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tv   House GOP Leaders Hold Briefing  CSPAN  September 30, 2022 3:16am-3:48am EDT

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capitol this is the minutes. >> i want to say our thoughts and prayers are with everyone and florida, for those who are seen the hurricane continued to move through, we will do everything within our power as lawmakers to help and assist. a number of the floridian members are home now working with their districts. as we are in the final hours here, of this legislative
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session, the american people are continuing to ask, can they afford it? they watch what has happened with one party rule in washington. where democrats controlled the white house, the senate, the house, the department of education, your supply chain. what if they seen?
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>> when they cry to the democrats to defund the police, to work hard, we watch crime rise throughout. when we watch -- when they watched the change in policies to our border for more than -- were more than three and a half million people have come across. word -- when fentanyl is the number one killer of our children between the ages of 18 and 45. 300 americans will be poison today and died because of fentanyl. that is the equivalent of one airline crashing each and every day in america. but the administration ignores it.
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so what has this one-party rule of democrats brought us? higher prices with inflation. my question to every single american, can you afford to give up one month wages? an entire month of your wages, could you afford to give it up? most everyone would say no. unfortunately, under the democrats, that's what they've taken from you. one month is 8.3% of your whole your salary. that's what inflation has done. they told you to continue to have to pay all of your bills, but only have 11 of the 12 months to do it in. we watched the price of your gas go up, inflation rise, the border that is unsecure, and kids that are now left behind because of the policies during the pandemic. the american public is asking a subquestion, -- a simple question, could you afford it, could it be different.
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well republicans have worked for the last year and a half and we have a commitment to america. the policies have created a plan to put us on a new track. it is a plan for eight economy that is strong. where you can fill up your tank and feed her family. where paychecks grow, not shrink. a plan for an nation that is safe. where communities are protected, law enforcement is respected and criminals are prosecuted. it is a plan for a future that is built on freedom. for children come first, and are taught to dream bag -- dream big. where politicians don't get special treatment and americans get answers. the truth is, basically cannot afford, two more years of democrat-controlled. it is our commitment to the american public, a plan for a
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new direction to make sure that the next century, is the american century. with that, i went to introduce our wet, steve scalise. -- whip steve scalise. >> i want to extend my prayers to the people of south carolina and florida, who are faced with the devastation of hurricane ian. as we get ready to get back to our communities across the country and as we go around the country we hear the same recurring theme, families are struggling under the weight of bigger government socialism. but joe biden and nancy pelosi have done over the last few years to ram through trillions and spending, mountains of heavy regulation and more big government socialism it is hurting the lower income families of america, it is costing people jobs, it's making
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it harder for them to put food on the table. and people are saying enough is enough. they're losing hope. the good news is, we are providing hope and what the commitment to america represents. we are laying out a plan, a vision for the future, bold conservative ideas that actually confront these problems that nancy pelosi, joe biden and all of the other socialists here in washington have done to make things harder for people. we are actually going to return power back to people. we will restore freedom and hope to communities. we will get the government off people's back and reduce inflation, bring in energy policies that promote entered -- american energy after we have seen over a year and a half of attacks on american energy. and when joe biden and nancy pelosi go after american energy it yields higher prices at the
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pump, we were in pennsylvania rolling this out just a few days ago. we heard from families that are struggling. they talked about how it makes it harder for them to live their normal lives when they talk about the border crisis, we had as sheriff, and we hear from sheriffs like this all the time, and unfortunately, we also hear from corners who tell us that the olsons of deaths from fentanyl, over 100,000 people of our young people died because joe biden opened the disorder -- southern border, and they know that drug cartels can bring it right across the southern border and it brings it into every community in america which means that every community in america is now a border town because joe biden boat secured the border. republicans, will bring legislation to secure america's border. we are willing to show the country what we would do if we at a republican majority in november. and it is interesting to see the
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visceral reaction that happened just minutes after we rolled this out. you saw nancy pelosi, joe biden not saying that they want to work with us to solve these problems, they just went down the same old stale rolled -- stale world of attacking extremism to attack inflation. nancy pelosi says it is -- to -- pelosi says it is extremism to let parents be involved in parents education, if that's what she think this extremism, may it is time for nancy pelosi to go. we are going to fight for the american people to restore that hope with the commitment to america to show that there is a better way to get this country back on track and restore the american dream for generations to come. with that, i am proud to bring up our conference chair.
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>> thank you steve, as leader mccarthy said, today hausman test house republicans continue to pray for all -- for all those in hurricane ian's path, many of us are bracing for this disaster as it makes it way across the state. families are struggling to balance their budget, seniors including many from my district are draining their savings, and the next generation is finding it impossible to afford the american dream. joe biden and the democrats have no plan to secure the border, and they have no plan to address the skyrocketing crime crisis causing chaos in our streets. the american people are -- are smart, they know that single party democrat rules have caused these crises, today, -- of
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america's workers now say their wages have fallen behind joe biden, skyrocketing inflation tax and according to recent polling voters trust republicans over democrats over democrats on issue after issue. whether it's the economy, whether it's the border, whether it's inflation or crime, it is clear the american people are looking for a new direction and house republicans have a plan. our commitment to america fights back against the democrats radical agenda. it will rain in reckless spending to combat inflation. it will end joe biden's open border policies and secure our southern border. we will roll back democrats soft on crime policies, supporting our law enforcement. we will unleash american energy dominance and defend our constitutional freedoms. americans cannot afford to live under democrats failed rule anymore and help is on the way in just 40 days. -- on the way. in just 40 days, house republicans will fire lame duck speaker nancy.
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-- nancy pelosi once and for all , hold joe biden accountable for his failed leadership and save america in a new republican majority. we will create a new economy that strong nation that is safe, , a future that's built upon freedom and a government that's accountable. this is our commitment to america and i'm honored to introduce our colleague congresswoman ashley hinson from iowa. [applause] >> good morning everyone. we all know last year president biden and speaker pelosi spent and spent and spent and now we are all paying the price for that as inflation eats away at everyone's paychecks. america cannot afford one party rule any longer. one in six americans are behind on their utility bills, grocery prices are up 13. -- 13.5% annually. iowa farmers are grappling with sky high fertilizer and diesel prices and mortgage rates are the highest that they have been since 2008.
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so while democrats continue to double down on reckless spending including through their $400 billion. student loan debt transfer. republicans are working on common sense policies to help restore our economy for everyone. we are committed to combating inflation, regaining american energy independence to bring down the cost of gas and electricity and making goods here in america, not in china. we believe you should keep more of your hard earned money and that you know how to spend your money and your paycheck better than the government can. so republicans, we have a plan to get our economy back on track. but first, the most important step in doing so is electing a republican house majority so that we can close president biden's checkbook and put a check on this administration. we are committed to a strong economy. we are committed to working families and we are committed to a strong america.
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now it's my honor to introduce my colleague from texas. myra florez, congressman. thank you. >> thank you so much. leader mccarthy and fellow colleagues. on june 14th i became the first mexican born congress women ever elected in congress and the commitment to america is fighting exactly for that. for the american dream, a nation that is safe, un nacion segura, that is what all americans want and that is what we will deliver with. the commitment to america as a mother of four children and a representative of a border district. i can say that the situation we find ourselves in today, both as a nation and as a community is disturbing. the status quo cannot stand. we have borders that are being overrun with people and drugs of which are benefiting drug cartels and human smugglers. we have communities where local
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leaders have abandoned their citizens, citizens that elected them to be in that position and are instead standing up and protecting criminals and gang members over mothers and fathers, places where community leaders have turned their back on the police and their daily heroic efforts to keep us all safe. we have drugs coming into our community, our schools, our homes meant to steal the youth and life of our children and rip apart the fabric of our country's most valuable treasure , our families, our familias. but this ends here and this ends now. as elected leaders, we have a responsibility to lead our communities, our country and our youth to a better tomorrow. not only by fixing what ails us today, but also by positioning ourselves to tackle the challenges of the next 10, 20 or 50 years. and it starts in november.
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the commitment to america is not just a roadmap to a better tomorrow, it is a roadmap to a better america. we all want an economy that is strong, a nation that is safe, a future built on freedom, a government that is accountable to we, the people. so today we stand in front of you to bring you this promesa, we will get it done. we will make our country more secure, more prosperous and make america the best place to live, work and raise a family and -- {speaking spanish]
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[speaking spanish] thank you and god bless america, [applause] >> we will next hear from our colleague congressman. burgess owens [applause] >> show the ring burgess clash --burgess. >> i'm a father of six children and 16 grandchildren. my dream is that they one day will successfully run circles around me. that is the desire of every past generation. it has always been about our children. it is the american way. it's time we start teaching our
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children what freedom looks like, what it means and where it comes from. our founding father thomas jefferson once said a great and free can never be the house republicans are committed to a future that's built on freedom. for far too many decades. our children have been trained by antiquated and unfair education system. they go into the world unprepared, angry hitting our country, trained by a system focused more on the welfare of bureaucrats and union labor -- union bosses than our precious children. the republican party's commitment to america will get our country back on track. we're going to pass the parents bill rights, ensuring transparency, restoring the voices of moms and dads will -- we will make it very clear that parents are the primary stakeholders, stakeholders for their children's education. we're going to ensure that only biological girls can compete in girl's sports. it's called good old school american common sense and fairness. we're going to expand education so that every child in america
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has an opportunity to succeed. please here are single moms -- please here hours single moms across our country, especially those who run who live in these hapless and hopeless run democratic cities of detroit philadelphia new york baltimore d. c. in the state of california. those of you who pray every night that your child will finally break the poverty style. -- the poverty cycle. i promise you help is on the way . the republican party's commitment to america will allow in the future an opportunity to look back on november 2022 as our our nation's turning point, the point at which we once again once again began to build our children's future on the foundation of freedom. it'll be a point of clarity for all american children regarding the vision of martin luther king and regardless of race creed, color zip code or city free at last. free at last. thank god almighty free at last . commitment to america, we're on our way.
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hang in there. [applause] >> thank you. we will now hear from our colleague congressman jamie comer. >> i want to thank my colleagues for coming together today as we present to america the republican plan to get our country back across this country. americans feel ignored by washington. the biden administration has created multiple crises that impact their daily lives. but with democrats, one party rule in washington, there has been absolutely zero accountability. in fact, if you look at the house oversight committee, they -- we have had zero biden cabinet officials. we haven't even had any high level biden cabinet administrators in front of the oversight committee. but two years ago during the trump administration, there were dozens and dozens of cabinet officials that came before the committee.
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as part of our commitment to america, republicans are prepared to restore transparency and hold washington accountable. republicans have been pushing for months to hold hearings on the many pressing crises creating by the biden administration, inflation remains at a 40 year high energy prices are rising. the border is open to illicit drugs and illegal immigration, teens are dying from fentanyl. students are behind because democrats close schools for so long. and many families are stressed wondering how they're going to make ends meet by administration -- biden administration officials and the unaccountable federal bureaucracy will no longer be able to hide behind closed doors. they're going to be held accountable for their actions. house republicans have officially put the biden administration on notice. since the beginning of this congress, house republicans have sent more than 500 requests for information and documents. republicans are united in our effort to conduct oversight and hold the biden white house
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accountable for its incompetence at home and abroad. since president biden took office, democrats have turned a blind eye and completely abandoned oversight. one nonpartisan group even gave democrats on the oversight committee and f under republican leadership, , congress will fulfill its constitutional duty to conduct oversight, rooting out waste fraud abuse and mismanagement in the federal government are at the top of our agenda when -- agenda. when backed by the many tools that come with the gavel. the american people will finally get some answers they deserve. americans can count on republicans to deliver government efficiency and effectiveness. americans can count on republicans to protect their taxpayer dollars and americans can count on republicans to hold the by administration accountable. this is our commitment to america. thank you. [applause] >> in 40 days americans have a decision to make.
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do they want an economy that's strong, to make america energy independent, lower your gas prices, slow the growth of inflation? do they want a nation that is safe that will secure their border, not defund the police but add police. do they want a future that's built on freedom where you have a parents bill of rights? you have a say in your kids education. do they want a government that's accountable? a check and balance? it will be a difference and that's our commitment to you. a commitment to america. if you entrust us with the majority, that's exactly what we'll do. and on the very first day our very first bill we will repeal the 87,000 irs agents. [applause] because your government should
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be here to help you not to go after you. that's the difference with a new majority with that let's open it up for questions. >> do you -- are you worried about questioning the 2020 election? >> no, i'm worried about america. can we afford to continue one party rule where inflation has taken entire months of salary? i'm worried about americans. can they afford their electricity costs? that are now five times before and 20 million. americans can't pay it today. i'm worried about americans between the ages of 18 and 45. the 300 will die today because the democrats have opened up this border have empowered the cartels and now bring the poison from china in killing americans. i'm worried about today that can we afford this lost learning these kids that are left behind and when parents simply want to go to kids school board meeting that a doj would call them terrorists.
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i'm worried about today that you have no check and balance that we do not know what happened in those last days of afghanistan that took 13 gold star families. i'm worried about today that will tomorrow be better. but in 40 days we can make that difference. thank you. yes ma'am. >> this is regarding little cool as crisis actually in the , partisan areas. and number two. are you concerned at all about how this impacts voting. >> you know, i have a great deal of trust in governor de santis. i watched his leadership here in the house and i'm watching his leadership at a crisis time in the nation of how he led florida. i have no concerns of their ability to be able to carry out an election. i have no concerns about the idea of what he's prepared ahead of time to get in there to help those citizens, but we'll do anything in our power to help them as well. yes sir.
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>> well, i think our dollars should go further. the most important thing in a military, is to make sure you have the most advanced. so you never have to use it. and i've watched what has happened under the biden obama administration before the hypersonic. that china and russia pulled ahead of us. it's a real concern. i'm concerned about our troops on the front line. do they have the resources that they need to protect them? so we have a lot of people who served in the military right behind me. and i think they know what's best in the ability to make sure we're protected for a future. that america is still the strongest and will never have to go to war because of our strength. yes, ma'am. >> i'm just worried, you know, in our commitment to america, we talked clearly about we're here to protect the children and the mother. it's very clear about that. what i'm very concerned about is how drastic the democrats have gone. how extreme they no longer
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support the hyde amendment. they will simply say with tax dollars, you would not use it for abortion. president biden and all of his 40 years of office here supported the hyde amendment. but now they're so extreme. they'll go all the way to have an abortion at birth at birth. i get real concerned by that. yes, ma'am. [indiscernible] >> look, we're not gonna we're not gonna predetermine what happens. the number one promise we make to american public is we're gonna get to the bottom of the truth and we'll let the truth take us to wherever, wherever it goes and we'll uphold the law whatever we need to do. yes, ma'am.
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[indiscernible] >> the one thing we just went through four years of watching a political impeachment. we've watched four years. what we learned even today that adam schiff first lies to the american public. now we find out he went to freshman to those democrats to write that article because they knew nancy pelosi would move for impeachment. it was all predetermined. we will uphold the law. we will not play politics with it. but we'll do whatever in the nature that the rules and facts take us to. last question, yes, ma'am. [indiscernible] >> we don't underestimate anything. the one thing we do know is we went across this country for the last almost two years, the american public is hurting. they're hurting when it comes to the cost of living every day.
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-- living. every day, when they go to the grocery store of how much it costs. new mothers and fathers can't get baby formula for their children. the price of gas continues to rise that americans have to make a decision of where they can go . their children being left behind because of the policies during the pandemic. but they go to a school board meeting they're called the , terrorist simply because they want to have a say in their kids education a border where more than three million people have across -- come across. where you have people on the terrorist watch list. you have fentanyl now the number one killer of people between the ages of 18 and 45. no accountability. when you just listened to congressman comer coming before the committee, we have a responsibility. the american people have an opportunity in 40 days. we make this promise to you. we will work for you. not the other way around that you currently have in washington. it's our commitment to america. thank you. and god bless. [applause]
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