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tv   Washington Journal 09202022  CSPAN  September 20, 2022 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ host: a recent nbc poll gave president biden his highest rating since last october. his approval numbers overall have been increasing in the lead up to the november election. in this next hour, your thoughts on the president's approval numbers, if they matter to you and what you think about the november elections when talking about president biden's polling
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numbers. (202)-748-8000 for democrats, (202)-748-8001 for republicans, (202)-748-8002 for independents. if you wish to text, (202)-748- 8003. you can post on facebook and twitter. follow the show on instagram. nbc has the latest poll taking a look at the approval rating, showing some increases. it was done this month from the ninth to the 13th. 45%, up three points since august. this poll shows highest approval ratings since october, '21. if you look at the details on key issues, they rated him 42%
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when it comes to matters of foreign policy, 40% on the economy. border security, immigration 36%. overall cost of living 30%. there are other factors. you can talk about the pole itself -- poll itself if you want to comment on these rising numbers. call us at (202)-748-8000 for democrats, (202)-748-8001 for republicans, (202)-748-8002 for independents. that cbs interview this sunday, president biden talking about topics. he was asked about his current polling numbers by the post. [video clip] >> you have had a string of legislative successes recently.
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>> how does an old guy do that? >> your approval rating in the country is well below 50%. i wonder why you think that is? >> this is a difficult time. we are at an inflection point in the history of this country. we're are going to make decisions, we are making decisions now which will be determined the next 10 years. the impact on the psyche of the american people as a consequence of the pandemic is profound. think how that has changed everything. people's attitude about themselves, their families, the state of the nation and their communities. there is uncertainty out there, a great deal. we lost a million people to covid. when i got in office, people were unvaccinated.
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it takes time. we were left in a very difficult situation. it has been a very difficult time. host: a portion of that interview you can see online, including the poll numbers, people reacting on facebook, some of you doing that. kelly mcdonald on facebook says when it comes to the members, people are waking up. the only thing rising is inflation. eugene says president biden is doing a great job. the global economy is a mess and the u.s. is doing extraordinary well compared to the rest of
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the world. to your calls on the president's rising numbers. vicki, orlando, florida, republican. caller: good morning. the only reason joe biden's polling numbers are going up, the only people y'all got to be polling is democrats. there is only ones believes what he says. host: bob, yuma, arizona, independent. caller: hi. i am a korean war veteran, 90 years old. i live on a fixed income. i've seen this morning and yesterday, biden seems to believe inflation is ok.
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last time i went to the grocery store, eggs were four dollars a dozen. it is impossible for people to live on fixed incomes like i do and still afford to eat and buy groceries and go to the doctor, pay bills and what having. host: what do you think about these numbers? caller: i don't know. i have my own problems with being able to pay the bills. host: ok. if you go to the real clear policy website, they take aggregate of poles, amongst other things, the presiden
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t's job approval ratings. 42% approving in the aggregate. 11% negative spread. independent polling here. reuters 39% approval. ugov poll and the nbc poll, 45% compared to 52%. you can talk about the numbers themselves, what you think is behind the numbers. real clear politics keeps track of the aggregate, approval and disapproval numbers. the disapproval in red, the approval in black. from july, approval numbers
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steadily going up trend when it comes to the president's approval, which leads us to today. dolores, cleveland, ohio. caller: i think president biden is doing a good job. [indiscernible] he has to straighten out or trying to straighten nothing mess the former president -- straighten out the mess the former president messed up. i think he is doing great for what he is working with. host: what do you mean? caller: i am a low income and i
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think -- i don't know if he has anything to do with getting me on assistance with food stamps -- i think he is doing just a good job all the way around from what i see. i look at cnn and fox because i want to know what the other is thinking. sometimes people don't make sense to me, common sense. host: joe, independent, connecticut. caller: good morning. every morning i wake up and say
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thank god president biden's foreign policies are so great. that is what is on my mind every morning. not the inflation, crime, border. it is foreign policies. the only reason foreign policies are so high is because he is sending billions to ukraine. this poor woman you spoke to, she is happy she is getting food stamps from president biden. host: is it just the money being sent or are there other factors you approve of? caller: he should worry about that woman who just spoke to you. host: you brought up foreign policy. what are you worried about? caller: no no no you were
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bragging about how foreign policy -- i'm trying to tell you every morning when i wake up, that is the first thing i think about. thank god his foreign-policy is so high. host: you are being sarcastic. ok. kathy, arizona, republican. caller: i am in arkansas. host: i apologize. caller: that is ok. they blamed trump for everything going on. he had our borders secure. biden got it wide open. these children getting sold by drug cartels and all these drugs coming in, that is not good for our country. he is ruining america. i don't know how. i don't know where these people get these polls but they sure
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don't ask me. he is the worst president we have ever had in the u.s. host: you think there is nothing behind the rises and the numbers? caller: no. how in the world -- inflation too. how in the world can his numbers be like that? no way. [laughter] host: florida republican byron donalds was asked yesterday about these numbers. >> [video clip] >> with 50 days to the midterms, his approval rating has gone up 45%. is it time for republicans to press the panic button? >> no. we have to get back to basics. look at the light bill for every
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american. electricity prices are up. food prices are up. things that are hurting the american people exist. what has happened is distraction by the media. you want to talk about mar-a-lago, queen elizabeth, god rest her soul, but there have been distraction points for joe biden. when americans are forced to make decisions, they will see what democrats have done. it has not been good for people. host: more of that on foxbusiness. len on twitter saying the numbers are higher. look at all the bills he passed for the american people. sue from new jersey texting us saying it may have picked up slightly due to the debt forgiveness program but overall the economy is still in distress mode. i feel sorry for young people trying to save for their first
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home. if you want to text us, do that at (202)-748-8003. post on our facebook and twitter feeds. you can call the line. patrick, democrat, pennsylvania. caller: i voted for trump. he is such a disaster. he has looted the national reserve of oil and handed it to the chinese. how could you do something like this? he is doing it in order to give the impression the u.s. economy is doing better. what is stunning is the ukrainian war. we have capped $50 billion. zelenskyy was just filmed with one of his bodyguards having a
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nazi insignia on his back. we are being lied to. he has turned on code pink, which was a peaceful organization protesting war. everything about this president is beyond comprehension. look at his soviet background in his speech he gave. host: you said you voted for president trump? caller: i'm so glad i did. host: you have a history of voting for democrats? caller: i voted for 20 years. i worked on barack obama's campaign twice. i changed political parties when george bush, the sycophant ran for office. now i will be voting for president trump or president the santos -- desantis. host: independent line, al,
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watertown, tennessee. caller: i want you to make a note of how you treated the last three colors. --callers. you challenged them. my point is i have been watching c-span for 25 years. look at the topic. biden, falling poll numbers. have you seen that one? no. biden rising poll numbers. when someone makes a claim, you should ask them where do you get your information? the lady yesterday says definitively we all know conservative media pushes misinformation. host: when it comes to the topic at hand, what do you think about these numbers? caller: the topic at hand probably comes from the new york
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times or the washington post. those of the liberal news you get your topics from. host: do you have any thoughts on the rising numbers themselves? caller: c-span needs to take an introspective look, possibly hire. host: we invite people to call in on a specific topic. i will give you one more chance. do you want to respond to the topic at hand? caller: you probably need to hire an ombudsman to get back on track. host: north carolina, republican. caller: this is the problem with you, pedro. you take a democrat and push their agenda. host: i will ask you the same question. as far as the numbers, what do you think? caller: i will say what i think.
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there is an election coming up. folks like you get to push your agenda. you will take every advantage of it you can. they are all lies. no one gives a damn about joe biden. host: i will stop you for the nature of your rhetoric. fayetteville, north carolina. caller: good morning. i am very happy our president's ratings are up. i think he is doing a very good job. we need to adjust our lives, our attitude. we note things in life do not stay the same. i remember when gas was $.33. i wish that was today. it is not. things are going to happen.
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we cannot blame our president for everything. we need to adjust our lives. people my age definitely shouldn't be complaining. they should be settled. there bill should be paid. they should be comfortable. host: president biden himself, that poll we have been showing on the cost-of-living, what do you think of that? caller: i am doing fine. i am on a fixed income. i am doing fine. host: kelly, kentucky, dawson springs, independent. caller: good morning. i wanted to state for the last five years we have watched the media attack trump every chance
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they got. we watched during the election how you all sensor anything positive about trump. we listened for three years about the trump-russia collusion lie. it was a proven lie. no one has ever come on from c-span, cnn, nbc and stated, we were wrong about this. you go to the next piece of propaganda. why don't we talk about the fact strategic oil reserves are down to the lowest point in 20 years due to the fact that biden has tapped into them to basically win an election? that is not what it is there for. it is there in case of war. i would like to address a few things with the media itself. host: what do you think of the approval ratings overall? caller: i am surprised they are not at 80% the way the media lies everyday to support biden.
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they do it every day for years. host: james, missouri, democrat. caller: good morning. it is a darn shame. i'm speaking in relation to biden's numbers going up. people are waking up to what is going on as far as what republicans are doing. all they talk about is joe biden, trying to bring him down. [indiscernible] rubio, a lot of these guys, i don't know what kind of kool-aid they drinking. for someone to diss you the way he has -- host: what do you think about
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the numbers? caller: people are waking up to what people are pushing as far as trump. everything is negative about him. you have five dudes trying to push everything good about this dude. host: we are talking about president biden's numbers. caller: that is what it is. people are seeing the falsehoods created by fox news and waking up to it. host: david hopkins does an analysis piece for the washington post through bloomberg looking at some of the recent numbers and what it could mean. "some democrats might find cold comfort by brightening electoral forecast and the continued presence of trumpism.
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it provides incentives seldom enforced by the electorate. the members of the party itself that works the hardest, any payoff usually comes when it is time for renomination. president biden's policies may not win seats this year. maybe he deserves a chance for a second term in 2024." the numbers by the way for those approval ratings from the nbc poll shows an approval rating of 45%, disapproval 52% overall. it is the highest approval ratings the president has seen since october, 2021 .
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another aspect of the poll asking about the direction of the country. 68% saying when asked if the country was going in a wrong direction, that is down six points into august. 27% saying the country is on the right track. you can find the recent numbers on president biden as you call in and share your thoughts. dave, san antonio, texas, republican. caller: how you doing? i don't think mr. biden -- [indiscernible] i took care of my wife for eight years with dementia. [indiscernible] they have cocktails wear a dementia patient can keep cognitively -- host: what do you think about
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these numbers? caller: i stopped believing the media. host: why do you call them media numbers? caller: that is who is doing it. the media. i don't believe anything the media says. sorry. after russia russia and the false impeachments -- i voted for jimmy carter, bill clinton, barack obama. probably the worst president we have had except for this one was george bush. i knew the man when he was young. i remember coming out in washington dc and he was wearing pointy shoes.
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host: middle river, maryland, independent. caller: good morning. i don't think biden, i think the man has dementia. when he was elected, the second day in office he said the first thing i'm going to do is knock down the 60 miles of border trump built. that is his words which is a shame in itself. i have been on immigration issues for 20 years now. fentanyl this killing our children and adults. drugs, diseases, gangs. open borders is not the way to go. host: we are talking about numbers. caller: i don't know and i don't believe in the approval numbers. i am speaking for myself.
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i think the man is demented. host: you said that already. why do you not believe in those numbers? caller: i don't even know the numbers, ok? i never paid attention to the numbers. i called your number to express my views about open borders mainly, i lost a grandson with fenton no poisoning and we got this crab coming in our borders. it is just wrong. host: join us at 8:00. we will have an axios reporter on immigration. the last half-hour of the program, representative nanette barragan, on the homeland security subcommittee for border security will take up the discussion of immigration, particularly as this has been in the news for the last couple days. that will be 9:30 a.m. this morning eastern. maureen, new hampshire,
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democrat. caller: hi. who is taking these polls? where are they coming from? i have never been polled lately. i was a few times very early. i had too many leading questions. i did not answer those. i know you want to know about the polls. i want to know who is taking them? host: nbc in this case. caller: they didn't talk to me. .anyway . please please everybody if you can watch on pbs, america and the holocaust, kevin burns. you will be shocked and say oh
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my god nothing ever changes. host: we will continue on for the next half-hour, if you want to call in on these polling numbers from nbc and others showing rising numbers for the biden administration and president biden. (202)-748-8000 for democrats, (202)-748-8001 for republicans, (202)-748-8002 for independents. text us at (202)-748-8003 and post on facebook and twitter. that cbs interview the president talking about a variety of things. one of the topics he engaged was the inflation rate. [video clip] >> last tuesday, the annual inflation rate came in a .3%. -- 8.3%. the stock market nosedived.
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people are shocked by their grocery bills. what can you do better? >> inflation rate month-to-month is up an inch. >> you are not arguing 8.3% is good news? >> no. it was 8.2% before. you make it sound like all of a sudden -- >> it is the highest inflation rate in 40 years. >> i got that. we are in a position where for the last several months it has not spiked and it is basically even. in the meantime, we created jobs and prices have gone up and down for energy. we created 10 million new jobs since we came to office. we are in a situation where the unemployment rate is 3.7%, the lowest in history. manufacturing is coming back to the u.s. in a big way.
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looked down the road. massive investments made in computer chips, employment. this is a process. >> is the economy going to get worse before it gets better? >> no. we hope we can have a soft landing, a transition to a place where we don't lose the gains iran to make in the first place -- the gains i ran to make in the first place. at the same time, we make sure we continue to grow. host: oceanside, california, republican. caller: good morning. these nbc polls, i don't believe it. i believe they do that in order to help biden during the midterms, like they lied about
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the story about the hunter laptop one week before the election, that way he would get elected and they disavowed that story by saying it was russian collusion when it was all lies. i believe nbc, cbs, abc and all these other liberal media is helping joe biden like they did to help him get elected. then his policies are putting america last. host: do you believe any polling that comes out? caller: uh, to be honest, no. after 2016 saying how hillary clinton was way ahead and she wasn't, no i don't believe any of the polls anymore. host: james, california, independent. caller: hi.
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going to the poll numbers, i think we need to analyze things better in this country. when people get out of high school, they should continue their learning. i see a lot of negativity and downplay what our president is doing. we have an 8mph hurricane sitting off of puerto rico and the amount of rain dropping -- our priorities need to be different. i take seriously climate change. our president is doing a great job. those poll numbers will reverse themselves after people realize what the issues are. i know it is hard when the economy is not doing well. people can afford certain things they need. step out of the box maybe. take a hard look. going back to one call about president trump and russia
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-- read johnston in the amount of work they did on following trump and what he did in the 1980's. you could go on and on about the dirt they have on trump and how russia had him in their pocket. host: catherine, facebook writing "look at what our president got accomplished. republicans voted against the bill. trying to make abortion illegal." "the economy, president biden has done everything possible to correct his predecessor." those are ways to reach out to us on our social media sites. bill, cincinnati, ohio, democrat. caller: hi. [indiscernible]
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joe's approval numbers are spot on. the guy has passed two major bills. many other things are getting done. kept ukraine from folding like a cheap lawn chair, which is important democratic countries don't fold to russian rule. he has done a lot of things that i thought were very good. the economy coming back after the horrible pandemic we have been through and all that. the fact that it is coming back. a lot of young people getting jobs, trying to improve themselves and their careers. they are doing it.
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they are doing it. my friend said the other day, wow, wouldn't i like to be a young person in this economy with jobs everywhere? you can do anything you want. host: when it comes to matters of the economy, the president seeing his lowest numbers on that front. what do you think? caller: he didn't ask for what he got. no president does. who in the world would want these numbers? i think the numbers were way lower than they should have been to begin with, which is silly. quite frankly, his own party was shooting him down on everything.
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he still thought through that and got it done. which i thought was remarkable. host: raoul. miami, florida, republican. caller: good morning. my background is an economist, decades on wall street. i am familiar with numbers and surveys. a survey is only as good as the audience you are polling and the questions you ask. a lot of the callers that are expecting, expressing skepticism are right to do so. you cannot trust the polls, given the track record media companies have in america today and their obvious bias. assume those numbers are somewhat accurate. i would characterize those as a dead cat bounce.
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whenever things collapse, you always find some people that think they are smarter than everyone and will buy into the lie that the worst is over. others have pointed out correctly things are going to get worse between now and year end. the reason gas prices are down is because this man has been drawing down our strategic reserve, 670 million barrels to 430 million barrels of gas. we are going to drive the prices down. the founder and ceo of fedex said we are headed toward a global recession. the head of strategos has come out and said with inflation this high, the only way we can avoid -- it will be impossible for the fed to avoid. they are going to have to jack
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up interest 1% or more so in order to get inflation under control. that will further dry this economy into the ditch. that is the reality of numbers. dead cat bounce. host: arlene, new orleans, independent. caller: good morning. i am proud of the president. he picked up a lot of garbage. i don't understand how people call up, nobody downed trump, stealing all the money when he was in office. all the evil things he did. everyone can call up and say this about biden. you got to clean up trash. he picked up a lot of trash. host: what did the president do as far as you see the connection to these numbers?
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caller: he accomplished a lot. if a lot of rest of them get behind him, they want to do the right things. when we put people to represent us, we don't put them up there to represent themselves. that is what the republicans are doing. they are representing themselves and their pocketbooks. all the other ones behind them are worrying about their pocketbooks. host: jason, tennessee, democrat. caller: hey, thanks. i have been a lifelong democrat. up until now, i thought joe biden did a terrible job. i will be voting republican or independent for the next cycle. as for the approval ratings, i don't see how he has 42%. it is more like 90% disapproval.
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i don't know anyone voting for this president. host: you said the president, you were not a fan of this president. why? caller: he didn't win the election. he stole it. dominion won't give the evidence up. host: you are saying everything was rigged? caller: yeah. i am not biased. host: how did you come to that conclusion? caller: that the election was rigged? host: yes. caller: mike lindell tried suing dominion to give up evidence. mail-in ballots, the most unconstitutional thing we have ever seen in an election. they won't tell us what happened. there is no way this guy won. host: joanne, republican,
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nevada. caller: this has been an interesting conversation. he has 45% approval rating. everything is below 42%. what is about 45%? what brought him to that? what was the average? what brought him up? host: high marks on foreign policy. lower marks on handling of inflation matters. that kind of thing. caller: everything you just said was below 42%. how did nbc figure out 45%?
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that survey was the top. every other survey was below that. it is funny you have to pick that one. sorry pedro. people are crazy. host: they are the numbers. 45%, up three points since august. real clear politics showing their aggregation of polls, upward trends too. nbc highlighting the highest approval ratings since october last year. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell on the floor yesterday. [video clip] >> struggling americans are supposed to be grateful we have plateaued at a steady ongoing inflation rate of more than 8%?
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the president wants a round of applause for clocking month after month of the worst inflation in 40 years? the inflation rate plateauing does not mean prices have leveled off. it means prices are still climbing all the time at an historically fast-paced. the worst in a generation. month after month after month democrats policy failures continue to add inflation on top of inflation. the inflation rate plateauing above a percent does not mean anyone is catching a break. it means the opposite. families are continuing to see prices go up and up and up all the time. simply surviving, just getting by cost 8.3% than it did one
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year ago. those numbers understate the damage democrats have done. it only looks back one year. the democrats were already up and running. here's the number that matters. since the day president biden was sworn in, since the day this government took power, our country's inflation rate has been 13.2%. according to president biden, if your parents are upset about that, your workers are frustrated, you just aren't putting things in proper perspective. host: senator mcconnell from yesterday. you can go to our c-span now app and our website,
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nbc also asked questions on polling on former president trump. the washington times this morning said 34% of registered voters have a positive view of mr. trump compared to 54% who have a negative view. president biden stumbled over afghanistan and covid, 42% of voters have a positive view of mr. biden, 47% have a negative view. that is in the washington times this morning. independent line, california, kenny. caller: thanks. you are in a can't win situation. callers -- all you do is present a platform and for the callers
7:47 am
to attack you is unfair. when you ask them where they got that from, they don't have anything to say. in regards to biden, i think he is doing as best he can with what he has. poll numbers vary. they kind of tell you they could vary 8-12%. to base anything merely on what a poll says is not true. last of all, the president is not responsible for the economy. sure, he is the dartboard for people to point a finger but when you look at the actual effects he has on the economy, it is very little. when you look across the business spectrum, the fed, that is where it is coming from. i think it is ignorant and unfair to point fingers at the
7:48 am
president, any president of either party, over how the economy is doing. when you look at it in total perspective, america is doing quite well when compared to the rest of the world. we are in a world economy. this is not 1950 where we have 86% of all manufacturing. those days are gone. we are in a world economy. i appreciate c-span and think you do a great job. host: the fed meets this week. possibility of a rise in interest rates coming out of that. we will look at that later in the week. new jersey, democrat. caller: good morning america. i'm so disappointed. it is hard to understand and believe his numbers they are saying are correct. i have always been a democrat.
7:49 am
i am switching to republican. president biden is the worst president i have ever seen. being in the white house. he is responsible for america. and is doing absolutely nothing. constantly goes on vacations vacations vacations. what a shame of a president. host: jan, virginia, yorktown, independent. caller: hi. i think joe is doing an outstanding job considering he received the presidency from a very toxic gop president. the polls reflect the increasing areas, in terms of the pact act, ukraine, abortion rights and on
7:50 am
and on. we have come through a terrible pandemic and we are still in it. depending what poll you are in, we are in the pandemic and we need to continue to come to that and stay together. if i were to measure the blood pressures on these calls this morning, i would say the far right need to -- host: do you think it was responsible for the president to say the pandemic was over? caller: doctors have come forward to say we are still at 500 deaths per day. that is not endemic. people need to be getting there immunizations and doing the right things for themselves and their health and continue to move forward together as the
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u.s. and not get stuck in the old craft whole of the gop trying to sell us. host: eric, alabama, republican. caller: hello. you said nbc held the polling? host: they did. caller: i believe his polls are favorable because they are determining where they are getting there polling from. if they went to california, a democrat stronghold, of course, the numbers are going to be high. i wonder what the polling would be if they went to jackson, mississippi where the water is down. what they would have to say about him sending all that money to ukraine and not fixing the
7:52 am
problem existing. i think his numbers would not be so high. i don't think the man is doing a good job at all. i'm sorry. we are not in war. war costs money. the thing with the gas. all of that is going to cause some inflation. we weren't here before he took office so for them to say don't blame the man, i don't understand. host: this is from the hill looking at the recent rising numbers. they highlight the fact and a piece you can find online at their website that the bounce back is in making democrats pop champagne yet. they are far from stellar even after recovering. the republicans are still favored to take the house. a gop will be able to hamstring
7:53 am
the president for the remainder of the first term. democrats are looking with less foreboding toward midterms they once thought could be catastrophic. strategists .2 unanimity -- point to unanimity. the conservative justice has also done democrats a political favor. 60% of the public believe the court did the wrong thing in overturning the roe v. wade decision of 1973. the inflation reduction act included significant action on climate change and prescription drug pricing, among other things. ronald, new york, democrat. caller: good morning. every time a democrat is in
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office, we have a surplus. it happened after bush. obama came in. we had a surplus. this president comes in. trump comes in. we have a tremendous deficit. biden is in. once he leaves office, he is going to have a surplus. what the republicans do, they are doing nothing. they don't have a platform. they are charging their base on all negative issues and lies. couple callers ago, they say when you go to high school you get educated and prepared, you go to college, you're more educated. host: let's ask about the approval numbers. what do you think? caller: i think the numbers are
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right. i think they could be higher. that is because what the president has done recently. in my neighborhood, gas is $3.20. i am in jamaica,. new york the food crisis, that is something we have to deal with. that goes up and down. with the storms and everything else, there is a cause-and-effect. when republicans are in office, the only people that make money is their base. host: kathy, lowell, maryland, independent. caller: this president is a disaster. i am sure his poll numbers are a disaster. i'm quite sure democrats are being pulled by nbc.
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no one else watches nbc but democrats. i find it telling that when there is a topic on the show about biden, you always bring up trump. this is not about trump. this is about the disaster we have now. he is awful. host: one of those questions president biden was asked in the 60 minutes interview was a prospect of a second term, 2024. [video clip] >> are you committed to running again? are there certain conditions that have to be right? >> if i were to say i am running again, a range of things come into play, requirements i have to change and move into in terms of election laws. it is too early to make that decision. i am a respecter of fate. i'm doing my job. i will do that within the timeframe that makes sense after
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this next election cycle going into next year, make a judgment of what to do. >> you say it is too early to make that decision. i take it the decision has not been made? >> my intent is i would run again. it is just an intention. it remains to be seen. >> mr. president, you are the oldest president ever. >> pretty good. >> you are more aware of this than anyone. some people ask whether you are fit for the job. when you hear that, i wonder what you think? >> watch me. honest to god. that is all i think. watch me. you think i don't have the energy or mental capacity? it is another thing to just
7:58 am
watch me keep my schedule. do what i'm doing. when i sit down with our nato allies, i am saying, wait a minute, it is a matter of that old expression. i respect the fact people will say, you are old. it relates to how much energy you have and whether or not the job you're doing is consistent with what any person of any age would be able to do. >> how is your mental focus? >> it is focused. [laughter] i have trouble mentioning, saying to myself, i know more think of myself as being as old as i am. i haven't observed anything, there are not things that i do
7:59 am
now that i didn't do before, mental or caller: you always do a great job opening. president biden's numbers are going to continue to go up because the other side fails to realize all of the money that was put into the economy during stimulus caused inflation first. secondly, i wish people would stop bashing presidents. when president trump was in office he was my president. his polls will continue to go up as inflation numbers continue to go down, as gasoline prices come down. as the other side continues to drink the jim jones cool light. they need to sit and wait and
8:00 am
put all the blame on one person. when he came into office, things were not all kosher. host: that was edwin. north carolina finishing off this round of calls. i appreciate all of you who called in. during the course of the morning we will hear from three guests. our first guest will be from axios. we will talk about the republican governors sending migrants to washington dc. later on in the program we will hear from louisiana governor garrett grays. all that and more coming up on washington journal. >> be up to date in the latest in publishing with book tv's
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8:03 am
"washington journal," continues. host: this is stef kight with axios here to talk about recent immigration events in the news. what's the reaction about republican governors. guest: we see a lot of excitement about the actions from the right. a lot of republicans that we have spoken to see it as bringing necessary attention to the number of people crossing the u.s./mexican border. we have seen harsh words from the democratic party who see this as a political move taking advantage of desperate people and using them as political pods. people are definitely paying attention to the story line. we see really clear political divides on immigration. host: when it comes to the story
8:04 am
itself, those who are boarding the plane or buses, what are they told about the destinations? are they told the truth? guest: that is the big question. in the state of texas or arizona, when they started sending them to washington dc, new york or chicago. migrants were given the option of getting on those buses and told where they were going. many immigrants and asylum-seekers have families in those states. it was potentially helpful for them to board those buses. governor desantis flying them to martha's vineyard. there were questions raised if they knew where they were going. one of my colleagues went to martha's vineyard and they were not aware of where they were going. especially not martha's vineyard which is an island and not set up with resources. that is something that we are
8:05 am
watching very closely and will be a point of the investigation that one of the texas sheriffs has initiated. host: sheriffs salazar in san antonio. he opened a criminal investigation to those criminals who lord immigrants from san antonio to martha's vineyard. the criminal aspect, do you know what that might be? guest: that they may have been manipulated to get on those planes. it is not illegal for them to be transported voluntarily. if it was offered and they chose to take the governor up on those things. if they were manipulated, there are questions around is this human trafficking? we heard from attorneys who are talking to migrants and asylum-seekers who were flown to martha's vineyard and they think they are -- u visas.
8:06 am
there have been some questions raised if funds were used appropriately. host: you talked about governor desantis but let's talk about governor abbott of texas. what role did he play in this? guest: he has said that he did not directly communicate with governor desantis on the flights but of course, they originated in texas and were flown from their and eventually ended up in martha's vineyard. it is unclear if there was any communication but as far as we know, no one said they have directly communicated. greg abbott was the first two made a show of flying migrants to other state so that is the person who started this dread and we see this following.
8:07 am
host: some of those buses came to washington dc. it has gained a lot more attention this time around. what makes a difference? guest: the fact that we are seeing the flights in the destination choice, martha's vineyard seems more out there and more politically calculated than one of these bigger cities that has more resources and nonprofits are already established to receive migrants. the fact that it came as a surprise into martha's vineyard where there are not resources ready to receive migrants. governor desantis, people are talking about him in 2024. people pay a lot of attention when he does something. host: governor ducey in arizona, what is the role? guest: he started by saying immigrants to washington dc. they have not been busting
8:08 am
migrants anywhere else. they have spent millions of dollars on that effort. following in abbott's footsteps, they have received high numbers of asylum-seekers. they have been following that same playbook. host: stef kight from axios. if you want to join in the conversation it is (202) 748-8000 for democrats, (202) 748-8001 for republicans, (202) 748-8002 for independents. have we heard from the biden administration? guest: we have heard from the press secretary who has condemned these actions. they have focused on the way this has become a political move. republicans are trying to paint the biden administration on
8:09 am
immigration and using these people as political pods. i did report that there was a meeting on immigration. a cabinet level meeting on immigration last week. these happen regularly but one of those agenda items was to look into litigation options for this issues. it is unclear what that may look like or what became of that meeting. it is something i tracking very closely. this is something the administration sees and needs to respond to. host: this deals with immigration policy. there have been reports of what is happening at the border. can you give us a sense on what is happening to those who want to come in? guest: the border numbers are setting a record number of border officials and those crossing the border between illegal ports of entry.
8:10 am
that number passed 2 million and there have been significant numbers of people crossing the border over the past two years. for as much as we see these actions as a political move, there are real issues. we have seen the bided administration struggle with the logistical and humanitarian issues in the political concerns. host: this report today, 180 thousand arrested at the southern border. remind people what the biden administration did when it came to border policy. guest: one of the big trump era policy was the one called remain in mexico. they had to wait and mexico for their asylum hearings. it has ended so they stopped using that. one controversial policy they have continued using that
8:11 am
originated under trout is a policy called title 42. it allows border officials turned back asylum-seekers or deport them back to their home country without the chance of going through the asylum process. it is controversy all and many advocates have expressed -- they are not happy about them continuing to use the policy but they have continued to use it up to this point. lots of people argue that is why we have seen such high numbers because people are kick back quickly they come back. each time they recross they are counted towards that number. those are two of the biggest policy that the administration has taken action on. host: the 2 million may not be 2 million individuals. guest: that includes repeat crossers. host: stef kight from axios.
8:12 am
this is daniel from great falls, virginia. on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to comment that this administration has no interest in stopping the stem of this migrate tide that is coming in. yes it is a political move for these republican governors. it shows the hypocrisy of these liberal elites. they say they want all this illegal immigration. they do nothing to stop it and of course it will call them out and show their hypocrisy. we have to secure the border. actually secure the border and put policies in place that don't incentivize people to make this trip up here. this administration and
8:13 am
democrats in general have no interest in doing that. guest: of course, democrats have a different approach than republicans have. president trump was clear that he wanted strict policies at the border that punish people who cross the border illegally and there is a question of what is the bidens real philosophy towards immigration? they want to make sure that people who are fleeing disastrous situations are able to access the asylum situation. how sure should we make sure that people are pushed to legal ports of entry? once they are on legal u.s. soil to apply. host: this is john in pennsylvania on the democrat side. caller: my concern is not with
8:14 am
the people crossing the border. my concern is with the hate groups, 28 of which are in pennsylvania. governor desantis complained about the russians who come in to have babies and go back to russia. there is no concern there i guess. i heard last night on the to alk show. were they illegal or were they asylum seekers are refugees? guest: that is a good question and a complicated one. while people were crossing. they often turn themselves into border part because they want to go through the legal process of asylum. many of them were in that process of asylum. we do not know if they will be
8:15 am
granted for asylum. it is a difficult process. you have to prove that you have a fear of returning to your home country. most of these migrants are going through a legal process of getting asylum. host: you heard the biden administration dealing with a backlog. what is the weight between when they get a court date? guest: the process for asylum to take years. the administration has been working on ways to expedite that. they have a new asylum office. the goal is to get these cases down at a quicker pace. the backlog is a very real issue. as much as we can talk about border policy, the immigration system as a whole takes a very long time.
8:16 am
many people across illegally because they know it will take a very long time. host: have we heard from homeland security about what is going on as far as the busing or playwrights for the migrants in the border situation overall? guest: this is something that he pays a lot of attention to. i'm sure we will be hearing more from him. i'm sure there are ongoing discussions. the dhs does move migrants around and they are dealing with large numbers of people at the border. my understanding is that there is a focus. they don't want to get distracted by the political sides of this. they are trying to find ways to ensure there is a safe and humane process at the border. looking to move people away from the border. in el paso, border control is overrun.
8:17 am
how can we fix this problem rather than addressing some of these actions from governors. host: we will hear from joe in nebraska on the independent line. oh i'm sorry, you are in maine. caller: i was wondering myself there for a second. my question i guess is basically the republicans in 2016 were going to fix the immigration problem. they were going to fix the da ca and fix the immigration problem. what they did and eliminated asylum. they destroyed the cases of handling asylum cases. he disbanded all the money for the situations. kyrsten sinema who got fired,
8:18 am
jeff sessions said we have to take the babies out of these mothers arms. host: if you could condense it down to a question what would that be? caller: could she address that? all of those policies that attracted to destroy the asylum system that was broken but in place. the lawyers were in place. host: thank you. guest: the trump administration had a different approach than the current administration. many people play back to the family separation policy that were hard for people to watch. families were being torn apart at the border. we saw in 2019 the trump administration we had a record
8:19 am
at the u.s./mexico border. the reasons that people cross the border are varied and complex. u.s. policy has a role in it but so do the issues in these latin american countries. we are seeing large numbers of people coming from venezuela, cuba, nicaragua. authoritarian regimes where there is corruption, economic instability. no one u.s. policy will fix this. host: you travel to guatemala, can you tell our viewers about that? guest: i saw one of the unique ways that our government deals with human traffic and smuggling. we work with foreign law enforcement to help them learn better ways to break apart these human smuggling rings. we talk about the political
8:20 am
divide where democrats focus on issues in the host countries and republicans focus on border issues. in between there are criminal networks that take advantage of these policies. host: you can see the story among your other stories including pictures from her trip to guatemala. stef kight from axios. we will hear from danny and kentucky, a republican. caller: 2 million people have crossed illegally. there have been 800,000 that got away. we need to stop the flow of traffic at the border. department of homeland security has said the border is secure. how can it be secure if you have that many people walking across the border? we have had 857,000 children
8:21 am
come alone. how is our border secure with the president and the dhs says it is secure and it is not secure? guest: that is a difficult question? what do we mean when we say the border secure? that 2 million number counts the people that were encountered by border officials and were taken into custody and were taken information. while it looks like a lot of people are coming across illegally it shows that the system is working. border officials are doing their job. they are taking their information and going through that legal process. host: we saw president biden sin the vice president go to other countries.
8:22 am
guest: the u.s. has been funding efforts to create better economic stability in these countries. building partnerships with foreign governments. this is something that will be long-term and we have seen this in the biden administration, focusing on the root causes which will take a long time to address. it is complicated by the fact that the u.s. government doesn't have the best relationship with the governments in these countries. i don't know if we've seen any concrete takeaways at this point. but we agreed that this is something the u.s. needs to be doing. host: an this complicates sending these people back? guest: in venezuela and guatemala, more than a third came from these nations. those governments do not comply with deportation efforts.
8:23 am
it is difficult to send people back to those countries. host: this is sharon from minnesota on the democrat line. caller: good morning pedro and ms. kight. i am from northern minnesota. we have sugar beet farms. they are unable to get workers in these fields. they have always been able to. we are all white appear. none of these white people want to work on these farms. i suggested to desantis, bring them up here because we need them. since we have decided in the divided states of america that we want to use human beings as political pawns, i am wondering because i actually heard a caller on c-span that the
8:24 am
democrats start shipping homeless people. my homeless people cannot handle the weather. let's send homeless people to mar-a-lago because it's the fair thing to do. what do you think? thank you. guest: i don't know if i can react to that particular suggestion. we are seeing people use us political pawns in this immigration debate. to your point, there is a good question we should be asking how should we be using immigrants who are trying to flee their home countries that can better our own society and economy. immigration has always played a critical role in our own economy. especially as we have seen birth rates decline in the u.s.. we will see a need for labor and immigration will be a pathway for that. host: on our independent line,
8:25 am
this is alex. caller: hey, good morning. i want to say that there is lots of talk about blaming governors, blaming biden, blaming trout. ultimately, this is a problem with congress. they have failed to act on reforming immigration for decades. we have had solid democrat majorities, solid republican majorities that have not done anything. the problem is on both sides. the administration and the governors are trying to make do with the bad situation. sometimes it is ineffective or contradictory laws. the whole family separation problem was that there are laws that say two different things. there are basic problems that congress needs to fix.
8:26 am
they are unable to function, unable to do their jobs and i guess my question is, as there at the slightest ray of hope that congress will step up and do what they are supposed to and try to fix those? host: ok, thank you caller. guest: as someone who has covered a few rows of hope for an immigration bill. immigration continues to be a divisive issue. i would not say there is a lot of hope at this point but i do agree with a lot of what the caller was saying that this is a bigger issue that anyone administration. it was not built for the kind of asylum-seekers we are seeing and that requires more sweeping
8:27 am
changes than one change. host: how partisan is this issue of reform are changing what we have in our immigration system? do we see people able to come in the middle? guest: we see a handful willing to come together and they fall apart. if you look at the trump administration there were a few efforts to come together to get a compromise which would be some kind of daca deal but someone was hung up on money for the border wall or just how many daca recipients would be legalized. while it looks like there is some overlap when you look at the big picture, when you look at the big details that's where it falls apart. host: on the republican line, from texas. caller: the sheriff in san
8:28 am
antonio has decided who gets what and who does not get what. when these people came across the barda in airplanes and busloads during the middle of the night and under the biden administration and no one raised any pain then. there is a double dip of hypocrisy involved in this matter. that is about all i have to say. i think each should stay in their own lane in san antonio and elsewhere. guest: you raise a question i have heard from other readers that asked about the reports of unaccompanied minors being flown late at night from one area of the border to other parts of the u.s.. the u.s. government does move migrants for good reason to one place to another. they move them closer to family
8:29 am
members where they can be sponsored and continued their immigration cases. there are reasons for them to be moved. the case you are referring to is when children were being reunited with their families. we hear from some government organizations that help migrants get to their final destination. from border locations to their final destination. host: do you say there is a difference between the border being closed in the border being secure? guest: i think there is a difference between the border being closed in the border being secure. i think we saw the border close to being closed during the pandemic where the numbers stopped significantly and people were not trying to cross during that time. .
8:30 am
that is why we are seeing higher numbers over the past two years or so. there is a difference between assuring people have access to our asylum system and there is a clear path to do so. if you want to see her work. coming up, we will hear from rep: garret graves he will discuss energy issues. he will join us next on washington journal. >> in this special british flavored episode. they traveled back to 1991 when she visited washington dc. i do wish you could see me today.
8:31 am
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play c-span radio app. c-span, powered by cable. is c-span's online store. browse through our latest collection of c-span products, apparel, books, and accessories. there is something for every c-span fan. shop now or any time on "washington journal," continues. this is rep. garret graves wrote representative from louisiana. he serves as ranking member. representative graves, there is a provision by senator manchin and order to change leasing rules. can you tell our viewers what
8:33 am
that would be and where is that going? guest: you mean energy leasing. public lands and waters for energy production. i think it is unfortunate that we got in the situation. we are seeing record gasoline and utility prices. we are seeing fewer lands leased then and any administration going back to the truman administration. there were a hundred times more acres that were offered for energy production during the carter administration, 300 75 times more energy land available during the reagan administration. this is a self-imposed crisis that we are experiencing right now with energy prices. and of course, what is going on with ukraine and russia we could be doing more to help our nato partners. it is having a profound impact
8:34 am
on the american public. it requires that lease be offered for energy production because there have been none under this administration. this should not take an act of congress to force these actions. force us to solve problems that should never have become a crisis to begin with. host: president biden during that 60 minutes interview, i want to play what he had to say about it and get your response to that. [video clip] >> the price of gasoline is down 26% from the five dollar high. what can you do to keep that price down while vladimir putin is still active? >> we are releasing oil from the
8:35 am
strategic oil reserve. we are in relative good shape. >> vladimir putin is going to break your will on ukraine and use energy prices to do it? >> sure he is, but we are in much better shape than anyone else's. he has been trying out for a while. he will not succeed. host: he used the term good shape when it came to america. at least good shape when it comes to oil and gas. what is your response? guest: that answer is uninformed. when i took office, in my hometown we were paying $1.82. i just went and filled up and it was about three dollars, three dollars six.
8:36 am
looking back, just within the last two years, we were entirely energy independent. we were taking care of all our own energy needs. these are self-imposed problems. you can't be out there saying we are releasing energy from the strategic oil reserve just as the administration released 10 million barrels of oil and say we don't have an energy crisis and we don't need to increase our production. it weakens the united states. we have the lowest volumes of production that we have had in four decades. it gives more power to folks like vladimir putin and it doesn't have to happen. we should should never have put ourselves in the situation. the biden administration needs to be more aggressive.
8:37 am
to ensure that america has the resources it needs to bring prices down and have supply and demand the each other. host: (202) 748-8000 for democrats, (202) 748-8001 for republicans, (202) 748-8002 for independents you can text us at (202) 748-8003. taking a look at green energy in those ways of going forward, what do you think of the money that will be devoted and is there some benefit from that money being spent? guest: what the bill does is it floods the renewable market with money. it causes some problems because what is key with energy solutions is that you have to have technologies that are economically sustainable which means you can't continue to
8:38 am
flood taxpayer dollars into energy technologies to subsidize that into affordability because that is not sustainable. you have to have economically sustainable technologies that are also environmentally sustainable. i think that legislation artificially props up the affordability to where you can't continue subsidizing it. over 40 years ago you had renewable energy that said we need seven years of subsidies. we just renewed it after 40 plus years of subsidies. i will say it one more time, the only way these technologies will be sustainable if there is a economic and environmental sustainable test and they are failing both. host: there is an op-ed in the new york times from the former
8:39 am
climate advisor gina mccarthy, she wrote this when she assessed what is happening with green energy. the united states is becoming a magnet for green energy. companies have invested 85 billion, the u.s. is on track to triple its solar capacity by 2024, investors announced 2.2 billion for wind. we have a lot to go, but the task for renewables is daunting. what do you think of those? guest: you use three criteria to evaluate energy in this administration. you have to look at affordability, the omissions to the environment and energy security. prices of service, we should not be excited about a small drop
8:40 am
when we see huge increases compared to when biden took office. number two, emissions have gone up under president biden. omissions went down 2.5 under the previous administration. last year they went up 6.3%. contrary to popular belief, this administration is failing on climate. we are more dependent on foreign energy sources. china manufacturers 90% of the solar panels that are used globally. the biden administration recently took trade actions that allowed chinese solar panels that are dumped into u.s. markets. they have waived the tariffs undermining or creating more uncertainty on domestic technology.
8:41 am
there is no metric that can say that this administration is succeeding. one quarter of all americans have to decide on whether to purchase food, clothing or medicine. we have the resources to supply our own energy and have energy security. host: our first call is from edward in michigan. you are on the air with rep. garret graves. caller: i want to talk about the drought. i am just amazed at how bad the drought is. it is being described as a one in 1000 years. the states affected are in a severe drought now. california, nevada, arizona. colorado, utah, texas is now in a drought.
8:42 am
the whole southwest is in a drought. they will have to start rationing water. the colorado river is extremely low. the reservoirs, lake mead and lake tahoe are at record lows. they may have to turn off the hydroelectric generators. did the republicans have any plan or any statement of what to do about this drought? host: we have that point so we will let guest respond? guest: hope you're having a great morning and thanks for that question. this is an important issue. on friday we will be talking about our commitment to america. we will be going through some of these topics and talk about the resiliency efforts we will be talking about including disasters like the drought in
8:43 am
the southwest. we will talk about our plan to address these things. in my home state of louisiana we have had a 2000 year flood event. all in the last year. there is something wrong, we have to prepare, we have to make our communities more resilient. interestingly, we have water coming out of our ears. part of our strategy is looking at how we try to reallocate water that give us more options to share resources with the southwest that is having challenges. host: from albany, new york, on the republican line. caller: i just wanted to bring something up. try to use common sense and not be political. regarding energy, which i feel
8:44 am
the administration came in the executive order canceled the keystone pipeline and stop drilling in the united states. now, if there was a solution in place when that happened and electric cars but took his place i could understand that. that is not going to happen for another 20 years or more. i don't understand why people were up in arms back then because we knew prices would go up. prices double for gasoline and effective food prices. the food prices are out of sight too. now that they have come down the administration is taking credit. you create the problem and then you say, i will take care of it.
8:45 am
we are getting energy from other countries and it is not as clean as our refineries. we need to bring production back to the u.s.. host: thank you, thank you. guest: one of the first executive orders actually stop new energy production in the united states. when you put supply and demand out of balance this is what you see. you see a surgeon prices and you can't both cause a problem and take credit for solving it. there is no metric on energy policy that shows success. we have moved in this direction to where we are largely governing by emotion and it is causing disastrous consequences. u.s. energy does have a cleaner energy profile than most other countries. oil and gas in the gulf of
8:46 am
mexico has a lower carbon emissions than anywhere else in the world. we will have a 50% growth in global demand. we need wind and solar, we need hydro, nuclear and oil and gas. even the biden administration shows we will have an 80% increase in natural gas in developing countries. rather than let russia fill that void, why not let u.s. do that. we should have energy policies that resulted lower emissions, getting back on that trade. of course, allowing the united states to export more of our resource which benefits the jobs and economy here. host: you talked about the speech on friday, to what degree will oil and gas be a part of that energy component versus
8:47 am
clean energy? guest: we will have an all of the above energy strategy. we will be using when, solar, geothermal, hydro but it will be based on the bidens administration's projections for global demand. making sure we can meet the demand for our u.s. citizens and stop this record inflation that is lowering wages and ensure that we address this weakening of nato from our european allies by causing extraordinary energy shortages. it undermines the military relevance and undermines their economy. nato needs to be stronger, not weaker like we are seeing now.
8:48 am
it will be based on science and data. we are using the right technology in the right places. as opposed to subsidizing technologies that are not economically stable and will have to be taken down or need further taxpayer dollars. caller: just hear me out, i appreciate all of your language so far. you are going way too quick. i am simply calling, i am a couple of blocks away from the university. i am at the oceanic department there. when you're dealing with that field. that climate science field.
8:49 am
there is no information on what was going on in alaska. we are dealing with the typhoon. it hit the arctic ocean which becomes a post-hurricane which is post-tropical. i am looking, there's a couple of things i could have done with my algorithms. just to have a civilized conversations about what happened, what is going on, how bad it is. host: specifically, what would you like our caller to address? caller: what was the store that hit alaska in the last 125 hours? host: we will leave it there. you can respond if you wish? guest: as a state that is been
8:50 am
through our fair share of hurricanes. i am sympathetic to the folks in alaska. we have been working with the alaska delegation with recovery for those communities. many of them are native communities along that coast. the reality is, we have a lot in, with alaska. we need to invest in the resiliency of these coastal communities that we will work with the alaska delegation to make sure we help them get back on their feet as quick as possible. host: this is chris from illinois, he talks about subsidizing renewable energy rather than standing on their own. what about the billions of dollars going to oil companies every year? guest: i hear that argument made a good bit.
8:51 am
when you go through and truly look at how taxes are treated in the energy industry you see things that are specific to oil and gas but it largely reflects the same tax treatment and other industries that is tailored to oil and gas because of the type and investments that are needed to produce that are needed to produce the type of energy. there is a lot of misinformation out there in regards to these credits or subsidies. let me just say, top line, do i agree that oil technology should be treated in a way that allows them to perform on their own? yes. there needs to be a loyal playing field. i am ok with doing a subsidy for newer technologies including renewable energies. we have to make it really clear that renewable industries, you
8:52 am
are shelling out hundreds of billions of dollars, 100 billion so far. you have to get to a point where you are delivering and it can compete on its own. otherwise you can continue to fleece taxpayers. host: the governor is set to run out of money by october 1, do you think that will happen? guest: there will be a temporary stopgap. but it is unlikely, this is not the first time we have been in the situation. there will be a temporary extension in a temporary deal worked out. but look, the reason that we will be in a situation like this is because the house has not done an appropriations bill. we have to be more proactive and get these bills done. i think one of the other things,
8:53 am
any time we get to this backdrop of the government shutting down. it is reflective on where we are spending money and reevaluate priorities. i think we need to do a better job scrutinizing those investments and ensuring that we are spending taxpayer money wisely. the interest on that debt is absolutely overwhelming and it is mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren. host: part of the request will include $50 billion for ukraine and covid spending, is that a dealbreaker for you? guest: it is not a dealbreaker. we had a huge hurricane last year, hurricane ida. it is very difficult for me to
8:54 am
say yes we will offer humanitarian aid to ukraine. there are people living in tents. some of the areas where the hurricane made landfall. very difficult to explain why people in ukraine deserve aid more than they do. we have to do in a principled way. make sure the aid is getting to the right places. we also have to treat americans fairly and we can't go out there and spend out billions of dollars to other countries. host: we expect legislation of how electoral votes will be done. this is from liz cheney of wyoming. what are your thoughts on this legislation? guest: any time that you have elections in you have all the controversy associated with the lack of faith in elections that
8:55 am
many americans share. it is important to go back into do a deep dive on how we can improve and perfect the process. it is baffling to hear that we should not allow ids. i have to do that every time i travel, or by alcohol because of my youthful appearance, i'm kidding. we have to ensure the integrity of elections. and he tied there is controversy, we should do a deep dive investigation and figure out if there are improvements. apply lessons learned to make sure the integrity of the election is paramount. host: how congress does these counts after the elections, is that something you support? guest: i will take a look at it and see what they are proposing. it's important that we take a fresh look at it.
8:56 am
there are complaints out what happened. at the end of the day, what is most important is ensuring the integrity of the election. host: this is from the line for democrats, this is mike from new jersey. caller: good morning c-span. thank you for the excellent job c-span does every day. rep. garret graves you seem fair-minded. most of the things i disagree with, but i'm sure there is some consensus we can come to. you do look very young. my question is, you are saying about the subsidies for renewable energy. they last for seven years and i am not sure about the numbers you use. you are talking about the
8:57 am
subsidies for oil companies they have been around for a long time? they started in the early 1900s. basically, it is about $20 million they get between oil and gas companies. that is a lot of subsidies to an industry that probably doesn't need the subsidies. it is quite profitable from what i saw from the chevron, shell, exxon mobil. quite profitable, no need in real increases subsidies. the other thing is, oil prices change because of the free market, correct? the oil companies were producing no oil at the time during covid. the demand went up, supply was low. do you agree with that statement? host: let's get our guest opinion. guest: i covered the subsidies
8:58 am
earlier. the tax treatment for the oil and gas industry is largely compatible with the rest of the tax subsidies. one of the largest revenue streams for the united states government, let me say that again one of the largest revenue streams for the united states government after taxes as revenues from oil and gas production. there are different tax treatments that are tailored to the industry. one of the largest revenue streams for the u.s. treasury in regards to supply and demand. what about when they were losing money? did anyone ask the government step in? of course not. what is going on right now with profit? that is a result of flawed
8:59 am
energy policies that is causing the supply and demand imbalance that causes prices go up. it is amazing to me that the government is beating up on these company for making profits. the administration causes problem and they can fix it. host: on the democrats line we hear from dale. caller: good morning rep. garret graves. you are talking a very good game. i saw one of the headlines that you were part of infrastructure and by you being a republican you voted no on the infrastructure bill. i'm looking at the people in jackson, mississippi who needed the water plant and that was not taken care of. we have americans who were living right next door to you
9:00 am
who needed that water plant and people are complaining about ukraine. i am listening to you talking about how biden has made nato weaker when our former president was talking about getting out of nato. can you explain to the american public what it would've been like if the united states had not back to ukraine? even though i am a democrat i guest: thanks for the question. i believe we do need to help ukraine. we have to be tolerant to what we can do to ensure we contract those investments so every dollar is getting to the right place.
9:01 am
my concern with the infrastructure bill is restoring prioritization of what this administration put in policy. in the first round, mississippi, where jackson is, we got zero. we got nothing in the southeast. we had about one grant. in regards to jackson, yes, they deserve clean water, they deserve to be helped. i am not sure that the federal government should be blamed for what is going on there. just like a grocery store that
9:02 am
is in charge to keep those sustainable utilities, it is their responsibility to keep the infrastructure of data. the failure likely happened at city level. the city utility needs to be properly investigated. they need help. we have to get the federal government involved, as well as the state government. where taxpayer dollars are invested, when you have a utilities errors supposed to be making an investment for infrastructure. host: representative garrett graves is on the select committee. thank you for your time today. we will hear from california democrat annette barakat. she speaks on recent action from
9:03 am
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on the go with c-span now. as well as state by step -- state-by-state maps. your unfiltered view of politics. washington journal continues. host: we continue our open forum. if you want to text does, (202) 748-8003. on the island of puerto rico and their electrical grid, the story highlighting that the federal government paid 2.2 billion to of date the electrical grid. congress earmarked an additional 10 billion to modernize the system because --.
9:06 am
it was in 2020 they awarded a fixed annual fee of 115 million. after taking over in june of last year, the company quickly struggled with blackouts. there was an outage -- there was an islandwide outage in april. the aftermath there in the new york times is morning, if you go to the washington post, the story about president trump's appointing of the special masters documents, writing under the headlining documents, both sides referenced a draft by the newly appointed master. trump's lawyers expressed a plan
9:07 am
about the documents that the point theory left on the app. he might be left at a legal disadvantage. specifically the legal team objected. it disclosed specific information. chad on the line, go ahead. caller: have you ever asked
9:08 am
congressman boulder or congressman taylor green to be on your program? because i looked online, like twitter accounts. i don't support -- because of reviews. host: that was chad in new york. let's hear from deborah and west chester, ohio, republican line. caller: good morning, pedro. thank you for taking my call. i also would like to thank all of the callers that watch this wonderful program. my concern is about climate and i want the american people to have the opportunity to discuss climate, what we can and cannot change about it. and conservation and whether it is --. my concern with climate is we
9:09 am
just accept that the climate is changing. it is true, our climate is changing. between 900 and 1250, we had a medieval warming. . -- we had a beautiful warming period. volcanic act committee -- and the actual possession, that was followed by the life aged between 1350 and 1850. we are now 170 years since the last ice age ended and our seas are rising. it is a travesty that the science of the details of climate are not getting out. i am not a climate denier. we are missing the opportunity to focus on conservation and the things we can change. how with natural gas, -- i love
9:10 am
the american people. they are not getting the information able. caller: good morning, pedro. i wanted to make two points. one is about climate, the other is about banks. as a result of the lack of supply, prices have gone up. this is not just in the u.s., it is all over the world.
9:11 am
i grew up a child of the depression. i dare not put money in the stock market because i am terrified at the money i have lost due to the stock market. we have no place to put the stock market, either in ira. it's two major issues are destroying the middle class. caller: good morning, america. i had a question for the last guest that was on there. i hear them say all the time
9:12 am
that the last administration made us energy independent. is there anyway you can pull up information telling us what specifically the last administration did to make us energy independent? host: i cannot pull it up as of right now, but if you would like to type that term into our website at, go to the box and type in energy independence or something of that variety in the search box, everything we have taken in over the years on this topic on this program, to other events we have taped over the years, topics also covered in the trump administration, you can find it there if you wish. again, that website is republican line, from new jersey , this is craig. caller: how are you today? there are a couple of things i listen to. some things i just don't agree with. most of the time when you look
9:13 am
at what is going on right now, across the border, whether it is schools, immigration policies, i am middle-class, i am 38. i have a full-time job. there is maybe a handful in each area that we work who don't use natural gas. they have not scratched the surface of using alternate energy to heat your home. most houses have gas heaters. if they don't have gas heaters, they are using electric heaters. they are not a key source. i wanted to touch base and give my opinion.
9:14 am
host: do they not have natural gas depending on where you live? caller: yeah, it rural areas here and there. to say, we are going to subsidize and use alternative energy, it only scratches the surface on alternating your everyday appliances, your everyday usage. host: ok, when it comes to the hiring of refugees, the washington journal -- the committee higher -- the committee hiring in refugees.
9:15 am
the group says a growing awareness by u.s. incentives. the total of afghani and -- afghani arrivals show -- the international refuge shows about 31,000 of the resettled in afghan are working and many have joined the u.s. workforce. if you want to read more about that effort more in the wall street journal. we will go to kansas on the democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. my friend in fort wayne, in 2020, the last year of the trump
9:16 am
administration, the united states -- they used 18.1 million of metro. -- of petro. host: where did you get those numbers from? caller: a simple google search will tell you one thing. i have two more points here. the united states is the largest producer of oil in the world. we are producing 12 billion oil each day. that is more than any time in our history. more than any time in our history. host: where did you get that?
9:17 am
caller: i am not sure, but i could get back with you. also 90% of all oil producers in the nine estates are on private land. the government has nothing to do with it. 90% of oil are produced on private land. in my last thing is, to keep up and running, -- host: caller, will, in little rock, arkansas, hello. ok, caller, i am sorry about that. i have problem -- i apologize to the previous caller. those of you who may be listening to your television, waiting to get on, if you could turn it off while you wait, that
9:18 am
makes the conversation go a lot easier and a lot more smoothly. a couple things to watch out for the network today, dealing with the topic of rich and sanctions, appearing on those sanctions. that is part of the war in ukraine. you can see that at 9:00 on c-span3 and then in u.s. prisons, you can see that on c-span3. 230 is when you can watch that. this is from mike in illinois. caller: good morning. price gouging is killing me.
9:19 am
they are all making record profits. this is outraging for no one speaking up on this.
9:20 am
caller: lee attorney in the mirror largo fiasco, will someone please recall that lawyer? i cannot help wonder how someone who is so evidently lacking in basic legal knowledge and common sense rose to the level of a federal judgeship. when lawyers like that are stressed before the public view, someone please get someone more competent that knows what they are doing. host: 10 minutes in the open falls. you can call (202) 748-8000, for democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, independents.
9:21 am
the pentagon does a sleeping audit after major social media companies identified fake accounts suspected of being run by the u.s. military. a violation of the rules. the secretary of defense for policy last week and struck the the secretary of command -- the activity among over the defense department's manipulation of audiences overseas. in pennsylvania on the republican line. go ahead. caller: protect their property
9:22 am
and a cheap price on diesel. the lowest prices -- they can do it. you have to step up for your patriotic duty for this country. host: frank in minnesota, democratic line. caller: the governors sending the immigrants to these cities in planes and buses, i suggest
9:23 am
those planes and buses at the ground, they are confiscated. people need to take care of this. they have got to buy new planes and buses every time they start shipping them. i think trump has got a disease going around the republican party called trump-pox. democrats, we all have to vote and keep our country safe, otherwise we are going to be under their rule and we won't be able to go to the grocery store. host: talking about the actions by those governors.
9:24 am
monty in spring texas, independent line on the texas forum, monty, good morning. caller: good morning. the american -- has all the conscience of --. we need to have an honest conversation about this. there is no state contractor out here that doesn't use migrant labor. there is not a road built, not a jobsite you can walk on in the state of texas where there is not someone without documentation. to have an honest conversation about petrochemicals, they have no idea about hydrocarbons. we are denying ourselves the opportunity to learn it.
9:25 am
there is a difference between being an energy exporter and being energy independent. when people learn about carbon and dig up those numbers, modifying the amount of gallons reported on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. that is an oil conspiracy. host: monte there in spring, texas. the headline lawyers -- employment for fbi, lawyers with a tenfold for the dossier. their client elected and -- their client and fbi informant.
9:26 am
that trial starts in october. joe on the republican line. caller: i was watching your program a couple of guests back. a person called in and said obama and a few others, they have a surplus of money. if you go back and look, when obama left office, he had accumulated more national debt than all the presidents combined before him. trump, yes, he added to it. but to say these democrats when they leave office, they leave with a surplus, they leave with a surplus of debt. not with a surplus usable.
9:27 am
host: in the wall street journal, pages of an interview with admiral carl tom is, commander of the u.s. second suite talking about -- ships around taiwan, they very much can do that. he didn't know is a carried out in invasion or blockade. she said the international community could dish. allowing the international community to weigh in. it is a story on the wall street journal. in north carolina, democrats line, we will hear from lonnie,
9:28 am
hello. caller: hello. i hear in the news that the qanon people are looking at trump as the son of man. i don't know if y'all talked about that this morning but they are looking at him as the messiah. we do know this, that when the end time comes, there will be an antichrist and he will be wounded, but he will be wounded until death. vote democratic, if your independent, vote independent. the most ridiculous thing of america to get into some kind of colts that democrats eat babies.
9:29 am
host: finishing off this round of open forum. thanks to those of you who participated. we will speak with democrat nanette behr again. she is a representative in california. >> be up-to-date with books, tv, current nonfiction book releases. as well as industry news. you can find about books on the
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students, it is your time to shine. you are invited to participate in this year's studentcam documentary. picture yourself as the newly elected member of congress. what are your top priorities and why? make a five to six minute video that sure -- that shows the importance of opposing and supporting spec -- supporting perspectives. a $5,000 grand prize. videos must be submitted by january 20, 2020 three. visit our website at for competition rules, tips, resources and a step-by-step guide. >> washington journal continues. host: representative nanette barragan of california, she serves as the chair.
9:32 am
good morning to you. what do you think about the events in recent days of sending migrants to places around the united states? guest: it is painful because they are luring these migrants under false pretenses. i am glad to see -- i am glad to see there is an investigation opened up by officials to see what is happening. if you take a look at the migrant report given, they were led to believe they were going there to get housing, they were going to get servicing and even collect benefits. asylum-seekers in the united states do not get. refugees and people who have been granted asylum will get, but not asylum-seekers -- not asylum-seekers. it is very misleading. city officials and governor -- a real tragic situation. we have seen these communities welcome these migrants step up and say how can we help.
9:33 am
that is what we need to do. we need to make sure we are developing a system across the nation of taking these migrants that can give them that welcoming message and maybe something that looks like -- system. talking about people who are coming from failing communist countries. migrants that were sent to martha's vineyard, it is people from venezuela, nicaragua and cuba. in those countries are not even taking migrants under deportation back to the united states. we have got to do better on investing in our system here and making sure there is a better system and not wasting taxpayer money because it is not the way to do it. host: concerns at the border, especially as --.
9:34 am
what do you think? guest: it is about working together to make sure people have a heads up. it is not doing it under false pretenses. voluntary means talk to the migrants, it was presented differently than it happened. if your taking people to boston, make sure they have families there. that was not what they are doing, that was not the intention. that is not what these governors are doing. host: many officials in the administration talked about making the border secured. is the border secured? guest: it is secure. we have officials coming in talking about the border and how secure it is. if you look at the numbers coming in and the numbers look pretty big, -- making sure we
9:35 am
get the family management. which ensures we get support to migrants who don't know the immigration system. host: this is our guest. she will be with us until 10:00. if you want to karlan, (202) 748-8000 -- if you want to call in, (202) 748-8000, for
9:36 am
democrats. (202) 748-8001, for independents. -- republicans. (202) 748-8002, for independents. [video clip] >> there are certain folks with countries that might not have sent people. most of the people -- for asylum. sec. jeh johnson treated the people with respect. at the end of the day, he enforced the law. one of the things this administration stop doing, he showed people going in. he showed a picture of video people going back in and you got
9:37 am
to have bash. host: is the biden administration being to showing those repercussions? guest: they are. one of the points that he made which kind of fell off, these countries, nicaragua, they are not taking people back. what happens is, you have to welcome them. that is something he pointed out as well. there are an equivalent now to the people coming from hundreds and these other countries.
9:38 am
we look at the ports of entry where people can come and be processed. that has worked for haitian migrants. we have seen a huge decline in an example in may, there was about 7000 haitians being captured by border patrol. that number is like 300 53 a month, 163 a month. because they are about to come to the ports of entry to be processed there. which means less folks coming to the ports of entry. and when we are processing them, to make sure there is a flag, if we know that, we can track it better. we keep hearing about this. to be processed by border
9:39 am
protection and to stay here while their family is being heard. host: do you think the reaction of governors -- or encourage the justice department to look into this? guest: where there's is human tracking going -- human trafficking going on, it is something we need to look at. when you talk to the migrants and you hear what is happening, it sounds like it is something purposely being done to get people to leave texas. i think there was a plane scheduled to leave today that we will see if they follow through with that. host: this is from kirk starting us off in oklahoma, independent line. you are on with our guest this morning. go ahead please. caller: when you talk about they
9:40 am
are not seeing people be deported, that information is not privy to the public. the united states government port a lot of people on a monthly basis. i moved from texas to louisiana.
9:41 am
you are in congress, you need to tell the american public the amount of money the federal government spend each month deporting people out of the united states. guest: kurt makes a good point. the united states is a deporting people who have been under title 42. we see the number of people in custody. other people are being deported. he brings a good point. you can see the monthly numbers released of how many people are being deported at how many people are not. host: from new york, on the
9:42 am
democratic line, brandy, hi. caller: i saw a report recently that the fueling of weapons, or weapons being used in the united states are causing, or aiding in the violence of drug cartels against citizens. securing borders and discussing our borders, i think we need to discuss how we can help play a part in a safer nation so we don't see the rapid fleeing of his people to america. guest: this is something we are continuing to work on. the root cause of why people are making that journey, for jobs,
9:43 am
failing communist countries. we could certainly do, as it pertains to --. host: to look at the issues of migration, what are we seeing coming from that? guest: when you have selection in a foreign country, the u.s. cannot just step in and fix that. the leadership of secretary mayorkas has visitation to these countries. the vice president has as well, continuing to talk to them. i know this happened with mexico with who they can take. it is not having the money goes
9:44 am
straight to the government. if it is corrupt, it is not a good investment. it is going to the nonprofit. the people on the ground helping people. figure out how we address the root causes. addressing globally, climate change is happening globally. drought, that is happening in these countries. the economics of what is happening in these countries, these countries -- helping these countries have better conditions. host: you mentioned title 42. remind people what that is and why hasn't the biden administration rescinded it. guest: title 42, under trump, was an announcement of policy put in place because of the covid pandemic, we cannot allow people to come into this country
9:45 am
. it was used as a way to stop immigration. for it to come back and say no, you cannot, that has been the subject of court action and decision. it is a horrendous policy. nowadays we have testing. we even have prescriptions drugs to help. it is an excuse to stop immigration. we need to as quickly as we can move off of it. host: tom is in michigan, republican line. go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. i have been listening to the things you have been saying about the border. i have a question.
9:46 am
you feel that the borders are very secure, have you been there personally? guest: absolutely. i have been running delegations down to the southern border to see what is happening, see folks crossing over. we have had hearings on this from officials themselves about the border and security at the border. caller: so you don't feel that all the stuff that is coming into the united states illegally and ravaging our students and our younger population, you don't ink with illegal border process and cartel are? guest: they are coming through ports of entry. people who have documentation who are trying to get these illegal drugs into this country at a cost. the fact the numbers are going up means those along the border
9:47 am
are doing their job. we are going to continue to make sure we do everything we can to have the resources to stop the illegal flow of drugs into this country. i just want to remind our viewers that the higher numbers mean that we are doing our job to stop these drugs and these are coming in through ports of entry and most of the people are people who have documents to come in, not undocumented. host: carol on the independent line, west virginia, hi. caller: good morning. i just have a few comments for the representative. i get aggravated at both parties. both parties are ignoring the constitutional rights and immigration laws.
9:48 am
the republicans want the illegals here to fill job positions. the democrats want them here because they just like open borders. this is just my opinion. however, they all get on here and talk about how we need to follow the laws, but yet, nobody pushes the laws for the immigration. if i am not mistaken, the law says anybody that wants to enter the country has to apply for asylum in their own country, or at the first country they come to. but yet, they are pushed to the united states. we give these countries money as foreign aid.
9:49 am
what trump did, and i am not a big fan of all of trump's policies, but the immigration policy, what he did, he goes to these countries and says, we will give you foreign aid, but we are going to cut his foreign aid until you take some of these people back. there was an article just out that venezuela, they are sending their criminals to the united states. host: thanks for calling. we will have to just respond. guest: the u.s. asylum laws provide people to come to a port of entry and apply for asylum. that is not really happening. you are right in one respect that we in the united states are not apply -- not allowing people the opportunity to have the rights they are entitled to.
9:50 am
there is nothing that says in the united states that if you reach the united states first, apply for asylum there. we encourage people to apply for asylum in their country, but many times, people leaving their country are leaving for corruption or circumstances that cause them to leave right away and they are so desperate. people don't leave their country because they want to. they leave their country and their families behind because they have to. some desperation, something that they need. i just wanted to make sure our callers understood that u.s. asylum law says it is completely legal to come to this country, apply for asylum. you don't have to do it outside of this country, you can do it inside this country. people now coming between ports of entry are not exactly open for everybody. that is why you see border protection.
9:51 am
we have to do a better job. that is another indication of the broken asylum system. host: have there been any measurable changes of cases being heard? guest: there have been programs in place that have been streamlining. i don't know the exact number. there has been some concern from those in the legal community that they should be getting. host: what role should the government play now in the aftermath of puerto rico?
9:52 am
guest: hurricane maria and then five years later having to do with hurricane fiona. just making sure that the resources are on the ground for people to get the resources they need to get through this. which is always a challenge. fema is going out, making sure the overs -- tomorrow the homeland committee is having a hearing on critical infrastructure and resiliency which, when you take a look, and improves things in puerto rico. whether it is the grid, infrastructure. we have seen videos of hurricane maria. it basically washed away. there is an opportunity tomorrow at the homeland committee meeting. but there needs to be oversight on money being put into puerto
9:53 am
rico and to find out making sure when they rebuild, they do so in a way that is not going to wipe out the island again. host: from mike in nevada, democrats line. go ahead. caller: good morning. i was concerned about the so-called illegal immigration issue. we are not getting anywhere doing what we are doing now. so if we could just take a step back and view these people as native americans, because that is exactly who they are coming across the border. they have been moving back and forth, north and south since before europeans showed up. so why can't we view them as native americans? maybe even give them dna tests as they come to the border, seeking asylum, and allow them
9:54 am
to come into our country. because their ancestors were here long before us. i am just asking, why can't we as americans take a different look at it all and try to be productive for these people? because they are productive people. besides that, -- thank you very much. guest: we are making sure we are compassionate, these are human beings. they are escaping very violent situations. cases of oppressive government. i don't agree with the dna portion. it is pretty intrusive, it is a privacy concern. we need to make sure we invest our immigration system
9:55 am
comprehensive immigration reform has been a big challenge. we can see what happens when our country is compassionate and welcoming. that is something we should do more of. we are a nation of immigrants. even my own parents are immigrants. it is an amazing opportunity for us to open our arms and to welcome people. host: from pennsylvania, republican line, ken, hello. caller: good morning. the democrats are talking about how secure the border is. over 2 billion people have crossed over. back to the old days with obama, catch and release. when it comes to these sites in different cities, whenever the biden administration was cutting
9:56 am
people off in florida and other states in the middle of the night, 3:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the morning, where was the outrage then? that is my question to you, representative. guest: i am not sure i understand the question. host: let's go to stephen in florida. caller: thank you for taking my call. we had a speaker earlier from texas talking about specifically the gop governors sending these immigrants to these other states. a caller called in and said one idea they had, why don't we send -- to their state? i don't agree with that at all. border states do have a problem with immigration.
9:57 am
immigrants. governors sending immigrants to other states without housing, -- terrorists commit crimes. usually violent crimes. these actions are kind of similar to that. he is trying to generate fear, but not doing it the right way. occasionally i see reports on local media where people will drop off their pet in public places. they are charged with crimes for doing that to animals. but these governors are doing that with people. that would be my comments. guest: thanks, mike. what governors are doing, when you are lying to migrants, they
9:58 am
tried to make it seem like it is voluntary and it is not. that is what this makes this so deplorable. they are not giving heads up to the cities or governors of the states to make sure there is resources in place. the governor of massachusetts is a republican who says we are going to find a place and make sure we have the resources. so many people in the community have stepped up to help out. that is what we should be doing. we should be stepping up as americans, welcoming them to our country. while their cases are being heard. many of these people are coming from very horrible conditions and challenges and many are from communist countries. host: the government is supposed to run out of money october 1, do you think that is going to happen? guest: no, i think it is
9:59 am
imperative congress make sure the government is up and running. we are going to work as long to make sure we keep the government open and folks getting paid. host: will that request include about $50 billion in the biden administration for covid relieved? is that a component of this package? guest: we need to get it done. whether it is going to be a part of it is a bigger question. i don't really know. we have seen reports both ways. as they negotiate that, that is not something they try to keep us too much in the loop about that because they don't want to ruin any negotiations taking place. people who are fleeing war, they invade their country. we need to get that aid.
10:00 am
host: joining us for this conversation, the chair on border communication. thank you for joining us. another addition washington and -- washington journal comes your way at 7:00 in the morning. >> the house will be in order. >> washington dc, september 20, 2002 only two. -- september 20, 2022.


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