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tv   CPAC Discussion on Border Security Rep. Scott Perry on Freedom Caucus...  CSPAN  August 13, 2022 11:39pm-12:26am EDT

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conference in dallas. kari lake, the arizona republican candidate for governor, as well as scott perry. ♪ [chanting: kari] >> we did it.
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>> i love you. [applause] >> did something happen recently ? i don't know, i have been traveling. welcome everybody. my name is julio rosas. i'll be the breakfast taco moderating today's panel. the senior writer over at town hall .com. i've been covering the border extensively for them and all the mess has been created. i'm also the author of fiery but mostly peaceful 2020 riots and gaslighting of america just came out this spring if you want to check that out. but enough about me, we got a great panel here today. we have former acting ice director, tom homan here. we have congresswoman maira flores representing south texas .
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and i can officially say we have kari lake, the official gop nominee for governor in the state of arizona. [applause] >> just so you know, julio, i was myra's first endorsement also endorsed kari. >> so since we are here in the great state of texas, i'm gonna get home court advantage here over to the congresswoman. congresswoman, you're from mexico, you've lived in south texas. you know, you've been on both sides of the border for your entire life. you know, more than anybody on this panel. just how different things have become under the biden administration. you know, bring it home for people, there are real people who live in south texas and there are tejanos and they're
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hispanic and mexican's and what have you. so how just how terrible have things become under the biden administration? >> it really has changed everything for us. you know, like you said, i'm i'm from mexico and was blessed to come to this amazing country when i was six years old and most of us in south texas have families in mexico and my grandparents still live in mexico. i cannot visit them as often as i wish. most people in south texas cannot visit their families as well because of the criminal organizations that have taken over the southern border. and and it's only gotten worse ever since biden got elected. i wish it was different. but this is really hurting us all, not just in south texas, but really the entire country, we've had over three million people cross illegally and to our country. child sex trafficking is a real problem in this country. and if we want to stop child sex trafficking, we must secure our borders. and this should not be political. >> i heard it was racist securing the border.
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but what do i know? [laughter] >> and so so carrie, you know, as someone who's gonna be running for governor for a border say that's also been hit very hard. i've been to the yuma sector that has been one of the most hardest hit sectors along the entire southern border we got people from, you know, columbia, we have russians coming over there. ecuador. i mean it is one of those areas where it's not mexican, it's not even northern triangle countries. it's other basically the entire world. so should you become governor , following this election, what concrete steps is your administration gonna take to get things under control in arizona? >> well, i think one of the reasons that i won is that i have the most aggressive border security plan in the country that we've ever seen. and that's one of the reasons i got elected. [applause] >> our plan is to call it what it is. we have an invasion at the border and on day one we're gonna call it back and we and we
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-- call it that. we need to call it what it is in order to use the u.s. constitution for a remedy. article one, section 10 says that if we are in imminent danger, we're being invaded and time is of the essence, then we can protect our own border. we don't need to wait for joe biden. we can't wait for joe biden. and so we're gonna get down there. we're going to issue a declaration invasion. on day one. as soon as my hand comes off the bible, we're gonna send our arizona national guard troops to the border and stop -- [applause] >> we're gonna finish president trump's wall and as a state, we're gonna remember that we are sovereign, we created the federal government. they didn't create us. [applause] and we're not gonna sit here with joe biden rolling out the welcome mat to the whole world. we can't accept people illegally like this. and nobody in arizona wants an open border. they don't want the fentanyl
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pouring in pouring in. they don't want the cartels in control of our border. we want safety on our streets and we want security. and we're gonna do that for the people of arizona starting on day one. [applause] tom, as the former director of ice you know how the border infects the interior of the united states. can you bring it home for the people here and the people and the rest of the country how that happens, and about interior immigration enforcement. >> look at the same time, president biden open up the border and went for the most secure border in my lifetime on the greatest president in my lifetime, donald trump.
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at the same time, we had 1.7 million encounters already got over 900,000. gotta ways. so we're gonna have five men by the time, this fiscal year is over at the same time they did that they abolished the ice mission. i always said they're not gonna abolish ice. they'll abolish the mission. they would take the money away. that's exactly what they've done in the same year. he had record immigration ice had the lowest number of a rescue removals in the history of the agency. when i was there, we did 409,001 year. they did 59,000 the same year. had record immigration and 59,000. not an actual number either because 28,000 of those were under the last three months of trump administration. so joe biden removed 26,000 people and we we already showed were capable of moving 409,000 . when i was in charge of enforcement remove operations for three years. i oversaw the removal over one million illegal aliens and we're gonna see it again in 2024. trust me. [laughter] -- [applause] trust me, but here's, here's
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where i've gone. i am busy soon the hell out of this administration. we'll look at the same time, president biden open up the -- i am a senior fellow with them, i testified in court and sued ice priorities. and one. we will continue to win. we are 6-0. i never thought that after six presidents i would retire to sue one, i will continue to sue him. folks, we need your help, we are against the hl you, where a small group. this agency is lawless and they are viral -- violating federal law. >> now, you know, as being, you know, you know, one of the members of the media, but one of the good ones i assure youwe i
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actually do give the mainstream media a little bit of credit. they do random acts of journalism every once in a while and they've done so with the border crisis. they've done a fairly decent job reporting on the numbers kind of reporting on some other things -- no -- but then, it gets undercut literally yesterday from the new york times, this gop governors cause havoc by bussing migrants to the east coast. and so everyone on this panel here has has run ins with the mainstream media and and their bias. so congresswoman, you know, with your experience with the media being the way that they are.the -- the way that they are. and you've also had to deal with a local blogger. how does that effect people where all of the sudden the mainstream media says this is a problem when it reaches their doorstep in washington d.c.
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or new york city. and actually by the way, i don't know if you saw this governor abbott sent the first bus of migrants from texas to new york city. so so what, so what are some of the things that the major media is missing when they write stuff like this? >> well, i think it's important that they understand those days, understand what we're going through, what we have been going through for for a long time. ever since the biden administration came in, they have destroyed the southern border. and you know, look, it's their policies that have created this crisis over 1000 immigrants have lost their lives. they claim to care about immigrants, they don't care about immigrants, they don't care about the american people, they only care about themselves and the power of the democrat party. they don't care about who we are. and to be honest with you, i really don't care what the media has to say. the people in south texas don't care. [applause] we have real issues that we need to focus on this coming november. and all i ask the american people is they want us to get distracted, you know, focus on the issues that matter in your
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district. focus on the values. and i don't believe that no political party is worth us forgetting about who we are. do not put god aside for no political party. [applause] do not put your family values for a political party. do not be loyal to a political party. our loyalty needs to be with god our loyalty needs to be with our family. and i really do think that we need to start start embracing our faith and our our family values and strengthen them. and i think that we will become a much better country but to be , honest with you, south texas , texas 34 can care less. we're focused on the issues that really matter to usas a as -- that matters to us. >> as someone used to be in the media as well, --
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>> do you really want me to go after the media right now? [applause] >> i believe they are enemy of the people as president trump says they're lying to us in arizona, they're not covering the border. well, i mean, i know some of the national outlets might be down there and you know, they're they're more interested in covering school board meetings where they're calling moms and dads terrorists than the real narco terrorists at the border. and we got to start treating the cartels as terrorists and we're gonna start kicking them out, putting them on no fly list and and taking away any of their earnings to help build the wall. frankly. the media is more interested in attacking the good men and women who are running for office who care about this country than attacking people who are trying to invade our country and peddle drugs and poison our children with these drugs. and frankly, let's remember the humanitarian angle. these people coming across millions of them now, you say
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5 million tom? these people are going to be indentured servants to the cartels, that's not how we operate in america. and i'm not okay with that and i and i don't think you are ok with that. >> i'm glad you brought that up because that is something that a lot of people miss is that once a lot of these people come into the united states and then they are released, the cartels doesn't say okay, we're done with you now. they own them and so they have to work off their debt. they go through a lot of terrible things even after they've already gone through this very dangerous journey. and so, you know, tom, i mean, again with how egregious the media can be when it comes to covering the border. i mean, i was in del rio back in september when the haitians were all coming in. and i remember all of a sudden news breaking about border patrol is whipping these migrants and it was started by started by this twitter liberal activist and the mainstream media just ran with it. and here i am, you know, we're
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at the bridge, they have been trying to ignore this situation for over a week at that point and now all of a sudden, oh well we're gonna cover whipping. it's ridiculous. first of all, -- people who live on the east coast and not in their bubbles. just don't even have a basic idea of what's actually happening at the border. so, i mean tom how did that affect the boots on the ground? the guys there on the front lines where they see either themselves being slandered or they saw their their comrades being slandered. not just by me and you know, president biden also joined in on that. >> media tried to cancel me for three years, but i don't give a shit. [applause] when i started my career as a
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border patrol agent, 1984, proudest moments of my life putting a uniform every day. but the president united states, the commander in chief in his first speech and that's why the -- the first's beach president biden gave was, the last administration would watch children starve to death on the banks of the rio grande did nothing about it. he's talking about the 20,000 men and women wearing that uniform who saved over 12,000 people last year. [applause] these are american patriots. the finest 1% this country had you got this, you got the secretary of homeland security alejandro mayorkas who stands on stage and says the border is secure, the border is secure the borders closed while the men and -- borders closed. while the men and women in border are busting their 24 7. they've lost total respect in the commander in chief. they lost respect in the homeland security secretary. i do everything i can for him on fox, i fight from every day because the day i retired i promised the men and women in border patrol, i maybe retired from this position but always have your six because either finest americans on the face of
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the earth, they deserve better. and let me say one more thing about the horse patrol. the horse patrol did nothing wrong. i saw that i watched the video. i knew within three minutes. i did nothing wrong. i was a federal agent. but the media attacked the president, the vice president, the secretary of insecurity. everybody attacked them without looking at the facts. they had them guilty before the investigation went over. the investigation should have took 15 minutes because you can see they did nothing wrong. now that they found out they didn't whip anybody. now they're trying to find other charges against them which is the most un american thing you can do to men and women who put it on the line every day to serve this nation. i have buried more federal agents. i have buried ice agents for their commander in chief to attack them the way that they do. he needs to be impeached. [applause]
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>> congresswoman, your husband is a border patrol agent as well. i mean, how did that whole incident and in the aftermath? i mean, how did he, how did he feel about it? how did his co workers feel about it? i mean that was one of the most egregious things i had seen in terms of media malpractice. >> yeah, it's heartbreaking to see i'm a proud border patrol wife. if you're watching, i love you. you're my hero. you're our hero. i will always support our men and women in green for the service that they do. and it it's really difficult and it's not just difficult on them. it's difficult on the families, but constant disrespect. they don't understand that their familia, there are sons, there are daughters, their husbands, their our neighbors. and every time they disrespect them, they disrespect an entire family. it really hurts to see that lack of disrespect from our elected officials, from our president because again to me, i just feel
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that this is something that we should all agree securing the borders. like it used to not be like this. you know, democrats, republicans should all come together to stand with our men and women that are there to enforce the laws that we put in place that they put in place. and it's really, it's really sad to see what's happening in our country. and that's the reason why i encourage all border patrol , -- border patrol wives, to get involved. because they can't speak, but we can so get involved. it's so important because the government has completely silenced them. they can come out and speak for themselves and let me tell you so many of them are retiring and they don't have the resourcesto -- resources to do their job effectively, my husband right now is processing children saving children that are being abandoned in the middle of nowhere. children that have gone through
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so much trauma have been raped multiple times, have children of my own and i just can't imagine that to happen to my child and i don't care where these children are from. they're completely innocent and this is something that we should all come together to protect them. they're our children. [applause] >> -- >> but you know, i want to say something really quick. it's never about the truth with the media. they saw an image and they froze that image and thought, wow, we can make it look like something else. and then they run with it. and even when the truth finally comes out, they don't even report the truth. they did the same thing with nick sandman, they did the same thing with kyle rittenhouse. they don't care. it's about a narrative meant to divide us. they want us like this and thank god, america is waking up to the lives of the media, we will eventually come together. i believe we will, but we gotta turn those people off, just turn the tv off, turn the tv off, find a few trusted sources. and i think we're starting to figure out who we can trust in
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the media. there's certain people where we go there, they're honest and they're not honest. we have a couple of good ones over here. we got one good one right here. [applause] >> with arizona because it does cover most of the border, i feel like arizona -- that's why they didn't even know about yuma. how bad things are. should you enter the governor's mansion -- >> i will. >> snow county will have something to say something about that. >> we are going to win and we are going to some cure the border. we have a complex border different than texas and it will take one strong governor to say that we will take care of the problem. what happens in arizona when it comes to the border doesn't
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remain in arizona. everywhere i go people say build the wall and secure the border. we will have an interstate contract and if they can send the national guard to help us out, we will work with them and will get our border security. and the other border states will start to do that. i'm not a fan of bussing people into other cities. it makes for acute photo op but it takes people that should not be here and move them further in. we should drive them to the border and send them back the other way. we can't have everybody coming in. it is 160 different countries coming here. a border patrol agent says they are shocked if somebody comes over from mexico.
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this is from all over the world. thousands of people coming here who have murdered, they are murderers or have a murder rap. we have drugs, obviously the people running drugs. but we can't have these criminals coming in. they are not all criminals but we don't want any criminals coming in or terrorists coming in and we certainly don't want people that will be taking our jobs, driving our wages down, and indentured servants to cartels. we are not going to remain a country if we allow that to happen. >> so tom, the answer might seem kind of obvious. obvious, not to the biden administration, but how do we fix this. >> as far as the heritage foundation, i met with 100 gop representatives months ago.
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take control of the house, impeach mayorkas. not only did he violate his oath , he had violated his oath and put this country in great danger. nate is from 160 countries in the u.s.. border patrol has arrested 53 people. how many of that 900,000 got a ways were here to blow something up? circuitry of homeland security no integrity. puts the country a great risk. the second thing i would do is bring back the greatest president of my lifetime, donald trump. for the folks who don't like donald trump, i say this. i worked for six presidents. starting with ronald reagan.
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every of them even clinton and obama had some sort of plan to secure the border. but no one did more than president trump. stone cold fact. he shut immigration at the lowest level ever. when people say president trump and steve miller, you have no humanity, when immigration is down 83%, how many children aren't dying? how many children are to being raped? how many terrorists didn't get into the country? president trump saved lives. and with these folks real quick, i was with president trump two weeks ago in las vegas having dinner. and i told him, you come back i come back and we fix this shit
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in 30 days. [cheers and applause] >> final words. >> i a group -- i agree. impeaching mayorkas is a goal of mine. the wall was built during the obama administration and during that time, no one found it racist. that just shows the hypocrisy. i am all about giving our border patrol agents the resources that they need. right now, it is the policies this administration is putting in. there is organizations in the united states that will stop america that are going to mexico and literally paying for their hotels, for their food, to come here to the united states.
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and they are taking advantage of these people that are in need and wanting -- of course i'm against illegal immigration but it's also people from this country that are paying the entire way. and that is something a point that we understand that we have our own enemy within. and there is good people. i want you to know there is good people wanting to come here to work hard for the american dream. but we want them to come here legally. and that is why it is so important that we fix the immigration system. because it is broken. there are people waiting 15 years or 20 years to come here to the united states. we have to fix the legal process so good people can come here to the united states. that is also a priority of mine as well. >> final words.
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>> i'm looking forward to getting in and showing the country that we as a state can take back our sovereignty and we can secure our own border. and we can prove that we can do this. we will take the fight to the federal government because we will not sit here and be victims to what they are doing to us. ♪ >> there is really a great
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desecration going on. anything that is good, holy, or truthful is being attacked. >> these people never get tired, they will never stop. >> the land of the free. >> being threatened by a growing culture. >> under siege by an enemy. >> the black lives letter -- matter movement is a marxist organization. we will burn down the system and replace it. >> one thing in common is an internet mob mentality. >> fired after allegations of racism. >> they will harass you and vilify you. >> cancel culture israel and coming to a neighborhood near you. you will lose your job and get kicked out of the store. you won't have your place in society. they want you to be quiet.
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>> what has been shocking to watch is that the press is part of cancel culture. >> be prepared to run an op-ed. >> i don't think parents -- >> calling parents domestic terrorists. >> if we take over the schools we can combat the ridiculousness and racism like critical race theory. they canceled the president of the united states when he was my father. >> they have a clear account but an american president does not? >> twitter and facebook under fire. >> who elected you and put you in charge of what the media is allowing.
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>> this was the fight that we were put on this earth to make. >> the culture killers. even this conversation you're having with me right now on twitter would be banned. >> ladies engine woman, please welcome from the commonwealth of pennsylvania, representative scott perry. >> good, cpac. good afternoon, common sense america. this segment is called the solution to what the democrats and the left is doing to the country. the solution, right? stop it. and it. i'm congressman scott perry from
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the great commonwealth of pennsylvania. if you've never heard of the house freedom caucus, members of congress who stand for the countless millions of americans who feel like washington has left them behind and does not speak for them. that is who the freedom caucus is. what we will talk about this afternoon, what we constantly hear is when republicans are in charge, we can't get that done because the democrats are in the presidency. we can't get that done because democrats have the senate. there is always some reason, right? of course we can't get it done when we are in the minority because they are in charge of everything. i am here to tell you that's not true. who will talk about three things. you got to know which team you are on. i will give you an example of each one of these. you got to know what the rules are of the game. it's not really a game, it's real stuff, but you have to know what the world -- the rules are
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of the operation. you got to know the leverage points. the freedom caucus has engaged in every single one of these things and been moderately successful. we are still in the minority so these are little wins but this is training for the big wins. even in the minority we can be doing some things to win for the american people. front and center, the national defense authorization act. national defense authorization where we spend the money and figure out policy for your military that you pay for that has been humiliated over and over again by the left. so our side brings us this bill. this is a good bill we want to to vote for. understand the democrats cannot pass this bill on their own. we already know this. many democrats hate our military and hate what the country stands for.
12:13 am
they don't have the votes to pass it so they have to come to us. that is a leverage point. you need me and i'm going to need something from you. so our side said this is a good bill. some of us in the freedom caucus said this is a terrible bill. you know what the democrat solution is for the woes they are imposing on the military? drafting our daughters. we will let the world know and let everybody know and you will call your representative and your senator and say do not vote for that. and they took that out of the bill. it is a small win, but it's a win. vax mandates. we are recruiting below 50%. can't recruit people to the military because of the vaccines. senator lee said we need a stand-alone bill to end the vaccine before we vote on the nda today.
12:14 am
listen to the math here. seven senators did not show up for the vote. it republican. 46 republicans voted yes. 47 democrats voted no. we lost by one. two of those four republicans that did not show up where there earlier in the day. ladies engine on men, it is a leverage point. you have to know who your team is. we could have won by one if we were in the fight. you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, but we can win if we fight. if we are willing to fight. to the great state of texas. this is another. the red flag law that came out of the senate and came to the house of representatives, senator cornyn -- look, we understand sometimes you have a
12:15 am
bad situation and you have to vote on something. but don't help them write the bill or cosponsor the bill. senator cornyn does that and a bunch of republican senators follow him on this thing. a red flag law that takes away your right to due process. it comes to the house and house members say a bunch of republican senators voted for this so it must be ok and our leadership says we will recommend a no vote. whose side are you on? the freedom caucus says no, we want you to whip against it and let the american people know that this is an awful bill. they finally came around. it's a small victory, but it's a victory and we can win some of these things. adam kinzinger voted yes, liz cheney voted yes. they are not coming back. adam kinzinger's not coming back and liz cheney will lose a battle in a week and a half. you have to know what team you
12:16 am
are on. speaking of liz cheney. two years ago, the house freedom caucus went to our leadership and said she has got to go. she does not speak for us and she's coming out against republican members because she disagrees with their votes. she's got to go. leadership said we should be honored to have liz cheney in our conference leading us. that's what they said. we brought it back in february of 2021. we brought the issue back. our leadership went out and got the votes for her to stay the conference chair three months later. she was voting for impeachment and working with the democrats on the j six committee. we finally got our leadership to kick her off that leadership position. we will get small victories but you have to have leverage and you have to be willing to fight. we talked about leverage. we talked about knowing what team you're on.
12:17 am
ladies and gentlemen, everybody that runs for congress ran because they knew something was messed up in washington. it ain't go there to do the same things over and over again. yet that's what happened. so now we are going to talk a little bit about the rules. the rules of the operation. we have rules in the house of representatives that we operate by. nancy pelosi has instituted what is called martial law. so she can bring a bill to the floor, never gone through committee, no notice on the day you are going to vote on it and she does that kind of stuff. our side would like to do the same thing as well because what they want you to have is what you have now, which is the illusion of representative government. you think your representative is going to washington dc on your behalf and he or she is working on the bill late at night working on the language and changing some things.
12:18 am
not happening. here is how it goes. the republican ranking member gets together with the chairman, the democrat chairman in the house and they get together with the chairman and ranking member in the senate and they work out a four corners deal. here is where you get involved. they bring it to the floor and they come to you and say we need you to vote. there is an agreement in place. and if you are a freedom caucus member, you say, mr. chairman, i don't have an agreement. i wasn't in the room. some going to have to be no on the bill. that's where the problems start. the rules are important. here is what we have coming up. we talked a little bit about what has happened and we will come back in september. democrats don't have the votes to pass appropriations. they don't have the votes.
12:19 am
that means we have a leverage point. what we cannot have his republicans voting for that. they know the cavalry is coming. just over the horizon here comes republican party representatives. saw them out here on the floor and they are coming. the democrats will say do a continued resolution, meet with us on this into december. what's gonna happen on november 8. republicans are going to take over. they are still going to be in office until they sworn in in january. the lame-duck session. then they will pass something horrific that we are going to have to deal with into the next year. spending and policy. republicans cannot help them. in september, we have to say no. you people want the majority. you pass it without our help. republicans cannot cave-in on
12:20 am
this leverage point. what it takes is courage. his simple word. you will see in about a month or so, hearing about the rules of how we conduct business. and i talked to you a little bit about martial law. so what we're going to ask for and we need republicans to vote for this so that they can participate. so they don't have to take orders from leadership. you know who leadership is? the citizenry. not who is elected to congress. not liz cheney. citizenry. the majority of the majority. any bill that we bring to the floor, any bill at all has to have the majority of the majority. if you can't get a majority of republican support or it, you can't run it. of course, that's obvious. i served under john boehner. i served under paul ryan. i can't tell you how many times
12:21 am
they couldn't get the votes on the republican side so they went to the democrats and more of them voted for it then we did. they sold us out. we have to put that in the rules. 72 hours to read the bill. we wave it all the time. we say that doesn't matter anymore and remove the bills right to the floor. we want to read it. and we want you to read it. we want to talk to you about what's happening. 72 hours. only in the case of emergency with three quarters of the conference agreeing that it's an emergency. we want to run the bill before you've already it. that can't be the emergency. and oversight. we must conduct oversight. there's no reason jim jordan shouldn't be peeling open the doj and hunter biden and the january 6 committee. there's no reason.
12:22 am
they are not looking at ukraine and joe biden and joe biden and china. and if they call the whole mineral. i know this is inside baseball. it allows members of congress to strike out spending provisions one by one. it allows us to look at bureaucrats that work in the administration that we can't fire. take their salary down to one dollar. i'm thinking anthony found cheap. i'm thinking about merrick garland. i'm thinking about the homeland security secretary who can continue to work. we can't fire them, but they can't make a dollar. we can win if we fight. but we have to fight. leverage points and be on the same team and you have to know the rules. god bless you, let's save the republic.
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>> over the past few months, the january 6 committee held a series of hearings revealing the findings of its investigation. watch c-span as we look back at the committee's eight hearings, featuring never before seen evidence, depositions, and witness testimony into the attack on the u.s. capitol. u.s. capitol police officers caroline edwards was knocked unconscious during the first breach of the capitol grounds. she her story alongside nick quested who was filming the rally. >> c-span now is a free mobile app featuring your unfiltered view of what is happening in washington. live and on demand. white house events, campaigns
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