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tv   Campaign 2022 Vice President Harris Gives Remarks at DNC Summer Meeting  CSPAN  September 11, 2022 5:32am-6:23am EDT

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this is about 45 minutes.
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>> it has been a long long week. i, i saw some of you on the dance floor. you have some moves! are you ready? [applause] thank you all, thank you so much , thank you for all the you have done over the course of these last few weeks. and months.
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>> let us make sure that weight cause -- we pause to member
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those who lost their lives in 9/11. those who went on to protect american democracy and protect american democracy today. if you join me in a moment, to pause in remembrance as we never forget 9/11. [moment of silence] thank you, my friends. this has been a fantastic week. going around to each of the caucuses, committees, and councils, i saw how deeply you all care about the work we do. as a how motivated you are by your desire to address the everyday needs of your community. that is who we are as democrats. we fight for ordinary people.
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it starts at the top, with president biden. think back to where we were two years ago, the pandemic was raging
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, we are paving roads and fixing bridges, we are ripping up lead pipes and like my good friend likes to say, we are filling the potholes. [applause] in places like south carolina, we have watched hospitals close left and right, this bill will make sure that folks of the internet that they need for telehealth. parents in places like st. louis can finally stop worrying if the super bond site down the road is poisoning their kid. we passed a safer communities act, the most significant gun safety law in decades. thoughts and prayers were not enough my friends. we needed to do something, to make sure that kids would feel safe at school and so we did.
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we put justice jackson because it was long past time to build a court that looked more like our nation. i would like to say during those hearings and they called her everything but a pile of garbage but they are calling her a person of justice. every little black girl in this country knows that if they put their mind to it, they can be a supreme court justice when they grow up. these accomplishments, we are just getting started. last month, the president picked it up into high gear. he signed the inflation reduction act, the chip and science act and the pact act. with these laws, we bring down costs, lower the price of drugs like insulin and make our nation's largest investment in climate action ever. [applause]
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the president provided student debt relief to local and middle-class families. these are the nurses who keep us healthy. as a who educate our kids, as a police officers who keep us safe. they deserve our support. any one of these accomplishments would be monumental. they would define a presidency. we have got it done in less than two years. [applause] in lesson two years we stood up to the nra, to the big oil and big pharma, we stood up to billionaires and joint corporations. -- giant corporations. we sent a message, when democrats are in charge, the government works for everyday folks. [applause]
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i can tell you it is not working people. if they work for working people, they would not want to cut social security and medicare. if they work for working people, they would not be affecting our health care. they will have blocked democrats from capping the cause of insulin at $35. if they work for working people, they would not have been fist pumping after trying to take a bill to expand health care for our veterans. if they were working for working people, they would not be pushing extreme abortion bands across the country with no exception for rape or incest -- bans across the country with no exception for rape or incest. they will not be making a part
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of ordinary people to just have their voices heard. that is who they are. that is what their agenda looks like. it is self-serving, it is out of touch. the american people cannot afford it my friends. they do not want it. the people of kansas just proved it. pat ryan and others proved that. as a tear of the dnc i will do everything in my power to defeat the gop in 2022. [applause] we have built our largest voter protection team ever. we have already doubled our investments from 2018. we had people on the ground in battleground states since last year, earlier than ever before. we are getting our message out in over 36 languages.
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working together with broad correlations, community activists, climate advocates, young people, our friends in the labor movement, our sister committees, daca, and folks across the country. we are going to elect democrats all across the nation. all across the nation. [applause] the gop can try all they want to distract and divide us. they will fail. we know what makes a democrat. a democrat can be a parent who does not want to worry about whether they will see their kid again when they drop them off at school. a democrat can be a diabetic who is sick and tired of having to decide between insulin and groceries every month. a democrat can be a young activist who knows we have to be bold if we want to address the climate crisis.
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i democrat can be any one of the millions of americans that believe women should be allowed to make choices about their own bodies. [applause] it is the millions of americans striving to build a better america. people like me, the son of a single mother, raised by my grandparents. i know what it like to worry about bills. the c family put off doctor visits because they are too expensive -- to see family put off doctor visits because they are too expensive. they feel the pressure of student loans and know that have the pell grant does not go through i am not going to college. my grandmother always said people are not looking for a handout, they want a hand up. democrats provide that hand up. [applause]
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i know it, i have lived in. -- it. we saw it in action. i do not want that to be a thing of the past. it has to be about who we are right now. i want to close and some of you have heard me tell the story but i will continue to tell the story because it is my story of hope. when i think about our party, we are a party built on hope. [applause] many of you know that i used to work on capitol hill. i was in my office late at night. there was a black woman, a member of the custodial staff who was walking by my door. she kept walking by. she finally stopped and i look up and i saw her there in the doorway and i said i do need to come to my office? she said yes. she said i come in your office
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every night. i look at the pictures on your wall. they are very nice. i said thank you. you know, i can go to another room if you need me to. she said no, you state. i wanted to ask you something. are you from south carolina? i said i am. are you from orangeburg or? -- orangeburg? is this a picture of your mother that is on the wall? i said yes. she said as your mother name -- is your mother's name patricia. i said yes. she put her hand over her mouth and started trembling. she said oh my god, i know your mother. i went to high school with your mother.
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i remember when your mother had to drop out of high school in order to have you. tears started rolling out of her eyes. she started crying and i started crying too and she grabbed me and she hugged me and said this, never in a one million years what i have ever thought that patricia harris' baby would make it right here to the capitol. [applause] folks, her final words is what got me. she said all of that and she
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said you give me hope. my friends, each and every one of you gives me hope. when the pundits and the doubters and the gop tried to get me down i think of each and every one of you. our state party chairs and vice chairs who are finding new ways to reach voters. you give me hope. i voter protection, -- our voter protection staff protecting the right to vote, you give us hope. our young staffers who are getting people at harry styles concerts because they care so deeply. you give me hope. our carcasses and councils that ensure that our party is a big, inclusive tent double-click america, you give me hope. -- a big, inclusive america, you
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give me hope. my friends, i have learned in my life you can never beat hope. you cannot beat the hope and commitment of people who are people of hope. people ask me why i have always been so positive about our chances in november, that is why. i know that we have what the gop will never have. each and every one of you. we have 59 days left. let that hope fuel you in south carolina, we say while i breathe, i hope. when you do go all across this country and let people know that hope alone will not be enough. our mantra for this democratic party over the next few years
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and the few days is not while i breathe i hope but while i breathe i hope. while i breathe i mobilize. while i breathe i protect our vote. that is who we are! that is who we are! [applause] i'm about to bring up one of our hope warriors in a moment. before i introduce our vice president, i want to take a moment to thank a young man who has been an integral part of our team as chair. my speech writer. [applause] today is his last day because he
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is leaving to attend oxford. [applause] young people like him give me hope for the future of our party. you are such a talent. i will miss you. thank you. [applause] we wish you well. one day i cannot wait until you are writing speeches for the vice president or the president because you are worthy of it. god bless you. do know when we talked about hope, i cannot help but think about our vice president. she gives a folks in every corner of this nation hope. every time she votes in the senate the american people win. every time! as a vice president has put a
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spotlight on maternal health in this country, leading the administration's response to the supreme court's dog decision. she is selling our infrastructure bill. making sure that the american people know exactly what we have got done for them. you know i have talked about what the president's actions mean personally to me. as a low income student. first generation college student. the vice president is a proud alumni of harvard university. one of our flag shape -- howard university, one of our flagship hbcu. she will clear the debt of 184 black borrowers -- one in four lack borrowers. she knows their stories. because our vice president cares, kids of all backgrounds
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with all different types of american stories know how big they can dream. the impact of that cannot be measured. if the matters. -- it matters. she has given hope to a grateful nation and able to find her leadership. kamala harris is for the people. she is making the calls, she knows what is at stake and she is fighting hard. we have to fight hard for her. it is my immense honor to introduce our special guest, please join me in welcoming the vice president of these united states, the honorable kamala harris. [applause]
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vice pres. harris: good morning, everybody. have a seat. you give me hope. it is so good to see these leaders under one roof at one time. i see so many friends. i want to thank you. jamie, i want to thank you. you have been such an incredible leader at a very significant and important time in our country, and thank you for the passion and the drive and the inspiration you give to this position and all of us democrats. can we hear it for him? [cheers and applause]
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so, i do want to say that when we thank about where we are today and to the dnc members, i want to thank you all, because you are the leaders who are making our promise real in this country, and so i thank you for that. to the elected leaders here and the elected officials, especially state and local officials, thank you for lifting up our communities. as jamie said, i have been traveling the country, convening in particular our democrats at the state level, because with so much happening recently, their leadership is as if not more important than ever, in terms of use being on the ground, a recognizable face in the community to remind people of all that is at stake and give them a sense of optimism for a better future. to the young leaders here, i
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thank you. you talked about a harry styles concert, that would be fun. [laughter] thank you for all you are doing. i met with so many of you. you are rome models for what it means to understand the role of leadership that we were all born with, but it's when you turn it on and you're only doing that work. as far as the labor leaders here , thank you for fighting on behalf of working people every day. [applause] as you know, marty walsh, secretary of labor, joe biden and i are proud that we will be the most pro-union administration in the history of our country. [applause] indeed. we have 59 days to go, as jamie said, 59, and our work, your
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work is going to make all the difference, because we know, democrats, the stakes are so high. as the president, our president made clear in philadelphia last week, the threats we face as a nation are great. threats to our freedom, threats to our very democracy, and we need to speak truth about that. and so today, we all, by coming together, reaffirm that we refuse to let extremists so-cold leaders dismantle our democracy. [applause] we convene today to recommit to the fight for freedom. democrats, we hear rise to meet
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this moment, and we have done it before. it wasn't very long ago, 2020, under extremely difficult circumstances, the american people stood for their country and our democracy in one of the greatest expressions, they voted. they dropped off their ballot with their kids in the backseat, took time off from work, found childcare in order to stand in line for hours. democrats, in 2020, you reminded american voters of the stakes, and so importantly, you reminded them that their vote matters and
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that they matter. and because of her work -- your work, more americans voted than ever before, including a record number of younger voters. because of her work -- your work, the american people delivered a democratic congress and senate joe biden and me to the white house. [cheers and applause] and so, all of our progress since has proven that your work mattered. in 2020, the american people put their trust in democrats, and over these last 18 months, democrats have delivered. let me rephrase that. over these last 18 months, democrats have delivered big time. [cheers and applause]
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and if there was any question about whether there is a difference between the parties, well, over the last 18 months, it has become crystal clear that there is a big difference. we all know that american families have been struggling, but while republican party leaders have gone on tv to opine about the situation, democrats actually did something about it. [applause] think back. at the height of the pandemic, when democrats provided emergency relief to the american people, you know not one republican in congress voted for the bill. we extended the child tax credit, brought down child
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poverty in america in the first year by 40%. we gave parents a tax cut that up to $8,000 for the cost of raising a child, medical supplies, school supplies, and not one republican in congress voted with us. just last month, when democrats brought down health care costs, energy costs by the inflation reduction act, again, not one republican in congress voted for the bill. for years, big pharma tried to pocket bigger profits by stopping medicare from negotiating lower drug prices. well, democrats, we said enough, because we know that it is not right in a civil nation that people go broke or bankrupt just
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to be able to get the prescription medication they need to live. and because of us democrats, medicare now has the power to negotiate drug prices on behalf of 60 million americans. [cheers and applause] we don't put profits before people. and of course, republican party leaders strongly opposed us when we cancel between $10,000 and $20,000 in student debt for millions of americans. [applause] but we know what is the right thing to do. they say they care about crime, well, it was us who expanded background checks and past the
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most significant gun violence law in 30 years. [applause] they made promise after promise about investing in infrastructure. you remember infrastructure week ? [laughter] well, it was us. we led the way to the largest investment in our nation infrastructure in a generation. [cheers and applause] they downplayed, even denied the impacts of climate change, as communities are literally on fire. we made the largest investment to combat the climate crisis in history and deliver on environmental issues for people everywhere. and yes, not one republican voted for that.
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we have paid for all of this without raising taxes on working people. [applause] and you know, it is interesting, republican party leaders, well, they like to talk about fiscal responsibility, we have done all of this, and brought down the deficit by a record amount. [cheers and applause] and let us not forget about our judiciary. we are ensuring that our judiciary looks like america. [applause] yes. [applause] we have confirmed more women to the federal court than ever before. [applause] including to the highest court in our land. [applause]
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her name is justus ketanji brown jackson. -- justice ketanji brown jackson. [applause] democrats, you know, i believe that when you know what you stand for, you know what to fight for, so let us remind the american people what democrats stand for. let us remind the american people that we as democrats, we fight for the people, all the people. let us remind them in this moment that the stakes could not be higher. you know, right now, extremist so-called leaders are trumpeting the rhetoric of freedom, while
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they restrict and systematically attempt to take away freedoms. the united states supreme court court just took a constitutional right that had been recognized from the people of america, from the women of america, and now these extremists so-called leaders are passing laws to criminalize health care providers and punish women. they believe that government should make personal decisions for women, that government should make decisions for women about their own body. well, we do not. we trust women. [applause] and on a further point to be made on that subject, on the subject of choice and with the dobson decision has done and what it means, it is an
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important point to acknowledge that you do not have to abandon your faith or belief to agree that the government should not be making that decision for her. [cheers and applause] and thank, kansas. [cheers and applause] -- thank you, kansas. [cheers and applause] you guys are here. [cheers and applause] those extremist so-called leaders say we should return this issue to the voters in the state. well, isn't that ironic? [laughter] because some of these same people are the ones passing laws that make it more difficult for people in those states to vote, passing laws that ban drop boxes , make it a vehicle to give people food and water who have been standing in line for hours.
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un-american laws. so again, in this moment, the stakes could not be higher. and take a look, because i have, at which state, from which state are we seeing a tax on the freedom to vote? attacks on the lgbtq plus community? attacks on women's rights to make decisions about their own body? take a look at from where the attacks are happening, and then you will not be surprised to know that there are quite a few of those states that are doing all three at the same time. florida, georgia, texas. in this november, those governors, they will have to answer to the voters. [cheers and applause] as i travel to visit with all of
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you, travel all over our country, let me tell you, folks also know that elections matter up and down the ballot, right? because think about it, as doctors are being criminalized, pay attention to those local county prosecutor raises. as big lies are being perpetrated, pay attention to the secretary of state raises. in fact, in 11 states right now, in 11 states, republican candidates for secretary of state deny the results of the 2020 election. just consider, the very people who do not trust elections want to be responsible for running them. [laughter] and then, there is d.c., where
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we need to hold on, and we will hold on to the house of representatives and expand our majority in the united states senate. [cheers and applause] and, and on that point, allow me to lay out two very real scenarios for you. first, imagine -- i don't want to -- but imagine if we lost our democratic majority in the congress. republican leaders have made it clear they want to ban abortions nationwide, and they will not stop there. justice clarence thomas said the quiet part out loud, marriage equality will be on the line. contraception will be on the line. without a democratic majority in congress, who knows what other rights they will come after? now, imagine a better future.
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imagine what we can do if we defend the five seats we need to hold onto the majority in the house? imagine what we can do if we protect and better get, expand our majority in the senate. imagine -- [applause] imagine, we can then fight to ensure that every worker has paid family leave. we can fight to ensure that every family can afford childcare. we can fight to ensure that every childcare provider is paid fairly also. [applause] because you see, we have done a lot over these last 18 months, but we still have a lot more work we are ready to do. in democrats, with just two more seats in the senate, we can
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codify roe v. wade. we can put the protections of roe v. wade into law. [applause] with two more seats in the united states senate, we can pass the freedom to vote back in the john lewis voting rights act. [cheers and applause] two more seats -- [cheers and applause] [indiscernible] two more seats. [applause] and you know, our president, our president joe biden, he has been clear. he is kind of done with those archaic senate rules standing in the way of those two issues. he has made that clear and he has said that he will not allow that to obstruct those two
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issues. and you know, for me as vice president, i am also president of the senate and uh -- [applause] and in our first year of office, some of the historians here may know, i actually broke the record of casting the most tie-breaking votes in a single term. [cheers and applause] how about that? and so, that being the case, i cannot wait to cast the deciding vote to break the filibuster on voting rights and reproductive rights. [cheers and applause] [applause] [indiscernible]
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59 days. and here is the good news, you all know it. i can feel the energy in the room. we have momentum on our side. because again, if i may ask, the kansans people in the room to stand so that we can applaud what you did. [cheers and applause] momentum. look what happened in kansas. the people there, these leaders, and so many joined together and protected reproductive rights in their state. look what happened in new york's hudson valley. remember, dependence predicted a republic -- the pundents
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predicted a victory. look what is happening. just last week in alaska. [cheers and applause] how about that? she is on her way to the united states house of representatives. [cheers and applause] and by the way, it is the first time a democrat has won that seat in 50 years. [applause] so, in the next 59 days, it is up to all of us here to build on this moment and each and every one of these days count and know that the majority of americans are with us on so many of these issues. because we stand with the people
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, and we fight for the people, and we are committed to leading our nation forward, not back. so, to every american, let us say, if you believe in the right to privacy and the promise of freedom and liberty and the ideal of self-determination, then stand with democrats. if you believe in the promise of america, then stand with us. because, you see, we do believe fundamental to america is to protect women's rights. fundamental to america is to protect lgbtq rights.
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fundamental to the strength of america is to fight for workers rights. fundamental to who america has always been and will be is to fight for immigrant justice. fundamental to having responsible policing is the point that if we want to be safer and treat all as equal, this is what we do. if we as a nation want to invest in small businesses that make america stronger, stand with us. if you want to build the middle class and expand opportunity for every american, wherever they live, beat it a big city, small suburb or town, stand with us. this is a pivotal moment in our nations history. and make no mistake, this election is how we rise to meet
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it. [applause] you all have heard me paraphrase caretta scott king, and i am about to do it again. [laughter] she said, struggle is a never ending process, and freedom is never really won. you earn it and win it in every generation. and i will add a piece, and you earn it and win it in every election. [laughter] -- [applause] so in 59 days, we will determine the future of our nation, and in these 59 days, let's leave it all on the field. because when we fight, we win. god bless you all. god bless america.
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thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [applause] ♪
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minister's boris johnson, and david cameron were all in attendance.


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