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tv   Campaign 2022 Arkansas Governor Debate  CSPAN  October 22, 2022 4:29am-5:33am EDT

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sanders: -- that we are putting kids on a pathway to prosperity and building a skilled, qualified workforce at home so everyone has opportunity. making sure the communities our kids grow up in are safe. these are the things i will focus on and prioritize as governor and these are the things i spent the last two years talking about in the state of arkansas. >> mr. jones, you have one
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minute. jones: thank you to the moderators. sarah, thank you for being here for the first time. this has always been about arkansas. i am a seventh generation arkansan. we set out to listen to our kansans all over the state. we traveled to all the counties and heard from arkansas and what they are saying is they really want us to get back to the bread and butter matter. that is why our agenda is straightforward. it is about spreading pb and j across the whole state. think about a bad pita butter and jelly sandwich. sometimes you take a night and all you get is dry bread. we need preschool broadly across the entire state. as governor, that is what i would focus on. >> mr. harrington, back to you
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for 30 seconds for rebuttal. harrington: anyone in the office in washington has an opportunity. anyone in the office in little rock has an opportunity to do good for people. i want to reemphasize that we are focusing too much on this one side salute -- solution versus the other side solution and we need to get back to basic common sense in our government. we have to start listening to one another, be open with our ideas and start focusing on solutions. what we have going on in our country, we need to find a way to get away from it. sanders: one of the most important things we can do and one of the biggest priorities i will have as governor when i take office in january is to focus on education in arkansas. i think it is the single biggest place where a governor can impact change and transform our state. i recently limited a plan called
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arkansas learns that will focus on several key areas and bring focus and make sure every child is on a path to success. >> mr. jones. jones: i agree. we have to treat each other like neighbors and focus on education. my grandfather had a third grade education. he knew the value of education and push that for us. i want every arkansan to have the opportunity and that includes starting out with pre-k and going all throughout the education pipeline. i want to eventually focus on economic element and that role areas are not left out. in that way, we uplift arkansas. >> the next question from mr. munoz those two mr. sanders. sanders: one thing you have in common is a lack of experience in elected office. why should our kansans check -- arkansas trust you?
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sanders: one of the biggest things and one of the most important qualifications of a leader is being prepared for things that you have no idea are coming your way. anyone who talks about specific policies in the things they want to do but the real test is when the urge house for things they never see coming. i have been tested at the highest level of government, under the most intense criticism he can possibly imagine, never once backing down from who i am or what i believe. always rising to the moment, facing every challenge head-on. never changing who i am or what i believe in is doing exactly who i am and not looking to critics to define me. i never needed validation from the room because i had a creator who had already given me that and set the on a pass. i am prepared to step in on day one and be the fighter and leader our state needs. >> mr. jones, one minute.
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jones: the governor position has multiple roles. the key roles is an executive. i am the only candidate on the stage two has run multiple million-dollar organizations. one has to know how to manage individuals, how to set a vision and set the player to realize those issues. the reality is even with plans and reading folks together and understanding the challenges, and as an engineer i know how to understand problems, what arkansas needs right now as i have traveled and heard from arkansas is not only somebody has a plan but knows how to execute those players. i did this recently when i ran the arkansas information hub. what i have heard from all our kansans this we need a leader who has compassion and can work for all arkansas. so they can work for whoever.
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as governor, i will certainly do that every day in office. >> mr. harrington. harrington: the candidates on stage, dr. jones and huckabee sanders, have wonderful resumes. i do not have that type of resume. what i do have is a lifetime of serving people, of traveling to other countries and learning their language and understanding their culture and who they are. to bring a message to them and help them change their life. i spent time working with --. i have managed people before and there is one thing i want to say . in leadership, it takes a million different skills. not only do you have to be strong but you have to have compassion. one thing i want to finish with is i gun my candidacy as a
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nobody and here i am standing beside these people right now on this one thing, running for the message of peace in our country. i believe what we need right now as a peacemaker and i promise i will do my best to bring peace in arkansas. >> ms. sanders, you have 30. sanders: arkansas needs a balance. we need someone who is capable of fighting back against an out-of-control government. i know i am capable of fighting back against the radical left and the crazy ideas out of washington. we also need a leader. someone who is not only capable of fighting back against good policy but also capable of leading our state forward with heart and compassion and implementing good policy. i know i am prepared to step in and be both the fighter and leader we need on day one.
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>> mr. jones, 30. jones: our candidates have a history of electing pragmatic governors who are willing to show up, listen, engage and develop growth plans that make a difference and save lives. as governor, i will wake up every day and do that. we need a governor who is focused on problem-solving and not the extremism i'm hearing. >> mr. harrington, 30 seconds. harrington: i was trying to get into this a little bit, describing my campaign when i first started to run for u.s. senate. i started with just a treasurer and myself and we almost raised $100,000. what i want people to see about me is i started with nothing and i am trying to do the best i can running this professional campaign. if you see somebody that is doing well with nothing, i wonder what type of governor
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that would be when it comes to respect with the people's money. >> the question. a governor has to be credible not only with the general of silly but with the electorate as well. arkansans sanders, you were a press secretary whose candidacy remains under constant challenge. mr. joe's, the president of your party has very obvious and serious credibility problems with arkansas voters. mr. harrington, arkansas voters have never demonstrated with their votes that they want libertarian nominees credible enough to serve in office. beginning with mr. joe's, why should arkansas voters trust you and find you credible? jones: the issue of credibility is a real and deep one that matters to me as a scientist because you have to have a foundation of facts. it matters to me as a minister
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because you need a foundation of truth. credibility matters. i have showed up across the state. we have walked miles together in almost every county and i have had conversations with people about the importance of not only now but our future. i think it is critical. as a minister, i read the bible and it tells me to expect fruit. i think it is critical that arkansans expect fruit. it is a matter of trusting the dollar they sent in and trusting the governor will show up in a crisis situation and a matter of trusting the governor will make the right decision for you when you are not in the room. i remember, a disabled veteran in northwest arkansas who said do not forget about us and i will never forget about you in northeast arkansas. >> mr. harrington. harrington: what if i campaign platform foundations -- one of
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my campaign platform foundations is integrity. i talked about integrity especially when it comes to our executive branch of government is enforcing the law. when a person is a law enforcement officer, they have certain powers other people do not have. when you have that power, you can maybe get away with some things the average citizen may not be able to get away with. whenever you know those things, you put yourself in a particular situation where you have to demonstrate your integrity. i know there has been a lots of instances in my life where nobody else was looking but i know. i will tell you that as governor i will do my absolute best to lead with integrity because that is what we have to have in our government. there are plenty of times when those who have had power have abused the civil-rights of the people. >> arkansans -- ms. sanders, one
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minute. sanders: as i have traveled to all 75 counties in our state, which i have learned is many of them are focusing on a message of empowerment. bringing our state together, delivering a positive message. one of the biggest priorities i have is education because i know it is one of the single best places that we can transform a person's life. i know that if we help kids read them they are on a much better pathway to success. right now, only 35 percent of arkansas third graders are reading at or above a third grade reading level. we know that as kids are not hitting the basic benchmark, or is a 70% chance they will have a lifetime in poverty. to me, this is unacceptable. this is in my arkansas learns plan because if we put kids on a
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better pathway to success and focus on messages like this that bring people together and empower every arkansan, our state will be better for this. jones: of the question of trust, ama capitalist and i know a capitalist society functions when there is a flow of trust. if you do not have trust, you cannot run your business and you cannot grow. we have to have a foundation of trust. as governor, i will certainly make sure everything i do is with integrity and trust. i look across the state and see the challenges our candidates face. what they need and are asking for is a leader who can wake up every day and trust. harrington: as candidates that are running in political parties, we are still talking about this issue of credibility. there is a lot of -- he did not want to throw anybody under the
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bus but sometimes when it comes to the truth and things that mattered the most, there is a point in our lives when we have to stand up and do the right thing. you all know what i am talking about right now, especially dealing with the former president his credibility. we have to find a way to get back to basics in our government. >> time, mr. harrington. ms. sanders, 30 seconds. sanders: one of the most important qualifications is integrity and trust. as a parent, a mother of three young kids, i know every single decision i will make as governor will have a direct impact on the life of my own kids, as well as every child growing up in the state of arkansas. this is not something i take lightly -- lightly but is something i've been ready to take on. i know the people of arkansas can trust me to do the best for
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my kids and theirs. >> new question. it goes first to mr. joe's -- mr. jones, or ms. sanders, i am sorry. >> we long for a day when we can have less divisive politics. and challenging to think about your opponents and where you can find -- i challenge you to think about your opponents and where you can find common ground. if you can find common ground, where can you craft that further? sanders: as did not want to sound competitive but one of the most and powerful messages is going back to education. it is such a unifying thing because it impacts every single one of us. the next piece is empowerment because focusing and making sure we are empowering parents to make the best decisions for their kids and making sure they
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have transparency in the curriculum and making sure they understand no child to be trapped in a feeling school because of where they live is something that is a role the state should take on. we also need to make sure we have accountability in education like rewarding our hard-working teachers with smart incentives like higher pay. also helping provide better resources and training so they have tools to do their jobs successfully. we also need to focus on things like workforce readiness, something that has not only been ignored in arkansas across the country. >> we have to call time. jones: i think there are several areas that we can find common ground on what matters. the question is how we implement that and who we do it for. i look at mr. harrington and i applaud you for your focus in service of criminal justice. you have done a lot of great work. ms. sanders, you are right the
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education matters. we have been talking about this since day one as i know how education transformed my life. i appreciate you focusing on this for your children. i have three girls and they want them to grow up in an arkansas where they can choose any path they want whether higher education or the trade. we do that by focusing on education and making sure we need to truly row by providing economic development all across the state, particularly in areas that have the left out. i think that's all the issues that we can find common ground. where it changes is how we have limited to that and who we implement that for. >> mr. harrington. harrington: all three candidates on this stage have some sort of tie to pine bluff. i am from pine bluff, dr. jones is on pine bluff and i believe ms. sanders spent a lot of time
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in pine bluff. people like to talk bad about pine bluff but i love it. it is rough but the people there are great. after jones is a minister, ms. huckabee sanders is a christian as well. my whole hope running is for these three christian people on the stage to be good examples for those. i understand some people do not believe that but that sure where absolute, constitutional right. i hope the people that watch to see a good example of three people on stage holding to their faith and respecting one another. >> ms. sanders, 30 seconds. sanders: i certainly agree with that. i lived in pine bluff until i was five years old so that common link is interesting among the three of us on stage. going back, i promised i would come back to this and i meant it. i will finish getting through all those layers -- those
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letters if it takes the whole debate but one of the things i think is important is the workforce readiness. focusing on these types of policies that empower arkansans and make everyone's life better. it does not matter what part of the state i traveled to, there has yet to be a person that tells me they can hire the skilled and qualified workers they need so that has to be a priority. >> back to mr. jones 430. jones: i will pick up on workforce readiness. i reflect on my time where we developed a program for lots were retrained 18-20 four years old on carpentry and roofing and welding because we knew with that foundation, they would be able to launch into the trade and entrepreneurship. it is important and important to make sure we provide a foundation of solid infrastructure cost the state.
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that is what is going to really allow us to realize and develop arkansas. harrington: i want to piggyback after what dr. jones said about apprenticeships and education. removing some of the roadblocks that keep people from upward mobility. there is an opportunity for people to start businesses, even though they have low capital but there are a lot of things that are in their way. i hope as governor to institute a program for people to demonstrate their competency through apprenticeships and other programs like that. >> next question from ms. munoz and goes first to mr. jones. >> let's talk about the media and press access. any members of the media are here today. how much access will members of the media have two u.s. governor
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and will that change once you are in office? jones: it is important to check the record and inspect fruit. from the beginning, we have shown up everywhere and spoken to all arkansans and taken tough questions. we have had conversations with the media and we are always open -- i am always open to have a conversation with the need yet. the media plays a critical and important role in society and allows us to get tough questions to see behind the veil and see what is going on. i can say things on this stage but the real question is what is in the details and behind what i'm saying and who will this be beneficial for you? we have been down to south arkansas and i have heard stories of folks who are frustrated because they cannot hear from my opponent sarah sanders and they want to know how she will limit the things they are talking about and want to ask tough questions. as governor, i will do what i
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have done from the very beginning which is the transparent and accountable it open. >> can you -- mr. harrington. harrington: can you repeat the question? >> how will you have access as governor to the media. harrington: we have got to be forthright with one another. if we want to have a free and safe society, we have to be forthright. we have to be truthful to one another and tell it like it is. but also be gentle with one another when we are telling it like it is. going back to this issue of integrity, we have to continue to demonstrate to the people that they -- funny for a libertarian to say this, trust the government. [laughter] but to have some type of good faith that those in office and
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those serving the people of the state of arkansas are doing the right thing. >> ms. sanders. sanders: freedom of the press is incredibly important but also there is a great deal of responsibility. when they do not live up to the margin, it forces some of us to go sib box which i have done every single day. i have traveled all over arkansas. i would be willing to venture that i have met with more arkansans face-to-face and all of the other candidates running for this office in the primary and general combined. i have been to all 75 counties. i know more than anybody that sometimes you have to go directly to the people and cut out the middleman and the bias in which they are going to present your message. it is clearly working and --
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people are hungry for someone who will focus on things like education and public safety and phasing out state income tax and doing things that benefit every arkansans. that's the message i have been talking about for the last two years and will continue to talk about. >> need to call time. mr. jones. jones: this started like a crowd side comment to me. the second is women is something we talked about often -- the second amendment is something we talk about often. i strongly support the second amendment. also support the first amendment because a foundation of openness is critical to the foundation of our democracy. the more we have leaders who are unwilling to show up as answer tough questions in front of crowds who don't agree with them and media who do not agree with though, the further we get for the strength of our democracy. harrington: again, i would like
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to thank arkansas pbs for holding this debate and allowing the on the stage because it is hard for third parties to get here. getting back to some of the things that were important, the first amendment. our press is supposed to keep our government in check and make sure the things they say is the truth. the press is fundamental to our constitutional democratic republic. hopefully, the corporate press will get away from doing the things they do and encouraging behavior so prevalent in america today. jones: -- sanders: i have engaged with the press and will continue to do so. more importantly, i will never stop engaging directly with the people of arkansas. i traveled all over the state, taking question after question, looking people directly in the eye and laying out my plan and message for the state. i did not apologize for that. i think that is exactly what
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this process is supposed to be about, letting people have the opportunity to get to know you as invest in who you are before they vote for you. i will continue doing that and finish strong leading up to the number eight. >> to all three of you. all three of you have tax proposals you have discussed and all of you have been criticized more than. you all have proposals on education and economic development and critical justice ask criminal justice and other elements of government. all of them require money. how can you accomplish your goals and cut taxes, ms. sanders? mr. joe's, how can you accomplish your goals without raising taxes? mr. harrington, which taxes would you raise or cut or retain? harrington: i have been talking
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a lot about cutting the remainder of the grocery tax. i cannot even believe that arkansas ever had a tax on the food that goes into people's mouths. that is an unmoral tax and i cannot believe it happened. i am dumbfounded by it. another thing is people want sales -- some people do not want sales tax and i would like to fight for getting sales tax cut. because it is also a double tax on people's income. first we have income tax and now whenever i try to spend money on goods for food and my family, have to deal with that tax. we have to find a way to cut things down. i want to say, especially being an executive in proposing to the legislative branch, you learn how to make it with not a whole lot. i will bring that to the executive branch. >> one minute ms. sanders.
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sanders: right now, 54% of arkansas's budget is spent on education with the results we are getting is unacceptable. we have to do more with the money we are already investing in our state. we have a number of programs that are not meeting the most basic standard. if we are putting this much money into the system and our results are getting worse as we put more money in, that is it not a standard by which we can operate. we have to do more with the money we are entrusted with. we also have to look for modernization. we think other states take this on a path of technology savings between 40,000,000-50,000,000 dollars a year for taxpayers. that is something that arkansas is capable of and should be doing. focusing on things like phasing out state income tax allows to be competitive with states around us like texas, mississippi and tennessee.
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we have to do this responsibly but we do this by going out of our own economy is cutting out the waste and fraud and abuse that exist in government spending now. jones: i hear talk about results not matching up and waste, fraud and abuse. it has been ms. sanders party in power the last eight years so we have to look there. you cannot do the same thing over and over and expect results. here is the deal. i for cutting taxes and we have the opportunity to do so but the math has to add up. you cannot eliminate 55% of the state revenue and then not cut from it. unless, you end up like texas were property taxes go through the roof or you florida or sales tax goes through the roof. what are we saying to the one in four kids going to bed hungry and are figuring out how to pay for food? we can cut taxes and we can
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spread pb and j across the state. which is preschool, broadband, and jobs. there are resources we can leverage but we have to do this in a responsible way. >> mr. harrington, 30 seconds. harrington: i agree with dr. jones. we have to be smart with our spending and where we cut our taxes. we have to be smart about how we spend the money of the people of arkansas. we have to do this. cannot continue the paradigm we have in our government right now. i know people say that taxes are what we pay for living in a civilized society. that may be right but we still have an opportunity asked people to discuss whether or not we are going to continue these taxes. sanders: we have to focus on phasing out state income tax responsibly. that does be rushing out. one of the best things we can do
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is through growing our own economy. we have an incredible abundance of natural resources and the reason we are called the natural state as we have an untapped outdoor economy that we have barely even scratched the surface of. there is so much that can be done to grow our economies at home and pass that to the taxpayer. jones: we are on -- we are hindered from unleashing our full potential will be have areas across our state that do not have high-speed internet. what we have to focus on is how we are going to provide that level of infrastructure so that arkansans can truly thrive. i will keep saying this. the map -- math has to add up. i have met all -- and the df in a said you cannot limited from the state budget. >> next question to mr. jones.
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>> the transgender lawsuit trial going on in little rock. our incumbent governor d tell legislation now being tried in federal court. he said the bill went too far. have you been given -- had you been governor at this time, would you have sided with him or do you think the bill should have passed? jones: we use issues like transgender care and health care as divisive political punching bags. there is a child at the end of that conversation and a family. i do not question either one of my opponents love for their families. i do not question their desire to make their decisions for their children and i would not question any other arkansans. what we have to do is make sure we are loving each other. it's -- as a minister and
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engineer, i would listen to what the science says and make sure we are allowing parents and families to make visions they need. >> mr. harrington. harrington: this should not have even made it out of committee in my opinion. i would have vetoed this just like governor hutchinson did to enter the question directly. we live in a free society and people have the right to self-determination and the right to live there wife -- their life they way you want to as long as this does not harm anyone else. our legislature has continued to pass laws getting struck down as unconstitutional, regulating people's personal choice and behaviors. going back to this child or affirming care, some people say this might be of use. that's might be the opinion but we have physicians and doctors and psychologists, rabbis, and priests that can help the families make that decision.
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it is their decision to make, not a politician. sanders: one of the most important and one of the most basic roles of government to protect the citizens. particularly those who cannot protect themselves. like kids. i would have supported this legislation and i would have signed it because we have to do a better job of protecting kids in the state and across the country. kids are not capable of making life altering decisions like that. there is a reason we have laws in place that protect kids from driving before the age of 60, voting before the age of 18. before we allow them to make decisions about smoking and drinking and wearing a seatbelt because they are not capable of making adult decisions at that age. we need to do a better job of making sure we not only protect them in this instant but across the board.
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we can and must do a better job and it is the most basic fundamental role of government. >> mr. jones, 30 seconds. jones: kids are not able to make the decisions about their parents are and i trust parents and doctors and physicians to make this decision. it is not an easy and straightforward issue but complex and complicated. we have to trust parents. talk about this issue as if it is a fly-by-night thing. i agree with mr. harrington that i would have the governor hutchinson did inside this to make sure we did not strip away the powers or rights from parents. >> mr. harrington. harrington: you took the words right out of my mouth dr. jones. are my children my children or do they belong to the government? who knows best how to raise a child? your child that she spent countless nights when they were sick. you are the one who has taking care of those children.
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who has a better idea of how to take care of their children? the government or you? we need to filter this idea through all of the things we do in our state and this government. who has the better idea? sanders: as i stated, one of the most important jobs be have is to protect people. protecting our kids, not just in this instant but across the board. we have to do a better job of dealing with the out-of-control crime that is ravaging our city. right now little rock is considered one of the most dangerous cities in all of america. i was like his to be safe and i want every kid in arkansas to be safe. that means taking this to do that and that's the type of focus i will have to wrote -- i will have us governor. >> the blood to take a break to
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remind people that all of eric cantor -- we want to take a break to remind all people that's our cannabis are having -- our candidates are having a debate afterwards. we'll punch the code. miss munoz housing that's question. >> we have talked about the downturn of the economy and inflation issues. let's get into the details. what can you do and will you do us governor to help kansans -- arkansans with high gas prices and food prices, regardless of which party is in the white house? harrington: i would like to work on occupational licensing to give people more opportunities to start businesses where they are. to be able to provide for their families, to remove these extra burdens from things in the way. sometimes people have the ability but not be muddy.
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sometimes they have the money but nothing ability. life works out like that. what i want to do is bring liberty and freedom to arkansas for people to pave a way for themselves. however they see fit, as long as they are not to be any harm to another human being. in this economy that's we are dealing with, people are saying it is five is ok and everything is going to be all right. i want to tell the truth that every -- that we might have rough times ahead and we need to prepare for it. sanders: one of the most important things we can do is let people keep more of their money. if you love to help them at a time when they need it and fight back against inflation and record high gas prices that our people have experience, we need to allow them to keep were money in their pocket. we are going to do that by continuing to responsibly phase out income tax.
5:12 am
this has to be a priority. just because it helps our citizens but because we could not afford not to. arkansas can thus compete with the states around us in a global economy if we are. more competitive on this front. it is one of the reasons i have the this a priority in my campaign. >> mr. jones, one minute. jones: inflation is hurting. the economy is putting pressure on arkansans. i have heard this as they traveled across the state and talked to all arkansans in 75 counties. i do personally what it feels like. i am a kid who did not grow up with a superstore. i remember the soft notices. 67% of our states are asset limited income constraints for unemployed.
5:13 am
they are working hard at having a tough time. as governor, we have to think about short-term and long-term solutions. pb and j is a long-term solution, pre-k, broadbent and giles. we know that kids who go to pre-k arbor likely to read by -- or more likely to read by third grade. we need jobs that will keep a roof over your head and allow you to take a vacation. >> back to mr. harrison for 30 seconds. harrington: we are coming off the end of a pandemic where we did pass the cares act and some of the covert release. where people had a lots of buddy -- a lots of buddy and people were seeing a surplus.
5:14 am
we have to prepare ourselves for what is coming. we have to be wise. >> ms. sanders, back to you. sanders: our focus has to be all things that empower arkansans. that is why i focus on education, making sure every child in the state has access to a quality education is imperative. making sure our streets are safe. making sure the expedia tease our kids are growing up in are not the most dangerous. making sure we are rewarding hard work. this is what will allow arkansans to live their best life here at home. jones: i encourage all arkansans to take a look at our website and see what our plans are and how we will implement and focus on things that benefits all arkansans. take a day exhaustive look at
5:15 am
them. we make decisions, as mr. harrington said, we have to think about the consequences. intended and unintended. we have to make sure that we are -- you can have a plan but who is that plan benefiting? >> a new question. ms. sanders, more than 50% of your contributions have come from out of state. mr. jones, almost half of your contributions have come from out of state. mr. harrington, that has not been a problem for you but i would nonetheless ask all three of you, beginning with the sanders -- ms. sanders. is there to push out-of-state insolence id arkansas politics that -- influence in arkansas
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politics? sanders: i will not apologize for people supporting me all over the country. i have traveled to all 75 counties and i have see the excitement for our message. it is clearly resonating and will continue to take this to every quarter of the state as he finished his campaign strong. arkansans are ready and hungry for a fighter and a leader. i am confident that i am the person they are looking for to leave that. jones: i agree with ms. sanders. it should not matter where the money comes from. what is important is people are investing in arkansas. what should better is the strings attached to the buddy. and i think about what arkansas is it how amazing it is, i go all across the state of the country from the time i left high school and went to more health college and got a degree.
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but i would to m.i.t. and got three degrees. all the while, i was always promoting arkansas and talking about how amazing it is. i would introduce myself and say hello, i had chris jones and i from arkansas. when you promote arkansas like that, of course people would be invested. the question is are there strings attached and will that benefit everybody. >> mr. harrington, out-of-state buddy covered the issue. harrington: i will not sit up here and say that i have not taken any out-of-state money at all. this is a symptom of the back and nations of established party power, receiving those incomes and contributions from out-of-state. that is just a fact. we have parties and parties try to help strong candidates so
5:18 am
they dump buddy into candidates they think will win. that is just the fact of the matter. our politics are very national. it is always ready national perspective instead of a state perspective. hopefully it is true, as dr. joe's might have said that the strings attached is the real issue. for me, as a libertarian, there are no strings attached to me. if i am elected governor, would not have to worry about the machinations of the libertarian party power. sanders: one of the best jobs in parts about the governor is being able to be the chief seal for the state of arkansas. we have for the most beautiful states in the country and an abundance of natural resources. we have some of the best duck hunting and fly fishing and outdoor recreation of any the country. we have businesses that started off as study and have become the
5:19 am
biggest entities in the country and the world. we have an incredible story to tell a dime not afraid to go out and tell this to every quarter of the country. -- jones: people are interested in arkansas to see what will happen with democracy. we are an amazing place and we could be leaders in the film industry, i agricultural technology, and in the 21st century economy. it will require the right investment and the governor who has been there and run organizations and had conversations with folks in agriculture and in the tech industry at the medical industry. it is something we have to do together. >> mr. harrington, back to you
5:20 am
for 30. harrington: i would like to work on getting nurse practitioners were autonomy to be able to help our rural communities, especially with the lack of health care in our rural areas. when ever we are trying to fix some of the rural issues, i do not see them as problems but opportunities. there are plenty of opportunities to reinvigorate rural arkansas. >> fresh question. >> during the black lives better protests in little rock, republican governor asa hutchinson sat down in a private meeting with representatives from the protest group to try to find common ground. if a similar protest happened on your watch, how would you handle it? mr. harrington. harrington: if you but to know
5:21 am
something about me, i like people. i love people and working with them. i will work with people that happen to be hostile -- i have worked with people who happen to be hostile quite frequently. the skill is turning the hostile environment into a conducive environment for resolution or reconciliation. i have done this all my life and all type -- all i is is it bag or two. if we are dealing with crises in arkansas, i would be willing to sit down and talk with anybody. we have to have good-faith conversations and we have to stretch out our hand to our fellow human beings. we need to start working toward reconciliation in our country and back away from the hyper partisanship we have been dealing with. we have to start evaluating the humanity of others you would be. sanders: i want to be the
5:22 am
governor for all of arkansas, whether people vote for me or not. that is why i have spent the last two years of the campaign trial talking about things that empower every arkansas. thanks that build our stay together and reading our state. thanks that transform our state for the better it help arkansas be the best place to live bait, work and raised a family. that impact education is every child id this state. that focus on things like the termination and whether or not a -- like determination and whether or not a child has the ability to grow up. of the streets. making sure we are doing things and limiting policy that helps every arkansan has been the focus of my entire campaign. focusing on the positivity is
5:23 am
set of things that tear us down. >> dr. jones. jones: i think governor hutchison did the right thing. it is critical that we have inclusive conversations where we are bringing people to the table and getting to the roots of issues. could not get to the root of issues if you are unwilling to speak instead of the truth. i applaud what he did and as governor, i would do that. i have done this in the organizations i have run where people disagree but that is not be we have to have a barrier. it is through that disagreement is that if we keep pushing through, you can find out what is going on. what are the root causes? is it little help and we need little health services? is it acting out development and we need to out development issues? or is it a the issue like race or sex or things we do not want to talk about? you have to be willing to have
5:24 am
these conversations and it is through the conversations that we get to a better arkansas. harrington: yesterday, i had a chance to speak to some of the students in arkansas and arkansas tech. we had a very serious discussion about race. we have yet, as a people in america, to have a serious discussion about race. it is not about making someone feel less of a human being, whatever color you may be, but we are going to have to have a sit down and hash it out. let it all out so we can move forward as a people together. >> ms. sanders, you have a another 30. sanders: focusing our policy that brings our state together and helps everybody. there is nothing more powerful and inclusive than that. making sure each of our kids has access to quality education and
5:25 am
making sure the streets they grow up on our safe prayer there's nothing that can help transfer our state they provided opportunity for every person who lives here. >> dr. joe's, another 30 seconds. jones: our -- arkansans are asking for a governor who is measured and pragmatic and will look everyone in the eye and say you batter, you are valued, as i want your voice to have a seat at the table. as governor, i will do this every day because i do this every day of my life because of my deep foundation in faith. i believe god created all of us for a purpose and we only get to a better future if we fulfill that purpose. >> we have reached the point in our broadcast for closing statements. the order is determined by the toss of a coin prior to the broadcast. dr. jones, one minute to close.
5:26 am
jones: arkansas, i am a kid from pine bluff who with from patches in hand-me-down close to a rocket scientist with a phd from an i.t. but this is about you. jim, i heard your pleas for better roads in louisville and we will fix them together. larry, i see your hard work at diving state roofing. we will build together. chief, i admired your life of service to the fire department. we will support first responders together. the bible commands that believers love each other. i want to also know that i love you, i love you, i love you. it is love that is going to break the back of chaos and usher us into a better community where arkansans are living and working as neighbors together. i am chris and i am humbly
5:27 am
asking for your vote. it is a vote for future arkansas. sanders: i am running for governor because i love arkansas. i care about our state and our people. this is hope for me. this is where i grew up and where i was born and raised at this is where my husband and i have chosen to raise our own family. and where i hope one day my own kids will raise theirs. the arkansas that i love, that most of us grew up in, it's not going to be the weather they inherit if we do not start doing something about it. if do not start fighting back against the bad policies out of washington the are breaking high inflation and crisis at the border and unsafe neighborhoods. i am tired of watching arkansas compete at the bottom. tired of us be 46 and 47 in all the places that i know we could be first and second.
5:28 am
arkansas needs a fighter and a leader. somebody that pushes back against the debtor's -- a ready for governor because every situation i do as governor will have an impact on every life in the state. harrington: here i am again, speaking to you. that's say it is about to about you. it is about your family. it is about something special that you have. i told you before that i the people of america and the people of arkansas have something not many people have. they have the birth right to participate in the governance of this nation. we need to take hold of this
5:29 am
birthright. we need to exercise it. if we continue to abdicate our authority as a people to the machinations of party power, we will continue to see what we have been seeing the past decades. we cannot blame libertarians for these problems. vote different, free your mind. >> mr. harrington, thank you. thanks to all three party nominees. you can watch this and all the arkansas pbs debates on demand at the arkansas pbs youtube channel, the pbs video app and our website. the candidates have the option to participate in a press conference directly following this broadcast, which will air live on youtube. you can scan the qr code on your screen and begin watching on youtube now. thanks to our candidates,
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