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tv   House Minority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy Gives Remarks From Scranton...  CSPAN  September 2, 2022 2:46am-3:26am EDT

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upcoming midterm elections.
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[applause] >> hello, hello. thank you all for coming out. let's get started. [indiscernible] [laughter] [indiscernible]
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[laughter] >> congressman, leisure. -- pleasure. >> same to you. >> thanks for coming out. [indiscernible] [laughter]
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>> they employ 34 people in northeastern pennsylvania. that is the kind of jobs we need to but i want to thank all the national reporters for coming and covering this important race in joe biden's hometown. we also want to welcome all the first responders, law enforcement, teachers, nurses, the everyday people that make northeastern pennsylvania go. thank you all for coming out. [applause] and lastly, we are joined today by 15 elected officials that are leading northeastern pennsylvania into a better tomorrow. thank you. [applause] joe biden came here on tuesday and let out a truth that my opponent doesn't want known --
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mr. bognet: because matt cartwright is a wholly-owned subsidiary of biden administration. what does that mean? he votes with joe biden 100% of the time. we are going to take care of that in november. [applause] when i win the seat, it is going to be an unmistakable message to the entire country that joe biden's hometown of scranton ethic of the liberal agenda. since he became president, he has driven our country into addicts. gas prices have doubled, the border is open. our country is in decline. he has even stopped inflation,
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which is destroying senior citizens social security. i am here on the campaign trail every day. people are angry at joe biden. they are angry at what they have done to us. we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. we are going to fix it on november 8. [applause] mr. bognet: we are mad that joe biden came here and called a specialist. a bernie sanders supporter is somebody who took a shot as steve scalise and we just had a crazy person try to murder brett kavanaugh out they did not agree with the supreme court decision. that is extremists. we are also mad that matt cartwright and joe biden effectively opened the border and are trying to poison our children. we are mad that nancy pelosi and matt cartwright and joe biden have gotten rich while they were
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in office. they lecture us when they are going back and forth to washington dc on a private jet. if you are happy with where the country is, you might want to consider voting for my opponent. but if you think northeast pennsylvania deserves a better future, if you think we should stop having open borders, take a look at me. take a look at change. vote for me and the republican majority. and we will fire nancy pelosi. [applause] and with that, i will like to introduce the man who is quarterbacked the efforts of the republicans in congress to fight against the biden, pelosi agenda. he is fighting every day for us. on november 8, we will take the majority in the house of representatives and kevin
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mccarthy will be the next speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy. [applause] rep. mccarthy: thank you. we are going to win this race. before i begin, i would like to thank donnie for hosting us today. by the time that year was over, i will have visited almost 50 states. met with people like you in coffee shops, diners, dfw halls, community centers, machine shops here at dawn. over the past month alone, i have traveled to more than in 20 states and met with over a hundred republican candidates and members and thousands of their constituents. tonight, i want to share with
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you what i heard from americans across this country. what is clear to me and clear to you is that washington and the white house are not listening. they just do not get it. you have never been more worried, more learned by the direction of our country. yet they tell you everything is fine. you worry that your children will have less opportunity than you did. yet they tell you things are looking up. you fear that america is becoming poor, less safe, less respected and less free by the day. yet they tell you the border is safe and america's secure. the white house says inflation is transitory. deficits do not matter and the spike in crime is just a bump in the road.
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that does not add up. that is where we are different. i do not dismiss your fears. i shared them. i, along with every republican running for congress this year, share your unwavering conviction that we must change direction in washington before it is too late. the american experiment, the people who believe in it have not sent the last word. the electric cord of liberty still sparks in our hearts. the spirit of the pilgrims, the patriots and the pioneers still inspire our souls. our best days are ahead of us, not behind us. our nation can flourish again. under a new historic republican majority, it will. for the past two years, it has
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been at the time of trial for americans everywhere. never in modern times has an administration promised more and delivered less. they have nobody to blame but themselves. in the past two years, joe biden has launched an assault on the soul of america. and its people, and its laws, on its most sacred values. he has launched an assault on our democracy. his policies have severely wounded america soul, diminished america spirit and trade america's trust. for the past 19 months, democrats have had total control in washington. they control the house, they control the senate, they control
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the white house. they have all the levers of power. so let me ask you this. how have they done? democrats control every committee in congress. responsible for our nation's safety, our prosperity, and our government oversight. they are in charge of every federal agency responsible for our law enforcement. for drug enforcement. for our homeland security. for our border security. they are responsible for our food supply, our energy supply, our public health, our public education, or federal spending, or federal bar wink, and even our foreign affairs. are you better off?
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why has two years of one-party rule in washington given us? our economy is now in a recession. here are the facts. fact, our supply chains are collapsing. our transportation system is completely dysfunctional. air travel has never been more unpredictable. fact, families go to the grocery store and find empty shelves. necessities like baby formula have been impossible to find, which means many children can't get the nutrition that they need. if you can find what you need at the store, it costs more. a lot more. food prices are up more than 13%. the highest increase ever. we are told again and again by washington that it is all temporary.
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this historic spending binge of joe biden and his democrat congress has brought the greatest inflation crisis to this nation in generations. democrats spend your money on wasteful projects, including millions on ski resorts and luxury hotels. and even spending $1 billion of hard-working taxpayer money on stimulus checks to violent criminals in prison. yes, they even sent one to the boston bomber. this has only driven inflation higher. here is what it means for the american people. for senior citizens, a lifetime of savings wiped out. their 401(k)s are now 201 k. for our midcareer workers, wages are being ravished. young people cannot afford rent,
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not even to mention to buy. mortgages are out of reach. families are barely able to make ends meet. electricity and energy costs are consuming household budgets. citizens are forced to make agonizing choices. every single day, just to pay the bills. more than 20 million american households, about one in every six families, have fallen behind on their utility bills. the amount they owe has doubled since the beginning of the pin them back. -- of the pandemic. and winter is coming. fact, gas prices are 60% higher than when joe biden took office. he inherited energy independence from former president trump. but is now traveling the world begging foreign countries for
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energy to power our country. we have god-given, american-made energy. we need right here right now. [applause] rep. mccarthy: but joe biden has locked it away and raised the price of gas. fact, real income, what you take home after inflation and taxes, is lower now than when joe biden took office. let me ask everyone this question. how many of you can afford to give up one month of your income? i'll bet not many. but if you have had a constant salary for the past year, you have had more than one month of your income taken away. millions of americans are falling backwards into poverty. not making progress.
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the hardship does not end there. because of the extreme, soft on crime policies of joe biden and the defund the police democratic party, our communities have not been this dangerous in decades. you want the facts? last year was the deadliest year in america in 20 years. that includes attacks on our police officers. this year, democrat prosecutors and politicians have declared war on public safety. at our southern border, our safety is not just at risk, our national security has been compromised. joe biden, nancy pelosi and the democrat congress have created the worst illegal immigration crisis in all the history of our country. they eliminated every successful
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policy put in place during the trump administration. and adopted a policy of releasing illegal immigrants by the millions into the united states. our border is now wide open. last fiscal year under biden, there were nearly 1.5 million apprehensions at our southern border. fact, that is a record. almost 2 million illegal immigrants were apprehended. that includes 66 individuals on the terrorist watch list. you have to ask this question, why are those on a terrorist
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watch list coming to america and what do they have planned for us. that doesn't include the over 500,000 -- or the countless more unknown got a ways slipping, completely undetected as border patrol agents are pulled off the line. fact, the number of illegal immigrants who have crossed our border under biden easily exceeds the population of dozens of states. think about what this means for our health care system. our hospital system. our education system. think about what a wide open border has meant for the lives of younger americans. criminal cartels are now in full control of our southern border. they decide who and what comes into our country. that means record amounts of drugs flooding into our cities and towns. every american city is now a border city.
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fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for americans between the ages of 18 and 45. biden's open border policies are killing americans. fentanyl is poisoning and killing 300 americans every single day. that is equivalent to a full airplane crash every single day in our country. why is the white house not treating this like the crisis it is? speaking of younger americans, our children are suffering as a result of democrat school shutdowns. in fact, according to a national test results just released today , the pandemic has now erased 20
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years of progress in reading and math proficiency. it is no wonder only 28% of americans have trust in our public schools. in a giant payoff to our education universities who charge more but deliver less value, biden unilaterally build -- bailed out high paid white-collar workers by transferring $1 trillion in student loans. that debt is now being paid by either people who paid off their loan were never borrowed to begin with. the biden administration's heavy-handed covid policies including firing our military heroes and first responders have undermined our freedoms and destroy public trust.
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what do we have to show for it? more americans died of covid under president biden then under president trump. our pain and suffering at home have been matched by humiliation abroad. one year ago, our country watched in horror as biden's botched withdrawal from afghanistan left 13 american service members dead and landed a lasting blow to america prestige that will haunt us for generations to come. without question, biden's decision led to the greatest foreign policy embarrassment in american history. genocidal china grows stronger
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and more aggressive by the day. iran is closer to a nuclear missile than ever before. the world is more dangerous, more unstable and more chaotic. this is the record of joe biden. this is the record of a democratic control in washington. they want to revive the can-do spirit that this country is founded on. yet instead of trying to bring our country together to solve these challenges, president biden has chosen to divide. demean and disparage his fellow americans. why? simply because they disagree with his policies. that is not leadership. when the president speaks
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tonight at independence hall, the first lines out of his mouth should be to apologize for slandering tens of millions of americans as fascists. president biden wants to talk about the soul of the nation. tonight, he will say democracy is at stake. he will declare that only democrats hold the moral upperhand. what joe biden doesn't understand is that the soul of america is in the tens of millions of hard-working people, loving families, law-abiding citizens who he vilified for simply wanting a stronger, safer and more prosperous country. the soul of america is not the ruling class in washington. it is the law-abiding, taxpaying american citizen.
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the soul of america is our determination to get up and go to work every day, provide for our families, love our children, be involved in their education and ensure that this nation and its people always come first. the soul of america is our children, who deserve to learn in an education system that teaches them skills to have a better life than we do today. [applause] rep. mccarthy: for the past 19 months, the biden administration has been doing everything in its power to crush america's soul. they force families to struggle to make ends meet. they debase the national currencies so that power is
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vacuumed out of the middle class and shipped to bureaucrats in washington and day traders of wall street. they see their values, their country, their beliefs trash in schools, censored online, criminalized by the federal bureaucracy. democrats often say that america is a racist nation. they are wrong. we are a just and noble nation. we are a republic devoted, however imperfectly, to the truth that all are created equal. we are the greatest country in the history of the world. [applause] rep. mccarthy: an honest look at america today would offer genuine examples of our great character. we should return to our nation's
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timeless truths and values. we should inspire us to defend america first, not blame america first. ironically, biden is choosing to speak at independence hall. he has chosen a location that exemplifies the better angels of our nature. it was at independence hall that thomas jefferson wrote of the self evident truths that we should cherish. it was at independence hall that washington, madison, hamilton and others debated the social contract that we the people value and venerate. our founding fathers transmitted us a message in philadelphia 246 years ago. that legacy is our democracy. [applause]
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rep. mccarthy: joe biden often says our democracy is under threat. he is right, but not for the reason he thinks. let's spend a moment to talk about the threats to american democracy. joe biden and democrats in congress sent $1 billion of hard earned taxpayer money as stimulus checks to violent criminals behind bars. they sent one to the boston bomber. that is an assault on democracy. [applause] rep. mccarthy: joe biden and democrats support defunding the police, which led to an historic rise in crime. that is an assault on democracy. [applause] rep. mccarthy: joe biden and big
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tech colluded to silence your freedom of speech and shut down your voice on the largest communication platform in the world. that is an assault on democracy. [applause] rep. mccarthy: joe biden and his department of justice labeled concerned parents to speak at school board meetings domestic terrorists. that is an assault on democracy. [applause] rep. mccarthy: joe biden unilaterally rewritten the immigration laws of the united states, defying congress and the constitution that binds us all. that is an assault on democracy. [applause] rep. mccarthy: joe biden and democrats in congress are hiring an army of
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87,000 new irs agents, more than the population of scranton, pennsylvania, to do what? to snoop around your bank accounts. your small businesses. that is an assault on democracy. [applause] rep. mccarthy: joe biden's government has shielded his family and his administration from accountability, abuses of power and foreign dealings of his son for personal gain. that is an assault on our democracy. [applause] rep. mccarthy: joe biden in the politicized the department of justice, launched a raid on the home of his top political rival, donald trump. that is an assault on democracy. [applause]
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rep. mccarthy: joe biden is right, democracy is on the ballot in november. joe biden and the radical left in washington are dismantling american democracy before our eyes. there is nothing right about standing by while district attorneys release criminals into our streets. permitting daily violence against innocent americans. does president biden think it is compassionate when a four month old infant and an 18 month old toddler were left in the arizona desert by smugglers? how about when 51 migrants died after being abandoned in a semi truck in the texas heat? is it morally right that our
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children were forced to stay home from school while politicians dined out? or when our kids did go back to school, does joe biden think our nation's values tell us it is no longer the content of our character that counts, but rather the color of our skin? when biological boys are allowed to compete in girls sports, does president biden think that is fair? when violent criminals get stimulus checks from democrats wasteful spending, does president biden think that is right or defensible? is it fair that historic inflation is causing americans to get jobs -- to get second jobs or go into credit card debt to pay for groceries, or drive their daughter to get chemotherapy? of course it is not. it is cruel. honest americans know this.
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they deserve better than to be demoralized for speaking out about what they know to be true. president biden is not interested in the truth. all he wants to do is change the subject from the pain americans are facing everyday. but mr. president, i have news for you. americans don't want to change the subject, they want to change the leadership in washington. [applause] rep. mccarthy: mr. president, do you know why? because democrats in washington have no plan to make life better. no plan to stop inflation, only to increase it. no plan to secure the border and stop fentanyl from poisoning our
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children. no plan to reduce crime and restore law and order in our cities. no plan to put our children's futures first and give their parents a voice. no plan to get the country back on track. the american people deserve a congress to focus on their needs. in november, our country faces a clear choice. it is a choice between two different philosophies and two different futures. this is a national referendum. a referendum on inflation, illegal immigration, indoctrination and crime at home and humiliation abroad. a choice between soaring inflation and skyrocketing energy costs, or affordable rent and gas and groceries for you and your family. this is a choice between whether we have an open border or a secure border. a choice between protecting
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criminals or protecting law-abiding americans. republicans have a plan for a new direction that will get our country back on track. our plan is a commitment to america. if republicans are given the opportunity and are honored to have a majority in the house, we will work day and night, hour after hour for you, the people. [applause] rep. mccarthy: we will work for an economy that is strong. we will work for a nation that is safe. we will work for a future that is built on freedom and we will work for a government that is held accountable. we will fight to stop inflation and lower the cost of living.
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we will fight to lower the cost of gas. we will stop taxpayer dollars from being wasted on failed programs. we will passed the parent's bill of rights's appearance have a say in their children's education. [applause] we will defend american sovereignty. we will conduct vigorous oversight, check abuses of power and hold all wrongdoers accountable, including our department of justice. [applause] we will move the supply chain from china back to america. [applause] we will passed tough laws and legislation to make our communities safer. we will block any bill that lowers your standard of living, that makes you and your family
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less safe, less free and less prosperous. we will do everything in our power to pass legislation that raises your wages, increases your standard of living, grows the middle class, supports our police and law enforcement, tames our bureaucracy and restores the citizens of this country to their rightful place. [applause] we will restore the soul of america. the values of america and the promise of america. [applause] join us. go to let's deliver a new leadership that gets america back on track. thank you and god bless america. [applause]
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