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tv   Russian Foreign Minister at United Nations General Assembly  CSPAN  September 26, 2022 11:14pm-11:42pm EDT

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to the expectation of all the chinese people, set well conceived goals and a task for china's development in the next five years and beyond. and an overarching plan for china's future development. having waged a new historical stepping point, china will follow the chinese path modernization to achieve its national rejuvenation. china will work with other countries to safeguard peace and development, shoulder the response ability for boosting solidarity, a shared future for mankind, and embraced an even better world. thank you all. [applause] >> thank you, counselor and minister of foreign affairs for china. >> now remarks from russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov at the un's general assembly. he voiced grievances against the
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united states and its western allies, as well as nato and the european union. >> madam president, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, we are meeting at a difficult and dramatic moment.
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>> the future of the world order is being decided today. the future of the world order is being decided today. the question is whether -- following his notorious rules, or are we going to have a democratic world without blackmail and without setting fear. we may -- we made a firm choice for the latter. now calling upon everyone to work.
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-- which serves the interest of the one golden -- today we are witnessing states ready to defend the national interest and this results in the creation of an equal and sustainable multiple architects you what's the objective -- but the objective are being seen by washington and fully subjugated to it. the western countries are considered a threat to their dominating position. the u.s. and allies want to stop the march of history. at some point in the past, declaring they were victorious in the cold war, washington erected themselves into an almost envoy of god on earth
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without any obligation but only the sacred right to act with impunity wherever they want and this can be done anywhere against any state especially if they are somehow displeased the self-proclaimed masters of the world. was english band or any other language band? where the anglo-saxon declared to be -- for heavy weaponry was used against them? name a country where washington
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interfered i force -- by force. trying to restore a polar model under the slogan of a rules-based order, the west is introducing dividing lines everywhere. you are either with us or against us. there is no third option no compromise. continuing with the course of bringing this to the borders of russia, the united states now has the goal of subjugating the asian areas. the summit of nato in madrid, the self-proclaimed defensive alliance declared this indivisible security of the euro atlantic india pacific. under the slogan of india pacific strategies, both formats are being created and undermine what has been built for decades.
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namely an open and inclusive regional architecture. in addition to that they are playing with fire around taiwan. on top of that they are promising military support to taiwan. clearly the notorious monroe doctrine is becoming global in scope. washington is trying to turn the entire world into its own backyard. their way of doing this is through unlawful unilateral sanctions that have been for many years used in violation of the charter and used as a tool of political blackmail. the cynicism here is obvious. the restrictions hit civilians. prevent them from gaining access to basic needs including medications, vaccines. and food. an egregious example that we have here is the american blockade of cuba more than 60 years old. the general assembly has been for a long time demanding that
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it be immediately lifted. this is being done by the absolute majority of voices. the secretary-general, whose duty includes implementing these decisions must pay special attention to the issue. the secretary-general has a special role in mobilizing these efforts to overcome food and energy crisis resulting in the wake of an out-of-control money omission in the united states and european union during the pandemic and as a result of irresponsible unprofessional acts by the european union and the hydrocarbon court fuel market. despite common sense, washington brokers compounded the situation when they announced economic war against russia and as a result there is a growing price on foodstuffs, fertilizers, oil and gas. we welcome the efforts made by the secretary-general when they help to arrive at agreements on
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the 24th of june but they need to be implemented. so far the ships with the ukrainian green go somewhere but not into the poorest countries on the one hand. on the other hand, the impediments by the u.s. and that -- you --eu financial logistical impediments against our grain and fertilizers have not been lifted. furthermore for several weeks we have been saying 300,000 tons of fertilizer are being held up in european ports and we have been proposing that they be forwarded free of charge to the needed countries in africa. but the european union is not heating this. russo phobia in the west is unprecedented. they are not shying away from declaring the intent to inflict the military defeat on our country but also to destroy can -- and fracture russia. what they want to do is remove from the global map a
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geopolitical entity that has become all too independent. how has russia in recent decades been infringing on the interests of our opponents? is it that we cannot be forgiven for making possible the military and strategic data of the 1980's and 1990's because of my countries position? or is it that we voluntarily dissolve the warsaw organization and removed the being for nato? is it that we supported the reunification of germany and we withdrew our military from europe, asia, and latin america? recognizing the independence of former soviet republics? that we believed the promises of western leaders to expand not only by an agent the east but -- inch in the east but when it started agreed to basically
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legitimize it through signing a founding act between russia and nato? did we infringe on the west when we warned them it was unacceptable to bring closer the threatening military infrastructure closer to our borders? the arrogance of the west and american exclusivity has become particularly destructive since the end of the cold war. already in 1991 the deputy chief of the pentagon paul wolfawitz stated "after the end of the cold war we can use our military without any fear of reprisal. we have five to 10 years to clear out these soviet regimes like iraq and syria till such time there is a new superpower who can challenge us."
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i am convinced that at some point in someone's memoirs we will find out how the american strategy was being developed regarding ukraine, but even so the washington plane -- plans are obvious and it is possible that they are not forgiving the bequest of the united states and european union where we set the agreement of the president at the time, forcing his position to resolve the crisis. these agreements were guaranteed by germany, poland, and france, the next morning trampled underfoot by the leaders of the bloody coup that humiliated european mediators. the west simply shrugged and put -- watched in silence how members in where they bombed eastern ukraine and the people refuse to accept the results and watched as organizers made into
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the rank of national hero the accomplices of nazis. were we expected to acquiesce in an attempt to ban the russian language and education, how are mass media and culture with the insistence of chasing russian people out of crimea, waging war in the donbass? now the authorities in kyiv proclaimed to not be people but's pessimists? could we violate the interests of the west because we played a role in stopping the forceful actions by the kyiv neo-nazis in the eastern ukraine and demanded the package of measures be implemented? something that was unanimously approved by the security council but then later taken away.
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for many years we have been proposing to have security in europe with the basis of equal and indivisible security enshrined at the highest level in osc documents. according to this principle, no one has strengthened their own security at the expense of others and their very last proposal is to make these agreements legally binding, something introduced in 2021. the reaction was an arrogant rejection of that. the incapacity to negotiate and a continued war by the kyiv regime against their own people and that was no choice but to recognize the independence of the people's republic of donbass and protect the russian and others in the region to remove threats against our security that nato has been consistently
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creating in ukraine and at our borders. the operation is conducted in pursuance of the agreements on friendship, cooperation, and mutual assistance between us and on the basis of the articles of the u.n. charter. i am convinced that any sovereign self respecting state would do the same in our stead and understand their responsibilities to their own people. westerners are throwing a fit because of the referenda which are being conducted but the people living there basically only are reacting to what was said to them by the head of the key regime, mr. zelenskyy in august of 2021, who at the time said that anyone who feels themselves to be russian for the
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benefit of their children and grandchildren to get out and go to russia and that is what those inhabitants are doing. they are taking our land with them where their handsets or -- their ancestors have been living for hundreds of years. nato declaring our country being an immediate threat to their way to total domination with a long-term threat being the p.r.c.. at the same time, the collective west headed by washington is sending frightening signals to other countries saying anyone who disobeys can be next. one of the consequences of the crusade by the west against the objectionable's is the growing decline of multilateral institutions turning the united states and allies into tools to implement their own selfish interests. this is something being pursued
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at the u.n., human rights council, unesco and other multilateral institutions. basically it has been privatized with serious attempts made to prevent the creating of biologic toxic weapons to ensure transparency for hundreds of those in the programs they have around the world on the perimeter of our country and throughout eurasia with programs that are far from harmless. this is irrefutable according to the fact that he came to in ukraine. there is an assertive line to privatize the u.s. secretariat, introducing us into the work of neoliberals in the narrative nor -- which ignores the cultural civilization of the multifaceted nature of the world. we can call upon making sure that we follow the charter into
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making sure that we have fair representation of member states to make sure there's no dominant country in the secretariat. an impossible situation created by washington having to do with the obligation of the host country of a headquarters agreement to ensure normal conditions for the participation of the work. the obligations are also placed on the secretary-general where inactivity is unacceptable and we are concerned by the efforts made by countries undermining the prerogatives of the security council where they have to be aligned to the contemporary realities. we see the prospects of making the security council more than a -- more democratic exclusively, exclusively through broadening the representation of other countries africa, asia, and latin america.
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india and brazil are particularly key international actors and worthy candidates within the council and at the same time unilaterally erasing -- raising the profile of africa. it is very important today to make sure that all member states unequivocally and without reservations reaffirmed their commitment to the purposes and principles of the charter as it is a necessary step to restore collective responsibility for the fate of humankind. that was the reason why a group of friends created the fourth day charter and the cosponsor of -- the goal is to make sure there is a stricter abiding to the universal norms of international international approaches and we call upon everyone to join where great
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attention brings that organization in the movement where western colleagues are very aggressive in imposing their understanding of democracy as a way of organizing life to all countries. the situation in ukraine again would seem to be that russia justified its position and has been justifying it for years and the westerners disagree. ok. let other members of the international community decide for themselves whether position would be. -- what their position would be. on the side of one, others, or neutral. that's what happens in democracies when politicians opposing each other defend their viewpoints and try to convey it to others. the united states and allies do not give this freedom of choice to everyone.
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they threaten to twist the arms of anyone who dares to think for themselves and demand by threats that countries join in with anti-russian sanctions. it doesn't work very well but it is very clear that these antics -- acts by united states are not democracy, but fewer dictatorship with an attempt to dispose of it with washington and subjugated europe trying to keep their disappearing hegemony using prohibitive means. diplomacy being replaced by illegal sanctions against competitors in the economic sports and informational culture and generally in context with people. let's turn again to the problem with visas for delegates for international meetings in new york, geneva, vienna, paris. they also see the desire to make
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sure that alternative viewpoints didn't come into multilateral discussions. i'm convinced we need to protect the u.n. and scrape everything that is confrontational and superficial and give it back its reputation as an honest platform to seek balance for all member states. this is an approach we all guide through our initiatives and it is a principal importance to make sure the have a comprehensive ban on the deployment of weapons in space and this is the reason for the russia china draft international treaty considered by the conference. it is particularly important to protect cyberspace in the open-ended working group of the general assembly on how to protect international security and to use a special committee for the universal convention on how to counter the use of ict
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for criminal purposes. we continue supporting counterterrorist entities in the u.n. and we go to continue developing relationships between the u.n., eurasian economic union cis so as to pool our efforts in the greater eurasia. we called for enhanced work on overcoming regional conflicts and think that the priority here is to overcome the impasse in creating an independent palestinian state. restoring that which was like iraq and libya destroyed by aggression and threats to syria with a sustained conciliation in yemen, overcoming the heavy burden of nato presence in afghanistan. we are working on restoring the
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original jcpoa program to ensure the comprehensive settlement of the korean peninsula with many conflict situations in africa require that we reject the temptation to play a zero-sum game. we are concerned about the situation where the united states -- leading to the destruction of the international legal basis as we currently have it in resolution 1244. madam president, at times like the it is natural to seek wisdom from our previous sensors so in the expression of the former secretary or general -- secretary-general, he said and i
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quote the u.n. wasn't created to take mankind to paradise but rather to save humanity from hell. they call upon us to understand our individual and collective responsibility for creating conditions for a peaceful and harmonious development for our future generations and everyone needs to show political will for that. when we are ready for such honest work and convinced that stability of the world order can be in short, -- can be insured exclusively through returning to the diplomacy basing our self on the key principle of democracy, the respect for the sovereign equality of states. i thank you. [applause] >> i think the minister of foreign affairs of the russian federation. >> c-span's washington journal,
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every day we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, senior correspondent for government executive discusses the federal government's response to hurricane fiona and hurricane ian. national journal, talks about the senates plan to vote on the continuing resolution. mark wolf on energy crisis this winter and assistance for lower income families. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern tuesday morning on c-span or on c-span now our free mobile app. between the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. >> tuesday on c-span, they look at the upcoming supreme court term beginning in october hosted by the heritage foundation live
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coverage starting at 2:00 p.m.. the senate rules committee considers a bill to reform the 1887 electoral count act to ensure electoral votes tallied by congress accurately reflect each states vote for president. at 8:00 p.m. a conversation on the biden administration policy agenda with white house national economic council director ryan deese. -- brian deese. >> the january 6 committee returns wendy for its nine here in ahead of the release of the written report expected by the end of the year. you can watch the hearing live beginning at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span three, c-span now, or anytime on demand at
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