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tv   Rep. Jim Jordan Discussion at CPAC Conference in Texas  CSPAN  August 7, 2022 5:28pm-5:54pm EDT

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conversations, heart deliberations and 100% unfiltered. >> let me say the main thing is it will pass and my heart goes out to those people who with the best of intentions are overzealous but i am sure you know if i could have spent a little more time being a politician last year and less time being president i would have kicked their butts but i did not know what they were doing. >> ohio republican representative jim jordan says he thinks former president trump will run for office again in 2024. he made the comment all speaking at the annual conservative political action conference in dallas with the organization's founder. representative jordan is the top republican on the house judiciary committee.
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he also talks about the possibility of republicans getting control of congress after the midterms and the january 6 committee investigation which he called illegitimate. >> what if we out america america? dominate the economy of the world. you dominate the world itself. it all goes back to a question of who is going to develop the technologies of tomorrow. clearly this is a race we cannot afford to lose. we are not going to have a country.
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that make our country the best thing it is. i always say the left controls big media. the left controls big attack. the left controls big sports. the left controls higher education. the left controls the white house. they control the house but they don't control we the people. >> that is right. >> you try to focus on that and somehow it works out and we do ok with the scorecard. > we have a big election coming up. i think you are probably very in demand on the campaign trail. we picked up 15 seats.
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i just want to say this to it is pre-much impossible to pick up 15 seats in the house and lose the white house. that does not really work. the incumbent president is going to lose, they lose seats but you kind of did most of the work last site by picking up the seats. i remember telling everybody i'm looking at donald trump strength. you cannot find anybody in the swamp that were like we are going to lose a couple seeds. you were a believer then. what is the number one priority for jim jordan in a house majority? >> do what we said. we need to pass the legislation consistent with what we campaign on. it will pass the house and there will not be enough senators and biden would veto if there were. we need to pass that legislation. we also need to do the
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investigation in a way that is consistent with the constitution. the democrats went after president trump -- they are still going after him. they do it purely for politics. they don't want president trump disrupting the swamp like he did when he was president. we need to do it because the american people deserve the truth. did this virus really start in a lab?
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the same person doing the primary pressuring is this individual. that needs to be investigated and when you couple it with what they have done to parents who show up to school board meetings, the political nature of our justice department is frightening and that is something if we get the majority, we need to look at and a host of other issues. we need to look at how the thousands of americans tax returns get public? all those things need to be investigated so you have the truth. that will help frame the 2024 race when i think president trump is going to run again. >> it is not unprecedented but it is nearly unprecedented the department of justice is working
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hand in glove with this illegitimate committee on the house and they are going after people like steve and in here on the grounds and others for not following the subpoenas. when you get -- when you have that gap and you are the chairman of the judiciary committee and you guys vote on the subpoena, doesn't that put merrick garland in a box? he is saying if you ignore a congressional subpoena, i will go after you through the department of justice. >> there has a double standard. let me say one thing. there is an election in 12 days in the state of wyoming and there is a good person running for office. if you all have not helped her,
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we want to make sure she wins that race. >> see past -- cpac has endorsed her. having another person who pushed for impeachment against donald trump go down would be sweet. this committee though, i think the key point is we have caught this committee lying eight different times. they live about a colleague of mine giving a tour at the capital. they lied about the secret service. we caught them lying about pat cipollone and corroborating a story if he went to the white house. and then they lied about me twice. i forwarded a text message to the chief of staff and they said it came from me when i forwarded to a lawyer inspector general for donald rumsfeld.
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they played a video clip of me. i said january 6 is the ultimate day of significance in a contest because it is the last step. they left out an important part of that clip because i said before january 6 is the most important day in the presidential contest. i said the late justice ruth bader ginsburg said january 6 is the ultimate date of significance. if we caught them in eight false statements without any access to the documents, without any ability to see the transcript, look at the evidence, if we have caught them in that many lives, imagine how many other false things they are telling the country. there is a great scripture
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verse. the first to present his case seems right until another questions him. that is the principle of cross-examination we always have. we don't want to do too much. we will take baby steps. i remember people like john
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dingell flooding all of their political opponents with a constant barrage of letters and inquiries. what is going to be jim jordan's approach? >> we are going to do it the right way and a way consistent with the constitution. think about what they did to moms and dads. on september 29, the school board association writes a letter to the biden white house saying use the patriot act against parents. five days later, the attorney general issues a memorandum that does exactly what the organization asked them to do five days prior. set up a line for reporting on parents who show up at school board meetings to advocate for the well-being of their child. october 20, the fbi sends out a emailed to agents across the country and the mill says use this threat tag designation when
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you are investigating parents who have been reported on the line the memorandum was set up by the attorney general. october 4 is the memorandum. october 20 is the email to agents. all of that happens in 22 days. when have you seen the federal government move that fast? when it came to going after the political opposition, they moved at lightning speed and we have since learned prior to the initial letter on september 29, the biden white house and justice department were talking to the school board. no we got the excuse to do what we want to do which is to go after our political opponents. those not supposed to happen in our government could we have had over a dozen whistleblowers come to our office and understand, we are in the minority. there is not a lot we can do.
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>> but they feel desperate. >> they are good agents doing the lords work and they are sick of the nature of the justice department. we can do the subpoenas and get further information to make sure the country gets to the truth. >> the one thing republicans believe in is not spending a lot of money on bureaucracy but when i think when it comes to your committee in new meijer already, -- new majority, you have really got to staff up and i think one of your first challenges is to convince the fellow member of your majority this committee is going to need a lot of resources. you have all the subcommittees but i don't know how you're going to choose between found she and vaccines, big tech censorship, not following voting walls and not following voter id. there is the last stop from
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hell. there is a lot of other corruption. there is an open southern border. i think the problem is there is a lot on your shoulders to adjudicate this but it is going to be a big effort. >> we are talking as a conference if we win the majority how we will do that. ways and means committee, armed service committee. >> we do have a broad jurisdiction. we will look at a lot of this. six weeks ago i asked dr. birx was the witness. > she is the one with the scarf. >> i asked her a question. i asked her first question. i said when the biden administration told us the vaccinated could not get the
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virus, were they guessing or lying? response was amazing. she says i don't know. i said you're telling me our government could have been lying to we the people? she said i would like to think they were hopeful. so it was a guest, a lie or a hope? you think about this whole -- homeland security they were going to set up a disinformation governance or did -- governance board. they shut it down. the fact they were doing it and it begs the obvious question, who is the biggest purveyor of disinformation? it is the federal government. how many things have they told us? when they want to tell us what is disinformation when in fact -- i always do the virus. remember when biden said he had a plan? biden said he would never impose a vaccine mandate and then he did.
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they told us this did not come from a lab. it was not our tax dollars. it looks like all those things are true. think about the origins. they said it did not come from a lab. it was a bat to a hippopotamus to joe rogan. >> when you said it online, they shut you down. >> there would say you are disinformation. they would say the vaccination could not transmit it. >> where you have to put your mask for this monkeypox thing? i'm a little worried about this. i digress. >> we'll new the virus was serious.
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don't turn around and say the people are having disinformation when it is the government has proven they were. >> you guys are plotting and planning. you know investigations are the number one thing. senate republicans have done a number on house speakers because senate republicans are not willing to stand up and fight on spending questions. you have this first budget vehicle that goes through and it is a wrecking ball for house speakers. they try to negotiate with senate republicans. can we break this historic problem and can house republicans tell senate republicans we are going to pick one big thing and maybe one or two little things like defund npr, defund pbs?
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i think you have a theory on this. what is the big thing we ought to get around? >> the entire republican conference has to make a decision on that we all know the chaos is. the biden administration is doing that intentionally. we talked about this earlier. we are now a populist party rooted in conservative principal. it is either the border or energy. when the price of energy goes up, that drives the price of everything else. one of those two areas we have to pick that policy and say if you're going to spend at this level, we're going to pass a good budget in the house. it is going to go to the senate and schumer and biden are going to say we have to spend on all
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kinds of crazy things and we are going to say you want any kind of spreading up there, we have to get a policy that does something good for the country on immigration court border security or energy. that will be a decision. our fiscal year ends september 30. you cannot wait until september 30 -- until september 20th and start having a debate. so the country can understand was fully at stake before we passed the appropriations. >> it seems to me if that is our big thing -- this is for all of us. conservative activists around the country. we have to be realistic. this is the first step toward regaining power. that doesn't get much accomplished unless we follow it two years later with an even bigger red waste. in that year or so when that
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presidential race is coming about, we have to determine what we will fight like help for in that first budget process. that could be fossil fuels. the could be building the pipeline. that could be securing the border. these major questions on elections. i still don't know if kerry like has been declared the winner should please tell me she has been. that is not good. i feel like that is what we have to get ourselves around. you brought up president trump. you believe he is running. you have been saying that consistently. i know what he thinks of you. i know what he thinks of you as a wrestler. he admires you as a fierce athlete. i know what he thinks of you as a human being and he appreciates the fact you have stood up against all these lies against
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him and we appreciate you speak for all of us when you do that. he is going to be on the stage on saturday and he might be watching you right now. he always has a speech but then he goes off the script. >> isn't that the best part? why is everyone telling him to stay on the script? i like his energy. i love the fact he loves the country. he loves our veterans, our military. we have had the privilege to spend a lot of time around him. he loves the american people. one thing he does and it is genuine and you all know what turn when he speaks, he always lets the audience know he is fighting for them. this is a great line and it is so true.
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he says the reason they come after me so hard is i am fighting for you. that is why he was such an effective president. why i want him to run again. >> the final question here, donald trump decided to run for president. what do you think the number one thing he has learned after spending the time on the presidential campaign four years in the white house, these constant attacks. it is different about him today than when he came down the escalator in 2015? >> i think he is going to be ready to go on day one. not that he was not before. >> let's be honest. they were not. he was ready but it was too tough to take it on at once. >> he got more done than any president in our lifetime and he did it with every democrat against him.
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half the republicans and all the bureaucracy against him. i think he knows what he is up against and they have been going after him before he was even president with what they did with the trump russia the loony -- trump russia collusion baloney. he understands how intense this is. he said he does not have to do it. he has a wonderful life and a wonderful family. he is willing to fight for it again. >> thanks for being with us again. >> thank you. thank you. ♪ >> c-span has unfiltered coverage of the house january 6
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committee hearings investigating the attack on the capital. go to 6, our web resource page, to watch the latest videos of the hearings, briefings and all of our coverage of the attack and subsequent investigation since january 6, 2021. we have reaction from evers of congress and the white house as well as journalists and authors talking about the investigation. go to 6 for a fast and easy way to watch when you cannot see it live. >> c-span now is a free mobile app featuring your unfiltered view of what is happening in washington live and on-demand. keep up with the biggest events with live streams from floor proceedings and hearings from the u.s. congress, white house events, the court, campaigns and more from the world of politics i'll let your fingertips. -- of politics at your
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