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tv   Campaign 2022 Senator Warnock Campaigns in Norcross GA  CSPAN  September 28, 2022 10:43pm-11:21pm EDT

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>> herschel walker is running against raphael warnock in the november midterm elections. the democratic incumbent held his own campaign event in northeast atlanta which included a meet and greet was taurine american seniors. this runs 35 minutes. >> i am honored by the enthusiasm i feel as a sense of connection that i feel with my korean sisters and brothers. i want to thank ceo joy, and the senior director of race kingdom further kindness and hospitality
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-- grace kang for the kindness and hospitality. to represent all of the citizens of georgia in every corner of our state. [applause] [foreign language]
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[applause] sen. warnock: as she said it during my introduction, i am one of 12 children in my family, i am number 11. i am the first college graduate. clearly, my parents, both of whom were preachers read this scripture and took it seriously. be fruitful and multiply. my dad used to wake me up every morning, rain or shine. during the school year and during the summer. he never allowed me to see nate or allowed my siblings to sleep late. he would say wake up, get dressed, put your shoes on and get ready.
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my dad had a fierce work -- work ethic. he was a small businessman, who believed that if you work hard you can make a way for your family. he used to tell me, son if somebody hired you to do a job, do the job they hired you to do. georgia hired me to do a job, to lower costs, to provide health care, to create jobs and stand up against bigotry and hatred wherever it is found. it is my honor to do that job on your behalf. [applause] [foreign language]
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[applause] sen. warnock: so the primary focus of my work has been on health care. it is because i believe health care is a human right.
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it is something the wealthiest nation on the planet can and ought to provide for all of its citizens. perhaps, part of my focus on health care has to do with the fact i'm also a pastor. i am not a senator that used to be a pastor. i am a pastor that serves in the senate. i returned to my pulpit most sundays. because the last thing i want to do is spend all of my time talking to politicians. i'm afraid i might accidentally become one. i returned my pulpit every sunday, and i preach in gospel, in the name of one jesus christ. who spent much of his time healing the sick, even those
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with pre-existing conditions. when i got to the senate, i was focused on the fact there are 600,000 georgians who are in the coverage gap. georgia refuses to expand medicaid. which means hospitals are closing and people are sick. mostly the working poor. i wrote a bill to try to get georgians health care, and prior to that, i make sure we put money in the senate build to give georgia every reason to ask -- to expand health care. because it is so important. especially for the working poor and seniors. [applause] [foreign language]
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sen. warnock: because georgia elected me, and my friend and brother jon ossoff, among the things we have been able to accomplish is we passed the single largest tax cut for middle and working-class families in american history. the expanded child tax credit. [applause] [foreign language]
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[applause] sen. warnock: because i believe health care is a human right, i wrote a provision that was signed into law that caps the cost of health care for seniors on medicare. i do not believe people like my 84-year-old mother should have to choose between buying medicine they need and food that they need, we have to treat our elders kindly. this is my effort to be kind to our elders in public policy by capping the cost of their medicine. i did this because i do not look
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for the big pharmaceutical companies. i work for you. [applause] [foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] [applause] sne. warnock -- sen. warnock: i live in a state where one in three adults have diabetes. and one in three asians have diabetes. that number may be higher because it often goes undiagnosed. that is why i wrote another
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provision that will soon be written into law that caps the cost of insulin for folks on medicare to know more than $34 per month on autopilot it -- out-of-pocket costs. i did this because i do not work for big corporations, i work for you. [speaking foreign language] [applause]
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sen. warnock: also the same piece of legislation gives medicare the ability to negotiate the price of prescription drugs. [speaking foreign language] [applause] sen. warnock: let me pivot now and talk just a little bit about something that is hazardous to the health of all of us. that is hate. hate is hazardous to our health. and injustice anywhere is a
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threat to justice everywhere. that's why when i heard the tragic news about the victims of the atlanta spa shootings, and that many of them were korean american, i was honored to stand with my colleagues as a cosponsor of the covid-19 hate crimes act. i will always stand with my korean sisters and brothers. when i heard about those shootings, i thought about the history of my own people. i thought about for little girls bombed in a birmingham church. i thought about the victims of a church in recent years in charlston.
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i was reminded of the words of a pastor during the era of the nazi regime. he said first they came for the socialist, and i didn't say anything because i was not a socialist. they came for the jews, and i did not say anything because i was not a jew. they came from -- for the trade unionists and the communist, and i said nothing because i was not a trade unionist or communist. but then they came for me and there was no one there took -- to stand for me. we have to stand together. we are in a single garment of destiny, dr. king said.
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1 -- when something effects one directly, it effects all of us indirectly. that's why i will always stand with my korean sisters and brothers against a tree and hatred. [applause] [speaking foreign language] -- against bigotry and hatred. [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] sen warnock: i also want you to know that i support the korean war united families reunification act which calls for assistance in reuniting korean americans with their long lost family members and north korea. what could be more important than reuniting families. [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] sen. warnock: finally, i remain laser focused on creating jobs and lowering costs all across the state of georgia. i called in february, for the suspension of the federal gas tax. i continue to push corporations who are experiencing record profits while we pay record prices. i passed the jobs and
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competition law. which invests in domestic manufacturing. over in west point georgia we have a plan, -- a plant, the kia plant which makes the most popular suv in the country. that plant had to shut down twice, not because it didn't have enough customers but because they didn't have enough microchips, semiconductors. are you proud that we passed a law that will reinvest in american manufacturing in order to create jobs all across our state. [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] sen. warnock: standing up for health care, standing up against hatred and bigotry. creating jobs and opportunity all across our state. that is my job. my dad said, son, if someone hires you to do a job, do the job that they hired you to do. i am deeply honored to work for you, i hope to have six more years to do this very important work for georgians all across
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our great state. early voting against on october 17. we should not wait, we should not delay, there is too much on the line. god bless you, i am deeply honored to be here with you, keep the faith, keep looking up. [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> i have a question.
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sen. warnock: yes or -- yes, sir. >> we are all happy to meet you. you are a good-looking man, women like big noses. the number one question i have, how will you help the seniors? a lot of people over 70 call 911 emergency and they cannot answer the question, name, address, but
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with life alert, people cannot answer. can the government make a life alert system for older seniors that would have insurance pay. life alert is not covered. we have to pay $20. it is not too much money but, seniors over 70 years may not able to answer the telephone. it could save a lot of lives. i know you are working very hard for democrats election. we will all push for you in
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november again. i promise. [laughter] [applause] sen. warnock: you make an excellent point, and it is something that i will focus on on the overall agenda of health care and thank you for complement in my notes. -- nose. she said you are 97, i don't believe you. 98? let me see your id. let me see. you are amazing, sorry. -- you are amazing, sir. my goodness, born in 1924.
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>> every day, -- we have a lot of fun and we do exercise every day. [laughter] sen. warnock: 98 years olod, -- old you look great sir. >> [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] >> she said, -- the
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reunification -- [indiscernible] [inaudible] [indiscernible]
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>> everybody look here, one, 2, 3. 1, 2, three. good. [laughter] 1, 2, 3, thank you.
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>> sen warnock! [applause] >> one more picture. [warnock!] [laughter] >> thank you so much everybody. [indistinct chatter] ♪
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>> buckeye broadband support c-span as a public service along with these other television providers. giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> next, president biden talks about the national strategy to reduce obesity and to end hunger in the u.s. it by the year 2030, at a health and nutrition conference hosted by the white house. the president also spoke ruefully about the federal response to hurricane ian. >> please welcome the u.s. secretary of agriculture. [applause] >> goods morning. thank you very much. welcome. it's my privilege ten


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