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tv   Washington Journal Open Forum  CSPAN  November 29, 2022 5:45pm-6:30pm EST

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bees -- lgbtq issues. watch "washington journal" wednesday morning on c-span or our free mobile app. join the discussion with your texan tweets. >> c-span is unfiltered view of government including spark light. >> the greatest place on earth is the place you call home. it's our home, too and we are facing the greatest challenge and we are working round the clock. it is a little easier to do urs. >> spark light supports c-span as a public service along with these television providers giving you a front-row seat to
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democracy. what has been going on in china over the covid policies. it saying the chinese citizens in multiple cities hitting the streets to let president xi jinping know they are fed up with the covid zero policies, lockdowns and covid testing, with the largest antigovernment protests since the tiananmen square protests. the government showed no sides of abandoning its covid zero policy and use of accounts to bury the news online. when it comes to the white house response yesterday, the new york times picks up that story about the response saying that the white house reacted cautiously on monday to the scenes of chinese citizens denouncing the
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zero covid policies and revival of the widespread censorship in a state a him repeated almost verbatim, a spokesperson for the national security council, adding that it was a sharp contrast to the repeated condemnations of the authorities for the months long efforts to put down the government and enforcement of regulations that women must wear a hijab but administration said they were not comparable and had doubts that the protests that played out in beijing and shanghai would be sustained or that calls to end the covid restrictions amounted to a fundamental call for government change. sensitive deliberations were discussed by anonymity. it talked about chinese containment rather than police response. it was john kirby at the white house at the national security council spokesman talking about
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the protests and underlying issues. here is a portion from yesterday. [video clip] >> to people in china protesting covid lockdowns and the topic of china's covid zero policy come up with the meeting with president xi jinping. they did talk about covid and the effect of the pandemic it had around the world. clearly that came up in the conversation. i don't know is specifically the zero covid policy was an issue of discussion but covid was on the agenda, as you might expect it would be. our message to peaceful protesters around the world is the same and consistent, people should be allowed the right to assemble and peacefully protest policies or laws or dictates they take issue with. >> does the white house support the efforts to regain personal freedoms in light of the lockdowns? >> the white house respects
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peaceful protest. host: that is john kirby it the white house yesterday. you can call and comment on the white house response as you see it, if you think it is too forceful (202) 748-8000, too weak (202) 748-8001, and (202) 748-8002 if you think it is just right. the posttests were sparked by an incident in a capital where firefighters were slow to put out a fire and five people died. the city government denies delays. people took to the streets to call for the end of lockdowns. the story adding that the show defines is one of china's most surveilled regions.
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when it comes to republican response to this, the new york times picking up the story that one of the responses the administration drew of criticism came from texas republic senator ted cruz saying, the bidens administration response -- the bite administration's response has been were sent expected. -- the biden response has been were sent expected. let's show you more from john kirby yesterday more about the protests in china and part of the response. [video clip] >> the president has drawn a line through autocracy and democracy here and abroad. without getting into a conflict to assert the rights of people
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advocating for freedom and democracy more forcefully than perhaps we have. this is a moment to reassert what we believe in when it comes to free assembly and peaceful protests, and we have done that and will continue to do that, whether it is people protesting in iran or china or anywhere else. nothing has changed with the president's firm belief of democratic institutions and how important that is, but this is a moment for the chinese people and the chinese government to speak. we have been nothing but clear and consistent and you will see that going forward. >> why is the white house saying everybody has the freedom to
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peacefully protest but they are locked in their houses? >> the lockdown is not a policy we are going to support here. we have come along way over these last three years in terms of treating covid and preventing covid. we accept the lockdown is not a policy we support here. obviously there are people in china that have concerns about that and they are protesting that and we believe we should be able to do -- they should be able to do that peacefully. host: if you think policy is to forceful (202) 748-8000, too weak (202) 748-8001, and just about right (202) 748-8002. vincent says they are weak. tell us why. caller: good morning. statements made directly to
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china. you cannot -- he cannot because he is in the pocket of china. we are americans but we are not stupid. it was totally week. -- it was totally weak. it should've been stronger about these protesters for what everyone wants, freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. this administration is doing everything it can come everything it can to deny us of those freedoms and constitutional rights. by the way, i hope we get baby formula on the shelves. host: before you go, what would have been an appropriate response? caller: an appropriate response would have been directly and immediately when it started from biden himself, not the administration, from biden himself should have confronted
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them, but he can't. this -- host: ok, one says the response was just about right. hello joseph. caller: i think it is about right. this is delicate because the lockdowns in china is an issue where you are making comments but you can't directly attack the government. it is about freedom and the bertie that would've been different -- and liberty but that would've been different. the chinese people are
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protesting the lockdowns to ask for more freedom and the bertie. that is exactly what it is. the chinese know that and the americans know that but they cannot come out and attack the government because they used the lockdowns. the people are asking for more freedom and liberty. host: that is joseph in maryland calling in. washington post right up adding that when it comes to china's covid policies, saying for months zero covid works and cases were nonexistent and outbreaks were brought under control with mass testing, contact tracing and quarantine. frustration with the approach simmered in a few places but it was national pride about china
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seemingly beating covid. some of you desponding. from if you're on twitter saying, we go in with mixed feelings. on one hand we sympathize with the protesters in china like iran, but we allowed ourselves to become dependent on chinese manufacturing. this is response from a congressman from california saying that twitter lacks the capacity to counter china's propaganda during the ongoing protests in the country. this sets up a politically dangerous situation for other regimes. greg says -- is in pennsylvania. caller: number one, i would like to know what the policy is for c-span as to what can be said.
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a couple days ago somebody accused donald trump of killing one of his ex-wives because she fell down the stairs. how about 70 saying something about what the palace -- how about somebody at saying something about what the policy is? it is too forceful, because the big guys, 10 percent is going to be less now. that is what the mainstream media cares about, that 10% for the big guy. support this person matter what he is sarah's, what he reads on the teleprompter, support him, because c-span is part of the mainstream media. host: what do you mean by all of that when it comes to the administration's response? caller: can you imagine what happened -- go back, don't
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imagine, go back and see what happened when donald meant -- met with putin and he said he believed him. host: the response from yesterday on the protests in china specifically. caller: the mainstream media tried to crucified donald j., even though he it turned out to be right about the russia, russia, russia. it is now nuanced because this is a story -- kirby said something that can be spun to say we care about those people, but the story this morning on c-span, the topic is, was it enough? i see that as a positive. please keep doing what the mainstream media should do.
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host: let's go to pete from new hampshire sank the response was too weak. caller: the response is too weak. on the other hand, backtracking on this story. the truth of the matter is we could go back and look at ukraine, but when it comes to us jumping in the middle of everything across the world, we need to start thinking about retracting from the united nations. we also need to keep our noses out of other countries' affairs and we need to look at a -- we need to take a good look at washington. host: if you think the response is too weak, what should have been the appropriate response? caller: no response at all.
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we have a war in ukraine, and you know what, so we have $90 billion of our federal tax dollars into its and they can only recover 30% of the money we have shipped over there. host: that is pete in new hampshire. several responses to this response from the white house when it comes to taking a look at the protests that have been going on in china and around the world in solidarity. you can respond. perhaps you think it was to forceful (202) 748-8000 is the number to call. if you think it is too weak, (202) 748-8001 is how you can reach us. if you think it is about right, (202) 748-8002 is the number to call. some responses from legislators
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on capitol hill and the response to this is senator maggie hassan saying the people of china are showing tremendous courage in standing up against the chinese communist party. i support them in the right to fork -- test. another saying it is too weak. i agree with senator cruz. it is about freedom. what is next, tanks? one from las vegas saying the president probably supports the lockdowns. that is some of the responses. if you want to text responses, (202) 748-8003 is how you can do that. on the line saying it is to forceful from michigan in flint, this is tim. caller: it is too forceful.
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they cut those people off from letting them know what is going on in china. we need to go after apple and google. everybody is mad at twitter because of elon musk, but the hunter biden is all true and people on your show need to understand that. our president is the most crooked president in the united states of america. host: go back to the two forceful part, why is that? caller: all the left wing liberal media -- host: let's speak to the administration's response pyd think it was too forceful? caller: because they are not standing up for those people. they need to go just like joe biden did to justin trudeau to do the lockdown on the truckers. host: when you need to say he
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has to stand up for the chinese, what do you mean? caller: the people of china. we need to step up for them because they have a corrupt president that joe biden is tied to. they all need to be put in prison. host: let's hear from don sank the response was too weak. -- don who is saying the response was too weak. caller: they need to send a commission over there and work it out. host: you said the administration's response was weak. why was that? caller: you would think he would stand for freedom, but it seems like we are going in their direction, not them going in our direction.
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host: which means what schumer could you clarify that? caller: which means we are becoming more communistic here and china is less free all the time. host: that is don in montana saying the response was weak. this is from the house foreign affairs committee, the republicans saying amongst other things, talking about those who fight against ccp abuse in china remind us of two critical facts. it is neither popular nor unchallenged your the ccp represents its own interests, not the people of china who are its victims and share a desire for liberty that every american cherishes. senator tim scott saying we must
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be clear in our message that the u.s. stance with the peaceful protesters in china. all people deserve dignity and a government that refrains from oppression and violence. another representative saying we should be unequivocally denouncing men's -- human rights abuses in china. you can add your response as well. if you think it was to forceful, you can call us at (202) 748-8000. if you think it is too weak, (202) 748-8001. if the it is about right when it comes to the response, (202) 748-8002. let's hear from georgia. caller: i think it is to forceful because i don't we should be concerned about them. we have too many problems here
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at home. china came over with the buck lives matter protesters the -- if china came over with the black lives matter protesters -- god bless america. host: from the about right line, this is why nita in cincinnati -- when nita -- juanita from cincinnati, ohio. caller: the united states is no their caring on diplomacy. i think the response is just right just because they are demonstrating against the government? i am thinking, how can i get
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upset at the chinese when the supreme court had no problem trying to tell me what to do with my body? i think the president has been doing exactly right. host: when you say the administration should engage in diplomacy, can you elaborate? caller: when i was a younger woman, there was a time when the united states could say something and virtually the whole world would listen but things have changed. it has like china is that now. i think in this case the chinese can work it out for themselves. host: the full response
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available on if you want to see it from the white house or if you want to watch it, you can download our c-span now app. in pennsylvania, john is next saying the response is too weak. caller: good morning. the administration and congress need to work on into economic sanctions on china. there has to be a way that we can help these people out. they would be hard-pressed to try to put a lockdown on americans.
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we need to work together on something like this and maybe that would give the americans something to say, listen, we finally have a government. host: that is john in pennsylvania, one of the people responding. kevin mccarthy is campaigning to become speaker of the house come january and wrote the chinese communist party lockdowns have imprisoned people against their will and many have died as chinese citizens bravely protest. the biden administration shrugs and they will do what? the pariah is the ccp. if you watch kevin mccarthy as far as his campaign to become speaker of the house, stay close to c-span. the president travels to talk about manufacturing and economic related efforts. at 10:00 this morning, we will
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give you live coverage of the supreme court as they hear a case about administrations and the amount -- rights of states on immigration decisions. that is set to play out at 10:00 as some of the cases get streamed audio and c-span carries them live for you to watch and take your own notes and make your own judgments. watch out for that at 10:00. when it comes to the response of the ministration from the china protests, let's hear from san antonio texas, this is newman. caller: i have been listening to everyone and their two cents in. from my understanding what ard the riot was a fire. ese people have been locked down for three years and the question is, people are calling and about what biden did. i am not the president and i am
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not in politicsnd only know what is going on from paying attention to the news. these people have been locked down for three years. a fire started and they couldn't yet there to save these people and they went to the streets. what do they expect our president to do? when you say you are for it, then you want to blame biden for this. host: tell me exactly what makes the administration's response about right and what makes it about right in your mind? caller: in my mind it is about right because what else can he
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do? host: when it comes to some of the protests of the united states in some countries in asia and britain, according to the washington post, 100 gathered outside the chinese embassy in london. sky news reportedly pay tribute to those killed in the fire and accused china of detaining protesters in shanghai. in the united states, college campuses planted vigils for the victims pier 1 took place monday at yale university. -- victims. 1 took place monday at yale university. -- one took place monday at yale university. mandarin chinese speaking
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protesters were calling for -- if you think the administration's response was too forceful or too weak or just about right, you can call us. caller: to be honest, it doesn't matter what we say to congress and the president, china is going to do what china is going to do. some of the callers mentioning the biden laptop, but hopefully the people will revolt they will probably be suppressed by the military, just like russia. they don't have a diplomatic hand.
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we buy all of our stuff from them. host: do you think it is our economic ties that keeps the administration from talking more forcefully? caller: i think it is the world. america is the world grocery store and shopping mall. it is not just us. it is everybody. the whole world decides to buy a more expensive product built in your country and that would take some of the economic might away from them. host: brian in massachusetts giving us a call. when it comes to the administration's response to china's covid policy, (202) 748-8000 if you think it is too forceful. (202) 748-8001 if you think it is too weak. (202) 748-8002 if you think it is about right. here is for -- more from the
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national security council about the fallout from china's covid policies. [video clip] >> how concerned is the president that china's covid zero policies may be inhibiting the economic recovery globally? >> the president believes and has said this many times that covid has had an impact on the goebel economy and -- the global economy and supply chains and resources around the world. that is why the president wants to move the united states as quickly and efficiently as we can through covid so that even our economy can get more on track than it is becoming now. it is having a global effect. as having a very acute global impact on the economy is the war in ukraine. that is why we are trying to go after a price cap on russian oil
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and heaving ukraine tools to succeed so the work and end in a way so that ukraine can be sovereign in free. there are a lot of impact on the global economy. >> does he think that china zero covid policies are limiting the recovery? >> the president recognizes in many countries around the world that covid is still an issue and certainly to the degree that it inhibits the country's ability to conduct commerce, it is having an impact on the world and china is a huge economic competitor. i wouldn't get into the effect of the remaining challenge of covid in china but clearly china has a major -- is a major economic player and is struggling with covid and obviously there is an impact on
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the economy. host: all of that is available at the website. let's hear from rita in arkansas sing the response was too weak. caller: i think there are few words to say the only thing i have to say is the truth from the white house and the media and the truth from the world would set us all free. host: what does that have to do with the response from the white house in china? caller: i think they are searching for freedom and this is what is holding us all back, is the truth in every situation that arises. host: you called with the response that it was too weak, why is that? caller: because untruth is very weak.
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host: what do you mean by that? caller: the truth the mediacom and the white house and everybody in every situation is what we need in order for this country and world to come back to what it should be. host: we will go to cj and baton rouge, louisiana said the response was about right. caller: i set the response was too weak, but i am saying it is too weak and the reason why is, i think biden is to friendly with xi. when they met the other day, stood his ground at the conference and biden ran over there to him, i thought. china is a communist country and there is one party in this country that doesn't mind that
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and in fact they do everything to protect that. host: kyle is next in maryland says also the response is about right. caller: good morning. you really have to appreciate this because i bet a lot of the same people saying the response is too weak with the same people who wanted to take away the funding for ukraine. i think one of the things that should be conveyed is if they want to stand up more to china, asked donald trump and yvonne got to stop producing products in -- and ivanka to stop producing products in china. host: you said the response is about right, why is that?
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caller: we are tied so economic ally to them is that we have to let them do their own thing. the other caller said they are going to do what they are going to do. they are influential on the global scale and we have to allow them to do what they have to do in the internal uprisings will hopefully topple the government. host: news items to tell you about. one member of congress passed away, a democrat from virginia, died yesterday just weeks after winning reelection to congress. he represented the fourth district from wind to north carolina's line since 2017. he was nine years as a state senator and eight as a delicate. the congressman said that we
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have watched him fight in triumph of his colorectal cancer and tonight he lost the battle and the people of the fourth congressional district lost a hero who fought for them. that is reported by the washington post yesterday. in the senate this week, possibly saying the senate brought a bill to codify same-sex marriage protections and voting to end the debate for freedom of religious. senators voted 61-35 to advance the amendment to the respect for marriage act for liberty and conscious acts under the constitution and federal law prohibits polygamists marriage and they wrangle over additional amendments put up for a vote and waiting on the vote of three republicans that voted to advance the broader bill.
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watch that play out into the week. on the senate, keep close to our website at for all of the events of congress, the white house, and the federal government. if you want to follow out -- along on your phone, you can go to c-span now. when it comes to the response of the biden administration to the protests in china, let's hear from warren in virginia who said it is about right. caller: these people keep calling in saying stuff that is silly. i believe as americans, we are over here trying to protect michael c. we are in -- protect democracy. we are in ukraine. china is wrong for what they are doing and our response should be
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understood but what they are not doing is supplying russia with weapons and making saving democracy over there that much harder. i wish the people who were calling in blasting their own president, they need to stop that. host: why do you think the administration's response is about right? caller: i believe the response is about right, because if we go any further, china is going to ship russia more weapons to slow us down try to spread democracy in that country or try to get there democracy back. we don't need any more of that right now.
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if you look at what is going on in china right now, those people are fighting for their liberty and for their freedoms, anthat is great. xi is going toayif you are then going against my authoritarianism, that i will go against her fight for democracy and hope russia. host: let's hear from donald in washington, d.c. good morning. caller: i think the response was what it was supposed to be and
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that is what we expect from our president and media. on nbc it was said that every president campaigns on going after china. we are tied to china. one president trying to taking on the chinese, you saw what happened to him. we all know how it goes with social media. when you try to go in and take the chinese, they are going to destroy you. joe biden understands that.
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host: jerry is in north carolina. good morning. caller: the response was appropriate. a lot of times we don't get the truth. vietnam, iraq, all of this. host: that is jerry in north carolina. the white house current virus coordinator responded on the sunday show criticizing the covid policy of china. here is a bit from the interview on sunday. [video clip] >> nursing extreme lockdowns in
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china and when they get cases -- we are seeing extreme lockdowns in china and they get cases, are what they are doing effective? >> the covid zero policy is not realistic for the american people. our strategy has been to build up the community by getting people vaccinated and that is how you handle the contagious virus. i would recommend they pursue the policy of getting everyone vaccinated for the elderly. host: you can comments on the administration's response. the lines if you think the response that you have seen so far on the protests in china from the biden administration is to forceful, (202) 748-8000.
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if think it is too weak, (202) 748-8001. if they it is -- if you think it is about right, it is (202) 748-8002. you can text at (202) 748-8003. this is of the twitter feed saying i think joe biden said the right thing. the anti-vaxxers threaten people's lives and we were never locked down in this country. this is sheila from twitter saying when the world found out people were chained in their apartment going without food and medical care, our government should have stood up with those people but we remain on china for too much goods and we have to remain spineless. she added the word shameful after all of that. twitter is how you can reach us if you want to post. this is larry in texas. caller: i want to say that we
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did just about the right response because we don't want to get china upset with us. people in america are too soft. i don't want to have the coronavirus again. host: this is peter in silver spring, maryland giving us a call. caller: thank you for c-span for allowing everyone to voice their opinions. everybody has to realize the response to covid in china cannot be isolated from our entire policy with china and we
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have to realize it is going to be nuanced and it has to be valued and intricate. it is very easy to criticize whatever the president says but hard to make a statement that is going to be exactly right. we are still learning about the situation. we are right where we belong and as we evaluate this situation going forward, i am sure of united states can adjust their policy. i think it is interesting we have a bunch of republicans complaining we are not supporting the protests enough that when black lives matter which was 99% peaceful, all they do is criticize that. they are a bunch of hypocrites. host: what makes the china policy nuanced? what keeps the response nuanced? what of those factors? caller: it is our economic
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