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tv   Campaign 2024 Fmr. VP Pence Speaks at the New Hampshire Institute of...  CSPAN  August 21, 2022 6:44pm-8:01pm EDT

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in depth with steven hayward, alive sunday, september 4 at noon on book tv on c-span two. ♪ >> former vice president mike pence speaks at a politics and eggs breakfast hosted by the new england council and the new hampshire institute of politics in manchester. the former vice president spoke about the democrats' spending bill and the search warrant at mar-a-lago. he would consider testifying before the january 6 select committee. minutes.
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>> welcome, political junkies. to get a crowd like this says an awful lot about new hampshire and how people take politics so seriously. that is why we are such strong supporters of first in the nation. [applause] hopefully it will remain. i am jim brett of the new england counsel. it is my pleasure to welcome you here today. two -- not a lot of people give this credit. i would like to acknowledge the founder of politics and eggs and that is fred who is here. take a bow. [applause] fred is over here.
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and i want to also begin by making politics and eggs sponsors as you see around the wall here. all of the giant corporate generous neighbors here in this great state who have stepped up to the plate and supported the politics and eggs series. the breakfasts and luncheons and other events we have throughout the years. does not have been by accident. it happens with the generous support. if you know anyone who is affiliated or works with them, you should thank them for being such good corporate citizens. [applause] i would also like to thank our partners here at the new hampshire institute of politics. the new eglin council could not ask for a better partner -- the new england council cannot ask for a better partner.
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we are grateful for our president who has done a extraordinary job here at the college. a great leader. we are fortunate to have him at the helm. and neil levesque and his entire team at the institute. [applause] for all of us here at the nuclear council, this is our final event before labor day but will be back in september with several other events. on september 13, we look forward to first in person capitol hill report with massachusetts congressman jake can cause who took office just before the pandemic began. we'll be hearing from two members of the new england congressional delegation as part of our capital conversations series in washington next month. that will be congressman jim himes of connecticut and congressman stephen lynch of boston.
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we expect to soon be announcing another politics and eggs program with another high-profile republican leader. keeping an eye on your inboxes. today, we are honored to welcome the former vice resident back to the granite state for his second appearance at politics and eggs and for purposes of a formal introduction, i am pleased to hand it over to my good friend, neil levesque, the executive director of the new hampshire institute of politics. [applause] >>, everyone. welcome to the new hampshire institute of politics. we have a very distinguished guest today. very pleased to have from all the way from indianapolis, indiana come our speaker. . he has been married many years to his wife karen.
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they have three children. he went to hanover college and off to get his ged at the -- his jd at the indiana university. in 2000 one he was elected to the u.s. house of preventative's and quickly made a name for himself. he was elected by his peers to chair the house republican conference, a feat within itself. it is like herding cats i am sure. later he became the 50th governor of indiana. he served from 2013 to of course 2017. during that time he enacted the largest tax cut in the state history. which is very important to us here in new hampshire. [applause] and of course we know in 2016 he became the 48th vice president of the united states. here today we want to welcome
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you, mr. vice president. [applause] >> you so much. -- thank you so much. good morning, new hampshire. it is wonderful to be back in the granite state. thank you all for coming back so bright and early. i am honored to return to politics and eggs. you prove everyday it is never too soon or never too early to do politics or eggs in the great state of new hampshire. thank you all for coming out today. [applause] i also want to thank neil levesque for those kind words. he did them all without a note. i appreciate very much. i also want to thank the college president and jim brett who i know will be on stage in just a little bit. jim and i share a common
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heritage he may reflect on momentarily. it is great to be with you. and it is an honor to be back at this storied institution. good to see you all. and by last time here in 2019, my life has changed a fair amount. [laughter] i moved back to indiana. i bought five acres and a pond. became a grandfather for the first time. [applause] bought a riding mower. my wife actually lets me ride. the good part about a longer being vice president, you get to drive your own car. the bad part is you get to pay for your own cash. karen and i learned a sublime truth. it may be true only in america. that is you can be a congressman from your home state for 12 years. you can lead your state as
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governor for four years. you can be vice president of the united states of america but after it is all over, you're still going to wait 25 minutes for a table at olive garden on saturday night. that actually happened. i sent my daughter a text. she made me smile because she said -- she sent an american flag and said that is america. she is right. it is wonderful to be with you all. our allies have all -- our lives have all change since 2019 and a semi-different ways. in many ways, our country is almost recognizable -- almost unrecognizable to 2019. following the disastrous withdrawal from anniston one year ago this week, enemies of freedom around the world have been emboldened. war has broken out with an
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unconscionable russian invasion in ukraine that has reached its sixth month. north korea has returned to its menacing rights and china's returned to its military provocations across the asia-pacific. let me say a word about afghanistan. and the heart breaking retreat that took place a year ago. to those of you in this room or those of you who might be looking on who served in afghanistan, let me say this. nothing of that disastrous withdrawal will ever diminish your service to america or the sacrifice of our phone over the last 20 years defending -- our following over the last 20 years defending our freedom and we thank you. [applause] closer to home, i don't have to tell you inflation at a 40 year high. celine prices through the roof.
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worst border crisis in american history. her once booming economy has been brought to a screeching halt. crime is skyrocketing. national debt is piling up by the day. things are poised only to get worse. yesterday president biden with great fanfare in the east room of the white house signed what was called the inflation reduction act. a massive $740 billion spending bill with more taxes, more spending, and a less radical climate agenda bill. at the time we see americans struggling with the cost of energy, they continue to push their green agenda. democrats have raised taxes. on job creators and businesses across this country ultimately impacting consumers.
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i don't know if you have seen on the internet but years ago it was president obama who said famously the last thing you ever want to do in a recession is raise taxes. that is what joe biden and the democrats in congress have done. they poured gasoline on a raging fire. it is burning down the american economy. they will not only not defeat inflation but likely just like the $1.9 trillion covid bill they passed in the early months of your administration it is likely another trillion dollars in spending will once again reignite the growth in inflation to the hardship of american families. i am sure you all heard they have authorized the hiring of 87,000 irs agents. when one of rick and 64 -- one
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modeled reagan spoke in 1964 about an intellectual elite in a far distant capital who thought they could play in our lives better than we could plan them for ourselves, i think he could scarcely imagine the big government socialism and the left-wing climate attentive. -- climate agenda being implemented in washington today. as we gather here today, i will submit to all of you american freedom is under attack as never before. big media, big government, even big as have locked arms to advance a print of his work agenda designed to control the american people and destroy the american dream. willing elites in washington have never been more out of touch with the values and ideals of everyday americans. all of that being said, i have hope. i can't help but think of the
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story the 40th president used to tell. the story of a farmer who took his cal to market to adult jumped into the cab and they drove into town, got in a traffic accident and after he survived, the ended up in court and -- they ended up in court and the attorney for the other driver involved in the accident was caused farmer. and he said would you care to tell us what happened? he said i had my cow in the back appeared i had my dog. this guy ran straight through the intersection and we had a terrible crash. the dog went in one ditch and the cow went in the other ditch. he said sir but is it not true when the sheriff showed up the accident, and asked you how you felt, you said i never felt that are in my life? the farmer -- felt better in my life? the farmer said i reckon i did
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say that. no further question. his own attorney got up and said would you care to explain the circumstances of what happened? he said i reckon i would. he said i woke up, i seen the sheriff crossed the road. walked over to my dog who was all beat up and he pulled his revolver out and delete the gun down by the dog's head and put the dog out of his is re-. he walked over and saw the cow and must've had a broken back and we were not going to save it. he got his gun outdone by the cal input the countdown. that he walked across the street and looked down at me and said how are you feeling? [laughter] hi said i never felt -- i said i never felt better in my life. i never felt better in my life. even in these challenging times i see an energy across the country like i've never seen before. i was there in 2010.
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it is going to be bigger this year. help is on the way. we are going to deliver a great conservative victory across hampshire and america in november of 2022. argue with me? -- are you with me? 82 days from now, i think the american people are going to start a great american comeback. take the house. take back the senate. just as importantly, we are going to elect and reelect great conservative governors like your governor chris sununu who has done an extraordinary job in new hampshire. it is going to be important what our message is in those days and it has animated my travels around the country in so many ways. the conservative movement has always been built on the notion ideas have concert answers.
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conservatism is bigger than any one moment, any one election, anyone person. it has always been about ideas. i am proud to say under the trump pens administration it was those ideas we put into practice that transformed america, transformed american security and prosperity as never before. by putting common sense conservative principles into practice, a strong national defense, free-market economics, conservatives on our courts and unapologetically putting america first on the world stage, we achieve the lowest unemployment, the highest household income, the most pro-american trade deals, the most secure border, we made the most powerful military in the history of the world even more powerful. [applause] it is true. i came here today not to look backwards but to look forward. elections are about the future. i truly do believe now more than
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ever leaders in our party in new hampshire and across america need to be focused on the challenges facing the american people today. and offered positive proven solutions for tomorrow. in 2020 two i think we have a once-in-a-lifetime a trinity to save -- lifetime opportunity to save america the decay brought on by progressive policies. have an opportunity to elect a truly durable governing already in washington, d.c. and state houses across the country. to accomplish that we must be the loyal opposition. we must be prepared to say what is wrong with what they are doing. as i have already begun today, ynez or -- i never hesitate to do that. it is important we be the loyal opposition. the bible says without a vision,
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people perish. it is true of a people is also true of a movement. i would submit to each of everyone a few in order to win, in order to have an election that is not just victorious but an election that is a realignment that sets the stage for durable american renewal, we need to have -- need to do more than criticize and complain. when to unite our movement around a bold optimistic agenda that will give real solutions for the american people. that is why i founded an organization called advancing american freedom. we brought together maybe 50 of the best conservative mindset in the country, any of which have spoken here at politics and eggs. i said can you take the better part of a year and summarize what the ideas that have animated this movement from ronald reagan to donald trump are? we put it all in one place and called it the freedom agenda.
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you can look for it online later or now if you are watching long distance. it was a collaborative effort of people that forged the movement. we build it on three central pillars with one solid foundation those pillars are a commitment to unapologetic defense of american culture. a commitment to american prosperity built on freedom. a commitment to american leadership in the world. all of those ideas we have said on top of a commitment to the united states constitution of america. first and foremost by focusing on culture, our freedom agenda was built on the principle politics is downstream from culture. as the late andrew bright famously said if we continue to
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allow the radical left dumping toxic waste into the headwaters of our culture, politics are going to become more poor since has suffered time. a culture we seek to preserve as conservatives is a culture handed down by generations of americans since the days of the founding. the belief all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. i think it is important to note first among those rights is life. i cannot be more humble to have been a small part of an administration who assaulted the appointment of three conservative justices of the united states that just a few short months ago rendered a decision that sent roe v. wade to the ash heap of history and gave america a new beginning for
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life. after 50 years of praying and fasting and working and hoping and generous compassionate efforts of millions of americans, we have a new beginning. we have only come to the end of the beginning. we must take the case for life to every statehouse in america. we must work to expand support for women in crisis pregnancies to support the unborn and newborn with equal generosity. we won adoption to be easier and more affordable for everyday americans. we want to end all taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion providers once and for all. the core commitment to life and our commitment to restore the sanctity of life to american law , our agenda calls for defending religious liberty in defending freedom of speech from this era of censorship, coercion and
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cancel culture, securing our border, protecting our community to ending critical race theory in our schools and offering an agenda to our children that upholds and celebrates the progress -- we call for enacting universal school choice which the state of arizona did. when i was governor of indiana we doubled our school choice program. we called for ending the assault on women's sports. defending the god-given second amendment right to keep and bear arms. the culture begins with defending the ideals in our institution. our agenda is on economic freedom.
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we can restore the vitality of our economy through applying free-market principles. not more spending, more taxes and more government and this current administration is advancing. the american fan a price system is the most powerful economic engine in the history of the world. no other system has improved the quality of life from more people on planet earth. we know how to fix the economy. we did it not too long ago. cutting taxes, willing back regulation, unleashing american energy, fighting for free and fair trade. we gained 7 million new jobs in three years. unemployment rates for african americans and hispanic americans was the lowest ever recorded. household income sort by $6,000 which was a new record with 10 million people lifted off poverty pinned our agenda calls for making the trump pence tax
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cuts permanent, which during american energy independence and supporting reciprocal trade deals back home. freedom agenda requires we be committed to american leadership and security. commitment to live out our obligation as the arsenal of democracy. the truth is this administration has been growing government at home as never before in my life time or yours. at the same time has flatlined military spending. i cannot be more proud during her administration after years of rick scott backs -- of reckless cutbacks we sell to the investment of 3 trillion dollars in defense spending including $740 billion in 2021. we secured more than $400 billion in additional defense spending by our nato allies because america's allies in freedom must do their share as
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partners in freedom and they began to do it under our administration. we created the first new branch of our armed forces in 75 euros with the establishment of the space force -- in 75 years with the establishment of the space force. america must never go abroad in a of monsters to destroy. -- in a search of monsters to destroy. we must always be prepared in this time of great power competition with the chinese communist party and russia, we have to have a military fit to the task. finally, it provides a clear roadmap for conservative leaders, i believe that the ability to deeply connect with the aspirations of the american people.
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as your vice president and the governor state of indiana, it is these ideas are so animated the crowds as we traveled all across the country. it was -- many people who do not understand our movement thought it was driven by personality. there is no question from ronald reagan to donald trump we have had our share of big personalities in this party. i expect we will again. i will tell you, as i spoke to crowds of large and small around the country, it was the ideas that created the roar. it was the commitment to the american values that brought people out. i believe provides a foundation. all of these values whether it be as a culture or leadership are all else on the built on the constitution of the united states of america. i believe our agenda, our party must recognize the republican
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party may be the last line of defense for the constitution of the united states. both political parties were committed to the ideals of our founding court documents, that is no longer the case. -- of our founding documents, that is no longer the case. the democrats demean our founding, democrats have made efforts to rewrite our constitution, our second amendment, the redefin mesh to redefine our liberties. on the assault on religious liberty and freedom of speech. to see where they speak. it was last year that senate republicans rejected an effort by democrats to nationalize our elections. even though it constitution says elections are government-state level. that is something i hardly need
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to tell this first state. as we forge this agenda for the future of our party, we need to make it clear that the republican party will defend the principles at the heart of our republic. if we do not, no one else will. every officeholder in this country holds the same oath of office. the same oath of office military. the same both my son took and m y unworthy son-in-law in the navy took the same. i took that old if congress meant, as a governor and i took that old on ronald reagan's -- oath on ronald reagan's bible. we will keep our oath to the
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constitution even when it is expedient to do otherwise. he keeps his oaths even when it hurts. i have some experience with that. i must tell you, i believe the american people are looking for men and women of conviction who understand the wellspring of this nation's liberties and the declaration and are prepared to defend it. now more than ever, america needs the republican party to be the party of the constitution. the need has never been greater for a unified conservative action around a conservative candidate. it has cured me all across the country and it will carry me these 82 days and whatever the lord leads me after that. we have an extraordinary opportunity to build a lasting majority in this country. it only comes if in addition to telling the american people what
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is wrong with their ideas, and remind them what is right about their ideas. how are ideas are grounded in the principles of american freedom upon which this nation was founded. i thank you for opportunity to come today. we have been through a lot through the past two years, global pandemic, civil unrest, a divisive election. tragic day in our nation's capital and the organization that is intent on growing the big government socialism and weakening america at home and abroad. i am incredibly optimistic. i am optimistic because i've had the great privilege to get to know the american people. i have met people in good times and bad. i have seen the character of the people in this country.
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the american people rise to the challenge. visit the scene of a hurricane or flood, how thousands of perfect strangers show up. they spent their time and treasure to help people that they have never met before see again. that is america. this is a great country, i cannot help but think of solomon's prayer. when he asked god what he would give him, give him a discerning heart to distinguish between right and wrong. he added for who is able to govern this great people of yours? i can testify firsthand having served four years as your vice president, having traveled across this country over the last 20 years in various roles, this is a great people. america has a great future if we will simply give america government as good as our people. i believe we will.
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it will take all of us to do it. to all of you who share our values and share our convictions, i urge you to do everything in your power, in these 82 days, do not rest, relent, do not pass go, do not collect $200 and we have retired nancy pelosi and isn't a new republican senator from new hampshire to a new republican majority. [applause] the future is bright. we focus on the future. i know that there are some who want to make this election about the past, elections are about the future. i do not know what the future holds, but i know who holds the future. i have faith as long as the republican party is the part of the future, the american people will rally to our cause as i
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have faith. faith in the american people and him who is establishing this miracle of democracy on this wilderness shores. i am inspired when i come to new england. within indiana we do not have the course site that you all have. i am a student of america history -- of american history. these are storied places in which we live. i guess the most powerful force in the world, freedom was minted. it all began with faith. people who believed that they were called by providence to create a shining city on a hill. . we have. america is the greatest nation in the history of the world because we have a great people who believe in freedom and
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because we have ever put our trust in this one nation under god. so long as we keep that faith, the best days for the greatest nation on earth are yet to come. thank you for having this, it is a great honor to be back. god bless you all. [applause] >> thank you for that. we have a personal connection, it appears that the vice president's grandfather
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emigrated to the united states from ireland in the early 1920's. he came from a little town, guess what? in the early 20's, my father also came to this country also from that town. it was a small village, the chances are good that the two men knew each other. perhaps, there were even cousins. who knows? [laughter] >> let us say they were! >> i am sure the vice president will agree with me that we are glad those men made the decision to come to america. the land above paternity.
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-- eternity. [applause] mr. vice president, so much is going on. since you left office, i must ask this question. what was going through your mind when the department of justice issued a warrant affidavit to search the residence of mar-a-lago and one day retrieved -- when date retrieved 11 boxes, some said top secret, some said confidential, some said secret intelligence. what was going through your mind? >> cousin jim -- [laughter] thank you for the reflections.
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it means a great deal to me. it actually does for reasons i can tell people in this room know. let me begin by saying, it is fairly well know that the president trump and i have had our differences. [laughter] after years during our administration, we saw the politicization of the fbi. during the tenured director, fbi agent's or promoting -- work promoting political agendas. i was deeply troubled. a search warrant had been executed at the personal residence of a former president. i was overseas with my wife on vacation but i thought it was
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important to weigh in and i called on attorney general garland to give the american people a full account of the reasons why this action was necessary. while he is beginning to do so, he is not nearly doing enough information. i will continue to call on the attorney general to make the information available to the american people. make it available to the intelligence committees who are confident in dealing with that competent in dealing with classified information. we have never had a personal residence of a former president subject to a search warrant. in the wake of four years we endured of the politicization of the fbi, the american people have a right to know. the basis for this. this unprecedented action does demand unprecedented transparency.
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that said, earlier today, and elsewhere, but want to remind my fellow republicans. we can hold the attorney general accountable for the decision he made. without attacking a rank and file law enforcement personnel at the fbi. [applause] the republican party is the party of law and order. our party stands with the men and women who serve on the thin blue line on the federal, state, and local level. these attacks on the fbi must stop. calls to define the fbi are just as wrong as calls to define the police -- defined the fbi are just as wrong as the calls to defund the police. we need to get to the bottom of
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what happened. we need to let the facts play out. the american people need to be reassured in the integrity of our justice system. the appearance of a recurrence of politics playing a role in decisions in the justice department demand transparency as never before and i will continue to call on the attorney general and the justice department to make that information available to the american people and do so now. [applause] >> the pinoy six committee -- january six committee, are they providing a public service to the citizens of this country? are they abiding information -- providing information that we are not aware of?
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what kind of evaluation would you give them? >> the day was a tragic day. not just for those of us who lived through it, at the capitol, but for every american. to see our historic capital ransacked, i must tell you it angered me that day. thanks to the heroic efforts of law enforcement, capitol hill police, federal law and, the violence was quelled and what began was a day of tragedy, i believe was ultimately a point for freedom. on the very same day, of the worst attack on our capital since 1812, the american people
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and the world witnessed the elected representatives of this country reconvene and continued the orderly transition of power under the united states. i must tell you that the american people have a right to know what happened that day. in the months and years ahead i will be telling my story even more frequently than i have. i finished writing a book that begins with that grandfather he mentioned coming over from ireland and ends with the day i left office and every day in between. i must tell you that whatever the intentions of the committee, i was disappointed when speaker pelosi broke tradition in the congress where i served for 12 years and refused to see republican members who were appointed by the minority
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leader. it has never been done. the tradition in the congress is the majority it gets the minority seats and each side gets to pick who sits in those seats. right up until then. i think it was a missed opportunity for the american people. i was on capitol hill on 9/11 as well. 9/11 commission did a great service to the country because they went up of politics. we are brought together men and women who were respected on both sides of the aisle who came and were able to learn what we can learn about would lead to the fateful day in 2001. i cannot help but feel whatever intentions of the this had in the beginning, whatever new information has come out to the american people and more
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welcome, the opportunity we had to bring the country together to learn the lessons we should learn from that day, and internalize them going forward and ultimately celebrate those beginning with law enforcement who made it possible for it to be a victory for freedom. it has been a missed opportunity. >> if they were to call you to the committee to come and testify, would you be agreeable? >> i will consider it. you have heard me mention the constitution a few times this morning. we have three coequal branches of government. any invitation to be directed to me i would have to reflect on the unique role i was serving in as vice president. as unprecedented mesh it would
7:32 pm
be unprecedented for a vice president to be summoned to testify, i do not want to prejudge. if there was any formal invitation rendered to us, we would give it due consideration. my first obligation is to continue to hold my oath and uphold the framework of government enshrined in the constitution that has created the greatest nation in the street of the world. we will do that. >> we have time for a couple of questions. we have two outstanding students. they have the microphone. raise your hand, wait, they will come to you. our friends aarp, the question. >> my name is alan from aarp. hello.
7:33 pm
one of our favorite topics is medicare, medical provides critical health coverage for tens of millions of older americans. what would you do to strengthen medicare in the future? >> i am proud, i appoint you to my record when i was governor of the state of indiana. on what we did in health care reform. particularly with medicaid. we have a solid promise to the american people that we made in medicare and social security and we will keep that promise. there are very few more strong bipartisan convictions on capitol hill than that. i do believe we have to continue to look for ways as we did in our administration to modernize the systems. put patients in charge, give consumer directed health care.
7:34 pm
ultimately, that will result in better outcomes for people. greater control over your own health care choices. i think it is important that we always keep our commitments and make a clear to seniors and as we go into election season, we are always hung up our republicans are going to do to social security or medicare. it will not happen. what i do think has to happen and there is a physical element to it as well. we can provide better services, give americans more choices over their health care decisions. at the end of the day, by giving people a choices and incentives, you get better outcomes and that ends up reducing the cost of a long-term to taxpayers. >> hand up? >> thank you. i am the chairman of new
7:35 pm
hampshire republican party. the republican party reinforced the primary schedule back in the spring. unfortunately, it not look like democrats are going to follow suit. what is your opinion of that? >> new hampshire is the first in the nation primary period. [applause] i also heard they are looking to look the other way on iowa. i just think that tradition is important. i have never spent a lot of time in new hampshire, ima, someday. -- i may, someday. there's something about what you people do here on both sides of the aisle that is contributed to
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the quality of leadership we have generated in this country. i truly believe that. [applause] get him off of the big stages and television screens and put them in the living room. i remember the senator who a great friend of mine who had a four sojourn into presidential politics in 1996. he enjoyed being in new hampshire, he said there is no where in america there might it be more of indiana than new hampshire. in my experience here, as a privilege i had to come and go, i think i am starting to figure out what he meant. strong communities, families. strong commitment to the bedrock values that made the country great. pat toomey, -- that must remain the cauldron in which we forge
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the generations of american leadership to come. [applause] >> good morning. i am affiliated with the massachusetts republican party. thank you so much for your service. the pump-penance administration achieved -- trump-pence achieved economic growth. as you are thinking ahead to talk with republican voters who may be active in the nomination process in 2023. how do you articulate your message for those republicans? >> i think it begins with reminding people that we are the party of ideas.
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there is that old saying that republicans run for office and worry the people do not know what they are going to do. democrats run out a way that voters will know what they want to do. -- democrats run and fear that voters will know what they want to do. we have men and women contesting at every level that are articulating a vision for where we want to go? i think the american people are ultimately very fair-minded. by that, i mean, there is only so much time i have for you to tell me what is wrong with the other person's idea. you need to tell me what is right about yours. i was on chris ryan's radio show and he counted what i said by saying we know what the problems are, we do not need candidates who are reciting the problems. we need candidates who recite the solutions.
7:39 pm
i will be my message going forward. -- that will be my message going forward. i encourage all of my friend to have aspirations to be doing the same, ultimately, that is what drove our movement, 74 million votes in 2020. that is what drove us to that has worked election in 2016. while the media focused on personalities and controversies and the back-and-forth of politics, what i saw everywhere i what was the american people saying we have a ticket that says we can be strong again, prosperous again, we can build it all, all of the things that made america strong, good, and free. that is what rallied that movement and that will rally our movement and lay the foundation to win the back the country in 2024.
7:40 pm
>> peter abbott, the british council journal, i represent the former greatest military power you referred to. [applause] >> thank you! >> i love to meet you today, i wanted to ask about nato and international alliances. you mentioned nato spend it with has spent an issue for republican presidents over the years. the united kingdom has always been the second largest defense particular to nato after the united states. we take our burden very seriously. i wanted to have your comment, -- [applause] thank you. i wanted to pick up on your comments about big power and china and russia and ask you specifically how america should be working with its international partners to tackle those threats. thank you. >> thank you so much for your
7:41 pm
words and i am glad my reference to so long ago is not too soon for you. [applause] let me affirm what you said. one of the things i learned as a member of congress, one of the things i learned as vice president was the special relationship the united states has with the u.k., it is extraordinary. one of my disappointments is that we set the table for a freight rate agreement post boxes -- a free trade agreement post brexit. the time has come, we have ought to have a free-trade agreement with the u.k.. we have no stroke or in the western world -- the stronger ally in the western world. i am proud of -- not only as i
7:42 pm
have said, i have a couple where the uniform -- wear the uniform. the fact we were able to rebuild our military is a source of great pride to make, the most important thing we did in our four years. we got our nato allies to step up and make commitments for $400 billion in burden sharing. south korea made new commitments in burden sharing, japan, the same after years where there was a lot of happy talk and it feels like we have got it back to happy talk with our allies. we had a president who had been a landlord. he talked about it. our alliances like you need to pay the bills. i remember on may the first trip overseas as vice president to europe, everybody over there was
7:43 pm
really nervous in february of 2017. they had heard america first and they were worried about what they called new american isolationism. what they were hearing was america providing leadership for the free world again. i have to tell you the tragic event, the war in ukraine has -- if there is one a silver lining, we began -- what we began in the continent in europe has been minted. the expansion of nato is vitally important. i want to affirm to you that we have no greater ally in europe, broadly defined than the u.k.. i can tell you my son actually deployed for eight months on the
7:44 pm
hms queen elizabeth. they took a marine contingent of pilots out with them. he was landing on that deck, day in and day out. it is an extraordinary relationship and you all deserve to know, operation iraqi freedom, it is absolutely true to say what we differ in and politics, agenda, when we go, u.k. goes. we will always be grateful to you. convey my regards. [applause] >> one more. young lady. >> thank you. i am with the utilities. i want to thank you for your
7:45 pm
commitment to the new hampshire being first in the nation. i have to live your 22 years and it is part of the fabric of our state -- i have lived here 22 years and it is part of the fabric of our state. one of the issues i was wondering if you could touch on is we are energy -- is where energy fits in? where do you stand on energy issues? >> i went by it real fast. if you go to advancing american freedom you will see we spent a lot of time on it. our organizations actually spent the better of 10 million dollars in the last four months on ads around the country promoting a return to american energy independence. we have been running them around the country, urging americans to call their member of congress. it is extraordinary to see the
7:46 pm
damage that this administration did in a short period of time to the historic progress we made on independence in the tru mp-pence administration. by allowing the responsible exploitation -- exploration of oil around the country, we became a net exporter of energy for the first time of three quarters of a century. we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. an incredible amount of investment, so many of these sites around the country and the american economy, the booming economy before the pandemic hit so hard was driven by low cost, affordable energy. it shows up on family's budgets and is a driving force behind manufacturing in this country. this administration on day one
7:47 pm
literally they one, president biden shoots down the keystone and dakota pipeline. millions of acres of federal land where responsible for exploration. they going to get off of the docket, gasoline prices started to go through the roof. i know that they like to blame high gas prices on the war in ukraine. gasoline prices were up 50% before the first shot was fired in the war in ukraine. high energy prices in america are not a result of the war in ukraine, it is a result on the war on energy and it has got to stop. [applause] >> thank you. [no audio] -- we have been continuing to carry that through the country. i will leave you with one thought.
7:48 pm
serving in the will of congress, use it there for a long votes, you get a chance to look around. only a few things written on the wall of the chamber of congress. one is one, out of many. what is in god we trust above the american flag. much less known is the plaque that speaks to the point you raised. it is a quote from daniel webster. it is above the american flag. out of the line of sight for major speeches. i remember reading it one type in a debate over american energy. -- time in a debate over american energy. it says let us develop the resources of this land and call forth its power that we may do something in our time or they to be remembered. -- worthy to be remembered.
7:49 pm
one of the first leaders spoke about the central focus of the god-given natural resources this country has. i believe if we are going to achieve another great century, the source of american greatness is our faith in god, our freedom, and our vast natural resources. if we strengthen all three, there is a boundless american future that awaits. thank you, very much. god bless you. [applause] >> i have a feeling you'll be
7:50 pm
spending a couple of overnights here in new hampshire over the next couple of months and you may need an overnight bag. [laughter] thank you. [applause] [indiscernible] >> right on the money. >> thank you. >> good morning. may i take a picture?
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