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tv   President Biden Meets with Cabinet Members  CSPAN  September 6, 2022 5:12pm-5:22pm EDT

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discuss administration policy priorities including prescription drug prices, clean energy, the economy, and funding the semiconductor industry. he spoke for about 10 minutes. pres. biden: is everybody in? ok. it is good for us to be together. pres. biden: over the past 10 months, we have won passage of some extraordinary parts of our economic agenda. bipartisan infrastructure law, the biggest infrastructure package since the eisenhower administration, with help from our friends on the others of the aisle. the chips act, the lock to spur investment in microchips. which i may point out were invented here in the united states of america. the chips act is a gigantic investment and is going to create a number of jobs and technologies for the future.
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the inflation reduction act law brings down the cost of prescription drugs, health care premiums, and invests in made in america, clean energy future. along with other steps we have taken like the american rescue plan, student debt relief, it is proof that democracy can deliver for the people. there is a foundation of a strong, forward-looking economy that we want to build. the economy of lower prices, more breathing room for middle-class families, and an economy for good paying jobs you can raise a family on, and have a little breathing room. whether you went to college or not. an economy that leads the world in clean energy and ends our dependence on foreign sources across the entire supply chain. this economy that works from the country from the bottom up, and the middle out.
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i am not a fan of trickle-down economics. i find the trickle stops fairly quickly coming down. but when working folks are doing well, the middle class is doing well, the wealthy does well everybody does well. today i have assembled the cabinet to lay out in detail how we are going to implement each of these laws we worked so hard to get past and have gotten past. because passing these historic bills is only the first step in delivering for the american people, it is just that, the first step. i have asked relevant cabinet agency to come forward with a plan to get the american people and the economy on the right side as fast as possible and to spend taxpayer money wisely. i might add the with all of these legislations we have passed, we have still reduced the deficit substantially. in our first year, over $300
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million. this year, it is estimated to be in excess of 1,700,000,000,000. we are going to spend the money wisely to buy american. we are going to lower the cost of prescription drugs by letting medicare negotiate. we have been pros -- we have been proposing that for a long time. we finally got that legislation through. we are going to reduce the cost of health insurance under the affordable care act. about $800 of premiums this year per person. we are going to hire more teachers, create millions of good paying jobs, union jobs and manufacturing. i know it is not always the case, not everyone necessarily agrees with me, but i do not know where it is written we
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can't be a manufacturing center for the world. we have created over 600,000 manufacturing jobs and we are going to continue. last week, major companies announced billions in new investments to make new solar panels here in the united states. fiber-optic cables in the united states. electric cars, computer chips, we are going to be employing american workers and using american products. friday, i am going to the groundbreaking of a new state-of-the-art semiconductor facility in ohio. the biggest kind ever shower nation. we are finally bringing home jobs that had been overseas for a while. you will notice some cabinet members are smiling. we are making things here in america, we are making our supply chains more secure and i believe we are winning the race to the future. details matter.
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execution matters. i expect everyone here to give me an update on your departments and i am optimistic about the future we are building. but, it requires solid work making these laws work. the devil is in the details. mitchell andrew, who can't be here today because his dad passed away, his dad was one hell of a guy. way back in the 1960's, took a -- for everyone in terms of dealing with racial equity in the south, particularly louisiana and new orleans. he passed away yesterday. mitch is doing a great job leading his team and implementing infrastructure. earlier today, secretary armando announced a plan in place to get the chips act off the ground. that is just the beginning. separately, we are hearing the latest from the vice president and the attorney general on
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everything our administration is doing to protect women and the right to choose. finally, i want to welcome john podesta. where is john sitting? there you are. you are directly under roosevelt portrait. john is a good friend. this is the first day it on his new job. john graciously accepted the task to start clean energy investments in the roof -- in the inflation reduction act. he has experience in the highest levels of government. the work being done by gina mccarthy and alex -- are getting us to the point where we are going to hit the ground running. that is the whole point. with this cabinet, experienced, dedicated and devoted to working families, we are going to build a strong economy with good paying jobs and products made in america and lead the world in innovation and success.
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i am going to stop there and think the press for being here and be careful leaving. [indiscernible] pres. biden: i will be speaking with the new prime minister at 3:30. we are going to talk about a lot of things. [indiscernible] pres. biden: careful, don't get hurt. announcer: this evening, mike pope -- mike pompeo and others discuss the abraham accords normalizing israeli relations with the uae and bahrain. the richard nixon foundation is the host of this event. you can watch it live at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span now, our free mobile video app. announcer: britain's new prime
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minister liz truss holter first session question time on domestic and foreign issues brought up by the house of commons. live coverage begins wednesday at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2 . announcer: general philip reed law says ukraine's defensive -- defenses can have a major effect on the war if the u.s. and nato provide what is needed to counter russian aggression. he spoke at a discussion hosted by the atlantic council about ukraine's military strategy. this runs about an hour. >> good afternoon, good evening. i am the deputy director the atlantic council's eurasia center. >> thank you c-span for joining us. we have an hour together. we will have a conversation and at the


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