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tv   Views of Earth From Artemis 1 Mission  CSPAN  November 17, 2022 12:42am-12:53am EST

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so, the flyby is on the 21st, at 7:44 eastern time in the morning. that is the first of the two maneuver sequence that does that lunar flyby and the slingshot of 62 most from the surface of the moon. we do that behind the moon. we will not see it until after the maneuvers complete. we are kinda blind, and when we get acquisition of signal on the spacecraft afterward, we will know the maneuver were successful. the second of the maneuvers, for that retrograde insertion is on 25th, so i guess that is after thanksgiving at 4:52 p.m. i hope that answers your question.
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>> thank you so much. that is all the time we have. the artemis one mission is just beginning, and in a few hours will have live tv coverage and commentary of orion's first trajectory burn that mike mentioned. stay tuned at and go artemis. >> as we continue to marvel in the spectacular image in michigan -- mission control, you have a great view of the orbital maneuvering system or the main engine on the top left of your screen. that was used one hour and 43 minutes ago to perform the otc or outbound trajectory correction maneuver and a few of the auxiliary engines on the bottom of the european service module, flanked by the solar array going on at the right portion above the earth on your
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screen. >> your statistics on orion that is nearly 58,000 miles away. it is traveling at 5400 miles per hour.
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if you're just tuning in with us, you are looking at a breathtaking, live view of the earth from the orion spacecraft as it makes its journey to the moon. orion lunched earlier at 12:40 seven and central. 147 em -- 147 a.m. eastern. it is in our 9.5 of its 25 day test flight nation. --hour 9.5 in its 25 day test flight mission. >> we are continuing to get in cabin views of the around spacecraft. orion lifted off from the
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kennedy space center at 9.5 hours ago. as part of a 25 day test flight around the moon, and into deep space. orion is slated to splash down on december 11. again, this is an crude test flight, but we do have our moon picture on the left of your screen in the sea. they are wearing the survival suit. this is a space suit worn our crewmembers when they fly inside orion, during dynamic phases of flight.
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you can see the suit is that bright orange color. that is to help make crewmembers more easily visible in the ocean if they need to exit without assistance of recovery personnel . the spacesuit is fire resistant, and it is a pressure garment that includes a restraint layer to control the shape and to ease astronauts movements well suited up. -- while suited up. the suit has a thermal management system to keep asher nods cool and dry, and a liquid cooling garment worn underneath the suit. the orion suits will be custom fitted for each crewmember to
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accommodate ashen knights of all sizes. -- astronauts of all sizes. the gloves will be touchscreen compatible to work with the systems inside orion. the orion crew survival suit is designed for launch and reentry, but it can keep astronauts safe as -- if orion were to lose cabin pressure during the journey. ashen knights could survive inside the suit for up to six days as they make their way back to earth if necessary. the suits are equipped with a suite of survival gear in the event they have to accept orion after splashdown. >> it has been a week since midterms, but republicans are projected to have a majority. when the new congress meets.
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a few congressional races remain undecided republicans will have the 218 seats necessary to control the house and what is expected to be a slim majority. the senate will still remain under democratic control, creating a divided congress. npr notes the last time the president and a top congressional leaders were from different parties was 2019 when democrats regained control of the house. two years after donald trump was elected president. see spence washington journal, we are taking your calls, on the air into the news of the day. we will discuss policies and issues that impact you. coming up thursday, congresswoman lisa mcclain talks about the republican agenda in gop. they talk about what to expect from a divided congress,
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following results from the 2022 election. tory new minor, reporter for the washington post on the collapse of the ftx crypto exchange and cryptocurrency. what washington journal at seven easter thursday morning on c-span or c-span now our free mobile app. join the discussion with your calls, comments, text messages and tweets. >> thursday on c-span, the house back for general speeches. at noon they csider legislation to improve wildfe appropriateness and response efforts and simplify the process for seeking assistance following a disaster. at ne eastern, former vice president mike pence talks about his life in career from the ronald reagan presidential library in california. on c-span two, the senate
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returns at 10:00 a.m. for new debates on a bill tprect same-sex and interracial marria under federal law. on c-span3, dhs secretary and fbi director testified on national security that's before the senate homeland security committee live at 10:15 a.m. eastern. >> c-span is a free mobile app featuring your unfiltered view of what is happening in washington live in on demand. keep up with the latest events with live streams of floors -- proceedings from congress. white house events, and more from the world of politics. all at your fingertips. you can stay current with the latest episode of washington journal and find scheduling information for c-span tv network and c-span radio. c-span now downloaded for free
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today. your front row to see to washington anytime anywhere. friday at 8 p.m. eastern, they bring you works from book tv. they -- nonfiction ought -- when interacting with the u.s. financial services industry. she is interviewed by brooking institute andre perry. watch afterwards, every friday at 8 p.m. eastern, on c-span. lloyd austin says there is no evidence to contradict preliminary assessments of that tuesdays missile explosion in poland was the result of


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