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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  August 17, 2022 10:02am-11:07am EDT

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back at the committee's hearings featuring never before seen evidence, depositions and witness testimony on the attack on the u.s. capitol. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, mike pence secured in the capitol complex are shown to the public for the first time. greg jacobs, former counsel to mr. pence testifies on the alleged pressure the vice president received from president trump to not certify the election results. watch tonight on c-span or any time on demand at >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. funded by these television companies and more, including buckeye broadband. >> ♪
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>> buckeye broadband supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers. giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> results coming in, it was declared last night that representative hagan, republican, won the race and taking a look at statistics as far as percentages of votes cast, it was hagemann in the lead at the time of this calculation, with 113,000 plus votes, giving her 66% of those voting for her, compared to liz cheney, who received a 9300 votes. 28.9% of people supporting her in that primary race. you can see the whole speech she gave, conceding on c-span. here is a portion from rep's and if liz cheney yesterday as she
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talked about the concession and what it meant as far as her efforts against president trump. >> we must be clear eyed about the threat we face and about what is required to defeat it. i have said since january 6 that i will do whatever it takes to ensure donald trump is never again anywhere near the oval office and i mean it. >> [applause] >> this is a fight for all of us together. i am a conservative republican, i believe in the principles and ideals on which my party was founded. i love its history and i love what our party has stood for. i love my country more. >> [applause] >> i ask you tonight to join me as we leave here, let us resolve
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that we will stand together, republicans, democrats and independents against those who would destroy our republic. they are angry and determined. they have not seen anything like the power of americans united in defense of our constitution and committed to the cause of freedom. there is no greater power on this earth. with god's help, we will prevail. host: you can see more of that speech on our website and our app. for his part, the former president posting on his true social -- truth social platform about yesterday's results, saying, congratulations to hagemann on a decisive win in wyoming. this is a complete rebuke of the select committee of hacks and thugs. liz cheney should be ashamed of herself and her actions towards others. now, she can finally disappear into the depths of political
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oblivion where i am sure she can be happier then where she is now. politico posting a story about next steps for representative cheney. they report she is going in the next coming weeks, according to our spokesman, liz will be watching an organization to educate the american public to unionize an effort to oppose trump's campaign for president. the new group, which will serve as her primary vehicle as she considers to run for president in 2024 doesn't have an official name yet. the guest, the great task. the phrase is from the last sentence of the gettysburg address. we will talk about this for the next hour. republicans, call us at (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. you can text us at (202)
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748-8003. margaret in kansas, republican line. hello. -- up first. caller: hello. i'm a democrat. my finger must have hit the wrong button. host: i will put you there. if you can call in, call in if you wish to try to get back on the right line. this is alan, our line for democrats. caller: good morning. i will try to be brief. it will not be easy. anyone who underestimates the stupidity of the american electorate deserves everything that they get. not only for liz cheney losing but for the obedience to trump. just a few things about trump.
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the muslim ban. host: let's go back to rep. cheney:. what do you think about the results yesterday? caller: the results are disappointing. this woman was for the truth. it is so obvious what happened, not only with the -- with what was brought to florida but how do you not see the truth? the man is -- trump is like -- and i commend her. i think she lost her vote, but it was for principal and most of these republicans do not have a clue. host: daniel in kentucky, independent line. you are next up. caller: i -- first of all, i support liz cheney and hope she
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can bounce back even better than what she did from this. however, this is just a sign that the republican party is in trouble. there is a big division about those who put the country over everything else and then there is a -- then there are the ones who put trump over everyone else. hopefully by the time all the just settles those that were favoring the former guy will be showing how badly they fell. maybe the republican party might be able to realize how badly they messed up and get back on track. however -- i really hope liz cheney is one of the leaders of
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that new republican party. host: julie from woodbridge, virginia, democrat line. caller: as a lifelong democrat, i grew up in a family of conservative republicans and i am so sad. i would have voted for liz cheney if she were to have run for something, but i also want to comment on other callers about what is going on with republicans. i think there is the boyfriend who cheated on me kind of mentality where they just cannot admit to themselves that he is that bad so they continue to support him because that is the decision they made. on the other side, i blame fox news and right-leaning platforms for pushing it.
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they know better. trump is trump. he will never not be trump. but for anyone who pushes out his stuff, they are intentionally deceiving people out there, the people who listen to nothing else. host: as far as your personal support for liz cheney, is it because you agree with her principles were because she is against president trump? caller: she is principled person. i was pacific support her just because our country needs more people like her, whatever your policy choices. host: that is truly in woodbridge, virginia. challenger harriet hageman, who won last night, also went before cameras after the projected votes came in in her favor. she talked about what she sees as far as her race ahead and also referenced current politics involving liz cheney.
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here is harriet hageman from yesterday. >> wyoming has spoken. wyoming has spoken on behalf of everyone across this great country who believes of the american dream, who believes in liberty and recognizes our right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equal protection, and due process comes through god. and the government cannot take that away. wyoming has spoken on behalf of everyone who understands our government is a government by and for the people. and that we can and do engage
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when we participate and hold elected officials accountable for their actions. wyoming has spoken on behalf of everyone concerned that the game is becoming more and more rigged against us. while it may not be easy, we can dislodge entrenched politicians who believe they are above the people they are supposed to represent. host: wyoming news yesterday on their website highlights what faces harriet hageman ahead. again, your thoughts on rep. cheney's defeat yesterday. caller: i watched the election last night and i'm glad that cheney got her comeuppance and got beat.
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this is our legacy. she will be probably nobody to be reckoned with in the future. her legacy is dead. the january 6 committee will probably be disbanded after this , so i am glad to see that. everybody in the democrat party is so afraid of trump they can't hardly stand it. host: do you think representative cheney might run for president and what you think the results would be? caller: she will never get the presidency. she wont make it past the primaries. she has not got presidential character. host: that is glenn in texas. there are 10 house republicans who voted to impeach president trump years ago. cnn highlights their various statuses as far as reelections and the like. four of those announcing retirement. that is at the gonzalez of ohio,
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adam kinzinger, and fred upton. as far as those who lost races come a a representative of south carolina, michigan, and washington state. representative liz cheney joining that list now as of yesterday, which leaves two winning their races, dan newhouse of washington state in the fourth district and of california and the 21st district. from california, this is our line for democrats. caller: good morning. i think the cheney defeat says more about the gop than cheney. the rhetoric that has been coming from all the winners is very anti-american. i think the gop is looking to
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destroy our democracy to keep power forever, and that is what the gop stands for today. host: how does that relate to rep. cheney's race? caller: cheney stood for traditional republican democratic values. support the fbi, the president is not a king. the gop today says donald trump is king and they want to defund the fbi. that is just two points of the difference between cheney and her opponent. host: hal in massachusetts. caller: the left-wing media cannot even keep up with its own talking points. this is darth vader's daughter. dick cheney was running the bush administration?
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it is ridiculous, with the left is doing. we used to have a time in this country when there was compromise. donald trump never had the traditional honeymoon period. host: talk about the race of rep. cheney:. what do you think of the results from yesterday? ? caller: let the people decide, unlike the democratic party that uses superdelegates. it is we the people. this country is throwing everything at a former president. his poll numbers are higher than they ever were. that is the message. we were told in the 1990's it was about the economy, stupid, when we had a president that had potentially raped women. what happened to that talking point? host: as far as representative cheney is concerned, she says
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she is going to try to keep the former president out of effort -- out of office what you think of that effort? caller: it is up to the people of the country. it is we the people. the people spoke yesterday, and now that was the message sent to this country. evidently, people still want to donald trump. let the people decide. host: continue calling in on the numbers. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. feel free to text us at (202) 748-8003. joining is now, a reporter from politico who covers congress talking about results from yesterday. thank you for joining us. aside from the numbers we saw against rep. cheney, what are the takeaways from the results? guest: congresswoman cheney
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looked beyond this election in terms of her palooka future. she is launching a new put a call vehicle. it is not clear exactly what it will be for yet, but it is striking that she has not ruled out a presidential bid, so that might be the next thing >>. try to see what she does next -- the next thing, trying to see what she does next. the bottom line is congresswoman cheney is not going anywhere. host: as for the store you wrote on this as far as keeping her megaphone, she will still say -- stay on the january 6 committee for as long as she is in office. what you think yesterday does as far as her role in the committee and the impact it has? guest: it does not look like it will change her role in the committee. she still has this high-profile
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she will use through her role as vice chair of the committee. the committee has made it clear they want to stay through the end of this congress. the deadline they see is january. they have more hearings in september. they have another report coming. this will continue to be a platform for cheney to try to deny a path for the former president to return to power. host: one of the stories highlighted the fact that her previous primary she won by an astounding number as far as republican backing. is this all strickler connected to her statement about president trump -- strictly connected to her statement about president trump? guest: the former president did endorse her challenger, harriet hageman, who emerged victorious last night. we saw house republican leadership stand against cheney as well. leader kevin mccarthy endorsed
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against cheney. not only did we see a lot of donor money goat -- -- we even saw advertising firms just because of this involvement with house republican leadership's -- leadership. host: your colleague in a similar story talked about how mark meadows eventually had a role in harriet hageman running. a lot of people in the background working for this moment. guest: that is for sure. you cannot help but notice that a lot of these people were also targets of investigations by the january 6 committee. this is where we have the whole confluence of different ideologies and parts of the party here. host: we showed folks at home the 10 republicans who voted
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against -- who voted for impeachment of president trump, only two standing right now. what does that do as far as the president's track record when it comes to endorsements? guest: it shows the former president trump, despite having a mixed bag when it comes to overall endorsement records, still has a strong hand when it comes to house primaries. something like the endorsement of the former president kenji and up turn out. it shows how the republican party in many ways is still hung up on the result of the 2020 election. what happened in many primaries was that it became a referendum over the 2020 election, whether members voted to certify or not. in washington state, congresswoman lost to a challenger who campaigned on
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making it a referendum on the 2020 election certification. for that matter, a vote to impeach the former president. as these members who voted to impeach trump and who voted to certify the election face the public view, we could see this new wave of house republicans coming in that do deny the result of the 2020 election and do strongly support former president trump. host: you talked about this committee she is forming that we will supposedly get information on in the coming weeks. what could be the strength or liabilities if she decides to go further, even possibly making a run for 2024 herself? >> the main pathway here -- guest: the main pathway here for her is less to gain the republican presidential nomination. as we saw last night, she had
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roughly a third or so of the primary vote in wyoming, which could show how it would be as a general election republican presidential candidate. she could end up being a spoiler against trump if he decides to run or some sort of trump person. congresswoman cheney has made it clear she does not want to see trump in office again. while she may not win the primerica she could be damaging enough that trump that another candidate could emerge. host: as far as the republican party as a whole, do you think there is a lane for a spoiler candidate in it? guest: there is not a lane for a spoiler candidate to win the nomination. look what happened in the 2020 primary. -- in the 2016 primary. trump beat a field of candidates
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and managed to get the general election, whereas here cheney simply by being part of the primary debate stage could angle to be someone who is damaging to the former president. we have seen how she delivers damaging revelations against the former president on the january 6 committee and we might expect to see that in a primary election against president trump. host: you can see his work at thank you for your time and analysis this morning. alaska holding also a primary. here are the results from that. the anchorage daily news reports in a race largely seen as a referendum on former president trump, u.s. senator lisa murkowski was narrowly leading. challenger kelly -- kelly tshibaka had 47% of votes -- 41
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percent of votes counted. under alaska's new voting laws that he limited partners that eliminated parts in primaries, sing the top four will advance to a range choice general election. and the anchorage daily news takes a look at the house races and says with the most complete in alaska's special u.s. house race, the first ranked choice election, a democrat was leading sarah palin in early returns with most first-place votes with the winner will not be known until the last ballots are counted this month. again, representative cheney's race, she conceded defeat to harriet hageman yesterday. thanks for waiting. caller: thank you for taking my call.
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a lot of bad things came out of the 1930's in this country. there is a movement called technocracy. if you read patrick would -- wood's books, he explains the evolution of the movement in the country and it was backed by the rockefellers. who the democratic party embrace. host: tell me how that relates to rep. cheney's race. caller: this type of philosophy or ideology has dominated for decades in this country. people are finally standing up to it. some people call the republicans that go along with that neocons, like dick cheney.
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they have been systematically rejected by the republican party and there are many also in the democratic party who used to and continue to embrace this philosophy, who most people do not agree with. anyone who is in the council on foreign relations is probably not great for the populist people. host: from fort lauderdale, republican line, this is jim. caller: good morning. liz cheney is a tragic figure. first, she allowed herself to become the captive puppy dog of the democrat party. and allowed them to teacher any trick they wanted her to perform. unknowingly, she blew up the whole purpose of the january 6 committee when they inadvertently absolved donald
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trump of any responsibility for january 6. let me explain. at the end of donald trump's speech, he said, march peacefully. what was brought up by the general six committee is immediately after that speech he wanted to go to the capital. as a matter of fact, he wanted to go. he became angry at the secret service people because they prevented him from going. host: that was highlighted. how does that rep -- refer to representative cheney? caller: what would have happened of donald trump had gone to the capitol building? they would have had to protect him. how many secret service and other people would have been needed to protect the president of the united states with such a
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big crowd around? hundreds. if he had gone to the capitol as he wanted to do, this would have never happened. host: that is jim in florida. this is jimmy and avon park, democrat line. -- in avon park, democrat line. caller: good morning, c-span. god bless america. blessed trump. he has been against the democrats. he has been against the republicans. now he is against america. lock him up. host: as far as representative cheney's election, what you think of the results from that? caller: it is tragic. they teach us we get the government we deserve.
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host: when you say it is tragic, what you mean by that? caller: that one third of america believes the big lie and supports it with their money, dark money. free speech tv and tom hartman. host: as far as representative cheney is concerned, how does this refer to her? caller: cheney -- imagine that she stood up for the truth where others were unable. thank you, sir. host: that is jimmy in florida. you can call in for the next half hour on the defeat of representative liz cheney yesterday.
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(202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. independents, (202) 748-8002. you can send us a text. you can do that at (202) 748-8003. if you want, you can post on our facebook page and twitter feed. allie in bristow, virginia, you are on our line for democrats. caller: good morning. cheney's loss is bittersweet. it is bitter because she is a republican that stood for low taxes. sweet for me is the same way donald trump lost is the same way if he chooses to run again they are going to lose. they are going to lose. that is the sweet spot. host: how do you get that from the results of yesterday?
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caller: a lot of people know the truth. they know the truth. they voted against her because they have a relationship with donald trump. he is using them and they are using him. when people say they are stupid -- they are not stupid. they are just biased. that is my take on it. host: giving us his thoughts. it was during her concession speech yesterday that rep. cheney talked about conceding to harriet hageman and reference news of recent days regarding the fbi and mar-a-lago, giving her perspective on that in context of her speech. here's a portion of that. [video clip] >> to believe donald trump's election lies cut you must believe that dozens of federal and state courts that ruled against him, including many judges he appointed, were all
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corrupted unbiased, that all matter of crazy conspiracy theories stole our election from us and that donald trump actually remains president today. as of last week, you must also believe that 30 career fbi agent who have spent their lives working to serve our country abandoned their honor and oath and went to mar-a-lago not to perform a lawful search or address a national security threat but instead with a secret plan to fake -- plant fake, incriminating documents in boxes they took. this is another insidious live. donald trump knows that forcing these conspiracies will provoke violence and threats of violence. this happened on january 6 and is happening again. it is entirely foreseeable that violence was split further, yet he and others continue purposely to feed the danger. today our federal law
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enforcement is being threatened. a federal judge is being threatened. fresh threats of violence are arriving everywhere. despite knowing all of this, donald trump recently released the names of the fbi agent involved in the search. that was purposeful and malicious. no patriotic american should excuse these threats or be intimidated by them. our great nation must not be ruled by a mob provoked over social media. host: a viewer says liz cheney won the respect of millions of americans. another viewer saying that it represent americans' rejection of the january 6 committee. if you want to tweet us your thoughts, text is available to you. hello.
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caller: i notice that cheney, who lost significantly has an extreme amount of hubris. most people who lose reflect on what they did not get or did not understand. her voters rejected her soundly and have been all along. if she thinks democrats will support her in her bid to become president, she is being naive. they will support anybody that goes against trump. so i believe she is being delusional in her hatred of trump. trump has a unique ability to have people flip over the rock and find the toads that go up and then voters react. voters spoke and she is not listening to the voters. host: do you think there is a
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segment of the republican party that would support her if she decided to run for anything further, say president in 2024? caller: absolutely not. host: why? caller: because she betrayed the republican voters. host: how so? caller: because she wants against the republican voters' choice. host: can you explain that? caller: first, most people did not necessarily believe that the 2020 election was won by fraud because of trump. they believe because of what they watched and all the shenanigans that happened afterwards. she goes on with this bit about the judges. they never had standing evidence shown. you cannot show evidence before it happens. the timeline is too short. most judges did not want to touch a political event like that was a 10 foot pole.
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you cannot blame them. she talks about how people are going after a judge and fails to recognize that some assassin already tried to kill cavanaugh. to her -- so her perspective is skewed and republicans will not support her. she is nothing but a democratic tool and she is foolish and thinking that we will support her. host: this is in kentucky. hello. caller: i think liz cheney is a great american and donald trump is horrible. i do not see how he got where he is and i think it is terrible, what he did to the fbi agents. i am 80 years old. my father was in fbi agent and the fbi is different today than it was then. host: back to her original statement, what makes liz cheney
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a great american in your mind? caller: for one thing, she cherry picks things. she is against trump but like abortion. i like her stance on abortion. i think it is correct. i think liz cheney should be president of the united states. that is all i have to say. host: i referenced this in the conversation we had about the background leading to harriet hageman running against her. you can see the story yesterday at politico's website, saying last july republican harriet hageman drove to meet with a major donor who wanted her to wage a primary campaign. when she arrived for the breakfast meeting the following morning, she was greeted by a surprise guest, mark meadows.
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she had heard from an array of people urging her to take on cheney but meadows was dialing up the pitch and putting her on the phone with jim jordan, another trump ally who reinforced the point. after leaving the breakfast got meadows calls trump and encouraged him to meet with the soon to be candidate, according to a person familiar with the discussion, the story adding that the ellis trip -- episode illustrates former president trump's all-encompassing role in the effort to oust cheney, which culminated in a defeat with the -- for the congresswoman. trump vetted and interviewed cheney's perspective challenge with a degree of care not seen in other signature races. once they settled on the pick, they cleared the field of primary rivals and formed a group trend tv ads storing the former president's son. you can see that at
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for minneapolis, democrats line. caller: the reason why i think that she lost was because she decided to go against the guy who deserved -- who did not deserve her support anymore. at the same time, her losing, at least she will show you how to lose. i am pretty sure she will not go and try to burn down the country or turn everybody against everybody. donald trump learned that himself but he does not know how to lose. she is like any other politician. when you think about trump, he never held office before president. he walked in getting the highest seat in the land. because he never had any -- he never went through the steps of being a president or any other kind of politician.
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that is the reason why he is so bitter and angry and he is going to find out the way he is doing things now, he is setting the country on fire and the country is full of shenanigans. america is about to get a wake-up call. host: this is joe in illinois, independent line. caller: i want to comment listening to your callers. i will get to liz cheney and a second, but i grew up in the late 1960's, early 1970's. everyone was against the man. the black kids called the man. the white kids called it the establishment. and everybody was against it. now you get -- you finally get a president that is not a
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politician and he is popular. host: and how this relates to representative cheney? caller: all the democrats, the basic principle of democracy and democratic government is the majority rules. the majority of wyoming went for trump. they wanted a nonconforming, non-politician. hello? host: you're on. go ahead. finish your point. caller: ok, i am sorry. the delay got me. i saw your lips moving. but the fact is that the majority of the people of wyoming voted for president trump. the majority of the people of wyoming elected -- elected liz cheney also. once she decided to go against
10:44 am
their pick for president, she lost the support of the people of wyoming. it is as simple as that. you do not have to like donald trump to see what he did -- anybody who says i hate trump, if you -- what did he ever do that was so terrible that you hate him? they cannot come up with anything. host: kathy texting us that representative cheney committed political suicide and she decided to bring former president trump down. sad because she voted with his policies 80% of the time. what was she thinking? have a good retirement, liz. william from connecticut says does the representative losing turn the genuine six committee into a lame-duck? these are some of the ways you
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can communicate with us this morning. if you want to text, (202) 748-8003 is how you do that. from helen, republican line. caller: the people did speak and did vote for harriet hageman, not cheney. that is democracy. what the democrats do not seem to be understanding is their agenda has attached itself to strange elements that are distasteful to the majority of people, not just republicans. i read a good article in the economist last month. the title of it is, the democrats need to wake up and start -- stop pandering to the extremes. i agree with their observations. we have inflation, which may or may not be due to government. we have a president whose foreign policies have got other countries saber rattling at us. it seems like things are not going well.
10:46 am
host: how does this relate to rep. cheney? caller: cheney, like other democrats, will lose the election because they tend to pander to extremist factions within their extreme faction, hoping that will give them mass appeal. her challenging on this insurrectionist and so forth, most people, regardless of whether republican or democrat, see that as may be a riot, but insurrection to overturn the government? cheney is really out there on the edge with the french elements. most people are in the middle. that is with the article is trying to say. host: in california, the washington post in their analysis of yesterday's race says rep. cheney has built a staunchly conservative voting record over nearly six years in congress with the president was
10:47 am
in office she voted with him more than 90% of the time. her family is republican royalty in wyoming. that history has made her a strange alley to democrats coming who admire her antitrust division. thousands of democratic and independent voters into the gop primary along with moderate republicans who might previously have tried away from liz cheney. it was harriet hageman on fox news yesterday after finding out about her victory in the race who gave some of her reaction, including what she heard from rep. cheney. >> did liz cheney call you and congratulate you? >> i have not had an opportunity to visit with her. we have been wrapped up in the stuff associated with what is going on downstairs cut with our watch party. we have several hundred people downstairs ready to celebrate, who have been celebrating. i have not been able to even
10:48 am
look at my phone, so i do not know if she has called or not. i do not have anything to report on that. >> did you happen to hear that part of her speech was a continued vow to make sure donald trump never steps foot in the white house after what happened on january 6, which was i guess not surprising, that she said that? but your reaction tonight? >> i have not had an opportunity to see or hear what she has to say because i have been focused on what is going on here. it does not surprise me that she would revert to the same old talking points because that is in large part look on her defeated. she is not focusing on wyoming. she is still focusing on an obsession about president trump. the citizens of wyoming and voters of wyoming sent a loud message tonight. we have spoken to him and that is not what we are interested in
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in terms of our loan congressional representative. wyoming is entitled to have a representative that represents our interests and addresses are issues. that is not liz cheney, and the fact that that is where she is tonight demonstrates she is not listening to wyoming now and has not for some time. that is why we needed to replace her. host: that is harriet hageman yesterday on fox news. offer twitter, when it comes to representative cheney, she is going to bask in all the attention she gets. we may see a live primetime speech for her. another viewer saying liz cheney showed trump how it is done. she conceded with class and honor. in south carolina, republican line, we will hear from steve. caller: i will stay on topic here. i think liz wanted to achieve martyrdom. i think she wanted to lose.
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logic will always dictate that if you campaign like she did you are not going to win. a few callers alluded to this. trump was an outsider. how dare a not bought and paid for d.c. inside a run for president and actually win? summary pat -- republicans -- some republicans have been see the ever sense and all democrats have. they stick together like a mafia. i have not heard all of her speeches, but if i am campaigning to win and my whole campaign centers around anti-trump, really? how about the border, inflation? how about the people on social security that does not include a price increase for fuel and food? i could have got a travel agent to organize better. if everybody's message is
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anti-trump, they are going to lose. you have to have a better message. i am a republican. i would not wish that kind of raid on any kind of former president. it was a predawn raid with people in body armor. where they really expecting armed resistance? host: rhonda in north carolina, democrats line. caller: can you hear me? i want to say i support liz cheney and i support her 100% with the january 6 hearings. i do believe the people that are against her cut that are against the january 6 hearings and support trump and his trump called are victims of the fake news from fox news. i believe what she is doing is standing up for the constitution, which is all -- what all representatives should
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be doing. when you have 130 police officers injured on january 6, some of them died, and then you have trump agreeing to have mike pence hanged -- host: do you support her politics or just her anti-trump stance? caller: i support her politics and integrity to uphold the constitution versus standing up and supporting a trump people, disloyal person that has no regard for the constitution and no respect for law and order. i would advise all people to read michael cohen's book, which describes trump's traits from back in the 1970's and 1980's. i believe he is the antichrist and trying to destroy this country and wants to be an authoritarian. host: paul in south carolina
10:53 am
independent line. >> i think it is rich the liberals are supporting liz cheney. they are the most on honorable -- unhonorable family in america. that war and all the money he made -- she has to be tied to that. i am not a trump supporter, but the trump family can hold a candle. host: do you think the losses because of her family history or her stance on trump? caller: i do not like chaney's -- cheneys. i never had. she is just about politics, like somebody said. this was her way of getting back at trump because he is not a politician. it is all about politics and you
10:54 am
see what that did to her. host: a couple of related stories, this one of the january 6 committee, democrats looking for information from the inspector general of the homeland security department, saying the chairwoman of the oversight committee and of the home unsecured committee sent a letter to the homeland security inspector general demanding his office comply with a request for documents and transcribed interviews. although you have refused to produce documents unblocked employees from appearing, your obstruction to the investigation is not acceptable. your justifications appear to reflect the fund mental was understanding of congress authority and your duties as inspector general. it is the latest of element surrounding the messing -- missing text messages sent and received by secret service agents and later erased. it is unclear what the deleted messages said but congressional
10:55 am
panels are scrutinizing what agents were saying and doing as president trump insisted on joining his supporters after mom violence began that day. that is in the new york times. if you go to the washington times, taking a look at the events involving mar-a-lago, reporting the federal judge who approved a search warrant for former president trump's mar-a-lago estate has scheduled a thursday hearing to unseal the affidavit used to justify the fbi search. the judge set a hearing for media outlets and other groups to make their case for publicly releasing the affidavit. the justice department has opposed the release and will argue against the disclosure while the search warrant and other documents have been released. esther trump and allies have demanded the justice department released the affidavit most details reasons the warrant was granted. thomas in pennsylvania, democrat line. you are on.
10:56 am
caller: good morning. i wanted to say that liz cheney to me as a stand up american. she stood for democracy. it was not about party to me with her actions. she stood for democracy. she went against the odds. she could easily have followed the trump train and tried to ride that out to be reelected and she did not. to me, that is the type of leader that we need cut whether you are a democrat or republican. i admire her and stand with her because of that. host: on our independent line in new orleans, hello. caller: good morning. first, her legacy will be want to be remembered. when you have a man -- he is going to be remembered for the things he has not stood up for.
10:57 am
constitutionally, she is a scholar. her legacy will be remembered in a good way. host: how would you describe her legacy? caller: i love her for one reason, she stands up for what is truthful. sometimes when you stand up for the truth you stand alone. when you stand up for a lie, you throw a lot of stuff around to make the lie looks good. the republican party went from being a defender of truth and rule of law to get some of the most is are people that have represented this country. donald trump found out how to bring about politicians who will give up anything, the integrity that they have -- they do not stand for the people. they stand for the sign -- same mindset the donald trump had. america went from electing the
10:58 am
first black president. we were on a path we thought was one of the best paths, inclusive of a person regardless of race, and now we are on a path to where we are divided. it is just -- this is not the america i fought for. i do not see how we can -- i know we defend ourselves, but how can we say this is a country -- the bar of justice never bends. in history, liz cheney will be remembered for standing up for democracy, for being forthright and truthful and not being politically ambitious. host: let's hear from mike in north carolina, republican line. you are next up. caller: each of them that tried to impeach trump are not going to make it.
10:59 am
it is so ridiculous to hear the democrats glorify liz cheney and her stance on trump. if you go back even on c-span and listen to how the democrats condemned her dad and her record herself on her conservativism, but the only reason they are glorifying liz cheney is because she is on this january 6 non-select committee and that is the main reason why. she is not worried about getting a job. there is cnn commit msnbc, or she can be on "the view" with the rest of them liberals. it is crazy, the way she is doing. i want to say the lichen project is dead -- lincoln project is dead and her incorporating lincoln is like hitler's incorporating the pope.
11:00 am
host: a journalist talks about his article on amazon and washington post owner jeff bezos and his influence over the news industry. you can see that live on c-span at 12:30. you can also watch in on our c-span now app and follow along on our website. gene in michigan, democrats line. caller: i wanted to say first i was against dick cheney going into iraq and called in every 30 days to say it would result in death, destruction, and chaos, which it did. i did not agree with liz cheney voting 90% of the time was donald trump, but i do admire her for standing up for truth and telling the people the truth
11:01 am
about donald trump, whom i consider an enemy of the state and of the word of god. he is a liar, a deceiver, a lover of chaos, full of pride. i feel those who follow him do not have a spiritual background because they would know what the word of god says and donald trump is definitely an opposition to it. host: one more call from north carolina, independent line. caller: i am going to stay independent here. a lot of people are calling him a liar and deceiver and even using the word stuff. i want to compliment you for asking what kind of stuff. i appreciate you trying to get these i appreciate that. host: the representative race
11:02 am
yesterday, what do you think? caller: i think it is a problem they are having. it was proven and moved on. they are playing it out in positives. host: are you saying her losses related to her family or her position on donald trump? caller: i think it is a family issue. i think it is her personal family grievances. she is defending the constitution. half the people saying that can't explain it. that is why i have to move on. host: ok. that is gary there in north carolina. i appreciate all of you who participated. our first guest is jeron smith.
11:03 am
talking about efforts to reduce crime. we will talk about some of what he is advocating for. we will hear from sure along well. >> sharon longwell. and issues related to january 6. those conversations coming up on "washington journal". ♪ clark's nobody thought this was going to happen. i'm thankful that it finally happened because it was supposed to be this bastion of enlightenment and three -- freethinking. an open society there were
11:04 am
massive executions they would execute liberals and freethinkers and everybody was scared as they came to paris. >> author of the book taking paris on germany's for your brutal occupation of paris. watch on q&a sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. you can look at all of our podcasts on our new c-span now app. >> there are a lot of places to get political information but only at c-span do you get it straight from the source. no matter where you are from our where you stand on the issues. unfiltered, unbiased, word for
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word. if it happens here, here or anywhere that matters america is watching on c-span. powered by cable. >> c-span has unfiltered coverage of the house january 6 committee hearing investigating the attack on the capital. go to 6 to watch the latest videos of the hearings, briefings, and our coverage on the attack and subsequent investigation since january 6, 2021. we will also have reactions from mental -- members of congress. go to 6 for a fast and easy way to watch when you can't see it life. >> "washington journal" continues. host: joining us this morning ja'ron smith.
11:06 am
he served in the trump administration also a senior fellow with the senior organization right on crime. the topic is violent crime can restart with your background particularly with the administration and the things you have done. guest: my background is growing up in low income communities and experiencing firsthand. i also spent four years in the trump administration working on carpet revitalization and that included negotiating a law and helping the president think that are how we can reform police departments throughout the country to help and encourage them to have the right infrastructure they need to do their job. host: remind people what that is. guest: it's a bipartisan legislation that


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