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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  July 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." was mitt romney committing a felony while doing this? [ speaking foreign language ] >> cenk: not for speaking french. was he running bain or the olympics? he's told the federal government both of those things which is a serious, serious problem for mitt romney. crime up to five years in prison for that, you can get. really interesting story. don't miss that. and then well, at the naacp convention, we did not have president obama but we did have joe biden and we do have epic coverage of the naacp
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convention. >> mitt romney was here. joe biden was here. i'm here! president obama wasn't here. how big a difference did that make to the folks at the naacp convention? >> cenk: we'll tell you all about that and biden had a great speech. then romney. this is fascinating! did he bring in people to get himself booed at the same convention? [crowd booing] >> cenk: really interesting evidence about that and why would you want to get booed? we'll tell you all about it. you know why? because it's obviously go time! >> cenk: now president obama's team has been criticizing mitt romney as
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heartless, outsourcer and a man who closed down plants and cost people's jobs and mitt romney's main defense is what have you been talking about? i left bain capital in 1999 to go to france in the olympics. i had nothing to do with all of that stuff in it happened later in the '99 to 2003 range. wasn't me! in fact, they're now running an ad calling the president a liar, basically. watch. >> romney: i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> when a president doesn't tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead? the obama outsourcing attacks. misleading unfair and untrue. there was no evidence that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas. candidate obama lied about hillary clinton. >> so shame on you, barack obama. >> but america expects more from a president. obama's dishonest campaign, another reason america has lost confidence in barack obama. >> cenk: that's interesting because they cite
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that's a group that does fact checking. i was curious. i tried to see what their reasoning behind it was. i don't generally trust politicians. i'm open-minded on that issue. what i found was interesting because it turns out basically says romney couldn't have been lying because if he was lying, it would be a felony. in fact, literally quote... now see, that's really interesting because four different times they say well, it must be true because otherwise it would be a felony. but that is not a logical connection at all. it could be that yeah, he was lying and it is a felony. so, in fact, let's somehow the evidence -- let's show you the evidence. this time around, he did the same thing in 2007. he filed a federal financial disclosure report that said this... mr. romney retired from bain
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capital on february 11, 1999, to head the salt lake organizing committee. since february 11 of 1999, mr. romney has not had any active role with any bain capital entity and has not been involved in the operations of any bain capital entity in any way. so now that's very clear and you cannot lie on that form. now, on the other hand, remember that he went to go run the olympics. [ speaking foreign language ] >> cenk: i think that loosely translated, it means i'm running bain and olympics at the same time. because now that we find out from "the boston globe" he had s.e.c. filings that said hey wait a minute, i'm still in charge. "the globe found nine s.e.c.
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filings after february 1999 that describe romney as bain capital's boss some show him with managerial control over five bain capital entities that were formed in january 2002". do you understand what's happening here? on one set of forms, he said i had nothing to do with bain. any bain capital nothing to do with it. on the other forms that "the boston globe" has just found he's saying i'm totally in charge of bain. i own 100% of it, i'm the ceo the main shareholder, the president and i'm running the entities. both things cannot be true. if you lie on one of the forms it could be five years in prison, it is a felony. it is a very serious crime. in essence, "the boston globe" seems to have mitt romney a little bit in the middle of a ring. what ring would that be? let me see. don't do it! it is a felony for you right
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there. all right. by the way david axelrod tweeted out based on globe report either bain filed false s.e.c. statements in 1999-2002 about mitt's status or his campaign is making false statements now. i'm not one to give politicians a lot of credit for their advisors but that statement seems fairly indisputable to be true. mitt romney has a lot of explaining to do if the press follows up on this. now, we're going to follow up on it. we want to bring in an expert here. we have professor james cox a law professor at duke university who specializes in the areas of corporate and securities law. professor cox, great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> cenk: first question is, you know, we're hearing from some people in the romney camp oh listen, you're going to make a big deal about the filings. it just means that you know, that technically he owned bain but it doesn't mean that he ran
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it. okay. it is not a big deal. so give us a sense of perspective here. is it is a big deal if you misstate something in an s.e.c. filing? >> well, yes it is. these filings are government documents. they're required to tell the truth. when the securities laws make it clear that if you knowingly file a document with the s.e.c. that it is false and you know it's false, that it is a criminal offense and punishable by a sentence that could be up for many years. it would be a felony. >> cenk: now, as i look at the two different filings in 2011 and earlier in the 1999 to 2002 range, it seems that they're clearly contradictory. am i missing something? or are they as contradictory as they seem on the face of it? >> i think they're clearly contradictory. i've looked over the -- several of the bain capital filings where it is very clear that they identify him not only as an
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owner but also as chairman and chief executive officer. during this period of time. and this is not boilerplate that's being used. in each of the forms i looked at there were filed with the s.e.c., somebody had taken some care to describing the business arrangement by which the shares and other companies were being held and it didn't appear to be a clip and paste job at all. they were originally drafted. each of these very clearly fell, romney was a manager an owner and chairman of the board of these groups. >> cenk: now, if that's the case -- by the way he's also taking a salary, too. it is not just he's taking investment return. he's taking salary as an employee who's working there. how would someone follow up on this? who would follow up and what kind of punishment could he face and do you realistically think he will face punishment here since the politicians seem to be
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above the law? >> well, i think it is highly unlikely that there's going to be any activity here on this matter. as we know, the s.e.c. has a lot of things on it plate these days and walking into a hornet's nest of politics is not one of them they would like to do. also it is very hard to find there is a victim here except the creditulity of the public quite frankly and the credibility of the candidate himself. this is not the kind of action where the s.e.c. is likely to do anything. it is unfortunate that this has happened because it really does say not very good things about the political climate in which people operate in. >> cenk: absolutely. then there's the political angle, too, turns out he was running the company between 1999 and 2002 when they shut down the plant, that is when they outsourced the jobs so he seems
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to be in both legal and political trouble as you point out. legally, they probably won't pursue it of course if it were a regular citizen, they would. that's part of the advantage of being a politician in some ironic way. professor james cox from duke, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thanks. >> cenk: all right now by the way, there is one way you can solve this, mitt romney. show us your tax returns. if you say -- you know that oh no, no no, you have to understand i wasn't part of bain. we would be able to see it in your tax returns. show us 1999 to 2002 and then we'll know. if you don't show it, i've gotta ask you the same question i've been asking you for days now what are you hiding? okay. now, he might be hiding something else regarding the naacp convention. but first our own epic political correspondent was there. the president didn't show up but joe biden did. we'll talk about that. >> imagine what the romney justice department would look
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like. >> you disappointed that president obama didn't come to the convention? >> cenk: well, we'll answer that question and did romney want to get booed? that's interesting as well. and then a huge pharmaceutical company in huge trouble. as it turns out they've been purposely feeding you the wrong medicine. we'll talk about the political implications of that as well. ♪ y'all ready for this ♪ we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill
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down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform.
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>> cenk: as a lot of you have seen of course the naacp convention is being held this week. now originally, president obama was scheduled to go. then he said he couldn't make it. that scheduling excuse turns out to be not a good one. we'll show you in a little bit. but he did send in a video. it was a bit of a lukewarm video
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and it got a bit of a lukewarm reaction. see if you can pick up the applause at the end of the tape here. >> thank you so much. i'm proud of all that you do. michelle malia sasha and i all send our deepest regards. [ applause ] >> cenk: mmm not really overwhelming. could have been louder right? look, he was scheduled to attend and he didn't. he tends a two-minute video. on the other hand, joe biden the vice president did attend and he kicks some ass. >> i'm a lifetime member of the naacp. [ cheering ] >> we see america where in the words of the scripture what you do unto the least of my brethren you do unto me. [ cheering ] as president barack obama says, we are our brothers keeper, we are our sisters keeper, we have
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an obligation. >> cenk: all right now that's how you do a speech at the naacp event. nicely done, joe. now, for a convention this epic, you would probably need a political correspondent just as epic, wouldn't you? >> cenk: in fact, michael shure joins us from the convention. >> good to be here, cenk. good to be in houston at the naacp convention this morning was abuzz because people didn't know what to think about barack obama not being there. a lot of people came in with low expectations because they were disappointed not to see their president whose picture was in the program for the week. they thought he was coming. he had said he was coming and then as we discussed here on "the young turks" last week, he didn't show up there. but man, did he send the right person there! the place went ballistic! i was there on the floor when
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joe biden spoke today. >> he has a job to do. we understand he has a job to do and he has schedules to keep. >> i wasn't that disappointed. i think that if there was a statement to be made, he made it. he doesn't have to be here to garner this kind of support. >> you know, we always want to see our president live and in person. it is such a treat when he's able to be in our presence. but we understand that he is on obligated in other areas. >> he wasn't the first choice of the naacp convention to be speaking today. they wanted their president. but joe biden is giving a very forceful reply to mitt romney's remarks yesterday on the affordable care act. he's saying eight million african-americans are covered because of president obama's policies because of his conviction. >> it required him early on to use up almost all of his
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political capital. he prevailed where no president had done before. he was right. he was right. >> thanks to mr. obama he is the best representative of this administration. joe biden is real. he's genuine. you can feel his compassion. >> joe biden knows how to talk to ordinary americans. these are ordinary americans here. they have a commitment to civil rights. he promised that under his administration, the commitment would never waiver. >> cenk: michael, a lot of them gave a diplomatic answer. my question to you is do you think they meant it? it is okay the president is busy or do you think they were a little disappointed but they were talking on tv so they didn't want to say anything bad about president obama? >> you know, cenk, that's a great question. it is a question a lot of people would have had going in. joe biden opened up today. i misspoke and said mr. president was there. joe biden was the one giving the speech. he came in and he said to the
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crowd there right away, it is good to be home. as soon as he said that, everybody knew that they had the right guy in front of them. by the end of the day i think people did forget. i think it superseded diplomacy. people were happy with the job that joe biden did in houston. >> cenk: that leads to the second point. could joe biden be more fiery than president obama especially on racial issues, things like the voter i.d. laws, et et cetera whereas his political advisors for the president might be worried if president obama gave that kind of fiery speech? >> we know very well the political advisors to this president get worried about what people are going to say about what he is saying. joe biden does have that history. he's a lifetime member of the naacp. you bring up another good point cenk which i know not always easy for you but you bring up a fantastic point. >> cenk: thank you. >> which is a lot of people wonder with joe biden with
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barack obama how they're going to cover different subjects, how they're going to cover issues of civil rights. he's a white vice president going to the naacp not sending the black president. however at the end of the day today, people were saying and these are people covering the president all the time, i had two reporters say to me you know what? joe biden is giving a better speech than barack obama has given. >> cenk: president obama hasn't been lighting people up with speeches. in the '08 campaign, he was phenomenal. i don't know where that guy went. i thought you had the most interesting reporting on this. you went and checked the schedule of the president today. what did you find out about his busy schedule? >> well, i couldn't sleep in central time it turns out. what does somebody like me do? they go and look at the president's schedule for the next day. in the middle of the night. when they listed the schedule, i expected it to be very busy because the excuse he used not to go to the naacp convention
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was a scheduling conflict. we, at that time, thought it was a fund-raiser as we would figure it would be but it turns out he did a very busy schedule because at 9:45 a.m. this morning the president had his daily briefing. >> cenk: that's it. so i mean should they have planted other things on his schedule so he appeared busy? >> you know, i think you would do that if you had to get out of a bad dinner, you would make sure you made another plan if you said you already had plans. the president -- he should have toured the rose garden at least. something that would have made people know he was busy. he should have had a fund-raiser. >> cenk: i hear you on that, michael. great coverage of the convention. we appreciate it. i like that you broke the story that perhaps it was not the best of excuses to say he was busy. >> cenk: exactly. thank you. when we come back, the naacp convention, mitt romney got booed but did he want to be
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booed? >> guess what. i made a lot of money. i've been very successful. i'm not going to apologize for that. >> when he comes on fox and friends, they like him. they're white folks who are very much relaxed in their own company. >> cenk: joe williams got in trouble for that. he's going to be on this program. i don't know if he's going to say i told so you but certainly redemption for him because it turns out he might have been very right about mitt romney and also later in the program turns out the pharmaceutical companies have been telling doctors hey prescribe the pills whether people need them or not and we'll all make a ton of money. in fact, look at the presentation back in 2001 when they were bragging about it to the doctors. >> there are people in this room who are going to make an ungodly sum of money selling advair. "the gavin newsom show". this week: can a futurist really predict the future?
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find out on "the gavin newsom show". only on current tv.
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don't chance it, resolve it. see a resolve difference or it's free. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. rr >> cenk: mitt romney spoke at the naacp event yesterday and he had this comical moment. >> romney: i submit to you this, if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community you are looking at him. take a look. >> cenk: come on! really? how could he not expect jeers and boos from that. why did he go? why did he make the speech that
4:26 pm
was so in everybody's face there? was it on purpose or was it to get votes in -- first let's look at the polls. there are polls that vary on this. this is about an original. 87% to 5%, not getting a lot of african-american votes. he might not have gone there to do that. he might have had an ulterior motive which we'll talk about in a second. when he was on fox news, he claimed no, there is a secret uprising of blacks who can't wait to vote for mitt romney. well, mitt tell us all about it. >> romney: guess what. i made a lot of money. i've been very successful. i'm not going to apologize for that. >> cenk: good for you. but that wasn't the clip. okay. let's see him with neil cavuto if we can. all right. so apparently we don't have the clip for you. trust me when i tell you that indeed he was like oh, no, no no, there's all of these people who tell me they're dissatisfied
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with obama and i've been talking to them. that's really interesting because the naacp's washington bureau has a person named hilary shelton who is their director there and he went on msnbc last night and he said wait a minute he didn't meet with any ncaa people who normally show up and who are members. he actually flew some black republicans into the event and then met with the guys that he flew in. in fact, here is a direct quote. he says i'm sure those are the ones that they sat down with because quite frankly, none of the rank and file naacpers met with him. so now that brings up a whole different question which is very interesting. why did he fly the people in? was it to get applause or was it to get boos? well our answer might have come later in the day when he went to a fund-raiser in montana. and he started bragging about how he went to the naacp and he told them what he tells every crowd and they weren't going to get a free ride.
4:28 pm
let me give you a quote from that event. remind them of this. if they want more stuff from the government, tell them to go vote for the other guy. more free stuff. but don't forget, nothing is really free. are you kidding me? that's not a dog whistle! as craig crawford once said on this program humans can hear that! i went to talk to the blacks and they want all of this free stuff from the government but i told them! so it turns out he didn't go over there to see if he could woo african-american voters. he didn't go over there because he cared about african-americans whether they voted for him or didn't vote for them. he went there to use them as a political prop and a punching bag. just when you thought mitt romney was despicable, he takes it to a whole new level. nicely done, mitt. even i didn't think you were that bad. all right. now we're going to bring in someone who got in trouble for saying that mitt romney might have some racial issues. joe williams, formerly of
4:29 pm
politico. i believe this is what's called redemption. [ laughter ] >> it is really something. it is amazing. the detail that he flew in some african-american republicans and talked to them and didn't talk to other people, i mean how much more clearly does it appear that he's a guy who really doesn't want to relate? he doesn't even want to try to relate from that kind of a setting and this pretty much looks like it was a stunt politicking in that you actually have a straw man ready to go. you're there to get booed and show the people back home the real constituencies that you are a guy who's going to stand up to those people who always demanding and harshing on the government powers that be to give them free stuff. so to me, it seems obvious that this is pretty much what we were trying to say. >> cenk: now it seems to me it is almost a reverse moment. clinton got credit for taking on his own constituency and his own
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base. mitt romney goes on to take on the base of the opposition and then brags to his own base. look at that. ha ha, i got the black guys. it looks that ugly, doesn't it? >> well, yeah. and the one kind of telling moment i thought was at the end when he said hey if you want to see if the president is going to do right for you, you're looking at him. where have we heard that from mitt romney before. he was trying to think of how a rapper might relate to something like this with a big bling around his neck and a baseball cap, brag dashio. it points out we're far away from 2004 and 2002 when kenn mehlman, the chair of the republican party had an outreach program to african-americans and said give us a chance, we'll give you a choice. the chance was there and the choice was ever more clear this is not the republicans that african-americans would want to vote for not only in terms of his style but also in terms of what he's saying about the government. >> cenk: joe, to me the
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telling moment was when he used the term obama care. it wasn't an accident. he's not doing it impromptu. he knew it would cause a bad reaction. it seems like he was inviting the bad reaction. when i first started covering this at the beginning of yesterday, i gave mitt romney -- i made the mistake of giving mitt romney credit for reaching out to african-americans but it looks like he reached out to slap them across the face so he could brag about it to his funders whether it is in montana or otherwise. >> well and to be seen as being a tough guy. one of the knocks against mitt romney early on in the primaries was did he have a fire in the belly? did very the killer instinct? why do you really want to run for president? here, it was an attempt to show some spine albeit before a group that didn't have any love for him in the first place. therefore, it was all much better optics for him a better image for him to be tough on a group that a lot of people are suspicious of anyway. a lot of people have that mindset where this is an outfit, the premier civil rights organization of america that
4:32 pm
wants free stuff. nothing could be further from the truth but it plays into that narrative. that seems to be what he was going for. >> cenk: that would help his cause if he brought people in, used them to boo him so he could turn around say can you believe they booed me? >> it is amazing. it reminds me of pro wrestling in a way. he's smashing his opponent across the back with a chair and then roaring to the crowd hey! >> cenk: reminds me of rowdy piper. in the beginning of the segment i mentioned you had gotten in trouble for this. now you've left politico. i wanted to show the clip there so that we can get to your redemption. okay. here's what joe had said originally about how mitt romney reacts on fox and friends. >> romney is very, very comfortable it seems with people who are like him. that's one of the reasons why he seems so stiff and awkward in some town hall settings, why he can't relate to people other than that. when he comes on fox and friends, they're like him.
4:33 pm
they're white folks who are very much relaxed in their own company so it really is a very stark contrast, i think and a problem that he hath has not been able to solve to date. >> cenk: joe given what happened at the naacp event does it turn out you were kind of right? >> every time i hear that, i keep having this image of me when i'm dead and gone, somebody will walk up to my tombstone and up will pop a video screen and it will play the clip. it does bring some things into sharp relief. even if he was expected to get booed, the reaction he got. he seemed surprised taken aback, the things he was saying about obama care, about disparaging the first african-american president, i mean at best it is tone-deaf. at worst, it is the most cynical kind of politics that you could ever play. that was one of the things that struck me as well was how cynical it was. either he's got this to the point where these kind of
4:34 pm
macveilian moves are okay or he needs to find some new advisors because they're telling him the wrong thing to do. if you've got an election that's this tight, an election that everybody is predicting will come down to three or four points, why would you want to irritate a large constituency of african-americans when george bush managed to siphon off enough in 2006 -- i beg your pardon, 2004 to make a significant difference in the campaign. you could get some votes here. it was an opportunity to reach out and one that was completely squandered in my opinion. >> cenk: joe williams, thank you so much for joining us. i like it that you were right all along. >> thanks. >> cenk: all right. now when we come back, drug companies, well, they encourage doctors to sell drugs that they apparently shouldn't have been selling and they did it by basically saying hey, you can be rich! it is a really disturbing story. we'll tell you about it when we come back. >> we can't have a toga party
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the next best thing. who wants to be a millionaire? ♪ >>there is a wild west quality to it that permits them to do whatever they wish. >>(narrator) and above all politically direct. >>facts are stubborn things. street. >>the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen, record, track, gather this data.
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think again. >> cenk: glaxosmithkline is a drug company that had to recently settle charges and plead guilty to criminal charges as well and paid a fine of $3 billion. because they were illegally marketing drugs off label when they shouldn't have been. that has severe consequences. here's one of their ads for advair. >> with advair, i'm breathing better. so i can join the fun at my family barbecue. >> for people with copd including chronic bronchitis, emphysema or both, great news! advair helps significantly improve lung function. >> cenk: if you do have those serious ailments, apparently advair can help you and that's why the fda approved it but they said do not use it for lesser
4:39 pm
ailments like simple asthma because in the clinical trials, people died. and what did advair do anyway? they encouraged doctors to use it off label. why? they were going to make money! in fact, in 2001, they did the gaudiest convention you've ever seen. invited all of the doctors and did presentations like this. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome carol baker. simon jones. rob gott and ken. ♪ y'all ready for this ♪ >> cenk: this is a drug company! their job is supposed to be saving people's lives but here they've invited all of these doctors to get talked about not how they can help their patients but how much money they can make. in fact, their product manager james daley had this to say.
4:40 pm
>> if we can't have a toga party, next best thing let's go back to the earlier question, who wants to be a millionaire? [ applause ] >> cenk: it wasn't just flat out money. here's the unofficial way that they bribed doctors. they would give them celtics bruins and knicks tickets, they would give them tickets it to nascar races crosby, stills and nash concerts, pheasant hunting trips. what are they? dick cheney? balloon rides tennis lessons on and on it goes. someone who worked there for over 23 years greg thorpe, one of the sales guys said he had a physician assistant get so cocky they demanded this long list, not even a physician but an assistant, a 65-minute deep tissue massage a colorado cleansing facial which does not sound good to me. 30 minute foot reflexology pedicure and french manicure. he said this is so outrageous because the doctors have gotten used to, it i'm going to do you
4:41 pm
a favor and prescribe this off label, you have to give me french manicures and pheasant hunting trips. in fact, he says i want to promote the benefits of my products but this even sickens me! that's in an internal e-mail. a salesman who says come on! we've gone too far. if you think that's too far let's go back to daley. >> you do the math. there are people in this room who are going to make an ungodly sum of money selling advair. and you know who you are. [ applause ] that's the way it should be. >> cenk: ungodly sum of money is not what be this motivating our doctors unfortunately. often times it is. the drug companies that are the drugpushers are the ones encouraging it. in fact, a gsk employee told his sales reps, for a return on investment, it is imperative only key customers attend these valuable venues.
4:42 pm
meaning basketball matches et cetera. return on investment? in other words, if you play ball and you overprescribe these drugs, you're not supposed to prescribe, you get tickets to the knicks game or the celtics game but if you don't play ball, you're not giving us a return on investment. if all of that didn't work, they would buy the politicians. in 2006, in arkansas, they had actually passed a good law saying hey, you know what? you should only prescribeed a ver under these circumstances. it was working. it was helping the health of their citizens. what did they do? they gave money to a local politician to change the law so it would hurt patients but help advair's bottom line and here's what an employee said. "god save the political donations." because that's how they buy our politicians so they can do outrageous things like this that all make ungodly amounts of money while we're hurt. all right. now when we come back, we're going to talk about the jerry sandusky case.
4:43 pm
scathing report. we're going to have a legal analyst tell us how much trouble the penn state officials might be in. >> 257-page report shows most of the evidence came through e-mail pointing the finger at late head coach joe paterno.
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>> cenk: all right. former fbi director louis freeh did an exhaustive report on the jerry sandusky situation at penn state. it took seven months. he had over 400 interviews. looked over three and a half million e-mails and came to the conclusion that joe paterno and other management at penn state knew what san sandusky was up to and they did nothing. here is a report about his press conference. >> callous and shocking is how former fbi director and lead penn state investigator louis freeh described the actions of penn state top officials who he believes covered up the jerry sandusky sexual abuse scandal to avoid bad publicity.
4:47 pm
>> although concerned to treat the child abuser was expressly stated no such sentiments were ever expressed by them to sandusky's victims. >> cenk: now freeh named four people he thought were responsible for covering this up. graham spanier the president. gary schultz the senior vice president and finance. tim curley, the athletic director and joe paterno the head football coach. joe paterno has deceased now and curley and schultz might have perjury issues because they stated things to the contrary when they testified on this issue. then there is the issue of cleary act which says you need to turn people in if you know about it. let's bring in a legal expert to talk about this, linda kenney baden, former prosecutor. she prosecuted a lot of the child pedophilia cases. great to have you back on "the young turks." >> nice to be here, cenk. >> cenk: first let's talk
4:48 pm
about the bigger issue for these people that might be charged. is it perjury? >> they're in such big trouble especially now especially president spanier. the e-mail that was uncovered just this year by louis freeh the former fbi director that really showed that they were going to report the sexual abuse, right to the authorities and didn't after talking to coach paterno. yet the president graham spanier told authorities he knew nothing about it. a lot of people are in trouble here! it is just -- i want to pull my hair out. if i were superman, i would fly in and try to remedy the situation. it is awful what has happened here! and you know what else, cenk? louisiana -- louis freeh said there was repeated concealment and kids were hurt. >> cenk: what's interesting is he said there's more concern about sandusky in those internal e-mails than there is about the kids. in fact, here he is at the press conference.
4:49 pm
>> our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of sandusky's child victims by the most senior leaders at penn state. the most powerful men at penn state failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the child who sandusky victimized. >> cenk: so, as you look at that it seems to settle the questions that we had about whether these people knew or not and what they did about it and in the internal e-mails they keep worrying about sandusky's feelings and if he's going to be okay and if he's going to get treatment. no talk of the kids at all. again, it is morally outrageous. but legally can they face serious jail time for this? >> i think spanier can because of lying to the authorities. absolutely. i don't think there is going to be any doubt after this, there will be more investigation. and what is scary here, you talked about it with the last segment but it is money.
4:50 pm
they were looking at sandusky and paterno as meal tickets to these children, cenk, where they were getting money and recently, penn state was happy to announce just i think today, as a matter of fact, yesterday that they received $200 million in donations. i don't know what people are thinking. we have a big problem here. we have to stop pimping our children because of sports programs and money. >> cenk: linda, i think you hit the nail on the head. the larger issue is people love football. i love football. that colors their vision. they're like oh, my god paterno was such a great coach. he was a great coach. but it looks like from the e-mails, it went top down. it didn't go from the president to paterno. it went from paterno to the president. saying hey, you know what? let's leave this alone in which case should they tear down paterno's statue? should the football program be suspended for a couple of years here so that people can get the lesson here. my god child rape is only a million times more important than football. >> that's right. they should.
4:51 pm
you know what? the ncaa should take action here. a lot of people could take action. the federal government because they didn't have the cleary act in place at the university. instead of saying we have a problem, we won't move forward as we heard from the wimpy press conference, close down the football program give the money to the victims. let's start to say hey we're going to really do something effective and not business as usual. >> cenk: linda kenney baden thanks for joining us. >> thanks, cenk. >> cenk: in a little bit we're going to talk to eliot spitzer from "viewpoint" which is the next program. what do you have for us? >> eliot: just like you were going to be talking paterno and the scandal at penn state, one question, is it a football scandol ar or a scandal of sports, it covering up is the first reflex. obviously we're all talking
4:52 pm
about this as we should. it is a horrifying tale that has been told by louis freeh. very complete and thorough investigation. also mitt romney the only guy i know who who can be the ceo and shareholder and still not be there if you believe him. quite a feat of magic i performed never being at bain but owning the whole thing. fascinating show. >> cenk: sounds good. there's some chance that mitt romney wasn't quite being honest about where he was. >> eliot: come on, don't say that. >> cenk: maybe you should consider that. i have a sense you will. >> eliot: that thought might cross our conversation. >> cenk: looking forward to it. thanks eliot. >> eliot: thanks. >> cenk: i normally do the aggressive progressive segment but today we have a progressive hero darcy. wait until you find out about her. you want to talk aggressive progressive? that's darcy. we'll talk to her when we come back.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> cenk: i love this aggressive progressive segment and usually i do it but i've got an even more aggressive progressive for you. you think come on, really? it is darcy burner. you know what she advocates for? let me show you. quick little list here. first, suing the bejesus out of corporations for wage discrimination. then targeting boycotts against conservative funders and a campaign to cast off the shame and embarrassment of women who have had an abortion. to which i say about damn time. so darcy is going to join us now. not only is she running in washington's first district in the democratic primary for that seat. she also used to run progressives and the progressive action fund. so darcy what are you doing? i'm told the democrats aren't supposed to ruffle feathers. you're not supposed to be an actual progressive. >> i think that's a big piece of the problem. maybe we should elect more democrats with actual values. >> cenk: shocking! you've gotten in some quote-unquote trouble by the
4:56 pm
press there because they say you're stridently pro-choice. well given the country's 72% in favor of legalized abortion, wouldn't that seem to play to your advantage? >> one would think. one would think. but there is this culture around the idea we should all be timid and meek and not stand up for the things that matter. i disagree. >> cenk: darcy, in your district, they say look, an important swing district and if you know, if we have someone clearly on the left here, it might hurt our cause. that's conventional wisdom. why do you disagree with that? >> that isn't what any of the actual numbers show. first, i've been polling ahead of all of the more timid conservative other democrats in this primary. second, if you look at what happens around the country when you have progressives running and conservative democrats running, progressive candidates consistently do better than the more conservative candidates. it turns out that american voters like people who will
4:57 pm
actually fight for them. >> cenk: shocking! republicans succeed. why? they fight. they might be wrong but they fight. >> that's right. >> cenk: elizabeth warren getting a ton of donations in massachusetts. i read a story today, like wow! why? it is because she fought the banks. for example what would you do with the banks darcy? >> i think that we have a huge number of bankers who have broken the laws and they should go to jail. it is long pastime that people who brought down the economy for personal profit paid for it. >> cenk: all right. that's a clear progressive voice. darcy burner from the first district in washington in the democratic primary coming up. thank you so much for joining us on "the young turks." >> thank you, my pleasure. >> cenk: terrific to talk to you. listen, primaries are really important. that's when you get to pick between progressives and corporatists. don't complain later if you don't vote in primaries and you don't like the democrat that you got. this is
4:58 pm
4:59 pm