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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on Situation in Ukraine  CSPAN  September 7, 2022 3:10pm-5:47pm EDT

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they always planned to keep materials in that capability so we know it was a lie and they are lying now so that deal is not the -- worth the paper it is written on it and no one signed it. there is no validity to it. i am in favor of a longer deal that would curb iran's ability to produce nuclear weapons but that is not the way to >> this afternoon the un security council meeting -- this is live coverage from c-span.
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>> center for civil liberties. the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. i now give the floors to --. >> mr. president, as we are aware, the war in ukraine continues to rage. because of the fighting at least
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104 civilians, including 10 children have died. at least -- civilians, including 25 children have been injured according to the office of the high court for --. 5007 hundred 18 killed, including 370 in children and 8199 injured, including 635 children. these are only verified figures and the actual numbers are likely significantly higher. over 6.9 million people are displaced. a jump of 330 thousand since my last briefing. most of the newly displaced are coming from eastern and southern ukraine.
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the current number of ukrainian refugees recorded across europe have surpassed 7 million. up from 6.2 million just a week ago. women who constitute half these refugees continue to face significantly increased security risks in cute -- including trafficking and abuse. thousands of people in the affected areas and most acutely in the city of mario paul lack access to running water, increasing the risk of disease. all these numbers cannot convey the full scale of the tragedy. a capacity to stop this endless war, we must continue -- these
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consequences as much as possible. it is the very least we can do to help prevent the war from escalating further and deter other potential violent con -- other potential violent conflict. to address the massive impact on war on civilians, -- have launched on -- livelihood, social status and overall levels of poverty. these are expected to be available in december 2022. as humanitarian needs rapidly rise, it now reaches 12.7 million people. over 560 humanitarian organizations, more than 60% of
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them, nationally are now operating countrywide. this complements the incredible work that thousands of ukrainian volunteers are carrying out to their country. actively seeking to ensure protection in the system are available in all areas of ukraine. the concern about the lack of access to ukrainian areas that are currently not under control of the government of ukraine. our humanitarian response includes one million people in these areas despite the conformed and on his humanitarian need. mr. president, the secretary-general has spoken at length about the impact of war around the world, especially on shortages of food and fertilizer. the effects on countries already severely hit by climate change, drought and instability have
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already --. somalia, a country that sourced 90% of its week from russia and new -- and ukraine is on the brink of famine. there are concrete indications that famine will occur later this year in the southern bay region of the country. thousands are dying in historic drought by the effects of the war in ukraine. we are grateful that the black sea initiative continues exports from ukraine. carrying over 2,300,000 across three continents to low and middle income families.
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thanks in part to the black sea initiative, world health crisis are coming down, though they remain elevated. to be sure that food reaches all in need, russian fertilizers and food products must reach foreign markets. the u.n. continues its efforts to continue access to these products which are not under sanctions to world markets. the parisian nuclear power plant remains a concern. the director general of the atomic agency regarding the dangers of continued military activity of the plant. at the secretary-general said yesterday, we welcome the ia missions as the first step to de-escalate the situation.
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the iaea mission to further de-escalate at the plant, including our proposal to create the nuclear safety and protection -- and protections to ensure the safety of the operating staff and maintain physical integrity of the plants. as an immediate step, i reiterate the secretary-general for complete recession of military material around the plant. it is the only answer to ensure the safety of --. fact-finding mission is set to deploy in the coming days to look into the incident on 29 july that led to the death of 53 ukrainian prisoners of war. between 75 and 130 more were injured. the head of the mission,
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attorney general carlos alberto is accompanied by an experienced team of experts. the mission must be able to conduct its work without any interference and house -- and have safe, secure access to people, places and --. i want to thank ukraine and russia for their constructive approach in preparations. we count on their continued support. at my last briefing, i stressed concern of prisoners of war on both sides. i want to reiterate that the international committee of the red cross and human rights monitoring mission in ukraine must have unimpeded access to all individuals detained in regulation to the ongoing war. this access includes physical access to places of ukrainian
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prisoners of war. both sides to the conflict under their obligations -- obligations to the war. just last friday 14 prisoners were exchanged in this region. consistent allegations, deportation and so-called concentration camps run by the russians are extremely disturbing. such reports must be investigated with the cooperation of authorities. we have repeatedly discussed in this chamber how the war in ukraine is endangering global security.
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as you hurt just last week, -- could not produce a subsequent outcome. the failure is only the latest example of the latest relations. the longer it continues, the greater the risk it imposes to international peace and security. peace founded on respect to the charter and international law. none more than wars. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you for her briefing. and i now give the floor to ms. --. >> the attack by the federation
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by ukraine which began on february 2022 has resulted in mass force of civilians in ukraine. people are internally displaced in ukraine and more have thought refuge outside the country. including large-scale destruction of critical infrastructure and housing have forced many people to flee their homes. the last violation being territory occupied by the russian federation was controlled. these have led to -- and whichever duration was possible. our office have documented significant cases of civilians to the russian federation,
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including about a dozen cases -- once displaced, may have had freedom of movement. to travel on word to ukraine -- however those who chose to return to ukraine were not provided financial resources or other support to do so. for those who have been taken to remote regions of ukraine, have been particularly prohibited.
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there have been incredible allegations of transfer of on the company children or to the russian federation itself. we are concerned -- of unaccompanied children to the russian federation. under article 50 of the fourth geneva convention, the russian federation prohibited of taking these children's personal status, including nationality. moreover, we are particularly concerned that the national authority to require the movement of families to the russian federation did not appear to include family identification or in other ways show respect for the principle of the best interest of the child.
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mr. president, our office is verified russian armed forces reject civilians for security checks and personal data collections. individuals subject -- and subjected to filtration in areas of ongoing or we can facilities of those residing or moving through territories controlled by russian armed forces and affiliation groups. security checks are not prohibited under russian law, they are concerned that such checks and what may follow do not reflect the principal of proportionality. it has resulted from credible reports roof -- received by -- including the rights to liberty, security of person and privacy.
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in cases that our office has documented, russian armed forces have subjected persons. and allegiances of individual concern. belongings, including mobile devices, pictures and fingerprints. in some cases, in vehicles, unequipped or overcrowded premises, sometimes without adequate access to food, water and sanitation. there are particular concerns that women and girls are at risk of sexual abuse during these procedures. all hcr has documented that men and women with ukrainian armed
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forces -- or having ukrainian or anti-russian were subjected to arbitrary detention, torture, ill-treatment and disappearance. they were transferred to the now infamous colony and pretrial detention centers. our focus has been -- to pass filtration and to those who reportedly passed filtration but were nevertheless detained --
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close to the border with russian federation. and has not been granted access to these individuals and concern they may be subject to torture or ill-treatment while being held. mr. president, forced displacement entails great risk for civilians. it not only impacts their lives, dignity and health, it also impacts their socioeconomic rights. -- their social and economic rights. security and livelihood opportunity for these persons, in particular for people in vulnerable situations, including persons with disabilities, and older persons. many of them are staying for prolonged periods of time integrating conditions.
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we also have concern that the deterioration of the economic situation, mass displacement and the destruction of social types -- trafficking and social -- and sexual violence for women and girls. trafficking can also arise in later phases. proceedings should put in place systematic protection and security measures such as gender-based values with prevention, reporting and violence, including trafficking. members of the council, we urge
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the russian federation to grant unimpeded and confidential access to our office and other independent international monitors to all places of detention of their control, notable places where people are being detained. the russian federation is also called upon to provide representatives of the international human rights and human -- organization with unhindered, timely and safe access to persons from conflict areas of ukraine that are now in the russian federation and areas of ukraine authorized by the russian federation. we continue to support citizens and residents of ukraine who have flee their home. thank you, mr. president. >> i thank ms. carey is for the
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briefing. i now give the floor to miss drake. [speaking foreign language] >> you might need to press a button, we cannot hear you, your microphone is music. >> mr. president, members of the council. six months of the full-scale russian invasion of ukraine, an initiative has committed over 17,000 times of potential international crimes with the russian army in ukraine.
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different types of crimes including objects, death and injury. murder, willful killing of civilians. which includes a lot of practices with russia reducing its occupying of ukraine, eight years as the experience of civil liberties revealed. russia has scaled this experience.
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the full-scale invasion of february this year. if they hear the stories of those who pass through filtration and share this story. when they found out his wife -- take away their child for what they call education, it is what they often do of the children. they continue interrogation by asking questions about descendants.
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because he did not belong to ukrainian military, they started beating him, he didn't -- hitting him in the groin. after electric shock, he started coughing. he had some feelings, they all fell out during the torture. it was all covered with blood. the military officers wanted him to work for them in the military.
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and then the whole family managed to escape to europe. weeks about his real name because he is not -- anymore. his father was shot by russian soldiers. after hiding in a basement for weeks, he was taken together with his 80-year-old grandmother, who has cancer, to go through the village ration -- to go through the filtration twice. the former ukrainian military with a baseball bat and his hand. he was refused his ukrainian passport but he denied and kept his passport. he made his way from georgia and
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turkey to georgia -- to germany. his entire family went through a similar humiliating procedure in filtration camps. she was sick culturally -- she was sexually harassed during the interrogation. his father had to go through all of the steps of the humiliating procedure, before the filtration. that, russia did not like. from there, they make dissent -- to russia. you can imagine from the testimony, it was the same when attempting to leave.
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he had to live in present -- he had to live in a prison cell. he was tortured, seeing the torture of the ukrainian government and forced to --. when his people get out, it was the same during the filtration in crimea. since 182022, all his relatives had no opportunity to speak to him, learned hand -- learn his condition or getting contact at all. from the testimonies provided by the survivors who were taken hostage in the 26 margin of the
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region, -- and then he and other hostages were beaten, tortured, forced to call the floor with no medical lisp is -- no medical assistance provided at all. they were aiming to for civilians to admit they had relations to the ukrainian army. these hostages russia needed as an exchange fund. in testimonies of those who passed through filtration, there is infiltration of those failing were killed. in recently published satellite image review, -- which might mean that some might be killed or tortured as well. all those people who go through
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so-called filtration find themselves in civilian hostages. being tortured themselves, and witnessing the torturing of others, they have no legal status or even health in russia at all. many are being kidnapped. they are being detained in one of many detention centers. they have received information about at least 600 cases.
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often from relatives of these ukrainians being detained. it is systematic and organize facilities. the full-scale you invasion of ukraine in february of this year, what occupying the first military invasion in ukraine in 2014. this experience to all temporary occupied citizens of ukraine. dozens of hundreds of thousands of ukrainians are kept in filtration camps on territories occupied by russia, or russia itself. which has developed into an organized facility in recent support -- which in many
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instances nash. russia has established loneliness on the occupied territories. russian government -- responsibility from itself. ignoring the provisions of its international law, serving the purpose of its propaganda, basically doing whatever they want. is -- russia
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has always gotten away with it. russia has to be stopped. russian criminals must be brought to justice. otherwise, these atrocities will continue and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians will continue to suffer and russia will continue to do whatever it wants and whenever it wants. if russia does not stop, russia will not come to liberate. that is why we call on the consult to create effective mechanisms monitoring russia's compliance with the laws of international war. the illegal decision on craney and citizens -- to filtration. physical violence, threats and humiliation. completing comprehensive -- on location -- an official
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representatives of the state of ukraine. also legal protection in the event of legal disclosure. including the exit for international -- and when such is established. the establishment of mechanisms necessary to bring russian criminals to justice. thank you. >> i now give the floor to the members of the security council, beginning with albania. >> thank you, mr. president. i think the secretary-general as well and miss drake for their very interesting induced also troubling testimony.
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>> concern has been raised, including by some of us, and for good reason. intentions by the russians and forces, actions that run against the national humanitarian law. carefully and by international institutions, human rights groups and professional news media, -- as well as additional
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resources including reports, verified social media and satellite images. everything is concordant and staggering. black holes of human rights where ukrainians faced torture. those that pass through the camps have reported humiliation, verbal abuse and physical torture which ranges from electric shock and face
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executions --. according to human rights, russian affiliates have foster the transfer of ukrainians -- in russia or the russian federation . madame curie just confirmed transfer of adults and children. the report notes that individuals who refrain from the federation process are detained and some of them are unknown.
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there are concerns of their lives are at risk, if they are still alive. further, in july, national human rights my ukraine in february have been established and used as a so-called filtration centers. these are not mere checkpoints, these are makeshift prisons and russia's brutal war of ukraine. anyone who studies a bit of history knows concentration
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camps are rooted in sabi it and russian history. gather testimony from thousands of civilians revealing brutal conditions that remain the same. punish or remove those who won't. you pay allegiance to the occupier, you are free, -- this is what is happening to countless ukrainian civilians. it was that even higher, up to
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1.700, one million 700,000 ukrainians as of june. and it has not stopped since. >> they do not kill children, and this has happened to so many of them so far. imagine for a second being -- who recognized her granddaughter. all come from adopt to adults in
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russia. this scene has become the nightmare for thousands of ukrainian mothers. russians who take ukrainian orphans will receive a stipend more than three times the minimum wage. laws of war, and can be prosecuted, including the force convention. it violates, just like it does with everything else that will. we call independent agencies to collect all the documentation available to use the accountability process.
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crimes committed in their last stage. what we may know may only be the tip of the iceberg. there is significantly much more we don't know. this is the bigger story and the bigger worry. this is why if russia has nothing to hide, as they claim, there should be no unrestricted access, but also international you terry and activists to so-called filtration centers and to force deportation in russia. where ukrainian civilians are being censored, interrogated and unlawfully detained.
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>> i think the representative of albania and give the floor to the representative of the united states. >> thank you mr. president and thank you secretary for your briefing. thank you for offering a stark, incredible view on a situation from the society's perspective. colleagues, i want you to imagine for a moment you are a parent in mariupol. you and your partner are young and healthy, you have a 10-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter, you are happy. you are not particularly to political but you love your life in ukraine and suddenly russia invades. russian forces bomb your schools and hospitals. they destroy your peaceful city.
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still, you have done the best to keep your family safe. you have huddled in shelters, have tried to survive. one day, you and your family are trying to scrounge up some food and you are stopped in the street i russian forces. you are escorted against your will to undergo filtration. you're terrified about what happens next. because your grandmother told you stories that your friends, the neighbors disappearing under the soviet union. and even what russia did to its own citizens during the war in chechnya. you are separated from your partner and your children, your personal biometric information is recorded, your ukrainian drivers license and passport are confiscated. your cell phone is searched for perceived anti-russian messages. you are stripped of your clothes, you are interrogated,
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you are beaten. you hear gunfire and screams from ruminants next door. others who are deemed more threatening are being tortured and killed. because you are of fighting age, you are asked to fight for russia. when you refuse, you're given a russian passport and sent deep into russia against your will, far away from your family and with no means to communicate with anyone you know or love. you have been filtered. this is the picture that many credible reports from divorce services -- diverse sources present of so-called filtration that russia has set up and i crane. we now have eyewitness testimony from victims of increasingly detailed recordings from human rights watch, the organization securities in europe, the yale
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school of public health humanitarian research lab, and you have heard two of our briefer today share this information. even the russian state task management agency -- and the other ukrainians who have been relocated to russia. in these filtration locations, russian authority, proxies search, the integra gate, and reportedly sometimes torture subjects. these horrors are not limited to the centers that have been set up. filtration may also occur at checkpoints, routine traffic stop on the streets. in an interview conducted by human rights watch, a man from mariupol says he and dozens of variable residents are forced to stay in school under filthy conditions and that was before they even were taken to undergo
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filtration. he said many got sick. he said, "we felt like hostages or coda -- "we felt like hostages." there is mounting, incredible evidence that those considered threatening to russian control, because of perceived pro ukrainian leanings are disappeared, or further detained. one eyewitness said she overheard a russian soldier say i shot at least 10 people who had not passed filtration. estimates from a variety of sources, including the russian government, indicate that russian authorities have interrogated, detained, forcibly deported at least 900000 and 1.6 ukrainian citizens from their
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homes to russia. often to isolated regions in the far east. i want to be clear, the united states has information that officials from rational -- from russia's presidential administration are overseeing these filtration operations. and we are further aware that russian presidential administration officials are providing lists of ukrainians to be targeted for filtration and received reports on the scope and the progress of operations. filtered. the word does not begin to convey the horror and the depravity of these premeditated policies. look at how russia is treating ukrainian children. estimates indicate thousands of children have been subject to filtration. some separated from their families and taken from orphanages before being put up
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for adoption in russia. the united states has information that over the course of july alone, more than 1800 children were transferred from russian controlled areas of ukraine, to russia. i need not remind this council that the forcible transfer of the deportation of protected persons from occupied territories to the territory of the aiko buyer -- to the territory of the occupier is a great risk under the protection of silver -- of civilians and constitutes a war crime. we should take a moment to we should take a moment to consider the fate of those who do not pass filtration. thousands of ukrainians are deemed threatening due to their potential affiliation with ukrainian army, territorial defense forces, media government and civil society groups are reportedly being detained or
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simply disappearing. why are they doing this? why are they confiscating ukrainian identity documents? why are they forcing ukrainians to fill out russian passport applications? why are they intimidating locals and deporting anyone deemed threatening? why are they systemically cataloguing ukrainians moving through the system? why is russia pointing officials in occupied areas and posing as educational curriculum in schools and trying to get ukrainian citizens to apply for russian passports? why are russian forces it and proxies doing their best to erase the living memory of ukraine? the reason is simple, to prepare for an attempted annexation. the goal is to change sentiments by force. to provide a fraudulent veneer
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of legitimacy for the russian occupation and purported annexation of even more ukrainian territory. this effort to fabricate these facts on the ground is the predicate to sham referenda. it is part of the russian playbook for ukraine that we have been warning councilmembers about since even the beginning of the war. these referenda will attempt to create a semblance of legality and public support so russia feels it can annex zaporizhzhia and other regions of ukraine. we will never recognize any efforts by russia to change ukraine's borders by force. we must hold the perpetrators of these atrocities to account, we must respond as an international community, an international community that still respects the u.n. charter.
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we know what russia will say about all of this. they will deny, deny, deny. but there is a simple way to know if any of this is true. let the united nations in. give the independent observers access. give ngo's access. allow humanitarian access. let the world see what is going on, as security council members we are here to promote international peace and security and uphold the u.n. charter. at a minimum i hope each of us today acknowledges all persons subject to filtration need access to u.n. and humanitarian agencies, as soon as possible, so that we can verify their well-being, as we heard today from chr. until russia provides that
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access, we will have to rely on the evidence we have accumulated and the brave testimony of survivors. the picture they paint alongside the mounting were wards is chilling -- mounting reports is chilling. colleagues, there will come a day when we are gathered on this counsel to condemn the russian federation's attempt to annex more of ukraine's territory. i will ask that you remember what you have heard here today. no one, no one will be able to say they were not warned. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united states for her statements and i give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you president. i join the previous two speakers and thinking our secretary-general, the assistant secretary-general and alexandra
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for their briefing. as we have discussed, today we meet to discuss the emerging effort -- evidence of further potential russian violations and abuses of international law. we are deeply concerned by reporting, by the u.n., the osce and civil society organizations that russia is systematically detaining, processing, and deporting ukrainian men, women and children. with chilling echoes from european history. as we have heard, civilians reportedly faced interrogation, body searches, stripping,
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invasive data collection, ill-treatment and torture while passing through filtration. those who are deemed most threatening are reportedly held indefinitely in detention centers, while others, including unaccompanied children, are forcibly deported to russia. some simply disappear. though we call on the russian federation to allow the u.n. and other relevant international organizations immediate, full, and unhindered access to those held and filtration camps and detention centers and these reports to be fully investigated
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, to ensure that those responsible can be held to account. we are concerned too, that russia may be using force deportations and displacements in an attempt forcibly to change the demographic makeup of parts of ukraine. what does this tell us about russia's war? first, it tells us about their message -- method and disregard for the rules that we agreed and observe here at the u.n. the collective rules that binds us together. russia access if the charter and international humanitarian law do not apply to them.
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again, -- a second, it confirms this is not just an attempt to destroy ukraine's democracy but also ukrainian identity and culture. alleged, it's a cover for the ukrainian is asian -- ukrainianization. finally, it confirms what has been abundantly clear over the last six months, russia's army is not being welcomed as it enters ukrainian territory. this is a war of conquest, a war of occupation, a war of oppression and award -- award war eliminate ukraine -- a war
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to eliminate ukraine. we call on the russian federation to observe fully its obligations under international law and to bring an end to its illegal invasion of ukraine. thank you, president. >> i thank representative of the united kingdom for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of china. >> thank you, mr. president. the result of the chrétien crisis and the worsening -- ukrainian crisis and the worsening tension has taken a heavy toll on the ordinary people. it is worrying that the conflict shows no sign of ending. the long winter approaching. ukraine and neighboring countries are facing new challenges on an enormous scale,
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we must step up our actions and make a greater efforts and go all out to avoid further deterioration of the human terror situation. as a principal, under any circumstances, protection of civilians and the lien infrastructure should never be targeted in a conflict -- civilian infrastructure should never targeted in conflict. the civilian should come first. the concern -- russia should abide by humanitarian law, protect the interests and rights of refugees, especially women and children, support the work of international humanitarian agencies, facilitate evacuation personnel and cooperate with eight operations -- aid operations. china commands ukraine's
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neighboring -- commands ukraine's neighboring countries with humanitarian assistance and social services. international community should continue to lend a helping had to ukraine and its neighbors, mitigate good pressure on relief capacity and bring hope to more people in need and create necessary conditions for voluntary return. sick -- safety and security of the zaporizhzhia are plant concerns the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of people in the entire region. accidents must not be allowed. we call on the parties concerned to earnestly implement seven pillars proposed by director grossi and refrain from taking any actions that may endanger the safety and security. we welcome the iaea's inspection and appreciate the continued presence of the agency's
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experts. we encourage the agency to maintain communication with other parties on relevant issues. ukraine's situation is close to our heart. with this in mind china has put forward a six-point initiative to prevent a large scale humanitarian crisis in ukraine as well as an initiative on international cooperation. we encourage russia and ukraine to maintain communication, cooperation on monitoring issues and support the u.n. and international humanitarian agency, providing assistance to ukraine and neighboring countries on the basis of neutrality, partiality, and on politicization. we are calling on promoting ukrainian and russian food products to the international food market. the chinese government has vetted batches to ukraine -- provided batches at ukraine, bringing much-needed aid it to the conflict.
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we hope these supplies, moisture proof mass, we have more people surviving the looming winter. mr. president, history has repeatedly proven that diplomatic assets, negotiations and communication are the only viable way to resolve conflict and in crises, china calls on the parties concerned to maintain engagement, and accumulate conditions for early cessation of hostility and the restoration of peace and stability. all side should give up political interest, refrain from tensions, or inciting confrontation. make efforts to resolve the chrétien crisis. thank -- ukrainian crisis. thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the representative
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from china for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of india. >> mr. president, allow me to thank you for convening this meeting on this important topic. let me think the briefest for their presentation. we are witnessing the debilitating impacts of conflict on humanitarian situation across global landscape, in afghanistan, yemen, sudan and ukraine. the reports of the secretary-general picture of human suffering, casualties and various conflicts in 2021 with over 45% of these being in our neighborhood in afghanistan alone. more than 140 million people are
4:13 pm
reeling under conflict, 84 million people are being forcibly displaced with women and children forming the large majority of internally displaced persons. it is a matter of concern that armed conflict seems to view the civilian population, and civilian infrastructure as targets. one of the groups, including women, children and minorities as well as indispensable civilian infrastructure, hospitals and cultural heritage have been among the casualties of the attacks in recent armed conflict. the council wouldn't recall that since the commencement of the conflict in ukraine, india has been consistently calling for immediate cessation of hostility and an end to violence. going forward we continue to emphasize dialogue and missy -- diplomacy is the only way forward. it's regrettable that the situation in ukraine has not shown any improvements since the
4:14 pm
conflict -- counsel last discuss the conflict in ukraine and the humanitarian consequences. security situation is serious. reports of civilian fittings -- killings were deeply disturbing. we hope the international community will continue to respond positively to the call for humanitarian assistance. we support calls urging for guarantees of safe passage to deliver a central humanitarian and medical supplies. india has recently dispatched its 12 consignment of humanitarian aid to ukraine. this humanitarian aid and assistance is with the human centric approach of india, and our national beliefs and values, which proceed the whole -- which we perceive the whole world as one family. india will work with the international community and partner countries to mitigate the economic hardships that are resulting from this conflict. impacts of the ukraine conflict
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is not just limited to europe. the conflict is exacerbating concerns over food, fertilizer and food security, particularly in developing countries. it's necessary for all of us to adequately appreciate the importance of equity, affordability, and accessibility. india has been approached for the supply of wheat and sugar by many countries and we are responding positively. in the last three months, india has exported more than 1.8 million tons of wheat to countries in need, including two afghanistan, myanmar, sudan and yemen. allow me to reiterate the importance of the u.n. guiding principles humanitarian assistance, that is humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. these measures should never be politicized. we continue to emphasize to all members that the global order be anchored on international law,
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the u.n. charter and respect for the territory integrity and sovereignty of states. thank you. >> i thank representative of india for her statement and i now give the floor to the representative of brazil. >> thank you very much mr. president. i would like to think -- thank them for their briefings. mr. president, two weeks ago this council met to discuss the situation in the ukraine after six months of conflict. the report presented to us on that occasion already gave us a bleak scenario. tens of thousands of unconfirmed deaths and millions of refugees
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and internally displaced persons. the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate and continued hostilities during winter could have dire consequences, disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups, women, and children. there are signs of an intensification of hostilities in various parts of the ukrainian territory. where writing has intensified. -- fighting has intensified. the war ignores the risk of the safety of heavily populated areas and the integrity of the zaporizhzhia power plant. even more disheartening is the fact that there are no signs of any engagement in peace negotiations. in recent weeks, we have heard that the two sides are preparing
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for long-term conflict, with the mobilization of additional troops and resources. this decision will have serious impacts on both sides these -- both societies and their economies. for the next generation and rippling effects for the world at large. mr. president, we have in mind the words of the distinguished representative of the united arab emirates, this 24th, there is value, the council's meeting on ukraine, when there complemented by action. action in this case should mean opening the path to a negotiated solution that ends the suffering of millions and eliminates the risk to food and energy security in other countries, especially in the developing world.
4:19 pm
frizzell strongly condemns the use of force to resolve -- brazil strongly condemns the use of force. we a reiterate -- we reiterate our call to stop hostilities and we defend the territory of all states and security concerns of all parties. isolating any of the parties and closing the doors to dialogue will not bring solutions to the conflict. the grim -- the agreements and istanbul in july and the riving of iaea -- and the riving -- and the arriving of iaea inspectors show that pragmatic negotiations are the best way to achieve peace. respect for international law and for the u.n. charter must
4:20 pm
carry the actions of states and the practice of this council. mr. president, we urge the parties to refrain from escalation to conflict and cease hostilities. we add our voice to other councilmembers in favor of a political solution and call on the leaders of both countries to prioritize the well-being of their populations. i think you -- thank you. >> i thank representative of brazil for his statement i give the floor to the representative of ghana. >> adam president, thank you for giving me the floor -- madame president thank you for giving me the floor. i would like to think -- thank secretary-general, assistant secretary-general and head of the office of the u.n. high commissioner for human rights for their briefings.
4:21 pm
i also think the civil society representative for her contribution to the council's discussion. since the beginning of the war in february this year and in only a period of six month, 40 million people are estimated to have been forcibly displaced from their normal places of abode. close to 8 million have sod refuge in neighboring countries while some 7 million more have been internally displaced. although ukrainian nationals have called back into ukrainian territory, the numbers, a comparison it to those compelled to leave their home on a daily basis. the situation, which has been described as the world's largest and fastest evolving displacement crisis since the second world war is alarming and also for international action to help end the war that has become
4:22 pm
the driving force behind the displacement of persons from ukraine. ghana is concerned that women and children are the most affected by the war and account for the greatest portion of displaced persons. naturally, melanie of these women -- many of these women are pregnant, have children or suffer from disability or voter ability. this council -- vulnerability, this council has received information about human rights abuses including sexual violence suffered by the displaced women and children of ukraine. we are disheartened by the realization that millions of those who have been displaced will not be able to return to their homes and the lives they once lived, as a result of extensive damage and destruction caused several cities and residential facilities across ukraine. despite the grim outlook, we note the essential support and
4:23 pm
humanitarian assistance being offered by the u.n. and its affiliates humanitarian agencies as well as civil society organizations. we commend of those neighboring countries that continue to receive millions of people into their territory and provide them with assistance, notwithstanding their own circumstances and challenges. these countries must be granted additional support to enhance their response capacity and ensure that adequate protection and assistance are extended to those who now find themselves as refugees. we recommend that humanitarian assistance extended to the displaced person should include counseling and psychosocial -- services to those who have been traumatized by those by the war. children must be protected and their best interest prioritize at all times. mr. president, ghana condemns
4:24 pm
all human rights abuses against civilians including the reported cases of filtration processes and other acts which could possibly amount to war crimes. operations are inhumane and constitute violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws. in this vein, we call for thorough and independent investigations for such reports and allegations of abuses to establish the facts and ensure accountability on the part of the perpetrators and justice for the victims. the attacks on the civilian populated areas and the destruction of civilian infrastructure are not only unjust, they are unacceptable and must cease from continuing. we call upon the war on obligations of humanitarian law and human rights laws. let me emphasize that the
4:25 pm
decision is crucial the stem the displacement and other humanitarian crisis in ukraine. the warmest and now -- the war must end now. call in the russian federation to withdraw its forces from the internationally recognized borders of ukraine. ghana maintains the view that there can be no solution to the war, unless the war refocuses their intention and refocuses from the battlefield to the table for negotiations and diplomatic approaches. several crisis brought upon by the war will continue to evolve and threaten global peace and security. in reaffirming ghana's unwavering support for the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of ukraine and its people, i wish to reiterate our principal position, not to recognize any annexation of
4:26 pm
territory or use of force by anyone state against the other. finally, we ask the members of this council to prioritize the interest of the ordinary people of ukraine as we go towards an early comprehensive solution that will secure peace and stability in ukraine. i thank you. >> i thank representative of ghana for her statement. i give the floor to the representative of norway. >> thank you is it -- president. let me first thank the representatives or their briefings. there can be no doubt about the significant, tragic, humanitarian consequence of russia's war against ukraine. russia's illegal invasion violates sipple of -- principle
4:27 pm
of the u.n. charter and the norms of the world order. russia must withdraw its troops and the war must stop. the number of civilian casualty is alarming and an acceptable. as we have heard, over 7 million have crossed the border fling many are seeking protection in neighboring and other countries. roughly the same number are inter -- internally displaced in ukraine. behind these numbers are real people. families, children, and persons with disabilities. they all need protection, health services, and education. the restoration all family l -- the restorational family
4:28 pm
link, the abuse of those in dire need of protection and assistance. we need to protect civilians and i sure human rights and fundamental freedoms. -- ensure human rights and fundamental freedoms. russians have used heavy explosive weapons destroying homes, schools, and hospitals. it is important that we support ukraine's reconstruction efforts so that millions can return to their home in ukraine. the development actors must be engaged in important work. we are deeply worried about the reports of forcibly transferring
4:29 pm
victims to russia and territory occupied by russia and being taken to facilities being run by russia. we are alarmed by reports that civilians are deprived of liberty at such facilities. there is a body of independent information indicating serious human rights violations and abuses against civilian detainees and prisoners at the sites. these reports emphasize the importance of all parties engaging in identifying and finding missing persons. the appropriate humanitarian actors must be given access to all places of detention in accordance with international humanitarian law. we welcome the fact-finding
4:30 pm
mission established by the general pursuant to the incident of the detention facility. in must conduct its important work. we also recall that all measures towards changing mo graphics may constitute -- changing demographics may constitute war crimes. civilians forcibly transferred who wish to return must be allowed to do so. humanitarian activists must be in short access to need and they must be protected against attack.
4:31 pm
norway condemns the recent attack on the bay of the ukrainian red cross in a city. this war against ukraine has global consequences. concerning fuel and energy prices and increasing food insecurity. we commend the secretary general efforts to promote dialogue and negotiations between the parties. the most effective way to ease the devastating humanitarian impact of this war is to stop it. russia chose to start this war, russia can also choose to end. thank you. >> i thank you the representative of norway for her statement. i give the floor to the spokesman of the russian
4:32 pm
delegation. >> mr. president. mr. president. mr. president? we have taken notes. the information provided by members and we heard the latest inventions from the propaganda known as the ministry of defense of ukraine. the meeting was convened upon the request of albania, this could become a new milestone in the misinformation campaign unleashed by ukraine and its western backers against our country. the tactic which is waging a hybrid war in ukraine down to the lowest ukrainian because russia is clear. it is not the russian federation
4:33 pm
and the military operation we are conducting. as a propaganda is familiar to us. we recall the evidence in cities that are being refuted by evidence which in the west, they try to keep out of the eyes of the general public. we are being blamed for an infiltration activity which we are at carrying out i guess ukrainian citizens -- against ukraine citizens. i would ask our american colleague, she will be able to pass my question onto her. you spoke to us today, that we were a horror film. what horror film or you telling us the part of exactly -- were you telling us exactly? it was produced by the ukraine
4:34 pm
ministry of propaganda. we see up on the screen. has four the infiltration -- as for the infiltration, if we are talking about identifying among those people who want to come to russia, ukraine citizens who are fighters in the nationalist battalion or others, that is normal practice. when it comes to infiltration activities, it is the americans who can tell us about infiltration activities. look at the programs started by the previous administration, the attempt to dispel migrants. they were robbed of their interests and their court proceedings.
4:35 pm
the american authorities often separated families from ascetic children -- from their children. for many years, there was the illegal detention without trial or investigation of the prisoners in guantanamo. the dark state on the stained human rights reputation of the united states. the mistreatment of the pr isoners. i would like to ask my american colleague simply, the colleague from the delegation out of curiosity, does this allow you end -- u.n. authority?
4:36 pm
they try to force the public to believe this we are trying to coerce these ukrainian citizens to come to russia. they parted ways with the fact and common sense. this is a fact by basic statistics, the russian federation is the biggest country full of ukrainian refugees. more than 3.7 one million people have come of which 600,000 our children. if you remove from that number russian passports, the number of citizens of ukraine who have come to russia is according to the u.n. chr more than 4 million people.
4:37 pm
they are in prison. -- they are not in prison. nobody is preventing them from moving or leaving the country. do you think that such a large number of people could be forced to move and forced to keep silent? many are writing on social networks that are expressing words of gratitude to our country. it is clear that people are fleeing ukraine out of fear for their lives. trying to save themselves from a criminal regime. on the territory of 85 constituent entities, there are more than 1500 temporary settlement points. more than 95,000 people. to convey refugees to the temporary settlement areas,
4:38 pm
trained to provide items, trains have been allocated. refugees and displaced persons are provided with medical and psychological and financial assistance. they are given every opportunity to continue studying in school. many children from the people's republic where they went to school in september, they had daily shelling of the city. the authorities are currently operating on remote learning. concerning the children who were mentioned today by caras, we say the u.n. official has applied do not note the as a peacemaker is
4:39 pm
publishing information of adults and minors and threatening action. we have gone to the u.n. including unicef to remove the extremist resource that includes over 340 children. this is despite the fact that promises were given to other factions. our border with russia for displaced persons and through registration after which those who need it are going to help to reach a temporary reflection point and we note to those who are trying to use terminology, the individuals who go through russia go through an integration
4:40 pm
not infiltration solution. they can tell you that. english colleagues, how far you have deviated from reality and the violence of ukraine. even the western media cannot ignore the fact that people are trying to leave ukraine to be liberated by russia. a long line built up outside of a checkpoint through which each day up to 700 people are returning home once they have learned from their friends about information about peaceful lodging in their villages. the experts on their way to security, many of them already prefer russia, not believing the corrupt ukrainian regime.
4:41 pm
if we are going to talk about the violent actions against the civilians, ukraine has been conducting a so-called obligatory majority evacuation of the population in the areas that remain under his control. they are able to choose which way they are effectuated but often the opportunity to stay where they live is not under any threat and those who decide not to leave are intimidated with the threat of the enforceable punishment -- irreversible punishment of russia. collaboration, the prosecution of people for getting food stamps from the russian authorities. to continue to teach in a school in liberated area. the u.n. human rights does not want to take note of these laws. these so-called wartime clause
4:42 pm
and the way that they are being applied to the regime. you can continue to not take note of the terroristic attacks against the representatives of liberal authorities and territories. the viability of cities and the world and utilities for the benefit of the population. a car exploded with the head of the administration. he died. the car exploded, his daughter was in the car and he was taking her to kindergarten. she survived. that is how kyiv i imagine is partisan war we were promised. given the real people in the liberated territories, they are resorting to the tactics of killing them, the intimidation
4:43 pm
regime has no other option left. at last, our former western partners, the cool infiltration which allegedly is being applied to ukrainians on the way to pressure blown to smithereens with the free movement of ukrainian agents who are involved in the killing of the young russian journalist. the person wanted accused of killing in a terrorist attack against the citizens of ukraine. months before committing the crime, quite calmly, went along with their daughter. they came to russia in the car. as you can see from video clips have been published, she was held up for a few minutes. where were the same patient activities that russia allegedly applies to all ukrainians who want to come join our country?
4:44 pm
they drove around comfortably in their car, they went to the garage, and the victim was hurt. they crossed the border into estonia and they were able to do so without any infiltration procedures. from estonia to russia and back again, without any problems, the accomplice of the terrorists were able to move around, how were these people able to cross the russian border if our protocols for the states as many of you have introduced for the ukraine assistance and network infiltration camps and how do the movements of ukrainians to russia time in with accusations of forced movement? you get tangled up in allies.
4:45 pm
it is regrettable that campaigns are accented to human rights organizations. in one recent report which was printed today, there are allegations of mass infiltration activities. on the questioning of several government people, many of which have never come to russia and said they did so voluntarily. when there are vast numbers of ukrainian refugees who have limited themselves to this disjointed testimonies did not take the interest of the hundreds of thousands of people who fled the conflict in russia and how they have been living under the ukrainian army shelling. in principle, how impartial to ashcan human rights defenders be if they only work one side of the conflict?
4:46 pm
as a preference as to the human rights watch reports should in no way mislead anyone. we saw all too well what happens with amnesty international which was trying to show the truth rather than an invented picture of the ukrainian armed forces. it seems that they do not need the truth even from human rights defenders. they would wash the regime and bashes russia. during the special military operation, a vast number of criminal actions were put forth by kyiv. we are talking about real rather than invented problems and we have wasted time talking about the latest conjunction, we propose tomorrow we discussed real threats to international peace and insecurity caused by the supply of western -- foreign states of arms and a military to
4:47 pm
ukraine as we would like to see our country general for disarmament affairs. also representatives on civil society. thank you. >> i t white as a of the russian federation for his statement. -- i thank the secretary of the russian federation for his statement. >> assistant secretary general for the situation in ukraine. i also than alexandra -- i think alexander drake. we must go beyond international law to see the conduct of war.
4:48 pm
i appreciate it and the greater evil is war itself. the reason being that war inevitably leads to suffering of civilians. one of the most frequent issues is forced displacement, security and distractions of livelihoods. the outcome of this, sexual abuse, denial of schooling for children to mention a few. the war in ukraine has generated the largest mass displacement in the second world war -- since the second world war. 10 million people displaced and 7 million refugees. last month alone, more than 300 5000 people mostly from the east and south of the country were
4:49 pm
displaced. we commiserate the most vulnerable ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes, including the provision of the u.n. charter. the claim that some of the forcefully displaced are being forced through processes is being alarming -- is alarming. to establish the front upon which this council can take appropriate action. in this regard, development of the agencies should be granted a place to talk about the forcibly displaced. a particularly those in or have been in as infiltration all caps. -- infiltration camps.
4:50 pm
when you do prevent the ways of forced displacement -- we need to prevent ways of forced displacement. more should be done and sure that the protection of civilians from war related violations including forced displacement particularly in cities of the east and south of ukraine. mr. president. even as we discussed the plight and fate of those forcibly displaced, we recall the international day for people of african descent that took place on the 30th of august, 2022. the need to combat against discrimination against people of african descent is not
4:51 pm
done. they were seeking to escape when the war in ukraine broke out. they have called on all states to review the laws and practices to address racial discrimination and uphold their duty to keep migrants and asylum-seekers within dignity that they deserve. mr. president, although it is going to grant challenges, the united nations including this esteemed body remains our hope and bulwark against this war. we continue to call for the cessation of the conflict in ukraine and result to diplomacy. this is the only reliable avenue
4:52 pm
to resolve this conflict. it continues to offer a threat to international peace and security. >> i thank the representative of kenya for those statements. i give the floor to the representative of mexico. >> thank you, president. i thank the assistant general for the information that they have shared with us. the de-escalation of the armed conflict in ukraine has -- the escalation of the armed conflict in ukraine has serious conflict quinces -- consequences. this has caused millions of people to leave their homes seeking assistance and protection. many have crossed borders to neighboring countries and others are displaced inside of ukraine.
4:53 pm
the numbers might fluctuate, but the reality on the ground is that millions of people have not been able to return to their place of origin. the widespread displacement of people have posed a series of challenges for host countries. their solidarity has made it possible, we need to accept our gratitude because it has made it possible to provide support to millions of people. mexico of appeals to all parties to respect international human rights law. international refugee and ivp law. as well as international humanitarian law and in particular, the 1949 geneva
4:54 pm
conventions and its protocol. it is worth recalling in your national humanitarian law, the parties edit an armed conflict may not promote or remove by force the civilian population of an occupied territory. this is a provision of the fourth geneva convention and international law. violation of this principle represents a war crime. mr. president, what is the experience in ukraine is a obsolete changing prices -- constantly changing crisis. this represents a priority and a challenge. various united nation agencies
4:55 pm
and humanitarian organizations have warned of the risks based -- faced by some groups. allow me to mention a three such groups. first, women. a few months ago, we heard from u.n. women about the public health risks faced by women in the region. a special representative has already warned of the impact of facilities on the disruption of services for the victims of sexual violence. she insisted on the importance of addressing these threats posed by human trafficking for sexual exploitation and prostitution. for this reason we believe all of the humanitarian action responses and strategies must
4:56 pm
have a clear gender perspective included. children. the unicef has been unequivocal in noting it is crucial to ensure the immediate identification, registration, protection, and appropriate care for unaccompanied or separated minors. to avoid adoptions during or immediately after emergency. third, older persons. persons with disabilities. the 3.7 one million residents with disabilities in ukraine have very limited access to emergency information, shelter. to health care services or support networks. this is a group that is facing serious difficulties in
4:57 pm
accessing services that allow them to address urgent conditions or pre-existing illnesses that are not being cared for. president, mexico calls for all necessary steps to be taken to ensure that any displaced civilian has a safe shelter, food, and health services. the information that has been provided this afternoon to the security council on the so-called infiltration processes , we believe it is crucial for the u.n. to have to have access to these sites without restriction so that they can objectively and rigorously complement relevant information.
4:58 pm
i conclude by reiterating that the only way to resolve all of these deplorable circumstances availing on the ground will not be with concessions that we have had up to now and we have currently. the only way we will be doing this is an immediate cessation of hostilities. it is urgent to advance along as a diplomatic track. greater commitment from the international community. thank you very much. >> i think the present -- thank the representative. i turn it to the representative of ireland. >> thank you to alexander for
4:59 pm
their testimony. i am disturbed by the shelling of areas containing civilians and civilian infrastructure in ukraine. the six months of war have seen over 4 million ukrainians forced from their homes, grinning an prices of enormous proportions. numbers stemming from the war, the number of attorneys -- we are talking about children, the elderly, the infirm, those with disabilities, vulnerable people caught up in a situation. seeking shelter and safety. this makes destruction of the infrastructure all the more important. on the 24th of august, a missile attack near a train station killed at least 25 people including children. more lives lost in an illegal war and an illegal war.
5:00 pm
members have called for the parties of conflict to the was -- to distinguish between civilians and combatants. mr. president, we call on russia to comply with all of its obligations. unhindered a mentoring access to civilians including those who choose to remain in ukraine over who are unable to leave. they are not combatants and they need to be protected. those who are allowed to leave and must be allowed to leave to destinations of their own choosing. we are appalled by the evidence of horrific violations in ukraine.
5:01 pm
the human rights monitoring mission have documented cases of enforced deportations, arbitrary detentions, objections, torture, and executions. there is evidence of forced deportation of ukrainians including of children to areas of ukraine occupied by russia or to the russian federation. these centers are part of the process. these violations of international humanitarian human rights law may constitute international crimes including war crimes. it is critical that access is granted to the united nations to all of these infiltration centers. we know that the displacement and conflict increases sexual and gender-based violence. there are horrendous reports of sexual violence perpetrated by russian soldiers against women and girls, men and boys. let us be clear. rape is not a given in war, it
5:02 pm
is a deliberate act that may constitute a war crime and will have lasting impacts on a and communities. there must be no impunity for such crimes. we are also concerned by reports of the mistreatment of prisoners of war. all prisoners of war's must be treated humanely in accordance to the geneva convention. this must be properly investigated and perpetrators must be held accountable for violations. the red cross must be given access to all pows. we are deeply disturbed by the disrespect for international humanitarian law in this war we resolve to ensure an countability for any international -- accountability for any international crime taking place in ukraine. we will not accept impunity for crimes wherever they are. we call on russia to end its aggression, comply with its
5:03 pm
obligation under international law. thank you. >> i thank the representative of ireland for his statement. i give the floor to the precedented -- representative of e united arab emirates. >> i would like to thank you for the briefing. like many households in new york and around the world, many of us have been consumed this week with preparing for the start of the school year. this should be a joyful and exciting time for families. this makes it difficult to imagine this and the conflict we are discussing today or any other ongoing conflict around the world on this security council's agenda.
5:04 pm
the images of ukrainian children in their classrooms have been moving for the resilience that they show as the war has not spared educational institutions and the destroyed 300 according to the u.n. reports. as a war in ukraine has a like all wars are disproportionately affected women and children. at this time of the year, we recall unicef's estimates that 2 million children have fled their country and many have been internally displaced. some may be able to attend for 12 classes in ukraine but most will be in need of schools where they have daycare facilities. even those lucky enough to have a school to go to have social anxieties of integration and trauma. this is something that the ukrainian and russian authorities should look into and rectify with urgency. it was an area where
5:05 pm
communication is expected in the international community. the security council should assist on tailor-made solutions by donors and humanitarian actors that specifically address the needs of ukraine's women and children. in these difficult challenges, we command unhcr and other agencies as humanitarian partners for their response to the needs of displaced people and their countries. their production and service delivery for those seeking refuge including in education becomes ever more vital. we underline once again that such protection must be provided without prejudice or discrimination. mr. president, those fleeing war are at their most vulnerable. in these conditions it is key that they retain dignity and
5:06 pm
agency. those seeking safety must be allowed state and monetary passage. ash voluntary passage -- voluntary passage. we reiterate that all parties must abide by international law including international humanitarian law addressing displacement. since the start of the conflict, regarding the safety of those fleeing has proven to be a particular challenge with recent fighting intensifying in the areas surrounding the dnipro. the evacuations must be protected. they disruption of water, electricity, and gas infrastructure are leaving people in vulnerable situations without access to life-sustaining services with the ongoing approach of winter. we reiterate our calls for the
5:07 pm
protection of civilians and for all civilian objects including those indispensable to the survival of the he one million -- the civilian population. we must stop the violence. we must redouble our efforts to support mitigation of the impacts of the conflict and scare us towards further confidence building measures. there is no other pathway forward. we have welcomed the presumption of agricultural exports from ukraine as a result of the black sea great initiative -- brain initiative. it is imperative that grain meat those in need. this is crucial for next year's harvest and to prevent the further deterioration of the food crisis. this not only addresses the real
5:08 pm
needs of millions around the world, it may create momentum for other tangible agreements to address the conflict. we continue to gather here and listen to the mounting costs of the war. as a human costs will only worsen with every day that passes. what is needed now are ideas and the will to make them a reality. we must see it again. the cessation of hostilities would be the right starting point. >> i thank the representative of the united arab emirates for their statement. i give the floor to the representative of the state of gabon. >> i thank the secretary-general. as well as miss drake for their
5:09 pm
evaluation of ukraine. people are fleeing with a large trait consequences. my mobilization in the humanitarian cause of the war continues to rise with the escalation of the fighting. despite some recorded returns, the number of people fleeing the war is more than 7 million, around -- these include women, children, elder persons and vulnerable people. we have debated this at every council meeting. we repeat it again with every council meeting. the civilians are paying a higher price.
5:10 pm
their production is guaranteed by national legal instruments including the geneva conventions. the belligerent parties must abide by these. mr. president, six months after the beginning of the war, while international public opinion is waiting a specific proposal for the end of the conflict, it is clear that the parties remain stuck in their antagonism and they continue to trade. we must reasonably plan for a diplomatic outcome to end this war. we have noted with some horror the allegations reported of the existence of infiltration camps and that user profiling of civilians and prisoners of war featuring also mistreatment and
5:11 pm
the use of forced labor and torture. these are serious allegations which if proven would be inconceivable and unacceptable. state of war is not a state of lawlessness. human suffering is not the subject of this regulation or bartering. it is particularly horrifying to learn that children numbering in the hundreds of thousands are reportedly also affected by such inhumane treatment. such a serious subject independent and impartial inquiries must be conducted to establish the facts and those responsible. mr. president, detecting the civilians -- protecting civilians is one of the main tasks that this council fails its primary responsibility is
5:12 pm
which is providing peaceful security of people. all of the mechanisms in the system must be activated to avoid adding humanity to the horror of war. my country will be observing support for the pursuit of peace and we will stand alongside those who propose alternatives to the deafening sound of bombs, artillery strikes, and shelling. i urged the parties to cooperate with the u.n. and its specialization to ensure civilian protection in ukraine and beyond. humanitarian workers must be able to have unhindered access to those areas and people in need. we also urge the belligerents to engage in good faith, in negotiations to ranked as--prank
5:13 pm
the end to the war and peace. the ongoing negotiations between the parties on a prisoner exchange. we welcomed the agreement that allowed export of grain from ukrainian ports. this includes my country's appeal to bring an end to the hostility and silence guns. this is to avoid adding further to the humanitarian and of this war. thank you. >> i thank the representative for her statement. i shall make a statement in my capacity as the representative of france. i thank the presenters of the
5:14 pm
briefings. as a war of aggression waged by russia in violation of all of the principles of international law and the charter is having consequences for the civilian population. by deciding to attack ukraine, russia was aware of the suffering that would entail. while the consequences of this unjustified war are being felt all around the world, the ukrainian population is paying the highest price. i once again would like to express to the ukrainian population our full solidarity and we hail their courage in their country. we are profoundly worried by the information reaching us regarding forced transfers of
5:15 pm
ukraine civilians to russian occupied areas. such acts were in a documented by different independent bodies. it was reported that ukrainian civilians including children have been transferred by force to russian occupied areas or towards russia while they were simply seeking to flee the possibility that hostility. russian authorities have suggested ukrainian civilians to -- subjected ukrainian civilians to infiltration processes. this must be shared on the acts, it could be representing war crimes and crimes against humanity. since the beginning of the war, we continue to receive stories of unbearable crimes against human rights law.
5:16 pm
i say again, the crimes committed in ukraine are as a whole the subject of regressive documentation, evidence gathering, and criminal analysis. which will allow them to be reviewed by the court. the perpetrators of these acts must be held accountable. the international criminal law terms of the independent international commission of inquiry established by the human rights council is crucial in this documentation. this effort to support this work and the work of the ukrainian courts in the investigations they have open friend -- opened. we will work constantly on this
5:17 pm
front. i resume my function as president of the council. i give the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> thank you mr. president. distinguished members of the security council, i also recognize here the percentage of a terrorist russia in the permanent seat of the soviet union. i would like to thank the secretaries for their substantive and truthful presentations. the attack on human suffering from the russian occupiers brought to our attention has proven the only option to end this war is to hold the aggressor accountable for its criminal actions. criminal, of the huge records of crimes in the occupied
5:18 pm
territories of ukraine and has a criminal background of many russian soldiers recruited recently for the war against ukraine. the story of russian murderers is one of the many highlights, the level of differentiation -- degradation of armed forces. this person was the leader of a gang, sentenced to 35 years in prison for killing five people and armed assaults. he was killed in a short while and was awarded with a high military integration. a was to terrorize civilians. these are the personal welcomes by russian military recruiters. this is the phase of the russian army. only 200 days since the invasion started, we are more than
5:19 pm
confident in the victory of ukraine. despite the fact that the enemy is on our land, despite that we have a long way to go, to liberate the entire territory, we are sure it will happen. it is happening now. the ukrainian forces abraded territories and settlements in the don't ask regions -- donetsk regions. the population is an attempt -- resistance in the occupied territories, to sustain the local population towards occupiers. a small number of collaborators and intensive actions by the ukrainian armed forces have already abandoned their plans to hold referendums in september,
5:20 pm
this was planned by russia, moscow. they will fail with any new deadline as well. distinguished members of the security council, as a part of its aggression, russia continues forcible deportation of ukraine citizens to its territory. our people are being transferred and sent to regions of siberia and the far east. the scale of this crime is outrageous. according to data, nearly 2.5 one million ukrainians including about 38,000 children have been transferred from southern and eastern regions of ukraine. blocking entrance to mainland ukraine, russia leaves populations of the occupied areas no other choice but to go to the russian territory or does occupied crimea. russia is the biggest recipient
5:21 pm
of forcible deportation of ukrainians. this is a part of the force location and deportation, russia detained people in extralegal facilities to terrorize the civilian populations under the pretext of identifying dangerous persons. in reality, those occupiers are suspected of disloyalty because of their political views or potential affiliation with the ukraine army, government, civil society, disappear after infiltration. families are separated, children are ripped away from parents, according to the report, such persons who were held in areas were prisoners of war or brutally killed by russia and in
5:22 pm
other areas, they were tortured and some of them executed. the camps have been set up in several cities, according to the ministry of reintegration, only about 16 1000 deported citizens were able to return to ukraine. according to their accounts, most of them were transferred to russia and faced a lack of means and a lack of travel documents. people were trapped in russia. mr. president, it is back to school time in most of other states. the school year in ukraine has started against against the backdrop of military shillings.
5:23 pm
since that beginning of invasion, urgent sources have special russian -- russian forces have destroyed infrastructure. only 66% of educational institutions are prepared to provide in person when he their students. the primary concern is to expand militarization and the taking of territories. it is arising ukrainian identity . about a hundred thousand children remain in the open guide -- occupied territories. they are subject to pressure and intimidation. and forcing them to follow russian school programs. the curriculum that imposes on
5:24 pm
the classrooms does not talk about ukraine. ukraine teachers -- if ukrainian teachers refused to cooperate, they are sent to russia. occupied territories are given up for adoption -- occupied territories are taken and children are given up for adoption. this is an attempt to destroy a national, racial, or religious group, a violation of the conventions and a crime of genocide. they reported that over 1000 ukrainian children from mariupol were transferred to insider regions. more than 300 children are
5:25 pm
currently being held in specialized institutions. to reiterate, the children who are legally displaced through russia must be returned to their parents or legal guardians. until this happens, this most powerful response by the international community, mr. president, facing the threat to the state and the people of ukraine, we have been diverting the food crisis and filling in good faith obligations for the grain export initiative. now more than 96 i've already been bashed 96 -- 96 exports have been exported. rush is able to continue russian aggression.
5:26 pm
distinguished colleagues, this modern evil has to be disarmed. this started 83 years ago in september of 1939. people believed it would be possible to prevent a cruel war. it happened again for millions of ukrainians on february 24, 2022. they are spreading their ideology of hatred. this has happened again, there were no aggressors. from the beginning of the war, we have received help from all around the world. russia's capacity to wage a war has been hindered by sanctions.
5:27 pm
this saved the lives of ukrainian people. as the president said on the anniversary of the second world war, i quote, we will do everything to ensure that ukrainians and other nations throughout the globe live freely. we will do everything to ensure it. the morning of june 22, the morning of february 24, do not repeat. we will do everything to make hatred finally lose. i thank you. >> i thank the representative of ukraine for her statement. i give the floor to the representative of italy. >> thank you mr. president. let me thank the asg, and madame drake.
5:28 pm
a very effective description of one of the darker sides of this war. as we reiterated multiple times, russian aggression on ukraine is a blatant violation of international law. however, the infiltration system over ukrainian civilians we have heard about today is a violation of the conventions. we have not seen it since world war two. it was to avoid wars of international community gathering in geneva in a different time, adopting the rules we all know. it is crucial to reiterate once again the prohibition of forcible transfers of civilians from occupied territories to occupying power's territories regardless of motive.
5:29 pm
80 regards of this breach of human law, which could be prosecuted as a war crime in the international criminal court. credible sources have raised awareness of rule out agreement -- of cruel and degrading treatment. these are all disrespects of the most mr. president, these crimes are a violation of the international framework and are also an offense of the shared values upon which the united nations are built on. the situation requires swift and crucial actions in order to end the unacceptable and inhuman actions in which hundreds of
5:30 pm
thousands of ukrainian citizens find themselves. we call on russia to grant unfettered access to u.n. bodies and international ngos such as the icrc, to visit the temporary placement centers and complete access to the civilians in line with the geneva conventions. we call on russia to ensure immediate return of all forcibly transferred ukrainian citizens to their territories of origin, and follow freedom of movement toward their countries. the mechanism established in mariupol thanks to the efforts of the u.n. and icrc is a clear example of how international humanitarian law can not only be left the compliance of armed troops.
5:31 pm
it should be implemented to end this heinous filtration system. we must also be sure that these crimes will not happen again. in the prospectus, it is highlighted the urge to punish the perpetrators for such severe breaches of international humanitarian law and to respect the work of international investigations and support the strengthening of mechanisms of compliance, particularly the international criminal court. thank you. >> i think the representative of italy. -- i thank the representative italy. i give the floor to the representative of poland. >> thank you for this opportunity to discuss another disturbing aspect of the were in ukraine. i think the briefer's for their remarks and alarming
5:32 pm
information. every conflict brings terrible suffering to civilians. after world war ii, we knew it in poland well. russian aggression against ukraine is no exception. deliberate attacks against civilian populations have forced millions of ukrainians to seek shelter outside their home country. it has emerged that in attempts to feed areas occupied right -- occupied by russia, they have been faced with another dire choice which is no choice at all, to leave ukraine for russia or not leave at all. as was already signaled by the ukrainian administration and confirmed by the recent human rights reports, forced transfer of civilians have been conducted by russians or russian-affiliated troops and officials.
5:33 pm
we express our great concern about the deportation of civilians to russia. we are also deeply worried by the establishment of the so-called filtration centers for the people evacuated from besieged occupied territories. those were subjected to -- those subjected to forced filtration systems are horrifying. this practice constitutes another attempt by the kremlin to eliminate the grading people physically and destroy their state identity. and the kremlin will never succeed in that, of course. if information -- the information about ukrainian children transferred to russia is particularly disturbing and violates the u.n. and genocide convention and the convention of the rights of children. the defense of the most from broke victims of war remains
5:34 pm
poland's priority and we call on the international community to hold the perpetrators accountable and to protect children's rights into perpetuity without interference. the forest transfers are another element of a long list of violations by the russian federation that amount to war crimes and even crimes against humanity. it is more deplorable that the russian federation is presenting ukrainians as refugees or migrants, whereas they are in fact victims of the rest violation of international law. for this reason, accountability for the violation of human rights law by the russian federation should remind us of our pride -- should remain our priority. we must bring the perpetrators of these atrocities to justice. we support the fact-finding investigation and support
5:35 pm
international organizations to examine these violations. we have supported the formation of a dedicated human rights council of inquiry and we support the group for the participation in europe to examine the violation of international line human rights law by the russian federation. poland urges the russian federation to stop it or of choice and fully return territory to ukraine. we call on russia to respect international law and stop the illegal, forced transfers committed to allow all civilians transferred out of ukraine to leave in the direction they wish. thank you. >> i think the representative of poland for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of slovakia.
5:36 pm
>> thank you, mr. president. despite many calls of the international community, the russian federation continues to pursue its unjustified and unprovoked aggression against ukraine, in blatant violation of international law. we are concerned about russia's intention to stage referendums with the aim of the illegally annexing the occupied territories of ukraine. these anticipated steps follow the same tactics the russian federation used in 2014 with regard to crimea. slovakia will not recognize such an illegal occupation, violating fundamental principles of international law. we repeat once again that the aggressor accountable for the situation is evident. dad we call for an immediate cessation of russian military activities in ukraine, and
5:37 pm
unconditional withdrawal of all russian troops from the whole territory of ukraine. we are concerned about numerous reports that seem to be the war of choice by russian officials and that of the russian federation forcing ukrainian civilians to areas of occupied territories of ukraine and to the russian federation. this action is not only deplorable and immoral, but may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. mr. president, according to those reports, during the process of filtration, citizens of ukraine are compulsory -- are subject to compulsory security screening by collecting biometric data, body searches and questioning about political views. this process is violating
5:38 pm
multiple human rights and is often conducted in inhuman conditions. there is also serious information that individuals failing the filtration process are detained, and the whereabouts and safety of some of those detained remain unknown. in this regard, there are serious grounds for concern that these individuals are at particular risk of torture and deprivation of their lives. we call on the russian federation to cease such activity at once and allow all civilians forcibly transferred who wish to return to ukraine to do so. last, we deplore once again propaganda and false narratives we heard today by the russian federation under the pretext of humanity. thank you. >> i thank the representative of
5:39 pm
slovakia for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of latvia. >> mr. representative, i am speaking on behalf of estonia, latvia. we thank the undersecretary and the assistant secretary-general for that the representations. four almost 200 days, russia -- for almost 200 days, russia aided by belarus continued this war in violation of international law by violating you great's sovereignty and territorial integrity and committing atrocities against civilians. we have repeatedly underlined that russia started this war and only russia can end it planned unconditionally withdrawing its troops from ukraine's internationally recognized
5:40 pm
territory as well as by implementing with immediate effect provisional measures ordered by the international court of justice and complying with the u.n. general assembly resolutions from the march 2 and march 22 meetings this year. a total of more than 5700 civilian deaths are documented in ukraine, underlining that hsr believes actual figures are considerably higher. moreover, the number of dead and injured civilians is growing every day, since crimes against civilians are discovered and new attacks on civilians are executed regularly by the russian military. mr. president, we call on russia to immediately stop violating international humanitarian law and the rights of the people of ukraine. we strongly condemn the conscription of russian armed forces in ukraine to the
5:41 pm
occupied territories and we contend -- condemn the forcible transfer of children, illegal adoption and action of civilians including democratically elected representatives, journalists and activists. according to various nongovernment and international agency reports, russia forcibly transferred all but 1.7 billion ukrainians to russia, including over 240,000 children. russia's forces have set up almost 20 so-called filtration camps in temporarily-controlled ukrainian territory. ukrainians have endured these camps and reported treatments ranging from humiliation to vocal abuse and physical torture including strip searches and search through electronic devices, use of electric shock and staged mock executions.
5:42 pm
such vulnerable groups as women, children, orphans and elderly have suffered the most. there is clear and undeniable evidence that russia is deporting ukrainian civilians. russia itself has admitted to forcibly transferring ukrainian civilians. in may, a russian official acknowledged 1,000,400 20 thick thousand 979 people -- 1,000,004 hundred 26,979 people -- 1,426, 979 civilians. they are looking into allegations that children are being taken to russia. we thank you for the detailed work today and we call on the
5:43 pm
international human rights organizations to continue documenting cases of forcible transfer of ukrainian citizens, providing regular and public reports about their findings. similar to the fact-finding missions regarding the massacre of ukrainian prisoners of war, we call on the u.n. to establish a fact-finding mission to document deportation of ukrainian citizens. mr. president, we must make no mistake -- russian warfare against of the civilian population of ukraine is not a coincidence or collateral damage. it is a deliberate and consistent approach throughout russia's continued aggression, aimed at breaking the resistance and spirit of the ukrainian people. unable to defeat ukraine on the battlefield, the russian military seeks to achieve its aims bite, rising ukraine's civilian population. this is the time for the international community to demonstrate that the norms aimed at protecting civilians are not
5:44 pm
empty statements that can be trampled by dictators and bullies, but ironclad obligations which we are collectively determined to uphold. we must ensure accountability at all levels for atrocities committed against ukraine and its people, including deportations. it is of utmost importance to continue to provide all necessary support in this regard. justice must prevail. the perpetrators will be held accountable. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative of latvia for the statement. there are no more names on the list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> there are a lot of places to get political information, but
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