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tv   First Lady Attends 911 Remembrance Ceremony in Shanksville PA  CSPAN  September 12, 2022 4:06am-5:24am EDT

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including first lady jill biden and secretary.
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welcome to flight 93 national memorial. i am superintendent of the national parks at western pennsylvania, which include this special place. the national park service has the important responsibility of caring for this 2200 acre memorial dedicated to honoring 40 extraordinary people. when they boarded their flight in new jersey 21 years ago, those 40 individuals could not have imagined the challenge they would soon face.
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in a moment, their routine trip to san francisco became a harrowing task of their strength and courage. the passengers and crew members of flight 93 met this crisis with valor and distinction. this morning, i would like to respectfully extend a warm welcome to those joining me here on the stage. first lady dr. jill biden, secretary of the interior, and rabbi jeffrey myers. we are pleased by the presence of so many friends and family of the passengers and crew members, and others who are joining us from around the world is a virtual audience. i sincerely thank each of you for joining us today as we remember that the heroes of
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flight 93. the commonwealth of pennsylvania has played a vital role in honoring the heroes of flight 93 over the last 21 years. the governor visited the site on september 11 has been a steadfast friend to this memorial. every governor since then have continued the involvement over these years, it has been vital to the creation of this memorial. on this day of observance are flight 93 national memorial partnership expresses our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the unwavering support to this memorial by communities like shanksville, somerset and others over the last 21 years.
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their commitment and dedication will never be forgotten. i get a little emotional talking about these communities, because we interact with them virtually every day. as a superintendent of this memorial, i can assure you we could not do what we do each and every day without these communities. we are also honored today by the presence of many elected officials, from all levels of government. among them, congressman john joyce, state senator pat stephano, county commissioners, and others. 21 years ago today, when the united states was attacked, heroes emerged in new york, the pentagon and flight 93.
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the passengers and crew members of flight 93 collectively stop their hijacked plane from reaching its target. their actions it untold numbers of lives and preserve the u.s. capitol, the symbol and center of our democracy. they exemplify the best of humanity, having displayed strength and resilience in the face of tremendous adversity. we remember and come together today to honor them. let us also remember those who perished at the world trade center and the pentagon on that day, 21 years ago. at this time, i ask that you please stand as you are able for the pledge of allegiance, led by captain hearst for brown, commanding officer uss somerset.
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. into the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you, captain brown. ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. at the end of today's observance, sailors from uss somerset will open the ceremonial gate and salute family members as they enter the sacred ground. named for this county, uss somerset is one of three ships that remember the tragic events of september 11. along with uss arlington and uss
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new york. we have and are honored to have a large contingency of officers and sailors from the united states navy with us today. thank you all so very much for your service and for being with us today to share in this important observance. this nation relies upon the men and women of all of our military for our protection. we owe them a debt, which can never truly be repaid for their sacrifices, they and their families have made in preserving our great nation. i would like to acknowledge the men and women now serving in our nation's military and all of the veterans who have defended the nation. at this moment, 21 years ago, 40 brave individuals realizing their hijacked flight was part of a larger attack, they were
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preparing to act. but talking to people on the ground, those aboard flight 93 learned the world trade center and the pentagon had been struck by other planes. galvanized by that knowledge, the passengers and crew members joined together and decided to fight back. in a moment of terrible uncertainty, they were resolute. their collective action that day still inspires americans in people across the world. it is our duty to pause and remember those individuals whose lives were lost, and who saved so many others when flight 93 crashed into the hallowed ground next to us at 10:03 a.m. helping to pay tribute to the 40 passenger and crew members is a flight 93 volunteer ambassador.
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she will lead the reading of their names, joined by family members who will read the names of their loved ones. after each name is read, to people who responded with a mortuary operational response team will ring the bells of remembrance in their memory. at the conclusion of the moment of remembrance, rabbi jeffrey myers from the tree of life congregation in pittsburgh, pennsylvania will offer an interfaith prayer of closure in peace. -- and peace.
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>> christian adams. [bell tolling] >> lorraine g. bay. [bell tolling] >> todd beamer. [bell tolling] >> alan beaven. [bell tolling]
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>> gerald bingham. [bell tolling] >> deora frances bodley. [bell tolling] >> sandy bradsha.w -- bradshaw. [bell tolling] >> marion britton. [bell tolling]
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>> thomas e. burnett, jr. [bell tolling] >> william joseph cashman. [bell tolling] >> my sister, georgine rose corrigan. [bell tolling]
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>> patricia cushing. [bell tolling] >> joseph deluca. [bell tolling] >> loving son, father, brother, uncle and cousin, captain jason m dahl.
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[bell tolling] >> patrick joseph driscoll. [bell tolling] >> edward p. felt. [bell tolling] >> jane c. folger.
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[bell tolling] >> colleen l. fraser. [bell tolling] >> andrew garcia. [bell tolling] >> jeremy logan glick.
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[bell tolling] >> kristin white gold. [bell tolling] >> lauren grandcolas. and unborn child. [bell tolling]
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>> wanda anita green. >> donald freeman greene. [bell tolling] >> linda gronlund. [bell tolling]
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>> richard guadagno. [bell tolling] >> my brother, leroy homer. [bell tolling] >> my son, toshiya kuge. [bell tolling]
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>> our beloved daughter, mother, cousin, sister, aunt t -- auntie , ceecee lyles. [bell tolling] >> hilda marcin. [bell tolling]
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>> waleska martinez. [bell tolling] >> my sister, nicole carol miller. [bell tolling] >> my cousin, louis joseph nacke
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ii, joey. [bell tolling] >> donald arthur peterson. [bell tolling] >> jean hoadley peterson. [bell tolling]
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>> marg david -- mark david rothenberg. [bell tolling] >> christine anne snyder. [bell tolling] >> john talignani.
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[bell tolling] >> honor elizabeth wainio. [bell tolling] >> deborah welsh. [bell tolling]
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>> first lady biden, secretary, honored guests among families, friends. i am the rabbi of tree of life in pittsburgh. it is my honor and privilege to offer a prayer for this occasion. we gather today to remember what was, what is, and what will never be.
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we recall the sacrifice of 40 air travelers who have been wise the home of the brave so that we can live in the land of the free. we recognize an entire generation has been born for the not experience 9/11 -- that did. with memory comes responsibility. the determination to share stories with the next generation so that through them, our loved ones continue to live. we mourn the generation that will never see the loss of these precious souls, but are grateful because their bravery enabled untold human beings to be born and honor their valor. the eternal god, we pray to you for strength, perseverance and
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compassion upon this commemoration. we invoke your name to guide us to become the nation that we are capable of, at beacon of light and hope to those oppressed and forsaken across the globe. guide our leaders to promote justice justly, strengthen the hands of those who serve in the military so they may complete the missions in safety and security and return home safely. enable us to raise a generation of children endowed with your spirit of goodness, who will love their neighbor as themselves, who will strive to eliminate all forms of racism, bigotry and prejudice. meager wings of eternity embrace and comfort all those gather today to mourn and remember a spouse, parent, child, sibling,
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family member or friend. we read the following in the last five verses of psalm 90. relent, o god, how long must we suffer? have compassion on your servants. grant us your love in the morning that way -- we may sing in gladness with all of our days. match days with joy in equal to what we have suffered, then servants will see your power. their children will know your glory. may the lord our god show us compassion and establish the work of our hands, may the work of our hands be firmly established. we offer the memorial prayer. exalted, compassionate god, grant infinite rest in your sheltering presence among the
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holy and the pure to the souls of all of our beloved who have gone to their eternal home. merciful one, we ask our loved ones find perfect peace in your tender embrace. their memory enduring this inspiration for commitment to their ideals and integrity in our lives. neither souls thus be bound up in the bond of life, may they rest in peace. amen. >> thank you, rabbi myers. inspiring words. we are proud to be joined by members of three congregations, which were attacked at the tree of life synagogue on october 27,
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2018. representing the tree of life and new life congregations, they share our need to heal and remember. thank you for being with us. once again, our sincere appreciation to maria, our family readers and the bellringers. ambassadors volunteered to watch over the site and welcome visitors long before this national memorial was established. this year in january, we marked the 20th anniversary of that group. i would like to thank everyone who has served as a flight 93
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ambassador, including all who could not join us this morning, and all of those who have passed away. you are, truly are, in many ways the heart and soul of this special place. ladies and gentlemen, if you could please join me in recognizing this dedicated group of people. i ask all the ambassadors here with us this morning to please stand and to be recognized. [applause] thank you. our next speaker volunteered for several weeks with the red cross national disaster risk on
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separation's here in shanksville and new york after september 11. she has served as an ambassador since 2006, worked on the group's training and interpreted efforts and now delivers weekly talks at our memorial plaza. please join me in welcoming ambassador ginny barnett. [applause] >> i am but one of 45 volunteer
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ambassadors that have the tremendous honor and privilege of sharing the story of the heroes of flight 93 with visitors. each of us has our own unique connection with that day and this memorial. for me, it has been all about god healing me of all i saw and did post 9/11 through this memorial process. i first saw the crater is a red cross volunteer on september 12, 2001. i immediately began to break down and cry, thinking of the people aboard and what they must have experienced. i realized at that point, i could not think about that and still function or get the work done.
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it was the same when i saw ground zero in new york city. so i made a very intentional decision not to think about anything on a personal level of those aboard. i kept all emotions and arm's-length. instead, i focused on the goodness i witnessed in response to that day. goodness shown an action. cards, letters, banners came from across the nation. words of love and support, donations of funds, materials and services were in warmest. one example. i met with a small printing company one morning to develop the memorial bulletins for the services. they then printed, cut and folded 1000 sets of bulletins
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and wallet cards for services held the next day. they repeated this for the second service, all at no charge. volunteerism sword in response -- soared in response. in 2000 2, 6005 hundred workers have served on the 9/11 responses over 90% of which were volunteers. over 70 federal, state and local agencies were here, side-by-side. they worked seamlessly and tirelessly, united under the common goal of investigation, recovery. the surrounding community opened their hearts and homes to the families and response workers, continuing to this day.
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many of the families now consider this local community extended family. each need during the response seemed to be met almost immediately through joint efforts of the -- large. for instance, the one-way dirt road to the memorial site had become muddy from high traffic and rain. tour buses bringing the families would not be able to navigate those roads. i lived at the end of one day to find, the next morning, 12 inches thick asphalt covering all of those dirt roads. i can only imagine the teamwork and unity that such a feat required. but focusing on the goodness in response to 9/11 still left the personal tragedies of that day unaddressed in me.
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but 2006, i was still keeping that aspect at arms length. mere mention of 9/11 caused me to weep and shut down. my oral history for the archives here, followed by volunteering, was the first i started to revisit that day. god brought me to this memorial process to heal. each task, project, committee involvement were orchestrated by god to take me step-by-step deeper into the story and lives of the 40. as i witnessed this memorial actually become reality, i was gradually being able to face the reality of that day. and i discovered that here, the
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heroes of flight 93 were the very first to demonstrate their goodness and action. in this guys just above us. they exemplified the goodness within us. their courage, bravery, unity, selfless actions all in the face of tremendous people and adversity. that is the very definition of heroism. they provide for us inspiration, motivation and hope for the future. i started by blocking out anything personal about the 40. i just could not handle it at the time i cannot tell you the depth of the honor it is to now know and share their story and
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who they were. this memorial offers the same healing and hope for all who come here, and for our nation as a whole. so that we will never forget, for generations to come. i have seen firsthand the evil man can do. but i have also seen the good man can do. while we to understand and not underestimate such people, it must be balanced with the good that is also within us. people may have dominated that they, but it cannot -- people -- evil may have dominated that they -- day. i am forever changed and scarred
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by 9/11. but now, i have hope for the future. for me, it only happen through god's grace, the actions of these heroes, in this memorial. so i leave you with god's guidance from romans 12:21, modeled solo for us by the heroes we honor -- so well for us by the heroes we honor and remember. do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. thank you. [applause]
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>> thank you, jenny, for sharing your perspective. october 13, 2021 president biden signed an act designating the september 11 national trail route that will form an unbroken trail linking the three attack sites of the september 11, 2001 attacks and will pay tribute to the victims and to the heroes of september 11. we are joined today by several members of the september 11 national memorial trail alliance that has led the effort to make the trail a reality. on behalf of the entire flight 93 partnership, thank you for
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joining us today. a common thread of heroism running through each of the three attack sites on september 11 was the devotion to duty shown by law enforcement officers, firefighters, and first responders. they made the nation proud then, and they continue to make us proud now. thank you. so very much, as we are all truly grateful for your service. on september 11, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, and pilots responded to the crisis with incredible courage and professionalism. their dedicated efforts allowed thousands of planes to land safely on very short notice across the country and beyond. we are grateful to be joined by more than 50 flight attendants
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and pilots this morning. thank you all for what you do each and every day to ensure public safety. ladies and gentlemen, if you could please join me in a round of applause for all of those in the aviation field this morning. >>[applause] >> as one generation receives from view, the next one takes up its burdens and duties. today, 21 years ago after september 11, is indeed a transitional moment, and new generation for whom the events of that day are not in their memory entering adulthood.
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our next speaker is a member of the next generation. for 21 years, family members have been guiding partners in our mission to honor the 40. the nation's grateful, truly grateful, for their efforts and those of many others here today in the roles in making this a world-class memorial. today, connie speaks to us with the voice of the new generation of family members, one that will carried on the -- carry on the legacy of their cherished loved ones. connie is the great-niece of patricia cushing, one of the passengers aboard flight 93. rates near baltimore, she served in a before station event earlier this year and plans to be actively involved with the memorial in the future. this year's reforestation,
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sponsored by friends of flight 93, saw the memorial complete a decade-long effort to plant 150,000 seedlings, each done by volunteer hands with the support of local businesses and governments at all levels. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming connie. >>[applause] >> good morning. thank connie. you all for being here. i am connie and my great aunt patricia cushing was one of the heroes of flight 93. i would like to start by saying i am extremely honored and
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humbled to be chosen to speak for the families that today's remembrance. on that fateful day, my aunt was traveling with her dear friend and a sister in law, jane folger, to san francisco for vacation. though i do not remember much about my aunt pat, i have heard many stories about her. she frequently stayed in our house in maryland to be closer to her mother in a baltimore nursing home. the last time i saw her was about one month before my second birthday party. i will always shares the few pictures i have of her and me together. her picture at the end of this memorial is my favorite picture with my aunt. she was holding me shortly after i was born. when i was a preschooler i would tell my parents to look above our house because i could see my late grandmother and aunt tricia watching over us. to say my parents were shocked was an understatement.
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they could not season but day after day i changed their mind. although i was only two years old at the time of the 9/11 attacks i have a very special connection and hold a responsibility many others do not. as i have hope -- told my aunt's stories over the years i have heard many comments our remarks -- comments or remarks that made me realize how important my role is in retelling the events of that day. when i was little, i would share with my classmates that my aunt pat was on one of the 9/11 planes. they would ask, was she ok? as i got older people would comment that they only knew about the two planes that hit the towers. more recently, i have even heard someone say, i did not realize there were passengers on those planes. i say the same thing every time. there were three sites that day. at the twin towers, the pentagon, and flight 93, my heroes flight.
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my generation does not remember the day of cisgender -- september 11, 2001. we were taught little pieces on the news. because of my connection to flight 93, i am more aware of what happened that day and feel i have a huge responsibility as part of the younger generation to have a personal connection not just to the 9/11 attacks, but to flight 93. those 40 were heroes that must never be forgotten. it was reinforced to me from a young age that a -- i hold a great honor and even bigger responsibility to ensure this memorial is completed. i have done my part since i was very young from donating flight 93 flags to each school i attended, to offering my personal story of a flight 93 in class. united flight 93 is a special story for many reasons. one key difference is that there
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was a delay in departure that morning of over 25 minutes. also, there were only four hijackers, where, the other three planes all had five. the passengers and crew members were able to call home and learned that this is not a typical hijacking. it is truly amazing to me that these passengers and crew members, who did not have any prior relationships with one another, work able to create -- were able to create such a bond and create a plan. our understanding was the plan was to regain control of the plane and landed safely. although that did not happen, the fact they were able to fight back and ensure no one on the ground was impacted is a miracle. i am a recent college graduate recently accepting a job at thompson gas.
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i suggested we take part in the treeplanting memorial this year. it was compendious -- completed this year with 120,000 seedlings replanted to complete the reforestation project. i am honored to say i was able to plant the very last tree. as i have gotten older, i have tried to find more ways to stay connected and involved with the memorial and i will continue to share the legacy of flight 93. families have been fortunate enough to be loved and supported by somerset county. despite the tragedy of the day, we could not have asked for a better final resting place for our loved ones. flight 93 is a very unique story. throughout the years, the community has truly embraced both the honor and responsibility to remember our 40 heroes. now, i challenge all of you to think about how you will honor the sacrifices of our heroes. thank you. >>[] applause]
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>> mom, dad, you should be proud. beautiful job, connie. thank you. >>[applause] >> there are two very special places near the entrance to far -- to flight 93 that we have had a very strong connection to. patriot park honors the more than 7000 american servicemembers who have given their lives in the global war on terror. the second, the remember me rose garden, is a beautiful living tribute to the heroes of flight 93. these neighbors join our efforts to honor the passengers and crew
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members of flight 93. it is a privilege for all of us at the memorial to work with these two very, very special organizations. every year, we are helped with the commemoration by terrific and incredible volunteers from the ends of any amount in -- from the pennsylvania mountain service corps of america which helps make service to others a cornerstone of our national culture. in addition americorps was here within days of the crash providing water and supplies to the cruise on-site -- crews on-site. i would like to personally thank, on behalf of all of us, the americorps volunteers with us here today and all of those
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who have assisted in the past. your service and commitment are greatly appreciated. >>[applause] >> now, i would like to introduce a musical performance by the choir of the church of the resurrection from martinsville, maryland. the choir will provide a rendition of david cantor's september morning, a memorial anthem after nine 2001. -- 911, 2001. let us listen to this powerful work, written with devotion to the memory of all who died that day.
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♪ >> in pennsylvania it beautiful bird flies. the play is finished. from the land, a fine mist rises. ♪
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on a september morning. ♪
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>>[applause] >> thank you very much. for that moving performance. nearly 20 years ago on september 24 2002 president george w. bush signed the act which created this national memorial. the national park service has been supported by several key partners in establishing and caring for this memorial.
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from the early days until the present, the flight 93 memorial task force, the families of flight 93, flight 93 advisory commission, the friends of flight 93, and the national park foundation, have worked to make this memorial what it is today, 21 years after september 11. to all of the members of those organizations past and present, we offer sincere gratitude for all you have done to stand with us. the national park service administers more than 400 sites across the nation to preserve these special places for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of current and future generations. we are honored to be joined this
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morning by the director of the national public service -- the national park service along with his wife and their daughter. thank you, director, and thank you, little ruby, for being with us today. i had some opportunities to spend time with the director, ruby, and misses sam's. boy, ruby is a special young lady. i am pleased to welcome at this time the secretary of the united states department of the interior, deb haaland. she leads a department that includes the national park service. she employs over 70,000 people whose mission it is to protect and manage this country's national and cultural heritage.
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please join me in welcoming the secretary deb haaland. >>[applause] >> thank you so much for that kind introduction, superintendent clark. i am very grateful and honored to be here. thank you to your amazing team, as always, for organizing such a fitting program to remember the somber day and honor the lives of american heroes. director sam, thank you so much for being here and everything you do. we are so grateful to have you on the department of the interior's team. good morning everyone. it is an honor to join you all. to the families of the passengers and crew members who are on the fateful flight, today and every day, we grieve with you, and your loss, and honor
5:09 am
the ultimate sacrifice of your loved ones. i am honored to be here with all of you. on this 21st day of remembrance, we think of those we lost on september 11 at the twin towers, the pentagon, and here in this field where flight 93 went down. we think of the 40 people who did everything that they could to save our country from an even larger tragedy. it is the sacrifice for this country that many may not be able to comprehend. it is a sacrifice for generations to come. it is a profound notion that passengers and crew members on that flight put their lives in danger to ensure others could live. that those survivors would see families that evening, even though the 40 would never be able to hug their children or see their parents again.
5:10 am
may their sacrifices and yours be forever remembered. in the community i come from, sacrifices for future generations are part of who we are and part of how people thrive. everything we do centers on a belief there are people who have not yet been born, but who will benefit from our actions while we are on this earth. in times of tragedy, and governments grief, -- and of immense grief, it brings us peace to know the troubles we experience and the challenges we face at to our collective memory and experiences as americans. we carry the strengths of those that came before us. every single day, we honor their sacrifice and what they do for others. so, there are young people alive today who may not have been on this earth to remember the tragedy our country experienced on september 11, 2001.
5:11 am
it is up to us to make sure that they will read these heroes stories and be grateful for their incredible courage. it is something we can all be grateful for. at the park rangers who served this national memorial are helping to steward and protect those stories every day. it is part of the story of america. their service honors those who perished on this followed ground and i am immensely grateful to them for ensuring that we will never ever forget them. today and every day, we remember. now, i have the distinct honor of introducing someone who lived through values and it demonstrates empathy and compassion for others every single day, our first lady of the united states. i am honored to invite to the podium, first lady dr. jill biden. >>[applause]
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>> thank you to secretary holland. -- secretary deb haaland. when you talk about your work we can hear your heart in it. joe and i are so grateful for your leadership. commanding officer of the uss somerset, director sams, superintendent clark, congressman joyce, and all leaders here, thank you for welcoming us today. i must say to jimmy and connie, your words were so beautiful. i am sure they offered a lot of comfort to the families. also will with us is keturah johnson, international vice president of the association of flight attendants. i know the last few years have
5:13 am
been challenging for your members, facing unkind and even on violent past just even violent passengers. to those flight attendants, i want you to know that americans see your dedication and we are grateful for it. keturah, thank you for your leadership of the asa. --afa. with the prayer and the choir this has been such a beautiful and meaningful remembrance. most of all, i want to thank the families of the crew and passengers of flight 93 for sharing your love and memories of today. i am deeply honored to be here with you all. when we remember the events of this day 21 years ago, certain images are seared into our collective memory.
5:14 am
yet even as we shared our grief, that moment affected us all in unique ways. looking back, we remember the details like a slide under a microscope. the private memories that draw a deep, definite line between before and after. for me, as the shock settled into sorrow, after i talked with joe and my children, i thought of my sister bonnie, who is with me today. she was and continues to be a flight attendant with united airlines. it is a job she has loved for many years. i knew the weight of this tragedy would be heavier for her. when i got to her house, i realized that i was right. she had not just lost
5:15 am
colleagues, she had lost friends. i know as we learned more about that dark day, she felt pride for what happened here as well. pride that it was her fellow flight attendants and the passengers of united flight 93 who fought back. who helped stop the plane from taking an untold number of lives in our nations capital. you all have stories too. of that moment, of that day. of how its legacy has rippled through your lives. you have stories of loss. of last phone calls and waiting for news you did not want to receive. of hands you will never hold
5:16 am
again and a voice is a you only long to hear. -- and voices you only long to hear. you have stories and pride of the heroes who stood up to terror despite the danger. of the shanksville volunteer fire companies who first answered a call they could not have prepared for and continued that work day in and day out. of a generation of women and men who put on our nations uniforms and became a part of something bigger than themselves. and the families who served alongside them. you have stories of hope. of the humanity that shined through the inhumanity of that day. of the generosity of all of the people here in somerset county who donated what they could to
5:17 am
state and federal law enforcement and welcomed mourners with care and consideration to their hometown. of the love that lives beyond grief, that is undimmed by the passing of time. 9/11 touched us all. it changed us all. but, it reminds us that with courage and kindness, we can be a light in the darkness. it showed us we are all connected to one another. so as we stand on this sacred and scarred earth, a record of our collective grief, and a monument to the memories that live on in us each day, this is
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the legacy we must carry forward. hope that defies hate. love that defies lost. and, the ties that hold us together through it all. thank you. >>[ applause]] >> thank you madame first lady. thank you for being here. we must always remember what happened 21 years ago today when an attack on our nation brought forth an inspiring show of courage from the 40 passengers and crew members aboard flight 93.
5:19 am
confronted by the unprecedented situation, they drew upon reserves of inner strength, acted, and saved lives. as time goes by, this passage of time will indeed strengthen the importance of their story and this place in our nation's history. let us never forget what they did here. let us always remember the lives lost in new york at the pentagon, and again here, on this field of honor. as i mentioned earlier, the sacred sites cared for by the park service are some of the most historic places. this hallowed ground next to us, the resting place of the 40 heroes of flight 93, is just such a place. it is one of the most important sites in our country.
5:20 am
a place where brave men and women made history and shaped the future. when the events of september 11 passed from living memory, this memorial created through the tireless efforts of so many will allow future generations to learn the story of flight 93. i normally do not go off script if you would. every word from this podium is so important. i would like to add to something that the secretary mentioned. typically, i do not mention the men and women of the national park service because they are doing their jobs. we have rangers as far away as sleeping bear dunes, shenandoah,
5:21 am
we have maintenance men and women coming to help us through this memorial service from gettysburg and too many parks to mention. secretary, thank you for acknowledging these incredible men and women who make this event possible. [applause] in closing, alongside this field of honor, we remember it 40 heroes whose names are inscribed on this marble wall. to those around the world, to everyone here today, and to our cherished family members, thank you once again on behalf of our partnership, for joining us all in the commemoration of this 21st observance.
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thank you. [applause]
5:23 am
fors ♪ amazing grace ♪♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the invocation. >> i'd like you to pray with me on this solemn occasion. almighty god, we thank you for your love and your grace. thank you for being here with us today in your mighty name, amen.


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