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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  July 9, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> stephanie: oh bonjuorno i'm just back from italy chris. i don't know what day it is. and i got me a news woman named erica ferrari who is filling in for jacki. good morning. >> good morning. is >> is there an audition of people with italian-sounding
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names. >> i was forced to come. >> you were not forced but you don't even have to tell me the news. mitt romney flip flopped i while i was gone. >> he has plan flip flopping all along. that's nothing new. >> i didn't even check the news to know that. speaking of the news, erica ferrari in the current news center. >> good morning. congress returns from vacation and president obama is expected to welcome elected officials back with news of wanting to extend tax cuts. basically what is happening house republicans plan to vote to permanently extend the bush-era tax cuts and continue to give rich people a break. but the president's move will likely stir up the pot even fellow democrats like nanny pelosi and schumer want to
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extend the tax cuts. but the president's pre-election economy is trying to shift from the focus from last week's dismal jobs report and get more support from middle class americans. you can bet it will be a tight race from november. the gallop polls shows the president leading romney 47% to 45%. the poll also shows 1 in 12 people in the battleground states are being persuaded by the commercials and they've really changed their minds about the candidates. let's send it back to you. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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find your voice.
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jeb bush says republican party a disgrace today and jeb bush is absolutely right! let's talk about it. >> announcer: radio meets television. the "bill press show."
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] [. [laughter] >> stephanie: bonjurno. [ italian music ] >> that's an italian meatball. >> stephanie: i'm going to be doing italian speak for weeks
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and weeks. i was e-mailing a friend, bonju bonjurno from italy. yes, i'm that person. >> us in tuscany. >> stephanie: yes, i was. >> how was tuscany. >> stephanie: magnificao. did you hear how i would pick up girls? ciao bella i'm still single. >> italian speak for no, no. >> stephanie: no, there is a twist to my story. >> really? >> stephanie: i buried the lead. you'll see. yeah, i won a bike trip to tuscany. did i mention that it's hilly? >> it's hilly. >> stephanie: you're on cruiser and in flip flops tasting wine? no. i went on the back roads bike
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trip. went with my best friend wanda my best friend. >> you knew each other in college. >> stephanie: did i mention how old i am. >> kind of. >> stephanie: we acted like 12-year-olds, we took pictures that we'll get on the website. >> did you go to the piza. >> stephanie: no, for me they're dirty. in front of the statue of david. make it look like i'm giving him a. [ bleep ] job. >> likelike no one ever thought ofthat before. >> stephanie: yeah. >> did you do a lucy ethel grape stomp. >> stephanie: no we did winetasting. she said this tasted like balls. >> she would know, you wouldn't. >> stephanie: it's been since college, but i remember, and you're right, a little bit. [laughter]
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and then the first night--here is the biggest faux pas. good food in italy, who knew. don't ask for salad dressing. i'm from america. where is my cheesing music. [ italian music ] they only give you olive oil and vinegar. don't ask for dressing. and "eat pray love" with julia roberts, do you know where she ate that pizza? some woman said how come there is more bottles from the 1980s than 1950s. i said, i blame reagan. nothing but trickle down. >> political humor.
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[ laughing ] >> stephanie: i wrote notes on my hotel stationary. i took comedy notes in italy. this is shocking news. the pizza in italy, oh my god love and sex and magic. i really was like that scene in julia roberts. do you remember how she's eating that pizza. [ oh god ♪ >> stephanie: a little pizza orgasm. orgasm. [ oh ] >> stephanie: there were 18 people. wanda and i were very nervous. it's hard for me to get past what do you do because you don't know what sort of affiliation affiliation--like wanda had been to a party where everyone there said we just got back from that glenn beck cruise. oh in is a focus on the family
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group. that would not have gone well for me. [ wah wah ] there were the fat cats. >> for republicans. >> stephanie: this is going to turn into a beautiful bipartisan love story. i felt like a space alien at first. here is the first. anderson cooper came out what a shock. you don't know the group you're in. i had lunch with the gals. i was normally always with the boys. but at one point i said, oh are you speaking aford a foreign language? oh you're speaking kid. acts camp--oh, you're speaking kid. one of the gals turned to me and said, i got the greatest guy for
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you. i thought for a men. [ ♪ "jeopardy theme" ♪ ] >> she didn't know that you did not play with dolls. >> stephanie: no, i'm out riding with the boys on my custom bike. i just blurted out i'm gay. [ ding ding ] and it wasn't like the plane scene where the plane is going down. it wasn't at that moment, oh my gosh, i want everyone to know. [ screaming ] and then everyone knows. >> awkward. >> stephanie: here is the great things for civil rights. it was not just that i--i don't care if this makes people uncomfortable, it was her reaction. she didn't skip a beat. she said, oh, then i got a great girl for you. i thought victory is ours. here is where--here's where the story takes a turn into a
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beautiful bipartisan love story. [ romantic music ] i fell in love on my trip. >> really, you did not tell me about this. >> stephanie: i said i buried the lead. >> yes. >> stephanie: the tease to keep you listening. >> i'm listening. >> stephanie: you see what i did there? a produceer trick. >> you're a broadcast professional. >> stephanie: yes, i am. don't ruin it and make it dirty. thank goodness jim took the day off. he would have made it dirtier. it's not ping-pong balls he'll be back tomorrow. he would have taken my love story and played it dirty. >> hot lesbian action. >> stephanie: i fell in love with one--well two guys. >> a guy? you really buried the lead.
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>> stephanie: goldman sachs. did i mention tuscany is hilly? little rolling hills winetasting, not really. first day we rode 40, 50, 60 miles a day. the first day uphill in 104-degree heat. >> they're having a heatwave as well. >> stephanie: yes, and i struck down just a little bit. little bit of a heat stroke. wooo cartoon burns in my head. >> in your eyes. >> stephanie: the flag whistle yeah, i was being all macho. anyway jeff goldman sachs my first goldman sacks boyfriend he saved me. he stayed with me and helped me. he was going to pour water on me. >> he just wanted to wet the t-shirt. he's a dude. come on. >> stephanie: he's married. shh. >> steph, that has never stopped
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any dude i've known. >> stephanie: then the rest of the trip he kept asking me, are you hydrating. then i met harvey. [ ding ding ] [ screaming ] >> stephanie: harvey from goldman sachs. he's 6'5", 250 oh, a big cuddly bear of a man. >> mm-hmm, but he's not a bear. >> stephanie: no he's-- [laughter] he called me lefty the whole trip. i cold him called him wall street or gecko. i then finally called him big dog. >> did the big dog like to hunt. >> stephanie: big dog was there with his smoking hot really smart girlfriend. that's not the point. [ buzzer ] >> i got to fill the void that jim left. >> stephanie: he had a smoking hot girlfriend. focus. >> he just was picturing you
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with his smoking hot girlfriend and he wanted to join in. >> stephanie: live to me carefully. we transcend stereotypes. wall street bankers gay people, liberals, and it's a beautiful bipartisan love story. at one point i was wiping bike grease off with a baby wipe. again, because i don't speak kid. how magic are baby wipes. you can virtually wipe away anything. can it wipe away cancer? i don't know. he said, usually we make the occupy folks do that. verizoncircus [ circus music ] he became my bike coach. he taught me rhythm, timing, gearing, other things that sound hot bunt isn't. he was handsome and romantic.
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they were making a salad and i said, he needs three scoops. he is a big dog. he needs three scoops of protein. >> they don't eat like that in italy. >> stephanie: forum we did. i asked him to call in. i did. so we can continue it by phone. >> maybe they can co-host because jim is not here. >> stephanie: big harvey is watching right now in his office. maybe he'll call. ♪ dear god ♪ it must be him ♪ >> stephanie: i e-mailed a picture of me bike riding near the hollywood sign, and he wrote me back, don't ride with your ipod. it's dangerous. oh, my god. >> really? >> stephanie: it's killing me. >> really. >> stephanie: he thinks that i'm a communist, but he does not want me to get hit by a car on my bike.
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that is love. that is love. the real love, i have to say was my bike. okay, you know the scene where they open the garage in "ferris buhler." and i courted the special bike like it was some, you know--in many countries i'm married to that bike seat. not in california. it's not legal yet. >> in new york you could be. massachusetts like barney frank. >> stephanie: that's true. barney frank got last week and i married my bike seat in italy. >> congratulations to both of you. >> stephanie: congratulations to us all. [laughter] [applause] all right, i'm so tired don't even know what what day--i was afraid that my face would just stick but i survived it, i'm back, and i'm not even sure i'm talking jibberish.
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i don't know what time zone it is and i haven't slept in days. we almost hit three wild boars that came right in front of the bus. i almost had to be like sandra bullock and take the wheel. >> good lord, i'm an amaze amazed that you're here today. >> stephanie: and we have a full show. >> yes you do. >> stephanie: i was talking about--by the way, this is where i ring bring my love music wand. [ ♪ musicmusic. magic. [ ♪ magical ♪ ] >> stephanie: a woman writes back to the united states--his
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girlfriend is the friend of the woman who julia roberts plays in "eat pray, love." i love him. >> a generous republican when did that start. >> stephanie: i'm sure he enjoyed this segment much more than his hot girlfriend. >> yeah. >> stephanie: oh, my god. we have a--wow do we have a show. that was big news. mitt romney flip flopped on something? really muddled on the healthcare decision? that's such a shock. eric boehlert will co-host right-wing world. you know what i want to talk to him about? you know what only channel you can get in italy. >> fox. >> stephanie: fox, fox news. i do not want fox news. i'm traumatized by that and the wild boars. 20 minutes after the hour, on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ what would you say ♪ they're calling you ♪ radical ♪ oh, fanatical criminal ♪ yeah ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." eric boehlert on saxophone. 22 minutes after the hour. eric boehlert from media matters rejoin us. all right i'll tell you how i ended up in right-wing world in a moment but in the meantime, this was my favorite tweet of yours. sarah palin on hannity, all
7:20 am
right. >> nancy pelosi is a dingbat and she is the perfect spokesperson for this whole agenda in the far left running the democrat party. i know a lot of democrats who are embarrassed and disguses with her and harry reid's relationship hasleadership has done to the democrat party. they want to bail on the democrat party. the things that she says and does and represents, but she's a perfect spokesperson for president obama's democratic party. >> stephanie: she couldn't have the grammy task that you have. the sarah palin channeling archie bunk kerr. we should call our friend rob reiner. >> you're thinking michael stivic. >> stephanie: let's ask what he thinks about nancy pelosi being a dingbat.
7:21 am
it's just name calling. >> caller: oh, yeah and her description then was comical right? sort of yet another word sold from sarah palin. she doesn't even have a substantial criticism. just name calling. thankfully three and four years on fewer people are paying attention to her. >> stephanie: that's the right-wing world where sarah palin is a serious elder states woman, nancy pelosi is a dingbat. all right, rush limbaugh-- >> when women got the right to vote it went all down hill. that's when votes started being cast with emotion and maternal instincts. >> stephanie: that will help. >> you know how chicks get. >> stephanie: that will help on the war on women won't it, eric. >> caller: all right. [laughter] i don't know, sometimes he's joking. i'll give him the benefit of the
7:22 am
doubt. that's pretty much how he sees women voters this day and age. >> stephanie: chris lavoie's google alert went on alert. i was on vacation. tara wrote me among other people and said the other stephanie miller who hugged obama. hi, steph, i'm writing you on behalf of "the stephanie miller show" who hugged obama on one of his trips to ohio. he hugged the president and broke down crying, and the right wing has been skewering her and confuseing her with you. and you were taking heat on her behalf. i don't know how receptive she'll be. she's really shellshocked by her
7:23 am
sister's death and i'm astonished because she had the same name as i do. >> caller: what would it matter even if it was you. again, they've done this to so many innocent people who come in contact with obama. and her thing was putting a public face on the public reform. that's what the right wing and what the town hall mobs were about years ago, not to have discussion about what every family in america understand which is healthcare costs are unmanageable and has produced tragedy after tragedy and bankruptcy after bankruptcy. but that's what they fear, and they don't want anybody to talk about in a human way. this woman talks about what so many families have had to deal with it, and so the right wing crazies go after her and after you, and turn it into idiocy. >> stephanie: and i have to do
7:24 am
with this, what, exactly. wow, someone is having a human moment crying about her sister dying of cancer, and that's the opportunity to bash a liberal who happens to have the same name? incredible. >> caller: they have 30 seconds of reporting because they don't know how. >> stephanie: exactly. eric, i missed you. i missed you more than air. i can't breathe without you. >> i don't knowi don't think he knows what to do with you when you say things like that. >> stephanie: i'm googly over him. john you're on "the stephanie miller show"." >> caller: yes, i thought the a alcu was supposed to keep voter fraud from happening like here in pennsylvania. >> stephanie: what exactly are you talking about in pennsylvania john. >> caller: the attempt-- >> butter i.d.voter i.d. law.
7:25 am
>> caller: yes, thank you. >> stephanie: well, did you hear about this story in arizona? somebody was quoted as being from the alcu in arizona and said, imagine how busy they are. he was governor and they detained him at the border because he's hispanic. show me your papers thing that's not going very well. >> he's a big landowner in arizona. >> stephanie: ambassador to several countries. and 100-degree heat in the sun. yes. bruce in maine you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, stephanie. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i wanted to talk about our stupid tea party governor up here in maine, and he just came out on saturday on his radio show and said, you know that the supreme court decision has made america less
7:26 am
free. then he said we the people have been told there is no choice. you must buy health insurance or pay the new gestapo. >> stephanie: yes, freedom to them means going back to dying of pre-existing conditions. [ whatever ] >> stephanie: wow, i missed that gestapo reference while i was gone exactly like hitler, okay, wow, by the way i missed more hyperbole. we'll talk about that. >> billy in texas is on hold. he has a few things to say been healthcare. >> stephanie: oh, we'll be right back on "the stephanie miller show."
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>> romney you can take it. >> a new ad we will play for you when we come back here with lynn sweet, chicago sun times methderr death shiner from row call and bill cress part full-court press. you are welcome to join our conversation at 866-55-press. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> she's a smokin' little pistol, isn't she. >> stephanie: that is "the stephanie miller show." although my rack looks good in this shirt doesn't it? because i ate so much pasta and pizza in italy. it all went to my boobses. >> wow what happened. >> stephanie: who knew. 1-800-steph-12. >> you're all bumpy. >> stephanie: yeah. hey, look, billy is here. [ ♪ music ♪ ] oh missed him ♪ billy's hanging around ♪ in that texas town ♪ with a phone call ♪ from the range ♪ you know what i'm talking about ♪ just let him go ♪ if you want to know
7:32 am
♪ how his talking points ♪ are strange ♪ yeah ♪ how does he come up ♪ with this stuff ♪ had ha, ha, ha ♪ >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: billy. >> caller: that's an awesome song. >> stephanie: it is. you know why it's fun? you get to say hem hem hem ha, ha, ha. >> yes, i wonder if it's possible to have a honest give and take conversation with you people. >> stephanie: what happened to the love. >> caller: i love you, i just think you're nuts. it's not that i don't love you. >> right back at you billy. >> stephanie: but talking to justice roberts. >> stephanie: that kenyan. >> caller: justice roberts helped uphold the obama healthcare mandate because he said it was a tax and the federal government has the right and--
7:33 am
>> stephanie: and the four other justices upheld it under the commerce clause. >> caller: who upheld it. >> stephanie: the four other justices. >> caller: that's not what--that's not what justice roberts, who everybody is talking about said it was upheld for. they want to use the commerce clause for everything in the world. >> stephanie: you're just not happy. may i say, i don't think either you or i have the legal brain power to talk about this except at the very basic level. >> caller: i agree with that. >> stephanie: i talked to alan grayson who has three fancy law degrees, and he said in his opinion justice roberts seemed confused. >> caller: give me 30 minutes with grayson, and i'll make him look like a baby. >> stephanie: i would pay cash money to see that. >> caller: me, too. >> stephanie: goodbye, billy. i've had very little sleep. i cut that short. i have a short fuse for billy
7:34 am
this morning. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll-free from everyone where. bobby from california, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hey, bob. >> caller: good morning, stephanie, how are you? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. i'm sleepy. >> caller: welcome back, we missed you. >> stephanie: we missed you, too. >> caller: thanks. i wanted to comment on the affordable care act. i was diagnosed with h.i.v. positive in july of '87 and then converted to a.i.d.s. diagnoses in.i was lucky enough to maintain my private health insurance and then in the part d stuff in medicare was not able to do cobra and continue on. so everything went over to full meddy, meddy. that's fine and dandy. but i've spent the last year and a half trying to get dental care and all of the things we've learned in recent times about
7:35 am
the importance of oral hygiene and stuff with the whole medical thing, it just doesn't never ceases to amaze me that no insurance companies no legislation, no nothing jumps on board to include that. they set up--we were blessed this weekend with a buddhist group that set up a clinic here in palmdale. i'm so grateful to them that i was finally able to get some of the basic dental work done that i needed to do. >> stephanie: bobby, it's funny to listen to you. that's the main thing. i'm happy about the affordable care act. we're not going back. i was listening to the time frame. you got a.i.d.s. my high school boyfriend died of a.i.d.s. he got it in the early 80s. as you know there was a time period where it was a death sentence. and like you say you don't want to go back to having a death sentence not because we don't have the cocktail and all of the progress in healthcare, but you can't get healthcare.
7:36 am
again. pre-existing conditions, dental, stuff that is--anyway, i totally take your point. all right, honey, thank you. let's go to--where is he-- he--virginia in virginia. >> what? no way. >> stephanie: virginia. >> caller: i'm here. >> hi. >> caller: listen, i don't know, i was born in texas but i can read. >> stephanie: hey now. >> caller: i didn't make that up up. it's not my fault. in texas they're trying to kill courses for critical thinking. which is part of a big ain't scienceanti-science thing. the extreme edge of the right wing is hoping for the apocalypse and all these climate changes is pointing in that direction, so they're pleased by it. >> stephanie: you remember this 13-year-old who, you know, lit cpac on fire when he gave a little mini rush limbaugh
7:37 am
speech. he recanted it. he said, i was 13. now that i've read a book or two, a rising star. >> caller: he has been exposeed obviously, to the liberal side of education. we obviously need to restrict it more. >> that's what they're saying in texas. that's exactly what they're saying in texas. >> stephanie: virginia, he also made the point better than i've been making about progressive he said, i was in georgia. all they watch is rush limbaugh. >> caller: my mother watches fox tv. and she has it all backs wards and there is no telling her either. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: with this global warming thing, yeah, the evidence is there but if everybody starts to believe it then the right wing has to look at all their anti-ecological legislation, the killing of the electric car and all the wonderful things that have happened to keep the oil companies and other big
7:38 am
corporations in business. yet, you know, i have another thing to say. my husband and i got our first refund check from our expensive health insurance company thanks to affordable care. thank you judge roberts. >> stephanie: yep, exactly. that's the thing, these real benefits are starting to kick in. and people may not know that's in there. you know, they have to spend x number of dollars on healthcare. how about that for an idea. advertising and overhead and all that. my functional bike boyfriend harvey. >> mr. wall banger. >> stephanie: please and thank you. from goldman sacks. he was saying--and he's right. we found common ground. he said, my 24-year-old is on my insurance. but i can pay for they are insurance. i don't need it i said, not everyone works at goldman sachs. he was saying a lot of her friends, they don't know.
7:39 am
they didn't know that was in there until it kicked in. >> that's because all they watch is fox news. >> stephanie: okay anna in arizona, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi anna. >> caller: hi, how are you. you look good for being tired. >> stephanie: sleepy now. >> caller: i live in arizona. i now have stage four kidney disease. i have diabetes, and i'veen unable to get any kind of insurance. my doctor told me your next step is dialysis and a kidney transplant and/or die. i won't live before i can get insurance. prescriptions is $600 and the state of arizona is doing nothing. they're taking people off of of--they're denying people the ability to get transplants in this state.
7:40 am
my doctor made me sign a denial and told me to move out of this state to a friendlier place to try to get healthcare. when i got out of the hospital last week he the denial letter in the state was waiting for me in the mailbox. i'm so pissed, and i don't know what to do. you know. >> stephanie: i don't know if you heard me talking about this story, this woman who is also named stephanie miller, who broke down crying about her sister. you know, the right wing makes it into a political talking point. i don't mean to make you into a human political talking point. that's our point. there are real human beings who are going to die. this is the problem with a lot of states, like arizona slow walking healthcare, the affordableaffordable health care. >> not just slow walking but they're walking it back. >> caller: and i'm 52. i'm not even 52. i'm none even 52. i have five little grandchildren that i'll never see grow up now. you know. >> stephanie: anna, i don't know. >> caller: any ideas?
7:41 am
any decent democratic states to move to? >> stephanie: i got an extra bedroom or two. i may have to come get you today. >> i know for a fact los angeles is only a six hour drive from phoenix. >> stephanie: thanks for sharing your story. i'm really sorry. >> caller: yeah, let's all get together and do something about this for people like me won't lose their grandchildren. >> stephanie: anna, thank you, thank you. >> caller: thank you. >> stephanie: oiy, i probably need more sleep for this show. we were just talking about arizona and how in practice this show me your papers is going to play out. the border holds the arizona governor who happens to be hispanic. they're institution abuse constitution
7:42 am
abuseing. [ bleep.[ bleep ] he would held 22 miles from the mexican border for giving off possible trace levels of radiation who after being told that the radiation is from medical procedure that he received the day before. the former governor who was wearing a suit, was told to leave his car in 100 degrees. after deciding that the government leader was not going to blow up flagstaff, they let him go. after anna's call and after the woman broke down with the president, those are real human stories that play out in practice when republican states slow walk affordable healthcare. they have scald on what the supreme court has ruled.
7:43 am
the federal government will have to take over when they're not ready to set up these stages then they'll scream big government. 45 minutes after i'm going to stay. don't play with me on an hour of sleep. >> this is not your first time to the rodeo. >> stephanie: no. "the stephanie miller show." >> oh, that felt weird and good all at once. >> "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] this is a national crisis. >>we talk a lot about the influence of money in politics.
7:44 am
it is the defining issue of this era. the candidate with the most money, does win.
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if you missed joy behar one week only... >>hey, time flies when you're having fun. >>don't worry because she'll be back. >>where are the lefties besides on current tv? >>joy behar is getting her own show coming to current tv this fall. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ it takes two ♪ to make things go right
7:48 am
♪ ♪ >> stephanie: why must you shout out at me musically when i'm jetlagged and only have an hour of sleep. jim took an extra day of vacation. he'll be back tomorrow. >> ping-pong balls. >> stephanie: why can't we make him use that for visual entertainment. >> i will make him. >> stephanie: kate and audra are working for nothing. they put together a little mama mama's back song ♪ stephanie's back in town ♪ did you hear ♪ stephanie's back in town ♪ stephanie's back in town ♪ mama's back ♪ hey ♪ stephanie's back in town ♪ stephanie's back in town ♪ guess who just ♪ got back today
7:49 am
♪ stephanie ♪ hip, hip hurray ♪ they were off for a week ♪ but i'm okay ♪ i thought i would ♪ lose my cool ♪ but i held it together ♪ i hope you're back ♪ and rested and ready to play ♪ hope stephanie's back in town ♪ mama's back in town ♪ hey ♪ stephanie's back in town ♪ mama's back in town ♪ hey ♪ >> stephanie: thank you girls. kate and audra in minneapolis. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. susan in washington state. hey, sue. >> caller: first-time caller but i wanted you to know that i became a medicare member, but i'm not a complete member because of my age being 50 and my husband's place of employment having more than 100 people.
7:50 am
it's the lead policy followed by medicare. yet the first time i used the policy, i'm not kidding the bill came from imbs out of plantation florida and i used my policy stating that i was turned to collections. i thought, whoa. but then it gets better. i'm unable to find a psychiatrist, yet we all know that depression is quite curable. what happened to me is i was harmed by a medication i took for my crohn's and rheumatoid arthritis. it caused a 500% propensity of cancer, yet after numerous medicine watch reports to the fda not only by myself but millions of others, there has to be a specific amount of people killed whatever, but it causes
7:51 am
organ failure. the drug, and as you know, or maybe you didn't know, the nobel peace price is not about peace but build up of-- >> stephanie: what. >> caller: the c.i.a. would eventually come out with what is called preon bullets and bonds. it's a black market. >> stephanie: all right, susan. you know what, i needed a little more sleep. >> she has no any-- >> stephanie: okay. by the way, there were too many big words in that for me. i was trying to follow. [ ding ding ] then i gave up the ghost there. >> and the c.i.a. is using it on--
7:52 am
>> stephanie: something. mitocr roocroidals. >> jim would have understood. >> stephanie: yeah kathleen, you're on "the stephanie miller show" hi ka ath. >> caller: my head hurt after that. >> stephanie: sure. >> she was filling in for jim on conspiracy corner. >> caller: we're all legally required to purchase car insurance, and nobody has stepped up or said that it's unconstitutional or made a big deal out of it. it's kind of similar. >> but it's not really the same thing because it's a state requirement for you to buy car insurance. states can choose not to do it-- >> stephanie: you mean in massachusetts it's a requirement
7:53 am
to buy health insurance. >> this is what conservatives will tell you. car insurance is a state by state thing but this is a federal thing that crosses the state line. >> stephanie: kathleen, you're right. it's the same. and perhaps the practice is the same. personal responsibility. >> caller: right. >> stephanie: that's why it's a conservative idea or they tried to take credit for it, right? >> caller: yeah, i just don't understand how something that is to benefit people is such a pariah in this day and age. i try to understand, but i just don't. >> stephanie: listen i'm a liberal, and i'm thinking, i don't want to pay for your healthcare if you go to the emergency room. i will because we're human beings and we're empathetic, and we have to do that, but as a society that will bankrupt us all. by the by, the president was talking about the economy and
7:54 am
jobs on the campaign. >> obama: businesses created 4.4 million new jobs over the past 28 months, including 500,000 new manufacturing jobs. [applause] that's a step in the right direction. >> stephanie: so the jobs report aim outcame out again chris. it's 80,000. but every time i go back and i look at it, i'm like-- >> right direction. >> stephanie: we're still gaining jobs. here's the story i love. in 2006, romney called the same accounting that he used to assess obama's job records silly. he contributes all the job losses to obama in january 2009, starting then immediately after he was inaugurated when he was governor of massachusetts romney called that sort of accounting silly. he said, i quote i came in and the jobs were falling off a cliff. i came in and they kept falling for 11 months.
7:55 am
and we turned it around and that is progress. if you're suggesting to me that jobs should have turned around the minute i was elected that's silly. it takes a while for things to turn around. we were in a recession. it's silly. it's not fair. [ oh, my god ] >> it's not marvelous. it's stillly. >> stephanie: only paul ryan's budget is not marvelous. we have more on the economy jobs, and lots from the campaign trail as we continue on "the stephanie miller show." >> i'm not a doctor, but i think i'm dying of laughter. it's "the stephanie miller show" show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] i'm going to be on with
7:56 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] estimate wow she knows exactly the same song that jacki schechner knows on the guitar. that was the only requirement to get into the news center in current. good morning, erica ferrari. i can't believe that current is so genius to me generous to me. i go to italy and they give me a ferrari when i come back, my own personal ferrari. you're in new york. >> that's right. >> stephanie: you're on current, when? >> 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00. he i then help write and cut tape for eliot spitzer's show. >> stephanie: you're substituting for our own jacki schechner, and we have not shot
7:57 am
one spit ball at you substitute teacher. >> thank you. >> stephanie: you're welcome. here she is erica ferrari in new york current news center. >> good morning everyone. despite the supreme court's upholding obama-care, rick perry said that texas will not implement two parts of the healthcare plan. he's establish an exchange for ex and expanding medicaid in a letter sent this morning perry writes quote, i will not be party to socializing healthcare and bankrupting my state into direct contradiction to our constitution. the republicans met this morning in washington to try to hatch a plan to once again throw the president's healthcare plan off track. in the meantime, there will likely be a heated debate in washington today over the president's announcement in the plan to give middle class
7:58 am
americans a break and extend for a year the bush era tax cuts for people who make less than $250,000 a year. with high unemployment and slumping economy the president is trying his best to win over the middle class. but the number show, according to generation opportunity, the unemployment rate for young adults is more than 12% and people underage 30 are desperately looking for jobs. in 2008 the president's win was largely due to enthusiasm from young voters. more stevie coming stephanie coming up, or join us in collide on "the gavin newsom show".
7:59 am
this week: can a futurist really predict the future? find out on "the gavin newsom show".
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it's go time! >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>overwhelming majority of the county says: "tax the rich don't go to war." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:02 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show" show. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ whoa ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ whoa ♪ and it feels good ♪ hey ♪ all right now ♪ and it feels good ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-121-800-steph-12 the phone number, toll free from anywhere., jim is out on a voice job but rebecca taylor joins us live in the studio, and my very best
8:03 am
friend wanda,'s daughter, our intern for the summer. you're going to teach her to be as surly as you are. how long will it take. >> i've already asked her. are you bitter yet? >> right in the mic. >> you need to say your insultings directly. >> stephanie: hi precious, it's my best friend's daughter, wanda, doesn't she look just like me. >> i look just like you. >> stephanie: i told her that i just gave her to wanda to raise. she was too much trouble. now we have to tell her because she looks just like me. high, taylor how are you honey. this is really exciting. and your mom and i met 30 years ago at usc. now you want to go. >> i'm going to usc. >> you want to go into broadcasting. >> stephanie: yes, wow this is
8:04 am
the worst place to intern. >> i'll take what i can get. >> it's true, because then it could turn into a job. >> et envy of dead end jobs. >> stephanie: trailer, do you is any more trash you can tell us about stephanie from your mom. >> years and years and years of crash. >> the weirdest people you could ever meet. they were boring. they didn't go to the football games. >> did they at least date each other? >> stephanie: wanda is straight with two kids. i'm a big gay. when i was on the bike trip in italy, everybody had rooms right next to each other. and your mom is technological technologyically impaired, like all old people. she stole your camera, as you know. >> yes. >> stephanie: but she didn't know how to charge it. she very loudly she was in the room, i don't know what hole it goes in.
8:05 am
what hole does it go in? i said, will you stop it? people will think i forced you into gay slavery to pay for this trip. [ buzzer ] taylor shows us how to do it. all you need to know. rebecca hates me. >> it's so true. it's not a lie. i hate that biitch. >> stephanie: that's the sort of respect you treat me with, here at captain america's underpants. this is the show business dream. this is pretty much it. wanda asked me, how should taylor dress: i said, well, rebecca is very formal. this is radio. we have not dressed it up at all. >> when are you getting your boob job for your fans. >> i ate a lot of pizza and i'm wearing a tighter pizza.
8:06 am
>> she must eat a lot of salt or something. >> stephanie: taylor's mom ginormous rack. >> i noticed. >> that's my mom you're talking about. >> stephanie: one other thing about your mom she hates kids except you guys. we thought there were going to be kids on our trip. [ screaming ] and we were both like, children, there are children. wanda said what? what? [ screaming ] you and your sister are different. you were born like, 40, you're much more mature than your mom and i. so anyway, tragedy was averted. rebecca, there were no children. >> that's good for you. >> stephanie: there was a child in front of her on the plane. [ screaming ] and she was, like, you have kids. how can you possibly hate kids much as much as i do? here is the big news you need to know. get out. both of you get out.
8:07 am
[ ding ding ] >> that's all. >> stephanie: thanks rebecca. >> thanksnice to meet you taylor. >> stephanie: isn't they pretty. all together, it looks like the kids are all right. it looks like she was my egg and the other kid looks just like her. but she's straight and i'm gay. but if you haven't heard, i have a new bike fictional boyfriend harvey. >> weren't there two boyfriends. >> stephanie: yes, jeff. >> you like 'em big and beefy. >> stephanie: he's 6'5", 250 and he works at goldman sachs. [ screaming ] why hasn't he called. by the way i got a love letter and hate letter. more of a perv letter. we'll call it a love letter. steph, i wrote you a couple of weeks ago to ask you out on a date and i haven't heard back
8:08 am
yet. i think you must be feeling skittish being a smokeing lesbian or perhaps you didn't like my suggestion that we include tina and katrina. no problem. we don't have to be seen in public. just come to my place we'll swig back some white castles and we'll get busy. perhaps you could give the visit to orly tate and elvira. i've had invitation to threesomes but this is just weird. i think all the guests are mashing together in his pervy head. elvira just imagine that on the balcony. >> that's an euphemism i've never heard before. >> stephanie: getting excited about a three-way. and by the way orly tate, my
8:09 am
new bfff she sent me a picture of a rescue st. bernard puppy. i have two giant dogs. and i was like, huh? she said, i thought you might like this, let me finish. you might want this, look at this dog. >> you're falling in love with her. >> stephanie: i have. >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: oh, my god. [ ♪ magical ♪ ] she went right for my weak spot, animal rescue. you see what she did there? she'll want to come in and talk about some crazy conspiracy. >> you're going to let her. >> stephanie: yes. >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: that's my bag. i let women walk all over me. now i feel back to normal. i got a hate letter. >> do you need hate music? >> stephanie: this is from hugh. how do i get a hate letter on
8:10 am
vacation. i wasn't even here. >> maybe it was on the dvr or maybe he subscribe to the podcast and finally listened to it. >> stephanie: thank you hugh, a month advance. miller that never goes well. >> no. >> stephanie: why are you such an idiot. if i knew, would i tell you? >> no. >> stephanie: it's really sad and embarrassing you how liberal bed wetters--i'm a lot of things. i'm almost certainly haven't wet my bed. >> in 50 years. >> stephanie: sure. being brainwashed by your worthless president. why can't you clowns create a thought on your own. oh you can't because you liberal bed wetters are programmed by your worthless president. he's repetitive. i'm still a bed wetter and the president is still worthless. you're exactly what this country
8:11 am
needs less of. another worthless brainwashed irrelevant liberal. what did you get--oh this is a joke. this is a big closer. i'm sorry. >> it's a riddle. >> stephanie: hugh, i'm sorry i screwed up your big signature piece. you big closer. this is the closing joke. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: what do you get when you offer a liberal a penny for thinks thoughts? change. verizon. [ ♪ music ♪ circus music ] >> stephanie: thank you, i will keep up the good work. >> good lord. >> stephanie: all right. and it's another industry for--being fancy in europe,
8:12 am
buongiorno. >> you're fancy. >> stephanie: and this is another story on food for america. this is why your have you heard of this place? >> i heard about this story and i thought--it anti-no tommies. it anti-no "in and out"." >> stephanie: yeah that's what burgers are all about. >> yes. >> stephanie: it's america american burger. ground bacon topped with a strip of bacon bacon island dressing and cheese. it's only available during the month of july. let's face it, all of their patrons will be dead by august because they're going to be he'ding the american burger. >> i would not like that. >> stephanie: this is my ugly american story. don't ask for salad dressing. [ ding ding ]
8:13 am
olive oil and vinegar. there anti-nothing on this salad. don't you have that creamy italian? where is the wish bone. >> the chef dresses the salad the way he wants it dressed. >> stephanie: a liberal becomes an ugly american in europe. this salad is dry. do you have roquefort or russian or something? >> i want dressing, pour it all over everything. >> stephanie: oh, boy, i told you about my pizza orgasm. i don't know what it is, the dough. >> they use quality ingrid empties. they don't use ragu pizza products. they use fresh ingredients. >> stephanie: who knew. >> they use cheese that was just inside the buffalo yesterday.
8:14 am
>> stephanie: delicious. that's al dente or amori or something. >> you're still nine hours ahead ahead. >> stephanie: ugh, ugh, ugh, 18 minutes after the hour on "the stephanie miller show"." >> announcer: i just snarfed oatmeal out my nose. it must be "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:15 am
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8:17 am
. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:18 am
the it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 22 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll-free from anybody. that's of my bike tour in italy and mittens. >> the romney campaign must be etch-a-sketch. >> the etch-a-sketch tour. step this way my friends. >> mitt romney rolled out more today. >> if we want to replace the obama-care, we have to replace president obama. hi, how are you. good to see you. ♪ before the nominee ♪ >> my first day i will act to repeal the obama-care. ♪ taking it away ♪ >> good to see you guys. ♪ take it today ♪ >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike, all right that was funny.
8:19 am
[ buzzer ] thank you rocky mountain mike. by the by, in a silly pathetic career flip flop, perhaps the flip-floppiest let's see first etch-a-sketch adviser eric fehrstrom, romney thinks the mandate is-- >> a tax. >> stephanie: right, no, it is not a tax. >> it is not a tax. >> stephanie: but then it is a tax because the supreme court said it was and that's not inconsistent in any way. >> we're just as confused as the romney campaign is about it. >> stephanie: who is reading the cnn thing on it. governor mitt romney imposeed the healthcare for those who would go without it. romney's top campaign adviser said that it was a fine, not a tax. this week romney said it is a tax because the supreme court
8:20 am
opinion says it is a tax. confused? so the romney campaign apparently. i love when he tries to chairify thingsclarifies things. it just makes it worse. it said that obama broke a promise not to impose more taxes on the middle class. at first romney did not believe that the mandate was not a tax and then he believed that it was a tax and then he said the provision in massachusetts was not so much a tax but a penalty. >> right, you only have to pay this thing if you don't get health insurance. it's not a tax on the entire middle class. that was a lie that romney just told. >> stephanie: right, right okay. david axelrod on the campaign trail. >> this is the most significant
8:21 am
since richard nixon, they are trying to turn the clock back 50 years. >> cenk: i would like to know about that i ra $100,000. >> that's a lot of cash. >> stephanie: on "face the nation." >> mitt romney has to give people something to vote for. i think that is more of a matter of timing. i think right now romney is smart to wait before he starts laying out proposal after proposal. but he ultimately will. >> stephanie: sure sure. like rude pundit told us earlier. he has a 59-point plan that is basically all the same--bleep--that bush did that got us here in the first place. and >> the most important quality in electing a vice presidential candidate is someone who is ready on day one. >> stephanie: hey, bobby welcome. hey, bobby. >> caller: how are you doing
8:22 am
steph? >> stephanie: good, good. >> caller: how was your trip? >> stephanie: it was the great. >> caller: cool. i would just like to say that i've been a diabetic since i was nine years old. i could not get no insurance until this healthcare act because of pre-existing condition and stuff like that. they just need to leave that alone. leave it alone. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: and i just want to say something about romney. i just laugh at the dude because every time i look at that guy it's like having a flashback when i used to watch the dating game. it's like looking at chuck woolre. he looks just like chuck woolrey. he's just a joke. >> you expect him to say we'll be back in two and two. >> stephanie: perhaps he'll say that in the debate. linda, you're on "the stephanie
8:23 am
miller show." >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi, i'm a first-time caller. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: a few weeks back i heard on the news cycle i never heard it again by the way but that romney cannot pledge allegiance to our flag or anything but his own church. >> i don't think that's true at all. >> stephanie: no. >> caller: no. i only heard it once and never again. >> stephanie: no, ma'am, he's not an arab he's a good, god fearing--what? that's the thing. it's the same kind of bigotry. >> you know, when the mormon church keeps secrets, you have to wonder about the secrets. >> stephanie: you're breaking a minute early. you thought i couldn't hear you that you were playing break music. >> you gave me a panicked music like why aren't you playing the music, so i did. >> stephanie: he gavei gave a panicked
8:24 am
look like i don't know where i am. hi tammy. >> caller: ciao bella. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i liveed in italy for three years. i want to bely's ying and yang. texas pays 40% of medicaid. under obama-care we get 10% after the four years. 10%. that's 30% tax savings to the texas citizens. >> stephanie: yep, nope. exactly. good description. now we break. 29 minutes after the hour. "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:25 am
>>we talk a lot about the influence of money in politics. it is the defining issue of this era. the candidate with the most money, does win. this is a national crisis.
8:26 am
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get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. >> romney you can take it. >> a new ad we will play for you when we come back here with lynn sweet, chicago sun times methderr death shiner from row call and bill cress part full-court press. you are welcome to join our conversation at 866-55-press. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ hey hey ♪ are you ready ♪ to get rowdy ♪ >> are you ready to fall down on the floor from exhaustion. >> stephanie: that's me. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number, toll free from anywhere. look at this, you know i'm do anything when people accepted me a picture of their dog. tammy writes, i have this handsome roman romantic. and he loves his show. look he's watching your show. we've had pictures of every species watching the show. and can you say he's handsome and romantic. and can you do this in the most
8:30 am
silly voice. [ ding ding ] tell john fugelsang that he's handsome and romantic in your silly voice. did he a terrific job. >> he did. >> stephanie: he's a handsome man. hi rita, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hello. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i called to also state in ohio that they require that you have proof of identity or driver's license or whatever to vote. >> stephanie: right, yeah. >> caller: and also another thing that i wanted to talk about was recently in a major newspaper here akron ohio, they showed labor camps or man camps as they call them. >> stephanie: man camps? >> caller: they're going to be building those. they are for the gas industry so
8:31 am
they can have places for temporary workers or what i like to jokingly call the internal outsourcing of the people that they'll start bringing into the area instead of hiring local people. the people of companies like to hire and then turn over to privatize the prisons after they get finished using them up for a while. >> stephanie: yep, yep i picture marcus bachmann, what? man camps ♪ i'm a lumberjack ♪ i sleep all night ♪ and i work all day ♪ he's a lumberjack ♪ and he's okay ♪ >> stephanie: hey, last week was a last week. anderson cooper came out. barney frank wed his long-time partner. first congressman ever in a same sex ceremony. barney frank is 72 and his now husband 42. 30 years. >> way to go. >> stephanie: maybe that's the problem. not young enough. i need true elder care.
8:32 am
we just wish them well. tom cruise and katie--what do you think that is about? >> someone freedom katie. someone helped her. >> stephanie: no. >> someone helped her. >> stephanie: meow. i always picture her voice like the fly. very low on the cell phone help me. >> she lawyered up big time. it's a fight. >> stephanie: someone on the strip said hey contract is up. what kind of hopeless romantics are you. lori in chicago you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi lori. >> caller: hi, sexy mama regarding mitt not wanting to release his tax returns. in this day and age as much as we don't like t when we are applying for a job you have to sign on that little i agree box that they can do a background
8:33 am
check and they do a financial background check on you as well. why not the same standards for mitt. >> stephanie: yeah, you would think. we've had the same transparency for how many years? even his father-- >> caller: exactly yeah, and we have to do it now if we want a job. we are hiring him. he's going to be our employee. i want the information. i want the financials. >> stephanie: you know lori, speaking of his father, did you--i don't know if you saw it the l.a. times or "the new york times." or maybe it was the italian newspaper, but how his dad marched on the front lines of the civil rights movement. it's ironic that he's running against our first black president and he's silent on all of that. >> caller: exactly exactly but yes, if we have to do it, we have to do it if we want a job. he has got to do the same. >> stephanie: exactly. and by the way he doesn't--people like ted nugent to say things like it would have
8:34 am
been better if the south won the war. he didn't say anything and he actively sought his endorsement. >> absolutely. >> stephanie: hi sue. >> caller: welcome back, everybody. >> thank you. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: one thing steph, did you eat gelato every day? >> stephanie: yep, yep. >> that's why her boobs are bigger. >> stephanie: yes, the gelato and pizza. the last day we had one last day in rome. we did the tour, the coliseum and everything. literally, you have gelato and then you walk three blocks and you say that gelato looks better. >> caller: literally. when we were in italy we ate gelato 20 times. i want to give the news in advance so you can go away another week and enjoy yourself.
8:35 am
when you come back in the week while you're away. romney will flip flop, chris christie will blow up at somebody and joe walsh will still be a douche bag. >> stephanie: i didn't miss anything. what was the christie thing. >> he yelled at somebody on the bored walk. >> stephanie: how do they think that basic rudeness is refreshing. >> caller: how does he have the temperament to be anything but a clown. >> stephanie: there i was in italy, and he is like a character from the sow "the sopranos." hey, what did i say? pop it, boom. >> caller: take the gun and leave the canoli. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: yeah boo we're done here. everybody is like, oh, that was so courageous. no you're being a douche. >> adouche. >> stephanie: rude douche, exactly.
8:36 am
the auto industry with the strongest sales in 2007. that was mitt romney's idea, the auto rescue. >> yeah. >> stephanie: on pace the cars and trucks for 2012. that was the best sales year since 2007. you would think that we would a proud to be american moment. don't you? battle. [ ♪ music[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: i thought we could all get along. but i guess not. i guess he would not say thank you, mr. president, thank you for saving the auto industry and all of those jobs and making us number one again in the world. >> did they call you columnist. >> stephanie: it was a joke. >> what did you call them back? >> stephanie: gecko. ed a in gordon gecko: the president on the committee
8:37 am
committee{^l"^^}. >> obama: we got to grow the economy even faster and put more people back to the work. >> stephanie: just saying. just saying. i literally--i don't think i'm blocking it out chris i do not remember news coverage when they were losing 7,000 jobs a month. [ screaming ] you would have thought that newscasters would be screaming. now when we add 80,000 it's the worst disaster ever. >> at that time lehman brothers was going under. that took all the air out the of the news cycle. >> stephanie: mittens. >> romney: we have seen the jobs report this morning and it is another kick in the gut to middle class families. >> stephanie: that was him taking a break from one of his many vacation homes to talk about how he feels for the middle class. >> on his vacation on when he was riding-- >> stephanie: riding biitch.
8:38 am
according to a pundit. i didn't say it. >> i would get action and create jobs again. and finally taking advantage of energy resources building a keystone pipeline. >> stephanie: with your own hands. why did you take a vacation when he promised to build it with his own hands? just saying. mittens. >> romney: you're going to see the growth of the economy pick up at 4% or better, and you're going to get america within four years to within 6% unemployment rate. >> stephanie: oh really, because rude pundit red read his 59-point plan. same thing that bush did. roll back all the things that obama did and-- >> and back to what got us in this situation in the first place. >> stephanie: yes. >> romney: unemployment would be 5.6%. instead it's 8.2%. millions and millions of families are struggling and suffering because the president's policies have not
8:39 am
worked for them. >> stephanie: i love when mittens tries to act empathetic. >> yeah. >> stephanie: by the way how is his dish advantageis--dirsage horse doing? [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:40 am
>> stephanie: i think they retweeted this. not aware that we're not romney fans. i fess. >> i am not one of your fans! >> she has a great twitter feed. >> stephanie: yes, it is, it's great. i think they thought it was a tribute of some sort, and not the under hand snark that we're known for at the milwaukee. 45 after the hour and we conclude the final section of the milwaukee. >> announcer: join the part, stephanie miller. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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♪ take just one more ♪ it's been dumbed down ♪ long before romney ♪ ever did ♪ >> thank you . >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour. stephanie miller show." >> on "the stephanie miller show" in suburban america this [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:45 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: yee haw, it is "the stephanie miller show." back to full strength tomorrow. david schuster. >> and charlie pierce. >> stephanie: yeah our tuesday pal. 1-800-steph-12 the number toll-free from anywhere. i thought i gave ted nugent the
8:46 am
douche bag hyperbole award saying that the south should have won the civil war would have been better, something. world[♪ "world news tonight" ♪] rand pal is the one of who is afraid of second hand blackness. he wrote think of how our country would have looked now of 1857. [ ding ding ] when the court has the outrageous outrageous decision which said african-americans are not citizens. now he's a civil rights crusader, rand paul? he is still having a hissy fit. he's still a right wing toddler spinning on his back over the
8:47 am
whole healthcare. [ baby crying ] >> stephanie: no, supreme court, you're not the boss of us, it doesn't mean its constitutional. >> libertarians like him are often simplistic and infantile. >> stephanie: you think so? >> they don't understand that the world does not work the way they want it to work. >> stephanie: because i am. >> a helper. >> stephanie: i was going to say psychic. >> gay. >> stephanie: stop it, no. it has nothing to do with this. >> what, you left that wide open. i don't know. >> stephanie: i'm so tired. you normally say drunk. [ ding ding ] >> true. >> stephanie: however. [applause] because we look at forward thinking forward. >> forward. >> stephanie: we know what is going to be on fox tonight. i will tell you right now that it's obama killed this woman who owned a restaurant. this poor woman met president obama. he stopped at her restaurant in akron, ohio. he served him breakfast and shortly afterward she died of a heart attack.
8:48 am
her sister said, i'm sure this was her highlight. she loved obama. but on fox this is obama-care. this is what it will be. by the way he called the family. which is classy. >> yes it is. i don't think mitt romney would have done this. >> stephanie: president obama suggested turning off fox news at a campaign bar stop. it was a joke. i'm guessing that will be lost on fox news. he stopped at iggy's pub and thank the voters. he the president suggested that that the news be changed. the customers is always right. it was a little joke. but tonight they'll say the president wants fox news shut down because he's exactly like hitler. >> have you noticed that everyone at fox news can kitschy about anything criticism. >> stephanie: that's because they need all that time to cover
8:49 am
the phone hacking scam. >> shoot. >> stephanie: not really. [ buzzer ] don't you love it when it comes back to bite them in the arse.: here, when i voted for vouchers school i didn't mean muslim ones. so bobby had pushed for a voucher program that would allow state funds to pay for private schools. it was unconstitutional. it was a bad idea to start with. >> exactly. >> stephanie: now running the legislatures made a shocking discoverry. christianity is not the only religion. they matt that it might pay for-- >> constitutionally it would have to. >> stephanie: right. she made the stake of saying out loud what most conservatives only say to themselves. when they say they want religious freedom, they only refer to their own faith. >> only their own. [ ding ding ] i love it. okay, all right here's where we
8:50 am
knew there was trouble in paradise. [♪ "world news tonight" ♪] in katie and tom land. isabella, his daughter with nicole kidman this was the carefully planned ambush. can i say that seems suppressive. a little bit. >> katie has been planning this for a really long--everything has been done so carefully. >> stephanie: it's likely escaping fromescaping from alcatraz. >> this has been planned for three years. now she's putting it into motion motion. >> stephanie: one of the biggest job hazard's here on "the stephanie miller show"." >> dodging. >> stephanie: when we're coming to work. >> at stupid o'clock. >> stephanie: justin bieber was pulled over for doing 100 on the
8:51 am
101, the one we take. >> have you seen pictures of his cars? >> stephanie: no. >> it's a shiny stainless steel. it's hard to miss. you know it's justin biebers sun because of ther'scar because of the sun glaring off of it. >> stephanie: i'm not a parent, but giving a child a car that goes. >> justin bieber has become quite a douche. >> stephanie: i don't have the fever. >> he has been talking back to his elders lately. >> stephanie: crazy person who broke into diddy's home only hayes pitchy things to say about him. he broke into diddy's east hampton house--again. to try on his clothes.
8:52 am
drink his--whatever something that rich rap guys drink. and then he wrote a review on yelp. >> really? >> stephanie: he gave an an informal review. i got a good night sleep but it's not anything too special. you know, apparently he has broken into a lot of his homes that is better. it's just like a three bedroom. [ whatever ] i stay there a lot but sean gets funny about me staying there. >> ya think. >> stephanie: it was previously arrested for breaking in in in 2001. hehe said, i was hoping to stay 17 days but he was arrested after 21 hours. that's just rude of diddy, not looking at his scheduling needs at all. joe walsh hello tony? >> caller: hi, steph it's a
8:53 am
pleasure to speak. >> stephanie: you, too. >> caller: i love your show and your handsome guys in the studio with you. >> stephanie: they're handsome and romantic. >> caller: live, i'm a veteran okay? and i'm outraged about what he said about lt. col. tammy duckworth. >> stephanie: yeah, everybody is. >> caller: listen, listen, the only way a republican--well the only way these guys who is the republican party would put on an uniform and go serve is if you paid them $1 million ahead of time. >> stephanie: well said. that's it for us. don't forget david schuster, charlie pierce and that's it for us. i would like to thank everyone. see you tomorrow on "the stephanie miller show."
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