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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  January 28, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> welcome to a special friday edition of the young turks. rick santorum out of the race? >> no, but don't buy futures in rick santorum. >> we'll discuss why he might be out of the race soon. i'm not going to lie to you. the story we have on mitt romney is by far the most unbelievable think you've heard about him. it's incredible. i'm not playing with you. you really want to see i did later in the show. >> we'll show you how buying politicians makes rich people so much money. we're going to use newt's sugar daddy to show you the numbers. did you know threatening war with iron makes billions for some people? that might be why they're doing it. >> turns out michael's son might
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be a national celebrity. it's true! we'll tell you about that later in the show, as well. you know what? go time. >> all right now one of the things we do is break down republican talking points. we crush them be in fact, because we like that and it's fun. one of the talking points you always hear is that we have to give tax breaks to rich executives because they create jobs. mitch daniels made that point. listen to what he said. >> the late steve jobs, what a fitting name he had created more of them than all those stimulus dollars the president borrowed and blew. >> and what a fitting name he had.
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ok, mitch, i got it. the reality is that's not true at all. not that steve jobs didn't create jobs. he did. the question is where did he create them? >> there was an excellent article apple that 43,000 jobs in the u.s. and abroad, 700,000 jobs. they might create jobs but they're in china not here. how about the auto bailout? what happened after the preauto bailout and post auto bailout 14.1% unemployment, after the bailout, 9.3. i believe that's more jobs in michigan. when you hear that talking about, understand what kind of nonsense it is. now where it gets maddening is when you talk about the companies that went bankruptcy
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and how their c.e.o.'s got paid anyway. wall street journal had an excellent article about this. one example was a company called lesa corporation. they cut 28 factories, 28,000 jobs, a lot of jobs to cut. they wiped out shareholders. so you know who the shareholders are, right? they're the guys who owned the company, gone. obviously if the shareholders got cut employees got cult, the executives didn't get anything, right? wrong again. the executives got a combined $20.6 million. why? why on god's green earth when you bank resulted a company should we give it to you? the judge said it's customary.
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i'm sure at their cocktail parties, well of course issued get $20 million for bankrupting a company i do declare. $5.4 million for gross incompetency. can you imagine you screw up at work and they say oh my god you sank the whole company bob here's $5 million. no wonder they sink all these companies. unbelievable. but it's not just lear corporation. 21 companies got a combined $350 million. they get rewarded for screwing up. god, there's such injustice. the average c.e.o. of those companies that went bankrupt, average salary after bankruptcy for those c.e.o.'s, $8.7 million. that's before they were
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bankrupt, not before, while they were bankrupt. why are we paying them when they're losers? because they've actually captured the whole system. this isn't how capitalism is supposed to work. if you bankrupt a company, you should get $8 million. that's not how it's supposed to be. the problem is we have a lube hole in apartmentallism where corporate executives don't give a damn about the owners of the company. they go to bankruptcy proceedings with their friends that happen to be judges and they all think well it's all very customary. some companies make it out of the bankruptcy, some don't. circuit city is gone. their top executives got $2.3 million while they were in bankruptcy. you can't even justify it with well after they come out of bankruptcy no, we just gave them the money while the companies were bankrupt. it's an absolute crime. that's not our money. that's shareholder money.
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how about taxpayer money? we just got a new report out from the tarp watchdog. companies like a.i.g., ally still owe the united states government over $30 billion. what did they are executives get through 2009 through 2011? $4,075,000,000. they still owe us would be why the hell are we giving them $475 million? these guys have found a way to buy the politicians and funnel the money to themselves. ally c.e.o. michael carpenter told tarp that the $500,000 annual cash salary limit was con training. was it? we had an individual who was making $1.5 million total compensation with $1 million in cash. cutting this person's salary to
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$500,000, this individual is in their early 40's with two kids in private school who is now considered cash poor. if you only have $500,000 after you've bank resulted your company, i feel so bad for you you're cash poor, you only have half a million dollars. maybe you shouldn't have bank resulted the company and had the taxpayers bail you out. they don't think about us. they think about themselves. i do declare the poor guy only has $500,000. you feel sorry for them? i feel sorry for the taxpayer that had to pay for his sorry ass. a.i.g. ally, there shouldn't be any top executives that have jobs. i don't know if you'll see it anywhere else on t.v., but we're
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going to keep pointing it out and showing you how they're robbing you. it's true and you see it in the numbers. we don't jut have an opinion here, we prove it with the facts. all right. now, when we come back, news about the election. i tell you there's dramatic ron paul and rick santorum news but you don't want to miss the mitt romney thing. it's about what they did with a family number in relation to mormonism. it's crazy dog. we'll tell you about it when we come back.
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>> is it a nerd, is it a brain? no, it's epic politics man. michael has campaign news. first, what's the tate have the race? >> the state of the race right now, you have to look at it in two different ways. there's the state of the florida race next week and then the state of the nomination, the nomination process and those are two wildly different races right now. mitt romney is polling twice at eight and nine points better in florida. here's a poll in florida you see romney 38% gingrich at 39 and paul and santorum 14 and 12.
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it should be reversed. santorum is last in all the polling right now in florida and national. in florida, it's a big state. >> totally big state. >> i know you live there. you remember how big it is. >> it's gigantic. >> retail politicking is out the window. >> i don't believe in retail politicking at all. i think that's old school, like oh, mr. smith. no these super pack ads are crushing retail politicking. politics is so much more important than shaking bob smith's hand. >> if it's going to work, it's not going to work in florida. if you look at iowa and say this man with the funny sweaters can win iowa, it has some effect. it has none in florida. >> it looks like romney is pullininawaw. >> i>> i f frida a a that't'hahass
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pp ingeng comomg g t off s sthth carolina didn't emt ikemik that would be the case. when you look nationally, here's the gallup national poll. that mirrors another poll today showing that newt gingrich is ahead. >> what do you think? is that attributable to gingrich is ahead overall? >> i think there is a wall that mitt romney runs into that he will not stop running into. he runs into the wall of conservatism. he cannot win them over. he has to do it in a broadway with the south with the tea party, it's very, very difficult. >> there are more conservative states early on in the primary process so that could become relevant. rick santorum has decided that he's going to take his sweater vest home for a little bit.
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he's going back home to do taxes. nonsense. it made me think of rick perry going back home to reassess. any chance he drops out? >> he has a huge money problem. he's not getting anywhere in florida. it's not a bad idea to go home and the idea of doing his taxes continues the narrative that he started in the debate a couple of weeks ago where he says i vice president done my taxes yet, they're sitting on my computer at home. >> oh, he's a common man, i got it. >> until you read into him he's common. >> right. >> the thing that santorum is lacking is money momentum, he seems even to be lacking passion now. he cannot break through and i think that it's probably the end for him. >> one of the reasons he might be doing it is he says florida's not important i went home. >> that's kind of a shwang argument to make. doesn't gingrich have more momentum if he drops out? >> you have to assume that.
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there are states coming up where santorum if he's going to make a play, i think he's waiting for gingrich to implode. that's as i say strategy, otherwise he can't win the nomination. >> what's next? >> continue on the polls amounts bit here, the most important i sauteed were polls that showed president obama for the first time beating mitt romney, up six points on him here. >> huge note of caution. i don't want people to get too excited about that. they haven't hit obama with negative ads at all yet. >> they haven't hit him with it before earth and you see a trend going one way without those being part of it. the president up 18 points on newt gig. >> wow. >> up fewer points on santorum than gingrich. >> gingrich is intensely unlikable. in the general election, what's going to happen is they are
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going to rip down obama as they have ripped each other down in the primaries. newt's got the negatives mitt's got the negatives. obama doesn't have them yet. it's encouraging that he has a huge lead on gingrich and sizeable on mitt. >> both of those men have been running against barack obama for a number of months. you see newt gingrich talking about obama constantly. in some cases there have been negative ads against the president where they talk about how bad obama care has been. he's getting hammered. >> i hear you. >> it's not been just praise for the president. last night there was a debate held in florida and there were some contentious moments. a lot of people thought this is the debate mitt romney one and newt gingrich lost. i disagree. i don't think there was there clear leader. it wasn't a great debate for
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gingrich. >> you're saying if newt gingrich doesn't wind up breaking somebody's ankles, it's i don't think mitt won. >> there was a radio ad, an interesting exchange between romney and gingrich about and let's listen to it here about a radio ad that gingrich is accused of running. >> you've had an ad running saying that speaker gingrich called spanish the language of the ghetto. what do you mean by that? >> i haven't seen the ad. i don't know what -- did he say that? >> as much as governor romney doesn't particularly like my use of language, i found his language equally offensive. >> i doubt that's my ad, but we'll take a look and find out. >> i doubt that's mine but let's take a look at it. >> we did double check just now governor, that ad where i quoted you as saying that speaker gingrich called spanish the
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language of the ghetto, it was one of your ads running in florida on the radio and at the end you say i'm mitt romney and i approved this ad. >> let me ask you a question. let me ask the speaker a question. did you say what the ad says or not? >> it's taken colt out of context. i did not know -- >> they're like children. >> two kids in front of the principal. >> and the principal's a robot. >> we have found the ad and the ad says you supported it. mitt romney looks bad there ok, because he's so disingenuous. on the other hand, he's right newt did say it and that's because they were in a race at the bottom for who could insult immigrants more earlier when they were in south carolina, now they're in florida, all of a sudden they love latinos. they're all como esta.
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>> that's been basically the theme of this race, the contentiousness. >> it turns out that the romney family baptized his father-in-law, a desouth atheist who lived his life saying organized religion was hog wash. >> why did he agree to the baptism. >> you would assume he'd agreed, but he'd been dead 14 months when this occurred. >> you know these people are crazy. the guy is dead, underground. >> he's dead and buried. before dying he spent a lifetime saying that organized religion was hog wash yet the family and the romney family had worked to baptize his entire family and had great success baptizing his wife's siblings in you never could break the old man until the old man broke. >> i know all the religions have
8:20 am
their particular beliefs et cetera, but baptizing a dead guy is just cuckoo for cocoa puffs. jews have said stop baptizing jews that died. >> in 1995, the mormon church said we will no longer baptize dead jews. the fact that there is a religion that has to say that is incredible. >> i'm with the father-in-law. once i'm dead, i'm dead, go ahead all of you baptize me, the mormon, catholics, whoever you want go for it. >> it's not going to do very much. >> but it is kooky. >> it's going to follow mitt romney. >> i have a question that reporters should ask did mitt romney personally baptize his dead father-in-law? >> somebody has to be there.
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>> he's some kind of bishop voodoo thing in the mormon church. >> the tither in chief. >> i would love to say the question asked at the debates. imagine gingrich, you liberal. michael, thank you man. michael's going to be back to talk about the sudden fame his son has gotten, which is amazing. >> newt's sugar daddy how much money will he make if newt gingrich wins?
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hi, back on the young turks. we told you a little bit about sheldon adelson the sugar daddy of newt gingrich giving him money. they agree that israel should be completely hard right wing and palestinians should not get a state. we talked about that before. we haven't told you how much addlele son would make if good beginning would become president. we did the math on it. first, a little clip from world news. >> i think it was on nightline. so he's got a big checkbook right? let's compare him to mitt romney. mitt romney is incredibly rich.
8:25 am
he has about $250 million and sheldon adelson is crushing him at $21 billion. he is 84 times richer than mitt romney. ok so, we did a little bit of math. now, if sheldon adelson is making the same amount of money as mitt romney is in relationship to their net worth he would actually be making $1.76 billion. now, if he paid 15% on that, he would be paying in taxes $264 million. remember president obama has the buffet rule, and he wins, then it would be 30% tax on all millionaires in which case sheldon adelson would have to
8:26 am
pay $27.9 million. what's the difference? $265 million. that's the tax savings he would have under a republican president. that means he can give 26 times that amount and he would still come out ahead. that's the most conservative estimate. actually, if most of his money or all of his money were made in capitol gains newt gingrich wants to knock that down to 0%. adelson would safe $529 million a year if newt gingrich were president. gee, i wonder why he's giving him $10 million. if newt winds up winning ile be the greatest investment of adelson's life. these are rough calculations, but we'd like to challenge sheldon adelson to release his tax returns. he's having such an norm mouse
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effect on this race, shouldn't we know who newt's sugar daddy is and where he's getting his money? newt gingrich was dead and buried until adelson gave him $5 million in south carolina and another $5 million in florida. lets see his tax returns so we would know how much money he would save if his man were in the white house. very relevant. we are curious about all these different tax returns and wanted to know how a big city certified public accountant played with the numbers. we sent the young turks brian unger to california to ask what he needs to do to get romney's special tax rate. >> i will release my tax returns for 2010, which is the last returns that were completed. we just made a mistake in holding off as long as we did. it just was a distraction. >> these are mitt romney's tax
8:28 am
returns. >> ok, you mind if i touch it. >> ok. just object ok, wow that is some major returning. this would be like a rich person's tax return would look like this. i'm more like this and then here's the romney. how can i get a tax return like this? >> do you think you could start a really large private equity firm that would be really successful. >> i have a chase checking account and savings account. i even think they're linked. however am i away from this kind of money. >> probably like from here to pluto. >> what percentage of americans do you feel file tax returns this big? >> i would say a lot less than 1%. >> the total income for 2010 was $21.6 million, and more than one half of that came from capitol gains. >> that's right. the big advantage he's getting is most of his income is from
8:29 am
capitol gains from selling stocks and bonds and companies and dividend income. if you wanted to lower your taxes, you could give 10% of your money to the mormon church, that would help, too. >> even if i'm not mormon? >> correct. >> where could i buy capitol gains, what are they? how do i get the romney rate. >> you just have to buy something that goes up in value. >> buy things that go up in value. that would be what? >> it's simple, like stock? >> stock would be a great example, if you could buy apple 10 years ago and sell it today you'd have a night big fat capitol gain and get to pay a really low rate of taxes on that. capitol gain could be 15%. >> ok, so the romneys are right in the sweet spot when it can ums to capitol gains. >> they have a very good mix of income to pay really low rates.
8:30 am
>> a blind trust, they have one of those. i have a trustee that manages my investments in a blind trust. that's so i would avoid conflict of interest. he said that he wanted to diverse i didn't have. i paid full taxes. there's nothing wrong with that. >> it seems really rich, powerful people have blind trusts. usually the people that set up blind trusts are involved in some kind of political or government position where they might be in a situation where they'd have some inside scoop or be ail to influence things, and so in theory, the blind trust means you don't get to see exactly what's inside it, and somebody else is making all your investment decisions. >> do you get a monthly statement every month? you have got to be really rich to say i have no idea what's going on with my money. >> you have to be very trusting
8:31 am
of the trustee. >> basically you would get a monthly statement that you would open up and say hey you're still rich. >> brian kept asking, i want one of those too. we all look at it, yeah, how do i pay less taxes. the problem is the rich get richer. they have the money for accountants, lawyers loopholes. some is not acceptable when they influence politicians or like mitt romney just become politicians. wouldn't it be great if iings substitutes a lower tax rate for myself. or you could do like mitt romney did, hide money in swiss bank accounts bermuda, et cetera. >> is threatens war with iran part of a reason to hurt barack
8:32 am
obama? we'll explain the details when we return. icy, cool flavor
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(vo)weeknights... >>the weakest citizen in this country is more important than the strongest corporation. my god, this is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard! you got a bone to pick with that? the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan.
8:35 am
>> all right, back on the power panel. joe mccarter is senior policy editor joining us from boise i'd dough. deanna podala is in new york city. first question, is it gop threatening iran to hurt the american policy? do you know that 70% of the oil market is speculators? it's not people buying oil it's
8:36 am
speculating on oil. that causes prices to increase by $27 a barrel. it's groups like goldman sachs that make these estimates. the koch brothers are involved in oil speculation and might move prices for every single american 20 to 40 cents per gallon. imagine every time you go to fill up your tank, 40 cents of that might be going to the koch brothers directly. it's an amazing stat. finally, oil speculation in 2011 cost every family in america $600. ok, so now i give that as background and if that's the case obviously these guys stand to make a ton of money if oil prices go up. if you threaten war with iran, oil prices might go up. if the prices go up, the economy might get really hurt in which case president obama might not
8:37 am
get reelected. is it a dream come true, obama doesn't get reelected and they make so much money. >> there is so much skullbuggery. i'm not going to say it's a giant conspiracy but there are so many hands dipping and feeding into this oil business that it really makes you wonder. i've seen estimates between $20 and $40 rise if we were to attack iran or if they closed the strait of hormuz. it's very puzzling. >> the person who came up with this theory is a viewer from sustin. he wrote an email to me this morning and i said that's actually a really interesting idea. is it too conspirator yell or kind of an obvious win-win for them? >> i don't know if it's necessarily a win-win.
8:38 am
i wouldn't put it above them in terms of being a conspiracy that they would look at. i think probably more for lining they are own pockets than tanking the economy because on the flip side of ruining the economy which we know they're happy to try to do to beat president obama they're ms. reading the fact that a war president is a popular president. if we were in war with iran, i think you would see people flocking to the president. that's what draws people together behind the president. that conspiracy would be there but would more likely be for lining their own pockets. >> i think joan is likely to be right. probably the simplest answer is the right one if oil prices go up, i make billions of dollars let's make them go up. they don't need to go to war just threaten iron. iron is so dangerous, they are
8:39 am
threatening war. we know and iran knows we can't go to war because we can't afford it. the most we can do is send an angry email or threaten to depretend irandefriend iran on facebook. standing against iran saying we'll blow it up actually gets you votes in the republican primary. i think it's electoral connection, that's it. >> there's a fourth reason too it gets you money from sheldon adelson. >> absolutely. it's a four way win for them to
8:40 am
gin up this adversity with iran. >> next topic is very serious. why don't we care about occur i can't? over 5400 people killed in syria. unicef saying 5400 children have been killed. there's some unverified pictures on the web of kids in body bags. why are we talking about iran and totally ignoring these massacres in syria? what's your sense of it? >> maybe the oil from the first segment actually applies here, the fact that syria has no oil it's not a concern to us. it's not covered in the media.
8:41 am
you're talking about it more now than the mainstream media or the public debates. this is something that has to be addressed. russia said they would veto it because they just sold a half a billion dollars worth of fighter jets to the syrians while they are killing they're own people. the sanies not going alone. >> russia and china don't want to go to syria but they don't have the values that we he is spouse right? i'm not saying the russians are back where the chinese are. they're the ones saying we're going to bring democracy but when it's inconvenient, we don't cause much of a mess. the media doesn't seem to cover it at all. they seem to go along with whatever propaganda the government's going with.
8:42 am
what do you attribute that hypocrisy to? >> i'd love to go on with the humor, but the thing about syria is that i don't think we pay attention to syria partly because israel is i think israel has some very real concerns about if there's chaos on their border, how do they deal with that? how do they deal with massive if there was to be regime change in syria or the responsibility to protect, and we were going into syria, i don't necessarily know if that's in israel's best interest. we all know that when you say the middle east these days, iran or syria or whatever, that's a dog whistle with we stand with israel. >> one other factor here is that the saudis are not happy with the shiaa government.
8:43 am
we've got a geopolitical mess here. >> right. >> when you look at the u.s. position on it, do you think that we're not doing as much as we could? >> i think we aren't doing as much as we could but i think there are not necessarily good reasons, but important geoprettyical reasons. israel is certainly an issue but the other border, iraq, and just the complexity of doing what would have to be a ground war in syria just because of its geography. i think it would be a very complex undertaking. i don't know that drugs could do the job. i don't know that we get out of syria without causing another mess in iraq. it's extremely complex and difficult. >> don't forgot the kurds.
8:44 am
>> don't forget the kurds. and not to be glib, but there is no thrill. >> all great points. i just want to have the audience think about it though, right. when it comes to libya where we want to go, iraq where went to go all this talk about democracy and it's so important and we can't let civilians be killed, when you don't have an interest in syria children killed, babies killed, oh, we don't care about it in that. >> we're going to give you a heart-warming story about michael's son now getting national media recognition for a really sweet story. you don't want to miss that, either.
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(vo)weeknights... >>the weakest citizen in this country is more important than the strongest corporation. my god, this is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard! you got a bone to pick with that? the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan. >> back on the young turks. we've got a story we're going to share with the whole young turks family here, because it is a family story. it's about owen schurr, michael's son. >> last sunday was the giants-49ers playoff game and kyle williams with the 49ers
8:49 am
botched not one but two of the punt returns right? as a result, everyone hates him. so you look at twitter and people are writing all these hateful things about him fringes one person says if you don't kill yourself, i swear someone will. i hope you your wife, kids and family die you deserve it. >> he doesn't even have wife and kids. >> people are so crazy. i guess if he played in xfl his name would be everybody hates me. >> michael has an adorable son by the name of owen. >> yes. >> and he, the 49ers that's his favorite team. he was very upset and said why did he do that, why did he mess up the game? michael told him if you're feeling bad imagine how kyle williams is feeling right now. >> you're so lib michael. >> when i told him.
8:50 am
>> i said if i ever run into kyle williams, i'll punch him in the face for you. >> i wrote poor kid to cenk and he wrote back you're such a lib. >> that is the type of propaganda he teaches his son. >> owen asks to write a letter to kyle williams. the letter is the sweetest thing. >> it's been with me all week long. it was more owen than forget the great father, i just wanted him to stop crying. he said he wanted to write him a note. he wrote dear mr. williams, we just watched the playoff game. i feel really bad for you you had a great season, you should be very proud. i just wanted to say thank you. i'm your number one fan.
8:51 am
and he wrote you're awesome! >> we skied we were going to send it to him but still haven't. we are going to send it. now we found out exactly where to send it. >> so the follow up to this story is really interesting. so then again as part of our young turks family, ben writes a story about this on huffing to know post and all of a sudden it blows up, and you guys are going to be on world news tonight. >> overnight there were calls. my mother is standing with me picking up the phone saying it's world news tonight it's all the local stations in san francisco sports radio everybody wants a piece of owen on that owen beaver. kyle williams agent reached out for me on twitter. i responded and kyle williams read it apparently and loved it and wants to send something to owen and write him a note too. >> what are we looking at?
8:52 am
epics sweep board? epic sports fan? >> as a father, i'm biased to how i think of my son, but it was a really sweet moment and one of those really when you're a father one of those moments you hang on to. >> you're a better man than i am. there's some chance that i would be teaching my son all right this guys name is kyle williams, we write it down and hate that guy forever. >> elbow for this guy. fail! not me. no listen, i'm a huge 49ers fan. i was disappointed, but you have to teach sports. when you read the ugliness that came up that anna read to us, it's pretty disturbing. >> it's a great story i love owen anyway, he's so adorable. >> he is. >> great story and go and share it with the world. >> we'll send it to kyle. >> everybody just turn on your television set at some point you'll catch owen over the next
8:53 am
week. when we come back, twitter might sensor content. a lot of you guys are upset about that. we're going to figure out who's right and who's entt00
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