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tv   HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge Delivers Remarks at U.S. Treasury Bank Forum  CSPAN  November 26, 2022 5:41pm-5:54pm EST

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♪ >> please welcome, secretary of housing and urban development, marcia fudge. [applause] ♪ sec. fudge: good morning. thank you. good morning, madam vice president, secretary yellen, it is my pleasure to join you here today. your commitment to closing the racial wealth gap is clear and we are grateful for your leadership.
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my treasury -- my thanks to the treasury council for racial equity and your staff of the work you have done to make this day happen. it is always a pleasure for me to be with the deputy secretary of hud, secretary adrian todman. it is an honor to serve alongside you in this historic administration and great to be here with all the distinguished leaders in the audience today. as a student of history, i know that the friedman's bank -- freedman's bank records offer clinton to the lives of black families after the civil war who we eager to become a part of the american experiment. after generations of enslavement, they were ready to reap the benefits of the promise of freedom. yet, as we all know, this is a
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story of ramos is not capped -- story of promises not kept, a story of an institution that led people to believe they were protected, only to betray their trust. people of color in this country know this story all too well. the lesson it provides, we have a duty as leaders to prevent history from repeating itself. it is our duty to look to lessons from the past for a future where we can achieve true freedoms and equity. since day one, members of the biden harris administration have been students of history. we have sought guidance from the past to inform policies and decision-making, and that is one of the reasons i am so proud to serve in this administration and why i go proud of the work you're doing at hud, to make people's lives
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better. work you're going to build that america where we invest in the economic potential of communities along burdened by structural racism and underinvestment. that work begins with expanding access to homeownership and opportunities. as secretary of hud, this is one of my main priorities, to help people, especially those from marginalized communities, to invest in themselves and their families. that is why we are extending -- expanding access to credit services for low income people. our vision is for low-income families to have a fair chance to build wealth and buy a home of their own if that is their choice. we know student loan debt can have a profound impact on people's ability to qualify for a morgans -- for a mortgage and that is why we have neutralized the debt so that it does not prevent hard-working
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people from obtaining a mortgage through the federal housing administration. we know that advancing your education should not prevent you from becoming a homeowner. neither should your status as a renter. many first-time homebuyers are renters. if someone can regularly pay rent, there is a good chance they can pay a mortgage. so, the federal housing administration now allows a person's positive rental history to factor into its assessment of creditworthiness. and i am proud of our work to bridge the gap between renting and homeownership to further our economic justice agenda. for too many people, homeownership is a dream. at hud, we are doing everything in our power to present those who have been disadvantaged with more resources and services. we can do even more with the help of all of you.
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our banks, community development and minority depository institutions. when i addressed this forum last year, i told you how we were looking into how special-purpose credit ramps could be used expand homeownership opportunities. we know how useful these programs have been for lenders looking to extend mortgage credit to borrowers who might not otherwise get deal, borrowers who often include women, people of color and persons with disabilities. we made it clear that these programs, for real estate loans or credit assistance, are not prohibited by the fair housing act. over the past two years, j.p. morgan, citibank, bank of america and legacy home loans have each implemented programs to help bring more homeownership opportunities to communities of color. i applaud that work. and i look forward to seeing what we will do to create more
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opportunities. further, hud is soliciting actionable feedback on the availability of small balance mortgages. we want to know what barriers prevent you from originating these loans on 20 recommendations for how we can increase the volume of small mortgage loans in fha programs. people who live in less-expensive or rural areas often find it difficult to get a mortgage for a lower-priced home. today, we released a report assessing the limited supply of small mortgages and how that impacts affordable homeownership. i hope this report and your feedback help us identify steps we need to take to make change in the small dollar market. we need your partnership. our agency and the entire biden-harris administration strive to close the racial
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wealth gap through investments in communities and people. we can't do this work without partnership and engagement, but most importantly, we cannot let the failures of our past for tile our future. we must recognize that, as james called with rote, not everything in a space can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. there are dark spaces in the story of man, no question, but there are plenty of stories of great and grace, of perseverance and power, of people, communities and government working together to make a difference for the biden-harris administration is writing a new chapter in that story. it is on all of us in this room to ensure that this chapter, that we rise, as maya angelou
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wrote, into a daybreak that is wonderfully clear, let us fulfill the dream and the hope of a sleeve and allow this nation to rise to its full potential." thank you, very much. [applause] ♪ >> health subcommittee hears about widespread tone abuse that occurred at federal indian boarding schools. survivors were account personal and family stories of fourth cultural assimilation as well as sexual abuse endured by native
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american children. a watch the hearing -- watch the hearing tonight at 8:00 eastern. c-span's washington journal. we take your calls live on the air and we discussed policy issues that impact you -- discuss policy issues that impact you. john lawrence, the former chief of staff to the speaker of the house nancy pelosi discusses her career and impact. watch washington journal live on c-span or c-span now, our free mobile app. between with your tax, calls, texts, and tweets. >> the senate returns while the
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house returned tuesday for legislative wk. house democrats will elect new leaders for the congress on dnesday including new york congressman hakeem jeffries as the candidate for the minority leader. a pair of bills will be process, one authorizegrants for reentry programs. the other addresses the health needs of pregnant jailed women. gotiations continue to fund the government through next year through money as it runs out. you can alsoatch on our free video app, cpan now or online at >> c-span now is a free mobile app featuring your unfiltered view of what is happening in washington, live and on-demand. keep up with the biggest events with floor hearings, the courts,
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