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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on Ukraine  CSPAN  September 22, 2022 10:00pm-1:09am EDT

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so homework can just be homework. announcer: talks, along with these other television providers, giving you a front-row seat to democracy. announcer: secretary of state antony blinken joins counterparts for a un security council meeting to discuss allegedly russian war crimes. this was held a day after the russian president ordered a partial mobilization of additional russian forces, and vowed to use all means necessary for russia to defend itself.
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from the international criminal court to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 39 of the council's provisional rules, i invite the representative of the european union for foreign affairs and security policy to participate in this meeting.
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in accordance with rule 37 of the council's rules of procedure, i would invite the representative's of belarus, poland, turkey and ukraine to participate in this meeting. the security council will now begin consideration of item two of the agenda. i would like to warmly welcome the secretary general, the prime minister and other high-level representatives. your presence underscores the importance of the subject matter under discussion. now, the secretary-general mr. gutierrez. >> russia's war on ukraine shows
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no signs of letting up. the past seven months have seen unspeakable suffering and devastation. the latest developments are dangerous and disturbing. we are further steps away from any prospect of peace, and towards an endless cycle of horror and bloodshed. as i have said from the start, this senseless war has unlimited potential to reach a terrible harm in ukraine and around the world. the idea of nuclear conflict, once on thinkable, has become a subject of debate. this is totally un-acceptable, all nuclear armed states should recommit to the nonuse and total elimination of nuclear weapons. i am also deeply concerned by
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records of plans to organize so-called referenda in areas of ukraine that are not currently underground -- under government control. any annexation of a state's territory by another state resulting from threat or use of force is violation of the u.n. charter and international law. at present, thousands of ukrainian civilians, including hundreds of children have been killed or injured mostly by russians or bombardment of urban areas. every day, an average of five children are killed or injured. almost every child in ukraine has been scarred by the nightmare of war, from violence to family separation. some 14 million people have been forced to flee, the majority
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women and children. the situation will only get worse with winter approaching, and gas and electricity supplies dwindling. the conflict has supercharged a triple crisis of food, energy and finance. this is driving millions more people into extreme poverty and hunger, and reversing years of progress and development.
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together with our humanitarian partners on the ground, we have provided aid to nearly 13 million people in need. it is essential that humanitarian workers have unhindered and safe access to all those requiring assistance wherever they may be. >> madam president, we have documented the unacceptable impact of this war on human rights. summary executions, sexual violence, and degrading treatment against civilians.
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the accounts in izyum are very disturbing. all the accusations are being thoroughly investigated. victims and their families have a right to justice, remedy and reparation. any impunity for international crimes is fundamental. the international criminal court plays an important role to ensure effective accountability. the court has opened an investigation into the situation in ukraine, full cooperation by all parties is essential. madam president, the fact-finding mission i established following the tragic incident on 29 of july is ready to deploy as soon as possible
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their assurances are received. nations must have a safe and secure access to all relevant places and people, and to relevant evidence without impediment or interference. the zaporizhzhia power plant in the middle of a war zone remains a cause of great concern. we are working on all possible measures for the safety of the plant. i think iaea for its work. all attacks on nuclear facilities must end. the nature of such plans must be reestablished. any damage to nuclear infrastructure whether deliberate or not will have terrible consequences for people around the plant and far beyond. the world cannot afford a nuclear catastrophe.
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madam president, yesterday's news that more than 250 prisoners of war were exchanged was a welcome development. i commend both parties. and i think the governments of turkey and saudi arabia for their role in securing these agreements. in july, with the support of the government of turkey, a landmark deal was reached enabling the resumption of food exports from ukraine's black sea ports. millions of tons of food has since been moved to countries across three continents. it includes three vessels charted by local programs for the people of pakistan, afghanistan and yemen.
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and the fifth is on the way. global food prices have dropped sharply, although they are still almost 8% higher than a year ago. it is right that food shipments continue to increase so commodity markets stabilize. the united nations assigned a memorial of understanding on access to fertilizer products, including ammonia to global markets. we are doing everything possible to facilitate this and ease the fertilizer market crunch that is affecting farming in west africa and elsewhere. if the fertilizer market is not stabilize, next year could bring a food supply crisis. simply put, the world may run out of food. it is essential that all states remove obstacles to the export of russian fertilizers immediately.
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we need excess at a reasonable cost and as soon as possible. another major concern is the impact of high gas prices on the production of hydrogen fertilizers. this must be addressed without delay. madam president [speaking french] peace in line with international law and the charter of the united nations. and i appeal to all member states, especially those here today to redouble all efforts to prevent further escalation. and do all they can to end the war and ensure lasting peace, thank you. >> i now give the floor to karim khan. mr. khan: excellencies,
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secretary-general, it is a great opportunity to say a few words to this august council. this is a moment where we must collectively demonstrate by action, not words, that the law has meaning. it is critical that the law is seen to be on the front line protecting those most at need. as we speak, in ukraine and many parts of the world, the most vulnerable to deserve our attention, children, women, and men suffer in agony and insecurity. and the law is looked to for accountability. this potential i am convinced is latent in the law can only work
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by collective action. it requires determined focus by my office, the court but also by all of you. we must demonstrate in every location where violations are alleged, and the court has jurisdiction, that in conflict there are responsibilities. anybody that picks up a gun or fires a missile must realize the law is alive, not in slumber, and that accountability is absolutely essential. that requires determined action, it wires -- requires us to review our pledge from nuremberg that there is no statute of limitations for war crimes. madam president, if we coalesce around these basic principles of humanity, basic norms of conduct, the law can play an evermore impactful role
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as an anchor for peace and security. in ukraine, but in so many other parts of the world as well. the beginning of the recent developments in ukraine in late february, i have thought -- sought to ensure that my office meets the imperatives of action and focus. in the five days between february and the fifth of march when i opened my investigation, we have moved with some purpose. the fact that 43 parties to the road statute, one third of the assembly in total, referred the matter to the court signals not only the crisis and concerned that is expressed. but also an understanding but
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thought law has an important role to play. we are now at this stage of continuing forensic, objective, impartial and painstaking work to grapple with the facts, separate truth from fiction, and build a picture of what actually happened. back in may, we made the largest field deployment that the icc has seen. since may, we have had a permanent field presence in ukraine. next week, further members of my office will also deploy to ukraine to look into allegations emerging from the east of the country. building partnerships, embracing innovation takes many forms. new engagements with states, international organizations and the private sector.
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hopefully this will lead to a more coherent approach for action. render this collective responsibility more effective. but the process of accountability, of collecting evidence and determining is not simply an academic exercise. it is critical to actually present in a juridical forum the truth. ugly, we have independent judges. when we have done our job, we will present our work to the independent judges of the icc. they will decide where the truth lies. this exercise is essential if we are to have confidence in the rules-based system.
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this function and this alone is the focus of my office. it is not a tool of politics, it is not driven by any other agenda. our -- now underpinned with great elegance in the united nations. through this work, a picture will emerge. the picture i have seen so far is troubling indeed. i have been to ukraine three times, and have seen a variety of destruction, suffering and harm that fortifies my determination. and my previous findings that there are reasonable grounds to believe that crimes within the jurisdiction of the court have
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been committed. if i may be quite direct, when i went to bucha and went behind st. andrews church, the bodies i saw were not fake. when i walked the streets, the destruction that i saw of buildings and schools was all too real. when i left kharkiv, the bombs i heard land gave a very somber insight into the awful realities faced by many of our brothers and sisters, and children, in a war zone. i am deeply concerned regarding the allegations and information we are seeing regarding what appeared to me reasonable grounds to believe intentional targeting of civilian objects. and also, the transfer of populations from ukraine outside.
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particularly into europe. these are priorities we are focusing on. but our task collectively is to ensure that those responsible for any crimes that may have been committed, or any decisions the judges of the icc may make today, realize that they are masters of their own destiny. and have the unambiguous responsibility to act proportionately to honor the principle of distinction, and take all means necessary to ensure civilians and civilian objects are not targeted. justice as i have said is not political, it is an indication of the fundamental rights of all members of humanity. it is a demonstration of promises that underpin the charter and the rome statute. in my view, the echoes of
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nuremberg should be heard today. the failure to uphold the promises of nuremberg we have seen over the last many decades should act as an approach on all of us. that leaders not despair, but act to re-galvanize us as a council, as international organizations, and as humanity to finally come of age and plant more firmly the flag of legality on the international landscape. today what i would like to do is recommit to my obligations, and my own as prosecutor of the icc to do everything i can to engage with all international partner states, the united nations, other international organizations, to investigate cases in our jurisdiction.
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in ukraine and beyond. the responsibilities, demand no less that we meet the challenges of today. we must demonstrate the resolve and determination, and the principal, in order not to disappoint and fail of those that are in most need of the law as we speak. thank you so much. >> i will now make a statement in my capacity as minister of europe and of the foreign affairs of france. ladies and gentlemen, it is with a great sense of seriousness
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that i take the floor at this session dedicated to the situation in ukraine. and to the crimes and aggression russia decided to launch a loan against a sovereign state, ukraine, whose only fault was to live freely constitute a flagrant violation of the norms of our common charter, the united nations charter. the nonuse of force, peaceful resolution of disputes, respect for sovereignty and integrity of territorial estates are principles to which we often ascribe around this table. each one of these principles was blatantly violated. the war was began on february 4t of th -- 24th of this
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year and has been a company by so many atrocities. russia must held accountable in bucha and so many other places, unspeakable crimes were committed. izyum has revealed new atrocities discovered by torture. justice, there will be no peace without justice. justice is an imperative for the victims. who have a right to reparation for their suffering, all the suffering of each victim. justice is an imperative of international security. i say this to those who see this as just another conflict. if everything is permissible here, then it will be even more permissible somewhere else and the possibility of a war of
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aggression will only grow. justice finally is a political imperative. we need to ensure individuals are held accountable for crimes they have committed. whether they have committed, ordered or planned them. the very idea that such violations upon humanity are possible should be combated both in words and deeds. a summit of the international criminal court with 43 states, this is the first time so many states have referred this situation to the court. a sign of importance that we attach collectively to what is taking place here. the court will act in complementarity with ukrainian justice as well as other international jurisdictions, including the french and several
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other jurisdictions of the states present here. this framework of justice must be upheld. france is working with many other partners to strengthen in all of its jurisdictions, the collection of evidence and reliable information. this is why france has acted very specifically about the crimes committed in bucha. they were known in april. we sent teams who for three months help justices may neutrally -- minutely reconstitute facts. we have donated a mobile laboratory to investigate dna. in izyum, new atrocities have been uncovered, and we have sent another mission. russia is acting by propaganda and disinformation, justice
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should be based on facts. of course, we have also supported the icc, provided financial support and magistrates, while of course respecting its independence. our support is offered to all jurisdictions that wish to cooperate, to allow the international criminal court to take part in common investigative teams that bring together several national jurisdictions, including the jurisdiction of ukraine. we're combating impunity but we're also defending the integrity of our international court. the choice of war by russia on a false pretext is a blatant violation. genocide is the worst crime of
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all, the project of international criminal justice, this is something that really is shocking. the international criminal court noted the abusive conduct by referring to this notion. in fact, the population is subject to terror, threatened using every possible means while we here refuse to be drawn into any escalation. our mission, our duty, our work around this table and council is to give back meaning to things. i want to quote a russian writer, "we must publicly condemn the very idea that men
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exercise violence against other men by condemning vice," by writing these lines, solzhenitsyn referred to decades of crimes committed by the ussr in its own territory. those words very much apply today to the crimes committed by russia outside the territory. the facts investigated by icc could constitute crimes against humanity. we will investigate but we must say that those response will be identified, prosecuted and ultimately judged. for the victims, the weight may seem long for their families but
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they must have uncertainty these crimes will not be unpunished. we owe it to them. what is at stake is our security, and the universal principles that unite us. and now i go back to my role as president of the council, and give the floor to the prime minister of norway. >> this week at the united nations, i believe we have seen how we as a global community face dire challenges from war, climate change, energy and food insecurity and inequality. we see how ordinary people pay the heaviest rise. -- price.
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it is our responsibility as members of the united nations to chart a different path. one would hope and believe in what we can achieve for our citizens and humanity. the secretary-general outlined this eloquently on tuesday. we have the values and principles you necessary -- principles necessary. madam president, the charter sets out clear principles for rules-based international order and suddenly this order is under attack. russia's war of aggression against ukraine constitute a gross violation of international law, including the united nations carver. the violation of the principles on which this organization is built, but sovereign equality of all his people and members. madam president, i listened carefully to president putin's
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speech announcing a major escalation of this war explained by a long list of allegations that russia is threatened from the west. speaking for norway, a european state and neighbor to russia, let me say as clearly as i can, these allegations are simply not true. there is no military threat against russia. there is no reason to underpin a massive mobilization of russian troops. this will only lead to increased suffering for ukrainians and russians alike. russia must abide by the international court of justice and immediately suspend military operations in the territory of ukraine. russia chose to start this war, it was now choose to stop it. none of the differences can be
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solved by the ongoing military onslaught. madam president, this general assembly has reminded us of the global consequences of this war, surging energy prices and increasing food insecurity are exacerbating the suffering of the vulnerable. not to mention the potential effects of a nuclear accident in ukraine. the russian forces at the zaporizhzhia power plant severely compromises security and stability. moon the black sea grain initiative is an important initiative to bring food exports back to the world market. we commend the efforts to facilitate this initiative.
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norway weight also expresses full support for the secretary-general, when the time comes, we will stand firmly with the uni and the effort to build and sustain peace. thousands of civilians including children have been killed. millions have fled their countries or been separated from loved ones. many thousands have been welcomed in my country. may the day come when they can return safely to their home country. the recent escalation of attacks on civilian targets is unacceptable. russia's indiscriminate use of weapons to destroy homes, schools and hospitals. civilians have forcibly been transferred to russia and russian occupied territory. there are reports of sexual
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violence being used as a tactic of war. this must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. madam president, we condemned the referendums in occupied territories of ukraine. they would have no legal standing and no legitimacy. they would in no way affect ukraine's sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders. let that be clear. international law is not optional, as the prosecutor said, justice is not political. all human rights violations must be properly investigated and those responsible brought to justice. there can be no impunity as madam president so accurately said. accountability is key, but to ensure justice for victims and
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to deter future violations, perpetrators must be held to account through national or international criminal justice mechanisms. this is why we welcome the commission of inquiry established by the human rights council, this is crucial both in the context of ukraine and globally. madam president, let me end on this note, this war is a catastrophe for ukraine and its people. its ramifications have serious consequences for vulnerable communities all around the world. let me say this, it is also detrimental to russia itself. our neighbor. thousands of russian soldiers have been sent to their deaths in this unnecessary and illegal war. russian citizens are increasingly being denied fundamental freedoms in a
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society with even stronger authoritarian systems. it is the russian people, and we know them, could have freely express their views, would they have chosen war? i doubt it. they are also what we have two depend on when we turn our back on war and destruction. we must defend these norms and standards, and again, the core principles are enshrined in the charter. preventing and ending at of aggression is a direct responsibility of the security council. in norway, we will use our remaining time to promote dialogue and fair resolution to this meaningless war. we will also stand up for ukraine's right to defend itself against aggression. as well, we will defend our
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right to support ukraine in self-defense. we will speak up for the values of the united nations and take action for all people in need affected by this war no matter where they are. this war of aggression is not just an attack against ukraine, but also against the values of the u.n. charter. the ukrainian people are giving their lives to defend these universal values and independence. and norway continues to support in this struggle. >> i think his excellency, mr. store. i give the floor to the secretary of foreign affairs. >> i think the secretary-general and the prosecutor of the
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international criminal court, for their valuable briefings. i welcome the presence at this meeting of the security council, the prime minister of norway, and their colleagues, ministers and high-level representatives. i think france too and you, madam minister, for having convened this debate on a leggett -- flagrant breach of the charter of the united nations and international security. seven months after the war in ukraine began, the economic and social implications are clear. as in any armed conflict, civil society has paste -- has paid the price. this has led to massive displacements of people both inside ukraine and towards
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neighboring countries, above all, women and children. property dedham inch -- damage is also severe and burdensome. mexico has insisted on the need for a diplomatic solution, and a humanitarian response without subordinating it to political considerations. in this regard, we sponsored with france a draft resolution which gave rise to the resolution adopted last march. we reiterate that humanitarian assistance continues to be a priority which is indispensable. we have to the best of our abilities supported the mediation of the secretary-general. together with norway, we drafted a statement to send, adopted may
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6. it is the only expression this council has been able to make since the beginning of the conflict. the progress of the war, with its enormous human and material costs, and increase of needs due to a conflict such as the dearth of humanitarian supplies. at the high cost of fuel, facing winter, we urgently require solution through diplomatic means and a ceasefire. for this, we need political will of the parties and commitment from the international community. it is necessary to stress respect for international law, including international humanitarian law and human rights law. accountability is another fundamental pillar of the system
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for rule of law and peace. without precondition, those responsible for crimes in ukraine must be brought to justice. the work of the international criminal court is essential to investigate the reports of alleged war crimes, and crimes against humanity. we will follow with the greatest attention the progress of these investigations. great fleet is the risk derived from confrontations at the zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. ensuring security is critical to avoid any possible catastrophe. we support the recommendations made by the iaea after its technical expansion -- inspection. we support the cause to create a security perimeter around the
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plant. regarding the signing of the black sea initiative for grain, grain prices in the last two months have begun to draw. this is a demonstration of diplomacy being possible. it is also essential to guarantee access to fertilizers to open markets. we are encouraged to see specific steps in this direction. we acknowledge the leadership of the secretary-general of the united nations as well as the president of turkey in managing the aforementioned agreement. madam president, since the beginning of the conflict, my country's position has been based on the principles of foreign policy, which are in accordance with the purposes of the charter of the united nations. particularly nonintervention,
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peaceful settlement of disputes and prohibition of the threat or use of force. there iscore ambiguity. peaceful coexistence depends on all of these. there cannot be any exceptions. all of these month, we have reiterated the importance of article two with regard to prohibiting the use of force against the territorial integrity and defense of any state. through our own experience, mexico well understands the importance of having the basic guarantee of living without the threat of being invaded by another state. any violation is illegitimate. the purpose and mandate of this council is preventing the suffering of humanity from the
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scourge of war. this can only be achieved through the building of effective political channels, the security of individuals, and territorial integrity. indifference is not acceptable, also unacceptable is, and in this case the security council has not been able to fulfill its responsibilities. correcting it depends on us, the time is ripe to raise reforms for this purpose. mexico believes that the international community must make the best efforts to obtain peace. allow me to share the words of the president of mexico, and of the secretary-general, to create a caucus with participation of
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other heads of government. the objective would be to create new mechanisms for dialogue, and new spaces of mediation to foster trust and open the path toward lasting peace. mexico's delegation will continue with the necessary consultations, with the sole purpose of contributing as an impartial actor to generating broad support for the secretary-general and the aforementioned caucus, and we hope it would be created by the support of the united nations. as the secretary-general said, the time has come to commit to peace. resigning ourselves to war is simply to stand on the edge of the abyss. >> i give the floor to the
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secretary of state of the united states of america. >> thank you for having brought this floor together at this great moment. sec. blinken: thank you for your determination and the moral clarity you brought to ending this brutal war. and also for your personal engagement in securing the vital black sea route for grain to flow once again from ukraine. mr. khan, we are grateful to the office of the prosecutor to investigate objectively the atrocities being committed in ukraine by russian forces, and in coordination with ukrainian investigators and prosecutors. we hear a lot about divisions among countries of the united nations.
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but recently, what is striking is the remarkable unity among member states when it comes to russia's war in ukraine. leaders from countries developing and developed, big and small, north and south, have spoken to the general assembly about the consequences of this war and the need to end it. they have called on all of us to reaffirm our commitment to the u.n. charter and its principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, human rights. even a number of nations that maintain close ties with moscow have said publicly they have serious concerns about president putin's ongoing invasion. rather than change course however, president putin has doubled it down, choosing not to end the war but to expand it. not to pull troops back but to call 300,000 additional troops up.
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not to ease tensions but to escalate them through the threat of nuclear weapons. not to work toward diplomatic resolution but to render such solution impossible by seeking to annex more ukrainian territory through sham referendums. president putin picked up this week, as most of the world gathers at the united nations, to add fuel to the fire he started shows his utter contempt for the general assembly and this council. the order we have gathered to uphold is being shredded before our eyes, we cannot, we will not allow president putin to get away with it. defending ukraine's sovereignty is about much more than standing up for one nation's right to choose its own path. it is also about protecting international order, where no nation can redraw the borders of
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another by force. if we fail to defend this principle when the kremlin flagrantly violates it, we sent the message to criminals everywhere that they can ignore it, too. we open the door to a less secure, less peaceful world. we see what that looks like in the parts of ukraine controlled by russian forces. wherever the russian tide recedes, we discover the horror left in its wake. i had a window into that horror myself when i travel to ukraine to meet with investigators compiling evidence of war crimes committed there. i saw the gaping holes left in residential buildings by russian shelling. as we assemble here, ukrainian
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international investigators continue to excavate bodies outside of izyum, which was controlled by russian forces before they were driven out. one site contained in psalm 440 unmarked graves. they showed signs of torture including one victim with broken arms and a rope around its neck. a man described being tortured by russian forces for a dozen days during which his interrogators electrocuted him and in his words, "deeply to the point where i didn't feel anything." these are not the acts of road units, they have been a clear pattern of territory controlled by were russian -- controlled by russian forces. we have mounting evidence of international war crimes in
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ukraine. we must hold perpetrators accountable. that is one of the reasons why more than 40 nations have come together to help the ukrainian people defend themselves. the more setbacks russian forces and you're on the battlefield, the greater the pain they are inflicting on civilians. russian attacks on bridges, power stations, hospitals and other civilian infrastructure are increasing. constituting brazen violation of international humanitarian law. this week, president putin said russia would not hesitate to use, "all weapons systems available," in response to threat to its and territorial integrity. given russia's response to annex large amounts of ukraine in the days ahead, one that is
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complete, we can expect president putin to claim any effort to liberate that land is an attack on russian territory. we must join other members of the security council to state nuclear war can never be won. yet another example of how russia violated its commitments before this body. every councilmember should send a clear message that these reckless nuclear threats must stop immediately. russia's efforts to annex more ukrainian territory is another dangerous escalation as well as repudiation of diplomacy. it is even more alarming when coupled with the infiltration operation russian forces have
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been carrying out across parts of ukraine that they control. violently uprooting thousands of ukrainians, moving in russians to replace them, calling of vote, many of letting the results -- manipulating the results. it is imperative that every member of this council, and every member of the united nations unequivocally declare that all ukrainian territory is and will remain part of ukraine. and no russian crime to annex -- claim to annex territory. putin's invasion is also distracting this counc in factil, the entire system from
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issues we want to focus on like preventing climate catastrophe. tens of millions of people on the brink of famine. fulfilling the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. all issues that make a tangible difference in the lives of citizens that we are here to represent. and that they are looking to us. the overwhelming majority of states are committed to working together on these issues. yet while more than 100 countries have signed on to a roadmap to provide food aid to those who needed, partners are working together to increase the resilience of global food systems, russia blocked the export of grain to the world. and russia continues to bomb and seize ukrainian farm fields.
10:56 pm
while governments around the world are teaming up with international organizations, the private sector and philanthropy is to end the pandemic and make sure we are better prepared for the next one, russia is spreading disinformation about who vaccines, fueling vaccine hesitancy that puts all our countries at greater risk. here is the reality, none of us chose this war. not the ukrainians, who knew the crushing toll it would take, not the united states which warned it was coming and worked to prevent it, not the vast majority of countries of the united nations. nor did our people or the people of virtually every member states who are feeling the war's consequences, greater food insecurity and higher energy
10:57 pm
prices. nor did the mothers and fathers whose children are being sent to die in this war, or the russian citizens who continue to risk their freedom to protest. including those who came out in moscow after the announcement of mobilization to chant, let our children live. " it must be asked, how has this aggression against ukraine by president putin improved the lives or prospects of a single russian citizen? one man chose this war, one man can end it. because if russia stops fighting, the war ends. if ukraine stops fighting, ukraine ends. that is why we will continue to support ukraine and strengthen
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his hand for a diplomatic resolution. as president to ski said, diplomacy must not be used as a cudgel to reward russia. president putin is making his choice, now it is up to all of our countries to make ours. tell president putin to stop the horror he started, to stop putting his interests above the rest of the world, including his own people. to stop debasing this counsel and everything it stands for. we the people of united nations determined, that is now the preamble of the u.n. charter starts. let us not forget that we the people's still get to choose the fate of this institution and our world. the stakes are clear, the choice
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is ours. let's make the right choice for the world that we want and that our people so desperately deserve. thank you. >> i think his excellency, mr. >> china follows ukraine's
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humanitarian situation very closely and has assisted ukraine with humanitarian supplies this year, we have provided other developing countries with 15,000 tons of emergency humanitarian food assistance and contributed positively to easing the global food crisis. china would like to make the
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following four proposals. first we must stick to dialogue and negotiation. the top priority is for the parties to resume dialogue without preconditions. commit to dialogue without presuming the outcome. and put feasible options on the table so that the toss can produce results and bring about peace. second, we must work together for de-escalation. the parties should exercise restraint and avoid escalating tensions. the international community should play a constructive role to help de-escalate and create space for political settlement. when it comes to the safety and security of nuclear facilities, there is no room for trial and error. we support the iaa and opposing
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a fair and objective position. third, we must honestly ease the humanitarian situation. it is vital to observe international humanitarian law and minimize civilian casualties. investigations into violations should be objective and fair, based on facts rather than an assumption of guilt and without being politicized. the international community needs to support the united nations humanitarian agencies in upholding neutrality and equity and continue to provide assistance to those affected in ukraine and its neighboring countries. fourth, we must contain spillover. energy suppliers and consumers should work together to keep the
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global energy market stable. we support the secretary-general in helping facilitate the exports of russian and ukrainian grains. china has put forth the international food security initiative and will welcome positive results from all countries. no country should resort to arbitrary unilateral sanctions. madam president, the security council should uphold the basic principles of objectivity on the issue of ukraine and prioritize mediation in the pursuit of settlement.
11:04 pm
the ukraine crisis is closely linked to the international situation. the more challenging the situation is the more important it is to stay united. we must work in coordination to uphold international systems, abide by the basic norms of international relations based on the u.n. charter, accommodate the legitimate concerns of all parties, abandon politics and present any form of -- prevent any cold war. thank you. >> i thank his excellency for
11:05 pm
his statement. i give the floor to albania. >> i join other colleagues to make parents -- to thank frances for convening this meeting. this meeting cannot be timelier given the latest declarations by the kremlin. i also welcome the decision of the french presidency of the council to continue keeping them focus on accountability, an issue about most importance that we initiate together back in april. i also thank the prosecutor for his information and his tireless
11:06 pm
efforts to establish accountability in ukraine. madam president, russia has waged an illegal war of aggression against ukraine. russia's actions are a blatant violation of the charter of the united nations. the international court of justice has ordered russia to suspend its military operation in ukraine. international law is the same and mandatory for all. russia has chosen to ignore it. the very principle and belief upon which they view one was founded was that the only way to prevent war was through universal norms and laws accepted by all.
11:07 pm
we have all managed to strengthen and expand the reach of international law and multi-lateral cooperation and we agree nobody can stand above the law. we hoped the world would never again go back to the distant past, but brushes flickering attempt to conquer -- russia's blatant attempt to conquer ukraine. there is much more in what is happening in ukraine today that is reminiscent of those dark days. reports from the ground, footage the whole world has seen has revealed the truth of russia's actions. innocent men, women and children in ukraine, as well as tens of thousands of russian soldiers,
11:08 pm
have paid with their lives for vladimir putin's war of choice. millions around the world are going hungry because of vladimir putin's war of choice. we condemn russia's confrontation by announcing a partial mobilization in russia by supporting four ukrainian territories currently occupied. this sham referendum is another blatant violation of ukraine and a serious violation of the um charter. -- u.n. charter. we reiterate our call for russia to completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its troops and military equipment from the entire territory of ukraine within its
11:09 pm
internationally recognized border. this is why we must galvanize our forces and continue to help ukraine defend itself, but it is by we must also guarantee full accountability for what russia is doing in ukraine. it is to provide justice, but this is also to prevent future atrocities. we all tried to prevent this conflict. we could not, but we must not fail to hold russia accountable. thank you. >> i thank her excellency for her statement. i give the floor to ireland. >> thank you madam president. one week ago, i stood on the deck of a cargo ship in the port of odessa.
11:10 pm
watching 46,000 tons of grain being loaded, bound for bangladesh. that same day the total amount of grain exported from ukraine imports through the plexi green initiative had reached 3,000,000 tons. ukrainian staff in odessa spoke to me of their plans to reach 4,000,000 tons of grain per month. secretary-general, as you have said, those ships carry not just grain, but the rare commodity of hope. and they represent something else. the power of multilateralism. in the midst of conflict, the um and the government of turkey negotiated a deal to get desperately needed grain out of ukraine and onto world markets. this happened through dialogue.
11:11 pm
through using the systems and structures that we have built over decades. to resolve differences, to find solutions and to deliver for our citizens. these are the principles and institutions that all of us have a solemn commitment to uphold. madam president, let me recall another moment of hope. in january of this year, the leaders of the five nuclear weapons states, including russia, declared a nuclear war cannot be won and can never be fought. those five leaders, including president putin, committed to avoid military confrontations, increase mutual understanding and confidence. and pursue constructive dialogue with mutual respect. just six weeks later, russia
11:12 pm
launched an unwarranted and illegal further invasion of ukraine. of another sovereign u.n. member state. of a neighbor. and now this week president putin again issues threats to use nuclear weapons. let us be absolutely clear. russia's invasion of cue crane -- ukraine is the antithesis of the principles of the u.n. charter. it is a grave violation of international law. it's an attempt to change internationally recognized borders by use of force. and no sham referendums can change that basic fact. it cannot be allowed to stand. if we fail to hold russia accountable, we send a signal to large, powerful countries that they can prey on their neighbors
11:13 pm
with impunity, which is something that every nation on earth should take note of. this is why ireland yesterday filed a declaration of intervention at the international court of justice. in ukraine's case against russia. it is why we are intervening in ukraine's case against russia at the european court of human rights. it is why we have supported action at the o.s.c.e., the council of europe, the u.n. general assembly, and the human rights council to hold russia accountable for what it's doing. it's why with 42 other state parties of the international criminal court we referred the situation in ukraine to the i.c.c. prosecutor who is with us here today. it is why we support ukraine's efforts to establish a compensation and reparations mechanism, and it's why we will work with ukraine and other partners to examine how we can
11:14 pm
hold russia accountable for the crime of aggression. but it is also why this council collectively must consider how it acts to protect the principles and purpose of the u.n. charter itself. no one country, no matter how big or powerful, should have the ability to veto the application of international law for its own aim. madam president, i said at the council in april that without accountability there is no hope for a sustainable peace. not in ukraine, not anywhere. and i repeat that today. i also recall here in april the shocking evidence i saw of russia forces disregard for international humanitarian law. that was no fabrication. the bodies that i saw tell a story.
11:15 pm
five months later, more mass graves are being discovered. and in areas that were until recently under russian occupation. attacks by russian forces on civilians and civilian infrastructure have intensified further since then. the devastating impact of explosive weapons in populated areas is ever more evident. with tens of thousands of homes, hospitals, and schools destroyed. this is why ireland is seeking the wide endorsement by states of the political declaration on explosive weapons in populated areas. at a high level adoption conference in dublin in november. madam president, millions of civilians in ukraine and beyond are being potentially put at risk by russia's occupation of the nuclear power plant. i want to repeat the demand of
11:16 pm
last week's iaea board of governors, russia must immediately cease all actions against the nuclear power plant. ukrainian authorities must regain full control. the last thing the world needs now is a nuclear accident. madam president, this conflict can and will end. our collective responsibility to the u.n. charter, to the pacific settlement of disputes, to the maintenance of international peace and security demands that it ends sooner rather than later. the path to peace is clear. the country that made a deliberate decision to start this conflict must now make the decision to bring it to an end. russia must withdraw its forces from the sovereign territory of a fellow u.n. member state. it must be held accountable for
11:17 pm
its actions, to the international bodies and structures that we together have created for this purpose. it is not solely about ukraine and its future. this is about the entirety of the u.n. membership, all of us, and all of our countries. if we do not reject russia's actions in the clearest and most stark terms, we allow the world to be governed by force and not through dialogue and the application of international law. madam president, this council must take the lead. >> i thank his excellency for his statement. i give the floor his excellency, external affairs of india. >> thank you, madam president. let me begin by congratulating the french presidency for its stewardship of the council this month.
11:18 pm
i also thank secretary-general for his briefing and take note of the remarks made by i.c.c. prosecutor. allow me, madam president, to preface my remarks by reminding the council that india is not a signatory to the statute nor a member of the international criminal court. madam president, the trajectory of the ukraine conflict is of profound concern for the entire international community. the future outlook appears even more disturbing. the nuclear issue is of particular anxiety. in a globalized world, the impact of the conflict is being felt even in distant regions. they have all experienced its consequences in terms of surging costs and actual shortages of
11:19 pm
food grains, fertilizers, and fuel. on this court, too, there are good grounds to be worried about what awaits us. the global south especially is feeling the pain very acutely. we must, therefore, not initiate measures that further complicates the struggling global economy. that is why india strongly reiterate the need for an immediate cessation of all hostilities and return to dialogue and diplomacy. as the prime minister has emphasized, this can be not an evolved war. on our part we are also providing both humanitarian assistance to ukraine and economic support to some of our neighbors under economic stress. turning to the specific topic before the council today, let me
11:20 pm
emphasize that even in conflict situations, there can be no justification for violation of human rights or of international law. any such acts occur, it is imperative that they are investigated in an objective and independent manner. this was the position we took him with regard to the killings in bucha and this is the position we take even today. the council will also recall that we had then supported calls for an independent investigation into the bucha incident. the fight against impunity is critical to the larger pursuit of securing peace and justice. the security council must send an unambiguous message on this count. politics should never, ever provide cover to evade accountability, nor indeed to facilitate impunity.
11:21 pm
regrettably, we have seen this of late in this very chamber when it comes to sanctioning of some of the world's most dreaded despot. it egregious attacks committed in broad daylight are left unpunished, this council must reflect on the signals we are sending on impunity. there must be consistency if we are to ensure credibility. once again, let me emphasize, madam president, that the need of the hour is to end this conflict in ukraine and return to the negotiating table. this council is the most powerful contemporary symbol of diplomacy. it must continue to live up to its purpose. the global order that we all subscribe to is based on international law, u.n. charter, and respect for territory integrity and sovereignty of all states. these, too, must be upheld without exception.
11:22 pm
i thank you, madam president. >> his excellency, i thank you for your statement. i give the floor to his excellency, the minister of foreign affairs of gabon. >> thank you very much, madam president. i thank you for taking the initiative of this meeting on the situation in ukraine. which is taking place in parallel to the high level of the general assembly under the brand of both solutions when the world is as a turning point. i thank the secretary-general for his update on the situation in ukraine. as the prosecutor of the international criminal court, for his briefing. madam president, humanity loses its way every time it sinks into war and fails to protect civilians from atrocities and horror. the war in ukraine challenges us
11:23 pm
on several fronts. it challenges us with the victims in thousands. the ruins of devastation and the distress of the injured. it challenges us on propaganda, disinformation, or rewriting reality. it challenges us with the nuclear threat and potentially irreparable consequences. it challenges us with its shock wave on food security on the world scale. the peoples of the world turn to the council for announcer to the multidimensional obstacles that rise on the path of their aspirations to peace and international security. so that women, men, and children who fear a nuclear catastrophe and ask when war in ukraine will stop, we owe an answer. our reaction cannot be
11:24 pm
confrontation of insults. we must rise to the responsibility entrusted to us in the charter of the united nations and confidence which the peoples of the world have put in this organization. gabon advocates a constructive dialogue to silence the guns. we are against war. against hate discourse. against outrageous rhetoric which feeds aggression and compromises prospect of peace. madam president, my country notes with interest the international criminal court has begun investigations into the crimes committed by all parties in the war in ukraine in order to collect evidence and be able to establish both facts and responsibilities for the allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity. both for the allegations of mass killings, forced disappearances and displacement, or deportations, justice must follow its course in full
11:25 pm
transparency, impartiality and independence. all relevant international mechanisms must be used so that the authors of atrocities are made to answer for their crimes before international law. gabon's message is clear, war is not a state of lawlessness. parties respect intervention conventions to take civilians and civilian infrastructure in wartime, particularly the geneva conventions. madam president, standards apply to the war in ukraine on all levels should be the same for any armed conflict. and the upsurge of compassion assistance and solidarity which is reserved for the war in ukraine should be the same for all victims of armed conflicts. let us not forget when the time comes the fate of many africans, including for whom it was too often sewn with shame and
11:26 pm
humiliation because of the color of their skin, many were refused the assistance they needed just as much as those sharing with them the same community of suffering, fear, and distress. many hearts are torn by victims of the war in ukraine, our hearts beat in time with theirs. and when discrimination is added to the horrors of war, humanity must rise together to strongly denounce it so the double standard is no longer the rule and so the noise of tanks and firing are unbearable wherever they are heard. madam president, it is urgent for the humanitarian crisis for the war in ukraine to be dealt with and for its effects to be rapidly contained. betting on time is taking the risk of seeing innocent people
11:27 pm
fall under fire, destroyed of civilian infrastructure, more families torn apart, and thousands of war orphans. to conclude, we call on parties to negotiate respect for humanitarian law, the practice and principles of the u.n. charter and support any initiative regarding the hope for a solution. i thank you, sir, for your statement. i give authority the minister of the foreign affairs. >> thank you, madam president. excellency, colleagues. as i understand it, today's meeting was motivated by the intention of several delegations to discuss the topic of impunity in ukraine. i think that's very timely because this is precisely this term impunity reflects what has been going on in our country since 2014. the national radical forces opened and neo-nazis came to power then as a result of an
11:28 pm
armed coup with direct support of western countries right after that they took the path of lawlessness and totally ignoring rights of freedoms, right to life, expression, access to information, right of conscience, the right to use native language. and to date, the crimes in february 2014 remain unpunished. those perpetrated the horrific tragedy in odessa on the second of may 2014 have not been found or punished. at the house of labor unions dozens were burned alive and died. in the same category as the political murders of public figures and journalists. in spite of that, there is an attempt to impose on us a completely different narrative about russian aggression as the origin of the tragedy. this ignores the fact that for over eight years the ukrainian
11:29 pm
army and fighters from the nationalist formation killed and continue to kill inhabitants of donbas with impunity because they refuse to recognize to the coup d'etat in kyiv. they uphold the rights guaranteed by the ukrainian constitution including the right to freely use russian, their mother tone. recall how in 2015 the then prime minister declared that donbas was nonhumans live there. inhumans. the current president did not go very far from that. last september when he was asked what he thought about the people living in donbas, he said, you know, they are people and sometimes there are species. they are beings. so this seems to be a very common reference of the
11:30 pm
ukrainian authorities. they declared all those who don't agree there as terrorists. for eight years the kyiv regime has been conducting a military operation against peaceful civilians. in ukraine, for many years now, total mobilization of all adult population, including women, is being conducted, in order to recruit them into the ranks of nationalist battalions. then the armed forces. now, by cynically declaring commitment to the minks agreements, the kyiv authorities overtly sabotaged their implementation. there were financial transport in donbas. people were denied their pensions, their subsidies, access to education. they were denied their basic civil rights.
11:31 pm
including those that are guaranteed by the -- in the national pact of 66. then mr. zelenskyy, having been tired of pretending stated that it was impossible to implement the minsk agreement. in fact just a couple months ago proudly stated the minsk agreements which he signed, neither him nor no one else in the ukraine had any intention of implementing these. these agreements were simply needed to win time in order to obtain weapons from the west for the war against russia. and the secretary of the national security and defense council said something very similar. the kyiv regime owes its
11:32 pm
impunity to its western sponsors. first of all germany and france, but also the united states. instead of pushing kyiv authorities to implement the minsk agreement, they ignored the growing threats of kyiv to resolve the problem of dundas by force. over the past few years the kyiv regime has conduct add frontal assault on the russian language. brazenly trampled on the right of russian and russian speaking people in ukraine. scandalous language laws were enacted on education in 2016. native peoples of ukraine in 2021. all these laws are aimed at ousting the russian language, in essence complete ban. at the same time, laws were adopted that promoted the theory and practice of nazis.
11:33 pm
the recommendations of the venerable commission of the council of europe and office of the high commissioner of human rights, the o.s.c.e. high commissioner on minorities on amending the language legislation were simply ignored by kyiv. and these multilateral structures at the same time didn't find the courage or they were not allowed to convince the kyiv authorities to fulfill their obligations they undertook on the area of human rights. the ministry of education of ukraine has excluded russian and russian literature from school curriculum. books are being destroyed just as in nazi germany. and ethnic questions are being subject to intolerance. today, the official from ukraine have no longer even tried to hide their anti-russian feelings calling on the killing of russians. just a few examples.
11:34 pm
the ukrainian ambassador to kazakhstan now in kyiv a month ago declared in an interview, i quote, we are trying to kill russians. as many russians as possible. the more we kill today, the fewer our children will need to kill. end of quote. did anyone notice this quote? just earlier this april, the mayor said something similar. the time of cold blood fury has come. now we have full moral right to calmly and with a clear mind to kill these nonhumans. around the world. for as long as possible and as many as possible. end of quote. and the 13th of september this year, just recently, stated, in towns where the ukrainian armed forces enter, people will undergo ukrainization without
11:35 pm
taking into account their views. this will apply not only to russians but representatives of other nationalities. and if you want to study any other language such as romania, polish, please go ahead. but not to be financed by our state. do it at your own expense. improve your educational level at your own expense, end of quote. is there any need to say all these statements have remained unpunished. we are not talking about russia here. individuals spoke about representatives of other ethnic groups that live in ukraine. of course, the ultimate was the interview with mr. zelenskyy on the 5th of august. who suggested that everyone who feels that they are russian for the good of their children and grandchildren to get the hell out and to go to russia. i think the decisions that have been adopted by a whole range of
11:36 pm
regions of ukraine about conducting referendums are the result of his advice. under the guise of combating russian aggression and separatism, ukraine in march ban of activity on 11 political parties and pretext on their links to russia. opposition to russian language television channels have been closed for any attempt to provide an alternative of each of the official view journalists are persecuted. a well-known public official who has often spoken at the u.n. is in the prison of the security services. we have no doubt that ukraine has become a completely totalitarian nazi-like state. it's no surprise the armed forces and national battalions are using the tactic of
11:37 pm
terrorists, using peaceful civilians as human shields. and here what's particularly cynical is the position of states that are pumping ukraine full of weapons, training their soldiers. their goal is obvious. they are clearly stating it. to drag out the fighting as long as possible in spite of the victims and destruction in order to wear down and weaken russia. that policy means the direct involvement of the west in the conflict and makes them a party to the conflict. intentional fomenting by this -- of this conflict by the collect data collected -- collective west remains unpunished. you won't punish yourself. we have no allusions that today the armed forces of russia are being -- and the militias are being opposed not only by the neo-nazi formations but the military machine of the collective west. in real time, the regime of real
11:38 pm
time using modern systems, weapons, ships, satellites, drones, nato is providing intelligence to the ukrainian armed forces and stating that -- convincing them that russia should be defeated on the field of battle. official representatives of the european union have stated this. and russia should be punished by having any sovereignty stripped from it. this isn't even latent racism. but overt racism. against a backdrop of mass shelling of towns and cities of donbas, mr. zelenskyy is overjoyed at the effects of western weapons. here's a quote, at last we feel how powerful western artillery has begun to operate. the weapons we received their accuracy is exactly what we need. he cynically stated. at the same time, there were no
11:39 pm
military or strategic targets located in the towns shelled. only peaceful citizens of donbas are suffering. since the end of july, the armed forces are lobbying mortar rounds to the center of donetsk. they are lobbing banned anti-personnel rounds. this violence convention 1997 on the ban on anti-personal mines ratified by ukraine as well as the second protocol of the geneva convention on convention -- conventional weapons. such outrages remain unpunished because the united states and their allies with the confidence of international human rights have been covering up the crimes of the kyiv regime based on the policy of zelenskyy might be a bastard but he's our bastard. the inconvenient truth that darkens the image of ukraine as
11:40 pm
the victim of russian aggression is carefully hushed up and sometimes deleted. even western human rights organization, amnesty international, which is difficult to accuse of sympathies to russia, has been severely criticized and called an agent of the kremlin simply because in its report its confirmed the fact that kyiv places heavy weapons at civilian facilities. also, the criminal shelling of the nuclear power plant remain unpunished. even though from the first of september representatives of the iaea have been present there. and it is not very difficult to establish who is guilty for the shelling. i want to recall that visit of the iaea mission to the power plant was artificially delayed. even though in june, all details were agreed and the mission
11:41 pm
could have gone to the power plant already. it was a very unpleasant situation where the security of the u.n. refused to give authorization to specific itinerary and then this not a very honest action. it simply delayed the visit to the power plant by two months. even by three months. practically three months. we are also very concerned about the fate of russian soldiers who were taken prisoners. there are very many examples of torture. including violation of
11:42 pm
international humanitarian law. i'm sure all those who are interested in what actually happened saw a video of the torture, atrocities by a ukrainian neo-nazis against russian soldiers who were thrown to the ground with their hands tied and were shot in the head. did anyone hear comment on this crime at all? we have many, many witnesses of these criminal activity by the kyiv regime that have been happening since 2014. russian law enforcement bodies cooperating with their colleagues from donetsk are investigating these thoroughly. over 220 individuals have been found to be complicit, including the high command of the ukrainian armed forces. commanders of units who were shelled civilian population.
11:43 pm
also there were cases against mercenaries from citizens of u.k., canada, united states, etc. i can assure you that all perpetrators independently of their nationality will be held accountable. i want to draw your attention to the following. when russian and ukrainian negotiators at the end of march practically reached agreement on the parameters of an agreement proposed by kyiv, just a couple days later the tragedy in bucha occurred. the fact that it was staged leaves no doubt in anyone's mind. i want to draw your attention that western colleagues right after that staged immediately cried outrage and introduced a new package of sanctions, spuriously accusing us of killing innocent civilians since then when that propaganda operation was conducted.
11:44 pm
no one has mentioned bucha other than us. once again in the presence of the secretary-general and ministers i would address you please demand the ukrainian authorities to make a simple step, take a simple step to publish information by those individuals whose bodies were shown in bucha. i have been asking this the past month, secretary-general. please use your authority for this. it would be very useful to get to the bottom of this episode. of course, we also noticed increased activity of international justice with regard to ukraine, supposedly efforts to investigate crimes committed in ukraine that are ascribed to russian authorities. all this is simply propaganda
11:45 pm
operation. i just want to recall that neither the coup d'etat in 2014 or the tragedy in odessa or the shelling of donetsk or any other crimes have met any reaction from the international criminal court. this international criminal court, 3,000 references sent to the international criminal court ghost -- against crimes committed against inhabitants of i.c.c. there's been no reaction. it seems the i.c.c. has now received instructions to step up its activity. we have no confidence in the work of this body. for eight months, we were waiting for steps to be taken against impunity in ukraine.
11:46 pm
we don't expect anything more from this institution or a whole range of other international institutions. everything i have said today simply confirms that the decision to conduct the special military operation was inevitable. we have said this more than once. we have provided a huge number of facts which show how ukraine prepared to play the role of anti-russia staging ground. to create threatening against russian security. i can assure you that we will never accept this. thank you very much. >> i thank his excellency for his statement. i give authority to his excellency, development of affairs of the united kingdom and great britain and northern ireland. >> madam president, mr. secretary-general, thank you.
11:47 pm
77 years ago, u.n. members agreed on principles in the u.n. charter vital for international peace and security. they undertook to refrain from the threat or the use of force against the territorial integrity of the political independence of any state. yet seven months ago, president putin invaded ukraine illegally and without justification. he ignored the resounding pleas for peace i heard in this council on the 17th of february. since then, ukrainian spirit of defense and defiance in the protection of their country continues to inspire free peoples and nations. every day, the devastating consequences of russia's invasion become more clear.
11:48 pm
u.n. agencies have confirmed more than 14,000 civilian casualties so far. the actual total is likely to be much higher. more than 17 million ukrainians in humanitarian need. seven million displaced within ukraine. and more than seven million ukrainian refugees in europe. we see the mounting evidence of russian atrocities against civilians. including indiscriminate shelling and attacks on over 200 medical facilities and 40 educational institutions. and horrific acts of sexual violence. we see from the reports of the office of the high commissioner for human rights that in parts
11:49 pm
of ukraine currently under russian control civilians are subject to torture, arbitrary detention, and forced deportation to russia. and we have seen more grisly discoveries. it's not just ukrainians who are the victims. president putin's war has spread hardship and food insecurity across the globe. plunging millions of the world's most vulnerable into hunger and famine. and once again, as we have seen here today, russia has sought to deny responsibility. him him it has tried to lay the blame on those who have rightly imposed sanctions on president putin's regime in response to his illegal actions. let us be clear, we are not sanctioning food. it is russia's actions that are preventing food and fertilizer
11:50 pm
getting to developing countries. it is russia's tactics and bombs that are to blame for destroying ukraine's farms, infrastructure, and delaying its exports. i sat here in february listening to the russian representative assuring this council that russia had no intention of invading its neighbor. we now know that was a lie. today, i have listened to further installments of russia's catalogs of distortions, dishonesty, and disinformation. he's left the chamber. i'm not surprised. i don't think mr. lavrov wants to hear the collective condemnation of this council. but we saw through him then and we saw through him again today.
11:51 pm
we have information which means that we know that russia is about to hold sham referenda on sovereign ukrainian territory. with no basis in law. under the threat of violence, after mass displacements of people in areas that voted overwhelmingly for ukrainian independence. we know what putin is doing. he is planning to fabricate the outcome of those referenda. he is planning to use that to him annex sovereign ukrainian territory. and he is planning to use it as a further pretext to escalate his aggression. that is what he plans to do.
11:52 pm
we call on all countries to reject this and refuse to recognize any results. we are used to seeing russian lies and distortions. but let us listen to the testimony of ukrainians who tell us the truth. who tell us the reality of president putin's war. a doctor, her husband, and their 22-year-old son were abducted by russian forces from their home near bucha in march. russian soldiers shot oleg twice in the legs before they were all blindfolded and bundled into an armored personnel carrier.
11:53 pm
i want you to hear the story in her own words. i quote. first, they took us to a bombed out house. the russian soldiers kept saying they were going to kill us. my husband was left for hours lying on the floor in the pool of his blood. i don't know why. we had done nothing wrong. then they took my son away from us. i don't know where. i don't know if we'll ever see him again. i just want my boy back. end of quote. her story and those of many others tell us the truth, the real truth. this is a war of annexation, a war of conquest. to which president putin now wants to send even more of russia's young men and women. making peace even less likely. mr. putin must understand the
11:54 pm
world is watching and we will not give up. the members of the security council we must unequivocally reject russia's attempt to annex ukrainian territory. we must make clear to president putin his attack on the ukrainian people must stop. that there can be no impunity for those perpetrating the atrocities. and that he must withdraw from ukraine and restore regional and global stability. if he chose to, he could stop him this war. a war which has done untold damage to the ukrainian and the russian peoples. his war an assault on the u.n. charter and assault on the international norms. we stand with our ukranian friends.
11:55 pm
because the fight for freedom is the world's fight for freedom. if ukraine sovereignty and territory are not respected, then no country is truly secure. these are the reasons why ukraine can and must win. thank you. >> i thank you for your statement. i give the floor to donna. --ghana. >> let me thank you for organizing this high-level meeting and would like to thank the secretary general for having this meeting.
11:56 pm
we welcome the briefing from the prosecutor of the i.c.c. the world has been united since this resolution 1593, 2005, nearly two decades that impunity anywhere poses serious threat to the international order. we have reenforced our institutions and defined conduct and sanctions to expose, prevent, or punish that behavior that defile the norms we are committed to live by. no state, however powerful, shall get a pass. to do so unravels a central tenet to our globalization and puts the lives at stake wherever
11:57 pm
they live. that is why the members of this council must act in an urgent and unified matter to end the war in ukraine. the tools of that war is intolerable and risks making our universal organization effector for impunity in ukraine. the damage to the charter may be incalculable. ghana is concerned about the war in ukraine across several lines. the civilian population areas are the target of bombardment. we regret the basic laws that protects ordinary people who are caught in the crossfires of war have not been respected.
11:58 pm
we are distressed by the diverse horrifying and painful humanitarian threats which have accompanied the war. some 14 million people, mostly women and children have been displaced from their homes and face heightened risk of conflict related sexual and gender-based violence. human trafficking, and forced disappearances, torture, and other violations of their rights and freedoms of the people are widespread. we remain gravely concerned by that manifested threats of the nuclear episode. whether by accident or deliberate action, because of the constant military engagements around this -- nuclear power plant. the disregard for nuclear safety and security including for the
11:59 pm
delineation of the saison are deplorable. we support the efforts by the international atomic energy agency to avert a nuclear catastrophe. with our rising death toll, the civilian casualties, and growing reports of war crimes and other human rights violations, we must uphold our responsibility as a counsel and send a clear message that perpetrators of atrocities will be held to account. the suffering in ukraine is abhorrent, and should not be dismissed as a mere consequence of war. to do so we would be endorsing the atrocities and sanctioning impunity. in this regard, we underscored the importance of ensuring accountability for all war crimes committed in ukraine. accountability is fundamental to preventing impunity. we must affirm our determination
12:00 am
that the -- of atrocious acts that are taking place in ukraine would be submitted to thorough, transparent and independent investigations to establish the facts and for the attribution of international crimes to the perpetrators. ghana remains supportive of international accountability measures including the various investigative processes being undertaken by the icc. and the human rights council. we believe that in seeking criminal accountability and justice for the victims of the war in ukraine, the important questions about international remedy and reparation measures especially for victims of conflict-related sexual abuse must be addressed. we also express our support for the united nations early recovery and resilience programs already being undertaken.
12:01 am
madam president, we have expressed several times a principled position against aggression on ukraine. which we consider to be a disregard for the rules of international law and the principles of the charter. ukraine is a sovereign state and the member of this organization has every right we believe, and indeed a responsibility to defend its territorial integrity and political independence. we recognize the tremendous courage and resilience of the ukrainian people. ghana does not, and will not, recognize any territory that is unilaterally and forcefully acquired as dismembered from a sovereign entity. -- the call on the russian federation to immediately and
12:02 am
unconditionally sieze its operations. withdraw its troops from the internationally recognized borders of ukraine and respect its neighbor's sovereignty and political independence. the need for a credible pathway for a diplomatic process is urgent. the peril does not provide such a pathway. and only leads to needless loss of life and destruction on both sides. indeed, the cost of the war have been high. not only for the parties but also for the rest of the world. as the presidents of ghana said yesterday in his statement at the general assembly, i quote, every bullet, every shell, that hits a target in ukraine hits our pockets and our economies in africa, unquote. in this regard, let me place on record ghana's appreciation of the good officers of the secretary general and other international actors to leverage lifesaving humanitarian -- at
12:03 am
critical times of the war. we already note some positive impacts from the black sea grain initiative and urge the continued and unrestricted shipment of grains to countries facing food insecurity. we encourage all stakeholders to reach an early agreement for the export of russian fertilizers and crop products especially needed for agrarian economy. madam president, let me conclude with an appeal. in a week, when the eyes of the world are on us and millions around the world look to the united nations for leadership and hope, we must send a strong message that impunity will not be tolerated, that we need to act through concerted diplomacy to end the war in ukraine. i thank you. >> i thank her excellency, for
12:04 am
her statement and i give the floor to minister of foreign affairs of brazil. madam president, i want to thank france for having organized this. >> the conflict in ukraine affects us all, even in regions far from where hostilities are taking place. the security council is the appropriate forum to seek a solution that ensures lasting peace. this week marks seven months since the start of the conflict. tens of thousands of people many of them innocent civilians lost their lives. there are millions of refugees and displaced persons whose return to their homes remains uncertain. over the seven months, this
12:05 am
counsel has received numerous reports of serious human rights violations in the conflict zone. including against vulnerable groups, women and children. brazil condemns the abuses and defense -- defends and impartial investigation of the effects so those responsible are held accountable. we also reiterate our goal for full respect for international humanitarian law by all parties. madam president, we have an urgent task before us. to engage the parties in dialogue in order to secure an immediate cease-fire in the opening of negotiations for a peace agreement. the continuation of the hostilities endangers the lives of innocent civilians and jeopardizes the food and energy security of millions of families in other regions.
12:06 am
especially in developing countries. the risks of escalation arise for the current dynamics of the conflict are simply too great and its consequences for the world order unpredictable. only diplomacy brings the prospect of viable solutions to conflicts between states. it is not the time to accentuate the visions. the priority of this counsel must be to create conditions for the parties to engage in negotiations for a peaceful solution to the conflicts. thank you. >> i thank you and i give the floor to her excellency. united arab emirates.
12:07 am
>> madam president, at the outset i would like to thank you for organizing this important meeting. i would like to also thank has his excellency the united nations secretary-general and has excellency, the prosecutor of the international criminal court for their valuable briefings. the outbreak of the war in ukraine clearly generated different reactions across the international community. for some it warned of a paralyzed system, for others concern over the rise of existential threats and finally, there are those for whom the war possessed a turn of historical polarization. those differences were further illustrated by divergence in the states responses to this war. as this counsel an organization have heard repeatedly.
12:08 am
yet, those disparities existed alongside a unified expression of fidelity to international law and a need to respect it. a recognition of its function to separate a civilized international order from its anti-thesis. international law as the u.n. charter articulates -- the conduct and practice of states according to the principles of sovereignty, independence, good neighborhood, and territorial integrity. reinforcing in the process the security and prosperity of states regardless of their size or might. madam president, the uae will
12:09 am
not tolerate from its -- for all parties to this -- to abide by international law. including international humanitarian law to respect its limits and to implement its provisions. in this context, daily violations are a main concern. especially regarding the wars repercussions on civilians. we also emphasize here the situation of women and children especially those forced into displacement, who are consistently deported to suffer from sexual violence and exploitation including by organized crime and human trafficking networks. all of us are aware of the disproportionate severity and violence that war and conflict inflict upon girls. therefore, we welcome all
12:10 am
ongoing efforts including by u.n. agencies to respond to the humanitarian situation while taking into account the unique impacts of the war on women and girls. while immediate -- this remains our ultimate goal. we also reiterate the full equal and meaningful participation of women and conflict resolution at this building is crucial. not only to reflect their distinct experience of war, but also there [indiscernible}. madam president, the uae remains steadfast in its approach urging dialogue, de-escalation and encouraging cooperation and consensus building to ensure
12:11 am
stability in and amongst states. we are also reminded here of a long-standing observation, repeated deviation from the law without consequence normalize the practice and create a race to the bottom. finally, madam president, every state the uae's core to both parties and all relevant stakeholders to pursue a peaceful end to this war through constructive and inclusive dialogue, which necessitates open lines of communication and a viable offramp to preserve the the prospects of a diplomatic solution. it is evident that the world before us and all its diversity is concerned about the consequences of this war on the international system on food and energy security and on the risks of an escalation confrontation. therefore, we must carry out the
12:12 am
duties entrusted to us and cooperate to overcome the world's most basic challenges rather than seeing war and conflict set us back further. this approach and our promotion of it is the conclusion drawn from our experience in the middle east. where people have been battered by relentless insistence on [indiscernible}. this has left and will only leave destruction. thank you, madam president. >> i thank her for her statement and i now give the floor to his excellency, ministry of foreign affairs of kenya.
12:13 am
>> madam president, excellencies, madam president, kenya's delegation commends you and france for the stewardship of the security council during during the month of september. i think the secretary general, antonio guterres for updates on the situation in ukraine. the war in the ukraine is a serious breach of the united nations charter. the obligation to respect the territory integrity of all member states will be further undermined should any action be taken to change the legal character of the area's in eastern ukraine. we are in a moment of grave danger to international peace and security. the escalation of the war, the international [indiscernible} is underway. they are now clear threats being issued about both potentials of
12:14 am
claims of weapons of mass destruction. on the battlefield civilians are being subjected to serious harm. it is a priority of the utmost urgency that national authorities subject their soldiers to severe disciplinary action for any abuses especially on civilians and captured combatants. military commanders should surrender those suspected for atrocities to relevant authorities for prosecution. all parties, including those making allegations of human rights abuses, and those against whom the allegations are made should agree to prompt independent and impartial investigations. even as we condemn and call for accountability of war related
12:15 am
violations we know that the truest protection of civilians is to stop the war. in this regard, kenya calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities. they should be replaced by immediate agreement that secures sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine while addressing the security concerns of all parties and regional stakeholders. madam president, the situation in ukraine is highlighting the need for serious reforms of the united nations security council. his excellency, president of the republic of kenya, and his speech yesterday at the general assembly called for the democratization of the security council if its legitimacy is not to be totally destroyed. our president made the call that
12:16 am
it was time that they cancel more powerfully heeded the voice and place of africa through reform of its membership. he welcomed president joe biden's announcement calling for the permanent and nonpermanent membership of the council to be expanded. beyond peace and security for the people of ukraine, it is for such an announcement to lead to real change. farmers, villages, traders and workers of africa need their livelihoods protected from the climate crisis. they need the many serious conflicts on this security council agenda served and not relegated to their margins because of the ukraine. who will protect the interest in the security council by having
12:17 am
[indiscernible} from the u.n. charter? only permanent membership by the africa states will do. in this regard, we call on the entire permanent membership to commit to fully embracing reforms. it is the only way the people will consider this institution legitimate enough to end [indiscernible} and corporation. madam president, i conclude by saluting the institutions and governments as well as the u.n. bodies and agency that continue to help alleviate the suffering of those affected by the war in ukraine. i reaffirm kenya's respect for ukraine's sovereignty and territory integrity with in its internationally recognized border. i thank you for your kind attention.
12:18 am
>> i thank his excellency for his statement and i give the floor to his excellency, minister of foreign affairs of ukraine. >> madam president, distinguished members of the security council, secretary general guterres, prosecutor. i thank the french presidency for keeping the focus of the security council on the most pressing threat to international peace and security. russia's war of aggression against ukraine. right as we speak, bodies of innocent victims are still being exhumed from at least 445 graves. some are not entire bodies but only parts of them. like a few pairs of children's legs in one of the graves. the grief of those who are close and loved is yet another drop in the ocean of suffering that russia has inflicted upon the
12:19 am
people of ukraine since seven months and eight years of its barbaric aggression. many of you may have seen the image of a dead hand of a 36-year-old ukrainian soldier. with a yellow and blue bracelet still on it. i do wear one also, i wanted to show it to you. many of us do. and russia should know one thing, it will never be able to kill all of us. and here is why. because on february 24, when russia attacked ukraine from all directions within the first 24 hours tens of thousands of ukrainians returned from a broad to defend their country and what happened within the first 20 -- 24 hours after president putin announced mobilization,
12:20 am
the opposite. thousands of russians booked international flights to leave russia. many flights were sold out within hours. yesterday, putin announced mobilization but what he really announced before the whole world was his defeat. you can draft 300- 500,000 people but you will never win this war. today, every ukrainian is a weapon ready to defend ukraine and the principles enshrined in the u.n. charter. russia will fail and will bear full responsibility for the crime of aggression and consequent war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. yesterday president zelenskyy made it clear that russian responsibility is a key element to international peace and security. ukrainian law enforcement together with partners of the international criminal court and
12:21 am
countries who support both ukraine and the icc work collectively to collect evidence of russian crimes and hold perpetrators to account. we trust in the international criminal court. justice will be served. we owe it not only to thousands of victims but for future generations in ukraine and beyond. there will be no peace without justice. i emphasize none of the russian crimes in ukraine would have been possible without the crime of aggression against ukraine committed by russian leadership. it cannot go unpunished. the only feasible way to put president putin and his entourage on trial is to establish a special tribunal for the crime of aggression against ukraine. i reiterate my call on all states to back this undertaking for the sake of the very basic principles of humanity and the u.n. charter.
12:22 am
excellencies, many of you may listen to me right now with one question in mind. is there a chance for peace? will ukraine negotiate with russia in order to end this war? i want to state crystal clear, no other nation in the world craves for peace more than ukraine. president zelenskyy was very outspoken about it yesterday. we have never wanted anything but peace and stable development. we have never wanted this war and never chose it. we simply want to live a normal life. but it is not enough or to want -- not enough for ukraine to want peace. russia must prioritize diplomacy over war in order to give peace a chance. what we see instead is russian leadership seeking a military solution only. distinguished colleagues, this chamber has seen many heated debates since 1945, many crises.
12:23 am
but the amount of lies coming from the russian diplomats is quite extraordinary. today we are mostly focusing on crimes committed by russian soldiers in ukraine but if anyone thinks they are the only one ready to kill, torture, cut off genitals, they are wrong. russian diplomats are directly complicit because there lies in sight these crimes. and cover them up. apparently the only thing in today's address by russia [indiscernible} is the inappropriate slang used when mentioning the president of a foreign country, the president of ukraine. i also noted today that russian diplomats flee almost as aptly as russian soldiers.
12:24 am
before february 24, russian diplomats here in the united nations had repeatedly denied plans of a full-scale invasion of ukraine. the russian president himself lied into the face of european leaders saying he was not planning to attack. it was days before the invasion. russia is shameless. they sit in the chair they occupied in 1991 on dubious legal grounds. russians are confident they can get away with anything and they are entitled to do anything they want. i think the seat allows them to violate borders and a 19th century style imperialist conquest. they think it allows them to gel -- shell nuclear power plants and seize them. they think it allows them to threaten the world with the use
12:25 am
of nuclear weapons. they must be held accountable for all of this. the issue of responsibility is central to the debates. we need to ensure behavior like this is punishable otherwise every force in the world, will
12:26 am
12:27 am
madam president, russia's war of aggression has plunged the world into a multifaceted crisis. the consequences of this crime are failed far beyond ukraine.
12:28 am
today, the black sea great initiative is under threat. russian officials are questioning the effectiveness and might prepare to block the extension of the initiative once the agreed 120 days are over in november. we must not allow russia to resume its hunger games with the world. i therefore urge all nations, especially those depending on ukrainian food experts to put maximum public and diplomatic pressure on moscow, demanding to keep the black seat grain corridor functioning in november and beyond. we need to protect the vital great initiative together. ukraine reminds the global feud security guarantor despite our own dire [indiscernible} we decided to provide humanitarian aid to ethiopia and somalia. sending them an additional amounts of our grains. ukraine is interested in increasing maritime export volumes both under the food program and on market
12:29 am
conditions. russia uses food and energy as weapons against the rest of the world. putin sent thinks -- tanks to kill ukrainians. and playing hunger games with asia, african, middle eastern families. we are in the same boat, all of us. europeans, asians, africans, arab nations, latin american states. we are in the same boat. we must -- these threats together. there is no place for neutrality. i said in february that note nation will be able to sit out this crisis created by russia. it still stands. the best reaction to this crisis stand with ukraine to protect
12:30 am
u.n. charter. russia likes to talk about the developed world and developing world. they try to drive a wedge between one and the others. we do not differentiate. all people deserve a normal life, safety, stability and confidence but we must state united to stop russia's black male and the war on humanity. --blackmail and store on humanity. russian has oddly damaged the principal -- badly damaged the principal and the threat of war is hanging over everyone's head. we need urgent action. yesterday president zelenskyy proposed a piece formula which includes not only accountability but a mechanism of security
12:31 am
guarantees. ukraine has developed the key security compact proposing modern mechanism of guarantees to ensure ukraine security until the moment it becomes part of nato. this document is much broader than a tool of guarantee to security -- they can be considered in order to strengthen regional and global security architecture. ukraine keeps working with partners to realize the vision of the key security compact. this is our added value to added peace and security for all u.n.. thank you. >> i think him and i can the fort to his excellency, minister
12:32 am
of foreign affairs from czechia. >> thank you, lets me think the french president for the opportunity to participate in this important meeting. the czech republic now holds the [indiscernible} the core promoter of values and principles of the u.n. charter. czechia holds the highest number of ukraine refugees, over 400,000 and 10 million countries. russia's illegal war aggressions against ukraine since this massive wave of the most vulnerable population. russian aggression is perhaps the most challenge to global peace in recent decades. today it is about ukraine, tomorrow it may be another country.
12:33 am
in august, 1968, it was czechoslovakia invaded by moscow led troops. a crackdown on violence interference in other countries, turning my country into an [indiscernible} colony. russia cannot -- russia's aggression of must be rejected for good. ukraine must brave fights. we are horrified by atrocities committed by russian troops.
12:34 am
hundreds of thousands have been deported to russia including children. all must be investigated and they must be held accountable. we applaud the secretary-general for launching the u.n. mission on events. more than 40 states including czechia refer the situation to the icc. we strongly support the icc including [indiscernible} we call her establishment of a tribunal to prosecute the crime of aggression committed by
12:35 am
russia. the council, members of the global [indiscernible} please ask. we need peace in ukraine. we need to stop [indiscernible} of the perpetrators. thank you very much. >> i think his excellency for his statement. i know cap the floor to her excellency -- i now give the floor to her excellency, foreign affairs of germany.
12:36 am
>> mariupol, when we talk about the horrors of the unfolding war in ukraine we are not talking about reports. we are talking about children, we are talking about mothers, brothers, fathers, grandparents, women and men whose pain is [indiscernible}. i urge russia, this is a war you will not and so end the war. stop suffering in ukraine. stop sending more of your own citizens. stop your referendums which are as unlawful as the war.
12:37 am
stop the gray more that is driving -- stop the grain war and stop paralyzing this very body, the united nations security council. for many of you here, and for some in the general assembly, this war might have seemed like a regional war in february 24. in many parts of the world there is too much suffering and self by conflict, climate catastrophe, driven by the pandemic and by hunger. we in germany, we could also feel you in this understanding. but i think we all feel together now here in the security council but also in the general assembly
12:38 am
that since the last 200 days what is happening can leave nobody around the globe untouched. now for 200 days of the war in ukraine, president putin's most recent announcements make it clear beyond any doubt. russia is not conducting a so-called special operation. russia is leading a full-fledged war with work crimes, torture,rape, even of children. it is increasing the hunger, poverty, in the world all around the globe. and i think this is a clear find that russian foreign minister only came in for his own speech and then spoke for quite some while but did not even mention the hunger, poverty, results all
12:39 am
around the world. today in the streets of moscow, there are no volunteers wanting to join the war in ukraine. see courageous men and women and children taking to the streets because they do not want to be part of this war in ukraine and they want not to be part of the hunger war in the world. these men and women feel what we all feel regardless of where we hear from north, south, east or west. all this work brings is pain, death and destruction. we have to ask ourselves if we let a permanent member of this council launch such oh -- and aggression against its neighbor what will this mean for the u.n.?
12:40 am
if the charter means anything to us we must not stand idle by but lift the spirit of this charter. not in spite of but particularly because of one member misuses its special [indiscernible} in the security council. lift up the spirit of this charter of the united nations. it has been lived up by the u.n. and our turkish partners who brokered the grain deal. lift up the spirit of the united nations and that -- that collect
12:41 am
evidence to ensure the perpetrators in this war are held accountable. lift the spirit of the united nations that is working to prevent the catastrophe at the power plant. lift up the spirit of the united nations in contrast to the russian president. because we are the united nations from north, to self, from east to west. no matter how small, no matter how big. thank you. >> i think her excellency or her statement. i get the floor to his excellency, minister for foreign affairs of poland.
12:42 am
>> thank you, madam president. dear ministers, the main reason behind today's meeting is a russia's decision to attack its neighbor. as a fellow member states of the united nations. russia despite being a permanent member of the security council whose responsibility for international peace and security should be greater, decided to [indiscernible} of our world order. the invasion has shown total disrespect and disregard for
12:43 am
international humanitarian law and human rights law. the russian forces have committed horrific atrocities. and caused disappearances, torture or sexual violence including against children. russia turned to terror against civilians as a basic tactic of its war. each day, brings new evidence and testimonies of crimes committed in the occupied territories. we are shocked by the discovery of torture.
12:44 am
with new reports coming >> maybe committed to avoid we support the investigations by ukrainian prosecutors as investigations by our states. we have [indiscernible}.
12:45 am
we have opened up domestic criminal investigation into russia's war of aggression. this is a crime penalized under perilous law. finally, poland has helped establish an investigation team operating [indiscernible} to collect and preserve evidence of committed crimes. we should give consideration to several initiatives put forward by keefe -- he --kyiv.
12:46 am
let me reaffirm poland's solidarity with the people of ukraine who have shown remarkable courage and resilience. they have stood up with bravery and determination. now it is our turn to stand up for the principles that protect us all. we must hold russia accountable for the invasion and all the crimes committed in the course of this aggression. thank you, madam president. >> i think his excellency for
12:47 am
his statement. i give the floor to his excellency, with the mania. -- from lithuania. >> on behalf of the baltic states, the major reason we meet today is the permanent member of the security council russia is opening -- overly threatening -- just a year ago russia. they defy principles of the united nations. at this very moment, the
12:48 am
international community cannot turn away. yesterday we all woke up to one more attempt to escalate aggression by announcing mobilization he now has waste the war against his own people, the people meant to be the future of the country but have turned into weapons of colonial --. manipulating the very few weapons he is left with. but we shall fear not. we shall meet with, and result. condemnation alone will not end these crimes. it is imperative that international organizations use all their resources to bring russians atrocities to public light. it is our duty to bring putin to justice. the special tribunal to address russia's aggression against ukraine.
12:49 am
madam president, russia's war against ukraine has far-reaching consequences beyond europe. ukraine is one of the major exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil. we shall make it very clear, the shortage of food is due to russia's aggression against ukraine, and not because of internationally imposed sanctions. the moscow regime has no pressed the button of nuclear threats. knowing that we all know the consequences of the disaster may be potentially worse. but we shall fear not. we shall use all the power of international community to demand from russia unconditional withdrawal of military. met a president, when we say
12:50 am
ukraine -- ukraine fights for every principal the you and stand for. -- the u.n. stands for. i call on every state, we still have a chance to preserve decent security. i call on the entire international community, accountability matters and justice cannot be escaped. this is the momentum. we have the chance to decide in what world we want to wake up tomorrow and just before i go, i want to remind it is not only russia that shall be held accountable, the regime of belarus [indiscernible}. i thank you. >> i give the floor to his
12:51 am
excellency, minister of foreign affairs of belarus. >> madam president, the tragedy for the country and for all those who have come ace face with pain that comes as a result of any fighting and wars. belarus knows firsthand the cost of war for people who experienced genocide, a country that lost one third of its population. the conflict is unfolding at our 40's. we are convinced only through diplomacy as possible to resolve
12:52 am
any conflict conflicts including this one. events and ukraine did not come about suddenly. they are the result of a systematic -- of the risks of security and not taking into account concerns of the countries involved. massive sanctions pressure by the west has led to indirect consequences that have had devastating impacts on our region. sanctions have significantly reduced the margin of maneuver for belarus. bella russ has often warned about -- volaris has warned about dangers in our region -- volaris --belarus has warned about dangers in our region. we have always repeated you
12:53 am
cannot guarantee the security of one state by suppressing the security of another. no one took this seriously. today we are reaping the harvest of this. we continue to do everything possible to take steps aimed at ending the conflict and strengthening regional and international security. i will give a few examples. in 2014,belarus served as a platform and reaching an agreement on resolving the conflict in the ukraine and no matter how anyone tries to deny this, the agreements at that time, eased the level of military -- the fighting significantly. between 2014 -- we took part
12:54 am
with our interested countries including with european partners and proposed concrete steps to support peace and security. in 2014 when the -- took place that then prime minister of poland called president and asked what could be done to ease tensions in europe. we were told that they will consult with the president and chancellor and we will get in touch with you. unfortunately, we heard nothing more about it. there was not enough courage to work with belarus.
12:55 am
which at that time was under sanctions. this year there were three rounds of peace negotiations and bella russ -- boleros. --belarus. unfortunately, sometime later that positive progress was stopped. from the very beginning he suggested to ukrainian colleagues to establish direct contacts with the russian site but our proposals were ignored. i do not know why but long before that special military operations began by russia back in december of 2021. the ukrainian officials declared bella russ --belarus as a hostile country even though we never had any problems with ukraine. from march of 2022 they
12:56 am
introduced the -- for those fleeing including humanitarian assistance. in february of this year bella russ has taken and 50,000 ukrainian citizens. our country has taken in more than 200,000 ukrainians. they are not coming by force as some have tried to present. they are coming voluntarily. furthermore, they come through poland through the baltics, in order to provide assistance to citizens who come to bella russ. the president signed a new version of the decree on the presence of citizens of ukraine and accordance with a decree of ukrainian citizens have all the rights provided to belarusian
12:57 am
citizens. the conflict has seen a note let up. the fighting has continued as well as the western efforts to pump ukraine with weapons, activity of formations is being promoted. nato is concentrating its troops at the borders of neighboring countries. a campaign has been launched. belarus has been stated to be an aggressor. we have stated clearly that we have never been in favor of war, however we are not traders. -- trey chores. --traitors. not a single soldier or any equipment have been sent to
12:58 am
ukraine. they have confirmed that we are not a party to the international conflicts based on international -- norms of international law. the direct neighbor has interest in participating in negotiations between russia and ukraine about strategic peace agreement that should create the necessary conditions for peace. strengthening security, national, regional and global security should be done not by increasing military capacity but rather through universal multilateral and bilateral mechanisms to strengthen confidence. a dialog aimed at overcoming differences can prevent
12:59 am
confrontation in our region. one last thing, everything sooner or later ends at the negotiating table. this is the truth. the sooner the negotiations began, the better. it was surprising to hear the statements of certain people here that we should continue fighting. these are contrary to common sense. thank you. i think his excellency. and i give the floor, representative of the european security and foreign affairs. [speaking foreign language]
1:00 am
>> thank you very much for the -- for organizing this very important session. >> it is more than six months now and brutal war. as it has been said by many here today, this is a frontal attack on the united nations. international court of justice, russia must halt its invasion immediately. the general assembly has adopted resolutions to stop its aggression. morally and politically, russia has already lost the war.
1:01 am
increasingly, it is losing on the battlefield as well. ukraine will prevail. the whole world has heard president putin's latest announcements and his plan to go ahead illegal annexation which will be never recognized. also, 300,000 reservations and is open nuclear threats. by all that, world security is in danger. it global leaders meeting in the united nations this week must send a signal that weapons of mass destruction are unacceptable in any circumstances. i am encouraged by the many statements i have heard here
1:02 am
today about this issue. president putin's continuing along a dangerous path of exhalation -- escalation. it has failed in the past and it will fail again. as all world -- wars of invasion usually do. how many more men, women and children need to die before the russian president decides to silence his guns? this war is more than a war. at stake is the protection of weaker states from more powerful ones. rule of law? or do we want the law of the jungle? do we believe in influence or the free choice of sovereign states?
1:03 am
this is a tragedy in so many ways. in addition to the terrible casualties in ukraine, russia is dragged into an economic recession and global crisis. we do what we can to counter the fallout. our support for global security until 2024. we support the black sea grain initiative by the secretary-general in turkey. together, this has helped to lower global food crisis. two thirds of ukraine's grain through countries.
1:04 am
russian armed forces have been terrorizing civilian populations and committing countless and unspeakable crimes. all victims deserve justice and reparations. we have seen recent images follow the patton -- pattern and elsewhere. russian troops are expelled, we discover the true horrors. as zaleski said yesterday, what had been crimes -- otherwise, this will not be -- peace will not be possible. rely on international criminal court and ukrainian authorities. office of the ukraine and
1:05 am
prosecutor general provided training including collective evidence. madam president, assuring accountability is the responsibility of all of us. we owe this not only to the victims, but the next generation to the future of ukraine. fighting impunity today will contribute to a more secure and just future for all. thank you. >> i thank you this excellency. >> there are no more names inscribed on the list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned.
1:06 am
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>> president biden met with emergency management officials on the sidelines of the yuan general assembly to get an update on response efforts in puerto rico. the president said he is authorizing full federal funding to help with rescue. >> i'm here because we are laser focused. we were just talking almost to the day. five years after hurricane maria, which is devastating. we are surging resources to puerto rico. we want to do everything we can. i'm here to help, and we really are.


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