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tv   Campaign 2022 Georgia Governor - Gov. Brian Kemp  CSPAN  November 9, 2022 6:17am-6:41am EST

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say our vision and our values are never clouded. our intention is righteous. our future is bright. while we may not write the story today, there will always be another chapter. together we will get it done. thank you so much. ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the governor of the state of georgia and his family brian kemp. ♪ gov. kemp: well, how about them
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dogs? thank y'all so much. it looks like mike political debt has been exaggerated. -- it looks like the support of my political debt has been exaggerated. it is a great night to be a georgian. i want to thank you guys so much for coming to be with our family tonight. let's hear it for the best first lady and the best first daughters in the nation. [applause] as you all know, this has been quite the team effort for us and it wouldn't be without these
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four ladies that have worked so hard and supported me in everything i have ever done. i cannot thank them enough for their support. there are so many people, many whom are with us tonight, thank you guys. volunteers put up phone signs, knocked on doors, wrote postcards and got their friends and family out to vote. we would not be here without you. thank you so much. [applause] i want to thank all the statewide candidates and our statewide legislatures who are here. thank you guys and
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congratulations. you all have worked incredibly hard over the last few months and i look forward to working with each of you over the next four years to keep our state moving. [applause] four more years. gov. kemp: all the heart workers who came out to our bus stops, our rallies, our meeting greats, those who helped lucy fill up our diesel cans. you remember the bus stop where lucy was holding the diesel fuel can and we told you those spots
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all across the state, we got all the money we need, it is just in your pocket? i appreciate y'all supporting the girls with your contributions. i also appreciate the strong grassroots supporters we had from claxton to calhoun. finally i want to thank the campaign staff and our official staff for all the wood they have chopped over the last several months. [applause] we love you brian. gov. kemp: we love y'all. we did not get distracted on this hard-fought campaign. just like we have stayed focused on putting you first throughout my first term. we woke up everything loaded talking about how to build a
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safer, stronger georgia for you and your family and help your family fight through joe biden's 40 year high inflation. [applause] we did that by focusing on commonsense solutions to put more of your hard-earned tax dollars back in your pocket. bypassing the largest state income tax cut it history. returning over one billion dollars back to you, the taxpayer. and suspending the gas tax in this state since march. [applause] we are not about to stop there. come january 2023 we are going to send another billion dollars back to the taxpayers. [applause]
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we are also going to give you relief on your property taxes as well. [applause] we also focused on how resilient george's economy has been despite the disaster we are seeing in washington dc and across the country, thanks to joe biden. in georgia, -- that is right. in georgia, we have record low unemployment. where most people ever working in the history of our state. historic investment in rural georgia. in the two largest job projects in state history in the last
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year. this campaign was also about keeping you and your families safe. and by backing our men and women in law enforcement. [applause] continuing our fight against gangs and human trafficking and standing up to the pro-criminal, anti-law enforcement policies of the far left. it was also about making sure our kids recover from pandemic learning loss and to get the best education they can in safe, welcoming environment free from politics or divisive ideologies. as long as i am your governor,
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we are going to continue to stand with our educators and put our students and our parents first. [applause] as you all know, we took our campaign to voters who normally don't support republicans. no matter where you live or what neighborhood you are from, hard-working georgians want their families safe, their streets safe and they want good paying jobs and a quality education for their children. [applause] our message to voters was about making sure they had the opportunity to achieve the american dream right here in the peach state, no matter their zip code. each day of this race, we talked about how marty and the girls and i think we live in the best state in the country to live,
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work and raise our family. [applause] we all know that my opponent disagreed. but looking at the results tonight, we made sure that stacey abrams is not going to be our oven or order your next president. [applause] the people in this room and a hard-working georgians all across our state know these last four years have not been easy. because of the global pandemic, loved ones were lost, jobs were cut, businesses struggled and lives were uprooted. nearly overnight americans from all walks of life were made to feel anxious, maybe even frightened for their future, their families future and the
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future of our country. this was an unprecedented challenge we had never faced before. there was no playbook. there was no widely accepted path forward. no silver bullet that could bring back our normal way of life. on top of that, you add in the 2020 election, pandemic politics and a lot of people that didn't live here or vote here thinking they knew what was best for our state. at one point or another, the national media, stacey abrams, the health care pundits, far left activists, political donors , presidents current and former, they all were attacking georgia. they opposed our measured approach to protecting the lives and livelihoods.
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according to the pundits and the so-called experts, if you wanted to keep your barbershop open, you were a threat to public health. if you didn't want a government forcing you or your family to get vaccinated against your will, you were a part of the problem. if you wanted to keep your job as a waitress at a local restaurant, they told you that it was too dangerous. if you wanted to go worship in church, they said no. but you can go gamble in a casino. when parents wanted their kids back in the classroom instead of behind the screen, they listened to the national teachers union and the health care pundits who said no. but as you know, they didn't stop there. when we expanded days of early voting and made it easier to vote and heart to cheat with senate bill 202, georgia
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election integrity act, they called it jim crow 2.0. and jim crow with a suit and tie. according to the media, president biden and their far left allies, if you support photo id on absentee ballots, you are a racist. if you wanted access to secure ballot drop boxes and more opportunities to vote early on the weekend, they brought in the department of justice. when you wanted to go to the major league all-star baseball game right here in atlanta, they put politics ahead of america's pastime and caused our small
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businesses millions. they attacked georgia. i am not sure how hard -- i am not sure they realized how hard we would fight back. [applause] they didn't know we were not going to be lectured by people who had no idea what it is like a clock in to a hard days work. they came after us but the truth was on our side. they attacked us because even when times were tough and decisions were hard to make, we did the right thing for hard-working georgians and their families. we did not waver. we hunkered down. and we kept chopping. [applause]
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i didn't listen to the pundits, the so-called experts, the media , or presidents. i listened to you. [applause] i listened to you. the hard-working people of this great state. because that is what i was elected to do. there is no doubt the challenges we face together over the first three years prepared us for the campaign. we were outspent with over 90% of my opponent money coming from outside the state. just like in 2018, stacey abrams
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still had the big donors, the magazine covers and the left-wing media. she had the talk show hosts, hollywood celebrities, president biden and president obama. and she even had opera again. -- she even had oprah again. they ran into a big problem. despite all the fanfare, the money and the fame, they didn't have you. [applause] as a construction guy from athens who started his first small business with a pickup truck and a shovel, i cannot tell you how honored i am to be
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your governor for the next four years. [applause] you have honored us beyond measure with your vote, with your support, with your time and with your resources. most importantly, you have honored us with your prayers and our whole family is grateful for that. but i will tell you, just like in 2018, this family and i, we are all in together. [applause] there was a lot of people in
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high places who thought tonight's victory would never happen. but just like so many times before, you all and team kemp proved them wrong. [applause] the media, the national democrats, those millionaire donors, the left-wing activists, joe biden, barack obama, oprah, and stacey abrams threw everything they had at us for the second time in a row. but you know what we did y'all, we kept chopping. [applause] we kept chopping and tonight we stopped stacy and saved georgia. [applause]
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let me make this clear, the media here and around the world watching this race will try to make this victory tonight about a lot of things. they will say it is about joe biden, they will say it is about stacey abrams, donald trump or even brian kemp. because that makes for flashy headlines and generates a lot of website cliques. but here is the truth, this election was about you. it was about you, the people of georgia. the people who weathered the pandemic. and emerged stronger than before. the people that came together and rejected the politics of division and hate. the people who stood up for what was right when everyone was watching. because that is who we are as a state.
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regardless of politics, we want to live in a state where our dreams for ourselves and our families are possible. where a good paying job when you finish high school or college isn't hundreds of miles away, it is right next door. when an entrepreneur can easily start their own business to provide for themselves and their family. where you can protect and serve your community wearing a badge and know that your citizens have your back. [applause] your governor and this family has it as well. where you can retire in safe neighborhood, worship freely and watch your kids or your grandkids on friday nights at the ballfield. that is the georgia i know and it is one worth fighting for. [applause]
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tonight hard-working georgians from all walks of life spoke with a clear voice. they know which direction they want their state to go and it is forward. they want this team to keep putting them first and that is exactly what we are going to do. across the country tonight, we took the first step in saving america. this election proves that the republican state focused on real-world solutions that put hard-working people first. we can win now, but also in the future y'all. [applause] let's celebrate this historic victory.
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[cheering] while knowing there is still plenty of work to do. i can promise you this family is going to stay in the fight. thank y'all so much for your hard work and support. god bless you and god bless the great state of georgia. [applause] ♪
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