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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  October 10, 2022 7:05pm-8:04pm EDT

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later on the 20th and runs through november 5th and of co [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the united nations general assembly held an emergency meeting to discuss russia's seizure of ukrainian territory you can see that tonight starring at eastern on c-span coming to watch it on the fema will bid you app c-span now or online -- our free mobile video app c-span now or online at >> they participate in a debate. this is an hour. pbs, and be arizona citizens clean election commission. host: we begin with blake masters. >> i am running to be your next senator, because our current
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senator has messed everything up. our border is in chaos. crime is up. the cost of groceries, everything you need to live keeps going up and up. it wasn't like this two years ago. joe biden took over and in washington, mark kelly backs joe biden every single time. without thinking twice, without thinking of arizona. two years ago, mark kelly stood right there and promised to be independent. but he broke that promise. my wife catherine and i threw up right here in arizona. we are raising our three little boys and we are sick of seeing arizona suffer because mark kelly wants to fit in in d.c. it sent me to the u.s. senate and i will put arizona families first. thank you. host: thank you very much. now we turn to mark victor. mr. victor: live and let live,
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that is my position on every issue. live your life however you choose. let other people do the same thing. my name is mark victor and if you are tired of the same old politics, i am your guy. i am a proud marine corps combat veteran. for the last 28 years, i have been thinking outside the box is a criminal defense attorney. but the most important thing that i have done was found live and let live global peace movement. we've got to rules. do not infringe on anybody's freedoms and let's just inspire people to be good humans. the republicans and the democrats together both are responsible for $31 trillion in debt and the highest inflation we have seen in 40 years.
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unnecessary wars, a mismanaged pandemic, and a tribalism that is tearing us apart. one of them kisses biden's ring, the other kisses trump's ring. i don't kiss anybody's ring. unlike my opponents, i am not here to impose my personal views on anyone. i would be honored to tell you about my plan to achieve freedom and peace for everyone. thank you. host: thank you very much. for our last opening statement we hear from mark kelly. mr. kelly: thank you. blake and mark, good to meet you both. growing up, we did not have a lot of money. my parents were cops and they taught me about public service. i spent 25 years in the united states navy as a combat pilot. and as an astronaut. two years ago, you sent me to the united states senate. to cut through the red tape and get things done for arizona. now, we have more work to do. families are struggling. often they can't afford gas or prescription medication. so i worked with republicans to bring manufacturing back to america, to cut costs.
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when democrats are wrong, like on the border, i called him out on it. because i am always going to stick up for arizona. blake masters, my opponent on the other hand, has some beliefs that are just dangerous for arizonans. he celebrated when arizona enacted an abortion ban. and he wants to privatize your social security, spending your savings to wall street. so this is an important conversation. host: let's get things started. senator, we will start with you. inflation is at a generational high. could be going higher considering opec's actions this week regarding the crude production. why are consumer prices so high, what have you done to address this issue? mr. kelly: ted let me start by , saying as a kid, i remember my mom sitting at the kitchen
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table, all the bills spread out and one of those giant calculators. trying to figure out what bill is she going to pay. and it was really challenging for her. in that time, she could only put about two dollars of gas in the car at the time. so i know what people are going through. and i know it is hard, that is why i have worked to cut costs. hey, when the president, when the biden to increase oil and
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gas production, i told him he was wrong. and when prescription drugs are just skyrocketing and seniors cannot afford them, i stood up to big pharma to cut cost. now my opponent, blake masters, the issue we have here is that this issue affects seniors more than anybody else. seniors that are on a fixed income. and my opponent, you know, he wants to privatize social security. he said private accounts sending your earnings to wall street. i met this older gent or an dutch gentleman at harvard not too long ago. he came up to me and he said please do not take away my social s >> i will protect your social security and medicare, my opponent says he wants to cut, and privatize your social security, sending your hard earned dollars to wall street. why are consumer prices so high and what would you do about it? mr. masters: let's be clear, the greatest threat to seniors' retirement today is the massive crushing inflation that joe biden and mark kelly caused. and it is their fault, they caused it. two years ago, inflation was one and a half percent.
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now in the greater phoenix metro area we are suffering from literally the worst inflation in the nation at 13%. joe biden's policies caused this and mark kelly in washington, has supported it every civil time. first, they declared oil on oil -- declared war on oil and gas. what did they think was going to happen? when you declare war on oil and gas in a country powered by oil and gas do you think that will send the price of energy to the moon? it did. they took it from two dollars to six dollars and now they got five dollars. when you make energy to expensive, everything that you need to live takes energy. you get inflation. the democrats were not done. then it they decided to print $6 trillion. they print and spent $6 trillion too quickly. the normal person understands. phd economists don't apparently. senators don't. but when you print a trillion dollars, that means every dollar in your wallet is worth less and less and sends prices at the supermarket skyrocketing.
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they caused crushing inflation and are ruining people's lives. i had parents come up to me at a campaign event. they said we don't eat breakfast anymore, they said we drink coffee. we drink coffee so that we can afford to feed our kids breakfast. this is the joe biden mark kelly economy. i will put a stop to crazy spending. host: mark victor, 90 seconds. inflation, what's going on? mr. victor: the people are hurting right now. inflation hurts the poor the most. it's a tax on every thing. why is this happening? it has been happening because both the republicans and democrats, their foolish economic policies. look, don't confuse money with wealth. they're not the same thing. wealth is what is produced and what is consumed. printing and distributing money does not make us richer. doubling the money supply does not make us twice as rich. printing money results in more dollars to buy the same amount of goods and that is what raises prices. both the republicans and the
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democrats, both of them have been recklessly printing money. it is not just this administration. it is bush, it is obama, it is trump, it is biden. they have all increased spending. they have all increased the debt. republicans just had control of everything. they increased spending, they increased the debt. this has been exacerbated, by the way, by forced business closings during covid. these are probably unconstitutional. but they messed up our supply chain and it contracted the number of goods. when you print more money and throw it into the economy and you reduce the supply of goods, what you get is out of control inflation. and no, you cannot just pass more spending and call it the inflation reduction act and think you are going to fix inflation. you know what fixes this? free markets. that is what raises the standards of living. we need to cut taxes, we need to cut spending. we need to cut regulations.
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we are stealing from future generations. it is obscene, it is immoral and it needs to stop. host: all right, mark, thank you very much. mark kelly, 45 seconds now for rebuttal for what you heard. i heard that you caused this. mr. kelly: two and a half years ago we went through something unprecedented, covid-19. schools had to shut down, businesses shut down. across arizona we had half a million small businesses. you know, sometimes the federal government has to step in to save small business. they have to step in to protect livelihoods. you know, my office, folks that work for me are very active in helping small businesses like james cafe, in phoenix they stay open. or naughton's, in tucson.
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we have got to get our debt and deficit under control. that is why the inflation reduction act reduces the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars. at the same time i was able to stand up to big pharma. and cut the prescription drug cost for seniors. capping it at $2000 a year. spread out over the year. this is something my opponent, blake masters, had opposed. seniors are struggling. social security and prescription drugs hits them harder than anybody else. my opponent, blake masters, wants to privatize social security, sending that money to wall street. host: 45 seconds here. the idea of printing money, you mentioned that. did we not need money to be printed, considering the covid pandemic that we were dealing with? that is what i am hearing here. mr. masters: joe biden is spending like a drunken sailor and at every opportunity, mark says yes. he cannot say no to chuck schumer or joe biden. at least senator sinema stopped build back better. you were ready to vote for that. that would've ruined our economy even worse. i know senator sinema caved on the inflation reduction act and
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i am mad at her for that, but it's interesting that you have to wonder which way she's going to vote. you never have to wonder which way senator kelly is going to vote because any spending bill that biden puts in front of him, he will sign. they got the inflation reduction act and mark kelly was the deciding vote. he hired 87,000 new agents. he voted to send stimulus checks to illegal aliens. he voted to send stimulus checks to violent felons sitting in jail. is that a good use of taxpayer money? i don't think so. think about that at the grocery store when you cannot by steak or x. host: a response to that. mr. kelly: that's not true. host: which part? mr. kelly: a lot of it, but the irs part. we need folks in government to go after big businesses. and the wealthiest americans who try to cheat on their taxes, that have armies of accountants and lawyers. you know, that is the intention. because if we cannot collect taxes from the wealthiest americans and the largest
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corporations that are cheating on your taxes, you know who pays? middle-class americans pay. host: hold on, hold on just a second. you will get a second, hold on. so relax. you know what he is proposing is a system. the little guy has to pay more. middle-class americans and working-class americans, we need to make sure that big business, and it is obvious when you look at the background with regards to things like ethics reform and corporate pac money, i have never taken a dollar of corporate pac money my entire time in the last campaign and in office. and so i will never be standing up for big businesses. i want to be standing up for arizona. host: i need to stop you right there. again, response. mr. masters: the people in arizona know that they're not just going after billionaires or big business. they will be auditing you, auditing small businesses this time next year. senator kelly voted for 87,000
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new irs agents in the inflation reduction act. but to do that, first, he rejected hiring 18,000 more order patrol agents. mark kelly said no to 18,000 more border patrol agents. but yes to 87,000 new irs agents. that shows you what his priorities are. mark kelly left our southern border wide open, voted for the trillions in spending that caused this massive inflation, and he thinks the fix is 87,000 new irs agents. that is not going to work out. host: i want to get back to you. mr. victor: thank you, ted. i want to speak up on behalf of the drunken sailor. because drunken sailors, there is a limit to how much money a drunken sailor can spend. that is not the problem here. the problem here is we do not have sound money anymore in our country. that is the reason these guys are bickering about spending more and more and more money. because there is no limit to how
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much our government can continue to print and spend. we need to get back to sound money again, so the government can't continue to have no limits on their credit card. that is the problem with our economy. there are always things to spend more money on. there will be a never ending list. do we want to get control on our economy, we need to get back to a free market and sound money. host: ok. mark, go back to the idea of irs agents over border agents. mr. kelly: well, i've spent a lot of time in our southern border and let me just say it is a mess. it is chaos, it is crisis after crisis. i have worked in washington to bring more border patrol agents to the state of arizona. $1 billion for staffing and security and monitoring system. ms. so this premise that he has taken voting against border patrol agents, i have worked
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hard to make sure that we have the money, so that we have more border patrol agents on the ground. and that is what we have today. host: respond, please. mr. masters: did you or did you not vote to reject 18,000 more border patrol agents in the inflation reduction act passage? host: senator? mr. kelly: there are votes in d.c. that have nothing to do with border patrol agents and it might have the title on it and nothing happens. so what i have done is i got $1 billion more for border patrol agents, for staffing. you know, for the technical systems to monitor the border. and where they make sense to build more barriers at the southern border. that is my record, which i have been strong on border security and i stood up to democrats when they are wrong on this issue. including, by the way the president. when the president decided he was going to do something dom on
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umb on this to change the rules, that would create a bigger crisis. i told him he was wrong. so i pushed back on this administration multiple times and i've got more money on the ground to increase border patrol staffing, technology, and where it makes sense, to build more barriers. host: it sounds like you are cherry picking here. mr. kelly: i'm sure we will talk more about the border, i just want to talk about one question. mr. masters: have you done everything in your power to secure the southern border? mr. kelly: i have been focused since day one. i am down there all the time, i
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was on the phone this week with mary nichols of yuma. the sheriff and talking about what more we need for border patrol and immigration. we are working to raise border patrol pay by 18%. i've got legislation to do that. i have been focused on the border since day one. host: ok. mr. masters: we have a wide open southern border. host: thank you, were done. let's get someone in who will control our border. host: washington, d.c. has build on this issue of border security for decades. mr. kelly: washington, d.c. has failed on this issue for decades. it's been crisis after crisis. i've been focused on this since day one and i've brought more resources here to the state of arizona to deal with it. host: let's continue to focus on immigration. we will go 90 seconds year. -- here. we will start with you. immigration reform. i hear border security mentioned a lot. you had mentioned border security. you want to secure the border. how would you know when the border is secure? how do we know when the border is secure? mr. masters: call me old-fashioned but i think the correct amount of illegal immigration is zero. that is what federal law says, the problem is joe biden and mark kelly are willfully ignoring federal law. they surrendered our southern border, they have given it up to the mexican drug cartels. we had operational control two years ago and now it is just a
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complete disaster. they incentivize people to break the law. illegal aliens, when they come here, are supposed to be caught and deported. back to their own country or some other country that wants them, but joe biden and mark kelly laid out the welcome mat. this is the greatest country in the history of the world. if you invite everybody to come here, you will create a crisis. and so 5 million illegals, literally 5 million have come here in the last 22 months. joe biden and mark kelly have welcomed them. when these people cross they know not only will they not be deported, but they are given envelopes with cash. plane tickets, here's a hotel room in scottsdale. we treat these people better than we treat our own u.s. military service members. i find that shameful. 300,000 come through every month, it's a humanitarian disaster. the women and children are raped, the men are indentured servants sold into some kind of slavery. and is not just people, its drugs. fentanyl is coming through and killing kids.
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we are losing 2000 arizonans every year to fentanyl, this stuff is poison. it's coming right to the southern border and mark kelly and joe biden have not done a single thing to stop it. it is carnage, and so i think we should secure the border. that means a wall, doubling the size of border patrol and it means let's get back to deporting people who try to break into our country. something mark kelly routinely votes against. host: we will get to mark kelly, but marc victor, as far as immigration is reformed, walls or border agents, what say you? mr. victor: how long are we going to keep talking about this same problem? administration after administration after administration, they are bickering about securing the border and spending money, but nobody ever gets it done. we need to get it done. i am in favor of a comprehensive overhaul of the entire immigration policy. it does not have to be very confusing. we had a great immigration policy in this country in the late 1800s, early 1900s.
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they didn't have the term illegal immigration. it was just immigration. it was not a big deal. we welcomed immigrants to america. most of the people who come to america and i have been representing many of them over the last 28 years. the vast majority of them are great. they come here to work, to pursue the american dream. but they should get nothing when they come here besides the right to peacefully pursue their happiness. nobody has the right to live at the expense of another person. they should get no welfare or social programs at all. but we do need to immediately secure the border. nobody has a right to aggress against anybody else, whether they are inside or outside the border. let's try to keep the bad guys out. we should streamline the asylum process. it is ridiculous that it takes >> can you imagine our situation
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we have a huge labor shortage right now, we have lots of immigrants who want to work. we cannot get a visa program so the connection work? this is why sheriff hathaway in santa cruz county endorsed me, because i've got a plan. there is no perfect solution, but we need a path to citizenship as well. host: ok. mr. victor: i do not want to tear families apart. i want them here, working and law-abiding. we should not be deporting them. host: that is time. 90 seconds, mark kelly. immigration, have you done enough as far as immigration concerns in arizona and the country? mr. kelly: when i got to washington, d.c. one of the first things i realized was that democrats do not understand this issue. and republicans just want to talk about it, complain about it, but actually not do anything about it. they just want to politicize that. we are this tonight from my
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opponent, blake masters. he thinks he knows better than everyone about everything. when it comes to border security, i've been focused on this. and on immigration, yes we need comprehensive immigration reform. we have tens of thousands, tens of thousands of dreamers here in the state of arizona. that are as american as my own two kids. i got one daughter who lives in tucson, granddaughter lives in tucson. i think of dreamers, no different. my opponent, blake masters, on the other hand, he said he would never offer citizenship to dreamers. i think it's mean and fundamentally un-american. we need comprehensive immigration reform and in a lot of different ways, i talked with farmers and ranchers all the time, they cannot get the workforce they need. under the existing visa programs. they are really struggling. you look at yuma and the food supply issues we have had down there and the workforce issues, of legal immigrants coming
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across the border to work here in the state of arizona, adding so much to our economy, but this issue gets politicized over and over again. from people like my opponent blake masters. host: politicizing the issue. not understanding the issue. respond. mr. masters: i understand it very well. mark kelly supports open borders. joe biden needed his vote. mark kelly a year ago could've dug in his heels and said mr. president i am not supporting a single thing, not a single spending bill or piece of your agenda. unless we get border security. biden would've had to secure the border. this is the result of senator kelly being focused on the border, my gosh, he is the most ineffective and worst senator of all time. the border is wide open, people are walking through by the hundreds of thousands. mexican drug cartels, terrorist narco's, if they can vote in this election, every single one of them would vote for senator kelly because they get what they want from him. which is a complete wide open border, complete free reign and again, fentanyl is killing our
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children. he's not doing a gosh darn thing to stop it. mr. kelly: the fentanyl is out of control and heartbreaking. i have spent a lot of time down there. in nogales, yuma. lupe ramirez, we have talked extensively about this. we talked about how this gets smuggled through the ports of entry. really early in my term in the senate, you know what i did? i went back to washington and i got the money appropriated to rebuild our ports of entry. you know why? right now if you go down there it's 12 planes that go through nogales as an example. only one of those lanes has the technology, the x-ray machine, that can detect the fentanyl. when we rebuild these ports of entry, because of the work i have done in the united states senate, getting this money to arizona, every single one of those lanes will have the technology. the only way you can do this is through bipartisanship. it is working together, working across the aisle to get things done like john mccain did. my opponent, blake masters, he does not want to work with anybody. he does not even want to work with republicans.
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he calls democrats psychopaths and that they are evil. that is not in the spirit of how arizona senators work to the benefit of our state and our constitution. host: time on that but i need a response from you on the idea of working with democrats on cooperating across the aisle. mr. masters: i might be able to work with democrats like sinema. you can't work with bernie sanders, chuck schumer, mark kelly. there is something wrong with people who do not want to enforce the law, who do not believe borders. do not believe in national sovereignty, because they turned over the entire border to mexican drug cartels. and it is killing people. it is killing arizona, it is ruining our state, ruining our country. he's not doing a darn thing to stop it and border patrol understands. ask border patrol agents what they think of mark kelly. 90% of them will tell you they are disgusted by what he has failed to do. that is why the national border patrol council endorsed me. the arizona police association endorsed me. it's time to get back to law and
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order. it would be bad enough if they were trying and failing, but they've just surrendered. they have thrown their hands up and thrown our southern border wide open. it is killing people, i'm sick of it. host: 45 seconds. is the border open right now and as it been turned over to cartels? mr. kelly: of course the border is open and people can come through. there is no question about that. but the answer here is we can walk and chew gum at the same time. yes, we can secure the border. we need to secure the border. it does not mean we have to build a wall. there may be other ways we can secure the border. let's get a handle on who is coming in. let's let people in who aren't here for bad purposes. let's welcome them. we are a nation of immigrants. we have a demographic problem. we need more younger workers. and a quick point on civility. we need to get back to civility. we should not be calling each other names and arguing across the aisle. i agree with what senator kelly said here, we need to work
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together. people who disagree still can be agreeable. let's sit down and have an exchange of ideas and speak like gentlemen, rather than arguing and calling each other names like kids in a sandbox. host: alright. i want to move to abortion. senator kelly, we will start with you. would you codify roe v. wade? mr. kelly: of course. let me be perfectly clear. arizona women have totally lost their right to make a decision about abortion. it is devastating. it is wrong. it is exactly what blake masters wants. blake masters has called abortion demonic. religious sacrifice. he has even said that he wants to punish the doctors. he wants a national abortion ban that is so strict that even in the case when a woman is raped, she will not have the option to make this decision.
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in a second he's going to tell you that this is not true, but folks, this is true. these are his words. he has supported state and national abortion bans that will deny a right for a woman to make this decision by themselves and that is what it is about for blake. he is only saying this now, he is probably going to tell you something totally different. it is only because he is trying to win an election. but that is what it is about for him. he thinks that he should make these decisions for you. he thinks he gets to make these choices instead of you. host: blake masters, 90 seconds regarding a federal ban on abortion, codifying roe v. wade. where do you stand? mr. masters: i am pro-life. that means i believe in living. i support exceptions, because i do not believe in being extreme
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on this issue. senator mark kelly is the abortion radical. senator kelly in washington, he actually sponsored it -- he did not just vote, he sponsored a bill that would have mandated legal abortion nationwide up until the moment of birth. take a second to think about how truly radical that is. mark kelly says any abortion is ok for any reason. all the way up until the moment a baby is due to be born. he was not the only radical who voted for that bill. he was joined by elizabeth warren, by bernie sanders, aoc voted for this in the house and the only countries in the whole world that support senator kelly's preferred no limit extreme abortion policy are china and north korea. so i am pro-life, i believe in limits. i think we should be more like, i don't know, how about every
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civilized country in the world? just last year, arizona passed a law that limits abortions after 15 weeks. i support that law. that is where arizonans find a reasonable place to draw the line. i prefer limits at the federal level. senator graham has proposed a 15 week bill with common exceptions. and i support that. i believe in limits. mark kelly believes in no limits at all. i understand why he wants to lie about my position because of his own. the record he sponsored that legislation up until birth. that is so truly radical. 80% of arizonans are disgusted by that. i'm going to represent the vast majority of arizonans on this issue. he has proven that he can't. host: need a response. mr. kelly: that is nonsense. that is absolutely not true. i support the restrictions and protections that were allowed under roe v. wade. an abortion only happens late in pregnancy when there are serious issues. and folks, it is heartbreaking when this happens. often, the child is wanted. my opponent, remember what he
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has said. he supports a national abortion ban. it criminalizes -- you are going to get your chance. it criminalizes this decision. he has said and this is not years ago, he said very recently that he wants to punish the doctors. he has called abortion demonic. religious sacrifice. i don't even know what that means, folks. but what i am doing is i am protecting your constitutional rights that you have lost because of rhetoric like this. host: real quickly. where do you draw the line on late-term abortions? mr. kelly: under roe v. wade there were protections and restrictions that were allowed under that law. and late-term abortion in this country only happens when there is a serious problem. and, you know, that is what i support. what he says about the legislation i voted on is just
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not true. it is nonsense. he should go back and take a look and read this. i mean, he is a lawyer, this is legislation. he can go take a look at it. host: blake you said you espoused a federal personhood law. this is a quote from you. unqualifiedly pro-life from conception. and that it has been noticed that some of these more strident positions were taken off of your website. some say you scrubbed them from your website. what is going on with that? >> i encourage people to read my website now. it is the most pro-life with a detailed agenda of any candidate running nationwide. i'm pro-life and i'm proud. i will never run from that. i am pro-life as a matter of religion. i told you what i believe that the law should be. i support the 15 week law with exceptions. i believe in federal limits. i believe a certain point everybody in good conscious nose and five months, six months, my
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gosh, that is a baby. and we should not be killing babies for no reason when they can survive outside the womb. that is not what his legislation did. they said they were trying to codify roe v. wade. it was so much more extreme than that. they wanted to impose legal abortion nationwide. up until the moment of birth. and that is way too radical. that is not what arizona wants. common sense limits, arizona has said. 15 weeks make sense and i think that makes sense. host: before we get to mark, marc victor really quickly, have you always supported the 15 week limit? mr. kelly: arizona passed a law last year. and there was a new bill last month. host: my question was you always supported? not the bill, the limit have you always supported that limit? that kind of limit? mr. masters: arizonans have the rights to make their laws proved that the point of reversing roe v. wade. i believe in a federal backdrop. at the federal level, we should not be allowing late-term partial-birth abortions all the way up until the moment of birth.
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except for to save the life of the mother. i believe in limits. mark kelly does not and that is the choice arizonans face on this issue. host: marc victor please. mr. victor: this is exactly why you have a principal and stick with it. you asked him if he scrubbed his website and he said you can go to my website now and look at it. that is evasion. that is an answer that yes, i am not anchored in principle. i am anchored in principle. my positions have been the same for 30 years. look, it does not matter. it doesn't matter what my personal position is on abortion and i am not going to tell you. we need a policy that recognizes that reasonable minds disagree on this issue. people disagree, there is not an objectively right answer. and these politicians offer no special wisdom at all. this is why a one-size-fits-all solution is a terrible idea. we are going to be fighting about it forever. congress should stay out of it.
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so i am in favor of having hard questions like this resolved in the smallest jurisdictions. that's right, mesa should pass a law that the people in mesa like and the people in tempe should pass a law that the people in tempe like. if abortion should never anywhere under any circumstances be outlawed in the case of rape or in the case of health of the mother. we do not have time to get into this, but i've worked -- written extensively on this and many other issues on my website. abortions after viability, if we can keep the baby alive, we should. it's a win for the baby and the pregnant woman and it is a win for the adoptive parents. there is no perfect solution here. we are going to be fighting about it forever. we need the best solution to get past it and that is put it in the smallest jurisdictions. let's stop fighting and let's move on. host: let's talk about smaller jurisdictions. should abortion laws be at the
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state level and not the federal level? mr. kelly: no, i think there should be a national law that protects the rights that women have to make this decision between them and their doctor. let me be really clear about something you asked about, which was the personhood amendment. now folks, this is code -- this is code for throwing women into jail. and that is what my opponent supports. now, i think we all know guys like this. guys that think they know better than everyone about everything. you know, you think you know better than women and doctors about abortion. you think you know better than seniors about social security. you think you know better than veterans about how to win a war. folks, we all know guys like this. and we cannot be letting them make decisions about us. because it is just dangerous. host: response please. mr. masters: i think states
7:43 pm
should decide. let the state legislature grapple with the tough question. texas is going to make different decisions, and california is going to make different decisions than arizona. but i believe in a federal backstop. i don't think we should let california or oregon let planned parenthood go in and sever spinal cord's and dismember babies. that's what this policy would allow, unlimited abortion up until the moment of birth. you cannot articulate a claim -- clear limit. arizonans said 15 weeks is a reasonable place, that's the limit and i agree. host: got to get a response please. mr. kelly: the protections and restrictions that are allowed under roe v. wade, it was the law of the land for over a century, for 50 years. but what we have now here in the state of arizona is a law from 1864. and it is exactly what my opponent, blake masters, wants. host: but have you supported 6, 7, 8 month viability? mr. kelly: i supported roe v. wade. went into effect in 1973.
7:44 pm
this is a hard decision for women. this decision should be up to the woman with her doctor. shouldn't be politicians like the guy to my left in washington d.c. making these decisions for you. i mean, he think she knows better than you. he think she knows better than doctors and women about abortion. i mean, folks, i think that's -- that is a really bad place for us to be in when my opponent, blake masters, is making these decisions for women. host: alright. i want to get to the election and blake, we will start with you. is joe biden the legitimately elected president of the united states? mr. masters: joe biden is absolutely the president. my gosh, have you seen the gas prices lately? host: legitimately elected. mr. masters: i am not trying to trick you. he is duly sworn and certified, the legitimate president he is in the white house and unfortunately, for all of us. because you know what? joe biden is the president and
7:45 pm
has been for the last two years and everything he touched in the last two years has turned do you -- to you know what. everything is on fire and it's biden's fault. i wish he were not the president. he is and that's the problem. how did he get there? let's talk about that. i think it's a problem that the fbi pressured facebook and other big tech companies to censor true information about hunter biden's crimes. in the weeks before the 2020 election. and so, millions of americans did not get to read about that, they did not get to read about hunter biden's corrupt business dealings with china. and the ukraine. business dealings which credibly implicated joe biden. and then the media lied to us. they said that was russian disinformation. no, it wasn't. it was true. when the media is lying to people, helping big tech and apparently federal law enforcement censor information about presidential candidates. i think people start to worry about the integrity of the election and we can do so much better. i believe in election day, not election season. in brazil they held a presidential election on sunday.
7:46 pm
guess what, they counted the votes and we got to know who won that night. here's another thing i believe that mark kelly does not believe, universal voter id. call me old-fashioned, i think if you want to cast a vote in arizona or america, you should have to show id. that is common sense. i stand up for election integrity every time. host: follow up quickly. was that election stolen? was it rigged in any way, shape or form enough to keep donald trump out of the white house? mr. masters: i suspect if the fbi did not work with big tech and big media to censor the hunter biden crime story, yeah, i suspect that changed a lot of people's votes. i suspect president trump would be in the white house today if big tech and big media and the fbi did not work together to put their thumb on the scale. host: but not vote counting or election results? mr. masters: i have not seen evidence of that but i'm telling you the problem is big tech, big media, working together. i think that's a problem. i challenge mark kelly to say
7:47 pm
that is the problem. host: we will in just a second. mark? mr. kelly: boy, he sure sounds like a politician to be. i will answer the question. joe biden won the election. i wish the oath could've lost. we could use somebody up there who produce of the different. but this is an easy one. all people of good faith want a free, fair, accurate open election. and we all want only people who are authorized to vote to actually vote. i have no problems at all with reasonable requirements to vote . you should be able to get an id, they are free. if you cannot get an id, but you -- maybe you should not be voting. that's not a big deal. but i am against unduly burdensome requirements. that are calculated to make it harder for people who should be allowed to vote to actually vote. but all of this is missing the big issue, ted. this is not our problem. our big problem with voting, is that everything is up for a vote today. i do not want anybody telling me how i should use my body, my property, my money, in my time. none of that should be up for a
7:48 pm
vote and i do not want to tell any of you how to use your body, property, money or time. we are a constitutional republic. not an unrestricted democracy. today, everything is up for a vote. very little should be up for a vote, like, for example, who should represent the good people of the state of arizona? that should be up for a vote. what should the age of consent be? that is something that reasonable minds disagree on. that should be up for a vote but everything else that we are voting on that has anything to do with your body, your property, your money, your time, that is what freedom is about folks. none of that should be up for a vote. host: mark kelly, are there serious concerns over arizona's election process, over the country's election process, that were exposed in 2020? mr. kelly: let me start by
7:49 pm
saying the only reason that we are having this conversation is because my opponent, blake masters, put out a video questioning who won the presidential election in the state of arizona. that election, let's go back to 2020. that was certified by democrats and republicans. now i am with our governor on this. doug ducey who says we do elections well in arizona. and we do. 80% of arizonans vote by mail. my opponent, blake masters, he just said he wants to take that away from you. early in my navy career, i was in the middle of the indian ocean. i was able to vote in a presidential election. not a lot of countries you can do that. he wants to make that an impossibility for arizona veterans. mr. masters: that's ridiculous. mr. kelly: do you know how many veterans, how many people on active duty and veterans wind up getting deployed overseas? that option would go away in his plan to just vote on election day. he mentioned voter id. i'm ok with that. you know, these are conspiracies
7:50 pm
and lies that have no place in our democracy. i am worried about what is going to happen here this election and 2024. we could wind up in a situation where the wheels come off of our democracy. and it is because of folks like blake masters that are questioning the integrity of an election. we do elections well in the state of arizona. and folks, it's got to stop. i encourage you to vote. our democracy is stronger when everybody votes. my opponent wants to make that harder for everybody. host: are you trying to make things harder for people? mr. masters: no. i want to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. i want universal voter id. he pretends to be ok with it, he would not support it if it came to a vote in the senate, look, of course i support absentee ballots for military service members. it is ridiculous and a flat out lie to suggest that i do not. it is totally -- i'm just saying
7:51 pm
can we count the votes and know who won on election day like a first world country? brazil can do it. i think we should demand no less from the united states of america. you notice he did not talk about the fbi working with big tech, working with the media, to suppress, to censor true information about hunter biden's crimes. corrupt business dealings, china, ukraine, they implicated joe biden. but that was all pushed under the rug. millions of people, hundreds of thousands of people in arizona did not get to hear about that. i strongly suspect that changed the results of the election and unfortunately for the whole country, look how bad we are suffering after two years of joe biden and mark kelly. host: was it a question more of information not getting out or complaints that the election process itself is quote rigged and allows for cheating? mr. kelly: we had multiple audits of the election in arizona in 2020.
7:52 pm
we had a partisan audit what did , they find, it was accurate. i find it interesting that my opponent, blake masters, is standing up for veterans for a second. because i have heard over the last year or so is insulting to veterans. it's kind of insulting, let me just sacred saying our military is incompetent, saying it's rotten in the military. saying things like we have not been in a just war since world war ii. folks, let me tell you what he's talking about. he saying world war ii was unjust. we had hundreds of thousands of americans die in that war. and i just find it pretty insulting. we've got about 500,000 veterans in arizona, many of them vote by mail. we've got 80% of arizonans vote by mail and imagined my -- i imagine my opponent blake masters has voted by mail. he wants to take that away from us because he wants fewer people to vote. that is the bottom line. host: do you want to take away
7:53 pm
vote by mail? mr. masters: no. i never said i did. some people have good reasons to vote by mail. if you are in an aircraft carrier in the indian ocean, that sounds like a pretty good reason for an absentee ballot. host: what about a suburban housewife? mr. masters: i would be ok if she enclosed a copy of her driver's license. if you want to cast a vote by mail, you should at least include a copy of your drivers license. host: what do you think? mr. kelly: we've been doing this for 20 years. it is absolutely enough. 80% of arizonans vote by mail. this has been challenged in the court, we have a stronger democracy when more people vote. we have a lot of people turn out in the last election. highest turnout ever in the last election. our governor doug ducey says we do elections well. these elections were audited and certified by democrats and republicans. but conspiracy theories, like the one he is peddling are dangerous to our democracy, folks. we are on the verge of the wheels coming off of this thing. we've got to get back to a better place.
7:54 pm
host: all right. blake, do you want to talk about the military aspect? mr. masters: there is a reason 57% of veterans are supporting me right now. 72% of active-duty military service members right now in arizona are supporting me. that is what my latest internal polling said. there's a reason for that. yeah, i speak up and i criticize general milley. i've criticized the top layer of military leadership, he's very political agendas. obama did this, he purged the military of great generals. apolitical generals. he elevated in their place left-wing mediocrities like general milley. you've all seen at home, general milley testifying in front of congress. bloviating about white rage, talking about how we need to teach soldiers critical race theory. in the united states navy right now, they are forcing sailors to use gendered pronouns. the military is not a woke social experiment. i will not tolerate that and it should be focused on projecting a force to defend america and our allies.
7:55 pm
our service members who wear the cloth of the nation demand no less, they deserve no less and when i am in the senate, i'm going to work with tom cotton to get rid of this wokeness. it's a problem. so much of our military -- the troops deserve way better and when i'm in charge they're going to get it. host: you're a veteran. talk to us here. mr. victor: there's lots to talk about here. to say that because one general supported crazy wokeness in the military and i certainly agree with blake on this, this is not a place for political correctness. our military exists to defend our country. but because one general said something ridiculous is not an indictment of the entire general officer core throughout our military. i have had many interactions with marine corps officers and i can tell you very squared away group. i have nothing but respect for the officers that i have met in the marine corps. also general maddox, general kelly, people who walked away from donald trump and the exact same policies that blake masters is now promoting. these were quality generals and they had reasons to walk away from the exact same policies. host: ok.
7:56 pm
we are running short on time, but we have got to talk about water. i wish we had more time to talk about this, but senator kelly, starting with you. 45 seconds, let's start there and see how far we can go. we are facing short-term and long-term cuts to the colorado river water. how do we address this issue and it is a major issue? mr. kelly: this is the worst drought that is part of the planet has seen in 1000 years. it's been going on 22 years. lake powell and mead are at crisis levels. and we have got to take some immediate steps. i got money from washington to help farmers keep water up in lake mead. that is just a stopgap measure. we cannot do this all on our own. we are one of three lower basin states with nevada and california. i was on the phone recently with the california governor because they are not stepping up to help. my opponent's solution to this, he wants to privatize our water. he wants to send our water
7:57 pm
rights to wall street. he was to send your social security savings to wall street, but our water too. that is not a serious approach. host: we are short on time for it i need a response from you and a water plan. can you do it in a minute? mr. masters: i think i can. senator kelly, recently given his interview where he said do not worry, or water crisis in arizona is not existential. well, i disagree. i'm here to tell you that it is. i was shocked and dismayed. a few weeks ago when the federal government cut arizona's water allocation, 592,000 acres up there, for all you water nerds that's a lot of water. that's our water. guess how much california had to cut? zero. guess what senator kelly did about it? nothing. i am tired of senator kelly acting like this senator from california. we need someone who is going to fight for our water the way john mccain called for the renegotiation of the 1922 how river compact. let's renegotiate that. i will, but we also need technology. host: 10 seconds.
7:58 pm
>> why is california putting a straw into the colorado river? that water should be arizonans'. look at a map, california is on the pacific ocean. the future is desalination plants powered by nuclear reactors and pipelines. host: ok. mr. masters: we can solve this problem with technology and sharp elbows. i will do it. because i want my boys to be able to choose arizona decades from now. host: very quickly. mr. victor: not that quick. i've had very little time during this debate and i would like to give an answer. host: you will not be heard if you go too long. mr. victor: let me say some things that blake said. blake made some good points on this issue and i want to give him credit. we got short-term and long-term solutions. i am here to tell you about hard questions. almost 80% of our water in this state, in the middle of the desert, goes to agriculture. sorry, that doesn't make sense. we can import our agriculture, we can get it from places where they can more efficiently produce these goods. the market price of water should determine -- host: that is it, sir, i'm sorry
7:59 pm
but we just ran out of time. we've got to get the closing statements. going in reverse order of our opening remarks, we start with mark kelly. mr. kelly: let me just say something. but my opponent said about existential. it is not existential. we can solve this problem on water. i think what folks heard tonight here were starting with different views of our state and country. abortion, my opponent once a national abortion ban, taking away your rights. i'm going to protect abortion. i'm going to protect your constitutional rights. on social security, he wants to privatize it, sending your savings to wall street. in the military i serve in the united states navy for 25 years, i love our military. he has said some pretty insulting things about our military. we have 500,000 veterans that live in the state of arizona. serving in the united states senate has been one of the highlights of my professional life, which has been all about service. i would appreciate your vote. host: thank you. now the closing statement from
8:00 pm
marc victor. mr. victor: ted, i'm running for senate to leave the world better than i found it. we've been on the wrong course for a long time. we have very serious problems coming. we are at a critically important time in our history. both the republicans and the democrats have given us a stalemate of ineptitude. they are recycling yesterday's ideas. how long are we going to accept their failed approaches? you can't solve these problems with the same old thinking. there is a way out of this mess. let's focus on fundamental timeless principles. nobody gets to force their way of life on anyone else. let's lead and inspire people to be good humans. host: time, sir. mr. victor: it says i've got 15 seconds. i'd like to finish my closing. host: they told us it was over. finally we hear from blake masters. mr. masters: for the past two years, under joe biden and mark kelly, we have been going in the wrong direction.
8:01 pm
everybody knows it. you are less safe today. your bills have gone way up since mark kelly took over. he's got a bunch of excuses, i think you heard a lot of them here tonight. it is up to you to decide whether excuses are enough. but ask yourself do you deserve , a secure border? do you deserve to feel safe when you walk outside at night? do you deserve to be able to afford your own home if you work hard enough? i think the answer is yes, you deserve so much better than will be have. mark kelly disagrees, otherwise he would not have spent two years packing biden every time. send me to the u.s. senate, if you think you and your family deserve better. we can go in the right direction. host: >> november 8, the control of power in congress is at stake. will republicans retake the health? can democrats retake control of
8:02 pm
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