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tv   U.K. Labour Party Leader Starmer at Conference  CSPAN  September 28, 2022 4:44am-5:40am EDT

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along with these other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> the u.k. labour party leader laid out his party's agenda. he says the party is moving closer to the core of british politics pushing for economic growth with environmental policies that he argues would
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create one million new jobs. his arguments came during the annual conference in liverpool, england. >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you for everything you are doing for our party. thank you, conference. it is great to be here in liverpool.
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[applause] this city has been let down. when labor wins the next election, one of my first act as prime minister will be to put the law on the statute book. [applause]
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i know how much this matters. i had spent a lifetime helping those who been failed by the system. i worked with stephen lawrence is family and others to get them justice. i promise you we will get the city the justice it deserves. [applause] we have seen two sides of britain and the last few weeks. on one side, a nation united by a profound purpose, to pay its respects to a remarkable sovereign. even in death, our queen found a unique way to capture the british spirit. the other side of britain never went away.
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where a cloud of anxiety hangs over working people. at moments of uncertainty like this, we must provide clear leadership. we must stand with working people, their ambitions were real change, walked toward a better future and build a new britain together. [applause] a britain that is fairer, greener, more dynamic, and is not afraid to use the power of government to help people succeed. because we can't go on like this. what we have seen in the past few days has no precedent. the government has lost control of the british economy. and for what? we crashed the pound and for
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what? what? high interest rates, high inflation. and for what? not for you. not for working people. for tax cuts for the richest 1% in our society. don't forget, don't forgive. the only way to stop this is with a labor government. [applause] our problems don't end there. crimes like -- go unpunished. people told to drive themselves the hospital after a heart attack. millions of families,
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pensioners, the poorest in our society still facing the coldest winter of their lives. -- i thought to pay tribute to the late queen would be to turn our cholera the storm. and we will because britain never wants battles with -- thinking. from the hard work, the ground, the card -- common sense of the british people. common sense the teaches -- teachers up and down the country teach their pupils. failed to prepare and you prepare to fail. that's why our economy has been more brittle than others in the face of crisis. they used to lecture us about fixing the roof and the sun was shining. take a look around britain. they haven't just failed to fix
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the roof. they have ripped out the foundations, smashed through the windows, now they have on the doors off for good measure. [applause] my government will be different. we will run toward the challenges of tomorrow. we will get us out of this endless cycle of crisis and we will do it with a fresh start, a new set of priorities, and a new way of governing. it won't be easy. the first step must be to tackle the cost-of-living crisis. they have finally accepted there is no alternative to labor's plan to freeze energy prices. when she was arguing against handouts, they were provided the clarity our nation needed. we said this winter, not a penny
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more on anyone's bills. the plug choice is who pays. working people or the oil and gas companies making huge profits from higher prices. the head of bp has said that this is a cash machine for his company, but the cash machine fed by working people. our choice, the only choice, the labor choice is to put those profits to work. this party is always on the side of working people in times of crisis. [applause] the tories are not on the side of the nhs either. my mom worked in the nhs.
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my sister, my wife still works in the nhs. the [applause] and i know this will shock you, but the tourist are on the side of it in a just lining. -- my brother were in nhs and my sister works at the nhs and my wife still works at the inmate s -- nhs. but i can tell you how many lives i am worried about are at risk this winter. talking to those of my local hospital i said -- and they said, no, it is face down on the floor. and the pathetic response of the government last week left it there.
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the way to get it back to its feet is with a stronger nhs workers. that is the main area or to capacity -- barrier to capacity right now. to start, starting yesterday we will take home an extra 7000 able students every year. we will double the number of medical nurses. -- 10,000 extra nursing placements. [applause]
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starmer: i will tell you this, if it is a tax cut between hundreds of thousands of pounds between nhs that is not a hard choice for us labor will always deliver for nhs. but these are just the first steps on a much bigger journey. the next labor company must restore our central collective hope. he should never be left cowering. it is time for britain to stand tall again. to believe in ourselves again. to chart a new course and -- some of you have heard this before. i grew up in a couple -- center that was a toolmaker dad was a
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toolmaker mom was a nurse. it was the 1970's. i remember what rising prices feel like. i remember when our power was cut off because we could not pay the bill. how hard it was to make ins meet --ends meet. it was not easy. but there's something about being in the working class of 1970's. hope. -- a hope that was ordinary, basic, taken for granted. because like all families, although we had our ups and downs, my parents never doubted for one second the thing -- that things would get better. and you know what? they were right. they were -- they worked their socks off and gave me the gift of opportunity. and that drives me to make sure no one in this country is held
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back by their circumstances. [applause] starmer: does not just words it's a story of my life. and i do not think these values are special. the opportunity to get on is what everyone what's for their family. -- work hard and you can achieve anything. work hard, and you will get a fair chance and britain. i parents did not just believe this, it covers them. but is it still true? i don't think so. after 12 long years, our spirit as ground down. when i talk to working people now they work harder and harder -- harder just to stands though
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-- still. and they worry that their kids will not have a better life than them. what is it say about written? when families worried like this about their children future. it serves an unwritten contract is broken. the contract where in turn your hard work -- where your contribution is always respected saying that britain will always be better for your children. that is the deep cost of -- failure. they keep talking about aspiration, that they do not understand how they have choked it on the working people and it gets worse. because the other thing that i would say is that politics cannot do anything about it. they do not think real change is possible anymore. and who and blame them? just look at what they been
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through. they were told we are all in this together, yet they paid for the mess made by bankers. they cried out for economic change and referendum but the calls went unanswered. they united to defeat a virus only to see the government break all the rules they respected. [applause] and now -- and now this, the biggest hit to their living standards in a century. and it turns out, there is rally for the top 1%. now i'm not going to stand here and attend the awful conflict in ukraine is not the immediate spark of the cost of the living crisis. we will never allow prudence --putin's threat to ukraine to
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stand. we will stand alongside the rainy and fight alongside them. [applause] so let this entire conference a together slava ukraini. a conference. i will never accept that the war is an excuse of how unprepared written was to tackle the war. the war did not ban offshore -- it did not scratch insulation it did not install nuclear -- stalled nuclear energy. the tour is -- victorious -- the
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taurus did that. and during their meeting they sent out a new message that echoes around the workplaces across the country. and it says your struggles, your hopes, your ambitions don't matter to us. we are not here for you. you are not our people. we are here for those at the top and the rest of you can shove off. [applause] sir starmer: a conference, main -- make no mistake about it. in one bold move on friday, the story party -- gave up on everybody who had -- became a party of aspiration. [applause] so we need to get moving, that is the other thing that my
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background gives me. in patients. if you're born without privilege you do not have time for messing around. you do not face problems without fixing them and you do not surrender to the in-state of institutions that will not face up to change. i took on governments that wanted to take the r barrett practice -- barbaric practice -- i walked alongside others to make sure that police services will -- works to fight for all communities. -- to make them work for victims. and this is what drives me in this job as well. [applause] the conference i knew in april 2020 when i became a leader of his party we became a big task worse had to change our already
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and -- all in one go. change with a purpose. to make our party fit to serve our country. that is why we have to rip up anti-semitism by its roots. [applause] that is why we had to show our support for it is nonnegotiable. -- to prosper set on multiple parties. country first, party second. [applause]
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and i did not do this alone, -- we did it together. and it shows. we have taken councils in scotland, wales, and every part of england. -- we have shown labor can work again anywhere. our first election day in decades simon. [applause] >> but people need more. they are crying out for change in looking for decisive leadership. they need to know we can be a report government with clear answers to the big challenges they face. that we can grow the economy and
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raise the standards for everyone not just a privileged few. tackle climate change by creating new jobs, industries, and opportunities. we design our public services to unleash opportunity and provide security area -- restored faith in politics is good and give the country its future back. [applause] >> so, conference imagining that we are looking back at the first term of the next labor government. how is britain different? i will tell you. we have defeated the cost of living crisis and the clouds of anxiety with it. services are there when you need them. our economy is stable again. is this has a certainteed to invest. the nhs is back in good health. but people are starting to raise
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their sites. believe in britain again. britain is fair and they feel like they can get on. there is more opportunity. or of double housing, fair taxes, higher wages, -- families can aspire again. and look forward with hope again. and britain is greener. we are leading the world in climate change. people look at us and follow our example. new jobs, industries, technologies benefit all parts of the country. we are proving that net zero can be achieved and the most precious gift to the next generation is within our grasp. essay for and more prosperous world to live in. [applause] and because we are fairer, greener, we are also dynamic and our entrepreneurial spirit is
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unleashed. cutting edge science and world processes driving economic growth and working people are respected as the people who create the wealth that drives written -- britain forward. [applause] and there is one more thing. it is important. people have started to notice it is possible to govern integrity. [applause] >> so you might -- to unite rather than divide. to respect others point of view. to see the long-term plans trump shorter fixes. the decline is not inevitable yes, some people will say politicians will resign but not
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as many. in groups, may be months ago, i was really struck by someone -- a woman said something that was very simple. " i don't just want to survive, i want to live. " as i got back on the train that phrase went round and round in my head. "i don't want to survive, i would want to live. ". -- i want to know that she and people like her are not just surviving, they are thriving. that is the difference that the labor government will make. that is the britain we are fighting for. [applause]
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>> conference, let's be honest, missions do not achieve themselves. unique focus, determination, and the courage to make very difficult choices. particularly when managing the country's finances. -- we sent out a framework for sound money. we are determined to reduce debt as a share of our common. every coliseum -- every policy we announce, -- we will set up values for money to make sure that -- national interest. and we should be clear about what that means. it means not being able to do things -- as quickly as we might like. that is what responsible government looks like. because if you lose control of the economy, if you act irresponsibly, as the tories
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have done in a spectacular fashion, then you lose to do anything. and working people pay the price. we will not let that happen. [applause] >> we will only borrow to invest when it is in the long-term national interest when the cost of not investing a -- makes it much more expensive for the next generation. conference, the labour party is at its best. when we lips the future and lead our country towards it. -- when we glimpse the future and lead our countries towards it. -- we built a land built for heroes after the second world war. in 1964, we harvested the right of technology to payout with our
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economy. in 1997 we mobilize a country held back by crumbling public services and outdated institutions. [applause] >> it is time. it is time to write a new chapter of labour party history about how he built a new -- more dynamic britain by tackling the climate emergency had on and used it to create the jobs in the industry and the opportunities of the future. [applause] >> i, this not just as leader -- i come at this not just as a leader but as a father. as a father, i am spurred on by the voices of our children. the cry of india nation demanding our generation to act before it is too late.
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as labor leader i see it as a matter of justice and opportunity about the fairness of better society the argument of politics to create. the biggest opportunity we've had in decade to make this country work for -- across the world countries are gearing up to meet this challenge. we cannot afford to miss out. because some nations -- some nation is going to lead the world with their initiatives, why not this one? some nation will -- lead the race with electric vehicles why not us? why not britain? [applause]
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>> conference, that is why today i am so proud to launch our green prosperity plan. a plan that will turn the u.k. into a green growth superpower and driving the plan forward, is a gold that puts us ahead of any major economy in the world. 100% clean power by 2030. a huge national effort. a huge national effort. [applause] >> and effort that will double britain's capacity. -- new renewable ports, giga factories, and initially 19 million homes. [applause]
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>> and working with the team, we will make sure this energy revolution powers of all part of the country. let's get clean hydrogen energy into south orchard, east of england, -- offshore income -- scotland. easton north york sure. and in the south east and southwest and midlands. this will require a different way of working. the biggest partnership between government and communities that the country has ever seen. there will be more than 8 million new jobs. for electricians, engineers, software designers, technicians, and builders. it will start within the first 100 days of the new labor government. [applause]
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>> and what will it mean for working people? cheaper bills and higher living status. take-home insulation, i saw this for myself on abby road, [indiscernible] [laughter] -- where the labor accounts will have a jobsite to do -- it was freezing cold and i was -- the house was warm and the energy bill was next to nothing and the tenants were grinning from ear to ear and why not? over -- a winter fuel bill what is not to like? cleaner -- clean energy is already cheaper than fossil fuels nine times cheaper we just need more of it. this is about fair growth powered by clean energy.
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-- everywhere in the country that is what leveling up looks like a practical solution. not [indiscernible] >> and conference, as rachel announced yesterday, a new reddish sovereign wealth fund will drive us forward on this mission. we will make sure that the public money is spent building of the industry, and spurs on private investors, stimulates growth in sciences and -- and the british people enjoy the returns. we won't make the mistake that the tories made with gas in the 1980's where they took the wealth from our national resources. look at what is happening. the largest onshore wind farm in wales who owns it? sweden. energy bills in swansea are
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paying for schools across -- but the chinese communist party's has a stake in our nuclear industry. and 5 million people in britain pay their bills to an energy company owned by france. so we will set up great dish energy within the first -- great british energy within the first year of the neighbor government. a new company. a new company. [applause] >> conference, a new company that takes advantage of the opportunities in clean british power and because it is right for jobs, because it is right for growth, because it is right for energy independence for -- then yes, conference, great
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reddish energy will be publicly owned. -- great british energy will be publicly owned. [applause] >> conference, none of this will be easy. it is not like flipping a switch. it will be tough battles like issues of planning and regulation. -- but remember this, the road to net zero -- is self -- not self-denial it is 20th-century aspirations. technology has turned everything on its head.
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green and technology just go together. they are inseparable. lou future wells of this country is in our air, our seas, and our skies we will harness that power and share it with all. british power to the british people. [applause] >> that's -- that's why of always said we will fight the tories on economic growth. their record is appalling. the worst decade of growth in two centuries. as the chancellor puts it, a vicious cycle of stagnation. [laughter] >> i have to say, as a former prosecutor it warms my heart when somebody -- pleads guilty of the first opportunity. [applause]
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>> and after 12 years, what is the big idea? unlimited bonuses to bankers, back to billionaires, go easy on the elderly gas companies. it is nonsense. everyone earning less than 155,000 pounds a year loses out with that money. -- loses out with that plan. and they say without the lead in distribution, -- but they do from the poor to the rich. and they are loading up the country with debt. and what about those in the middle? they are losing 780 pounds a conference. i am sure you have all heard that tape where liz truss says britain working people lack skill and application.
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but the problem with our economy is that they do not draft our people. working people do not draft -- no, we are not going to take this. this is the fight. if they want to fight us on redistribution, workers rights, if they want to tell us working people do not come first, we will take them on and we will win. [applause] >> and we will when not just because we have fairness on our side, but because we have economic reason on our side too. trickle down economics does not work.
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britain will not be better off just because we make the rich richer. the real problem is we create too many jobs that are insecure. we lock too many communities out of the wealth we have created and public services are not strong enough to help succeed. that is why we struggle to grow. -- economic foundations are weak. and the tory thinks that's fine. if the government races ahead and the rest of country stagnates, they think that's ok. conference, they are the ones not prepared to draft. they are not prepared to do -- on growth. [applause] >> but we will. we will in the light -- light --blight -- decisions of low
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people are made by those who are in the game. the people of liverpool know what is best for liverpool. and the same is relevant here. if we want growth everywhere, communities need a -- and they need good affordable housing for working people as well. i have seen homeownership rise almost my entire life. it is the bedrock of security and aspiration. that pebble -- meant everything to my family. now, because of the tories, the dream of owning your own home is slipping away for too many. that is a political truth because if you keep inflating demand without increasing supply house prices will only rise and homes become that's affordable for working people. so,. [applause]
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>> so we will set a new target 70% homeownership and we will meet it with a use of political choices. -- no more -- landlords or second-home getting and -- getting it first. we will back working people's aspirations. help first-time buyers get land with new mortgage guarantee schemes -- and getting shovels in the ground. my messages this, if you are drafting a reality to buy your own home, labor is on your side, labor is the party of homeownership in britain today. [applause] >> and let me say something about business as well, do not be fooled into thinking they would buy into the tory trickle-down factor. his misleaders are -- saying
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they want to rip up employee rights. they are going to tell me the problems they face will be solved by corporations. they want fair taxes, high skills, and a long-term confidence to best. i want to be crystal clear about this, i am not just business, i want to partner with business. so we will strapped business rates, level the playing field for start ups, give him what years new flexibility to invest in world-class training that they need. and as john reynolds said, invite to drive forward our modern industrial strategy. a true partnership between government, businesses, and trade unions. [applause] >> this isn't about the size of government, it is about what government can do. government can support businesses -- and help them grow. help bring in the creative genius of scientists -- sciences
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and universities to tackle the challenges on behalf of working people. -- ideology is a barrier to growth. and i tell you another one. the mess that they have made of our public services area -- services. -- strong public services -- invest so that parents can go back to work. more mental health support. skills training when you need it. and growth improves. but we have to be honest i would like to sit here and say that labor means everything but the damage they've done to our finances and public service means this time the rescue will be harder than ever. it will take investing, of
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course it will. but it will also take reform. one, we need to train and motivate the very best doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers. two, you need to get the best innovation in their hands, make technology work for us. three, we need to make sure services are built around people's lives. empower them to meet the challenges of the future. and four, above all, we must shift towards a perfection first policy. [applause] >> now, i've seen this. i've seen this for myself early intervention saves lives and save money. every time i read a serious case review as director of public -- the story was the same. to change the name. another life that could have gone in a different direction if someone would have stepped in earlier.
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it is that kind of injustice that must drive us to think differently about our public services. in health, it is about moving treatment towards communities. exploring how technology can free up energy workers to focus on care. in education it means not just imparting knowledge but developing creativity, resilience, and curiosity that young people need in a modern world. -- and policing that can focus on prevention -- and a system that will not let violence go unpunished. conference, the state of our public services show you exactly who the tories are. it shows you the fundamentally do not believe they can help working people succeed. every time they choose a new prime minister, there's been plenty of them, you get a hymn of lip service the power.
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-- but as soon the black door slingshot -- swings shut behind them they retreat to their comfort zone. that is why they do not plan for the future. they do not believe it is their job. so we lurch from crisis to crisis always reacting always behind the curve. -- and if you want the toll tuna -- [indiscernible] look no further -- the policy will always be to make >> it work. [indiscernible] what i heard around the country's people who think we got our priorities wrong. -- but he also wanted opportunity for the next generation area communities they felt proud of.
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look services they could rely on. -- i didn't hear is about slashing workers rights or lowering standards on food and the welfare of the environment, i did not hear them wanting to end redistribution. so i want to speak directly to the people who left labor on this issue. whether you voted leave or remain, you have been let down. and with this -- with liz truss, changing the meter before your eyes. if you voted for a government to step in on your side, for debtor work, higher wages, more opportunity in your community, work nhs that is modern and reliable, if you voted to take control of your life, and from the next generation to have control of theirs, then i say to you, that is what i will deliver. i will make work pay for people who create this country's
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wealth. i will make sure that we are -- make and sell more in britain. i will revitalize public services and control immigration -- i will spread opportunity to all of our communities and i will never be shy to use the power of government to help people succeed. labor will make brexit work. labor will deliver change. we will never get back -- we will never get that from the tories. [applause] and conference, you will not get it from the s&p either. [applause] >> the challenges that we face because of lending -- living crisis, standing up to putin, --
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we sell the threat of fascism and deadly disease together. we built the nhs -- together. but i do not believe in our union just because of our history, i believe in it because of our future. i know we can make the great challenges to come -- light up the -- we share. scotland needs a labor government that can deliver change. [applause] >> conference, it also needs the power and resources to shape its own future. who ever is in powdered -- empowered. the s&p is not interested in
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this. for then -- then, scotland success in u.k. is met with -- seen as a roadblock to independence of a stand in the way. we cannot work with them. we will not work with them. no deal under any circumstances. [applause] >> a fairer, greener, more dynamic scotland in a fairer, greener, more dynamic great britain. [applause] >> conference, on climate change, growth, aspiration, leveling up, brexit, economic sponsor -- responsibility we are the party of the center ground.
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once again, the political been good of the british people. [applause] >> and we can achieve great things. yesterday, we even managed to get a livable crowd -- [indiscernible] [laughter] >> lezz not kid ourselves the next few years will be tough. -- the story will stop at nothing to achieve that. because of the state of written, they are getting desperate. they will lash out. we need to be prepared, disciplined, focused. spend every day working to earn the trust of the british people. meet their attacks with hope and provide the leadership in this country -- that it so
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desperately needs. because as in 1940 5, 19 64, 1997, this is a labor moment. so, conference, say it loud and believe it. britain will deal with the cost of living crisis. written will get its -- written will get it -- written in -- britian -- this is my commitment to you. the mission of the next labour government and together with the british people we will do this. thank you, conference. [applause]
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