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tv   Campaign 2024 Sen. Tom Cotton R-AR Speaks at New Hampshire GOP Fundraiser  CSPAN  August 22, 2022 2:26pm-2:59pm EDT

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revealing the findings from its investigation, all week, watch these men as we look at the committee -- watch c-span, as we look back at the committee and the attack on the u.s. capitol. tonight at eight eastern europe, formal justice -- appeared to wn c-span or anytime on demand at >> now available at the c-span shop, 2022 congressional directory. go there today to order a copy. this spiral book is your guide to the federal government with contact information for every member of congress. order your copy today at
2:27 pm or scan the code with your smartphone. >> arkansas senator tom cotton during remarks at the republican party 2022 golf tournament, he addressed the fbi raid, opioid epidemic and inflation. [applause] [applause]
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here is the trouble, we are letting the federal issues and at the disgustingness of the democratic party letting that getting into our local elections. we win and lose on what we represents, what we are going to do family to family. there is a reason we have 400 members of our house and representatives, because we can and we must and our citizens deserve we go door-to-door. our campaigns are not about us,
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it is about them, it is about showing that we can carry that message to get stuff done. we had a lot of messages in 2020 . the last budget was not easy. school choice, talked about for 40 years, you got to get rid of that thing, no one will vote for it. all of these tax cuts, you can't get rid of that, yes we can, we did. income tax, sales tax, how are you going to do all of that, we did it. how are you going to send more money back to cities and towns. we did that too. we work together as a team, as republicans. did i agree with everything in the budget? no. did the -- ever republican in
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the house agree with it? no. if you take that and carry that through to november, that is what wins. this election is about kitchen table issues, the price hikes, we like to call it inflation, but let's call it what it is, the democrats have hiked prices on every product in this country and they need to be held accountable. whether they can put gas in their gas take, and electricity rates we are seeing, it is all time, it is doubling across this country. you cannot let the democrats pull away and say gas prices are getting better. they caused the problem in the first place. talk about how it affects people here. school choice. the brilliance of the school choice bill was theirs, we did not try to get everything.
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we did not say school choice across the board because that would not have passed. we focused on 300% of the poverty level and below. what happened? emily's of color that were never given an option, never told what do you want for your kids or finally asked what do you want for your kids. we listened and we sent you can take this money and do what you please because it is about you, not us. our elections are one i an individual. individual families, individual kids, it is their issues we are carrying. that is the hardest part of the job. we are politicians. at the end of the day that do not matter. when you listen and connect with those families they get excited. that is what they actually walk away from. we can talk about our issues, then we have to give them three
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times as much time to tell us what is affecting them. public safety, hearing all of the time. there's a lot of fear on what is happening with the defund the police. people are afraid to come here. it is republicans who are afraid to push back. we support making sure folks who can defend themselves and defend their families have a process to do that. i can't tell you how many governors come up to me, they go, how are you doing this if you have no taxes? it ain't about me, it ain't about the government, government is not here to solve your problems. that is exciting. as time changes and technology, communities change, we are going to open up more doors. we are always thinking forward.
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that is how we will separate ourselves from the democrats by making sure we put those individuals first. do not assume that because washington is screwing up, biden is lucky to know where he is going to get lunch. it is getting worse every day. do not assume this is going to carry republicans into a wave of elections in november. you have to earn it. big thank you to all of the sponsors, a big thank you to folks who are sponsoring this. the money is very important. you can have the best rod up in the world, but you have to advertise. these are investments people are making in your campaigns, they are investments for businesses to make sure that their tax around, families will invest in you to make sure that their kids continue to have school choice and an option for them. do not forget the core.
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it matters knocking on doors, it matters. these are the types of things, 101. signs, get your signs. that is what wins races at the end of the day. we're the ones who have 75 days to close the deal. people start paying attention to the primaries in the next couple of days. we will see how that plays out. i love this one. she has spent $25 million, her approval rating is 24%. people in the state know what they are getting from senator hassly.
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nothing. you have to be here. you have to be a part of our community. do not take it for granted. do not take it for granted. we still have to have the right candidates to win. by rights, people that engage with the public, engage with their neighbors and open their ears to listen. i am very grateful. i am always mr. positive. and all works out. i have the honor today of introducing somebody. i am a big fan of arkansas. the governor of arkansas and i share a lot of common, especially with our friends at sig. we have a competition, a very
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friendly competition. arkansas is doing very well, there is a lot of excitement out there. arkansas, i want to say it is exactly -- i when i say it is exactly like new hampshire. none of that matters, if we do not close at deal in 2022, none of that matters at all. talk about what is important to new hampshire, our health candidates. it is also important that we have somebody here that supports . last time i checked, there's a lot of them requested do not support the first, the nation's primary. they are screwing up. not republicans. this is real campaigning. this is about the individual. it is not about big money markets and all of that stuff. we need help financially, we
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like to get people to come in. i am talking to you c-span, box, whoever --fox, whoever is in this room. i think they are still counting the caucus votes in iowa. the whole country looked at new hampshire and said, does this primary thing work anymore? people are -- the whole process. republicans got together, myself, a guy named bill gardner, i said we are going to get this thing right, no questions asked. we did. we counted the votes, we got the winner. we tried to warn everybody he was not up to the task. we got it right across the board. to have folks appear that understand the value -- up here
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to understand how we do things means the world to us. i'm going to bring out the senator. he is doing a phenomenal job in washington. it is a phenomenal day to have you. [applause] >> thank you also much. thank you for the kind introduction. it takes very well for new hampshire, even your democrats know that joe biden is no better than a fifth-place finisher. it is great to be back here. we do have a lot in common. return your state and my state, -- between your state and my state, this weather in mid-august. i am so grateful that you all came out today to support the
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republican party whether you played golf, thank you so much for what you are doing with the state party. thank you for your leadership at the party. this is a critical election and key time. not everyone understands how important it is. i have got to confess, my son was not so enthusiastic about me leaving yesterday. he latched onto my leg and he said, daddy, please do not go. i said i got to go work. he said that he comic-con someone else -- can't someone else beat the democrats? i said there are a lot of people who can beat the democrats but it takes us. in new hampshire since you are in the primary phase, we have to work together. what you're doing today is making sure all of our great candidates, the nominee for your
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state legislature, local races are going to be in a strong position to carry for our banner in the grand state, which is the center of the universe. your senate election can make a difference. your two house races can make a difference. whether we can begin to put the brakes on joe biden and the democrats agenda. we will begin to hold them accountable for some of the outrageous abuses we have seen. a lot of the are deeply concerned about what happened last week at the rate of mar-a-lago. we have a lot more questions that we have answers. what merrick garland has done so far has not justify the actions taken, which was unprecedented in our nations history. the concerns go broader than that, it reaches our fundamental liberties and the right of all of us to be protect under the
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laws, with evenhanded enforcement. look at what else merrick garland has done in his 18 months in office. last october he sick the fence on parents going to school boards -- parents -- fence on parents going to school boards. the most classic example of local government at the grassroots level. merrick garland locking those parents to domestic terrorists, suggesting the same tools of al qaeda we should use against them. we have left wing agitators protesting outside of the homes of conservative supreme court justices. this is not something that is in question of legality. it is a violation of federal law to go protest at the home of a judge to try to influence the outcome of a pending case.
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there is not a single arrest at any time, not a single arrest. it ended with a lunatic flying from california to washington to assassinate brett kavanaugh to try to change the outcome of that case. i had fbi director for a while with one of my committees a couple weeks ago and asked, were the arrests? they were committing a crime on tv, you do not have to be a massive detective to figure it out. they said they had high priorities. i guess the high priorities are covering up bidens crime. it seems like a hunter biden can help himself but record himself every time he commits one of his felonies. where was the democratic party in 2020? they were colluding with big tech trying to suppress the evidence. calling it russia disinformation, trying to keep it out of our political debates, where it could be the
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centerpiece of the debate. it appears he has been in business, was running for the president of united states. or consider some of the other examples of unfair uneven enforcement of our laws. look what happened with the obama administration. auditing them, denying them status. why do you think maggie hassan voted to give the irs $80 billion last week? that money is going to find 87,000 irs agents. do you think they're going to be auditing? do you think it is going to be hunter biden or hard working, small businesses? people trying to grow their businesses? families like many of yours, that is what they will be doing. that is why they gave the irs
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more money than the entire budget of our marine corps. 87,000 marines then irs bureaucrats. [applause] it is not just about the way they enforced the law against republicans and conservatives, it is also how they do not enforce the law out in the streets in our country. remember the blm riots? most peaceful protest? as people stood in front of writing buildings? the biden department of justice has almost brought no justice against those arsonists. people who were attacking federal buildings who were received to them, attacking
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federal law enforcement officers, like the deputy marshals who were defending those court houses. democrats excuse it. look at what they do at local levels, they elect radical prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law. sometimes the locals wise up to it. in san francisco they just recalled one of these radical prosecutors. someone who was the first prosecutors to try to take over law enforcement in america. it happens in other places as well, like los angeles, chicago, philadelphia, boston. a woman named rachel, who cared more about criminals that she cared about her victims. what did they do with rachel? they made her the very source prosecutor who got delegated -- elevated to higher office. who voted for her?
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maggie hassan. even though it is a clear and undisputed fact that crime and drugs in new hampshire is directly linked to gangs running out in massachusetts. even though this was a major debate in the u.s. senate, we almost never vote on u.s. attorney nominees. it has been decades. i insisted that we had a recorded vote on rachel's nomination. every democrat like maggie hassan need to be on the record, where there should be a federal prosecutor who refuses to enforce laws that she does not like, refuses to impose sentences that are required by the law. that is exactly what maggie hassan voted for. you see it all across america. excusing criminals. there are two victims in every crime. there is an actual criminal cleared releasing felons from
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prison early, not arresting them in the first place, eliminating bell system so they can turn around and commit more crimes. you see it in the drug trade across america come over the tragic toll for so many families. you have hundreds die of opioids every year. in america it has been over 100,000 every year. more than 100,000 deaths. that is almost twice what we lost in the vietnam war. democrats do nothing about it. they make the problem worse by opening our border and creating the worst crisis we ever had on our southern border. i was going to say you are a
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border state. whenever we have 100,000 overdose deaths every year, every state is a border states and every town is a border town. you deserve better from your government then what we are getting on the southern border right now. [applause] >> the vast majority of those illegal aliens crossing our border are coming here because they think they can get in. this is not speculation, i know this, i've been there and talk to them. you asked them why they are here, it is not because they are being persecuted, because of their political views, america has always accepted refugees like that. it is because they want to get a better job. i asked them, they said i want to get a better job. most simply, joe biden. that is why they were wearing shirts last year saying, bite and let me in. b --ibiden let me in.
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there is also gang members cartels and the drugs they bring with them. we have the power to stop it by cracking down on these chemicals and cartels, frankly taking the fight for them in mexico. what would you do if you thought isis or i qaeda was setting up shop in tijuana or monterey? what would you do if they killed our citizens every year from those outpost? it is exactly what we should do to these cartels come up with them out of business in mexico dead or alive to protect our citizens. [applause] >> unfortunately, under biden
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and it, crime is not the only thing that is surging in our country, prices are surging. it is bad in new hampshire come about in arkansas. i'm glad you're enjoying the nice hotdogs that we have served earlier. he said that they saw a sharp decline in the month of june of hotdog buns. a sharp increase in the sale of white bread? why is that? families were getting ready for fourth of july, they had to make the choice and they cannot paid three dollars for a pack of hotdog buns. think about families who are struggling that much to make and meet meant to make those choices about whether bring to do about their kids on the fourth of july, small enjoyments, small luxuries that you may remember being a child and that you hope for your children and grandchildren. family struggling to make and
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ends meet at the end of the month. wondering what kind of things they will have -- for the kids, a piano lesson, braces for the kids. that is the kind of stress biden and the democrats have put on our families. it is their fault, it is only their fault. joe biden wants to blame everyone else in the world for inflation when it is only his fault. in march of 2021, when the economy was open and backup, even in democratic states, they spent $2 trillion more. even democrats, larry summers admit that there was $2 trillion of wastful spending. they put their ideologies ahead of your family's interest.
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joe biden blames everyone. he blames putin's price hike. we had inflation a lot longer before vladimir putin launched this war on ukraine. it is the democrats and their radical tax bills that caused the inflation. the only way to stop it is to kick democrats out of office. what have they done? [applause] what have they done now? they have gone on a spending binge. i would say they are spending like drunken sailors, but i do not want to insult drunken sailors. maggie hassan just casted the deciding vote for a 700 billion tax bill for those irs agents that are going to come harass you at your workplace. for all kinds of tax credits to buy electric vehicles for rich people. in reality they are not electric
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vehicles as you probably know, they are coal powered vehicles, may be nuclear powered vehicles or something else because it does not come out of the air. they spent billions of dollars on a bill they called a china competitiveness bill, in reality it was giveaways to most of their supporters and friends in allies. it is only going to feel more inflation. the other the way to stop it is to stop the democrats from being in charge of the agenda in washington. i will say one last thing while we need to beat the democrats since i've mentioned china. it is time we elect republican so we can beat china once and for all in this competition that they launched against us, stealing our jobs, our factories, threatening our friends, threatening even senior officeholders in the united states in america. it is not often that nancy
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pelosi is the tough one in the democratic party. look at what happened last month when she announced she was going to travel to taiwan. joe biden was worried about some kind of war, even though senators and congressmen, republicans and democrats alike have been traveling to taiwan. it is not controversial, unusual . what was unusual is you have the communist threatening to shoot her plane out of the sky or a tech taiwan while she was there. joe biden put pressure on her to not go. in the exact same way he have in doing -- has been doing for decades. it did not start last january, he has been doing it for decades. his son only got in on the action when he was vice president. joe biden has been appeasing and coddling the chinese communist since he was a senator, he did
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it as a vice president, now president. all of the money that he democratic party just spent on grain energy, and a lot of it is going to go to china. all of those coal powered cars, 8000 pounds batteries commit a lot of those components are only made in china. the billions of dollars in handouts to universities and companies to engage in advanced manufacturing research and technology, almost no safeguards that it will not be done in china, if not it will be stolen by china. there is a report out that said biden administration's -- biden's administration has approved almost every single transfer license to technology to china since it took office. it should be in reverse, it should be all of them were denied and non-granted.
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they do not take it seriously. they never have and never will. if we want to stand up to china, protect our jobs, factories, freedom and safety, we have to elect republicans to turn the tide in washington. i know these are all big asks. i know there's a lot to do. seems like maggie hassan is talking about how physically -- fiscally conservative she is. the same thing could be true, to members of congress as well. even when it seems like it's toughest, we can still turn it around if we act together. if i tell my five-year-old son, yes, other people can beat the democrats, but we all have to do it together. i want to leave you with one final story from my time in the army. it is hopefully inspiration as a
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go forward to november. people used the ask me, why the flag on our uniform flew backwards. sometimes it still does. on the right shoulder the flight is reversed, the bluefield is on the right, not the left. i see some of you nodding your head's, if you're a better and you may know these things . if you are standing on the right side of formation, you see the flack from the right it would be flying as reversed as it went in the wind. even though we got off of our horses and got into tanks, we still have that heritage on our soldiers uniform that our army member retreats, it advances the air at a time where seems america is under assault, and our way of life is under
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attack, i think that is an important lesson to go forward with. we will never retreats, never back down, never surrender in the fight for our great nation. thank you all. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> dr. anthony fauci announced after 38 years of service he is stepping down as the head of the national institute of infectious diseases. he has let the federal response to the coronavirus. the washington post writes during his tenure, he has been on the front lines in the fight against aids, ebola, cobra 19 pandemic. -- covid-19.


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