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tv   911 Remembrance Ceremony in New York City  CSPAN  September 11, 2022 10:09am-12:48pm EDT

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[indistinct conversations] ♪ >> our live coverage of events on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks continues now in new york city. family member's and friends of the victims killed on september 11 2001 are reading the names at ground zero.
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this it -- is a live coverage. [reading names] >> james michael gray
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>> wade be green. after 21 years today it still hurts. we hold these memories, it still hurts. for those who died we will always remember in our hearts forever. >> and my uncle, though it never met my uncle, it feels like i have known him all my life.
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my mother always told me how wonderful he was he loved his family unconditionally and he was kind and generous to everyone. i am proud to call him my own go and he will always be in our hearts. >> eileen marsha greenstein >> elizabeth martin gregg >> denise marie gregory >> donald h. gregory >> florence moran gregory >> pedro grehan >> john michael griffin >> tawanna sherry griffin >> joan donna griffith >> warren grifka >> ramon b. grijalvo >> joseph f. grillo >> david joseph grimner >> francis edward grogan >>
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linda gronlund >> kenneth george grouzalis >> joseph grzelak >> matthew james grzymalski >> robert joseph gschaar >> liming gu >> richard j. guadagno >> jose a. guadalupe >> yan zhu "cindy" guan >> geoffrey e. guja >> joseph p. gullickson >> babita girjamatie guman >> douglas brian gurian >> janet ruth gustafson >> philip t. guza >> barbara guzzardo >> peter mark gyulavary >> gary robert haag >> andrea lyn haberman
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>> barbara mary habib >> philip haentzler >> nezam a. hafiz >> karen elizabeth hagerty >> steven michael hagis >> mary lou hague >> david halderman >> maile rachel hale and to my uncle, we love you and miss you every day. >> and my brother, to bobby, it has been a while, but i cherish how we grew up together and how you shared your wisdom, humility, and kindness. i will always love you and for the families of those 13 brave service members killed in kabul a year ago, we know how much you
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are hurting. we share your sorrow. >> maile rachel hale diane hale-mckinzy richard b. hall stanley r. hall >> vaswald george hall >> robert j. halligan >> vincent gerard halloran >> carolyn b. halmon >> james douglas halvorson >> mohammad salman hamdani >> felicia hamilton >> robert w. hamilton >> carl max hammond, jr. >> frederic k. han >> christopher james hanley >> sean s. hanley
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>> valerie joan hanna >> thomas paul hannafin >> kevin james hannaford, sr. >> michael lawrence hannan >> dana rey hannon >> christine lee hanson >> peter burton hanson >> sue kim hanson >> vassilios g. haramis >> james a. haran >> gerald francis hardacre jeffrey pike hardy >> timothy john hargrave >> daniel edward harlin >> frances haros >> harvey l. harrell >> stephen g. harrell >> melissa harrington-hughes
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>> aisha ann harris >> stewart d. harris >> john patrick hart >> eric hartono >> john clinton hartz >> emeric harvey >> in my cousin, david rosenbaum . it has been 25 years since you have passed and since you were ripped from our hearts. the other cousin in the corner reading his books. i never thought the world could have gotten worse and yet here we are today. the world truly does get worse without our angels. you are with your whole family now and we miss you terribly.
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>> and my cousin gregory. it has been 21 years since you haven't gone. the family thinks about you constantly and we miss you. i share your story as a teacher to the students each year and how kind you are. we must continue to teach about this day and the heroism and the patriotism's country had after it so the state will never be forgotten. [applause] >> peter paul hashem >> peter paul hashem thomas theodore haskell, jr. >> timothy shawn haskell >> joseph john hasson iii >> leonard w. hatton, jr. >> terence s. hatton >> michael helmut haub >> timothy aaron haviland >> donald g. havlish, jr. >> anthony maurice hawkins >> nobuhiro hayatsu
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>> james edward hayden >> robert jay hayes >> philip t. hayes >> william ward haynes >> scott jordan hazelcorn >> michael k. healey >> roberta b. heber >> charles francis xavier heeran >> john f. heffernan >> michele m. heidenberger >> sheila m.s. hein >> howard joseph heller, jr. >> joann l. heltibridle >> ronald john hemenway >> mark f. hemschoot >> ronnie lee henderson >> brian hennessey >> edward r. hennessy, jr. >> michelle marie henrique >> joseph patrick henry >> william l. henry, jr. >> catherina henry-robinson >> john christopher henwood >> robert allan hepburn
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>> mary herencia >> lindsay c. herkness iii >> harvey robert hermer >> norberto hernandez >> raul hernandez >> and my uncle, lieutenant wallace my uncle was a hero i was unable to meet. it like a hero in a comic book i heard stories of your heroism and strength. mom tells me about you every chance she gets give a hug to grandma and grandpa. >> it is 21 years and seems like yesterday. you are forever in our broken hearts. i want to thank you all for watching and listening to this beautiful memorial. let us never forget this day. [applause]
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>> gary herold >> jeffrey alan hersch >> thomas j. hetzel >> leon bernard heyward mc sundance >> brian christopher hickey >> enemencio dario hidalgo cedeño >> timothy brian higgins >> robert d. w. higley ii >> todd russell hill >> clara victorine hinds >> neal o. hinds >> mark hindy >> katsuyuki hirai >> heather malia ho >> tara yvette hobbs >> thomas anderson hobbs >> james j. hobin >> robert wayne hobson iii >> dajuan hodges >> ronald g. hoerner >> patrick a. hoey
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>> john a. hofer >> marcia hoffman >> stephen gerard hoffman >> frederick joseph hoffmann >> michele l. hoffmann >> judith florence hofmiller >> wallace cole hogan, jr. >> thomas warren hohlweck, jr. >> jonathan r. hohmann >> cora hidalgo holland >> john holland >> joseph francis holland iii >> jimmie i. holley >> elizabeth holmes >> thomas p. holohan >> herbert wilson homer >> leroy w. homer, jr. >> bradley v. hoorn >> james p. hopper >> and my brother, salvador, we
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miss you every day. you are loved by all forever in our hearts. >> can my fighter gerard patrick. we love you, we miss you. it doesn't get any easier. these continue to watch over mom, me, ryan, and your grandsons. we love you and i will always be your olive oil. [applause] >> montgomery mccullough hord >> michael joseph horn >> matthew douglas horning >> robert l. horohoe, jr. >> michael robert horrocks >> aaron horwitz >> charles j. houston >> uhuru g. houston >> angela m. houtz >> george gerard howard >> brady kay howell >> michael c. howell
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>> steven leon howell >> jennifer l. howley >> milagros hromada >> marian r. hrycak >> stephen huczko, jr. [indistinct conversations] -- >> kris robert hughes >> paul rexford hughes >> robert t. hughes, jr. >> thomas f. hughes, jr. >> timothy robert hughes >> susan huie >> lamar demetrius hulse >> john nicholas humber, jr. >> william christopher hunt >> kathleen anne hunt-casey >> joseph gerard hunter >> peggie m. hurt >> robert r. hussa >> stephen n. hyland, jr. >> robert j. hymel >> thomas edward hynes
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>> walter g. hynes >> joseph anthony ianelli >> zuhtu ibis >> jonathan lee ielpi >> michael patrick iken >> daniel ilkanayev >> frederick j. ill, jr. >> you would be proud to note your son rage waited from seed in the hall this year and got his first job at morristown mental sent -- medical center. tell dad we said hi. we love you all and god bless america. >> can my father edward calderon. these -- and my father edward calderon. these last 21 years have not been easy and you have missed some great moments.
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it is the little things that remind us of him every day, whether watching over us in our dreams or looking at the clock and it is saying 9:11. we know you are with us. just know we love you, daddy. [applause] >> abraham nethanel ilowitz >> anthony p. infante, jr. >> louis s. inghilterra >> christopher noble ingrassia >> paul innella >> stephanie veronica irby >> douglas jason irgang >> kristin irvine-ryan >> todd antione isaac >> erik hans isbrandtsen >> taizo ishikawa >> waleed joseph iskandar >> aram iskenderian, jr. >> john f. iskyan
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>> kazushige ito >> aleksandr valeryevich ivantsov >> lacey bernard ivory >> virginia may jablonski >> bryan c. jack >> brooke alexandra jackman >> aaron jeremy jacobs >> ariel louis jacobs >> jason kyle jacobs >> michael g. jacobs >> steven a. jacobson >> steven d. jacoby >> ricknauth jaggernauth >> jake denis jagoda >> yudhvir s. jain >> maria jakubiak >> robert adrien jalbert >> ernest james
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>> gricelda e. james >> mark steven jardim >> amy nicole jarret >> muhammadou jawara >> [bell ringing]
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♪ >> francois jean-pierre >> maxima jean-pierre >> paul edward jeffers >> john charles jenkins
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>> -- and my cousin john. we were close and our families close -- chose to do so many things together. there are memories that time does not erase. our teenage years are ones that still make me laugh. my first giving john a perm. john coming to visit to my college. i don't think it was to see me but to see the sorority sisters, but they drove all night to get there. i am blessed to have these memories and do so many more. i am humbled, honored and privileged to be here today to show respect for all of the families who were affected by this terrible tragedy. 9/11 is a part of john, but it does not define his person.
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we will never forget. [applause] >> and our knees dominique lisa penned all flow -- pandolfo. she was an up and coming superstar. her heart filled with love and a zest for life. we will never forget you. dominique, we miss you. [applause] >> joseph jenkins, jr. >> alan keith jensen >> prem nath jerath >> farah jeudy >> hweidar jian >> eliezer jimenez, jr. >> luis jimenez, jr. >> charles gregory john >> nicholas john >> dennis m. johnson >> lashawna johnson >> scott michael johnson
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>> william r. johnston >> allison horstmann jones >> arthur joseph jones iii >> brian leander jones >> charles edward jones >> christopher d. jones >> donald t. jones ii >> donald w. jones >> judith lawter jones >> linda jones >> mary s. jones >> andrew brian jordan, sr. >> robert thomas jordan >> albert gunnis joseph >> ingeborg joseph >> karl henry joseph >> stephen joseph >> jane eileen josiah >> anthony jovic >> angel l. juarbe, jr. >> karen sue juday
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>> ann c. judge >> mychal f. judge >> paul william jurgens >> thomas edward jurgens >> shashi kiran lakshmikantha kadaba >> gavkharoy kamardinova >> shari kandell >> and my uncle. i know you met me when i was one, but i wish i got to really meet you. our family misses you so much and some of the stories i hear from your mom if you were so kind and array of light and you make everybody smile. we love you and miss you every day. >> and my grandfather raymond matthew, who i never had the honor of meeting but through pictures and stories, his legacy will never die.
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i know you are watching over me and the rest of the family as you guide each of us every day. connor and dj would be so proud of you coming to this in uniform for the first time and dad being promoted as chief of rescue operations. until the day comes we can finally meet, your spirit will continue to live on. always remember. it never forget. [applause] >> howard lee kane >> jennifer lynn kane >> firefighter vincent d. kane , engine 22 >> joon koo kang >> sheldon robert kanter >> deborah h. kaplan >> robin lynne kaplan >> alvin peter kappelmann, jr. >> charles h. karczewski >> william a. karnes >> douglas gene karpiloff
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>> charles l. kasper >> andrew k. kates >> john a. katsimatides >> sergeant robert michael kaulfers come port authority police >> don jerome kauth, jr. >> hideya kawauchi >> edward t. keane >> richard m. keane >> lisa yvonne kearney-griffin >> karol ann keasler >> barbara a. keating >> firefighter paul hanlon keating , ladder 5 >> leo russell keene iii >> brenda kegler >> chandler raymond keller >> joseph john keller
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>> peter r. kellerman >> joseph p. kellett >> frederick h. kelley iii >> james joseph kelly >> joseph a. kelly >> maurice p. kelly >> richard john kelly, jr. >> thomas michael kelly >> thomas richard kelly >> thomas w. kelly >> timothy colin kelly >> william hill kelly, jr. >> robert clinton kennedy >> and my brother philip peering phil being older than me was someone i looked up to. after my parents he was the most influential person in my life.
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his leadership and actions on september 11, 2001 and those actions of all the members of the latter 12 is anything short of heroic. and there were civilians who survived thanks to the response of these men who led them out of the building. there are some of the many true heroes during this attack and i am always humbled to honor them. i love you, phil. see you later. [applause] >> and my brother peter christian. peter, it has been 21 years since we said goodbye to a father and the best buddy i ever had. he is doing good for a guy 96.
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i would like to read a message from peter's wife -- there are no words that will convert this day. we thin about him every dayk . this day marks our souls forever. peter's laughter like his strength lives on through his remarkable daughters. you are in our hearts. we love you forever. say hello to mom. [applause] >> thomas j. kennedy >> yvonne e. kennedy >> john richard keohane >> ralph francis kershaw >> ronald t. kerwin >> howard l. kestenbaum >> douglas d. ketcham >> ruth ellen ketler >> boris khalif
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>> norma cruz khan >> sarah khan >> taimour firaz khan >> rajesh khandelwal >> seilai khoo >> michael vernon kiefer >> satoshi kikuchihara >> andrew jay-hoon kim >> lawrence don kim >> mary jo kimelman >> heinrich kimmig >> karen ann kincaid >> amy r. king >> andrew m. king >> lucille teresa king >> robert king, jr. >> lisa king-johnson >> brian k. kinney >> takashi kinoshita >> chris michael kirby
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>> robert kirkpatrick >> howard barry kirschbaum >> glenn davis kirwin >> helen crossin kittle >> richard joseph klares >> peter anton klein >> alan david kleinberg >> karen joyce klitzman >> ronald philip kloepfer >> and my brother appeared we are grateful for the memories and which there were more. >> and to my father charles gregory johns. you were torn out of our jobs but forever live in our hearts.
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we love and miss you. [applause] >> stephen a. knapp >> eugueni kniazev >> andrew james knox >> thomas patrick knox >> rebecca lee koborie >> deborah a. kobus >> gary edward koecheler >> frank j. koestner >> ryan kohart >> vanessa lynn przybylo kolpak >> irina kolpakova >> suzanne rose kondratenko >> abdoulaye kone >> bon-seok koo >> dorota kopiczko >> scott michael kopytko >> bojan george kostic >> danielle kousoulis >> david p. kovalcin >> john j. kren >> william edward krukowski >> lyudmila ksido >> toshiya kuge
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>> shekhar kumar >> kenneth bruce kumpel >> frederick kuo, jr. >> patricia a. kuras >> nauka kushitani >> thomas joseph kuveikis >> victor kwarkye >> raymond kui fai kwok >> angela reed kyte >> andrew la corte >> carol ann la plante >> jeffrey g. la touche >> kathryn l. laborie amarnauth lachhman >> ganesh k. ladkat >> joseph a. lafalce >> jeanette louise lafond-menichino >> david james laforge >> and my wife debbie.
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we love you and think about you every day. >> and my brother police officer customer charles amoroso. we love you and me superior will never forget. >> michael patrick laforte >> alan charles lafrance >> juan mendez lafuente >> neil kwong-wah lai >> vincent anthony laieta >> william david lake >> franco lalama >> chow kwan lam >> michael s. lamana >> stephen lamantia >> amy hope lamonsoff >> robert t. lane >> brendan mark lang >> rosanne p. lang >> vanessa lang langer
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>> mary lou langley >> peter j. langone >> thomas michael langone >> michele bernadette lanza >> ruth sheila lapin >> ingeborg a.d. lariby >> robin blair larkey >> judith camilla larocque >> christopher randall larrabee >> hamidou s. larry >> scott larsen >> john adam larson >> natalie janis lasden >> gary edward lasko >> nicholas craig lassman >> paul laszczynski >> charles a. laurencin >> stephen james lauria >> maria lavache >> denis francis lavelle >> jeannine mary laverde >> anna a. laverty >> steven lawn >> robert a. lawrence, jr.
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>> nathaniel lawson >> >> and my cousin, there is not a single date in our lives we don't think about you. your optimism and your joy for life gives us strength and guide us through difficult times. [speaking in spanish] >> and my father michael patrick laporte. we miss you and wishing you a happy 60th birthday as we celebrate you. [applause] >> david w. laychak >> eugen gabriel lazar >> james patrick leahy >> joseph gerard leavey >> neil j. leavy >> robert g. leblanc >> leon lebor >> kenneth charles ledee >> alan j. lederman
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>> elena f. ledesma >> alexis leduc >> daniel john lee >> david s. lee >> dong chul lee >> gary h. lee >> who -- hyun-joon lee >> juanita lee >> kathryn blair lee >> linda c. lee >> lorraine mary greene lee >> myung-woo lee >> richard y.c. lee >> stuart soo-jin lee >> yang der lee >> stephen paul lefkowitz >> adriana legro >> edward joseph lehman >> eric lehrfeld >> david r. leistman
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>> david prudencio lemagne >> joseph anthony lenihan >> john joseph lennon, jr. >> john robinson lenoir >> jorge luis leon, sr. >> matthew g. leonard >> michael lepore >> charles a. lesperance >> jeffrey earle leveen >> john dennis levi >> alisha caren levin >> and my brother chris allen him. chris is now gone 21 years and i believe he would be extremely annoyed at the state of our country today. and his behalf i'm going to remind our elected officials why they have their jobs. the preamble to our constitution, we, the people of the united states, in order to
10:48 am
form a more perfect union establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common descent, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of the ready to ourselves and our posterity through the established constitution for the united states of america. i will be voting in november. if you're not upholding the constitution, and i were going to be out of a job. that is what chris would want. god bless america. [applause] >> and my brother donald walter robinson junior. this never gets easy. words cannot express how much you are missed and loved pedro legacy lives on through your beautiful four children -- and loved. your legacy lives on through your beautiful children, family, friends and team shamrock and
10:49 am
the total to towers foundation. we choose to how you -- remember how you lived not the way you left us. we vowed to never, ever forget we love you. god bless you all and god bless america. [applause] >> neil david levin >> robert levine >> robert michael levine >> shai levinhar >> daniel m. lewin >> adam jay lewis >> jennifer lewis >> kenneth e. lewis >> margaret susan lewis >> ye wei liang >> orasri liangthanasarn >> daniel f. libretti >> ralph michael licciardi >> edward lichtschein >> samantha l. lightbourn-allen >> steven barry lillianthal >> carlos r. lillo >> craig damian lilore
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>> arnold arboleda lim >> darya lin >> wei rong lin >> nickie l. lindo >> thomas v. linehan, jr. >> robert thomas linnane >> alan patrick linton, jr. >> diane theresa lipari >> kenneth p. lira arevalo >> francisco alberto liriano >> lorraine lisi >> paul lisson >> vincent m. litto >> ming-hao liu >> nancy liz >> harold lizcano >> martin lizzul >> george andrew llanes >> elizabeth c. logler >> catherine lisa loguidice >> jerome robert lohez >> michael william lomax >> stephen v. long
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>> and my uncle and my aunt. we miss you very much and we love you dearly. >> and my uncle john gerard. i never got to meet you, but you live on in the stories people tell about you and the ones who love you. i heard about your legendary humor and look forward to seeing you some day. we love you, john. [applause] >> stephen v. long >> laura maria longing >> salvatore p. lopes >> daniel lopez >> george lopez >> luis manuel lopez >> maclovio lopez, jr. >> manuel l. lopez >> joseph lostrangio >> chet dek louie
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>> stuart seid louis >> joseph lovero >> sara elizabeth low >> jenny seu kueng low wong >> michael w. lowe >> garry w. lozier >> john p. lozowsky >> charles peter lucania >> edward hobbs luckett ii >> mark gavin ludvigsen >> lee charles ludwig >> sean thomas lugano >> daniel lugo >> marie lukas >> william lum, jr. >> michael p. lunden >> christopher e. lunder >> anthony luparello >> gary frederick lutnick >> linda anne luzzicone
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>> alexander lygin >> ceecee lyles >> farrell peter lynch >> james francis lynch >> james t. lynch, jr. >> louise a. lynch >> michael cameron lynch >> michael francis lynch >> michael francis lynch >> richard d. lynch, jr. >> and my uncle, firefighter christopher michael. even though i never got the chance to meet you, it is like i know you and your personality better than anyone else. i know i have a piece of you in me. you are always there giving me the extra push big or small and i think of you because i know if you were here you would be by my side doing it with me. because of you i don't hold
10:54 am
back. i live hoping to do the things that you never got to do. i know that you are always with me when i'm golfing or surfing. thank you for watching over the family. sometimes i get worried about dad working the same job at you but i remember you are a guardian angel and keeping him safe we all miss you. >> and my uncle michael lawrence hannon. you are constantly celebrated by your family and friends, especially aunt andrea, rachel, and allie. we miss you and love you, and let's go islanders. [applause] >> robert henry lynch, jr. >> sean p. lynch >> sean patrick lynch >> terence m. lynch >> michael j. lyons >> monica anne lyons >> nehamon lyons iv >> patrick john lyons
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>> robert francis mace >> marianne macfarlane >> jan maciejewski >> susan a. mackay >> william macko >> catherine fairfax macrae >> richard blaine madden >> simon maddison >> noell c. maerz >> jeannieann maffeo >> joseph maffeo >> jay robert magazine >> brian magee >> charles w. magee >> joseph v. maggitti >> ronald magnuson >> daniel l. maher >> thomas a. mahon >> william j. mahoney >> joseph daniel maio >> linda c. mair-grayling >> takashi makimoto >> abdu ali malahi
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>> debora i. maldonado >> myrna t. maldonado-agosto >> alfred russell maler >> gregory james malone >> edward francis maloney iii >> joseph e. maloney >> gene edward maloy >> christian h. maltby >> francisco miguel mancini >> >> and my brother john. john, we miss you every day for 21 years has gone by so fast. it is a lifetime ago for your nephew, matthew. he turned 20 month he never knew you but he has some of your personality traits, especially his sense of humor and work
10:57 am
ethic. i think of you every day in the way you helped and interacted with people on a one on one racist. -- basis. everyone you helped in your lifetime was important to you and you made them feel special. i continue to do that and i hope to do be as successful as you are your foundation helps people one at a time. we don't change people's lives change lives for one day. watch over as and keep us safe. we love you and miss you. god bless you, john. [applause] >> and my brother peter. i love you, i miss your laugh and your wacky sense of humor. you live on in the hearts of your family, friends and all who knew you and in the next generation of your nephew and niece.
10:58 am
[applause] >> joseph mangano >> sara elizabeth manley >> debra m. mannetta >> marion victoria manning >> terence john manning >> james maounis >> alfred gilles marchand >> joseph ross marchbanks, jr. >> laura a. marchese >> hilda marcin >> peter edward mardikian >> edward joseph mardovich >> charles joseph margiotta >> louis neil mariani >> kenneth joseph marino
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>> lester v. marino >> vita marino >> kevin d. marlo >> jose juan marrero >> john daniel marshall >> shelley a. marshall >> james martello >> michael a. marti >> karen ann martin >> peter c. martin >> teresa m. martin >> william j. martin, jr. >> brian e. martineau >> betsy martinez >> edward j. martinez >> jose angel martinez, jr. >> robert gabriel martinez
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>> waleska martinez rivera >> lizie d. martinez-calderon >> paul richard martini >> anne marie martino-cramer >> joseph a. mascali >> bernard mascarenhas >> stephen frank masi >> ada l. mason-acker >> and my cousin your daughter, vanessa, and your son, vernon jr. and your five grandchildren, the mattinglies, the richards, are all proud of you. and miss you and god bless you.
11:01 am
and sleep in peace. >> and my father, brian joseph mercy, dad, i love you and miss you every day. i'm grateful for the five years we had together and i know we would be best friends if you were still here. judy, layla and i talk about you all the time and carry on your legacy. you're so loved by the entire family. in addition to the lives lost on 9/11, i also remember and mourn for the victims of the war on terror who were killed in the years since the attack. we're impacted by the ripple effects of 9/11, conflict in war and recognition as well. [applause] >> nicholas george masa. >> patricia mazari. >> michael masaroli.
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>> phillip william mastrandrea. joseph mathai. >> william a.mathesen. >> marcelle iso matricciano. >> margaret mattic. robert d. matteson. >> walter matuza jr. >> timothy j.maude. >> jill mara campbell. >> charles a.mauro jr. >> charles j.mauro. >> nancy t.mauro. >> robert j. maxwell. >> renee a. may. >> tyrone may.
11:03 am
>> keithroy marcellus maynard. >> robert j. mayo. >> kathyn. mazza. >> edward mazzella jr. >> jennifer lynn mazzotta. >> my friend and colleague james joseph mcalary jr. >> brian mcaleese. >> take picka ann mcanene. >> colin robert mcarthur. >> john kevin mcavoy. >> kenneth m.mcbrayer. brennan mccabe. >> michael mccabe. >> thomas joseph mccann. >> justin mcartie. >> kevin m. mccarthy. >> michael desmond
11:04 am
mccarthy. >> and my brother, fdny captain william o'keith. billy, i read your name 10 years ago when you were about to be a grand matter. there are nine wonderful additions to our family with three more on the way. they will all know you. they will all know the pride we feel when we say your name and most of all, they will love you. >> and for my uncle michael joseph ducky, though i never met you personally, all the stories my family has told me show how fun and kind of a person you were and i'm so honored to be named after you. and as your grandpa used to say, we love you like there's no tomorrow. god bless america.
11:05 am
>> robert g. mccarthy. >> stanley mccaskill. >> katie marie mccloskey. >> jewel anna valentine mccourt. >> ruth mccourt. >> charles austin mcrann. >> tonyell mcday. >> matthew t. mcdermott. >> joseph p. mcdonald. >> brian grady mcdonnell. >> michael p. mcdonnell. >> john f. mcdowell jr. >> eamonj.mceneaney. >> john thomas mcerlean, jr. >> daniel francis mcginley. >> mark ryan mcginley. >> william e.mcginn. >> thomas henry mcginnis. >> michael gregory mcginnity.
11:06 am
>> anne walsh mcgovern. >> scott martin mcgovern. >> william j. mcgovern. >> stacy mcgowan. >> francis noel mccguinn. >> thomas mcginnest jr. >> patrick j.mcguire. >> thomas m. mchale. >> keith david mcheffy. >> ann m. mchugh. >> dennis j. mchugh iii. >> dennis p. mchugh. >> michael edward mchugh jr. >> robert j.mcilvaine. >> donald james mcintyre. >> stephanie marie mckenna. >> molly l. mckenzie. >> barry j. mckean.
11:07 am
>> evelyn c. mckinedy. >> darryl leron mckinney. >> george patrick mclaughlin jr. >> and to my brother allen, we miss you. 21 years and boy, it feels real still. >> and my brother andrew ira rosen blum. andy, in the last 21 years, your two sons jordan and kyle have grown into fine young men and they've already started families of their own. you have two grandsons now, muddy and your namesake andrew ira rosen blum. you would have been so proud of them as well as all your nieces, nephews, cousins and the entire
11:08 am
family. you're missed at every celebration. we love you. we miss you. we think of you every day. >> robert c. mclaughlin jr. >> gavin mcmahon. >> robert d. mcmahon. >> edmund m. mcnally. >> daniel walker mcneal. >> walter arthur mcneil. >> christine sheila mcnulty. >> sean peter mcnulty. >> robert william mcpadden. >> terrence a. mcshane. >> timothy patrick mcsweeney. >> martin e. mcwilliams. >> rocco medaglia. >> abigail medina. >> anna medina.
11:09 am
>> deborah medwig. >> damian meehan. >> manuel emilio mejia. >> eskedar melaku. >> antonio melendez. >> mary p. melendez. >> dora marie menchaka. >> charles r. mendez. >> shevonne mentis. >> steve john mercado. >> westly mercer. >> ralph joseph mercurio.
11:10 am
>> yamel merino. >> and my mom. for 20 years you went to work. and the whole company was killed instantly. 21 years without you in your arts, we're still so broken. you're so missed, mom. we've pushed through for you and lived the traditions that you taught us. you'd be very proud of all of us. daddy is 82 years old going on 83 and still missing you terribly. your grandchildren, you'd be so proud of them, mom, they're unbelievable. wishing and loving you is so easy that we know you're in our hearts forever. you've helped us get through this pain and we know you're always with us. we love you, mom, and continue to watch over us. >> and my brother, firefighter michael francis lynch. the definition of a hero is one who shows great courage. i'm amazed as the courage
11:11 am
of all the grandparents, parents, widows, siblings, children with the grief that they have to deal with the past 21 years. grief is the price we pay for true love. >> deborah meric. >> rim on joseph metiii. >> david robert meyer. >> narul h.miah. >> william edward micciulli. >> martin paul michaelstein. >> patricia e.mickley. >> peter teague milano. >> gregory milanowycz. >> lukasz milewski. >> cory peter miller. >> craig j. miller.
11:12 am
>> douglas c. miller. >> henry al fred miller jr. >> joel miller. >> matthew michael miller. >> nicole carol miller. >> phillip d. miller. >> robert alan miller. >> robert cromwell miller jr. >> bennie millman. >> charles m. mills jr. >> ronald keith milstein. >> robert j.minara. >> william george minardi. >> louis joseph minervino. >> will bert miraille. >> dominic n. mircovich. >> rajesh mirpuri. >> joseph mi is strulli. >> paul thomas mitchell. >> richard p.miuccio.
11:13 am
>> jeffrey p.madenik. >> luis joseph modafferi. >> and my center abigail medina and i don't lose the hope of meeting her one time in this life again. >> my sister maris dinardo, so many things we missed, family gatherings which never were the same after you were taken from us. our world is a different place because you're not here. i see you every day in my thoughts and i see you in my children's eyes. i know you're still with us. we miss you so much. i hope you're with mom and you found each other again. love never dice, my big cities. i love you. my big sis. i love you. cory mohammed. >> dennis mahica.
11:14 am
>> manuel dejesus molene molina. >> karl molinaro. >> franklin monaghan. >> john monaghan. kristen montanaro. >> michael g.montesi. >> carlos roberto montoya. >> montoya valdez. >> cheryl ann monyak. >> thomas moody. >> sharon moore. >> laura lee morbiso. >> carlos manuel morales. >> sonja mercedes morales. >> gerard p. moran jr. >> john christopher moran. >> john-michael moran. >> kathleen moran.
11:15 am
>> lindsey stableton morehouse. >> george william morell. >> steven p.morello. >> dorothy morgan. >> richard j. morgan. >> nancy morganstern. >> sanae mori. >> geronimo moroco. >> and my cousin michael a. marty. michael, we love and miss you every day. your memory is a blessing along with all the angels watching over us today. >> and my sister maria teresa conception contila. meretes, i wish my mom and dad were with me but they're in heaven, please look after them and us, me, victor natilia and our
11:16 am
kids, rocco, xavier, and meretes and ryland. i know when he was born on december 10, who my daughter was named after born on september 12, 2012. i want to say i miss you and missed when you used to tell me you got problems. and also i just want to say i miss you and miss mom and dad very much and my condolences to the 9/11 families and it was an honor to read the names and god bless america. >> gwen irene morris. >> adessa morris. >> seth allen morris. >> christopher martel morrison. fender national morrone. kill yum david moskal. >> marco motroni. >> cynthia motus-wilson.
11:17 am
>> iouri mouchinski. peter moutos. damion o'neal mowatt. >> christopher michael mozzillo. >> stephen vincent mulderry. >> richard muldowney jr. >> michael c.mullan. >> dennis michael mulligan. >> peter james mulligan. >> michael joseph mullin. >> james donald munhal. >> francisco munoz. >> teresa munson. >> robert michael murach. >> caesar agusto murillo. >> marc a.murolo. >> brian joseph murphy. >> charles anthony murphy. >> christopher w. murphy.
11:18 am
>> edward charles murphy. >> james f. murphy iv. >> james thomas murphy. >> kevin james murphy. >> patrick murphy. >> patrick sean murphy. >> raymond b. murphy. >> and my father rim on joseph metz, iii, i'm so proud to be your daughter, i miss you so much. >> my sister tamar thurman, sergeant, u.s. army, department of defense, pentagon, e-ring. tammy, for your family and friends who knew and truly loved you, we truly miss you. it's been 21 years but i will say this, say no worries, sis, i've got your six and i'll keep you in my mind and my heart always and forever.
11:19 am
>> robert eddie murphy jr. >> john joseph murray. >> valerie victoria murray. >> suzanne b. murray. >> luis j. mackey ii. >> richard todd myhre. >> mildred rose. >> robert b. neagle. >> alexander john robert napier. >> john phillip napolitano. >> frank naples iii. >> katherine ann nardella. >> shawn m. matteson. >> manika narula. >> karen susan navorro.
11:20 am
>> francis joseph nazario. >> joseph m.navis. >> rayman marcus neblett. >> lawrence nedell. >> pete negron. >> luke gi nee. >> laurie n.nara. >> david kill jim david william nelson. >> james a. nelson. >> oscar francis nesbitt. >> peter allen nelson. renee newell. >> christopher c. newton. >> nancy yuen ngo. >> and my husband mark adam
11:21 am
brissman. you're so dearly loved and continue to be a guiding light for me and my family. i want to express my gratitude to the first responders, especially those responsible for the recovery and return of my husband's wedding ring, god bless you, god bless mark, and all of our loved ones. and god bless america. >> and my uncle bart joseph risai. only our lives overlapped a year your memory is kept alive by the stories of our family and we can only hope to make every celebration like you did, we love and miss you. god bless america. >> jodi machello. >> katlyn a.nikosa.
11:22 am
>> martin stewart. >> asan joseph nedimeyer. >> gloria nieves. >> juan nieves jr. >> troy edward nilsen. >> paul nimbley. >> john niven. >> katherine noack. >> curtis noel. >> michael a.nort. >> daniel r. nolan. >> robert walter noonan. >> jacqueline norton. >> robert grant norton. >> daniella r. notaro. >> brian christopher novotny. >> soichi numata. >> brian nunez. >> jose nunez. jeffrey roger nussbaum.
11:23 am
>> james a. oakley. >> dennis patrick oberg. >> james p. o'brien jr. >> michael p. o'brien. >> scott j. o'brien. >> tim michael o'brien. >> daniel o'callaghan. >> dennis o'connor jr. >> diana o'connor. >> keith o'connor. >> richard o'connor. >> amy o'doherty. >> douglas elslogger. >> albert. >> and my grandmother barbara p. walsh. grandma, it's crazy how fast time flies. though i never met you, i know you. i often wonder if mom sees you in me. i'm here today to represent generation 9-12. those who never experienced
11:24 am
9/11 but suffer the after math of it. we never will forget what happened on this day 21 years ago. keep sending rainbows, grandma, we love and miss you terribly. >> to my loving sister judy hazel fernandez, and my lovely cousin u2 1 years and our hearts still ache, during these tough days i think of all the great memories we had and shared together as one big family. i think about all the road trips we did as a family, all the get-togethers, all the parties, i really miss those days. i miss your smile, you both really knew huh to have fun. and you both light up the rooms. you brought so much excitement in this world. i have comfort knowing you're both up there looking out for us. judy, you would have been
11:25 am
proud aunts to avery, emily, derrick, brandon, rocco, grayson, and ryland. they really are a bundle of joy and keep us going. we all miss you until we meet you again. >> stella paul ognabenny. >> james andrew o'grady. >> chelsea j.ogran. >> thomas g. o'hagen. >> william o'keefe. >> gerald michael olcott. >> christine anne olender. >> linda mary oliva. >> leah elizabeth oliver.
11:26 am
>> jeffrey james olson. >> barbara k. olson. >> marine lyons olson. >> steven jon olsson. >> matthew timothy ognibene. >> john p. o'neill. >> peter j. o'neill jr. >> shawn corbet o'neill. >> betty anne ong. >> christopher t. >> virginia anne ormiston. >> kevin m. o'rourke. >> other fuego campos. >> david orr t's. >> emilio p. ortiz. >> pablo ortiz. >> and my grandmother arlena ava fried. i never got to meet you but see your legacy live every
11:27 am
day and see you in parts of my stepmom and aunts and cousins and love you beyond words and we'll all miss so you much. i love you, grandma arlene. >> and my uncle firefighter peter j. powell. it's crazy it's been 21 years but not a day goes by we have a family gathering and don't talk about you and laugh about you so we miss you. you've got four beautiful grandkids. love you. >> paul ortiz jr. >> sonja ortiz. >> masaru ose. >> robert william ose. >> elsy osorio. >> james ostrowski. >> timothy franklin o'sullivan. >> jason douglas oswald.
11:28 am
>> michael john otten. >> isidrod.ottenwalder. >> michael ou. >> todd joseph ouida. >> michael jesus ovalles. >> peter j. owens jr. >> adianes oyola. >> angel m.pabon. >> israel pabon jr. >> role under pacheco. >> michael benjamin packer. >> die anna p.p a adro. >> jeffrey matthew palazzo. >> thomas palazzo. >> oreo joseph palmer. >> frank anthony palombo. >> alan palumbo. >> christopher matthew
11:29 am
panatier. >> domonique lisa pandolfo. >> jonas parten penik. >> paul j.pansini. >> john paolillo. >> edward joseph papa. >> salvatore papasso. >> marie papalordo. >> my father james nicholas papa george. i love you and miss you. you're my biggest role model and i hope you're proud of who i have become and will become in the future. >> my uncle andrew la port. we love you and miss you. >> james wendell parum. >> deborah murray paris. >> george paris.
11:30 am
>> gye hyong park. >> phillip lacy parker. >> michael parkes. >> robert e. parks jr. >> hahmukhrai parmar. >> diane marie parsons. >> michael j.pascuma jr. >> jerrold askins. suzanne h. passaro. >> avnish ramanbhai patel. >> bernard e patterson >> cira marie patti
11:31 am
>> robert e.pattison >> james robert paul >> patrice paz >> stacey lynn peak >> richard allen pearlman >> thomas pedicini >> todd douglas pelino >> mike adrian pelletier >> robert pentagon. and my father jesus sanchez. i think about him more than ever because my son caden was born. dad, you should have been here to hold your grandson in your arms. you would've been excited to
11:32 am
talk to him and spend time with him. i will make sure he knows everything about you and your kindness and compassion, how you loved baking cakes and traveling. that he knows of the souls that died on 9/11 and how brave every soul was, such as flight 93, nypd and first responders. but he knows about the nypd's 23 officers and 47 officers that, they ran toward the chaos. the bravery of every firefighter and some on their way home or having a day off heard was going on and turned back to hell. despite knowing the chaos was too massive to fathom, and not one but two towers, but they only wanted to get everybody out. i will make sure my son knows about the people that help each other in the stairwells and those that helped after the dust settled. we are able to come together and rise above our differences as a
11:33 am
country. it is now something beautiful. god bless new york city, god bless new york city, first responders, heroes of today and heroes back then. god bless america and god bless the 9/11 families. [applause] >> and my brother. he worked on the 91st floor of the south tower. he was last seen by his friends at the 78th floor express elevator. after the announcement came on that the south tower was secure a survivor that got on the elevator told us oli did not. three weeks later as we walked along the wreckage of twisted steel our mama remarked how ironic he was born two months premature amidst heavy bombing in world war ii and survived. yet he perished to terrorism 56
11:34 am
years later. his kind, open, generous and loving spirit has lived on within all of our hearts these 21 years. but we dearly miss his magnetic personality, sense of humor and passion for life. his wife will be celebrating their 53rd anniversary. they were soul mates. she remembers blowing him a kiss as he left for work that morning. who knew it would be the last? olek is survived by his daughter, andrea, as they are raising their soon to be six-year-old grandson. bryce has his wonderful smile, twiddling eyes and athletic ability. he loves the water and is a great swimmer, like his grandfather. they would have been great pals. olek was a proud ukrainian
11:35 am
american. he would be appalled at the acts of terrorism ukraine is experiencing. he will always be 56. i am no older than my older brother ever got to be. i am so glad my husband encouraged me to read the bios of the names i was to read today. most were only in their 30's and 40's. i will tell you about two of them. james parham was a u.s. marine, 32, and port authority officer. his brothers said he would give up everything to help somebody. and 35-year-old robert parro, who would be the first person there to help you, they said. you have our eternal respect and gratitude. deepest sympathies from my family to all that have lost family, friends and fellow americans. it is a long list but we must
11:36 am
remember them. as the inscription in the museum says, nothing shall erase you from time. thank you for listening and caring. [applause] [reading names] >> nancy e perez >> edward j perrotta >> emelda h perry >> glenn c perry sr. >> john william perry.
11:37 am
>> franklin allan pershep. >> danny pesce. >> davin peterson >> william russell peterson >> mark petrocelli. >> philip scott petti >> glen kerrin pettit >> dominick pezzulo >> kaleen elizabeth pezzuti >> kevin pfeifer >> tu-anh pham >> kenneth phelan. >> sneha ann philips. >> suzette eugenia piantieri >> ludwig john picarro >> matthew m picerno >> joseph oswald pick >> christopher pickford >> dennis j.pierce >> bernard pietronico >> nicholas p.pietrunti >> and my mother, joan donna
11:38 am
griffith. mama, we miss you so much. life has not been the same. we experienced a whole pandemic and grief has been intense. even reading the names today feels different from before after what we experienced these last few years. we miss you and love you so much. we remember you, we need you. watch over us. thank you. [applause] >> and my daughter, maria ramirez. maria, i do not know when the weight in my chest will go away. but it will be there until they lay me down beside you. i want you to know that when you went away you left me with a
11:39 am
nephew and you now have 16 including a great nephew. i want you to know we will talk to you and about you. we will always let them know that you would've been there cool aunt. the way you spoiled the first two, logan and leila. [voice breaking] it is so hard because they are losing so much not having you around. thank you and thank you for all of the first responders and everybody that is here today. thank you for always remembering. you will never be forgotten. all of the mothers out there that lost, i know everybody
11:40 am
hurts and everybody is feeling pain but there is nothing like the pain a mother has. if you are a mother, i stand with you today. thank you. [applause] >> theodoros pigis. >> susan elizabeth pinto. >> joseph piskadlo. >> christopher todd pitman. >> joshua michael piver. >> joseph plumitallo. >> john m. pocher. >> william howard pohlmann. >> laurence michael polatsch. >> thomas h. polhemus. >> steve pollicino.
11:41 am
>> susan m. pollio. >> joshua iousa poptean. >> giovanna porras. >> anthony portillo. >> james edward potorti. >> daphne pouletsos. >> richard n. poulos. >> stephen emanual poulos. >> brandon jerome powell. >> scott allen powell. >> shawn edward powell. >> antonio dorsey pratt. >> gregory m. preziose. >> wanda ivelisse prince. >> vincent a. princiotta. >> kevin m. prior. firefighter, squat 52.
11:42 am
>> everett martin proctor iii. >> carrie beth progen. >> david lee pruim. >> richard a. prunty. fdny battalion chief, battalion 2. >> john foster puckett. >> robert david pugliese. >> edward f. pullis. >> patricia ann puma. >> jack d. punches. >> hemanth kumar puttur. >> and my father anthon. a it is hard to know things will never get back, like the tears were shed, the memories we have lost in the conversations we have never gotten to have. but i also know all the good and the blessings we have received
11:43 am
the last 21 years, like me starting my first job this past week or your daughter getting married last month, i know you have been smiling, you have been proud and with us every step of the way. thank you for everyone who kept my father's legacy alive along with all of the victims. thank you so much. [applause] >> and my aunt, joanne, who worked in the north tower. lastly, you have turned 66. you were gone too soon from us. i continue to wear your cross as it serves as protection for me. we love and miss you so much and you will never be forgotten. remember it's to ronnie kershner , fdny firefighter of ladder 44, who passed away two weeks ago to
11:44 am
9/11 related illness. you were the first to show me the brotherhood and i thank you for your guidance. god bless fdny, nypd, pa pd, emergency service workers and god bless america. [applause] >> joseph j. picari junior. >> edward r. pykon. >> christopher quackenbush. >> lars peter qualben. >> lincoln quappe. >> beth ann quigley. >> patrick j. quigley iv. >> michael quilty. >> james francis quinn. >> ricardo j. quinn. >> carol millicent rabalais. >> christopher peter anthony racaniello. >> leonard j. ragaglia.
11:45 am
>> eugene j. raggio. >> laura marie ragonese-snik. >> michael paul ragusa. >> peter frank raimondi. >> harry a. raines. >> lisa j. raines. >> ehtesham raja. >> valsa raju. >> edward j. rall. >> lukas rambousek. >> maria ramirez. >> harry ramos. >> vishnoo ramsaroop. >> deborah a. ramasoo. >> lorenzo e. ramzey. >> alfred todd rancke. >> adam david rand. >> jonathan c. randall. >> srinivasa shreyas ranganath. >> anne t. ransom.
11:46 am
>> faina rapoport. >> rhonda sue rasmussen. >> robert a. rasmussen. >> amenia rasool. >> r. mark rasweiler. >> marcia d. radford. >> david alan rathkey. >> my brother, my twin, keep looking after my son, jimmy, my sister jackie and my mother. we miss you. >> and my aunt, lucille teresa king and my brother, chuck costello. never forget. [applause] >> william ralph raub. >> gerard p. rauzi. >> alexey razuvaev. >> gregory reda. >> tara redheffer.
11:47 am
>> michele reed. >> judith ann reese. >> donald j. regan. >> robert m. regan. >> thomas michael regan. >> christian michael otto regenhard. >> howard reich. >> gregg reidy. >> james brian reilly. >> kevin o. reilly. >> timothy e. reilly. >> joseph reina, jr. >> thomas barnes reinig. >> frank bennett reisman. >> joshua scott reiss. >> karen renda. >> john armand reo. >> richard cyril rescorla. >> john thomas resta.
11:48 am
>> sylvia resta. >> martha m. reski. >> luis clodoaldo revilla. >> eduvigis reyes, jr. >> bruce albert reynolds. >> john frederick rhodes. >> francis saverio riccardelli. >> rudolph n. riccio. >> ann marie riccoboni. >> david harlow rice. >> eileen mary rice. >> kenneth frederick rice iii. >> cecelia e. richards. >> vernon allan richard. >> my uncle, mark, who was lost
11:49 am
21 years ago today and still felt and has been everyday since. to my family and thousands of others loved ones can be taken from us too soon. hug your loved ones, tell them you love them and uncle mark, we love you and miss you every day. >> and my beautiful sister debra lynn gibbon's. we miss you always and we will never forget. you live on in our hearts and you are a guardian angel. love from all of our family. [applause] >> claude daniel richards. >> gregory david richards. >> michael richards. >> venesha orintia richards. >> jimmy riches. >> alan jay richman. >> john m. rigo.
11:50 am
>> frederick charles ramont iii. >> theresa risco. >> rose mary riso. >> moises n. rivas. >> joseph rivelli. >> carmen alicia rivera. >> isaias rivera. >> juan william rivera. >> linda ivelisse rivera. >> david e. rivers. >> joseph r. riverso. >> paul v. rizza. >> john frank rizzo. >> stephen louis roach. >> joseph roberto. >> leo arthur roberts. >> michael e. roberts. >> michael edward roberts. >> donald walter robertson, jr. >> jeffery robinson.
11:51 am
>> michell lee jean robotham. >> donald arthur robson. >> antonio a. rocha. >> raymond james rocha. >> laura rockefeller. >> john michael rodak. >> antonio jose rodrigues. >> anthony rodriguez. >> carmen milagros rodriguez. >> gregory e. rodriguez. >> marsha a. rodriguez. >> mayra valdes rodriguez. >> richard rodriguez. >> david bartolo rodriguez-vargas. >> my uncle, brian craig bennett. i know you are staring down at us every day and i know you have always been there as the constant force telling your mother, sisters, nephews and niece to keep going.
11:52 am
even when the road seems at its weakest. i have never known that fact to be more true then when i followed your footsteps. from your favorite movie, what you know you cannot explain, but you can feel it. you felt it your entire life. we still know you. we still feel you. >> and my father and aunt. you still live on through your family, your children, your grandchildren. we love you and we miss you so much. this does not get easier. it is just a continuation of more and more sadness and trauma, but we remember how happy and loving you were and that is what your grandchildren and family remember.
11:53 am
you will forever live on. god bless everyone here, god bless nypd and everyone here. god bless america. please watch over us. [applause] >> matthew rogan. >> jean rogier. >> karlie barbara rogers. >> scott williams rohner. >> keith michael roma roma. >> joseph m. romagnolo. >> efrain romero, sr. >> elvin romero. >> james a. romito. >> sean paul rooney. >> eric thomas ropiteau. >> aida rosario. >> angela rosario. >> mark h. rosen. >> brooke david rosenbaum.
11:54 am
>> linda rosenbaum. >> sheryl lynn rosenbaum. >> lloyd daniel rosenberg. >> mark louis rosenberg. >> andrew ira rosenblum. >> joshua m. rosenblum. >> joshua alan rosenthal. >> richard david rosenthal. >> philip martin rozenswag. >> daniel rosetti. >> richard barry ross. >> norman s. rossinow. >> nicholas p. rossomando. >> michael craig rothberg. >> donna marie rothenberg. >> mark david rothenberg. >> james michael ru.
11:55 am
>> nicholas charles alexander rowe. >> edward rowenhurst. >> judy roland. >> timothy alan roy, sr. >> paul g. ruback. >> ronald j. ruben. >> joanne rubino. >> david m. ruddle. >> my uncle firefighter salvatore. i wish you were here to see everything the what we have accomplished. >> and my father, roy michael wallace. dad, we love and miss you every day. i wish you were here to experience all of life's moments with me and seem to become the person i am today. although i was too young to make my own memories with you i am forever grateful for the stories i have heard from family and friends. i love you and i hope i am making you proud. [applause]
11:56 am
♪ >> bart joseph ruggiere. >> susan a. ruggiero. >> adam k. ruhalter. >> gilbert ruiz. >> stephen p. russell. >> steven harris russin. >> michael thomas russo, sr. >> wayne alan russo. >> william r. russ. >> edward ryan. >> john joseph ryan, jr. >> jonathan stephan ryan. >> matthew l. ryan. >> tatiana ryjova. >> christina sunga ryook.
11:57 am
>> thierry saada. >> jason elazar sabbag. >> thomas e. sabella. >> scott h. saber. >> charlie e. savine. >> joseph francis sacerdote. >> jessica lee sachs. >> francis john sadocha. >> jude safi. >> brock joel safronoff. >> edward saiya. >> john patrick salamone. >> marjorie salamone. >> hernando rafael salas. >> juan g. salas. >> esmerlin antonio salcedo. >> john salvatore salerno, jr. >> rama and her unborn child.
11:58 am
>> richard l. salinardi, jr. >> wayne john saloman. >> nolbert salomon. >> catherine patricia salter. >> frank g. salvaterra. >> paul richard salvio. >> and my brother. i miss you and i love you. >> and my father, richard. my father was called to serve overseas when he was younger. as an older man he was called to serve as the president of the local little croft in new jersey where they dedicated a field to his memory. he was a gentleman and a hero and our days are less colorful without him. but we are proud to carry his name. god bless our first responders and [applause] god bless america.
11:59 am
>> samuel robert salvo, jr. >> carlos alberto samaniego. >> james kenneth samuel, jr. >> michael san phillip. >> hugo m. sanay. >> erick sanchez. >> jacquelyn patrice sanchez. >> raymond sanchez. >> eric m. sand. >> stacey leigh sanders. >> herman s. sandler. >> james sands, jr. >> ayleen j. santiago. >> kirsten santiago. >> maria theresa santillan. >> susan gayle santo. >> christopher a. santora. >> john santore. august>> mario l. santoro. >> rafael humberto santos. >> rufino conrado flores santos
12:00 pm
iii. >> kalyan sarkar. >> chapelle r. sarker. >> paul f. sarle. >> deepika kumar sattaluri. >> gregory thomas saucedo. >> susan m. sauer. >> anthony savas. >> vladimir savinkin. >> john michael sbarbaro. >> david scales. >> robert l. scandole, jr. >> michelle scarpitta. >> dennis scauso. >> john albert schardt. >> john g. scharf. >> fred c. scheffold, jr. >> angela susan scheinberg. >> scott mitchell schertzer. >> sean schielke. >> steven francis schlag. >> jon schlissel. >> karen helene schmidt. >> ian schneider. >> thomas g. schoales. >> frank g. schott, jr. >> gerard patrick schrang.
12:01 pm
>> jeffrey h. schreier. >> john t. schroeder. >> susan lee schuler. >> edward william schunk. >> mark evan schurmeier. >> mark schwartz. >> adriane victoria scibetta. >> raphael scorca. >> and my brother, mark schwartz. we miss you very much. jennifer, andrew and patty also miss you and love you. your legacy lives on in your children and beautiful grandchildren. >> anthony, patricia, jon gallagher and susan perez and my brother, kevin. we miss and love you, kevin. you are our angel. god bless the families and the victims [applause] and god bless america.
12:02 pm
>> janice scott. >> randolph scott. >> christopher jay scudder. >> arthur warren scullin. >> michael herman seaman. >> margaret m. seeliger. >> anthony segarra. >> carlos segarra. >> jason m. sekzer. >> matthew carmen sellitto. >> michael silvas. >> howard selwyn. >> larry john senko. >> arturo angelo sereno. >> frankie serrano. >> marion serva. >> alena sesinova. >> adele christine sessa. >> sita nermalla sewnarine. >> karen lynn seymour. >> davis sezna, jr.
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>> thomas joseph sgroi. >> jayesh shah. >> khalid m. shahid. >> mohammed shajahan. >> gary shamay. >> earl richard shanahan. >> dan shanhower. >> neil shastri. >> kathryn anne shatzoff. >> barbara a. shaw. >> jeffrey james shaw. >> robert john shay, jr. >> daniel james shea. >> joseph patrick shea. >> kathleen shearer. >> robert michael shearer. >> linda june sheehan. >> hagay shefi. >> john anthony sherry. >> atsushi shiratori. >> thomas joseph shubert. >> mark shulman. >> see wong shum.
12:04 pm
>> allan abraham shwartzstein. >> johanna sigmund. >> dianne t. signer. >> gregory sikorsky. >> firefighter stephen gerard siller. >> david silver. >> craig a. silverstein. >> nasima hameed simjee. >> bruce edward simmons. >> diane simmons. >> donald simmons. >> george simmons. >> arthur simon. >> kenneth alan simon. >> it is an honor to read these names today, and especially remember mike brother, josh r. i miss you and love you every day and your strength continues to help me every day.
12:05 pm
i love you and i miss you. >> and my uncle. he was the broadcast engineer for channel seven and one of his main responsibilities was keeping the strong signal for channel seven. he continues to do that by keeping a strong everyday for the past 21 years we did not have him. we love and we miss you and please continue to watch over our family. [applause] >> michael j. simon. >> paul joseph simon. >> marianne simone. >> barry simowitz. >> jane louise simpkins. >> jeff lyal simpson. >> cheryl simcox. >> khamladai singh. >> roshan ramesh singh.
12:06 pm
>> thomas e. sinton iii. >> peter a. siracuse. >> muriel f. siskopoulos. >> joseph michael sisolak. >> john p. skala. >> francis joseph skidmore, jr. >> toyena skinner. >> paul albert skrzypek. >> christopher paul slattery. >> vincent robert slavin. >> robert f. sliwak. >> paul kenneth sloan. >> stanley s. smagala, jr. >> wendy l. small. >> greg smallest. >> catherine smith. >> daniel laurence smith. >> gary smith.
12:07 pm
>> george eric smith. >> heather smith. >> james gregory smith. >> jeffrey r. smith. >> joyce patricia smith. >> karl t. smith, sr. >> kevin joseph smith. >> leon smith, jr. >> moira ann smith. >> monica rodriguez smith. >> rosemary a. smith. >> bonnie smithwick. >> rochelle monique snell. >> christine snyder. >> diane snyder. >> leonard j. snyder, jr.
12:08 pm
>> astrid elizabeth sohan. >> sushil s. solanki. >> ruben solares. >> naomi leah solomon. >> daniel w. song. >> michael charles sorresse. >> fabian soto. >> timothy patrick soulas. >> gregory thomas spagnoletti. >> donald f. spampinato, jr. >> thomas sparacio. >> john anthony spataro. >> robert w. spear, jr. >> robert spicin. >> maynard s. spence, jr. >> george edward spencer iii. >> and to our sister, celeste
12:09 pm
torres victoria. celeste was a model not only in fashion and style but because of who she was and what she stood for. my brother in spain brought to my attention her name, celeste torres, means heavenly tower or sky tower. like a heavenly tower she was tall, slim, elegant, intelligent was an amazing personality. she attended nyu and graduated in journalism. as a woman of the media, she used that platform to advocate for justice, children and women's rights. celeste understood that education played a major role in her success and modeled that same principle in her daughter.
12:10 pm
jasmine graduated from duke university on a full academic scholarship and recently, internationally, she completed a dual masters degree from oxford university in england and hec in paris to carry on her mother's legacy. we will always cherish celeste's beautiful spirit and the wonderful memories we keep deeply rooted in our hearts. finally, our deep appreciation and gratitude to the past and president honorable president, vice president, congress, governors, mayors, and other state, city and federal officials. the 9/11 memorial and museum, the volunteers and everyone
12:11 pm
responsible for providing the 9/11 families with support and for this magnificent venue. to pay tribute and honor to our loved ones. you bring life to celeste and all of those that perished that day. because of you, they will be remembered in history. never to be lost and never to be forgotten. we are truly grateful. thank you and god bless you. [applause] >> very good. and my uncle, the coolest uncle a girl could have. i am grateful for all of the time that we got to spend together. i know that you are here in spirit. we love and miss you very much. [applause] >> robert andrew spencer. >> mary rubina sperando. >> frank spinelli. >> william e. spitz.
12:12 pm
>> joseph patrick spor, jr. >> klaus johannes sprockamp. >> saranya srinuan. >> fitzroy st. rose. >> michael f. stabile. >> lawrence t. stack. >> timothy m. stackpole. >> richard james stadelberger. >> eric adams stahlman. >> gregory stajk. >> alexandru liviu stan. >> corina stan. >> mary domenica stanley. >> anthony starita. >> jeffrey stark. >> derek james statkevicus. >> craig william staub. >> william v. steckman. >> eric thomas steen. >> william r. steiner. >> alexander robin steinman. >> andrew stergiopoulos. >> andrew j. stern. >> norma sterley. >> martha stevens.
12:13 pm
>> michael james stewart. >> richard stewart, jr. >> sanford m. stoller. >> lonny jay ston. >> jimmy nevill storey. >> timothy stout. >> thomas strada. >> james j. straine, jr. >> edward w. straub. >> george j. strauch, jr. >> edward thomas strauss. >> steven r. strauss. >> larry strickland. >> steven f. strobert. >> walwyn w. stuart, jr. >> benjamin suarez. >> david scott suarez. >> ramon suarez. >> yoichi sugiyama. >> william christopher shivra. >> william christopher sugra. >> david marc sullins. >> christopher p. sullivan.
12:14 pm
>> patrick sullivan. >> thomas sullivan. >> hilario soriano sumaya, jr. >> james joseph suozzo. >> once again, my father robert hughes junior. you and your beautiful smile are missed so much. this past few years our family knows you have been watching over all of us. you were the best brother and son our family could've asked for. your memory and presence is forever in our hearts and never leaves our thoughts. we love and miss you so much. god bless. [applause] >> and my brother, dennis. in the words of macklemore, i heard that you died twice, once when they put you in the grave and the second time when the last person mentions your name. we will never stop mentioning your name. [voice breaking] [applause]
12:15 pm
>> colleen supinski. >> robert sutcliffe. >> seline sutter. >> claudia suzette sutton. >> john francis swaine. >> kristine m. swearson. >> brian david sweeney. >> brian edward sweeney. >> matalin amy sweeney. >> kenneth j. swenson. >> thomas f. swift. >> derek ogilvie sword. >> kevin thomas szocik. >> gina sztejnberg. >> norbert .p szurkowski. >> harry taback. >> >> joann c. tabeek. >> norma c. taddei. >> michael taddonio. >> keiichiro takahashi. >> keiji takahashi. >> phyllis gail talbot.
12:16 pm
>> robert r. talhami. >> sean patrick tallon. >> paul talty. >> maurita tam. >> rachel tamares. >> hector tamayo. >> michael andrew tamuccio. >> kenichiro tanaka. >> rhondelle cheri tankard. >> michael anthony tanner. >> dennis gerard taormina, jr. >> kenneth joseph tarantino. >> allan tarasiewicz. >> michael terrel. >> ronald tartaro. >> darryl anthony taylor. >> donnie brooks taylor. >> hilda taylor. >> kip taylor.
12:17 pm
>> leonard tail. taylor. >> lorisa ceylon taylor. >> michael morgan taylor. >> paul a. tegtmeier. >> yeshauant tembe. >> anthony tempesta. >> dorothy pearl temple. >> stanley l. temple. >> david tengelin. >> brian john terrenzi. >> lisa marie terry. >> goumatie thackurdeen. >> harshad sham thatte. >> and my aunt, colleen. her spirit lives on through her family. my uncle's unending devotion to his children, through amanda's adventurous spirit which allows her talents to be shared with
12:18 pm
the world, and through michael's passion for helping and always showing others how loved they are. colleen, we love and miss you. >> and my beautiful mother. you are missed every single day by me, my dad and all of your family and friends. we love you and i cannot wait to see you again one day. [applause] >> thomas f. theurkauf, jr. >> lesley anne thomas. >> brian thomas thompson. >> clive thompson. >> glenn thompson. >> nigel bruce thompson. >> perry a. thompson. >> vanavah alexei thompson. >> william h. thompson. >> eric raymond thorpe. >> nichola angela thorpe.
12:19 pm
>> tamra thurman. >> sal edward tieri, jr. >> john patrick tierney. >> mary ellen tiesi. >> william randolph tieste. >> kenneth tietjen. >> stephen edward tighe. >> scott charles timmes. >> michael e. tinley. >> jennifer m. tino. >> robert frank tipaldi. >> john james tipping ii. >> david tirado. >> hector luis tirado, jr. >> michelle lee titolo. >> john j. tobin.
12:20 pm
>> richard j. todisco. >> vladimir tomasevic. >> stephen kevin tompsett. >> thomas tong. >> doris torres. >> luis eduardo torres. >> amy elizabeth toyen. >> christopher michael traina. >> daniel patrick trant. >> abdoul karim traore. >> glenn j. travers. >> walter philip travers. >> felicia traylor-bass. >> lisa l. trerotola. >> karamo trerra. >> michael angel trinidad. >> francis joseph trombino. >> gregory james trost.
12:21 pm
willie q. troy. >> zhanetta valentinovna tsoy. >> michael patrick tucker. >> lance richard tumulty. >> ching ping tung. >> simon james turner. >> donald joseph tuzio. >> robert t. twomey. >> jennifer lynn tzemis. >> john g. ueltzhoeffer. >> and to my brother rudolph. we love you, we miss you. god bless you. keep us all safe. thank you. >> and my grandfather, horace. i wish i could have met you i
12:22 pm
would love to have played golf together with dad. i know we would have so much fun. i think about you every day and love you so much. [applause] >> tyler victor ugolyn. >> michael uliano. >> jonathan j. uman. >> anil shivhari umarkar. >> allen v. upton. >> diane marie urban. >> john damien vaccacio. >> bradley hodges vadas. >> william valcarcel. >> felix antonio vale. >> ivan vale. >> benito valentin. >> santos valentin, jr. >>
12:23 pm
carlton francis valvo ii. >> erica h. van acker. >> kenneth w. van auken. >> firefighter bruce van hine. >> edward raymond vanacore. >> jon charles vandevander. >> frederick thomas varacchi. >> gopalakrishnan varadhan. >> david vargas. >> scott c. vasel. >> azael ismael vasquez. >> santos vazquez. >> arcangel vazquez. >> sankara velamuri. >> peter vega.
12:24 pm
>> lawrence g. veling. >> jorge velasquez. >> david vera. >> anthony mark ventura. >> christopher james vialonga. >> loretta ann vero. >> robert anthony vicario. >> matthew gilbert vianna. >> joanna vidal. >> celeste torres victoria. >> john t. vigiano ii. >> joseph barry vilardo. >> frank j. vignola, jr. >> sergio villanueva. >> clara bell villanova
12:25 pm
hernandez. >> chantal vincelli. >> lawrence virgilio. >> francine ann virgilio. >> joshua s. vitale. >> joseph gerard visciano. >> lynette d. vosges. >> maria percoco vola. >> alfred vukosa. >> garo h. voskerijian. >> karen wegner. >> gregory kamal bruno wachtler. >> and my father, edward. dad, i want to let you know that i miss you a lot, a love you a lot. i joined the navy because of you and for everyone that passed away that day.
12:26 pm
i has been in the navy five-and-a-half years and just got out last week. i want to thank my dad for watching the and keeping me safe. every time i would go outside on the flight deck i would lock up in the sky and see the stars and i would talk to my father and jesus. i would always see a shooting star and i know he was watching. thank you for watching me, i love you and god bless america. [applause] >> my sisters, susan and jennifer. two words resonated throughout this country after the attack, never forget. unfortunately, 21 years later,
12:27 pm
it seems like a lot of the country has forgotten. we lost close to 3000 people 21 years ago. we lost more since that day and we are going to be losing even more. people may forget but we, the family of those that perished, we will never forget. thank you. [applause] >> gabriella wiseman. wendy alice rosario wake forth. courtney walcott. kenneth woolsey.
12:28 pm
benjamin walker. glenn wall. mitchell wallace. peter wallace. robert francis wallace. roy michael wallace. matthew blake wallens meta l. waller john wallice, jr. barbara p. walsh. jim walsh. jeffrey p. walz. ching wang. weibin wang. michael warchola. stephen gordon ward.
12:29 pm
timothy ray ward. james a. waring. brian g. warner. derrick christopher washington. charles waters. james thomas waters, jr. patrick j. waters. kenneth thomas watson. michael henry waye. todd christopher weaver. walter edward weaver. nathaniel webb. dinah webster. william michael weems. joanne flora weil.
12:30 pm
michael thomas weinberg. steven weinberg. scott jeffrey weingard. steven george weinstein. simon weiser. david m. weiss. david thomas weiss. chin sun pak wells. vincent michael wells. deborah jacobs welsh. timothy matthew welty. christian hans rudolf wemmers. ssu-hui wen. john joseph wenckus. oleh d. wengerchuk.
12:31 pm
peter m. west. whitfield west, jr. meredith lynn whalen. eugene michael whelan. adam s. white. edward james white iii. james patrick white. and my sister, we think of you each and every day. today, i was born -- the day i was born, i begin your sister. the day you died, you became my guardian angel. days, weeks, months and years have passed. but our memories of you
12:32 pm
standstill. you are sadly missed by our loving mom, sister, brother, your nephews and nieces, other relatives. 21 years later, i still have -- sitting in my closet. god bless america, god bless our fallen heroes, and god bless all of our heroes on september 11. we love you, miss you and will never forget you. we will never forget you. >> and my wonderful, witty cousin. you have two beautiful grandsons
12:33 pm
now, your mom and dad are up there with you now. we love and miss you. until we meet again. >> john sylvester white. >> kenneth wilburn white, jr. >> leonard anthony white. >> malissa y. white. maudlyn a. white sandra l. white >> wayne white. >> leanne marie whiteside. >> mark p. whitford >> leslie a. whittington. >> michael t. wholey. >> mary lenz wieman >> jeffrey david wiener >> william j. wik. >> alison marie wildman >> glenn e. wilkinson
12:34 pm
>> ernest m. willcher >> john charles willett >> brian patrick williams >> candace lee williams >> crossley richard williams, jr. >> david j. williams. >> david lucian williams. >> debbie l. williams. >> dwayne williams >> kevin michael williams >> louie anthony williams >> louis calvin williams iii >> p. williamson >> donna ann wilson >> william eben wilson >> david harold winton >> glenn j. winuk >> thomas francis wise. >> alan l. wisniewski. >> frank paul wisniewski. >> david wiswall. >> sigrid charlotte wiswe. >> michael r. wittenstein.
12:35 pm
>> christopher w. wodenshek. >> martin phillips wohlforth. >> katherine susan wolf. >> jennifer yen wong. >> siu cheung wong. >> yin ping wong. >> yuk ping wong. >> brent james woodall. >> james john woods. >> marvin roger woods. >> patrick j. woods. >> richard herron woodwell. >> david terence wooley. >> john bentley works. >> rodney james wotton >> william wren >> john w. wright, jr. >> neil robin wright >> sandra lee wright >> jupiter yambem. >> thomas, you are a hero not
12:36 pm
because of the way you died, but because of the way you lived. we love you. let's go, yankees. we miss you every day, we love you. [applause] >> john d. yamnicky, sr. >> suresh yanamadala. >> vicki yancey. >> shuyin yang. >> matthew david yarnell. >> myrna yaskulka. >> shakila yasmin. >> olabisi shadie layeni yee. >> kevin w. yokum.
12:37 pm
>> edward p. york >> kevin patrick york >> raymond r. york >> suzanne martha youmans >> barrington leroy young, jr. >> jacqueline young. >> edmond g. young, jr. >> lisa l. young >> elkin yuen >> joseph c. zaccoli >> edwin j. zambrana, jr. >> arkady zaltsman. >> mark zangrilli >> robert alan zampieri >> ira zaslow >> christopher r. zarba, jr. >> abraham j. zelmanowitz >> kenneth albert zelman >> zhe zeng >> martin morales zempoaltecatl. >> jie yao justin zhao. >> marc scott zeplin. >> ivelin ziminski
12:38 pm
>> yuguang zheng >> charles alan zion >> michael joseph zinzi >> salvatore j. zisa >> julie lynne zipper. >> joseph j. zuccala. >> prokopios paul zois >> igor zukelman. >> andrew steven zucker. >> and my cousin, stephen. you are loved and missed dearly. >> and my father. the last time i stood here, i was eight years old. i am 28 now, the law still feels a strong as ever. i miss my father every single day and all of the memories that could have been, the trips we could have taken.
12:39 pm
i see all of you in collective pain and cannot help but think about the other families day after day, hour after hour. everything is perpetrated for impunity by the country system and away we never fathomed allowing with our tragedy we should never forget this monumental loss likely never forget -- we remember the teachers and children's who went to school and never return to their families arms. we ought to remember families torn apart as we put children around the same age my mother arrived in this country or the same age i lost my father in cages at the southern border for seeking a better life. we remember the people who are continuously criminalized without reason, their families and lives stolen from them too soon we ought to put as much money to education, mental health and on house population instead of police. we regard marginalized and criminalized our most vulnerable populations. we put profit over people come
12:40 pm
over democracy. my father came here to escape violence in columbia, seek freedom and safety. he worked an incredible amount to accomplish this up until his very last day when he was called in to fill in for a coworker. i sincerely hope one day the dream my father came to pursue becomes real. i will work until my last day during -- doing everything i can to help that dream become real. it takes a village. i have deep confidence and love will prevail, like it did on 9/11 when our families and friends became heroes in the face of hate. we have so much more in common than not. my condolences to all of you. this is something you never really get over. it is a weight that never leaves your chest. but we can always rise from the ashes. i hope i make you proud, dad. and you.
12:41 pm
-- thank you. [applause] >> wade green. >> john joseph murray. >> carol wagoner. this is in memory of my cousin who worked as a lifeguard, later joined the fire department. they all had respect for him, he had respect for all of them. i want to think some people in santa rosa, california. the firefighter who generously donated with captain morgan of calfire a beautiful painting in
12:42 pm
memory of steve. not only in santa rosa california, but around the world. thank you for supporting the firefighters, the police, emergency responders. bless america. [applause] >> and my father, edward. he worked in the 101st floor, he was the safety officer. he made sure everyone got out of the floor for he could start dissenting down. he died a hero, god bless him. i love you and miss you. [applause]
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[indistinct chatter] >> our coverage of the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks continues. next, 9/11 reverenced ceremony to remember the members of united heights -- united airlines that crashed in pennsylvania. including first lady jill biden and secretary. ♪


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