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tv   Full Court Press  Current  July 11, 2012 3:00am-3:39am PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> hey, good morning everybody. what do you say? it is wednesday, july 11th. this is the full court press. welcome to the program this morning. i am bill press, liberal and proud of it. and good to have you with us to see as we take a look and tackle the big stories today coming here from our nation's capital, around the nation and around the globe. we will tell you all about it. how about this? it is now official. it is an official new government report out yesterday signed by
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hundreds of scientists affirms that the extreme weather conditions we are suffering today are due in part to global warming caused by man-made gas-house emissions. let's stop this denial nonsense and get busy doing something about global warming. what do you say in we will talk about that and a lot more this morning. first, we jump out to los angeles, get all of the latest today's current news update from the lisa ferguson. >> good morning, bill. good morning. everyone. house republicans will vote on repealing parts or all of president obama's healthcare reform. they have tried to repeal the act 32 times. looks like they are hoping the 33rd time is the charm likely not. there is basically no way it's going to pass the democratic senate. congressional republicans had once promised to replace the healthcare law and help americans gain access to insurance. but it seems they have all but given up there. in the last year and a half, the house has only sent one bill to
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the senate. that bill was designed to limit medical malpractice lawsuits. although we should note individual g.o.p. lawmakers have sponsored bills but republican leaders have never brought the proposals to a vote. you might remember mitt romney his promise to repeal healthcare reform on his would-be presidency but the washington post reports the reality is much more complicated. unless republicans gain enough new seats in congress this year romney just won't have the votes he needs for a repeal. as for romney's schedule, he is speaking at the naacp's annual convention. he is hoping to win over black voters by touting a pro-jobs message. african-americans are facing a 14.4% unemployment rate but the naacp's president says romney's message isn't resonating and he will need to lead with voter id
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bills. we are back with more after break and online with chat at bill where your vote is worth just as much as donald trump's. we must save the country. it starts with you.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> all right. it's 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, 5:00 central, 3:00 on the west coast. do you know where your money is? mitt romney doesn't. no idea. what do you say? hello, everybody. good, good wednesday morning. great to see you. great to be with you today. for the full-court press, for the next three hours to tackle the big stories of the day, coming live from our nation's capital and bringing you the
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news of the day here in our nation's capital. where? yes, the house of representatives is going to be in today. the republican house, for the i think it's the 373rd time they are going to repeal obamacare. totally, totally meaningless effort. we will tell you all about that. the naacp is meeting. eric holder spoke to them yesterday. mitt romney speaks to them today and the egyptian parliament did hefies their new president. we'll cover it all. we have we will give you a chance to weigh in at 866-55-press. join the conversation any time by dialling our toll-free number and saying hello to the whole team here, peter ogburn and dan henning, of course. >> hey hey. >> videographer cyprian bowlding. >> happy 7-11. >> no signs this morning. i was looking for one.
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really disappointed. >> want to be sure. all-star game last night. i am sure you guys are excited. >> full details. i was. it was a great game. >> it wasn't a great game. >> 8 to nothing. >> that's not exactly great. >> if you are a national league fan, it was a great game solid performances by gonzalez. >> stop it. >> matt cain. >> so lopsided, it was not a great game. i watched it out of the corner of my eye in a restaurant. it was up on the big screen over the bar. i did my share. >> there you go. >> sports fan. >> as close as i wanted to get to it. big action here in town is -- it is just there are so many serious problems serious problems facing this country. yesterday, the house of representatives spent all day debating yet again obamacare. right? debating the healthcare proposal
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because john boehner insisted on it, they are going to vote today to repeal it and they will have enough republican votes to repeal it. it will never get out of the house meeting. it will never get through the -- get to the senate never get through the senate never get voted on in the senate. so it's just a total total waste of time. but michelle bachmann of course, yesterday, you can always count on her to go over the top. >> the crown jewel of socialism. >> that's what golf healthcare is. >> she doesn't have any idea what she is talking about. she has no idea what is in the bill. shall is in no way government-run healthcare. how many times do we have to point out why doesn't she know what everybody else knows that all this bill -- what this bill did was require 36 million americans to buy health insurance from a private insurance company. there ain't no government-run healthcare.
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is she just -- does she just lie? is she just ignorant? >> i think a different reality. >> nuts. >> i think that's more. a break from reality. >> yeah. i think so. coming up eliots spitzer host of the "viewpoint" will be joining us as he does every wednesday morning, joe cerinsoni from the ploughshares fund and a field day over mitt's money. mitt's money. where is it? don't ask him. he doesn't know. but first: >> this is the full court press. >> on this wednesday, other headlines making news, no big splash for savannah guthrie's debut on monday, abc's good morning co-host, according to nielsen ratings but either network can win the week. the bigger picture remains to be seen.
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>> one day, one swallow does not make a spring. >> nascar's number 39 chevrolet driven by ryan newman will no longer be army strong. politico reports the military branch is pulling out of the primary sponsorship of the race car following heavy criticism from members of criticism of congress. the army had seen it as a strong recuting tool. last year, it spent $11 million for 15 races. >> whoa. >> that's how much it costs? >> they have decreased spending over the last several years. $11 million is actually a lot less than what they had spent in the past. >> wow. at first, i thought it makes sense for the army to be in that. i am sure it's a good recruiting tool. right? but wow. $11 $11 million just to be in the nascar races? >> between, 15 races, $8 million. >> you had think nascar would let them come in for nothing. right? why wouldn't -- seriously.
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why wouldn't nascar say we invite the army or the navy or the armed forces to have a team? >> yeah. i mean they have got to make money. >> get out of here. pat tree on theism damn rednecks. >> there you go. >> the national league held command of the baseball all-star game from the start posting five runs in the first inning along against al cy young, justin verlander. they set out the american league 8 to fognothing for their third win in a row thanks to strong perform applications by matt cain and pablo sandoval and and cabrera. >> baseball. halfway through the season. yes, indeed, do you know where your money is? >> the question of the day. and mitt romney admits that he doesn't.
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we talk a little bit about mitt's money yesterday. but every day, the story gets worse and worse for mitt romney and he looks more and more like he is unwilling to tell the truth about his extreme wealth. he says he is worth about 250 34d. it now looks like he is worth a lot more than that. and the fact of it is he is not the first wealthy person to run for president. after all, we have had an f.d.r. we have had the bushes, who were very well-off and certainly barack obama ain't no pauper. the thing about romney is he has so much of it, he has to hide it overseas. he has so much, he doesn't even know how much he's got and he refuses to release his tax returns and the pressure is building on him to do something. so first let's go back and what we learned from this latest issue of vanity fair is where
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this was all spelled out ben lee bolt from the obama campaign with this video details all of the off-shore holdings that we know of that mitt romney's got. >> here are some things we do know: mitt romney owned a shell corporation registered in bedroom you'd he a, keeps millions in the caymans, had a bank account in schwitzer land. mitt romney, who is lately talking about getting tough on china invested as much as $1.5 million there. the romney campaign said that when we pointed out these simple facts, we are distorting reality and launching false attacks but they never said what was false about them. >> that's because they are true. >> because they are true. so, he's got money stashed in schwitzer land. he's got money stashed in the cayman islands. he's got money stashed in bermuda. and again, we don't know how much in bermuda. and yesterday, finally mitt romney felt he had to respond to
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this so he was -- he did a little radio interview at a station out in iowa, and he says, hey, money? don't ask mewhere it is. >> my investments have been held by a blind trust, have been managed by a trustee. i don't manage them. don't even know where they are. there is a trustee that follows all u.s. laws. all of the taxes are paid as appropriate. all of them have been reported to the government. there is nothing hidden there. there is nothing. if, for instance, you own shares in, let's say, renault or in fiat, you still have to pay taxes. >> no, you don't. >> you have to disclose that in the united states. >> no. you don't. you don't. these are called tax havens for one reason. in the cayman islands, you have money in the cayman islands, you are not paying u.s. taxes. he is lying. you've got money in your tax haven in your bedroom you'd a, you are making money you have
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money in a swiss bank account, earning interest, maybe investing it and making more money, you are not paying us taxes. mitt romney is lying to the american people. and it gets to the point that he says he doesn't know where hez money is? we are supposed to believe that? i don't care. anybody with a lot of money is working with brokers or whatever. and those people do maybe make independent recommendations about where to invest their money. but, you don't -- they don't open a swiss bank account, a tax haven in the cayman islands and a tax haven in bermuda for somebody who is running for president of the united states and not tell them about it? because that has huge political, not just financial operations. i mean romney, do you think really he doesn't know he's got these bermuda and cayman island accounts? absolutely not. and how the only way to resolve this again is by -- i get back to the point of the tax returns.
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>> that's the issue now. romney has released. let's set the record straight. he has released one year, the year 2010, and an estimate of how much he will pay for 2011. he hasn't paid those taxes yet. most of us have. he hasn't because he said, you know, they haven't finished doing all of the calculations yet, but he gave an estimate of what he will owe in 2011, unlike, by the way his father. his father who released 12 years of tax returns when he was running for president, because he said -- i'm paraphrasing but very close -- one year could just be a fluke and misleading. so we are -- he said i am putting out 12 years. romney, one year. unlike his father unlike president obama and vice president biden, each of whom have released 12 years of tax
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returns mitt romney one. unlike abc news reported last night, for the last three decades, every single candidate for president, republican or democrat, you name it, has released more tax returns, nominee, i should say, not knee, not just candidate, not like a herman cain but nominee of a party, every single one of them has released more tax returns than mitt romney has, and abc news again reported last night. when mitt romney was being vetted by john mccain in 2008 as a possible vice presidential candidate, he gave john mccain the mccain campaign 23 years of tax returns. so mitt romney is really defying what every other presidential candidate has done, defying what he did four years ago and he is refusing to release his information, and you have got to
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ask: why? what does he have to hide? joe biden had fun with this yesterday out in left-handas vegas speaking to la rosa. >> he wants you to show us your papers but he won't show us his. it's kind of fascinating. >> good point, joe biden. the question i have for you is: do you have a swiss bank account? and do you know where your money is? yeah. just those two questions alone on mitt romney are powerful questions badge you know why? you know the number, 866-55-press. to me, they speak to be who mitt romney is acted and they speak to who mitt romney cares about and who mitt romney would fight for, were he president of the united states. and if you don't have the swiss bank account, if you don't have an offshore tax haven in the cayman islands, if you don't have one in bermuda and if you do know where your money is mitt romney doesn't care a rat's
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ass about you. 866-55-press, toll-free number on this wednesday morning and the full court press. let's get right into it. >> this is the full court press, the bill press show, live on your radio and on current tv t [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] brought to you by expedia. find your voice.
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>> thank you . >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour. we'll be back as we close "the stephanie miller show." >> on "the stephanie miller show" in suburban america this [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> heard around the country and seen on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> hey. it's 24 minutes after the hour. do you know where your money is?
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do you have any idea where your money is? mitt romney says he doesn't have a clue why doesn't he release his tax returns? he would know and we would know. what do you say? 866-55-press. it has become the number 1 issue in this campaign at any rate. tom is call from the city of brotherly love philadelphia. >> bill. >> how are you? >> hey, bill. i just want to say that mitt romney probably has a portfolio like most wealthy americans where they have financial advisors. >> i am sure. >> not illegal to do what he is doing. is it red blood american? it's a diversion for the jobs package which i am glad obama did something and reached across the aisle yesterday. but i want to run on biden's record, too.
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i am in the neighboring state of delaware and there is no manufacturing left. are we going to turn this into a mud-slinging contest or stick to the issues? >> well, tom, tom. there are a lot of issues, but this is one issue. this is one issue at the moment, and i think romney's on the ropes here because he won't release his tax returns. i told you, he gave -- i didn't -- i never said it was illegal, by the way. i never suggested it was illegal. i just am saying that he gave john mccain 23 years of tax returns. his father released 12. obama and biden have released 12 years of tax returns. why is he only releasing one year? >> well you don't want to talk about warren buffett? >> no. warren buffett is not running for president. i am talking about mitt romney. why doesn't he release his tax returns. >> if that's the best you've got. >> no. tom, we have got a lot more than that, baby. >> get off my phone, you little pen head? >> no, sir a pinhead. >> a little bit. a little bit?
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>> no. no. he is not a pinhead. >> come on. >> i have to defend him because he is from delaware. he is misguided. tj is calling from toronto. the international full-court press. all right. >> good morning. >> i listen to your show every morning. the thing i want to say, santorum was running for president of the united states. and he said of mitt romney he is the worst g.o.p. to run for president and here is something coming up. if he was to be nominated. this is what came up. i think this is the tip of the iceberg. there is a lot more coming from mitt romney. >> we talked about that santorum on the healthcare thing, we played that clip. he said that mitt romney is the worse possible candidate to run against president obama on healthcare because, of course t mitt romney had the very same -- he is the model for obamacare.
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his plan in massachusetts. he had an individual mandate, and he had a tax or a poevenlt or whatever if you didn't buy health insurance. and i think on this issue, too, i think i remember santorum talking about mitt romney's tax returns. dolphined in illinois -- donald in illinois. >> itting a gravities me these people that defend him. the thing is he lacks ethics. if i recall, he promised that he would deliver these papers about his income. not long ago, there was a kid raids in this country from south america, made billions of dollars on facebook took off. the whole country was enraged. they should feel that way about mitt romney. he was born in this country and he is running for president. >> good point. he didn't run to singapore but he ran to the cayman islands and bermuda. at least he parked his money there. good point, donald. >> this is the bill press show.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> this court has proven to be the knowing, delighted accomplice in the billionaires' purchase of our nation. >> and you think it doesn't affect you?
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> what do you say? it's a big wednesday, wednesday july 11th. this is the full court press. we are coming to you life from our nation's capitol, booming across this great land of ours on current tv. we are a little bit later -- a little later this even 8 eastern, 5:00 pacific, you will find governor eliot spitzer, host of the "viewpoint." our friend and guest every wednesday morning on the full-court press. eliot, good to talk to you again. >> good morning. what a wonderful morning it is.
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>> i know the here is my big question. >> sure. >> do you know where your money is? mitt romney doesn't. >> you know, you had my worried there for a second. you made me pause. i checked my pockets. i hope so. i left some of it at the deli to get my first cup of coffee. >> do you believe his defense? he got the swiss bank account, an offshore tax haven in the cayman islands and an offshore hey haven in bermuda. >> bill, there is going to be a chicken in every pot and a swiss bank account for every house. >> and an elevator in every garage. >> twelve cars. there you go. >> now is he going to event, do you think, have to release more of his tax returns? >> i think it's he havetable. i was in politics. i know what it's like when the media begins to repeat from his perspective ad nauseam but won't give up. the only way to put it to rest is to answer the question.
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it won't go away of its own. it is having traction with swing voters which are are the states he cares most about. an an advisor will say put it out there and get them to shut up. otherwise, he is going to be accident in the district attorney bates on the day before the -- on the day before the election, every voter will know he is hiding something. he can't run for president that way. >> you know with your experience on wall street: why would anyone open a swiss bank account? >> look there are hacks haven advantages and he just doesn't want to own up to that. there is nothing illegal about it. >> right. >> there are a lot of businesses, hedge funds, investment vehicles that do things offshore for tax purposes. it is permissible but it smells a little bit. when you are running for president, people stuart realizing how much of his money has been squirrelled after offshore. people will say he is not one of us.
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he doesn't understand us. >> that's why when he says i follow nascar, i know a couple of people who own teams. it's like, hum? he just doesn't get what's going on with real people. >> no. i sort of -- i had a feeling that he thinks everybody has a swiss bank account. right? >> maybe there is something he knows that we don't know. i think that this is at a political level, look he is wrong at a substantive level. when i was in office, every year, my tax returns in entirety were released. people could look at them, ask questions, do whatever they wanted. at a political level he won't escape this issue. >> no. exactly. eliot spiritsertzer host of the "viewpoint," current tv. >> the president repeated his proposal that he wants to extend tax cuts for 98% of americans. here again mitt romney says, no. no. no. no. no. i am not going to go along with that unless you give the the 2% a tax cut, continued tax cut as
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well. talk about the policy of this if you will and the politics as well. >> well, on the merits the president is right. the middle class bolt needs the help now given the tough economic times and if you want to create some form of economic stimulus or at least not deny the economy the loss of having a tax increase among those folks who actually spend the money giving the 98% renewed comfort that the taxes won't go up is the right thing to do because that's where the spending will come from. economists will tell you the multiplier effect which is will the money be spent and put back in economy is bigger among the 98%. for folks in the 98%, that money snits to be spent on clothing, rents, a new car, the necessities of life and/or vacation. the 2% are going to put it into a savings account. it won't stimulate the economy. he is right as a matter of economics. he is right as a matter of equity. you know, whether you want this to be played at a populist or
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sort of an equity argument or not, clearly president is right on that score. >> uh-huh. >> we all have been discussing the inequitties in distributions the the president is right. the republicans talk incessantly about job creators as though they are a sub species. i want to meet one of these job creators some day. who are they? we invest money in what we do in business. you know, everybody is a job crater, small business, big business. big business much less but notions the top 2% of the job crate orders is simply false. >> i think, eliot, if you go out to the hamptons on sunday and had gone to the coach brothers, you know, and paid $50,000 for that dinner, you might have met some of these job creators. >> they all drive bentleys. kind of play into this class warfare but, you know, the president is right and mitt romney is wrong. the sad thing is we did the largest macro economic experiment in history for 8
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years of george w. bush and let's learn the lessons. you know i would like to think, bill you and i have intellectual


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