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tv   Campaign 2022 President Biden Delivers Remarks on Midterm Elections  CSPAN  September 24, 2022 4:37am-5:37am EDT

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event hosted by the democratic national committee. this is about one hour.
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[indistinct chatter] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome asia williams. ♪ [applause] ♪
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>> it is so good to be at our ada headquarters and joined all of my fellow union members from across our mighty labor movement. like they said, my name is stacia williams, i am an inspired educator. thank you. i am a senior at the ohio state university. this is spring i will be graduating with my degree in early childhood education. thank you. i am a first-generation college student and i can't tell you how important student debt relief is to me. [applause] it all -- it also matters to all of my classmates and educators from around this country.
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my greatest hope is to dedicate my career to inspiring young minds and this need to, catering to and listening to the wants, needs, and dreams of my student. -- students. having a president who respects and values educators means so much to me. president biden knows that unions play a vital role in our economy and they make this country stronger. thanks to his administration, we are protecting workers rights, creating more good paying union jobs and providing for working families. president biden is keeping his president -- keeping his promises, and the list is long. from record job both, to -- lowering costs for prescription
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guns -- prescription drugs. and helping to keep guns out of our classrooms. he will not stop until we began -- ban assault weapons. meanwhile, we know republicans have an extreme agenda. they want to ban abortion nationwide. they want to criminalize our doctors. they are even talking about banning some forms of contraception. they want to take away my freedom to make my choice about my body. and they are not stopping there. the social security and medicare are on the chopping block. they are making it harder for all of us to vote. the list goes on. we know what we are up against. we have 45 days. [applause]
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this fall, we need to knock on the doors. this fall, we need to make the phone calls. we need to send text messages, and this fall, we need to stand up for our democracy. [applause] it gives me so much joy to stand with president joe biden and it is my honor to introduce a true champion of public education and a friend of the labor movement, president joe biden. [applause] ♪ [applause]
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[joe! joe! joe!] [applause] pres. biden: i'll tell you what, i think i like this crowd. [applause] talk about being home, the fact that you have unions standing out there, those unions, i will tell you what. i was going to say, if you have a seat take one, but you don't have seat. -- you don't have a seat. she's doing pretty great for somebody who's in her last year of college. remember me, when you are president and they say joe biden is in the outer office, promise you won't say joe who?
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hey, folks, how are you? i want to talk about more than just the nea today, and i've told your president i want to come back and just talk education as well. i want to talk -- becky, thank you for hosting us. we are 46 days to midterms. we need to be crystal clear about what is on the ballot because there is a heck of a lot at stake. right now, on the ballot, is social security. it's on the ballot. you've paid in every paycheck you've got. you paid into. holy macro. [sound issue]
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[laughter] truly, there's a lot out and about. he said joe, do not compare me to almighty compare me to the alternative. we have the notes on it of here, this is a election of significant consequence. gun violence is on the ballot. many children learn to duck and cover, no, i am serious, think about it. the reason that they learned that before reading and writing and arithmetic, that's not who we are on that's not who we should be. folks, the survival of our planet is on the ballot. that sounds like hyperbole, but it genuinely is. i'll tell you what, the thing that we have found out, and everyone found out, there is not many climate deniers anymore
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after this year. guess what, we have a lot to do. you have to say high to me. we go back a long way. she was 12, i was 30, anyways. this woman helped me get an awful lot done. anyway. it's not hyperbole, democracy itself is on the ballot as well. american is at an inflection point. i apologize, i belieber guy, i spent a lot of time -- i am a labor guy, i spent a lot of time with all of you and the labor movement. we are at an inflection point. by inflection point, i mean these moments are going to determine the shape of everything that comes after. what we do over the next several
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days will determine what this country looks like over the next 25 or 30 years. it is that consequential. we have 46 days to shoes -- 46 days to choose. 46 days. not all republicans are maga republicans. for years and years, i got beat up in the campaign by saying i wanted to unify the country and parties. you used to be able to do that but things have changed. the maga republicans control the republican party right now and that is self-evident. there is a lot at stake. i'm going to talk about that right now. after opposing and obstructing everything that we have tried to do in progress the last two years, that house majority leader kevin mccarthy unveiled what he calls a commitment to
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america. that's a thin series of policy goals with little or no detailed that he says the republicans will pursue if they regain control of congress. in the course of nearly an hour here are a few of the things we didn't hear. we didn't hear mention of the right to choose. we didn't hear mention of medicare, or social security. let's take a look at what kevin said today. he said republicans want to, preserve our constitutional freedom. that's great, i am all for that. we all are. but look at what they have actually done. the maga republicans addressed cheered the first supreme court decision in our entire history that took a way a fundamental right that have been granted by the same court to so many americans, the constitutional right to choose. now half the states in the united states of america have passed a ban of abortion.
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it is a final nominal change. already, republicans have signed onto a bill that would ban abortion nationwide. and that senior senator from south carolina, lindsey graham, has suggested a criminal bay him -- a criminal ban on abortion. in 46 days, americans will choose. if republicans win congress, they will ban abortion. it may officially be end, but i will veto it. [applause] but think what is happening, in the case of rape and incest in many state. think of that, and they are going to try to criminalize it
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nationwide. if you give me three or four senators in the united states senate, i promise you we will codify rope -- codify roe. and once again make roe the law of the land. the way to get this done is to give the power to the american people. especially the women of american . justice said women can decide this election -- justice alito said women can decide this election, and they haven't seen anything yet. i don't think republicans have a clue about american women. let me tell you something, they are about to find out. folks, kevin mccarthy also
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talked about, longer health care -- for americans. but look at what republicans are doing, already 148 republicans have signed onto a budget that will cut medicare and social security. already. the man in charge of electing republics -- republicans in the u.s. senate, has proposed a plan to put social security on the chopping block every five years. i know this sounds like -- i really meaning -- mean it. go on the internet and check it out, they have laid out the platform. every five years, congress will vote to either cut, reduce or eliminate social security or make it come back exactly as it is. what do you think is the likelihood of it coming back exactly as it is. you've paid into social security
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with every paycheck. as my mom would say, god bless his soul. he things waiting five years is too long. he wants to put social security on the chopping block is -- he wants to make congress vote to keep it. think of that, it's not just social security, medicaid, medicare, every federal benefit has two be voted on every year. from scratch. 46 days, america will face a choice. republicans can control congress, and social security will be on the chopping lot. if you elect to democrats, social security will be protected. [applause] i will not let maga republicans taken away.
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let's look at what republicans have done to make the nation safe. they have voted against everything we have done to reduce crime and keep communities safe. the american rescue plan, when we first got in office we passed it. it was not easy to do. a lot of mayors and governors and county executives, i was left with an economy in distress, they did not have a tax base. i said, i will give you this money to make sure that you keep the fire departments, police stations, and schools open. and guess what, every single republican in congress voted against it. we are in a situation where now the maga are calling for
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defunding the fbi. let me tell you something, and i know some of you weren't happy with me, i didn't think we should defund the police, and i said so at the time. but i sure as hell don't think we should defund the fbi either. and then i january 6. what happened on the sixth? law enforcement was attacked, brutalized and stomped on. some lost their lives because of that. maga republicans didn't side with law enforcement, they sided -- don't tell me that you side with enforcement if you can't condemn what happened on january 6. you can't be pro-law-enforcement and be pro-insurrection. you can't be pro-law & order and call the people who attacked the
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capitol on january 6 patriots. you can't take orders from the nra. most republicans voted against the gun reform laws, some voted with us. after uvalde, parkland, las vegas, orlando, i went to all of those places i spent hours with those families. not a joke. hours with them. i know what it's like under different circumstances to loose children, but to lose children like they lost children? enough. i have had enough. [applause] look, i support the second amendment. i have two shotguns. all i ever do is target practice
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and i haven't done that in a long time. but here's the thing, there is no justification for a weapon of war. not. the speed of the bullet that comes out of that muzzle is five times that of most weapons. when i got it past first time as a senator, in delaware a big gun owner state. a lot of duck hunters. i went up and down the streets campaigning, going to people who belonged to the nra and others. i would say how many dear out here are wearing kevlar vests? seriously, think about it, what in gods name do you need an assault weapon four. an assault weapon is designed to kill people, to defend people. but look, it's way out of hand.
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i've taken it out before and i plan on doing it again. [applause] folks, we can do it again. our children should be in a situation where they are learning to read and write not duck and cover. 46 days, if you want a safer america, america faces a choice. republicans once again have sided with the nra and put american children at risk. it's not down the line, but it is part of their platform. democrats will ban assault weapons once and for all, god willing. kevin mccarthy also talks about being for a strong economy. look what republicans of done. when i came to office, the economy was flat on its back. millions were out of work, food
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lines. do you remember seeing food lines, people in nice-looking automobiles waiting for an hour or an hour and a half just waiting for a box of food to put in their trunk? in the united states of america that was happening. all across america. the most anemic job performance since herbert hoover was in place. that's not hyperbole, that is a fact. we passed the american rescue plan, we acted fast. we put america on the path to recovery. and every single democrat voted for it. nearly 10 million jobs have been created since i became president, the highest number of jobs of any president of the united. -- united states. we have a 3.7% unemployment rate. we have a record number of small businesses created. and over 668,000 new jobs of --
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new manufacturing jobs in america. police officers, firefighters, are kept on the job and we provided the money to keep schools open. it's also a big reason we've been able to vaccinate more than 220 million americans. we did get some republicans, the infrastructure law, is the most significant ever since the interstate highway system. some republicans voted for it and some were critical. there is a lot more republicans taking credit for the new bridges, than actually voted for it. this is a great thing, i voted against it, it's a great thing. [laughter] folks, in addition to a failed maga economy, we also confronted
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the pandemic and the war in ukraine. this bill will cut costs for families and help reduce inflation at the kitchen table. the way we always measured inflation. my dad, he was a hard-working guy. he worked a lot. his whole life. my dad used to say, he talked about, whether inflation or the situation of a family, at the end of the month when you paid all of your bills, if you had a little bit left -- just a little bit left. there's more than one way to deal with the inflation for families, it is to lower the price of things that they have to deal with. that's what think -- folks at home have to deal with. how much of their monthly bills, how much did they have to pay for necessities. this will give a little more breathing room. my dad would say. we pay more for prescription drugs than any other nation in
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the world. for years, so many of us, and every one of the unions here have been trying to fix this problem. for years, big pharma has blocked medicare from negotiating drug prices. not this year. [applause] we finally beat them, first time, big pharma lost. now, medicare will have the power to do what so many republicans and democrats have talked about in the pride -- in the past, negotiating lower drug prices. and seniors, we passed a law at the beginning of january, no senior, regardless of the cost of the drug, some of it can be 60,000, $80,000 a year. no senior will need to pay more than $2000 a year regardless of
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the cost of their drug. if you are medicare, and you have diabetes, the cost of your insulin, instead of being 30 or 50 times more than it cost to make it. it costs just $10. now, you cannot charge any seas near -- any senior, we should make it for anybody. they voted it down for the other piece we should make it for everybody. but no senior will need to pay more than $35. we should make it available to everyone. including the hundreds of thousands of children who have type one diabetes. look, folks, imagine being the parent of the child who had type one diabetes. you had no insurance, you have
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no coverage, and you look at that child and no -- know, that he or she doesn't have access to that insulin it will impact their lives in ways that will be damaging for the rest of their lives. imagine that feeling. my dad used to say, joey, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it's about dignity and respect. it's about being able to look your child in the eye and say, honey, it's going to be ok. republicans voted down that $35 cost for kids. as i said, it only cost $10 for that drug to be manufactured. a lot of people cannot do it. imagine be that mom and dad who need that insulin. i was in virginia at a function,
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and i spoke to a mom who said she had to ration insulin. it's wrong. it's not who we are. we will fix that as well. i promise you. the bottom line, this law will lower energy costs as well. gas prices. i know i got criticized for going into the stockpile. guess what, gas prices are down. $1.30 a gallon. the average gasoline price is less than $2.99. look, the law makes the biggest investment ever, we invest in climate crisis. 369 billion dollars to deal with climate crisis. in 2020, 55 of the biggest corporations in america paid
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zero dollars and federal income taxes. they made $40 billion. it's not right. we put a stop to it. by enacting a corporate minimum taxed of only 15%. today, -- the days of corporate paying minimum income tax is over. every single republican voted against the inflation reduction act. been actually comes to doing something about inflation republican said no. here's something else that republicans determine as fiscal recklessness. donald trump and republicans had no problem enacting a $2 trillion tax cut that only benefited the top 1% and they
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didn't pay for any event. didn't pay for any of it. meanwhile, they always say democrats are the biggest spenders, he brought down the deficit. nearly $1.5 trillion this year. inflation reduction act is going to reduce as another 300 billion over the next 10 years because medicare can pay less for the drugs that they need to buy for seniors. i don't want to hear from some -- from republicans. they blew up the deficit, we are the ones bringing it down. thanks to the historic inflation reduction act, we can afford to cancel $10,000 of student loan debt. for tens of millions of americans making over -- under 125 thousand dollars, it is a
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game changer. finally, with a straight face, kevin mccarthy said that maga republicans can restore faith in our elections. as we say in my faith, leslie father, or i have sinned. restore? restore faith in our elections? maga republicans refuse to accept the results of the 2020 election, and the will of the people. 80 billion people -- 81 million people voted democrat for president. even though they lost court case after court case after court case after court case. even before trump appointed judges. and recount after recount pointed the results were
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accurate. it's become a litmus test in their party to pledge loyalty by buying into the big lie. no, i'm serious, he you all see it on television. -- you all see it on television. i have six republican senators who have known for some time, i gave my words -- i gave my word that i would not name names and i still won't. they told me that they agree with this but they have to oppose it or they would lose the primary. once these folks get out of the primary, they are trying like a to get out from under that. you can't let the integrity of the elections be undermined. democracy cannot survive. not a joke. it cannot survive if one side
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believes there's only two outcomes to an election. either they win, or they were cheated. that is not democracy. and that's what the vast majority of maga republicans believe today. they don't understand what every patriotic american knows, you can't love your country only when you when. -- when you win. [applause] folks, in just 46 days democracy will be on the ballot. americans will have to choose between the maga republican platform who have embraced extremism and the big lie or mainstream democrats and republicans who believe in the will of the law. excepting the results of a free and fair election is what we are about, not what they are about. as my dad used to say, don't compare me to the almighty,
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compare me to the alternative. this nation needs to choose between being a nation of hope, and optimism or fear and darkness. i believe america will move forward to a future of possibilities, when where we can dream and hope. i know we can because i know this nation like you do. i know the americans, i know their courage, their hearts, i know our history. and that's why, i mean this i -- from the bottom of my heart. don't doubt me when i say this, but sometimes i say all that i mean. but all kidding aside, i have never been more optimistic, we are the only country in the world that has come out of every crisis stronger than we would into it. and it is not about building back better than it was before, we have a way to make it better for everyone. everyone. [applause]
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and i went to get back to the time where i am debating democrats and republicans who believe in institutions and believe that we have a fight toward what we are doing. president biden: you have to remember who we are. we are a united -- the united states of america. [applause] there is nothing beyond our capacity. [applause] the start of the union to do [applause] excuse my mouth when i am speaking. i apologize. you, and god bless you.
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addressing inflation and parental control over children's education. ♪


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