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tv   Campaign 2024 Sen. Tim Scott Speaks at Iowa GOP BBQ  CSPAN  August 30, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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talks about the agency's role in preparing for
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the next pandemic. you can watch on our free video app c-span now. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government sponsored by these television companies and more. >> today a fast reliable
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internet connection is something nobody can live without supreme t justices. [applause] now, if you want to fire chuck schumer as the leader --
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[applause] if you want to fire chuck schumer as the majority leader of the united states senate, you've got to send chuck grassley back to the u.s. senate that me, -- to the u.s. senate! [applause] it is sunday, and my mama wanted a preacher. you are the congregation today. i got to preach the word today. the only grassley i like better than chuck grassley is misses grassley. [applause] thank you. thank you. i knew that this was the right state when i went to my first
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fundraiser for chuck grassley and he said, "are you going to eat?" i said, i was thinking about it. he said, it will cost you $18. he is cheap. send that man to the u.s. senate! [laughter] and your governor. kim reynolds. i have been working on the issue of school choice for eight years, and your governor is going to get it done in 2023. [applause] because every child in every zip code deserves quality education. and your governor is committed to it. i know one thing for sure, every child in america deserves good education. and kim reynolds is the champion . when she gave the rebuttal
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address, she talked about it and it warmed my heart. god bless you all for reelecting her as well. but i got to say, think of the woman who led the charge to try to make up for the supply chain shortage caused by this administration when it comes to baby formula. that was ashley hinson. [laughter] -- [applause] now, think about the woman who decided that our veterans, and especially our rural veterans suffering with mental health
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challenges needed more resources, more effort, and more expertise. think of no one else than ashley hinson. for our veterans. [applause] and i'll say -- my dad spent 27 years in the air force. my brother was a sergeant major, 32 years in the army. my other brother couldn't get into the university of south carolina so he had to go to the air force academy. [laughter] spent 26 years in the air force as a colonel. so when i talk about ashley's support for veterans, it is not a political statement. [applause]
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we are the greatest nation on gods green earth. because of men and women put on a uniform and went to foreign lands to make sure that the rest of us sleep in peace. thank god. for champions. [applause] i am excited about ashley hinson's reelection. i am excited about what she represents. i am excited that you guys keep producing powerful, positive women and sending them to washington, d.c., just like joni ernst as well. [applause]
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but do not take it for granted that because she won last time, she is going to win this time. it is our responsibility to make sure that this state and her district is read to the roots -- is red to the roots! [applause] i like to joke about a part of my life story, because i had a challenging life. some of it funny and some parts not so funny. as a kid who grew up in a single family household, who lost my way and couldn't figure out that i lived in the greatest land on earth and therefore, anyone from anywhere at anytime could succeed younger wildest imagination -- i know that now. i know today that america is the solution, and not the problem. [applause]
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you should never apologize for the united states of america. we should never apologize. nobody should apologize for america! we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. [applause] but before i understood that, i was just a freshman in high school, lost as a goose in a rainstorm. i failed four subjects in my freshman year -- world geography, civics -- which is of course the study of politics, that is why i know there is a god. [laughter] i also failed spanish, and english. [laughter] now, when you failed spanish and english, don't nobody call you bilingual. [laughter]
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they all call you bi-ignant, because you can speak in any language. [laughter] even tim scott as a freshman who couldn't pass civics, knew then what president biden does not know now, that leadership matters. leadership matters. [applause] and for some reason, they want us to believe what they say no matter what we see. let us pray. [laughter] >> ♪ lorddd♪
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i do believe that the prayers of the righteous avail. i know it is true. and prayers will keep us long enough to win the house in november, and the senate, too! and we will get to 2024 later. but here is what i will tell you, anytime the president says something or the democrats say something, you have to check the facts. now, i could have sworn i heard president's day that the inflation rate this month was 0%. [laughter] -- heard the president say that the inflation rate this month was 0%. we had a 40 year high of 9.1%, and it fell all the way down to zero? come now. [laughter] come now.
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8.5%. and as senator grassley said, you don't pour fuel on a fire. so you certainly wouldn't pass a tax increase of $739 billion of more spending in the midst of a 40 year high in inflation. adding more fuel to the fire. and if you did that, you certainly not give -- i have seen it in my mailbox one time, and it cared me to death. it said irs. i said, get be behind me satan! [laughter] that is just a joke for those of y'all who think i am being serious here. but i will say what is serious
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is giving the irs $80 billion. 87 thousand new agents. and according to the joint committee on taxation, they will target incomes under $200,000. and according to the congressional budget office, they will generate $20 billion from every day working americans. [crowd booing] i can't imagine what they don't understand. can i get an amen?!
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[applause] here is the problem. under the obama administration, the irs went rogue. they hunted conservative organizations and religious organizations. anyone remember lois lerner? yes. 87,000 new agents. one of the reasons why rogue legislation, $45 billion of that money is designed for enforcement -- i said, let's give it to the parents that they can provide for school choice or mentors or tutors for their kids who lost two years of learning loss, which will cost our economy trillions of dollars. give that money to the parents. [applause]
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but, common sense ain't so common anymore. then i turned the station. not sure if it was fox news or newsmax. i heard a clip of the president saying that the border was closed. [applause] [laughter] i am sorry. can somebody please look at the dictionary and tell me what "closed" means? because in the last 12 months, we have seen 2 million illegal crossings. they have been from the trump years of july now to july of the trump years, there have been
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325% increase in illegal border crossings. so we can't believe what they say, but we can believe what we see. [applause] think about this, we had 108,000 americans lose their lives to overdoses. and yet fentanyl walks across our southern border for the lack of a physical impediment called a wall. imagine people from 155 different nations -- as i understand -- i walked across
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our southern border, that someone who wanted to assassinate a former president walked across our southern border. because there is no wall there. we've got to do something about that. and that requires a majority in the house, a majority in the senate, and winning our way back to the white house in 2024! [crowd cheering] [applause] ashley said i only have one hour to go, but i am going to cut it short. [laughter] ashley said, get behind me, satan. [laughter] no, just joking. think about it this way, my last comment, last topic -- my mama
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worked 16-hour days just to keep the lights on most of the time. and tried to put food on the table every day. i am thankful for friends and grandparents who subsidized us when we couldn't do it for ourselves. and now, we are going to ask the average american -- and the median income in this country is less than $20 per hour -- so what we're going to do with joe biden's new $500 billion student loan right --writeoff. this is what it does. it requires people like my
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mother, people making less than the median income, to subsidize student loan debt for households after $250,000. [crowd booing] sen. scott: that is wrong. we have to win back the majority, because when we do, we can restore common sense. we know that inflation goes up as long as spending from the government keep growing up. the easiest thing to do is to cut it off. stop spending money that you cannot afford. common sense. [applause] winning back the majority means appropriating the money to build
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a physical wall to protect the greatest nation on earth from the national security risks, from the drug risks, and from the illegal crossing risks. common sense! brought to you by the republican party! [applause] and finally, for sending ashley hinson back to the u.s. house. [applause] we start the process of regaining those glory years. let me tell you about the glory years. they warned that long ago. from 2016 to 2020, we produced
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the greatest economy in the history of america. [cheers and applause] think about this. think about it. under president trump and a majority in the senate and a majority in the house, we brought unemployment rates to a50-year low. a 70 year low for women, an all-time low for african-americans, an all-time low for hispanics, an all-time low for asians. president trump produced the most inclusive economy in the history of our great land. [applause] we created 7 million jobs.
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two-thirds going to the same groups. we, the great opportunity party, invested more money in historically black colleges and universities than any other administration in the history of america. the republican party did that. [applause] and by reelecting ashley henson, and sending the general, chuck grassley! [applause] not only can i guarantee you that those years are coming back, but i can guarantee you that the red wave becomes a red
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tsunami, and if you hold on just long enough to get to 2024 -- [applause] america -- oh, yes. [indistinct shouting] sen. scott: my homeowners association, yes. [laughter] [applause] ok. with republican control in the white house, and a republican-controlled senate, and a republican-controlled house, with capital after capital -- capitol after capitol electing great-opportunity governors, america rises up. we continue to be the city on
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the hill. [crowd cheering] because we are, the -- in the midst of the storm. god has truly blessed these united states of america. [cheers and applause] rep. hinson: give it up for senator tim scott. whooo! [applause] so, that wraps up our programming today, but i have a couple of quick questions for you, are you ready for an economy that is strong? a nation that is safe?
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are you ready for a future that is free? and are you ready for a government that is accountable to the people, to you? then we know what we have to do. we have to fight for our lives. it's time to take our lives back, and that starts again on november 8. thank you so much for coming. it's an honor to serve you in washington, d.c.. thank you! [crowd cheering] the band is going to play some more. stick around. thank you. [applause] ♪
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[indistinct conversations] >> i continue to come back. i thank god that i continue to be invited. >> [indiscernible] >> it is no coincidence. i am actually here to make sure she wins. that is exactly the reason why i am here.
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>> senator scott worked with speaker pelosi in the house. >> it is so important. >> [inaudible] what is the number one message? sen. scott: that conservative principles matter. getting back to the basic principles will bring us success. common ground. working not for the republican or the democrat party, but working all first country. rep. hinson: i think this is about opportunity but it is also about commonality. higher inflation, open borders, and crime on the rise in this country, that is on the ballot in november. our contract is a government that is free and a government that is accountable, a clear
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contrast between what democrat leadership looks like and what republican leadership will look like come january. >> [indiscernible] how are you feeling about the state of the electorate right now? sen. scott: go everywhere all the time -- rep. hinson: that's why go everywhere all the time and connect with people in iowa, i want to see what my constituents are talking about on the kitchen table overnight. . that continues to be inflation and the high gas prices. i think this election will be on the economy, economy, economy. [inaudible] >> lowering gas prices? rep. hinson: i will not be outworked. this is about listening to iowans and what they are telling me. if it holds true in november, i think you will see a republican house. sen. scott: gas prices are still
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about 65% higher. these are major issues the american people care about -- the economy, inflation, and gas prices. >> one more question. rep. hinson: hang on, he has one question. tom? >> [inaudible] rep. hinson: i started immediately getting input back to my office. they saw that as a terrible, destructive policy. student loan debt cannot be canceled, it can only be transferred. what we have seen is a slap in the face to military men and women who put on the uniform and use the g.i. bill, they put themselves at risk, serving our country, knowing that that was the deal.
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i worked at hyvee until 10:00 p.m. and drove a not-so-great car, but i continued to pay down my debt. republicans have great plans to lower drug prices in the way that not only holds farmer accountable -- holds big pharma accountable. [indiscernible] >> thinking about running for president one day? sen. scott: you have got to come to iowa. thank you guys very much. thank you. sen. scott: thank you. thank you, sir. [chatter] >> thank you, senator. >> yes, sir.
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sen. scott: thank you guys for coming today. >> thanks, ashley. can i get a picture with you? rep. hinson: yes, of course. >> ok. [indistinct conversations]
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>> i want to thank you for coming to iowa. >> listen, i am a fan.
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[indistinct conversations] >> good luck to you. >> thank you. what is your last name? >> mike chisholm. [indistinct conversations]
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♪ [inaudible]
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♪ >> my goodness. sorry about that. >> thank you.
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♪ [applause] [inaudible]
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>> right now, we have to be a little patient, because i do believe that the courts are a firewall -- [inaudible] ♪
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[inaudible] >> -- my commitment to the people of south carolina, and i
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think the best thing i can do. >> the way voters watch you and the way you do things are different. you don't get behind the podium. you move around. this is not an era where people are necessarily -- [inaudible] -- you have an audience here. the reason i'm joking about the association is people like you here and -- when you come to iowa as a republican and create those questions, is it completely out of bounds? >> i can say the primary objective is to help ashley hinson. [inaudible]
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>> what do you like about ashley? >> three things. i think ashley is someone who understands the world, being a powerful, positive woman. [inaudible] she understands how to effectively communicate. sometimes we need to make sure we have diverse communicators.
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[inaudible] -- in the rural parts of america, it is so important. the proposals in build back better, $28,900. -- [inaudible] >> senator, thank you very much.
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i appreciate it. thank you. ♪ >> thank you for coming. we appreciate it. [indistinct conversations] >> i'm watching you, danny. danny. danny! [laughter] we should just take him to the car. no littering.
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>> i want to get a picture of you on this tractor. >> thank you very much. always there when i need you. [indiscernible] >> i'm going to pop in here with you.
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>> all the family members serving in the united states military. >> that is amazing. >> our son left for -- >> air force? >> army. that's my uncle. he just got promoted to major. and he just -- they just deployed him. i weigh say elections have consequences. because the -- there's no way the russians attack ukraine if trump is president. my son is deployed because of this last election. >> that redline that was drawn in the obama administration and, biden says a little encouraging.
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. you just can't send those signals. we live in a very dangerous world. >> did we get a good picture? i want my wife to come in here. >> of course. let's get the better half in here. >> better half, she's the whole package. [laughter] >> he's a camp director for a bible camp for kids. he's a good guy. >> may i take a picture with
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you, too? >> yes. >> this guy used to be the camp director back in the day. this guy used to be my camp director. [indiscernible] >> thank you for your work, young man. >> thank you for your work. >> the only thing we were missing tonight was -- [laughter]
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>> i almost brought it up. but i would be meddling. [laughter] >> we do take credit cards is what you should have said. [laughter] >> thank you for everything you do. >> thank you for that. that was really cool. >> pray for our troops. >> i will and will continue to. thank you. [indiscernible]
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[inaudible] >> is this lady bothering you, senator? [laughter] [indiscernible] >> we want to let you know that we support you. >> thank you very much. i will be there september 9. >> 12:30 on 19th avenue north. let me give you my card so we can send you the details. >> letter so funny. -- that is so funny. >> where are you from? [indiscernible]
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>> that might be the best restaurant in that area. >> one of my other grandsons works there no. [indiscernible]
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>> 1, 2, 3. i got you. thank you. >> i am ashley's neighbor and friend. >> my best friend from high school actually -- >> i would invite people to your house. [indiscernible] >> he took a deep breath first. [laughter] >> will you be on myrtle beach? >> the office, i'm not sure exactly where it is. >> it's on the 19th. the republican victory office.
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>> 1, 2, 3. got it. [indiscernible] >> he's the real deal. >> i'm from south carolina. [laughter] [indiscernible]
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>> have a good one. [indiscernible] >> we are waiting for the status on the monkeypox disease, many are expected to speak. in this conference should be getting underway shortly, live coverage here on c-span. st: guest running us served at the president -- guest: how are you? host: you are joining as to talk about the aspects of inflation production output first tell us about your organization put is it an what did y


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