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tv   Campaign 2022 Tulsi Gabbard Campaigns with Adam Laxalt  CSPAN  November 2, 2022 4:56am-5:44am EDT

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we appreciate that shout out. that is what makes me optimistic every day. there are jobs and creators across the country that want to solve problems and come up with big ideas. we are delighted to help them do that. we are appreciative of your time. the workforce shortage is real. making sure people have workers through the winter is critical. any advice you have we want to get out there. thank you for your time. and thank you for tuning in.
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uncing she was leaving the democratic party. >> i finally get to start. are we excited? yes.
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good afternoon. my name is rudy, i am the president of the longest running, largest conservative group in our states. so thank you for having me. before we begin the program i want to first thank sony for bringing us all together. there are not many places that will bring us republicans together but sony will. and thank you to the loudoun family. i also want to give thanks now to those who here has walked to the precinct? thank you. who has made phone calls? thank you very much. who has written checks to their best candidate out there? thank you. if you walked, called, donated, whatever you do, thank you note because we have got some of the best candidates out there but they will not win it on their own.
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their names are on the ballot and they are working hard but with your effort we are going to win, and we are going to win big so thank you all. moving right along, the individual i am going to introduce to you who is going to say our prayer for our group because we always start with a prayer right? when you look at the numbers across the nation, we are seeing latino numbers swinging over to our side right? it is about the economy. it is about crime and it is about this abysmal public education and latinos want better and in our state jesus marquez is one individual who has stepped up. [applause] >> thank you thank you for having me here today.
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what a beautiful crowd. i am special advisor to the campaign and handle part of the coalition. we are doing a great job out there. we are knocking on doors, reaching out to the community and creating the best ever latino republican events and history. we had plus 200 latinos all new faces ready and eager to participate. we are going to flip the votes of latinos. they are going to vote for adam laxalt and the rest of the republicans. [applause] so now we are going to pray, pray for a couple things so follow me please. father god, thank you for everything that you have done in our lives. thank you for the blessings. we know and understand that every good blessing comes from you. we pray and we think you for
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this event. we thank you for the organizers and everybody who works hard to get everybody and everything ready for this event. we thank you for our candidates, all of them, all the republican candidates on the ballot this time, and we pray, father, that you will bless every one of them. that you allow us to have a great event tonight, and we pray for our candidates. we pray for adam laxalt that you will bless him and give him your spirit and filled him with much more. a double and triple portion of the blessings that can come from you and we pray, father that you will allow us to win in november. grant us the victory on november age. we love you and thank you. in the name of jesus, amen. thank you. >> thank you so much for your leadership, jesus. how many people travel often? do you fly?
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we have a flight attendant in the house who was running for assembly district eight. her story is i might also add she is a big 28 advocate -- 2a advocate. she did not feel restrictions and mandates and inconsistent shutdowns -- it wasn't right so she decided to step up and now when you look at her, you know she is the future of our party. jeanette logan to do our pledge. >> please remove your hats and join me. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
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[applause] >> we start with a prayer in the beginning. the next thing we do is obviously national anthem. so we have a treat for you. sinker, songwriter -- singer-songwriter. ♪ [singing national anthem]
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[applause] >> and sounds familiar because she sings and a lot of stadiums before ballgames. is cash ready? who pays attention and watches cash's corner? for those that do not know him, cash motel -- kash patel. when you think about every military mission that took down terrorists, that took down human traffickers, that took down pretty much every bad person out there during the trump administration kash was there. when the insiders within our own government did everything they could to take down our president
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, he was the first line of defense protecting our president. what a lot don't know is he is a new neighbor of ours, a new resident to nevada. everyone welcome our new neighbor, a new nevada and -- nevadan that fights for freedom, kash patel. [applause] >> this is my favorite bar in nevada because that they never run out of pvr and as soon as i get off the stage i am having one or two. this is my home state. this raised me more than any other state in the country.
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nevada has two turn red and it has to start with adam laxalt. the fact that you guys are here, this is one of the biggest crowds we have seen, we have had great stops through the southern portion of the state and i know we are heading north next week. i have a bigger ask for you guys. step one is showing up. step two, go find 50 people that do not know about this race and tell them and then get them to the polls on election day and have them go find 50 more people. i am not kidding. it is not an easy task. there is a lot on the line. what are we talking about now that brings us together? the america first values that are let out by donald trump and you have with us today, to people who served in our armed
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forces, who deployed to iraq. what does that mean to a community in nevada? it means we have to present candidates to our community who will take care of our veterans, who will and forever yours. too long have we been in places like we are not going to send $15 billion worth of aid packages to the ukraine when we have crime soaring in the state of nevada and a drug problem and the state of nevada that needs to be handled. we are a border state, i don't care what the geography says. last year alone, chinese fentanyl killed 100,000 of our youth. in the trump administration, a pill of chinese fentanyl cost $20. last year, it costs two. if that weren't bad enough, they are shaping it in a format that make it look like gummy bears.
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the chinese ambassador said, we only send the ingredients to the mexican cartels. they send the pills. this is how much of a calamitous fall we have had on the global stage because of the politicalization of our national security apparatus by the government gain in washington dc. we need to rid washington of them. there is only one way to do it, you have to replace them. adam is law enforcement, he is a menace -- military servicemen. he has provided for your state. he knows when he goes to washington, he is not going for the glorification of his own ego. too many people do that so they can see themselves on tv. adam wants none of that. what he wants as a first generation about an is to restore this state, reduce crime, and educate our children with things that we believe.
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not crt and gender dynamics. that is an education system worth fighting for. it will not happen unless you go republican across the board. we are here for adam tonight, and i know you guys are holding the signs. you have to take the message. the only thing that will win this race, because the fake news mafia does not want america first values. they do not want you to put law enforcement first, they do not want to seal our southern border. anybody that tells you it is not an invasion on our southern border is lying to you. we are letting in molar known terrorist and losing track of them than ever before. what does the biden administration do? literally nothing. when you have a commander-in-chief, the question is, what do you do when you don't have the white house? you
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take back the gallows in congress, when you have a majority, when you have adam as your 51st senator. you take their money, and you make sure they don't spend our taxpayer dollars on their government-funded stuff. you never let chris take a private jet ride to a private vacation home instead of doing his job and going after child sex predators. instead of falsely going to congress and lying and saying mega patriots are domestic violent extremists. by his definition, every single one of you is a domestic violent extremists, but the mexican cartels are not. that is the difference in when you put american values first. what do we do in the trump administration to do these things? i was honored to be his chief of staff. these are really political positions. the mainstream media made them into political positions. he said, wipe out al qaeda
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senior leadership, bring home american hostages, and the forever wars emma and take care of our military. what democratic republic and would vote against that? none. if you read the new york times, they will tell you the day after we killed baghdadi, they actually glorified him and he killed thousands of americans and injured thousands of our service members. he beheaded two children. president trump said after that, not, what are we going to tell the world, he wanted the four phone numbers of those american parents. i want to do this for them. [applause] this is the e those that adam has served when he was in the military. he put community first, he put nevada first and americans first. i am up here saying, we can't
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take care of the rest of the world, we have to take care of our house first. our tax dollars need to be spent right here in the state of nevada. [applause] what is the best thing we can do going forward? we have 10 days left. i am the only indian that sucks at math. basically, i will say this at every campaign stop i do. local elections are so important, city council, town council, mayor, sheriff, board of education. if these people aren't elected to do the america first values we are talking about, it doesn't matter what washington dc does. you have a chance for the first time in our lifetime to have a great slate of local candidates and an amazing united states senator to complement that work in washington dc. you have learned from the -- i don't know what the word is to
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call the january 6 committee. you have learned how congress can abuse its power. that is a valuable lesson for us to show what we do when we take the majority, when we send adam to washington and he sits on the committee's. he will go after and do the investigation into the people that have lied to you, into the people that have taken your government --i am talking about the deep state actors, and told you that the biggest problem from a national security perspective facing the united states are literally white rays and the son. this is what our department of defense has focused on. we can only stop it when we have the majority in congress to take the taxpayer funding that they take from you and spend it on their personal egos. that has to stop. the only way to do that is to provide leadership in washington dc that exemplifies america
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first values. listen. i would keep going from now until the election day, and then our work just begins. i will come back with you on november 9 and talk about 2024. it does not matter right now if we don't get 2020 to write. you guys have to run it. you have to run through the echoes and make sure that you leave nothing behind. when you wake up and when i wake up on november ninth in the great state of nevada, you guys will make sure that adam is the 51st senator of the united gaetz of america. [applause] thanks so much. [applause] [applause] how about cash? all right. tulsi gabbard has always lived a life of public service. when she was growing up in the islands, she was out on the beach is making sure they were clean for all to enjoy.
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she fought hard making sure that the communities she lived in was clean, safe, prosperous. she then went overseas and fought for freedom for us in the middle east. she then came back, served in her state legislature, she then served in congress. she tried to bring common sense to the democratic party as it started running far to the left. as we saw during the presidential primaries on their side last election cycle. well, i am sure you have all been paying attention. she has been thinking about how the democratic party has been hijacked by the liberals in the far left, taking our country into a wrong direction. just a few days ago, she left. not only did she leave, but she made it a point to travel across our country to support candidates that will redirect america in the direction that she grew up in, embracing the
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american dream. ladies and gentlemen, former congresswoman, lieutenant col., tulsi gabbard! [applause] boom boom ♪ [applause] ♪ >> so good to see everybody, thank you so much for coming out today. it is good to be here. it is good to join all of you. i have been traveling to different parts of the country, spending almost every day in a different state. everywhere i go, i try to go and talk to local news or local radio. i did not hear this morning. a question that i got was, just a few days ago, you were a democrat. now you are here supporting adam
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--[applause] a conservative republican, who is running for the u.s. senate. the reporter said, how does this make sense? what do you guys have in common? and i told him, this only doesn't make sense if you are focusing on all the wrong things. this reporter, like so many others, are focused on the superficial, all these labels that they used to divide us because they want us to forget who we really are. they want us to forget that we are proud americans who love this great country, who stand in support to defend our constitution and our freedom, because the more they can distract us and turn us one against the other, the greater their power becomes. they are afraid of a free people in this country. they are afraid of our voices
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being lifted up and saying, hey, you work for us. not the other way around. they are afraid for a free people who think for ourselves, will challenge them and question them and say, why are you doing this insider trading in washington? when you are supposed to be working for us? there are certainly different examples that we could talk about, about the abuse of power in washington. when i told this reporter was, you are paying attention to the wrong things. i am here and proud to support adam, to send him to the u.s. senate, because we love this country and stand for freedom. [applause] hello how --aloha. that is what is at stake here. we hear a lot of political rhetoric every time election season comes around.
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i knows you guys are being inundated with tv ads, radio ads. my best friend michelle lives here, she came to pick me up from the airport and she said, just while i was waiting for you, i got three political calls on my phone. they must have been listening and knew i was coming to pick you up or something. it is so easy to tune out all of the noise, the attack ads, the lies, because it is the same old crop that has nothing to do with what is important to you. what's important in our communities, making sure they are safe. they are not focusing on policy, they are not focusing on substance. because they have got nothing to stand on. nothing to stand on. what they resort to is exactly what you are seeing, but i have experienced, being directed towards me, it is what adam is dealing with from his opponent.
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attacking his character rather than focusing on substantive policy differences. there are differences to focus on. the fact that his opponent is sending a whole lot of money coming in and pretending to be somebody that she is not, running away from her voting record where she had voted 100% of the time with president biden and his agenda. instead, essentially lying to you and saying, i am an independent thinker. let's look at the substance of what this administration is pushing. they are trying to take away the rights of our parents to raise our kids. to instill the values and principles that you know are important. saying, we and the government know what is better for your kids than you do. you don't get to have a say and what kind of education they receive or what kinds of books they are learning from. i spent some time with parents in virginia who really broke this open at the last couple of
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years. i had heard about these books and disturbing things that were being put in the hands of our kids, and i thought, that is not right. obviously that is not right. they brought me some of these books and show them to me, books that are geared toward kids in middle school. i have never seen more sexually graphic images then i saw in these graphic novels for kids, 12 years old. 14 years old. this is the kind of stuff they are pushing for. they voted for allowing males to compete against biological females and sports. we know how unfair this is. there is a deeper issue that i want you to think about. i want you to think about this as you are thinking about who you need to talk to who may be undecided, who may not be as informed as you are about to
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record and how it contrasts with the leadership that will bring. when we look at the issue of undermining title ix, this is the 50th anniversary of title ix. it was put in place out of a recognition that there are differences between the male and female sex. that was why it was put in place. what this administration and democrats are pushing is lockstep. i have not heard a single one speak out against this, by pushing this change in title ix, they are undermining it, taking away the rights and opportunities of women and girls across this country. they are erasing us as women as an entire category of people. saying, there is no such thing as a woman. and even more dangerous than that, they are denying the reality of objective truth.
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because, if they refuse to recognize the objective truth that there are biological differences between men and women, therefore there is no such thing as truth, therefore they get to decide what truth is on any given day. the effect that that has on us is that there are no boundaries. if we, as a people, can't agree that there is such a thing as truth, and that it is whatever they say it is, we end up in a situation where things like pedophilia are being normalized by saying, these are just minor attracted people. [booing] this is what is at stake in this election. this is why i am here. adam has been very clear about his positions on a whole host of issues. he has been very clear with you on what kind of leadership he will bring to washington, and how he is loyal to and motivated by one singular focus, serving you.
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not serving any special interests in washington, not putting any political interests first. he has worn the cost of this country, as i do, and he is proud, as i am, to serve. he has already taken an oath, when he put that uniform on, to support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. there are threats to our freedom and our democracy that are coming from within. we are seeing them play out every day, every time they try to silence us, every time they say, we and the government get to decide what is information versus disinformation, we get to decide, working with big tech, what you are allowed to see and say and hear, not you, because,
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in their minds, we are too stupid to think for ourselves. they don't believe that we have the intelligence to analyze information, to think for ourselves, to determine what our own views are. i agree. to have --this was one of the main reasons why i left the democratic party. [applause] the oath that i took to support and defend our constitution, both as a soldier and a member of congress is seared into my heart. how could i allow myself to be associated with a party that hates freedom? with a party that
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is undermining our freedom? and, most dangerously, is in power and weaponizing our public institutions like the department of justice, the fbi, department of homeland security, department of education, department of health and human services, the list goes on and on. they are weaponizing these institutions that exist to serve us, against their political opponents, and against us. anyone who dares to dissent. anyone who dares to challenge their power. so, the mandate that everyone of us has, that our founders gifted to us in this country, when they chose those first three words, we the people, they were talking to us. they weren't talking to only those people in washington, or only those people who live in certain states or who believe
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certain things, they were talking to every single one of us as americans. we have a responsibility to take ownership of our country and our future, and what we do here in the next 11 days will determine that. it is up to us. if we are passed off about the direction we are headed, if we are angered by how far and quickly our country has spiraled downward over the last two years, don't just complain about it. take action. [applause] so, i am telling you here, in the next 11 days, i guarantee you there are people in your life who are still not sure who they are to vote for. so, i know you know. which is great. what we need you to do, what our
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country needs us to do, to save our country and protect our freedom --i don't use those words lately. look within your own heart, think about those you love and care about in your life. think about what it is that makes this country so special. find those people, at work, at church, your family, your friends. and have a heart-to-heart conversation with them. it passed the left versus right, democrat, republican, everything else aside. speak from your heart about what you love and what you care for and what you are fighting for. that will move them and motivate them to do the same within their own heart. there is nothing short of our freedom and our future that is
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at stake in this election, because adam needs to be that 50 first senator that allows us, the american people, you, the people of nevada, to have a check on the power that this administration is abusing that is harming us as people in this country. [applause] so, i am so proud and so thrilled to stand with you, you are listening to what i am saying, i can tell, you are thinking, who do i know that doesn't know who they're going to vote or? look through your phone, look at your friends on facebook. we have a lot work to do. we can't afford to be tired or complacent thinking, adam is doing great, he has got it. we can go back and go about our business. went to a cool rally. no.
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these are your marching orders. we got a lot of work to do. take nothing for granted, every vote counts if you care and love this country. lift your voices, because if we don't, i am afraid we will lose the country that we love. i am so proud to join you in welcoming your neck senator, adam, of the state of nevada! [applause] ♪ >> how are we doing? how about that, what an amazing job. we will welcome any democrat
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that wakes up and understands that the left has gone mad. thank you, kelsey! --tulsi! we are absolutely losing our country. the media wants to focus on a handful of things, what is the one issue the voters care about, and i say, if you spend more than a minute, they will talk to you for an hour about everything that is going on in our country. we feel it in our bones, we feel it in our heart. we are losing this country and almost every measurable way. we watched, really started in 2020. you saw these covid shutdowns come down the pipe. we saw governor steve shut down our state. get out and vote for joe lombardo! [applause] we saw casinos open, but he kept
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churches closed. he kept our schools closed. he kept small businesses closed. and we kept saying, where is the science? and where was the media? they were nowhere to be found. if they actually held him accountable, we would have gotten these things open faster. we saw in the state of florida, there was another way. the governor desantis showed the whole country that we didn't need to be locked down. we will never get those two years back, our kids will never get those two years back. we just saw the scores come out, all time lows in clark county. that is because of democrat policy. the senator could have stood against them, but she supported them every step of the way. [booing] and we remember the blm
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riots. this is near and dear to my heart as a former cop in the state, but i was a private citizen. you can be darn sure if i was your attorney general, i would have fought against it. no democrat in this state would stand with las vegas. none of them would stand with the police. we all had to watch the mockery as they continued to call these things mostly peaceful protests. do you remember these cnn guy with the huge fire behind him? are these people for really >> this is when i think people really started understanding that everything we are seeing out of them is a pure lie. everything they are producing, what is up is down, what is false is true. this is when it really started to build. people started to understand that something really, really terrible was going on. i will tell you that when those riots hit las vegas and when we
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had our offices shot, was senator masto standing up against the riots? did she take a microphone and tell these people, not in our city >> las vegas metro endorsed her in 2016, they use to endorse democrats. she abandoned them because of the mob. because she was scared of the mob and she wouldn't stand with our police. because of that, las vegas metro has abandoned her and they are supporting me in this race. [applause] and then you see joe biden take over and --if you can call it a takeover. the guy is certainly not really in the office. mr. president, mr. president, wake up.
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this guy, from day one, says he will take on fossil fuels. and, he killed the keystone pipeline, killed federal leasing, senator voted lockstep with all those things. now that we have a six other guys, they were like, we don't know what happen. must have been put in salt. you have seen the commercials, it is private citizen -- he is the one who is responsible for your high gas prices. oh, greedy oil executives. if only they didn't overcharge up the pump and you wouldn't be paying six dollars, this is policy. the thing that makes me so mad it is these people stand behind their policy. this is what they believe in. this is what tulsi gabbard left. these are the policies she knew were hurting our country.
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but people like senator masto are to cowardly to actually defend their policies. go into the arena and tell the public that you believe the green new deal is so important that you have to pay six dollars gas. let's have that debate. they wouldn't get any votes if they had that debate. so they have to lie about it. inflation. we had all time spending in 20 20 one. they were warned it would cause inflation. then they say it is transitory, it is not really that high and it will go down. then we have real, lasting, 16 percent inflation. seven weeks ago, senator masto had a chance to match her phony commercials and be independent. she could have picked up the phone, she is the 51st boat and said, mr. president, my state is
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already crushed. our economy is already wounded. we only have 16 percent inflation. i am a no vote, we are not going to spend anymore money. but guess what? she voted for it. she is a reliable vote for the joe biden agenda. 100 percent of the time, she supported his economic agenda that has destroyed las vegas, crushed small businesses, and made life unaffordable for all of you. here is the bottom line. it is that the democrats continue to just lie about everything. and, they want to make campaigns about abortion or, all these other issues that are not the top issues for voters. they have tried for five months to make this election about anything but the issues that
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voters really care about. you have seen some of the polls, they said there is no red wave and the democrats are going to win and everything it is fine. remember that phase? none of you participated in polls, correct? anybody here participate in polls? raise your hand. one. i hope you really gave them hell. you aren't going to participate in polls because you don't trust any of that process. everything they talk about is all voter suppression. they just put out a poll a few days ago that said that i am down 14 points in this race. [laughter] i have been up 11 straight polls. [applause] las vegas did not put a single one of those in the front of the paper. then they roll out the pole where she is finally up. me tell you, we are ready.
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voters are not participating in that, because they are ready to make their voices heard on november 8. [applause] november eighth is when we take our country back. november 8 is when we start the red tsunami where we finally tell the left that we are going to absolutely put them in the--bin of history. there is no place in america for aggressive leftist policies. that is what is on the ballot. i am confident that we are going to win this race, i am confident you will see red wave all over america. when that happens, we can't force joe biden to secure our borders. we can force joe biden to reverse his radical green new deal agenda. and if we get the senate majority, we can actually have hearings.
5:41 am
we can call for ouchi instead of congress --in front of congress. and tell him we want to see the science. where was the science for the shutdowns? this is what is at stake, folks. i truly believe this is an election for our country, i believe if we don't win, we will never win elections in the state again. i want you to treat the last 11 days like everything is on the line. we need you to volunteer, we need you to get your neighbors to vote. there are independence, moderate democrats, that actually think that senator masto and the radical left have gone bonkers. this is our time to get them to the polls. this is our time to convert them, every single day. dare i suggest this? i know we hate about harvesting. it was a felony, just two years ago, but it is legal now.
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you can ask somebody that is too lazy to drive to the polls if you can help them with their ballot. perfectly legal. let's hope we win in 20 20 three, and we been harvesting and drop boxes and get motor ids. [applause] -- voter ids. we need you to treat the next 11 days like it is the last 11 days for this date. get out, knock on doors, talk to your neighbors, let's go save nevada and let's go! thank you! [applause] >> if we can have a total c and cash come up for some photos, please? we also have the leadership to present them with hawaii flower delays.
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--lei's. ♪ everyone, how was adam? [applause] thanks for coming, everyone. and don't forget, encourage your friends and neighbors and colleagues and coworkers to vote. make it happen.


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