of the 2022 campaign. what are the top issues in florida in that governor's race into the down ballot races? guest: the economy. literally when you see the polls, it's the economy, abortion, crime and immigration. those seem to be the top four nationally. in florida it's mostly about prosperity, continuing prosperity and like a lot of america. floridians are concerned about inflation run amok, the u.n. secretary general said four weeks ago that we are facing a global food crisis.
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that we may not be able to rectify. we are concerned about that, the price of gas at the pump is still very high. it's not as high as a couple weeks ago but still very high. that's what's really driving this as opposed to other issues in other years. abortion i mentioned is one of the top four issues. a poll came out of the washington post recently that said that even though the majority of americans favor some manner of choice, those voters are 12% less likely to show up this fall as our pro-life voters and the others. it's an issue that could have become more of a comeback trail issue for democrats it doesn't seem to be playing as it may have in the past years. host: it is hurricane season in florida. how is the issue of climate change, you touched on the environment, how important of an issue is the issue of climate
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change to governor desantis. guest: increasingly important. as i said, made a major investment in the environment which had to do with water. host: you've got 250,000 new residents in the state and you have to address that. guest: we understand we have to be deliberate about this. and because of insurance, property insurance which is skyrocketing. at a special session addressing just that issue because of things like hurricanes and because of the advance of sealevel rise which concerns not just floridians but everybody. host: what is the state doing about those rates? guest: for the insurance rates they are trying to create a market. the problem is when you have fewer and fewer providers of property insurance, rates tend to go up or in this case, the state backed guaranteed property
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insurance starts getting millions of new customers and that's a bill that ultimately goes back to the people. host: political strategist, we are talking about florida, specifically about governor ron desantis in the future of the republican party. 202-748-8001 four republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. for others, 202-748-8002. you must've seen the ad that governor newsom of california ran on television in florida over the july 4 weekend perhaps our viewers haven't. i want to show that and get your reaction to it. [video clip] >> is independence day let's talk about what's going on in america. freedom is under attack in your state. republican leaders are banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms , even criminalizing women and doctors.
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i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight or join us in california where we still believe in freedom. freedom of speech, freedom to choose and the freedom to love. don't let them take your freedom. host: two questions. what do you think the purpose was and how did that play in florida. guest: you see me laughing a little bit. my first response is consider the source. you're getting this from the governor of california talking about freedom and things going well or would be going well if it weren't for the fact florida has certain policies. california is out of control. their budget is out of control. newsom is actually a think auditioning to become a national figure if you ask with the reason was for this. he wants to become more national. but when you show the classroom of students talking about
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restrictions on what they could be taught, is talking abut the don't say gay bill that democrats named that allowed for sex ed to kindergartners. if you were to tear this -- if you were to look at it and parse it and one claim after another you say it's clever, disingenuous and coming from a place where people are leaving in droves. you look at all the outmigration of people from california versus the in migration into florida you pretty much have the reviews for the consuming public. host: let's hear from brian up next in michigan on the independent line. host: let's get to the real deal on this. going back to world war ii and
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all tie in to santos at the end. we set up the u.n. so that we didn't have to be fighting wars in europe again. we set up nato, we helped to set up the european union. the european union's gdp is that of the united states. we are nothing more than an enabler. we have become the ultimate enabler, i guess it makes us feel better, give me a break. the european union, those fine people are perfectly capable of other threats. they have to step up. i'm an older brother, i would never fight my younger brothers battles and those have happened on playgrounds and such when you are growing up. if the other kid was my brother's age. if he was older and taking advantage of the situation i
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would solve it. the same thing at the southern border. we have become the greatest enablers. we are not showing respect, all we are doing is just trying to prop them up a little bit. these are fine people, they need to do it on their own. we need to get off this thing that we are the greatest, the toughest, we are this or that. they have to do it themselves just like we do. guest: let me see if i can distill this point on the southern border into one thing. people right now are looking for certainty, more certainty, control and stability. what are the two real issues paid not what pollsters ask. the two real issues i would say in america there inflation and instability.
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the instability, the pillars of society that still seem to be shaking a bit from public schools to the supreme court. if we have a lack -- people are uncertain, they are nervous about everything. we have a border, there is a line in the sand, a real line in the sand it's not some active human cruelty, but of human salvation and national sovereignty which most other countries around the world wouldn't second-guess for a minute. i think that's what people are really looking for and we have to get back to a steadier course to get back there, maybe all things are possible and if there's anything missing right now in america, more and more widespread way, optimism. people on that proverbial shot in the arm.
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what can you do moving forward that can make a difference. host: does ron desantis strike you as an optimist? guest: he is a realist. i think the optimism comes from what he's been able to execute as governor of the state, but the realism is good. people want genuine and real in their leaders. they find very little of that these days. i think that plays big for him. the fact he's not an overly charismatic messenger i think actually stands well for him as opposed to some who grade, on performance and say he could be a bit more flashy, i think it doesn't work for the governor that way and people are just fine with that. host: let's hear from nadine in new york on the republican line. caller: good morning. i would just like to state that i am very appreciative of the state of florida for the legalization of marijuana. i think a lot of patients need
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that and they also believe abortion rights movement is absurd. i believe every woman has the right to abort or conceive as she wants to or not. i believe the wall should be built immediately. i feel very harassed in the state of new york and when trump was in office i believe he had everything under control. thank you. host: touch on her comments on marijuana. what is the law in the state and how has ron desantis been part of changing that? guest: i appreciate the caller. she got it half right. medical marijuana has been legalized. recreational marijuana is probably headed to the ballot as soon as 2024 and will likely pass. is it trendlines across america. in terms of her talking about the wall, needing to build the wall again. that goes back to my next
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comment/comment which is people are looking for a sense of control, stability, certainty. i think the wall or lease the southern border, represents that. host: to buffalo, new york. democrats line. caller: how are you doing. thank you for taking my call. i'm wondering what you think is going to come out of the sentencing this week. doesn't that have a lot to do with the doctor who was pushing medical marijuana and to santos and gates and all the other crooks involved? also what about the republicans running strong candidates against the democrats. isn't there something going on with that with russian money in florida? host: several things in there. guest: i'm not sure where to start. what you're talking about her ongoing investigations, one having to do with potentially
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congressman gates and others with mr. greenberg you mentioned having to do with trafficking or paying underage women. that has been under investigation for over a year. the press and media are very much on top of that one. the other one the caller talked about, those candidates once again a lot of the media have been all over that as well. there was an allegation that operatives fielded candidates to help republicans in contested primaries that really weren't anything but those candidates. they were name only. -- thou legations included payment to those individuals to do that. don't know where that is going.
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florida, if nothing else, is a place a very interesting storylines. the caller -- the ones the caller put his finger on will resolve itself. host: what are the things ron desantis is considering if you were to run for president in 2024? guest: a large bit has to do with whether donald trump chooses to run. first and foremost, ron desantis must win reelection. if you wins reelection, family. i think that a vote of confidence -- that is a vote of confidence for him. he is working on running the state of florida today. after november, all roads are open to him and anyone else as we look forward to 2024. host: let's hear from fort lauderdale. mike is a republican caller. caller: hi.
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i am a gay republican who moved from illinois to florida three years ago. and so, during these three years, i have been -- i grew up in illinois. i have been comparing how poorly illinois was run to how well -- i'm so surprised how well florida has been run during these three years that i've been here. and i am all for desantis and this don't say gay bill, which is totally ally that the democrats tried to rename. i, myself, am studying to be a teacher. and i know what they were pushing for me to be an elementary teacher to start
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telling kids about gain us -- gayness when you are in first grade. i had a discussion with my present was also gay. i said when i was in first grade, i had no idea what my fellow classmates parents were. why does this have to come up in first grade? it's ridiculous. why attack the kids innocence at such an early age? and i'm gay. it's totally -- you know -- it is totally blown out of proportion. and i like ron desantis because his parents, i believe they were cuban. i know he is an anti-communist. my mother grew up under stalin. i am very educated in what communists are capable of. i know he has had experiences
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with congress and he has the experience to run estate. host: i appreciate your comment. guest: thank you very much for that call. the fact that you moved from illinois, that campaign is all over america. i shake my head at how the people of illinois could return one party to power when the massive deficits were so staggering. you are just talking about the children, our children having to pay for them, you're talking about their children's children's children, may be getting the market back to even. you are like so many others who have looked at the map of america and said you know, that place looks right to me. that place being florida. i appreciate your comments on that legislation. it has all been kind of demonized by rhetoric, as opposed to promoting open-ended
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conversation about -- in terms of curriculum in schools -- what the appropriate place is for certain things to be taught at what age. that is what the governor put his finger on. democrats called it the don't say gay bill and it is fully disingenuous. it is wrong. the parents of florida stood up and said we like that. we like where the governor is on this and we want to see more of that. that goes back also to why hispanics in particular in the state of florida and across the country basically moved from a more historic allegiance to the democratic party to republican, because they find culture and values that are being espoused by people like the governor of florida are where they are. host: you ran former governor george bush's reelection campaign. how has the republican in florida change since jeb bush was governor?
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guest: i advised jeb bush. a great leader. i remember when jeb first came into office. and they started talking about how ultraconservative he was. how out of step he was with the mainstream preheated things, radical things like mandating that there be some kind of measurement in our schools that our children could measure up to so that they could be motivated to be their very best. that was considered heresy. he got a lot of criticism and a lot of pressure for doing that. it turns out he was right. the people in florida now and across the country support his point of view. radical became mainstream. he showed the kind of courage and character that i think we look for in public leadership. in terms of the republican party, it is a different party today. and jeb and the bush family certainly have shown that they have had difficulty understanding the consistency of
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being a conservative versus some of the things that are happening within the party itself. host: did he before or will he endorse ron desantis? guest: that is something to ask jeb. good question. host: to boulder, colorado. max's on the democrat line. caller: good morning trade i have two quick questions for you. the first one is how does ron desantis define critical race theory, as he does not want hit taught in schools? and the second question is does ron desantis believe that donald trump actually won the presidency? or does he believe joe biden is a legitimate president -- the legitimate president? those are my two questions. host: thank you. guest: both very good questions.
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in terms of critical race theory, i think you will see that, as far as the commons the governor has made, that the legislation in florida, he believes there should be greater restrictions that are born out of responsibility to not just the children but toward parents. and some of the nation -- naysayers said that somehow leads to -- you saw in the ad in california, this will lead to book burning. that is insane. it is giving parents more of a say on what happens in the classroom. in terms of the election, i think the best thing frankly -- i'm glad you brought that up -- the best thing for the country is to move forward. there will always be a debate about 2020. there will always be a debate about 2000. i was in the middle of the 2000 recount. with catherine harris and jeb bush as governor.
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537 votes later, that was the final declared margin of victory. i was in the middle of it, trying as best i could and so was the secretary of state, to get whatever the number was how invalidated. we will never know. with 537 votes out of 50 million cast, we will never know for sure. we did our best and counting. -- in counting, with the idea that democracy depends on the confidence in the vote. you say what is the biggest threat to democracy? it is that. host: to north carolina, next up is robert. on the independent line. go ahead. caller: thank you. i would like to ask this gentleman what he thinks about gates, jordan, meadows, mccarthy, holly, the post office
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man. secret service, stone, bannon, giuliani. that is the group of people that are surrounded by our ex-president, who is running it just like organized crime. he is the godfather. and the rest of these people who are covering for him, they are his soldiers, lieutenants and captains. there is so much that is bad about all of this. the republican party needs to wake up. because they are becoming authoritarians and they are going to destroy all of us. i just can't understand how this can keep going on. bannon, giuliani. host: all right, robert. adam goodman, do you think ron
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desantis finds it politically advantageous to keep his distance from president trump and president trump's supporters, either in congress or elsewhere? host: i don't think he is keeping his distance -- guest: i don't think he is keeping his distance as much as charting his own path. he is doing that every day as governor. i think he assumes he and the former president are on their own road. that is the kind of thing the people can look forward to as we crest beyond the midterms in 2022 which will be, in my eye, a political tsunami for democrats. i think it is unfortunate for the democratic party but also fortunate they learn the lessons quickly. they think this will be a fill in the blank election. it won't be a wave election, it will be a tsunami. i think the normal turnover in
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the first midterm is 36 seats. you might be closer to 60 seats. i think it would be enough to wake up the democratic party into doing what they need to do to repair, retool and redirect for the 24 cycle. host: there was a poll a week ago -- a story about polls about trump losing ground to desantis and potential -- in a potential 2024 matchup. you said before the governor is focused on this race, running for reelection. he is not taking any out-of-state donations. but what groups are beginning to form that are interested in ron desantis running for president in 2024? guest: you say what groups are forming? none that i know of formally. there is a groundswell behind his kind of politics, which makes him a potential contender. it is based on the evidence
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before people of what florida has become. if you look back, look at all 50 states. which state would you most likely move to ny? i bet top of the list there, if not close to the top of the list, would be floored. the reason starts with the idea of freedom. there is a sense of freedom for people who live there. i know that i spent half my time employee. when i return to florida and i drive a cloth -- across the northern border, just above jacksonville, i feel this wave of relief. i can breathe again. i think a lot of that has been taken away by different kinds of ideologies and government elsewhere. in the state of florida, it is like we welcome everybody with open arms. be who you are. show america that the future will be bright by the things we are able to do together in what
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is arguably the biggest melting pot of american politics today. host: residents from other states, new york, has that presented a challenge in terms of the man's on things like infrastructure, roads and housing? guest: it has. we look at the cost of housing in florida, it is spiking. four of the top 10 american cities in terms of migration are in flora. -- florida. one of the things is you look at the transportation budget. over $11 billion was put into the florida transportation budget for that very reason. trying to make sure that infrastructure keeps pace with the immigration of these residents. host: let's hear from texas, miriam is on the democrats line. caller: good morning. i wanted to ask the person that
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you are interviewing, how did you feel about the woman that need access to health care and also about education? you guys there in florida are assuming that teachers are teaching little kids about being gay and things like that. we educators don't have time for that. we get our bachelors, we learn about the development of children. why do you assume that we teach that kind of stuff? by the way, that gay guy who called in, he can
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>> our latest political polling showing in georgia the two candidates, herschel walker for u.s. senate, the republican and the incumbent, senator raphael warnock, real clear averages. next up is jim on the republican line. go ahead.
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caller: something that them -- that is important, learn to backtrack. i would like to get the lead up to january 6 first you had the impeachment of trump, and according to the treaty, he had every right. that is why so many people were there. they had defund the law enforcement. there are street sates that allowed citizens to go into city and state offices. they are state registered voters.
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>> he ignores the -- >> good afternoon, everybody. welcome


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