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tv   Washington Journal Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II Open Phones  CSPAN  September 20, 2022 2:47am-3:07am EDT

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this article, queens funeral plans to decades to set. a few years ago, they save buckingham palace rented an air tank -- the queen lying in state at westminster hall where they paraded a coffin that will be
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witnessed by millions. it was just one piece in vast jigsaw puzzle of preparations for the plan known as operation london -- that has been seen 10 days of choreographed pageantry organized by aristocrats, military advisors, palisades and civil servants. -- palace aids and civil service. it goes on to say in this article that london's metropolitan police has been preparing its biggest yet single deployment of police officers. eclipsing even the 2012 london olympics. and to avoid diplomatic faux pas, u.k. had stationed -- known
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as the handler to work on getting -- inside. on monday, they will suspend flights to eliminate air flight -- aircraft noise. during a two minute silence at the end of the funeral and turn their engines off. person in charge of coordinating funeral arrangements to mark the end of the second elizabethan age is the third marshall who is the 18th duke of norfolk. it is a position held by the howard family since 1672. the earl marshal is tasked with overseeing state funeral coordination.
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an annual meeting in the throne room at buckingham palace -- it started off with 20 people. in april it hadin april it hadit line. send your first name. caller: good morning, c-span family. i would like to give mike and golan -- give my condolences. you guys had it on so i turned back to call in. i believe the people in the palace are like that because they are in the limelight. regardless of their race. too much power, i think it is ridiculous.
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everybody has people that died. i am not going to love her more greater. i'm not going to call her queen. i am not going to cherish her. nobody is better. it is too much media. the only reason i turned to you guys this morning is because you were talking about it. when i get off this phone, i will come back to you at 7:00 in the morning because people die every day. i don't believe in cherishing people like that, putting people on a pedestal. host: do you think the whole royalty concept is outdated and time for it to go away? caller: absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. i don't care if you are an entertainer, you don't put people on a pedestal. i am not even going to give her the name queen. that is too much power, too much authority. host: maria, and atlanta.
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marjorie is in stockton, california. go ahead margie. caller: i watch the news all the time. rest in peace to elizabeth. all of that king and queen, we had a bad experience january 6. it reminds me of samadhi that want to be a king. i am not with that either. enough is enough. enough of this. this is the united states of america. i cannot even find out what is going on in the united states, because of this. everybody know that the queen is not all pure. the queen knew that he was cheating on diana, but she let
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it go, just to have these kids. enough is enough. we don't want no king in the united states of america, and i'm not going to honor them over there. host: thanks for calling in. lori, ohio. hi. caller: it sounded like most of the callers this morning acting like the queen is just cream of the crop i guess, is that is how you would say it in colonial terms. the damage that this crown has caused throughout the whole entire mixed up planet is disgraced. i can't believe they have gotten away with what they have gotten away with. they don't work.
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none of the royalty works. and they are profiting off colonialism. they are not the big bad wolf, the united states is not the big, bad wolf. they are a lapdog to the united states now, the u.k. is. i cannot believe people are allowing these guys to get away with this. just like we have allowed the oligarchs to get away with -- and it is just unreal to me. people have allowed these people to live like that for centuries and they don't even work. we are supposed to celebrate. no, no, what is wrong with
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people? host: thank you for calling in. it is about a little over 20 minutes that we hope to rejoin the bbc's live coverage of the queen at westminster chapel. in central london, flights have been suspended so that the noise , windsor flies right under the flight patterns, so the noise doesn't affect the ceremony as it goes. we are getting your views on the legacy, the impact of queen elizabeth the second. michael, oxford, michigan, you are on the air. please go ahead. that is live coverage of the queen's casket in the hers. caller: condolences to the family. i would also reiterate that i am 75 and i was in england when she
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was coordinated. i was on top of my father's shoulders so i could see the procession going down the road. for me, it is a warm feeling. in the united states now, we migrated here in 19 57, my family was, -- my family, my mother was welch. i don't believe america is a racist country. england was a melting pot of people from all over the world. if the queen was racist, she was like that many years ago. host: what do you think her impact has been, what do you think her legacy is going to be? caller: wonderful, she worked
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all of her life for the people. she kept a strong country and did a lot for charities. the legacy of the queen is also reflected back a thousand years of her family. i look at it as a part of history. they have to realize what they did a thousand years ago, 500 years ago, is nothing like it is being done today. there were explorers that went around the world, such as the spaniards, the french, the english, there would be no country here today. host: annie is in fairfax, california. please go ahead and make your comment. caller: good morning. i was listening to, i think it was diana and angie who say they don't want any queens and kings,
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so that is giving me something to think about. but at the moment, i am basically a fan of queen elizabeth --queen elizabeth ii. my father was related to mary queen of scott. i appreciate her poise and how she handled things. how she handled the situation with diana when diana was tragically killed. according to the film, i am not sure whether to believe all of it, she walked a fine line between being able to comfort her grandchildren and then coming back to seeing all of the
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public and flowers for diana. host: a lot of callers have brought up princess diana who passed away in 1997. dorothy, richmond, virginia, go ahead. caller: hi, my condolences to the family. thank you so much for having me. queen elizabeth ii, she was an amazing queen and ruled with dignity and respect. she was a queen for every nation. she represented peace and love and unity. she was fair but yet loving and she served with pride and made great decisions during her reign. she brings unity all over the nations and serves with pride. she took her responsibility as
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queen of very seriously and she did whatever she could to be fair and impartial. she cap her promise as serving her country as queen, all the way up to the end. host: just to play devils advocate for a minute, why should we care about that over here in the states? caller: she was supportive to us and she brought unity to our country. she came to williamsburg, a couple of years back. to show her support for when we were the first, i cannot even get it right. host: we hear you. caller: but i just loved her, i
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really did. host: dorothy enrichment, thank you again. darold in new york, go ahead and make your comments. caller: it is interesting to hear about williamsburg and how the queen visited williamsburg. i am in plattsburgh and i am sure that some people know the badham of plattsburgh was a thing. just down the road from where i live is the camp to lord's house and that is where the british officers were housed. that is an active museum here. they didn't celebrate a win or a loss. it is acknowledged in history that it all happened. we have our parade. we have people from the commonwealth coming down here. we have one group with a scottish style highlander, bagpipes and all from ontario
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that came up. they all came and celebrated with us. the other side didn't win the war and we are all celebrating it together. i don't like when americans tell americans they are less patriotic for honoring a monarchs dance from another area. -- a monarchs death from another area. they sound silly saying i don't know why we spend so much time on this. the last caller was from williamsburg. i am in plattsburgh, two major sites of colonial america. we need to honor our common americans and history. and not try to be cold with each other. and make fools of ourselves while criticizing the other. i don't need an old vietnam vet telling me i am an 80 it for watching this. host: darryl and platteville,
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new york. what is the legacy of queen -- what is the legacy of queen elizabeth ii and 70 years on the throne? caller: good morning and thank you for having me. condolences to the family. i am 78 years old so i watched queen elizabeth throughout her life. and yes, she was a monarch, but she was also a wife, a mother, a grandmother. no one can take away the fact that she balanced those roles beautifully. and she did it in the public view. we all have family problems, we all have issues to deal with, but she carried herself with such grace, and such dignity. i can hardly believe people could criticize this woman, or the monarchy at all.
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i am going to miss her terribly. god bless king charles iii, he has big shoes to feel -- to feel -- to fill. host: what do you think is the important question mark caller: -- what do you think is the importance? caller: she is everybody's queen. i know people calling in don't have a concept of what this woman is.
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