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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  July 10, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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protection finance bureau. keep sending us. dave morgan for county commissioner. we will take all of your stuff. have a great night and we will see you tomorrow. libor. all right. welcome to "the young turks"." we have been telling the president go after mitt romney's secret bank account. you know what he does? he goings after him personally. >> is it your belief that it is tic for someone to have a swiss bank account. >> well you know. >> go get him! and he is going to! further more obama versus obama. his half brother in kenya! >> obama had not done anything to help you? ♪ >> i think he has a family to
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run. >> will his brother sell him out? we'll show you in a little bit. and speaking of drama, this the state of san fernando valley you're using to politicians screwing you, but not like this. i told my estranged wife and my children about my relationship. >> i don't have no respect for you. >> you don't have no respect for your wife or family. >> they are all having affairs, and they might all get recalled. how is that for fun politics? anybody know what time it is? all right. it geese time! ♪ >> now we have been telling the president, go after mitt romney's secret bank accounts. here is what americans are not going to be happy with, a guy returning for president of the united states of america, who
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has money in the cayman islands and bermuda, owning corporations set up in bermuda. and the president listened. here is what he said. >> i think what is important if you are running for president is that the american people know who you are, what you have done and that you are an open book. and that has been true of every presidential candidate, dating back to mr. romney's father. >> oh yeah he brought your father into it. because remember of course george romney said hey, show 12 years, which is what he did, because otherwise you can show tricks. but here is the president himself saying you might want to release those tax returns, otherwise people are going to think you are hiding something. but mitt romney is on a radio station in iowa and he is going to say but me? oh, no.
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>> i realize that the president's failure to actually reignite the economy makes it hard for him to discuss his own record and -- and so he is going to try to attack me on every personal basis he can come up with, all of the taxes are paid all have been reported to the government. there is nothing hidden there. >> oh yeah of course. if there's nothing hidden then why don't you show. you know what conservatives always say, if you have got nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about. and later he said i don't even know where they are. get out of here with that nonsense. here comes joe biden who straighten his ass out. first he brings in mitt romney's dad a well. >> his father released 12 years of tax returns because he said and i quote, one year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show
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end of quote. that was his father. his son has released only one year of his tax returns. making the lie of the old adage, like father like son. >> all right. he is bringing george romney into it. he is quoting your dad. romney in the middle of the ring! [ cheers ] >> not yet! not yet! hold! now biden drop the hammer. >> he wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his. it's kind of fascinating. [ cheers and applause ] >> damn that's a good line. hit him! [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> down goes romney! down goes romney! that was a great line in front of a latino audience. you have got to be kidding me. nicely done joe.
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nicely doan. everybody should quote that line. none of the less guess what they are still tied. national poll out, 47-47. and they are fighting every single day. we have president obama in iowa romney in colorado and of course they are talking about taxes and taking their message to the people. watch this. >> the very idea of raising taxes on small business and job creators at the very time we need more jobs is the sort of thing only an extreme liberal can come up with. >> what we need is somebody who is going to fight every single day to grow the middle class, because that's how our economy grows. >> who is right. republicans always say, my god taxes are so high it is killing the job creators. and obama says it's the middle class that creates the job that creates the economy.
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let me show you this graph. first of all tax rates from -- i believe this was 1945 to present day. 94% in 1945. do you see that? okay. now we're at 35%. how about capital gains rate? used to be at 25%, now it's at 15%. so these are near historic lows. this is call fact. republicans should look into it. so now, nonetheless they say, okay, look if we have low taxes that's going to create an economy that is bombing. let's let john boehner make the case. >> on this month the house will vote to stop the coming tax hike to make sure small business owners have some certainty about what the tax rate is going to be, and hopefully we can begin to unleash them so they can do what they do best, grow
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businesses and expand their jobs. >> i have heard it for the last 30 years from the republicans. if you lower taxes the economy does better. oh, really? let's look at the numbers here. this is taxes from 1950 on. the different rates that we had. reagan had between 28 and 31% and then you see 35% which is our current rate right now. this is gdp growth. 35% is the lowest out of all of the tax rates we have had in the last 60 years. that is the lowest amount of growth that we have had at this current tax rate. over here, 75 to 80% -- the highest was 75 to 80%. the highest growth highest growth. there are other factors involved. and it's not just taxed. they always tell you if you raise taxes on the rich you are going to destroy your economy.
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not true! not true! at 90% the economy is still booming and in fact doing much better than it was at 35%. so what happened they say if you raise taxes on the rich you are going to destroy the economy. not true. how about jobs. this is even better. same exactly situation here. 28 to 31% a little bit of growth but not great. latter end 75 to 80%, again, top growth in jobs. the only thing in red, is because ever since we have been at the current rate of 35%, we have had negative job growth. the only time we have lost jobs. we have been here for about 11 years now, and we continue to lose jobs. tax cuts don't create jobs oftentimes they cost jobs. when you raise taxes on the rich it doesn't cost jobs.
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in our history, when we were doing the greatest in american history, the golden years, we had the highest tax rates and the highest amount of growth and the highest amount of jobs. those are facts! so the next time you see anyone on television saying you just put taxes on the rich or the so-called job creators it ain't true. tell them you heard it on "the young turks." all right. when we come back. climate change? we have a conservative who will debate me on that but i'm going to kick his ass with numbers. >> nothing has been hit harder than corn. one-third of the crops are the real world and politics collide on "the gavin newsom show". this week: can a futurist really predict the future? find out on "the gavin newsom show". only on current tv.
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>>(narrator) the sheriff of wall street. >>the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen, record, track, gather this data. >>arrangements were made. >>(narrator) independent unflinching. >>there is a wild west quality to it that permits them to do whatever they wish. >>(narrator) and above all politically direct. >>facts are stubborn things. ♪ well as usual these days in july we have been dealing with record-breaking heat. in fact in june it literally broke a record and here are some of the reports from across the country on what is happening recently. >> government scientists now confirm this heat is historic.
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the 113, 115 range there as warm as mecca saudi arabia. >> the game went out with a boom, a boom of lightning. a dramatic end to our 11-day historic heat wave in which more than 2500 records were shattered in just the past week. >> that's amazing. this last 12 months from june 2011, to june 2012 hottest ever recorded in u.s. history. 47 states have been warmer than average. i don't know if you know this, there are only 50 states. what was the record before? which year held it? the year before. so 12 month's record another 12 month's another record. how about acres burned? another record. 1.3 million acres burned in
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june 2012 and 56% of the u.s. suffering droughts in june of 2012 again, yet another record. breaking record after record. now it is also affecting our prices. as you can see there, we have poor ratings on crop damage on corn. 37% on soybeans 27%, meaning it is now hitting our bottom line. here is a news report about that. >> since june we have had just a little over an inch of rain. >> after mostly a dry winter the lack of run and abundance of sun means this growing season is stunted. the heat and drought has already had an impact on food prices. >> now i show you those prices on food because that's what might get people moving.
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it's one thing when it's theoretical, but when prices start to go up and it affects your every day life people start to think, perhaps this might be a little bit of climate change, and we might have to do something about it. and by listening to one of the top scientists in the country about this jake crouch said what is going on for 2012 is exactly what we would expect from climate change. now let's have a little bit of fun. i represent the 97% of scientists who are correct about this. let me bring in jack burkman who represents the 3% of scientists who are in a massive minority on this issue. jack great to see you. >> good to see you, my friend. we're here in the heat. >> ironic. tell me how the heat wave has affected you in washington? >> i didn't have power for eight days. how about that. if that doesn't make me believe
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in global warming, it would make me a convert. what this means is we are having a hot summer. you can string together 12 of those reports and unfortunately they don't prove a thing. >> if it was just an isolated incident, i would agree with you. we have had hot summers before in our lives. here is the problem with your theory, our evidence is not anecdotal. let me give you a thousand years of evidence. here is the temperatures and all n the last century all of a sudden the temperature skyrockets. that's in a century. and other than that jack you know the ten hottest years on record have been in the last 15 years. are you going to say that is all a massive coincidence. >> it could be the case that the
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earth is heading into a warming a period. you can look at the last billion years and the temperature changes, but there are a lot of policy questions that follow from that a, there is probably nothing we can do about it b, even if there is something we can do about it the united states can't do something unilateral. and even if all of this is happening -- let's assume it is all coming our technological capability to deal with the adverse affects will increase as time goes on. so if you say the should act right now, but in the year 2060 when you think miami will be flooded, we will have a lot more capacity to deal with that. >> first let me acknowledge that i like we're finally bringing
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you over a little bit, because in the beginning you say, i feel like we're making progress. okay. >> no one can deny that the earth warms and cools. >> okay. and that we're in a clear warming pattern at this point? >> probably. >> all right. hey! we're making progress! >> i'll stipulate to that. >> thank god, as my mom would say. then you make an interesting ironic point because you say there is nothing we can do now, and there's everything we can do in 2060. well first of all that is slightly contradictory, but if we get to the point, that we'll have technology to solve it. why don't we start right now to develop that technology? >> because to spend money like that you have to take money away from national research aids
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research, from a hundred other policy makers. and i know you are in the midst of it now, but i said deal with the adverse effects per humans. so i said if the city of toronto or new york these things aren't going to be flooded any time soon, but if all of these things come to past, and the ocean bursts on to the land we may have technology to deal with the adverse effects. >> i want to challenge your idea, jack that will be happening at some later date and we can worry about it then. for example, in 2012 we have broken 40,000 hot records. you always break hot and cold records. as you see there, we have broken 6,000 cold records as well. but that used to be a one to one ratio, no it's basically seven to one, hot to cold.
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and you see the wildfires and the droughts. we're in the middle of it. just because miami hasn't drowned yet doesn't it mean we aren't in the middle of climate change. so isn't it time to do something right now. >> no all that proves that you are having a hot summer. >> no you already admitted we near the middle of warming. >> but that doesn't mean that there is anything particular we know about this year that there's anything special about what is happening in 2012. when we look back 100 years from now, you may be right that this was a peak point on the curve, but we're a long way from being able to know that. here is what you have to understand and you know this. there is a whole cottage industry of people living from this -- >> yeah the oil companies. >> well, if you want me to
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believe full throttle and global warming and climate change i am waiting for one congressional hearing in the winter. i want somebody in january or february -- >> you already said hey, that's weather. but what i'm showing you is numbers about climate, not just individual weather events and you know it jack. listen, i got to leave it right there. [ laughter ] >> but it has been fun talking to you, and we have gotten rare admissions from you. >> cenk the pleasure is all mine. >> all right. jack thank you s much. always appreciate it. thank you. and i want the audience to understand it's not a 50/50 question. 90% of the scientists say, yes, we have global warming, yes, it is man made. all right when we come back president obama is he going to have to fight his own brother? well conservatives have found him in kenya. >> i think he has a family to
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run. >> right. but don't you think you are part of his family? >> can they get them to fight? you'll find out. and michele bachmann talks about deep penetration. >> it appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our united states governme >>it's the place where democracy is supposed to be the great equalizer, where your vote is worth just as much as donald trump's. we must save the country. it starts with you.
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♪ >> all right. we're back on "the young turks."
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conservatives have been making money off of president obama by tacking him. they have done it through a series of books and now they have a video coming out. the roots of obama's rage! can i just pause to say obama is the least rageful person in america. i wish he had 10% of the rage that conservatives claim he has but now they have caught on to something new. the president has a number of half brothers and back in 2008 cnn found within of them in kenya. remember this. >> i never knew my father. i was six-month-old when he died. >> i found george far away from the glamour of the presidential campaign. george obama has lead a very
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different life. >> i live well. i'm kenyan. so [ inaudible ]. >> well he sees this and thinks aha! i have his half brother, and i'm going to go get him! so he includes him in a documentary he is going to release called "2016 obama's america." and here is a peace. >> i saw a story i believe on cnn that obama's half brother, i believe george was living in nairobi in a hut. and i click on the story, and there is a picture. obama had not done anything to help you. >> i think he has a family of his own. he is supposed to help his family. >> right. but don't you think you are part of his family. >> yeah i'm part of his family but i'm over it.
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i can help myself. >> you are an adult. you are his brother. has he been your keeper? >> ask him. he has other issues to deal with -- >> well he is taking care of the world. >> yeah and so he is taking care of me. i'm part of the world. >> i love it man. george hung in there true. they tried to get him to sell his own brother out, but he wouldn't do it. they put it in the movie anyway like aha we talked with that brother. and he disagreed with us anyway. now we're going to bring in the notebook -- the new nickname for michael hastings. >> i think it beats hashtag, but i'm not sold on it yet. dr. gonzo, the hack, you know, come on. >> i hear ya. but buzzfeed already did that
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picture. the notebook incident -- one reporter's notebook and number two you are dreaming just like in the notebook movie. >> thank you, nicolaus sparks. >> all right. now let's talk about this. desue desueza thinks he is going to get obama. is this foolish, or are they going to make money off of it so what difference does it make. >> he is a hack but a best-selling hack, so i'll give him that. but he lives in a fantasy world. if you look at his body of work this is a guy who blames hollywood for september 11th wrote a book saying why there is heaven. these are things he pushes. so he wants to push this narrative that president obama
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is obsessed with this idea of being anti-colonial, and that somehow has shaped his world view which will lead us to this socialist dictatorship in 2016. but as you said obama is not an angry guy, and his half brother sounds pretty cool. >> let's show the audience his full theory. here he is speaking at cpac about this theory he has got. >> i think if you take the anti-colonial ideology of the father and apply it to the actions of the son you will see a zig saw puzzle some together. i think people will see he is
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not an ordinary democratic. he wants to realign america in the world. >> michael as i look at this i think this is lunny tunes. i think if anything president obama is more to the right than most democrats. how many times has becompromised with the republicans. he extents the bush tax cuts. if he has some genius strategy to be some anti-colonialist radical liberal, man he has hid it well. >> first of all what is wrong being anti-colonialists? wasn't like gandhi a good guy? you go through the list. so that's just one point. but what he is tapping into and this is very real is there is such hatred for president obama a lot of it is centered around
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his race or background. we see it with the birther controversy. there is this narrative that the right has built up around president obama that will not change no matter how many facts or how many different arguments you put in front of it. but it's very powerful. and people are really sort of drawn to it. look, this story had a link on the drugs report. i'm sure it is probably the most popular story the hollywood reporter has had in quite a while. >> yeah, and by the way it's the film you should know is financed by joe ricketts the guy who wanted to do the hatchet job on obama and said we should get a person of color who is articulate to do it. and they couldn't get a black guy, so they got suza. now let's go to edward klein.
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by the way this is the best seller for three weeks straight. let's watch. >> it is from bill clinton, i got the title amateur. because he thinks barack obama is an amateur. he thinks he doesn't have a clue about the economy. he thinks the people around him don't understand how the real world works, and he thinks obama is at sea when it comes to getting things done in washington. i call them the hatfields and mccoys of the democratic party. >> michael talk to me about ed klein. what is going on here? >> it has been a number 1 best seller, it has sold over 100,000 copies. let's compare that to david, who came out with a book about obama himself called the story. it's an balanced biography that
7:33 pm
has only sold thousands. that being said i have read the amateur, it's quite entertaining. how much of it so true it's hard to say, but -- but the reporting is quite exciting but that also -- it might exist in sort of this fantasy world. that being said the point klein makes about the clintons i think there is something there. i don't think that president clinton respects president obama's political skills and i think that goes back to the vicious campaign fight they had in 2008 with hilary clinton. >> i have issues with klein, but at least it is in the realist word as opposed to this pure fiction. and i loved your point on colonialism.
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[ laughter ] >> all right. michael hastings, the notebook. thank you for joining us. >> there you go. >> there you go. we try have fun on the program. when we come back a battle of republican clowns bachmann versus perry. who is going to be dumber. >> are you okay with your hearing, govern the real world and politics collide on "the gavin newsom show". this week: can a futurist really predict the future? find out on "the gavin newsom show". only on current tv. [ nervous ] i hope no one recognizes us... think these disguises will... no. [ male announcer ] salty. sweet. and impossible to resist.
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for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our >> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now.
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>> all right. we're back on "the young turks." new segment con clown. michelle is going to talk about a secret theory. watch. >> it appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our united states government by the muslim brotherhood. the muslim brotherhood has been found be an unindicted cold conspirator on terrorism cases, and there are individuals associated with the muslim brotherhood who have positions in very sensitive positions in potentially even the national intelligence agency, and i am calling upon the justice department and these various departments to investigate to see who these people are, and
7:38 pm
what access they have to our information. >> well, i -- did i hear that right any know the conservatives are making a lot of movies these days. it is possible that michele bachmann would make this next movie. >> the deep penetration, the deep penetration, the deep penetration in the halls of our united states government by the muslim brotherhood, positions in -- very sensitive positions. >> i'm michele bachmann and i approve this position. >> no she didn't. you know how much evidence she has for this? nothing. she sites frank gaffney's website, a neoclown who is so discredited they won't even let him show up to republican events anymore. you have to be a lunatic to believe that.
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nonetheless, what rick perry is doing might be even worse, because it actually affects real people in his home state of texas. he is going to turn down the affordable care act money that his citizens would get to enjoy if he actually accepted it. it will cost his own citizens billions of dollars, but rick perry says this. >> we have some of the finest health care in the world, i mean some incredible healthcare facilities in this country, so the idea that this federal government -- which doesn't like texas to begin with to pick and choose and come up with data to say that texas has the worst health care system in the world is just false on its face. >> it is not the worst in the world. it is the worst in the united states. here let me show you the states here. this would be the amount of states -- oh look at this the
7:40 pm
number of people insured, the percentages are pretty good up top. but, oh here is number 50 texas. now if you are a donor to rick perry, you don't care because you are rich. you don't care about the 26% of the population that doesn't have insurance. but over a quarter of the population not in great shape would be helped tremendously. that's 6.6 million people in texas. you think rick gives a damn he doesn't give a damn. >> deliver health care for our citizens -- >> how is that? >> every texastan has access to health care. it is not going to work it is a failed system block grant back to the states if you want
7:41 pm
success in health care in the country. >> you mentioned that texas is really a magnet for a lot of folks. are you able to hear us okay? >> yes, i can. >> he had another great point to make about health care. he just forgot it. the reality is texas would only pay 3% of the bill. the federal government would pick up 97% of the bill and he still won't take the money even though his citizens need it desperately. now that's a dangerous clown that's hurting the people in this country. all right. so i guess, perry wins. congratulations. now when we come back we have drama here in california. council members sleeping with one another, restraining orders. they show up at the same meeting, and they are being recalled. how is that for a fun story? when we come back. >> i would like to put out there
7:42 pm
that yes, i have been in a relationship with the >> this court has proven to be the knowing, delighted accomplice in the billionaires' purchase of our nation. >> and you think it doesn't affect you? think again.
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what happened to george prescott bush. >> no, he was jeb bush's son. >> oh, that one. >> the ricky martin look-alike yeah. >> going in another direction. the direction away from his father.
7:45 pm
♪ all right. we have got a council here in san fernando california that is going crazy. when councils go wild.
7:46 pm
three different members and a fourth official all having affairs with one another. the former mayor was sleeping with council member maribel de la torre, which he then admitted. and his wife has objections too. let's watch. >> i spoke to my estranged wife and my children about my new relationship. i have always remained honest and truthful to my family. >> then his wife stands up and says no, he hasn't. she says no that's not true. he didn't tell me about the affair at all. she is in the room. and then he has her kicked out. for more on the story we bring in the lovely ana kasparian. >> cenk i would like to note for the record i am from san
7:47 pm
fernando valley. and the people are passionate and we're lovers not fighters. so you can't blame the officials. but the constituents are not pleased with this. in fact they are outraged. >> you know what mayor, you ain't got no shame at all. i don't have no respect for you. >> you don't have respect for your wife or your family. >> it's incredible how upset they are. to be honest with you, i don't blame them. however, mario hernandez is not the only council member involved in an affair. the current mayor is also involved or allegedly involved with an affair with one of the police sergeants. here is what she has to say. >> major brenda esqueda who has been accused of having an affair with a san fernando police
7:48 pm
sergeant, and the other two all face a recall election this fall. >> everything they have said against me. i can prove it is completely false information. >> in the latest dramatic turn they have both files restraining orders against each other. they are now under court order to stay a hundred yards away from one another, which may be a challenge at the city council meeting. >> they are going to do a recall in the fall and hopefully vote these people out. but this mario hernandez guy literally risked everything in order to have an affair with maribel de la torre, and then they get into a physical fight, get a restraining order against one another, and in about an hour they are about to have a city council meeting. >> yeah i don't know who shows up and who doesn't show up.
7:49 pm
i guess we'll find out in an hour. but i'm not that amazed by it given -- i mean, did you see her? [ laughter ] >> i mean -- >> i'm keeping it real here. i'm keeping it real. any way is it too racialist to say this reads like a tell la know vel la. >> i don't think so. both hernandez and del la torre are very good looking people. >> i feel like these are characters out of a station i can't understand that because i don't speak spanish. >> they are worried because if you have the mayor of your city voting and makes decisions, and at the same time she is in bed with the police sergeant there
7:50 pm
could be a conflict of interest. >> i don't care about the sex lives of the politicians -- well not in terms of policy. i care about their issues. who cares who they are sleeping with? they cheated on their wife so what? jfk cheated on his wife a million times over. that doesn't mean he was a bad president. but i get there is a conflict of interest. should there be a recall or not? >> if they want to recall them they should -- >> that's easy. but would you recall them. >> i personally don't have a problem with mario hernandez and maribel de la torre. but i do see a conflict of interest when the mayor is sleeping with the police sergeant. >> yeah, but on the other hand you got to sleep with somebody. [ laughter ] >> if the mayor is sleeping with anybody, you could say they can cheat on this -- what if it's a
7:51 pm
hospital administrator, are they going to get more money? so i'm going to do a pardon and say -- >> you are too, too nice especially when it comes to sex and things like to. i definitely don't agree with you. brenda esqueda is in the wrong here. she can't be having an affair with a married police sergeant. it's a real problem. >> i hear you. we'll let the people of san fernando decide. thank you, ana. >> thank you. >> governor spitzer has "viewpoint" next. >> i'm not sure i can compete with what you have just been talking about. because we're going from a sex scandal to libor. but the libor scandal is getting deeper and deeper and it may involve tim geithner when he was president of the new york fed, multiple meetings he had with barclay's bank representatives.
7:52 pm
did he know that libor was being fixed, that they were gaming the system? he had one meeting in particular that was called fixing libor. this is getting complicated, and very dicey for tim geithner. and also the guy who took over at the new york fed, bill dunly was at these meetings. fascinating stuff. and outsourcing, republicans pushing back at president obama. fascinating conversation there as well. it will be a fun show. >> elliott, i love that libor story. i think it is a sexy story. i'm very curious to see where you take that story -- >> you'll be amazed to see who's side of this one i take. first words out of my mouth when i began my cnn show was fire tim geithner. >> yeah. i'm right there with you bother.
7:53 pm
i wrote an editorial called fire tim geithner. fantastic. can't wait to see it. that libor scandal is also part of the reason i think we should hold eric holder in contempt. not for fast and the furious, but for something else entirely. i'll explain when we come back. >> the house of representatives approved a resolution holding thorn g the real world and politics collide on "the gavin newsom show". this week: can a futurist really predict the future? find out on "the gavin newsom show". only on current tv. admitted that that look, we were able to keep a lot of the folks because of the stimulus. >> bill: absolutely. again, do you great work, judd. thank you. all of your colleagues at think progress. we'll see you again next
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(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
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♪ we're back with the aggressive progressive. on june 29th the republicans held eric holder our attorney general in contempt. >> the house of representatives held eric holder in criminal attempt of congress for refusing to disclose documents on the botched undercover program, the fast and furious. no sitting cabinet member has ever been held in contempt. dozens of democrats boycotted the vote and walked out of the chamber. >> that program was the fast and furious. but to me the real problem with eric holder is not the fast and furious. in fact we have shown on this program, that that is not nonsense that the atf had no
7:57 pm
program to shuffle guns. the real problem with eric holder is what i would call the slow and the listless and that is his treatment of fraud in the banks. we had a gigantic amount of proud to in 2008. he did nothing. we have the libor scandal now. what has he done? nothing. his former law firm implicated some of the biggest mortgage and foreclosure fraud. how many prosecutions has eric holder done of big bank executives? none. zero. the slow and the listless this is what i hold eric holer in contempt for. this is what it unacceptable and now sources at huffing ton post say it is the justice department holding it up. and they are frustrated -- in fact extremely frustrated that the justice department will not
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