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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  August 4, 2022 2:42pm-3:01pm EDT

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the next prime minister after boris johnson announced his resignation in july. watch live coverage from the sky studios in london starting at about 2:00 p.m. eastern. and coming up at 4:30 eastern, we go live to dallas, texas for day one of the political access conference. jim jordan along with former acting attorney jim whitaker will address. you can watch the cpac event live on our c-span now video out. it all begins its afternoon live here on c-span beginning at 4:30 eastern. >> wall street journal and other papers this morning looking at that result of what happened in kansas concerning that constitutional amendment that was turned back. this is the headline. after kansas abortion vote, -- they write in part from republican analysts flashing warning signs for their party.
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the first statewide test of an abortion sentence. with voters agitated by inflation and unsatisfied with president biden's performance, most analysts say they are in favor of gop candidates. the high referendum for white the number of votes for the 2018 state primaries -- abortion could internalize democrats. that is from the wall street journal. taking a look at what is coming up in some of the other states. gentlemen in the washington post takes a look at that. he writes that kansas is just the first test of opposition to outright -- to outlaw abortion.
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there is more that we will read and let you see in this upcoming hour. maybe your state has an upcoming amendment. (202) 748-8001 for republicans, (202) 748-8000 for democrats, (202) 748-8002 for independence. president biden signed an executive order. he made comments on what
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happened in kansas what he thinks it means for midterms. [video clip] they intend to go further, including nationwide bands on abortion and every circumstance. as i said before, this fight is not over. we saw that last night in kansas. in the opinion of the people, women are not without electoral or political power. women will go to the ballot box and ensure the women have right to choose. as i said last month, i don't think the court has any notion of that matter.
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i don't think they have a clue about the power of women. last night, they found out. women and men did exercise their electoral power. voters in kansas defeated a ballot initiative to remove the right to choose an abortion in the kansas constitution. they are trying to strike it from the kansas constitution. a decisive vote, they made it clear that politicians should not interfere in the fundamental rights of women. the voters of kansas and a powerful signal that this fall the american people will preserve the right to an abortion. my administration has their back. host: that was president biden from the white house. axios says that they want to
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ensure the department of health and human services considers all appropriate action to make sure health providers follow nondiscrimination laws so that patients can receive care without delay. another opposing viewpoint is coming from the national review. writing in a recent opinion online said this, while i am certain democrats are overreaching. i offer pro-lifers a word of caution. don't let republican politicians to consider this as evidence that abortion is toxic. it is not indicative of how americans feel about abortion policy.
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the democratic party is out of step with their own party's on abortion. this debate is a messaging battle and will be more successful in the long run if we highlight the grotesque extremism on the other side. georgia starts us off on the independent line. we will hear from bill. caller: good morning pedro. thank you for taking my call. abortion is a very important issue in this upcoming election and i feel strongly that we have let the people down of this country. our democracy is hanging in the balance. when we can have three or four
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justices who can decide what we can do and what we can't do, then we certainly do not have a democracy. i know how we got here and it would take me a while to explain it to everybody. but we also know that we are in a divided country. we are divided by the christian nationalist to think they know more about everything. they want to take over the government. they want to tell everybody what they can and cannot do. secondly, we have a lot of young men and women today who are very confused. right now, i think president biden has made a very clear, we cannot jeopardize our country just because of a handful of people who decide what we can and cannot do. host: let's hear from rick in
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philadelphia on the democrats line. caller: good morning thank you for taking my call. i just want to say, i understand both sides concerns. living in a democratic society, intelligent and educated people will have a difference of opinion. it comes to the point where you agree on what you can agree on and disagree on what you have to disagree on. my concern is, let's support single mothers and families. let's make sure we extend food stamps and tax credits. let's support the children that are alive today. i guess this debate will continue but at least those who are alive, the children, can be secured to know that they will
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be allowed free lunches in the schools. let's work on these programs as we continue to debate others. thank you for your time. host: from carla in oklahoma on the republican line. caller: i don't think it's a top issue for an election at all. i think the states are using what the supreme court gave them. the right to have an election to determine whether they are stationed have an abortion or not. i don't think it's a tough issue. host: do you think it will bring more people out in general when it comes to the midterm elections? caller: no i don't think the abortion issue will bring more people out. i think it is for special elections. if the state has that on the ballot, make it might bring more people out.
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otherwise, it is just giving the power to the states to determine like the supreme court wanted. i don't think it's a republican or democrat issue at all. host: a recent pull from gallup that came out on the first of this month says this about this on abortion. when americans were asked to name the most important issue, 8% focused on abortion. while not high, it is the highest percentage since gallup began tracking mentions of abortions in 1984. another 6% of americans name a related issue, problems with the nation's judicial courts. it ranks third after inflation named first. bad leadership was second, another 12% making general
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complaints about the economy, 5% of respondents mentioned fuel and gas prices. this was gallup taking a look at if abortion matters to voters. this is from indiana, this is howard. caller: yes, good morning. i think the issue of abortion will factor into the general election in november and i hope it is successful in decimating the republican party which is a lost cause in my view. this whole issue with the conservative court doing away with the constitutional right is unacceptable. if you go back to the dred scott case where you had a supreme court that said all black people
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don't deserve any rights. that was a supreme court that said that. i think this court is equally as detrimental and dysfunctional. i think the republican party is a lost cause and formulating all of these crazy antiabortion laws. nobody wants an unwanted pregnancy. we should be looking at what policies would help a woman so that she never arrives at an unwanted pregnancy. abortion will always happen. they always happened in history whether you change the law or not is irrelevant. what it does do it forces poor women who are faced with this significant issue having to
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choose drastic options. we all know of horrible cases where women died or mutilated themselves. this whole thing is crazy to me. i hope this faces an overwhelming vote. host: speaking of indiana, its state losing one of its representatives yesterday. jackie walorski was killed yesterday. they were driving on indiana south yesterday afternoon. a car going north impacted the car.
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she represented the district since 2013. tributes to her are coming out on twitter feeds. she stayed true to her hoosier values. she worked each and every day for the lives of indiana residents. her untimely death is a loss for the house of representatives. our thoughts are with her and her loved ones. others commenting as well. the house democrats sending out their tweet from their caucus chair saying my prayers as well as those with the congressional community are with her family.
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may god watch over their loved ones in this difficult hour. i am deeply saddened by the passing of congresswoman walorski. as we mentioned, the capital is flying flaccid half-staff because of that. we will go to lou and highland park, illinois on the democrats line. caller: good morning, thank you for c-span. yes, abortion is a huge issue to me primarily because i think it is a constitutional right that women and their families believe they have. i think women of this country no matter whether they are democrats or republicans are sick and tired of old, white men
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telling them what to do with their bodies. i believe this will be the issue this year. host: let's hear from lindy in kansas on the republican line. caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. everybody was so up in arms about roe v. wade being overturned and that it would be turned over to the states. well, it is where it should be. it has been turned over to the states and the people of each state will be able to vote on what their issue is and how they believe it should be. unfortunately, kansas has five counties that really control the state. we have 105 counties in kansas
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and about five counties controlled the state because most of kansas is very rural. host: i was going to ask you if you are surprised by the results there this week? caller: not really. all of the polls suggested that there was a five-point lead for the yes vote and it turned out to be pretty far off when it ended up being 59% voted no for the amendment. everybody seems to think that kansas is such a red state when in reality, we have had more liberal governors than republican governors. this boat tells me where kansas really lies as far as red and blue goes. host: did you vote yourself on
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the amendment? caller: absolutely and i voted yes. i think abortion is wrong. it is being used as a convenience to get rid of unwanted children. if it would just be an issue on rape, and says or the actual physical health of the mother instead of psychologically messed up or something. i don't think abortion would be an issue and it would not have been an issue >> you can watch his program in its entirety any time on our website, rishi sunak and liz truss are debating to be the new prime minister of the u.k.. this event is hosted by sky news


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