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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  July 2, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> good morning! people earth. i'm john faug fangle sang. this is my first time filling in for steph since the show got co-opted by the giant loving board that is current i'm here with tony, your chris lavoie for the week. we're going to try not to set the entire building on fire. tv's frank conniff of mystery theatre 3,000 will be my sidekick for the day. we have other guest including dr. cory hebert, a regular on
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the dr. oz show and he's a professor at tulane university talking about the affordable care act from a doctor's point of view. of course we'll be talking about the luminous, the powerful, the foxy as all hell jacki schechner. >> that's quite an intro. good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> welcome, john. it is kind of like a first date, an awkward first date but a first date. >> i'm so glad you view it that way. it will be very awkward. you make it look easy. >> you're very sweet. should we hit the news? are you ready? >> i heard a lot hand last week. tom cruise broke up. >> i'm a little beside myself but i think i can move past it. >> there was stuff in the immigration and the healthcare bill but that whizzed by me. >> we're going to focus on the week ahead. let's start with the fact that democrats, for a change, are going to be using healthcare to their advantage as opposed to running away from it, a nice change of pace. talking points memo reporting today the dccc will start calling voters in select
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congressional districts talking about republican incumbents and candidates and how they're committed to repealing reform. they won't talk about the affordable care act in particular but republicans taking money from the insurance companies want to get rid of popular provisions like covering people with pre-existing conditions and closing the doughnut hole for seniors. this is smart strategy considering the latest reuters poll out yesterday shows that support for the healthcare law has gone up 5 points since thursday's ruling and opposition to it has gone down 5 points since thursday. more people still say they're against it than for it. 52/48 but the gap is close. and the poll shows more republicans and independents are coming around to the law of course independents more so than republicans. their opposition still remains high. light schedule on the presidential campaign trail for the early part of the week. the president is at camp david. mitt romney at his house in new hampshire. more news for you top of the
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don't chance it, resolve it. see a resolve difference or it's free. joining us. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me, man.
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[ male announcer ] up to 100% flake free scalp and hair with head & shoulders for men. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ time to feel good ♪ >> it is "the stephanie miller show." good morning, america! i'm john fuglesang filling in for steph all week long in spite of overwhelming popular demand and a very, very impassioned letter from bishop desmond tutu. i will be with you monday through friday joined in the chris lavoie seat by mr. tony
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sorrentino. great to have you here. >> good morning, sir. >> we'll be filling in on what steph calls vacation. i do hope things are going well and her doctors are taking good care of her. it is going to be a great week here on "the stephanie miller show." i'm very honored to be here. current tv of course is broadcasting the show now. if you didn't know that, do yourself a favor, you can watch the show on tv while listening to it on the radio which is always fun to have. it is going to be a pretty fun week. i've been doing fill-in work for current in the past month. i was in san francisco filling in for governor granholm on the war room. if you haven't watched jennifer granholm yet, are you missing out. too bad about her looks. it is a shame. such a nice girl. i say that because she's stunning. last week, i got to fill in for governor eliot spitzer all week on viewpoint at 8:00 p.m. on current tv. could be the smartest show on
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all of television. this guy is just such a fierce crusader against wall street and i was proud to drag it down to my level. this week, i'm filling in for governor "the stephanie miller show" here in los angeles. we're delighted you'll be here. i'm thrilled that -- it is my first time doing it on camera. so i had to do a lot of makeup to cover up my teardrop tattoos i have here and my various gang signs across my neck. you can't really see it here with the foundation. and we have a theme for today's show. and today's theme is what's your favorite right wing lying talking point about president obama and how do you debunk it? we all have that charming right wing neighbor or the neighbor with the bald eagle fetish or the cousin who sends you e-mails that says i'm not a racist but dot, dot dot or that woman who says that obama care is socialism. we have these lovely people in
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our lives and they throw out fox-based breitbart facts. honest critiques fine, go for it. we want to know what is your favorite dishonest talking point lie about president obama and how do you debunk it? we'll be taking your calls all morning at 1-800-steph-12. and we really want to know, the new one of course is the affordable care act is a tax. and we're hearing this all over. tony, are you getting this from your right wing friends? >> yeah, well isn't it kind of what the whole supreme court kind of said? that's what they were reporting. >> exactly. john roberts did a brilliant bit of triangulation in his ruling. he knew he was going to lose all of his friends. by guaranteeing children weren't going to die because they're denied access to care because of pre-existing conditions, by doing the human thing his inhuman friends would hate him and he would get thrown off of
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the mitch mcconnell christmas card list. did he something brilliant. a superb act of triangulating. he called it a tax. which the president said from the beginning it is not a tax. it is -- you could say it is a tax but the fact is if it is a tax, it is a free litter tax. the classic pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality. we're already paying for people without insurance. this will penalize them which makes it the opposite of socialism. so they want you to believe it is a tax when obama does it but it wasn't a tax when governor romney did it in massachusetts. when he did it in massachusetts the tax affected less than 1% of the entire population of massachusetts. of households. so it's not a tax. it is a fee. it is a penalty fine. it is like getting a speeding ticket pretty much. and it is -- that whole why should i pay for someone else's healthcare? here are the democrats to make
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that not your problem anymore. it takes a few minutes to disprove a lie. that's the hard thing about being an honest person. it is a lot easier to throw he out quick sound bytes and trust your friends watching fox won't go to politfact. it cuts $500 billion out of medicare. it shaves $500 billion off projected increases in medicare cost over the next ten years because that money will be made up elsewhere because we won't be spending as much because of the affordable care act. so you know, it's always kind of a drag to have to do the facts to disprove a lie and what we want to do today is a public service message. we want to give you the talking points you need to refute their right wing talking points. along the way we'll be talking all about the tom cruise/katie holmes divorce because every time you talk about healthcare or policy or the people trying to ruen our country the other hem is fehr says i -- the other
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hemisphere says i don't want the smart stuff. i want kardashians. we'll try to fill that gray matter part of your brain with fun crap. frank conniff tv's frank of mystery science theatre 3,000 one of my favorite comedic minds will be joining us for the full show. later, we'll have the rude pundit calling in at 6:30. i imagine he has one or two things to say about mitt romney and obama care. and we call it obama care but you're only allowed to call it obama care i want to point it out if you also call social security fdr care and tax cuts for rich guys who don't need tax cuts w care when you're allowed to call it obama care all you like. later in the show, chief health officer of black health, a regular on the dr. oz show, dr. cory hebert who i had on the spitzer show last week to talk about a physician's point of view. hint, he thinks it is a very
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good. we'll be taking your calls all morning at 1-800-steph-12. want to know what you think about everything and we're going to start off the morning with jim calling us from nashville. jim, what's the biggest lie your republican friends have told you about the president? >> caller: it is all of the lies they tell about the affordable care act. this talking point they've got now. do you know anything about the people who are going to be exempt from the affordable care act? i don't know anything about it. it is a right wing talking point now. they're complaining about the people who will be exempt. i don't know anything about people being exempt. >> i think people who are exempt are people who don't need the coverage. i'm hearing about why doesn't nancy pelosi have it? they have coverage. they're not implementing a single player man -- plan for the entire country. the only people exempt are those fortunate enough to already have care, am i correct? >>, that's what i thought.
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>> caller: man, you're one of the funniest guys i've ever heard. >> i'm not hal sparks. >> caller: you're smart and you're funny. and stephanie couldn't have picked a -- somebody to sit in for her. >> god bless you jim and god bless your incredibly low standards for comedy. you're calling from nashville huh? did we lose him? >> caller: no, i'm here. >> do you know a lot of liberals in nashville? >> caller: it is one of those dirty little secrets. most of the people behind the scenes are liberals. there are a few right-wingers. the right-wingers have the voice but there's a lot of liberals around here. so yeah, i do music. as a matter of fact, i do a solo act. >> right on. that's brilliant. >> that's what i do. >> let me ask you one more question before i let you go. there are country stars who are progressive. they don't hate their gay
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brothers and sisters. they want the rich to pay their fair share in taxes there are liberals in the country music world, am i lying? >> caller: absolutely. one of the biggest guys -- one of the biggest management companies in the town, bob tiddley, he's the president or was the president of the liberals down music row there. there is a big liberal movement in nashville. >> even when toby keith he's a democrat which shocked me. i guess it is true. but you look at people like johnny cash and people like -- of course willie nelson, lucinda williams and the great chely wright. >> waylon jennings was a big democrat. >> i didn't even know. >> caller: yes sir. >> jim, your call made my day. >> caller: thank you. >> right on. chely wright of course is an obama supporter, a good friend of this show. chely wright made headlines when she came out of the closet. the first major country star to come out of the closet about being gay. i had her as a guest on eliot
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spitzer show the other night. you can see that on she has a new documentary about her coming out process as a nashville star called wish me away. rosie o'donnell is in the film, too. chely will be joining us on this show later in the week and she's not only a nashville star who's lesbian, she's publicly an obama supporter which could get her banned from very badmouth breathing dumb radio stations. let's go next to keith. keith, where are you calling us from? >> caller: hey, john i'm calling from walkee, live in shorewood, wisconsin. refers to romney parts as the people's part. by the way it appears that steffey just clears out the whole place when she goes on vacation. >> what do you mean? >> caller: rebecca is gone, too.
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>> when steph leaves, everyone else gets their prison furlough. they can dash off in different directions. >> it the is like a japanese concept, everybody travels together. >> a lot of people don't know this. we can come out and say it. for a long time, stephanie miller, jim ward and chris lavoie have been engaged in a polyamorous triad. they're a couple, a triple. they travel together, they live together, eat together, sleep together and so yes they are all lovers and they do travel together and we wish them very well. they have nine kids between the three of them. >> caller: it takes it to a whole new level. >> indeed it does. whole new level of perversion you only get on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: anyhow, about your point about the biggest obama lies and so hard to choose. as a matter of fact, you could swear that when romney came out with his comments after the affordable care act was
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constitutionalized by the supreme court, you almost had a mormon drinking game which is every time romney told the truth, you could take a drink. >> so everyone was a designated driver that night then. >> exactly. so my feeling and i caught this right away. this really jumped on the idea of the penalty as a tax. in fact, yesterday bless his heart, chuck todd jumped on eric canter about this where he brought up well okay then, did a speeding ticket a tax? >> brilliant point. go chuck. how did kantor respond? >> well, you know, like well, the republicans, he totally did not answer the question. >> i'm guessing he did his usual song and dance where he talked like this and managed to get the topic changed as soon as he could. >> every time you hear a candidate talk, i think of song and dance. >> yes well, he would give a lot to musical theatre i'm sure. >> i'll bet he would be if he didn't have that career. >> they have a strong challenger
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for him. the guy who is running as a candidate because believe it or not, women not crazy about eric kantor in the state of virginia. >> caller: he's not exactly putting out a politician's guide to picking up women. >> no. but i think we've had enough of that for one century anyway. anymore of your favorite republican lies about the president? >> caller: there are so many to choose from. oh yeah, of course the biggest one is that this is the obama deficit. you break this thing down. really, you know, what is it? they come out with some outlandish figure. you break it down, every single component of the deficit was a carryover from george bush. >> from medicare part d to the unpaid four wars, the unpaid-for tax cut. here's what i tell my republican friends, people who supported the iraq war are not ever allowed to complain about deficits for the rest of their lives. >> caller: oh, yeah. >> period. >> caller: that's the way they work it. i don't know if you've pointed it out but the republican
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strategy is when they're in office, they spend like drunken sailors, they -- and they don't tax accordingly. they pass the mess on to the successor. but the funny thing is, we're talking about bill clinton and talking about barack obama. in both cases they both do a great job of cleaning up after the republicans. >> well, we have hopes the president will be able to do that. bill clinton had more cooperation from newt gingrich than this president has gotten from the g.o.p. they like to complain about tax and spend democrats i think a much bigger problem for our country is borrow and spend republicans. have a great one. in the great stiff milwaukee. lenny and squigy would live there. we want to know when we come back from the break what's your favorite right wing talking point that's easily debunk about the president. it is "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: highbrow lowbrow
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unibrow. it is "the stephanie miller show." collide on "the gavin newsom show." this week the experts are wrong. failing is good and wall street is bad. but how does vinod khosla really feel?
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[ music ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . >> stephanie: mm-hmm, okay, all right, we're trying to compete with florida, aren't we. >> yeah, yeah. >> stephanie: this is just in. ♪ you have my heart ♪ >> john: it's "the stephanie miller show." this is john fuglesang filling in for steph all week. you're listening to a mashup of paul mccartney and michael jackson say say, say with
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rihanna. as this one goes on, it involves nine inch nails and peter gabriel and gets pretty unruly and tlc too. you're watching and listening to "the stephanie miller show." you're listening to us on your radio, watching us on current tv. it is easy to have hyperbole. i'm so proud to welcome a comedic guest who is the alpha and omega of hipness in my opinion. this man is like -- for people who grew up in the '90s, this guy is somewhat off the mount olympus of comedy. i'm talking about one of the geniuses behind mystery science theatre 300 i'm talking about frank. >> hey. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning. it is great to be here. you know, i was just telling you i stayed up all night. the acid is going to kick in any minute now so i figured this whole thing out. you know, i was a little worried about being here so early that i would sound punchy and
6:26 am
incoherent but if i did they'll let me on the sunday morning shows. that would be good. >> john: exactly right. right now, i think frank's mission is to horrify al gore. is this your first time tripping on acid on current tv, frank? >> yes, it is. usually i turn on fox and it feels like i'm tripping on acid. >> john: the tainted kind like they had at woodstock. i'm thrilled you're here. as you know, we're talking to people about what their favorite obama right wing talking point and how is it easily refruited. i want to take a bunch of calls. we'll be taking these all day. let's go to steve in new york. street, i'm wondering what is your favorite right wing talking point? i have two about obama being from harvest university. all of these guys complaining about him being an elitist came from the same school. what is with the birther thing? give me a break for cryin' out
6:27 am
loud. >> john: let me address the harvard thing. bush went toandover and yale and harvard and couldn't speak in complete sentences without a prompter. >> romney went to harvard. he made a statement a few months ago that we need less of the harvard elites. >> he got two degrees from harvard. >> i find hard to believe either went from harvard because they don't write for the simpsons. >> john: tell me about the birthing steve. what's your take on birtherism? it is never going away. >> caller: the whole thing about the woman that stephanie had on. >> john: orly taitz. >> caller: the whole concept of everybody went to put in the birthing -- the announcement in the newspapers about giving birth so they can get the welfare. if they put it in a newspaper to get the welfare that means they were in the state of hawaii where he was born! so that debunks the whole
6:28 am
statement, you know, why would you put it in the paper to get welfare if you weren't in hawaii to begin with? >> john: i guess you haven't heard. it is because barack obama owns a time machine to hide the fact he was from kenya because he's really will to bring socialism which is why he put geithner in charge of the economy. >> that sounds far-fetched to me. my theory is we know how smart he is. the minute he was born, he came up with this scheme to fake his birth in hawaii. >> john: he was a crafty baby kenyan. >> already in the kenyan nursery, he was planning i want to be president of the united states. >> john: i love the bitters. you'll know us by the trail of imbeciles. we'll be right back on "the stephanie miller show." needs is to have fewer teachers in our schools. >> those greedy teachers, cops and firemen, clearly.
6:29 am
that's the problem, according to mitt romney. >> people who rushed in on the world trade center on 9/11. >> greedy. >> gotcha. >> stephanie: i've said this a lot of people think that, when crossing the delaware, washington got on his boat and went across. that's not true. here's what really happened. it was a crazy, cold day out. we had to cross the delaware river and it was frozen. you know how glaring, "i can't see a thing!" one fault move would lead to certain doom, or worse, newark. and then my man servant, hippy goes "sir, take these!" there's no way you could afford such fashionable sunglasses on a man servant salary. did you steal those from ben franklin? "i bought them from a tinker named foster grant." i put them on and i could see. hessian die! and i whooped those hessian fools in style. who's behind those foster grants?
6:30 am
george stinkin' washington that's who.
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>> john: it's a "the stephanie miller show." i'm john fuglesang filling in for steph all week and that means i get to play my music. that is weapon of choice by black rebel motorcycle club. check it out. yeah, for my money one of the better hard rock songs of the past few years. >> i have no idea who any of these people are and they sound great. >> i'm going to be playing all of my favorites. >> playing any glen miller? that's about where i -- >> john: can we get in the mood? i'll play glenn miller. >> or ellington? >> john: you kidding me? i think one of the five greatest live albums is frank sinatra with count basie.
6:34 am
>> i agree. >> john: you noy what duke ellington said about music? if it sounds good, it is. that's why in miley cyrus does something which sounds good, which she did. she's on the new amnesty bob dylan tribute. did you hear it? it is really good. she does you're going to make me lonesome when you go. i had no idea it was her. >> i'll play it. i have it. >> john: she did a great dylan cover. 2012 the apocalypse is coming. i'm john fuglesang filling in for steph along with the great frank conniff and tony sorrentino on the mic. you're watching us on current tv. and i'm very proud to welcome to the show a "the stephanie miller show" regular, you know him you love him. he's not that rude but rude enough for me, please welcome the one, the only, the author, the power the majesty of the rude pundit. good morning.
6:35 am
♪ are you there lee? >> i am, hey john. >> john: good morning. welcome to the show. >> hey great to talk to you and to frank. this is cool. >> i enjoy your work online. great to talk to you. >> well, i'm glad we have this mutual appreciation. or you know, phrase i probably can't use on current tv. i almost called it circle tv. >> john: thank you for getting the point across and thank you for the imagery in this room. lee, i love you your work. lee papa joined us on stage with "the stephanie miller show" sexy liberal tour with me and hal sparks last february in philly. i thought you know, the republicans haven't been that rude in the last week. they haven't done anything obnoxious relating to the fast and furious or the healthcare bill. what could possibly be getting you angry? >> there's nothing to talk about? i want to talk about katie holmes.
6:36 am
>> thank you please. man outside your house wants you to speak up. >> you want to know something? i do have a katie holmes story. do you want to hear it? >> john: if it is brief. >> brief katie holmes story. i happened to be walking near broadway when she was -- at the end of a production that she was in "all my sons" and she was coming out to sign autographs and i decided what the heck, i'll stand there and see katie holmes come out. so she comes out and she signs two autographs and three black suvs in a row pull up to outside the theatre she is escorted into one of the black suvs as they're heading down the street they switch places so you can't -- like doing shuffling the suvs so you don't know which black suv she's in. i thought wow! that's the height of paranoia right there. >> john: that's how it is for all actors on broadway.
6:37 am
they're paid so well we all get three suvs for every performance. >> that's incredible. see, there you go, the 1% it were. >> john: if your ratings are hire, you get a fourth. >> that's the kind of thing that keeps an actor close to the people too. >> john: it really is. it brings out the grittiness in her performances. lee, what do you think about the response to the supreme court last week? were you surprised that john roberts blew all of his friends and decided to make sure children don't get declined healthcare for pre-existing conditions? >> i was shocked. just on the show last week, i had predicted that the individual mandate would be struck -- it would be something like the arizona decision where the individual mandate was struck down and -- but everything else is upheld. >> friends of romney promises he's going to repeal it on day one. >> day one. you know, i think there are so many great responses out there. ply favorite was probably rand paul's at who said that just
6:38 am
because the supreme court declared it unconstitutional doesn't mean -- declared it constitutional doesn't mean it is constitutional. >> john: when you worship jesus and ian rand, you can do anything. really anything else is just -- >> rand paul thinks he can go to the supreme court and say okay, that's what you think. i want to speak to the manager now. they are the manager! they're the authority. >> how many people have put out t-shirts, glenn beck put out a t-shirt with roberts on it, it says traitor -- >> coward. >> the one word i missed. sorry. and there's already romney has a t-shirt you can have. as with everything with romney, it is just wordy and it says elections have consequences. obama care survived. it falls on november 6th. then the weird thing that romney's gotten into is having these things that -- where his
6:39 am
name or some reference to him is the smallest thing on there. i mean when he was speaking after the decision, the big sign on his podium said repeal and replace obama care and then in little letters underneath, it said romney. >> john: that's a metaphor for his entire campaign. romney can't run on his record in massachusetts. they're trying to downplay that. >> his shameful past of having passed healthcare bill. >> john: isn't it horrible? >> it is coming back to haunt him. >> i know. the fact that he implemented a tax that's are the really a tax that's affected 1% of the households in massachusetts. he has to run away from that. he can't talk about bain capital and his record as a job creator. those jobs in asia. only thing he can talk about is the olympics. he went to d.c. to get millions in earmarks for the olympics. romney can't talk about romney. the whole campaign will be about a choice on both sides. it is going to be all about mitt romney trying to tear down the
6:40 am
president because he has nothing to sell other than the fact he's like the bastard child of satan and guy smiley from sesame street. >> the other thing is whenever you do talk about something in his past, he immediately distances himself from that like oh, well i wasn't at bain capital when that terrible thing took place. no, but i just received money as part of my compensation package from when i left based on what bain capital makes during the years but no, no, i get to distance myself. you can't talk about his time, his time in -- as governor of massachusetts because of course, he was dealing with massachusetts of a different time. it was the early 2000s, we were all high. [ laughter ] >> john: not mitt. mitt has never had a drink. he spent vietnam walking around bordeaux france, trying to get french people to convert to mormonism. >> the latest david corn article in mother jones? romney, when romney was still at bain capital, they invested in a
6:41 am
medical waste firm that disposed of aborted fetuses. >> john: i did see that. mitt romney did make money of off of a company that disposes of terminated fetuses. which is unpleasant to talk about. >> the money he made off of that began at conception. [ laughter ] >> you love -- sort of like the privately-run prisons that you need more prisons in order for the companies to make profits. so was romney promoting abortion so that one of his companies could make more money? >> look, you know what? if you're against abortion, if you're against that being legal god bless you and if you want to use the laws and the judicial system to overturn it, go for it. it is a free country. i'll never argue with people against that for moral reasons. >> romney agreed with what you're saying. >> that's exactly what mitt romney said. i happen to think it should be like bill clinton said safe, legal and rare. we don't have an abortion problem. we have an unwanted pregnancy problem but mitt romney was so in favor of legalized abortion,
6:42 am
mitt romney gave thousands to planned parenthood and now prolifes are having to have this amnesia pill to forget it happened. >> now it is appearing he profited off of abortion. >> john: do you think you're going to see a third party evangelical challenge over this? >> oh, no. the ilrussian running in the romney campaign -- and people supporting it, it is so intense that romney can have on his web site, he links to a human events article that goes after the president for saying that the mandate was not a tax. so he doesn't care. he doesn't care. that's the same mandate that can now be called a tax. >> john: it's not a tax when i do it. it is a tax when the president does it. in massachusetts, it is not a tax. >> romney's strategy up until now is it doesn't matter if it is true or not i'll get away with it. >> a lot of times the media does let him get away with it. >> they let him get away with it
6:43 am
from his lies about the president apologizing about america to his most recent lie about how the affordable care act takes 5,000 cuts which is a lie. go to politfact. we have a lot of people on hold asking folks what's their favorite right wing dishonest talking point about the president. with so many to choose from, could you ever settle on just one? >> obama killed vince foster. [ laughter ] >> john: let me ask you about one thing. >> was he involved in the teapot dome scandal. >> john: a lot of liberals say it is all racism. i think even if obama was whiter than an albino miami, they would be coming after him just as hard because when you think about how hard they came after bill clinton, it was almost equal. >> bill clinton was our first black president though. >> john: obama is our first gay president. >> i hope when a woman is elected, she will be our first hispanic president.
6:44 am
>> john: our first atheist president. lee, how do you feel to hear rupert murdoch saying he thinks it is doubtful that mitt romney can become president? >> i think that murdoch is probably speaking for a lot of people. i think that he's preparing everybody for the inevitability. i mean you could say it is also disinformation to get people riled up. which certainly isn't beyond -- there's nothing beyond the pale for murdoch. there's an anxiety there. you know, i've said -- i said back over a year ago i said are we really going to have to go through all of this until mitt romney is the nominee and he loses badly to obama in the general election because i think that everybody has that feeling. this is another dolt year. this is the guy that hung around long enough to finally get the nomination. and we gotta go through with this so that in 2016 we can get our christie on. >> don't get me started on chris
6:45 am
christie. the difference between now and the dull year i think is citizens united. i've always been pretty confident that obama was going to win but now when i see how much money they're going to be throwing at this like i just feel like the republicans are going to be -- if the republicans are going to buy the election basically. they're going to spend all of this money. >> six states will decide this election. they'll be pouring anti-obama ads. >> they'll try to get people off the voting rolls and stuff. they've already started doing in florida. that actually -- i don't feel the inevitability of obama in a normal circumstance maybe but you know, they could just go out and buy and steal the election. >> what do you say lee? >> i think the money thing is an issue but to me the bigger issue is the voter purges. because the voter purges affected the florida vote back in 2000 and they certainly had
6:46 am
an effect on 2004. so yes that, to me is the more worrisome issue. that's the thing that yes it will be called out as political. that's something the justice department should be getting involved in. >> john: you're right lee. it doesn't just affect black folks and minorities. it affects college kids. there are states you can use using an nra i.d. but not a college i.d. it affects seniors and older folks who don't have a photo state i.d. and they're doing everything they can to marginalize the democratic process. >> you know. that's what they need. there are so many ads the democratic party could be putting out to attack the things that republicans are doing. they could get that old woman who doesn't have her birth certificate anymore because she lost it in the depression. and now can't vote. they could get an ad with her. you could get 100 times more people that have that than have ever committed voter fraud. you could get the cases where a child that was previously denied healthcare now can get
6:47 am
healthcare for some condition that they have. these are the ads that need to be hitting hard. >> voter fraud, it is just -- you know i just don't see it. people are into. >> i'm going to go and vote illegally. it just doesn't happen. >> john: what they're doing is devoting all of their energy to making it seem like it is a problem so they can come out and say they're solving this problem and they try to equate voter registration fraud with voter fraud. acorn never did voter fraud. >> like ann coulter committed. >> john: exactly. my theory about rupert murdoch. i think he wants obama to be re-elected. i think it is great for business. >> absolutely. >> fox news was the hate clinton network then the defend bush network and now they're the hate obama network. do you really think they want to be the defend mitt romney network? >> that will be really hard for them because no one likes romney. they'll spend four years
6:48 am
defending him. >> the only people who like romney or pretend really well are ann and the kids. >> wall street guys, too. wall street guys like romney a lot. that's the dirty secret about the republican party is the wall street guys who run the party don't care about abortion. they don't want it illegal. they don't care at all about illegal immigration. they know our economy is backed up by exploiting labor and they don't care about gay marriage. it is servant of two masters the republican party. it is golden cap on the conservatives. they'll play upon the american people to make the rich richer. >> shouldn't wall street like obama? >> john: they should. >> he's been very good to wall street. >> dow has gone up 50% or more since he was president. >> john: i don't know about the dow. i'm not buddhist. any final points before we say good-bye? >> don't lose faith frank. i don't think most voters are giving a damn right now and aren't paying attention and won't until after the conventions. >> follow the rude pundit on
6:49 am
twitter and buy his book. lee papa, pleasure to have you. we're coming back with your calls at 1-800-steph-12. >> announcer: kid tested john conyers approved. it is "the stephanie miller show." >>this court has proven to be the knowing delighted accomplice in the billionaire purchase of our nation. and you think it doesn't affect you? think again. it's like chicken and crunchy stuff got married! i only use french's french fried onions
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>>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller ♪ >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." >> john: john fuglesang filling in for steph with the great frank conniff and tony sorrentino on the mic. what you're listening to right now is a nice little country song is the cover of bob dylan's
6:54 am
album, this is miley cyrus. tony, you had this your collection. >> i have the whole cd. >> john: four cd collection of dylan's show. your money goes to amnesty international. >> the only thing left in music that takes courage is to say something like hey, that miley cyrus song is really good. >> john: you're saying it. this miley cyrus song is terrific. >> it requires no courage whatsoever. that was really good. >> john: god bless. if miley cyrus wants a career, she needs to do more stuff like this. she sounds great. i will say this, this song is so good it almost makes up for her father's mullet in the '90s. she's going to have to cover an entire album to make me forget hannah montana. people have been on hold for so long. i'm going to go with charlie in florida. you've been on hold forever.
6:55 am
welcome to "the stephanie miller show." charlie in florida. >> caller: hey john. how you doing today? >> john: i'm awesome. how are you? >> caller: good. my favorite talking point is when they get on the rant about obama being a socialist. he's not a socialist. i wish he was but he's not. >> john: why do they call him a socialist? what has he done? did he nationalize the car company? what has he done that makes him a socialist? >> caller: he hasn't done one thing. >> john: what do you say when your right wing friends say this? >> caller: i say no, he's not a socialist. give me an example, i would be glad to hear it. but the other thing i would like to say is yeah, the republicans are really good at this. they get one or two little -- what do you call them? talking points, exactly spot lines and they just keep repeating them and i are beating them and repeating them. >> they are really good at that.
6:56 am
>> the democrats are horrible at it. they'll say it one or two times and try to explain it. it all gets lost in the tranlation. nobody wants to hear the long explanation anymore. there's not much critical thinking out there as you well know. >> john: it takes more time to deconstruct a lie than make a lie. we have former labor secretary under bill clinton last week, he said if you keep repeating a lie enough times people will believe it which was said by a famous prop begannist whose -- prop begannist whose name rhymes with gerbils. >> caller: i try to straighten people out as much as i can. i do it in such a way that -- i don't mean straighten them out i mean tell them the truth. >> john: you can straighten them out. it's all right. i thank you. you were on hold for a long time. i thank you for the call. he's exactly right. i have family in florida. there's a lot of people down there who just believe what they want to believe. that's fine but when you're
6:57 am
going to be lying and threatening the well-being of my country, we'll call you out on it. adrian in chicago, are you a republican? >> caller: yes, i am. >> john: welcome to the show. >> caller: you know what? i listen. i may be going against my own party. i really don't call them my party because i gotta tell you guys something, i don't know who the hell these people are representing the republican party but they're a bunch of nuts. i'm going to tell you my family is republican and i gotta tell you, i'm african-american man who has his own company. >> john: hang on. will you hang online because i gotta figure out what your dna is. can you stick around with us? >> caller: sure, no problem. >> john: we'll be talking with the only black republican in chicago when we had come back and still taking your calls at 1-800-steph-12. it looks like the service of
6:58 am
marchs is in the park near my house. >> there i jon it's "the stephanie miller show." this is john fuglesang coming to you from l.a. along with the great frank conniff. >> what we just listened to was the elo sen twins the olsen twins doing leonard cohen. >> john: later on, we'll have n sync doing some lynyrd skynyrd. we're taking your calls at 1-800-steph-12 to find out what your favorite anti-obama mean is. is this where we go to the great jacki? have you been watching current tv? have you beheld the majesty that is jacki schechner? >> you know what? i'm not quite familiar with jacki schechner. >> you are one of the throngs
6:59 am
that is being pulled into the cult of current tv. it is not just people like stephanie miller and eliot spitzer, there are other hotties, too. jacki schechner is the woman who makes the news worth waking up for you. are you there jacki? >> i am here. nice words for an early monday morning. you'll start my week off well. >> john: i suck up with the best of them. >> ready for news? >> john: yeah, hit us. what's going on? such a slow "newsweek" last week. what's going on? >> really, nothing to talk about. a new poll out from "usa today," gallup talking about hispanic voters and while the polls show that president obama has a commanding lead over mitt romney, it asks how hispanic voters identify themselves. a majority, 51% identify themselves as independent as opposed to affiliated with one party or the other. however, the poll did take into consideration the lean and they did find out that 52% of those independents lean democrat. while 23% lean republican. what this means is that there
7:00 am
may not be as many hispanic votes up for grabs come november as you might expect by the label "independent." the obama campaign is calling for calling for a fact check on defending its advertisements and saying the web site is wrong about mitt romney's time at bain capital. factcheck said that romney cannot be held responsible for his company's outsourcing after he left in 1999. however, obama's campaign points out that romney took an informal leave of absence and still retained legal control and made money from bain until at least 2002. in a six-page letter to factcheck, the obama campaign manager uses news sources to pound out that romney had on-going tie to the firm. >> a federal judge in mississippi has temporarily stayed the state's only abortion clinic from shutting down. a new law requires that anyone working at the clinic be an ob/gyn and have local admitting privileges but the law was restrictive and difficult for the clinic to follow. july 19th, we'll find out how
7:01 am
long the new restraining order will last. back after the break.
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>>(narrator) bill press is on current tv. >>liberal and proud of it. >>(narrator) unafraid, outspoken, and above all politically direct. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
7:04 am
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] ♪ katrina and the waves ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> it's "the stephanie miller show." you are soaking in it. i'm john fuglesang joined by tv's frank frank conniff and the great illusive frank sorrentino hitting in the chris lavoie hot seat. we're taking your calls at 1-800-steph-12. asking the listeners on current tv what is your favorite right wing mean against the president
7:05 am
and how do you knock it down. we were talking with adrian in chicago who's not just a republican in chicago. he's an african-american republican in chicago. adrian, do you ever feel lonely? being a black man who is a republican in chicago? >> caller: i gotta tell you i don't care because i gotta do what's good for me and my family. >> john: why the republican party? why is that the party of your choice? >> caller: my grandfather, my uncle were actual republicans. i'm a conservative person, you know. i am. i'm not going to lie about that. >> john: sure. >> caller: but the things i've seen happen -- i had to explain to my 10-year-old, we were sitting there watching tv and you know, it was when obama was president. i'm going to make something very clear. i've met -- at the time of the election, i met john mccain. i met barack obama. and i'm the type of person, i vote for the person that i feel can represent our country the best.
7:06 am
>> john: okay. >> caller: so i picked barack obama. because he -- i met the man. i met him. shook his hand. he seemed to me to be the best choice. >> john: you're not the only republican to have made that crossover. >> caller: i'm going to tell you guys something. i've been -- as a republican, i've been to our republican meetings and stuff. i'm telling you, we're so misinformed. we are. we are misinformed about everything that's going on. >> john: isn't that a little bit on purpose adrian? >> caller: i'm going to be honest with you. there are some points where i actually question it because i would always say like they said our job is we want to get obama out of office. and we want mitt romney to represent the republican party. i actually got hounded at because i was like okay, so what are good things we can talk about romney? and everybody was looking at me like well, he's our leader. i said whoa, before we can say he's our leader, we gotta know a
7:07 am
lot about the guy. doesn't it make you nervous he's got money overseas, he's outsourcing jobs. isn't this the guy we're supposed to be against? and yet literally it is like well well, well, well, that's what i'm getting is a lot of wells from everybody. you guys gotta understand something. i'm going to vote for the guy who represents america the best and i'm ashamed at our party from john boehner down. okay, it is just like me telling you, if i told you to play football and i gave. >> football, okay and i tied your feet to the ground and i made your team go against you this is what our president's facing. >> john: you're exactly right. >> caller: what makes me angry is this is the office of the presidency of the office of the united states. we talk about how the president of the united states is supposed to be respected. i had to explain to my 10-year-old, an african-american young man why is my own party -- he asked why are you republican, dad? they're disrespecting our
7:08 am
president. i sat him down, i said listen, awhile back, a long time ago the republican party was not about this. they had good things going for america. i gotta tell you -- >> john: a long while back. you know the last -- can you tell me who was the last republican president to balance the budget? >> caller: exactly. >> john: do you know who it was, adrian? can you guess? >> caller: no. >> caller: nixon. 40 years ago. >> nixon, a lot of his policies were to the left of obama's. >> john: he would be called a liberal. >> caller: back in the day the republican candidates who represent our country -- if you want to be fruitful, 1970 and back okay -- >> john: i would agree with that. >> caller: i don't know who the yas hadn't are from '70s and up. >> john: i don't understand why you're still a republican. sometimes the honor thy mother
7:09 am
and father goes a bit too far although i like talking to a black republican because it is like talking to a vegetarian for meat. this man has been on hold. alex, you've been on hold since the reagan administration. >> caller: i've been on hold forever. >> john: thank you for call. >> caller: hi, john. i would like to first of all say that it is my birthday today. >> john: happy birthday. >> caller: thank you very much. i would like to talk about my favorite right wing talking point which is this. they always bring up the fact that the stimulus never ever works. that bush never did it and even if they acknowledge that bush did it, that it helped and that obama did it and now he is just, you know, it didn't work. you have idiots like stuart varney on fox news. first of all stuart varney is a british guy explaining what's happening with the american economy. >> he makes jim harney look
7:10 am
smart. >> earnest geared fascist. join they have to say how much national healthcare is horrible. well compensated for that. what do you say alex, when you hear this talking point about the stimulus didn't work. what's your comeback line? >> caller: almost a trillion dollars of federal money actually did help and did stimulate the economy and put people back to work. i can tell because it works where i live. and it worked everywhere. so pretty much you know, it definitely worked but i typically try to ignore the idiots who bring up every argument possible that obama's a kenyan and that he -- that the stimulus didn't work. >> the only problem with the stimulus is it wasn't big enough >> john: alex, thank you so much for the call. here's other two points. number one, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month!
7:11 am
when barack obama took office. 750,000 jobs. that job loss didn't stop until the stimulus went into place. so when mitt romney talks about job losses under romney, he's talking about job losses under bush. so that's bush's job loss. mitt tries to fold that into this president. it is completely dishonest. the stimulus slowed it down. and number two the stimulus was 40% tax cuts. so if you're going to say that tax cuts are what we need for the economy to work again but a stimulus bill that was almost half of it went to tax cuts didn't work, you're saying tax cuts don't work and -- >> well, they don't work when democrats impose them. >> john: thank you very much. it is not a tax when republicans do it. let's go over to bob in illinois. you've been on hold for awhile, too. good morning. >> caller: it is a pleasure to speak with you john. i have a question i want to ask you. but first, my problem with this them calling it a tax.
7:12 am
>> john: we're talking about the affordable care act. >> caller: exactly. i've been an attorney and have done income taxes for over 30 years. i saw the ad on saturday. it says that this is a tax. a tax is something which is assessed equally against everyone. everyone might not pay equally because of things like deductions but they're all obligated to pay it. in this situation if you don't pay your tax, you go to jail like wesley snipes or al capone. >> john: or lauryn hill depressingly enough. >> caller: they can't assess this against you if you don't pay. all they can do is take the money from your next tax refund. they can't collect it from you and take your property or seize your property. so i think that what people -- the best way for people to understand this, i think is to look at it like an i.r.a. if you have an i.r.a. and you cash it in early you forfeit 10% of it. you forfeit 10% of the interest. you forfeit 10% of the principle
7:13 am
>> john: right. >> caller: if you take out an i.r.a. and you wait until you retire and start withdrawing the funds, you never pay the penalty of the majority of the people in this country who are obligated to pay this will theory -- theoretically obligated to pay it they won't take the steps they're required to in order to have a penalty assessed against them. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> john: conduct mundo, thank you very much. >> caller: a question about romney. he's an he woulder in the mormon church. they can't gamble, right? >> john: they're not supposed to gamble. >> caller: how does a guy from the mormon stage reach out and over his hand say i'll bet you rick perry $10,000 -- >> john: i'll tell you why because the president was set on the big love when he bought a casino. they learned to gamble because
7:14 am
of big love. don't challenge plea on it. they're not big on critical thought, republicans did you notice that, frank? >> that's news to me. >> john: the texas g.o.p. in their platform, they tried to ban critical thinking skills from being taught in the texas public schools. we're going to talk about that later in the show. i did a whole commentary on it on spitzer last week. they said critical thinking undermines parental authority. critical thinking undermines all authority. that's the point of critical thinking. it teaches you to challenge authority. being conservative too. if it wasn't for critical think we would all still be british and talking english. larry in virginia, you've been on hold for awhile. what's your favorite lie about the president? >> caller: it is not so much the lie, it is the obstructionist in congress i want to comment on. there are three leaders in congress so obstructionist toward the president right now they ought to be known as the axis of evil. >> john: who are they? >> eric kantor, my representative. john boehner and mitch
7:15 am
mcconnell. >> john byner? >> my favorite comic from the '60s. >> john: mitch mcconnell who doesn't care about uninsured people we found out this weekend. what is your hangup about these fine pay patriots. don't you think they're so much more than corporate shills for the 1%? >> caller: no, they're killing the middle class. they're protecting the rich. they're not trying to help the middle class or the poor whatsoever and all their obstructionist right now anything put before them, they say no without trying to negotiate. >> john: but they're against gay marriage and don't like migrants taking jobs away. that's why people vote for them. >> caller: you could say that i guess. >> find immigrants on a transvaginal ultrasound. >> john: who knew. thank you larry calling from virginia where that's a problem
7:16 am
for us. let's take more calls at 1-800-steph-12. we are asking what is your favorite right wing lie about president obama and how you refute it. we gotta go to break. we've got a special announcement about a very hot new comedy tour featuring hal sparks and myself that's launching this weekend in the great southwest. it is "the stephanie miller show." be right back! >> announcer: oh i just snarfed oopny up my nose. it must be "the stephanie miller show." septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at
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what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow.
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>> john: this is "the stephanie miller show." you are listening to lcd sound system which is one of the greatest bands of the past couple of decades. they just broke up last year. this is a great song called all my friends. it sounds just like piano noise at first. >> it sounds like john adams or -- >> john adams? >> minimalist. i love that kind of stuff. >> john: me, too. it was covered by john kale of the velvet underground and france ferdinand all my friends. the piano vamping takes awhile and then it goes into this long song which we won't play because it is really long. i'm john fuglesang filling in for steph and frank conniff is here. >> filling in for mike barnacle. i'm like a mike barnacle except
7:21 am
i never stole from george carlin >> john: you had to go there. that's actually true. he did steal from george carlin but it didn't hurt his career too much. we're taking your calls all morning at 1-800-steph-12. what we're doing here is we're asking people what is their favorite lie about the president you keep hearing over and over again and how you knock it down. frank, do you have a favorite lie? >> i do. i just thought of it right now. the teleprompter thing. they go through -- they made a big deal about oh, he always uses a teleprompter which everybody does. >> john: everyone does. >> everyone does. george bush, you name it, they all do. but they're trying to create this illusion that obama -- without a teleprompter -- >> john: he's helpless. >> it couldn't be further from the truth. he's an incredibly articulate person who can talk. as i was mentioning before when
7:22 am
he had the republicans he invited them to come, front him about healthcare. he was trying to get the bill -- and they all had the questions. he didn't have any notes or anything. he was so articulate. so -- you know, on it and it is just ridiculous. especially after george w. bush. >> john: i was doing fox and friends and gretchen carlson threw that at me. what about the teleprompter? i said you just had a president who couldn't speak without drooling unless he had a teleprompter and i was not invited back into the studio for a very long time. >> that's the only way to be on fox and friends is to say something that won't you get invited back. >> john: there are nice people at fox news. a lot of people that work there and they realize they've made a pact with satan and kissed the cloven hoof. you can tell when he's not using prompter because every person uses word fillers. for the president, it is um. >> tony? >> it drives me nuts.
7:23 am
one thing you know when he's not reading the prompter, he'll go uh um. >> john: mrs. clinton is a big you know. i used to watch her on c-span. george bush when not on prompter, his line was duh duh. >> wasn't there some speculation in one of the debates in 2004 he actually had an earpiece -- >> john: still never been answered what that little rectangular box google the photo. it has never been adequately answered. george bush not exactly a great debater. he was great at one thing making his father look at socrates. steve in virginia, you've been on hold for awhile. good morning. you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning, john. >> john: hi. >> caller: liked you both on jennifer granholm and eliot spitzer's shows. i just got one thing to say. the hours went by way too fast.
7:24 am
>> john: thank you. i gotta tell you when you come into someone else's show, you know you're walking into their home and you don't want to go imposing your own ideas. you try to conform. governor granholm has the most incredible staff up there in san francisco aside from being a physically beautiful space, what a team of amazing news professionals and the same for governor spitzer's show in new york. for them to welcome a clown like myself in to fill in for the week, i'm so honored to do it. i'm thrilled to be here for governor miller this morning. >> caller: well, don't say you were a clown. i think did you a wonderful job. >> john: thank you sir. they're both great tv shows. i think everyone should start being a regular viewer or dvr them. they're both so brilliant. i can't commend what they do highly enough. >> i consider myself the lieutenant-governor. >> john: what's your point about the president?
7:25 am
>> caller: well i'm upset about this birther issue that keeps coming up. just when i thought it was dead, donald trump stood up and performed neck rowphilia -- neck rowphilia. i have a solution to this problem. >> john: please. >> caller: first off i used to own a company up in all places, laramie, wyoming. when they gave the corporations, they gave a pile of papers but to the articles of incorporation and the bylaws. that's what makes a corporation. okay. so there's not people involved. there are representatives of the corporation but not people. so my solution to this is president obama and lovely wife michelle should get together and form a limited liability corporation. when they come and pester him about his birth certificate, he should shove the articles of incorporation in their face and say if it's good enough for the
7:26 am
koch brothers and the supreme court, it's good enough for you now go away. >> john: very, very nice. excellent point. i thank you. you were on hold a long time to make that. it was worth it. you know what i say to the bitter thing, how many white politicians have you demanded to see a birth certificate from? how many caucasians have you politely requested a birth certificate from? the answer is none. >> the big thing to me is donald trump should not be allowed on tv. he's a crank. he's an extremist crank. in the old days, people from the john birch society were not on tv a lot because they were considered the fringe and lunatics and now the fringe lunatics are in the mainstream. >> he's good for ratings. how can i be a racist? i gave arsenio the prize on the apprentice. >> he promised if were elected president, he would help byron allen's career.
7:27 am
>>it's the place where democracy is supposed to be the great equalizer, where your vote is worth just as much as donald trump's.
7:28 am
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take the gamble out of stain removal. only resolve all-stains has two formula chambers to remove all types of stains. using shout or oxiclean? that's just playing the odds. don't chance it, resolve it. see a resolve difference or it's free. >> romney you can take it. >> a new ad we will play for you when we come back here with lynn sweet, chicago sun times methderr death shiner from row call and bill cress part full-court
7:31 am
press. you are welcome to join our conversation at 866-55-press. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show. >> john: it is the "the stephanie miller show." you are listening to it which makes. >> lucky american. i'm john fuglesang filling in for stephanie all week along with frank conniff. we're on your radio your computer, on your current tv. mit economics professor jonathan gruber was the author of the massachusetts healthcare law spearheaded by mitt romney and also an advisor to the white house. professor gruber worked with both obama and romney on their healthcare plans. here's what he told me the other night on current tv. he said the affordable care act is a more ambitious version of governor romney's plan. at the core, they're the same plan. they have three-legged stool.
7:32 am
reformist markets individual mandates so everyone who participates and subsidies to make health insurance affordable. the same guy helped write both plans says they're the same plans. mitt romney, you got a wedge issue with no wedge. sit down! you can see that interview on under viewpoint. >> amazing. >> john: frank, you were saying something interesting before the break. >> what was that? >> john: i believe it was about mitt romney. about your favorite republican talk point on the president. >> well, the -- i was talking about the teleprompter, right? and mitt romney, he doesn't need -- he is a teleprompter. actually tell prompters have more soul that mitt romney does. >> john: teleprompters are people my friend. >> part inside his brain that they programmed, it's like the terminator. he can see the words digitally played out. >> john: mitt romney said all
7:33 am
he needs is 50.1% of the vote. that's all he cares about. he cares about 50.1%. that's all he needs to win. that's all he's focusing on. >> isn't it more like winning certain states? >> john: in those six states, he needs 50.1%. or even -- >> that's all they need to steal in other words. >> john: exactly. 50.1%. that's why folks, you have to get out there and register to vote. >> people talk about the excitement of the last time and it is not as exciting now. it is every bit as crucial now i think to re-elect obama as it was to elect him in -- the stakes just as they were in 2008, the stakes are incredibly high. >> john: i couldn't agree more. >> if romney gets elected and these congressional republicans are allowed to enact what they're talking about enacting, it will be disastrous. >> john: exactly right. this is what mitt romney stands for. if you want to see gay people
7:34 am
not being allowed to serve in the military, if you want to see medicare get wiped away, replaced from a voucher plan from ryan. if you want to have a corporate shill in the white house by all means vote for mitt romney. i don't care if you're disappointed by the president. they're not perfect. they're letting perfect be the enemy of the good. barack obama is never going to pass anybody's purity test. it is a choice. if you really are that hung up on having problems with this president and we all do, you know what? don't not vote. your state and local elections matter more than the white house. i know everyone listening to this show will show up and vote because we have the most sexually attractive audience in all of radio. you have to get your loved ones to show up and vote. if they're disappointed with obama, make them vote anyway. vote for a party if you want. just go ahead and vote. everyone who is uninspired and lost faith in obama because they didn't get a pony, when they get to know mitt romney really well, they'll be enthused for obama. >> i would say vote third party
7:35 am
but make sure that obama is on the third party when you vote. >> john: right on. pam in oregon, you've been on hold for awhile. good morning. pam? >> caller: how are you today? >> john: i'm better now. how are you? >> caller: i'm just fine. >> john: welcome. >> caller: i just get very frustrated. i'm an atheist. it upsets me when people think we're a christian nation and that obama's a secret muslim. here you've got romney who thinks he's going to some outer space planet. it's not on anybody's solar system that i'm aware of. as far as i'm concerned religion is the definition -- the definition of religious should be delusion. >> john: for some people it is. there's two kinds of religion. you have people who follow the teachings and wisdom of their faith. you have people who follow the biewd buddha or the teachings of christ and then you have myth addicts who want to believe in talking snakes which is
7:36 am
spiritually insignificant. >> caller: i wish i could come across some christians who live christ-like. >> john: they're out there. >> caller: i lived in -- i'm from georgia so i've lived in the bible belt for 50-odd years and they're the most frustrating people. >> john: i don't call them christians. i call them chinos, christians in name only. >> caller: 4200 religions in america. so i'm not sure why yours is the one. >> john: that's right. you know, you're exactly correct. thomas jefferson would be appalled by it. >> caller: our president should be an atheist. >> john: i think the president should respect all faiths. there are a lot of people who are atheists anding a nostics it'sist means you can believe in a god or a presence without believing in a fan club. it is unauthorized fan clubs of
7:37 am
god that tend to cause the problems. >> caller: if there is a god or prince if i'm so fortunate to be before this god or presence, i'm going to slap him in the face. he has really screwed up. he or she or it. >> john: he or she or it would for going through your time on earth without forcing your beliefs down someone else's throat. you have to lead by example. telling people they'll go to a hell if they don't learn your secret hand shake is an insult. >> i think it would be great if we lived in a society where an atheistic president was possible. it doesn't seem like in our lifetime we'll ever see an openly atheist president. we've seen a black president. we'll see a female president. we'll even see an openly gay president before we ever have -- an openly -- a guy who says i'm
7:38 am
an it'sist. in the debates when tim russert he would always make a point of having -- what's your favorite bible verse. just ridiculous stuff like that. and it would be great if that -- okay, you're a christian fine. okay, you're an it'sist great. where do you stand on things? >> you'll have a gay mexican muslim who is undocumented before you have an it'sist president. the vast majority of moderate and liberal are getting along fine, they're doing good deeds in their communities. they're not getting on tv. douche bags screaming at women outside clinics will get on tv. and that's why it is the leading cause of atheism. >> caller: if you're an atheist or agnostic, if you're not my religion then you're bad. if you're not mine, you're going to hell, all of those different things. i just wish all of you that think you've got something to go
7:39 am
to, go ahead and go. please. >> john: thank you, pam in oregon. i say may nothing bless you. she's right. here's my five-point plan for fundism. i know plenty of liberalists. fundamentalists find across hindu, you name it. number one, they hate the gays. number two suborder nation of women. the most conservative any religion is, i challenge anyone to prove me wrong the more conservative, the more they put down women. number three, violence is okay if we do it. if my side does it, god is on our side. we're picking up god's slack. number four, other religions are inferior. number five, the sex hangups. those five traits. >> which is related to the hatred of homosexuality. >> and women too. >> it is intertwined. >> jesus had no sex hangups. he didn't put down women or
7:40 am
gays. he didn't think violence was okay and he didn't put down other people's beliefs. he was a moderate, he was a liberal. he was not a fundamentalist. when people say religion is responsible for all of the rape and war and violence. no conservative right wing fundamental religion is responsible. i say we put them on an island and fight it out with salad forks and solve the deficit. there, i just solved all of the problems in america. shirley in philly. >> how you doing? i'm loving this religion because i, too, am an atheist. >> john: god bless all of the atheists. >> we have lesser of a chance of being president. >> john: my buddy bill maher made a movie that atheists are 1/10 of the population. >> caller: we just don't say it outloud. >> john: maybe you should. >> caller: the woman made me think. i'm going to say it, too.
7:41 am
>> john: rock on. >> caller: i live in philly. so it is easier for me to stay away from these people. >> john: they're so sane in philly. >> caller: we don't have a lot of republicans. we're one of the old democratic machine cities. >> john: any state that fires rick strum is okay in my book. >> caller: did you ever. i worked for a major newspaper most of my life. i got laid off at 61 and i now work at a homeless shelter for women and children. >> john: god bless you. >> caller: it is my real life. i goat do what i want. the people i deal with, there's no republicans there working or residents so i'm pretty lucky. i stay away from these people. i get to say whatever i want. >> john: you wouldn't have a lot of homeless republicans a lot of people saying they're getting a free ride. >> caller: absolutely not. >> john: i'm tired of me taking away from me. >> caller: the thing that hurts
7:42 am
me the most is these people don't expect a lot either because they've already been taught there is nothing out there. and that it is a sad day. it really is. you know, a place to live and a meal might be nice. we're not talking about a car or anything. god forbid so we can get our voter's i.d. >> john: it is a good thing when it comes to am i my brother's keeper, the conservative christians don't think that part is meant to be taken literally. >> caller: when i walked out of the enquirer, i don't have to do what any rich white man tells me to do. >> john: after we can say -- after john edwards, we can say the -- >> caller: when in the world did newspaper people think that we had to make them -- the amount of profit that wall street demands? >> john: what's your favorite talking point about obama? >> caller: my answer always is, no matter what they say to me,
7:43 am
they'll say big government. i always say that's great. that's a talking point but which part of the government don't you like? >> john: what do they say? the nea. >> caller: they can't come up with an answer. they can't come up with anything. they can't even say energy or restrictions. they have no answers. all they ever do is listen to talking points. >> john: exactly. >> caller: obama raised all of our taxes. which tax? >> john: he cut our taxes. >> caller: if you ask the same question, they never have an answer because they only listen to fox. and that's all they hear is talking points. >> john: i thank you for the call, shirley in philly. two other points you can throw at the people who say obama is big government. bush created the department of homeland security. reagan grew the government by 61,000 jobs. it was a good thing. it was the department of veteran affairs. >> it was the tea party when bush was raising the deficit
7:44 am
after we had a surplus during the clinton years. >> john: they were cheering him on. >> where were all of the deficits? >> john: i can't wait until we have a republican president and the republicans don't complain about deficits. under barack obama, the government has seen the slowest growth in government spending since eisenhower. i'm going to say that again because i think it is interesting. the slowest growth in government spending since eisenhower was president. google it if you don't believe me. i want to take a moment to play a promo for something. mr. hal sparks who will be here tomorrow for the full three hours, he and i have had a very good time doing the sexy liberal tour and we're now launching a second venture that is going to be premiering this friday in the great state of new mexico in santa fe. >> comedy as far as of film and radio, hal sparks and john fuglesang are thrilled to announce the kickoff of the politics sex religion tour on july 6th. featuring three things you've
7:45 am
learned and never discussed with other people. politics. >> mitt romney he makes al gore look like david lee roth. >> you ever wish you could go back and find the first person you ever had sex with and do it again so they can see how good you are now? >> and religion. >> funny when the evangelical christians mike fun of scientists. -- scientologists. that's crazy. >> tickets are available at the box office and online at come be part of the kickoff to the wildest comedy tour. the psr tour, the show you can talk about with your relatives. >> oh, it's the liberal political correct line of death. you're going to have a long night. >> that's the psr tour, politics, sex and religion. >> i'm very excited about this tour. going to be a lot of fun. it is everything you can't talk about at the dinner table. premiering this friday night one night only in new mexico. come out and see me and hal and some sexy liberal.
7:46 am
>> at the lenscrafters theatre. come on down and make a spectacle of yourself. >> that was so awful i'm surprised i didn't see it. >> i went back to the '70s for that joke. >> let's take more calls here. oh, no. let's go to break first. thank you tony. i'm glad someone is sober in the room. we'll be back. call us at 1-800-steph-12. >> that was strangely arousing. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." collide on "the gavin newsom show." this week the experts are wrong. failing is good and wall street is bad. but how does vinod khosla really feel?
7:47 am
of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
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7:49 am
♪ take just one more ♪ it's been dumbed down ♪ long before romney ♪ ever did ♪
7:50 am
>> thank you . >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour. we'll be back as we close "the stephanie miller show." >> on "the stephanie miller show" in suburban america this [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." >> john: i'm john fuglesang filling in for steph all week. if you're a fan of the hbo series true blood you might
7:51 am
recognize this from being the finale song from bob dylan in on the soundtrack album. frank conniff tv's frank joins us in studio. >> i'm a true blood myself. as opposed to a true crip. >> john: i actually worked for the crips. did i some valley parking for them and light accounting and i changed the toner in their copy machine. great dental with the crips. good people too. we're taking your calls at 1-800-steph-12. frank, it has been a pretty slow "newsweek" we discussed last week with immigration. >> thank god for the tom cruise/katie holmes thing. >> i want to congratulate both of them for the successful completion of their five-year contract. how rare is it you see a hollywood marriage contract last the full five years. so inspiring. >> it is great. >> i hope that katie gets deprogrammed and gets sent back out into the world. >> john: i want to say i think
7:52 am
there is a lot of scientology jokes going around. it is offensive. i would never make fun of scientology and neither would my wife. strictly a joke. we're making fun of every other religion. why not that one. it shows we care. 1-800-steph-12. we do miss stephanie overseas doing a bike race in italy somewhere. >> really. >> she's in the bike race. doing a bike race of some kind. lance armstrong gave her some good happy pills for her joints and she's doing quite well. stephanie is an amazingly athletic person. i tried to go running with her in central park once and later when the paramedics were reviving me, i should just walk her dogs for her from now on. my god that woman is hot. it is scandalous. we're thrilled to be here on the show. if you didn't know it, the show is on current tv as well. the hippest new channel on your dial which i highly recommend. we're taking your calls all morning here on the steph show.
7:53 am
we have so many people on hold. frank, should we take a few more? mike in kansas, are you there? >> caller: yeah. >> john: hi. >> caller: hey, man, congratulations, current tv kicks butt. >> john: i was a fan of current tv when college kids were doing 15 minute review shows. it seemed like for a year, it was about pot documentaries but the original programming here is like steroids for your brain. >> caller: i'm in. the biggest lie about obama. >> john: hit me. >> caller: not being in touch with the american people. maybe in a parallel universe where war is peace and freedom is slavery and tax decreases are tax increases and the only mandates are mandating men. the republicans actually like mandates. they like to tell you if you can or cannot smoke pot. who you can have sex with. soon, they'll tell you what position you can be in.
7:54 am
>> john: if mitt's case, you better really like missionary. >> you have to have an antigovernment position. >> john: mitt has changed positions more than a yoga teacher. >> that's why ann is so happy. joan he's gone. i'm glad you waited on hold 48 minutes to share that with us. he makes some good points. it is true. mitt romney, i hope you really like missionary. that's what you'll be stuck with. carol is calling us from the great state of florida. carol, where in florida are you? >> caller: st. petersburg. >> john: welcome. i understand governor voldemort doesn't think it is important to own the laws of america, is that correct? >> caller: that was my complaint this morning. furthermore, i want to compliment you on the great job you did on jennifer granholm and eliot spitzer and i know you'll's do the same here. >> john: so far i'm not there yet. thank you very much. >> caller: you're doing a great job. when you're on, i don't miss
7:55 am
you. >> john: jennifer granholm and eliot spitzer show, i've worked with a lot of people, i've never seen such excellence across the board. whoever al gore has got in charge of hiring, they don't hire chimps. >> john: we're out of time. can you hold on, carol? >> caller: sure. jon it is the "the stephanie miller show" coming right back.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> this is a vintage arizona state university shirt.
8:22 am
it's the only college mascot. >> stephanie: the won a stanley cup. >> yes, they did. >> stephanie: oh, good to know. >> john: it's "the stephanie miller show." i'm john fuglesang filling in for the stephers. i'm joined by the great frank conniff and the great tony sorrentino. we're so glad you're with us on radio, camera or current tv. folks, anderson cooper is gay. officially came out. >> you know how they knew he was gay is because he's going to marry katie holmes. >> john: stop it, stop it, stop it! anderson cooper -- most of us have known this for a long time. i'm a big fan of mr. cooper. i see him all the time over at cnn and he lives in my neighborhood. i think a lot of folks already knew this. it wasn't like it was a big secret i think we should be grateful that now we're in a period where huge cnn anchors can do that. >> it is very liberating when someone who everybody already knows is gay comes out and says
8:23 am
they're gay. >> very pioneering move. i think it is great that cnn has an anchor who is fearless about coming out as being gay one year after it was done already. >> also, i think the only reason i would have thought he was gay is if he had been a republican congressman. >> john: exactly right. the larry king syndrome. you've been on hold a long time, bill in missouri. what's up. good morning. >> caller: how are you? >> john: thank you for waiting, sir. >> caller: i just wanted to point out how republicans like -- everybody seen that kid at walmart that's always gotten their way. when they're told no, they throw a tantrum and get a swat on the behind. >> john: what's the other one? >> caller: and also the kid that when you're playing baseball in the backyard, they don't like the rules, they want to change the rules to where it benefits them ie the constitution. >> john: exactly.
8:24 am
you're so right on. again, these are not the republicans we grew up with. the reagan republicans. these guys are petulant and they want what they want when they want it right now. they're childish, embarrassing and they're not conservative. >> right. >> john: am i wrong about any of this? google eric kantor yearbook photo. you'll see what he looked like when he finished school. his quote is i want what i want when i want it. that's the guy running your party, republicans. that's the guy trying to take away john boehner's job. we have more of "the stephanie miller show" coming up right after this. [ ♪ magical ♪ ] >> what happened now. >> stephanie: another edition of that's so random. [♪ "world news tonight" ♪] i ran into a market, and someone
8:25 am
had drawn a mustache on the baby food. >> this was while you were in college. [ mock laughing ] >> stephanie: that's random. the field >>it's the place where democracy is supposed to be the great equalizer, where your vote is worth just as much as donald trump's.
8:26 am
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>> john: when hal sparks is hosting, you'll get metal. this is the best mashup of the beatles and hansen you will hear. >> i know what a gigantic beatles fan you are. and for -- you know, most beatles purists, how could they do that? it sounds good to me, too. >> john: i want to defend um bop with in my life. if i was a teenager, i would say this is an unholy alchemy. hanson was a band. they had all of these boy bands. they're a bunch of guys in the 20s, 30s and 40s and they
8:30 am
come out and don't write their own songs or play instruments and they play prerecorded music tracks and they lip-sync the choruses. you're not a band. you're a group. hanson, they wrote the songs they're still out there touring. my cousins down in virginia love them. >> the last boy band i liked was the four freshmen. >> the four freshmen? i don't know that. >> i guess that's too far -- >> what's that? >> they were a great -- singing group in the '50s, very influential on the beachboys. brian wilson, if you listen to them, it is like -- it sounds like the beachboys singing standards. they're great. >> john: last boy band i liked was the congressional a capella group with jim jeffords and who else? orrin hatch? >> he might have been. >> john: how beastly is that? it is "the stephanie miller show." we're taking your calls. there's so much going on today. anderson cooper has come out of the closet. god bless him for his fearlessness in doing that.
8:31 am
we're talking about how eric fehrnstrom mr. etch-a-sketch romney's right-hand man said it is not a tax. the affordable care act is not a tax. fox news lost their number one talking point on a monday morning. don't tell me mondays suck. we're taking your calls at 1-800-steph-12. >> wait a minute though. romney is going to say it is a tax again tomorrow. >> john: yes but then he'll have to wait three years to say he never said that. joe in long beach you have been on hold since diddy was still named puffy. good morning. joe, are you there? joe? long beach joe, are you there? joe, you left your phone on speaker and walked away from your phone. you're in the bathroom now and we're finally calling you. come to your phone joe. are you running to us, joe? >> caller: hey, can you hear me? hello. >> john: i just showed you more courteous than any show will show you.
8:32 am
hi joe is it you? >> caller: hello. >> john: that man waited on hold for an hour and 20 minutes. stephanie would be mocking me for keeping him on hold that long. jeff in sacramento, welcome to chaos. >> caller: is this you john? >> john: this is me. >> caller: i know your subject is about the biggest lies. that's like asking a beatles fan what their favorite song is. [ laughter ] >> john: that is true. what's your favorite republican lie about the president? there's just so many. >> caller: i don't want to pick one right now. it is like a beatles song, you can't really do it. i wanted to talk about voter suppression. >> john: hit me. >> caller: the democrats do not fight back with the argument about the picture i.d. if you don't have a picture i.d., why can't you use a thumbprint? >> john: good point. >> caller: i want somebody to talk about that on television or radio. that's the fight. we gotta get the vote. you want everybody to go out and vote but if they don't count
8:33 am
them, what good is it? >> john: jeff makes a good point. thank you for the call. s they guys do everything they can to suppress the votes and narrow the window of who can vote. you know why election day is in november? because 150 years ago, that's when the harvest was over and they put it on a tuesday so you have a day to travel because you couldn't travel on sunday if you had to travel by buggy. >> now it is when everybody finishes eating their harvest granola bars. >> john: that's right. why is election day only one day. before my dad died, he was so proud, a that he vote foot black man for president b that he was able to do it a few days before election day because florida was giving them a whole week to do it. why don't we have election week? why don't we have the motor voter bill. as soon as you registered to drive, you would automatically be registered to vote. george bush vetoed it because he said in a free country you can't force people to take part in the democratic process. that was a lie. it didn't force anyone to vote.
8:34 am
it just made them able to vote. we should have a democrat reintroduce motor voter while we have a democratic president. we should have election day be election week where you can show -- >> i also like the idea, i've heard people bring up of election day should be a day o because on election day you gotta get there really early in the morning or you gotta go there after work and there are usually long lines. >> john: i would rather see it be for a week than a holiday. >> you know why that won't happen? the media won't let that happen. they love the drama of the one night, the one election night. >> john: that's very true. i would like to think that democracy is more powerful than the media. >> you're so naive. >> john: i'm a new yorker. what do you want? steve in texas is calling about my favorite republican rant, ian rand. >> caller: the most pernicious -- of the republican party, the one they don't state outright. they imply it.
8:35 am
and it is this idea that all ethical and political concerns begin and end with individual liberty. it leads to a false dilemma. anybody who wants to do something good for society like the affordable care act or rational gun control laws must therefore be an enemy of individual liberty. it is not only faulty logic but the top ten economies on this planet are all mixed economies. their mantra of low taxes and small government has no examples. every country that has low taxes and small government is a third world country. >> john: exactly. somalia-rific. our economy is not capitalist or socialist. we're blended. most of our capitalist allies are blended. our most capital allies have -- both capitalism and socialism they're both designed to fail for the same reason human greed. the greed of humanity guarantees
8:36 am
that pure capitalism or pure socialism will never work on their own. >> isn't part of the whole -- obama's a socialist thing, some of that might have to do with the fact that -- when the cold war ended you know, the republicans lost one of their biggest boogie men was communism. they could always go to that and that went away. but now they can bring that back and even allen west saying members of congress are communists. >> john: throughout the '90s we didn't know who the bad guy was supposed to be in the movies. >> they were elegant people like alan rickman. >> john: anita in oakland. good morning. you're on "the stephanie miller show." good morning. >> caller: good morning. good morning. both you and frank rock.
8:37 am
i have my favorite obama derangement syndrome live from the republicans. >> john: hit me. >> caller: okay. it is blaming the president for gas price when presidents have virtually nothing to do with gas prices. and the argument with them when i approach republicans regarding this issue is that there are several different reasons -- the oil refineries can't refine the crude which is high in sodium and so that means a lot of east coast refineries are closing because they -- the price went up but they can't reflect the cost because the demand went down. and they can't -- the east coast refineries are closing and the midwest refineries are flourishing because they're newer and they can refine that
8:38 am
crude. i just hate when they blame the president for higher gas prices. and i would also like to say that romney campaign, they're masters of projection. >> john: well, yeah. >> caller: every bad character trait romney has including being a walking gaffe machine and someone who cannot go off a teleprompter now they're trying to say that about obama. they say he's out of touch. everything they say is actually -- it actually reflects romney's true character traits. >> john: thank you for the call. it is true. mitt romney calling obama out of touch is like mitt romney calling obama honky. it is insane. as far as the gas prices go, couple other things. it wasn't that liberals blamed george bush for the high gas prices. they were upset it was a shill in the white house while it was going down.
8:39 am
>> also obama from a progressive point of view, obama is a very pro oil company -- >> john: extremely. a lot of liberals get angry about that. keystone pipeline is not about jobs. most of the oil is going overseas to china and india. this would be a good time to tell you that hal sparks and i are launching a new comedy tour. the politics sex and religion tour. everything you can't talk about at the dinner table. >> comedy stars of film, television, radio and the stage john fuglesang and hal sparks are thrilled to announce theú kickoff of their nationwide live show the politics sex religion show on july 6th feet eat you are three things you've learned politics. >> mitt romney, he makes al gore look like david lee roth. >> you ever wish you could go back and find the first person you ever had sex with and do it again so they can see how good you are now? >> when the evangelical christians make fun of scientologists, that's crazy. but i do believe a guy that --
8:40 am
>> tickets are available at the box office and online at come be a part of the kickoff. the psr tour, the show you can't even talk about with your relatives. >> oh, it's the liberal political correct line of death. you're going to have a long night. >> politics, sex and religion live friday, july 6th at the lensic theatre. >> they're really coming down on me for playing a beatles hanson mashup. i also got some -- a little bit of twitter hate to acknowledge saying that when i was talking about obama and the racism hurled against him that i was minimizing it. i'm not minimizing it and saying there's not incredible racism against people and there are people who don't think they're racist because maybe it is the first time they've ever had a black man make them feel that intellectually inferior. i think that he would be getting just as much hatred, just as much obstruction if he were
8:41 am
caucasian based on how they treated bill clinton and based on the fact the retch can party has devolved back to the bronze age in the last 20 years, i think that regardless of his race, he could be -- >> but a lot of the criticism of him like donald trump that's outright racism. >> john: outright racism. >> the whole birther thing is pure racism. >> john: no way you can say that birtherism is not racism. these guys have never asked a caucasian to show a birth certificate in their lives. i'm not sailing they're big oles. you can have no hatred in your heart. have tons of black friends when you start sending out the e-mail he's a kenyan. that won't happen. the fact is maybe you don't have any bigotry in your heart but if you're reinforcing stereotypes that's institutionalized bigotry. that's what spike lee calls racism. i agree. they don't have to be the same thing. we have to go to break right now. we'll be back with more of your calls for the waning minutes of "the stephanie miller show." we'll get to as many as we can. it is john fuglesang.
8:42 am
it's stephanie. it's you. >> hey a freak show! >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." collide on "the gavin newsom show." this week the experts are wrong. failing is good and wall street is bad. but how does vinod khosla really feel?
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>> romney you can take it. >> a new ad we will play for you when we come back here with lynn sweet, chicago sun times methderr death shiner from row call and bill cress part full-court press. you are welcome to join our conversation at 866-55-press. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> you are insane. >> i heard him say that in that documentary. >> the song, candy, chris christie's favorite song. >> john: stop it now. you have anything to say about chris christie, frank conniff? >> i don't like the way he misappropriates funds.
8:47 am
he has seal team six help him raid his fridge. >> john: chris christie did that? >> you know the stand your ground law it is for the stand your ground round law which is to eat your hamburger no matter what. >> john: in the state of new jersey? >> they like him in new jersey right? >> he's not against gun control actually. >> portion control he doesn't like. >> john: what else about jersey? what has he done for the state? >> well, 4th of july coming up, this is pertinent. he came out in support of collective barbecuing. >> did he really? >> wow. >> he's very -- a man of -- also the defense of marinara act. >> john: you don't say. what you're saying is when chris christie sits around the house -- >> he really passes bills that hurt working class people. >> john: there you go. love it. it is "the stephanie miller
8:48 am
show." here in the waning moments and we just got taken care of -- taken off of chris christie's christmas card list. joe got cut off. joe from long beach, how are you, sir? >> caller: i hope this is worth the wait. >> john: we were like the nazis singing the family von trapp waiting for you to come on stage. >> caller: i did take my shower while i was waiting. >> john: you were far more hygienic for "the stephanie miller show." >> most people need to take a shower after the show. >> caller: what i wanted to say was -- give me a minute. when republicans start granting that obama -- ranting that obama care is government-run healthcare they can't be no further from the truth because actually my partner is a physician for the v.a. hospital for 25 years. he's a neurologist. his patient load is vets with spinal cord injury. with that being said, you know,
8:49 am
the v.a. is a government-run healthcare facility. the v.a. is responsible for developing the computer records reporting system. it is the first hospital that actually -- had records computerized where you can be on one part of the country, records and another part of the country. secondly, like automobiles, you know that are rated by j.d. power surveys the hospitals as well are reviewed and evaluated annually. and the v.a. ranks number one when rated against the private sector in terms of quality of care. >> john: would you repeat that fact one more time. i think the audience should take note of that. >> caller: the v.a. ranks number one when surveyed against the private sector in quality of
8:50 am
care. and what that means is the v.a.'s processes in place results in favorable outcomes for their patients. >> no one is saying the v.a. is perfect. no one is saying the v.a. doesn't have bureaucratic problems. >> caller: exactly. in terms of diagnosis patient follow-up, it results in favorable health fee outcomes for their patients. they've ranked number one for years against the private sector. i don't think no one knows that. and then with regards to the vets that utilize the v.a. system when they're surveyed, they're very happy with the v.a. system. they don't want to go anywhere else. >> john: exactly. it is socialized medicine. >> caller: healthcare is that. >> john: for our troops. joe, thank you for the call. i really appreciate it. he's completely right. it is biggest lie we've heard. socialized medicine is not what
8:51 am
the affordable care act is. that's what the republicans in congress get already. i just -- this just in. on the new cover of "gq" and also in "the huffington post," the top story an exclusive in his second term, if re-elected, president obama will pivot to take on the drug war itself. finally, one of the greatest causes of liberals that people care about is this insane drug war. if you care about fast and furious, this whole thing with fast and furious it is not the problem. drug war is the problem. our insane costly failed drug war. we'll talk about this a lot on tomorrow's show. it is on "gq" or on stands if you buy the cover with kate upton on the cover. upton being the old english term for "here are my breasts" but the president will be taking on the drug war. >> i'm going to start getting high in the second term. >> john: exactly. it will open the floodgates. >> 48 years of surviving will go down the drain. >> john: we're almost out of
8:52 am
time. dawn has been on hold for 48 minutes. dawn, what is your point. >> caller: hi. >> john: good morning. >> caller: good morning. i'm so sick and tired of everyone saying that private he can sit not a bad thing and romny is a good person. he's not a good person. all he does is lie. he's done terrible things to people. >> john: specific? >> caller: money. he's taken people's jobs and their pensions so he could have a lot of money. that's wrong. that's not morally right to do to people. so you can have it all. it is wrong. that's what the whole republican party is for. >> john: i completely agree. i thank you for the call. she's right. it is easy to say mitt romney, if i could be that stiff, i would work in gay porn. he looks like the bastard child of satan and guy smiley. easy to say unkind things about him. he's got some lovely sons. his wife is a great stay at five sons mom. check out the village voice
8:53 am
article. frank conniff where can people follow you? >> frank conniff on twitter and facebook. i have frank conniff on youtube. i'm making a lot of comedy videos on it and cinematic for all cinematic titanic events including this thursday in ann arbor. >> that's the mystery science theatre. i'm john fuglesang. i'll be with hal sparks for the politics, sex and religion tour kicking off this friday in santa fe. i want to thank you all for listening. we'll be back all day tomorrow with mr. hal sparks for the full three hours. thanks to tony sorrentino and pamela sitting in for rebecca today and thanks to the stephanie miller audience for being the smartest and sexiest audience in radio. i mean that. thanks to stephanie we love ya, we miss ya. we'll see you tomorrow, kids.
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